The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 3, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 3, 1938
Page 5
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MONDAY, JANUARY 3, 1938 WATIIKVIM.W (AUK.) COUUIHH NEWS rAGB Fiv» -"~v gr,,4.". ^.'.**^r _.*!* ~~. >7Sv» v. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per lino for consecutive Insertions: Dnc time per line ..... ....... IBc rwo times per line per day ...08c Tlirec times per line per day ..(We Hx times per line per dny ....05o Eolith rale per line .......... lioc i'ards of Thanks ..... '.50a & 75c Minimum charge 50c Arts ordered [or three or six limes and stopped before exjJii iion will be charged for the nuiu- ner of tlnies the add appeared and lljustmenl of bill made. All Classified. Advertising copy <ubnil(ted by persons residing out- llde of the city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may be iasily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for trresuilar Insertions takes the one tune rat«. No responsibility will be taken (or rnorc than one incorrect Insertion of any classified ad, ICO acres of land at Banuy Ridge. I All in cultivation. 2 sets of tooct | improvements. Plenty of bums inul tenant houses. Sandy loam sail, well drained. I'rlce $80 acre. $3000 rash, Bal, 10 annual payments at Kl*. Thomas Lund Company 2D-ck-5 Complete' 10 volume set ol Standard Reference Hooks with loose leaf binder. Cull 239 or 7U2. 15-fa-Ia MULES~FOR SALE" DELTA IMPLEMENT CO. The nrrauucinriils made. Jack ccine liome. Mabel. 30-|)!i-l CURLS: increase your income by learning a profession Unit will attoKl constant employment. Sn- io!l now in the IJeiiuty Culture c'lawes Klni'tlng Jan. tal at Hie Kagle School of Beauty Cultni'r, Cooper Hid;,'. Walnut fi Second Sis., niylhcvlllc. /\rk. Slate . 'hcol meeting all n'nuitv- for Arkunsai; and Missouri Wanted To Buy Ciocnl for used Harbor cash. Call SIS, (nniniis humorist ami preslOrnt ol . the Intei national Murk Twuln KD- "t'i.v. Miiil In' hail iloni) ivsoaivh Chair. Olicuii en tin- ^nutation and found Unit I 1-i'K-Dj charUv, DucliVy Wanu'r was ilv Complaint About Weather Not of Mark Twain Origin ^^^ l Kim Make (!<)()]) 1IAKNKSS MADDUX Harness Shop 'Hie . vulture has exceptionally keen eyesight,, High hrtlic air, It >oarn noiselessly, scimnlnn tliv carlli >elo\c lor carrion. LOUia (Uin—llnt lor one lie remark. "KYPr.vbo;ly (•(miulHhis alionl the weather, but iio\ p ody ever does unytliinn atunu it." mii:ht. In; eoniiden'd Mark Kirby's Active Liver Pills Arouse Sluggish Livers —~ — I'Twain's nicsl familiar /<iu»te--he ;WT :,ald it. Cyril Clemens, nephew of UK- Business Directory Streamline -COAL SG.25 & up per TON, Washed and Sixcd. Klin Tranlham I 1 hone 47 Visit Harry Bailey's New CURVE IN CAFE On Highway 61 at Holland Make one stop for E c c r, Wine, Whiskey, Fresh Crappie, Good Poods. COAL Delivered in Blytheville by C. 1". ./Duiiu for $4.15 and up. All Coal 'Guaranteed—Phone 5-F-4 & 878. %'* Shoe Repairing Everything for your shoes. Free Delivery. Phone 120. Quality Shoe Shop Batteries WALLPAPER New 1938 patterns. Close lirlccs ARK-MO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 For Rent 3 or 4 room furnished aparlmrnt 209 W, Kentucky, Mrs. Sisk. 3-ck-i; Furnished house, Mrs. C. A. Tnnl call (HO-VV or 545-.J. 3-ck-lP Modern bcclroom, steam heat, rc-j- .sonablc. Mrs. Simmons. Wnlnul. i 818 W 3-ck-tl Bedroom very reasonable. 