The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 31, 1936 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 31, 1936
Page 8
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:PAGE EIGHT IN THE ROSE BOWL- BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 7 THURSDAY, DECEMBER 31, 193(5 'Thinks' Jock Sutherland Due to Win in Rose Bowl at Last BY:HARRY ORAVSO>J Sports Editor, NBA Sen ice A New Year's Day prediction) Pittsburgh over Washington In the Rose Bowl A crowd of 80,000 all but booed • the Notre Dame' and Southern California vanities out of the los Angeles Coliseum when, dui- In* the course of their diawn euel, it was announced thai pitts- burgh l)!td been picked as Wash- i'in°lon's opponenl In Pnsadena 1 The boo birds llicn bent It foi Ine tickel windows In such haste , that the 83,000 seats In the Arroyo S"c.o were sold out in seven days i ,, Pillsbmgh and Washington will pay to a S280010 gate, the second i|"hest i» the hktorv of Ihc Tournament of noses Pittsburgh and Siulhcin California s»l the record *".' !• > 9 ™, W>en G53C9 persons p-iid S306421, Since then sealing accommodations have been Increased 'and, pi Ices reduced Football tickets are one of the few things tint me cheaper these Thc-rr-pmv | 0 Ule Pmsbui . t W-ishfimtfj parlv made II plain t>iaf, Soulh-m Callfornians didn't „ want Louisiana State or Alabama - to the extent tint they would le- 'mam away from any olhei offer- Y«inf Men With a Mlysion The selectois scarcely could ha\c picked a greater nutsnncc foi Wa-liineton than Pittsburgh The Pnnlhers are men with n mission this trip, and the Huskies weren't called unou lo fnce three teams as powerful as Ohio State Notre Dnme. end Nebinskn each of which wns decisively - fri>»Pd by Dr. Joek st warts Sutherland's Stitheilnnrt never wanted to win a pame quite as bndlv, nnd the flick Scotsman is a tough man to, deal with In that state of mind L Sutherland has plenty of material with which to stcum his : . boys up Theie are tho«i> tlirop nrevi™, HOEI Bowl whippings, two of fhem humiliating routs nt the hands of remarkable Southern fulifoirjla creations Th»ic are the jibes that accompanied the announcement of the invitation lo th" nold and Blue Fntherlnnd acclimated this Pills- burgh edition in the v,aim sun of school and Us. football team on the spot whose Last foil, If you recall, It was cranmmlcd Allen Tllilcn of ^lie Arkansas Democrat who. blossomed forth with considerable comment In his sports column lelntive to the fall' ' " the" San Berimrdino valley, and the lesene slrenglh to match Wnsh.l"»ton There has been no jov riding us was icoorted follow- 'n"..'!"!»rjislings of 1930 and '33 v /If Washington has an edge It is . In ^passing, but the hard-chargine Pit', forwaids choked the vaunted ;pi«ing attacks of Ohio State and Notre Dame at'their somce The Panther line is the equal of that of Fordham, which was reputed lo be the stoutest In the land. 1 ' > * * * Hi"iXv'Barks All Seniors (.Washington has an' nil-senior back%lrt hi Bvron Haines, nil 9™hMevf,ous passer; Elmer Logg, r"M W ilh the lop kickers of Ihe country Jimmy Cain, and Ed But Pittsburgh .has phenomenal bill carriers In Biggie- Goldberg and Bobby LeRne, who arc ably f a<$rted bv • Curlpv Slebblns, Bill S'piulK prank Patrick huge Ar- rn)rl nr»«n Johnny Mlcheloson .lohniy Chickerneo, and Johnns Wilh all of the Purple - and experience I .susiiect that "h has the .