133 W Kentucky, Phone 715-R 3I-ck- 3 room furnished W. Walnut. ") room furnished gan. apartment. OM house. 229 Du 30-l>k- foi Ll)lonsnrs0, coni'tll'Sllon atul liei. Acllro l.lver i'llls ifrl M HIP f.inso ol j«ur slu^j;*.<liiu.Ha «ii« you .'oil liko n no* [MTUOU. UuV fy*lt>m y/ puri'iiM uoilvnt "V.'fb Afllvo l.tvcr ;>llle. Uaitutcai. gentle. •>aU HI ill Ivlrliy DrOk' Slar<>>. Rooms \Viin led Woiild like names inul u<ldi'«s «t person:; who have roomr, L rent and Hoom mid Hoiu-;l to of- fu-. I'lioiH' '.!19 for Mrs. '31-ck-l Glass wvillni: -The Glkti'd Ago," was a nu-iiil;iT ul tlu> Iliii'tfor.l l'iw:, (he v.' iul CHiinilit. Tliy HUB it!:i'r ii|ipc:nvd in an ciii- ttiittrn liy \Vavner In 18»0, Uj' | 0 clowns, '''>ifi:h( of a ruble ' HID ))OU IKl-i. V'KHK INSTKDCTIONS In Uilcst Slyles KnlUlne "HUltNAT" KNITTING YAltNM Mrs. JA'.slic Hooper 1100 Cl>U:k«.sn«-li;i I'liono V03 AUTO GLASS Expert Workmanship We Deliver Bh'lhcvillc Paint & Wallpaper Co. We Cut & Install Phone E80 ill S. Second Help Wan led Settled, unencumbered \vomnn to do liKiseivork. No ivaslilnt;. iron- in? cr caokine. Apply to Mrs. Ab- ncr Driver; Sr. r Osccoln. Ark. 3 room unfurnished apartment. !>35 No. Oil). Call 527. 30-ck-l BATTERY SERVICE J. Ben Clune Phone 8 at Tom J»ctwon'» Announcement W» Give EAGLE STAMPS PICKARDS GROCERY 1011 CWcka»*ba 1'hone G13. •Wantea nesidenee. j;araKe on Franklin & Rose. L. Fowler, Bast Main. 30-ck-ll Steainheaicd, furnished apartment in nice location. Pc'iscssion given to suit cciH'L'nicnce. Telephones 571 and lev. 29-ck-tf. Repairing Gnu repans, Guaranteed woi'k. E M. Damon. 315 E. Main. ALLKY 001' For Coil id ry Style I1MA1) CHIClWIi AND HOUSK An Kxpcrt German Kulcher ;mil iiisiit'i'lrri anil iKissrtl l>v fcrjniir (jiukd Slalc.s I'ai'k- Drive Out anil Suve BEE'S PORK HOUSE Pride Add., Old Spicor I'lilCC Turn sciith "If IllRliway 1M l« gravel vuad lictMLi-n t.'ist Itoy Gioewy antl K«l>ins(-ii Filling Slatl'Dii, thin 2 hl'U'hs sr.ulli. GENUINE Washed Coal Is The CHEAPEST COAL l'\)i- (lie iMotu-y Nil slate, ri:cl(, Mit|iluii b.ilK "l ilirl. .Ml.'.ohili'ly t'lrun l-nal. I'ft'piircil in (he most, in ii i! c r n ami hirsest I>l:i 11! in I lie world. SUPERIOR. COAL CO Phone 700 (KfS USED GARS At Bargain PRICES Lee Motor Sales, INC. D», Wert & Wert OPTOMETRISTS Ovtr Joe Jsuaf Store "WE MAKE 'KM 8UT PlHXW MO J. C. EVANS Box «H Hlylhevlllo, Ark. KlsUlit Munnrr HAMILTON TRimr VVNI> B|>on«ircd By llninllUm Depositors Corp. Wo Spedutinc In IJody & Fender Hepalrs Come li> mid tin Hi Motor SnlcH, Inc. I'rralonv Hcukm DclrvsterB ; Pr, P.' A, Rtewart Citr One StM* We .8peci»lts« jji . M«dlclnai wine & Liquors 2014 w. M»)n phone 20 £ ACETIXEfyE WELDING AT-UE8T PRICES PROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co. PHONE is FARM LOANS 1500 »nd Up Atkijisaj and Miuwxirl lA)«r3l laics— lowest expense Alsq city propcrtlen DON H. KASSBKMAN Thomas Land Co. Office P. 0. Box 170, phone 527. & CARS l!>:-;i; Intel iiatiunat tires S'-i'!,1 §>I75 I'lrkup All Tnu-Us (Sinirunlvvil To I'ass Slate Inspection Delta implements, Inc. Ear-Corn -WANTED- Soybeans Highest Market Prices Paid MALDEN GRAIN CO. W. O. »c«vc's, AKt-iit So. It. K. Street UlyUu-villc, Ark. I'honc 555 Now Located at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU RON HOWARDS, Praprletw Alt make* ol Rebuilt Typewriters, Adding Machines an< Culetilators—lUpairlnj—Vats—Ult>bcm« MI...* ao COBB FUNERAL' HOME I:UMI ^ v«*™.»™ NOTHING STOI'vS IfKNY One comfortable hrtlroam. Call Mrs. S. S. Stcrnberg, B8i, 1209 Holly. 28-ck-ll 2 room iinfurnislicd apartment. Very reasonable. 701 W. Ash or call' 1008.- 23-ck-tf [* ft/ GIRLS! You still have time to ' * enroll in the nrst class ot Beauty Culture State approved school Classes starting Jan. 3rd. Ea?le School of Beauty Culture, Cooper Bldf., Second & Walnut, plylhc- ville, Ark. Wanted To Rent 2 comfortable bedrooms, private bath. Gentlemen preferred. Phone 704-W or 161. 7-ck-tf. Furnished house on Holly. Call Mrs. S. S. Stcrnberg a I 984. 12-ck-tf For Trade BUT, I TEI.L VUH WE GOTTA STOP'EM. f WV6O5H, /~^5M-- DIU05AUP5 AR£ TOO / WHAD'VA THIUK WE AUL RI6HT; SOU HAIRV-FACED ' LOLLVGOP, IF SOU A1MT MAW EKIOUGU TO STOP'EM, I AM/ ARE, .WAG1CIAMS?? AMY WAY, LET 'EM GO AT IT- I AWT WORRIED ABOUT DINWY- Hatnlin The best. 50 to 80 acres ot land Will trade good IMS Dodge rick- within 50 miles of Blytheville. I u|> for livestock or will sell fu' Own equipment.. Cash rent. C. F.|cash. Gene Bradberry, Ucll. Dunn. Blylhevillc. l-ph-5' 3-pk-10 -\ Dancing Star :; ' -« ! HORIZONTAL 1. 5 Dancer [jiciitrccl here. IflUujlie plmit. 11 In. 12 Hint to a mystci'y 13 Exclamation. 15 To care for. 17 Flock.' 18 Melodic passage. 20 Exists. 21 To love excessively 22Be<islof 4'! Stalk. burden. '1 s Deposits. 2?, Fortified work J -T Neuter sr, Dress bottom. pronoun. 2HMOL-C costly '18 Magistrate. 30 Di'css arm. 31 Distinctive theory. 32 Hog. :M Fisli. 35 Quccr 37 God of war. 39 To perform, •11 Monkey. 13 Sound of surprise. Answer to rrcvions I'uz/.le 0 Vocal i composition, f 12 lie danced .' professionally • since •. HSicUlcs. 16 He is famous for his . 10 Usefulness. 23 Invasion by police. 2-1 To abdicate. I A[_ 25 Measure oi 27 Calf devices. partner. 2S.-i.H18. 59 Now he stars ;;;> Treeless in motion plains. s - 33 .Springing gni!. VERTICAL 30 Low cable iu India. 3« Thing. •10 Pussy. 4 i2 Helper. •! 1 Dispatched. <5(i Coin slit. •S9 Acrifonn fuel. 0 Shed as blood. 02 Well-bred 2 Vexes. woman. 54 Notice of a future marriage. M Stir. 57 O$. 7'i'unishcd with 51 Idant. 08 His (i>U antlers. SSGodotsUy \v;is formerly 8 Virginia 5") South cast. liis dancing willow. 57 Before Christ, ? Always. i One who dallies (pi.) 5 Judgments. G Musical unto. ILL SHOWTHE5S MOOVIAK1 MUG5 HOW TO WIMD UP OWE OF THESE -,DIM05AUE BRAWLS.' JOOTS AND HKR' WORDS Ort OEAU-- VWiRE COM't'i "y Martin TUBHS 1LEMTLV, ItO THE DEAD ( Nl&HT, WASH AND EASV SUP BACK TO CUTLASS ISLAND, AND DROP OFF IN THE 0\WGY. ( FIJKTINC WITH J)AN(;iiK A 'AQMiCMT LWER THEY'RE W A^unop s- —--. ^- -^ 1 A&HORE. Jiy Crane 'AND IF IT'S HELGA^ZMITH'S MOB HIDING" HERE, WE'LL v 50 FAR, SO GOOD. BUT WER& w \S>POT, PCDWER. WHOEVER. ^VAMD VS HOSTILE—THEY'RE &OIN6 TO "bHOOT FIRST, t AND IMVESTIGWE LATER. OUTMUWBERED 1 iOMEBODY'S COWN'. FKKCKMW AND HIS FKIENDS OH, IS HIS KACKKT Rv BioshW MEX1HIS IS MO PLACET. TO SLEEP... YOU'LL CA1CH COLD! ass^ ^1 BOY, COULD OKI A « PILLOW MADE OP ICE CUBES ' WHEKI I SLEEP, I SLEEP 1 HEARD YOU ! B'JT ARE YOU AMP WH ] I'M LCC-::--O / FOR -ivit; WMER OF JlJ-liS OUTFIT... HAT/vEE^ IWWT-TC) 'H po;t.;& / TALK E3USI- :ToK ? /t I-'ESS MV Jt ill BOY....OIU: IT'S RACKETj AMD I KKlGW IT FROM A TO:Z CROSS-V/ISE AWD UP AMD DOWN f I'D LIKE TO MAKE "THIS JiQGER WORK .' MY BOy, EVERY OIL WELL PROM THIMK "\ HERE TO ZANZIBAR KWOWS ME BY THIS WELL IS < REPUTAT10W> AWD WHEM I WALK DRY?iT HAS BEEWJ UP1O 'EM .THef BEWD IM THE CAPPED ' IM WOT Tr!E OWK;ER,BLJT r CAW SPETAic FOR HIM! WHAT'S OW.YOUR MIWD ~?

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