< •ame any kind of n proposition foi gaitic In 1937. TUden's infoi nration, It was np- larenl, came from Ihe \eleran Quigley, direolor of athletics at 'tlc Rock's high school ' Lately Ben Epstein of the Arkan-as Gazelle lias gotten around to casting i somewhat similar ic- maiks lownid Bljllicvllle. ,wltli |)e qualification that It's rumored ro'ind the big lo\wi Hint Blylhe- J'e wants no pail of Little Rock We have a very good idea that the '"bhdie" passing Hie rumors aiound again Is s,llll none othei Stanford's vowing ...V.IMU vuttmg sophomores of 1933, Pitlsbiirgh perhaos Is Ihe jouncest team to appear In the Rose Bowl Sutherland can start six sophomores os he^ plans, without having to ask anv favors which gives jou a rough idea of the Immediate full"-- or foolba'l at Pittsbureh , Louisiana Slalc appears loo formidable, for Santa Clara in Nen Orleans Gaynell Tinsley and Rf-k Rded are a lough pair lo toltle up * l » * P'-"M Mai-h trr Bauth Sim Baugh mav meet his malcli i* out with Marquette in Dallas N<» -A\t 'Queue runnln with Buivld gives the Golden /"-'anche a margin In the back netd n ls-vnllkely that a Misslsslpp '"'e attack that foundered be Alabama and Louisiana Stat b Jimmy Cain rims Interference \nd carries Ihc mall for Washington. -IN THE,SUGAR BOWL Marshall Goldberg Is only a sophomore.; but he's expected to' be Pittsburgh's big punch agnlnst Washington in the Pasadena Hose Ncllo attack (Flash) Falaschi and blocks for Clara. direct Santa .Louisiana state. Santa Clara must botlle • him ' Bowl. the driving force behind «P in the Sugar On the Outside—Looking In o •]>Y DUKE" 'Hie l.ltlle Kock Viewpoinl that of Hie Cliickawws should put There .seems to be a determined Tiger officials In such a com- nd persistent eflorl underway nl nmndlng position when it comes JUle.Rock lo put Blythcvlllc'high 'to dictating terms of game con ire of Little Rock Chlckasaw. officials Bel the agree to ex- than the old bioken down ccach of the Tigers We know the Chicks are not opposed to meeting- lliose lenlble llgcis (who haven't \KK\\ so tei- ibte tor se\cial jcars now). We don't believe Bljthevllle high school officials aic opposed to such a clash ^ If .we uudcrstngd Ihc situation- Blithe i Hie; has been ready to neet the Tlgcis any time a home and home contract can be arranged. But .those who attended the irst meeting at Little Rock rela- ive to the organization''of a coii- :eience of the larger schools say .hat Mr Qmgley was positively nstilted to think that an "upstair Ike Blythevllle should expect Lit- .le Rock lo agree to a home and home arrangement. And the best cffei he wanted to mtike the :hlcks for a game at Little Rock was S3CO until, we arc told, the Chicks Irad definitely booked another team for a specific date and Quigley had been so infomed when he came through with a somewhat, better offer for that date We don't,.think there Is any Joubt but that Little Rock wan Is to see the Chicks in action theic Why che Mi Quid's deliberate spot 6y his one-sided reieasca to Little Rock winning Chlckasaw team outdraw any opposition the Tig could meet at Little Rock ex • pessibly their old rhals the e Bluff Zebras The Chicks' m the central part' of the sHto take notice and that they arc tracts. 51 l.itlicr htilkes us that a sup- Co as I Champs See America First the blitno for failure of the rigcrs nnd Chicks to get togcthei Freddie Steele will have practically nothing to worry about except his reported $20,000 guarantee when he climbs through the ropes to defend the world middleweight championship agaliist Gorilla Jones in Milwaukee on New gear's afternoon. : rSoft pickings., for, Steele's first ring appearance cast'of the Rock- ies was assured when the National BV HOWARD OANN! Ne(i York Uimmity Coi NEW YORK, Dec. ! 30.M3iul 1mb Us arc as haul to break In bns- kclball as In oilier spoils, but If a ptajrr once learns fmidamen- lals of the game lie seldom at lies clnonlc faults Paced by the phenomena! Hank Luisetti, Slanford Unhi'isitjs champions of last season now me on a Innwontlnental trip, i . -_- -•- ~j«'. *IM IT «i i; v/i i n 11 in-H;uiii.iin;nl!.l IT ID e"rmu,f W mSl«' """ W " ^ """ ' ntt " l!e * clt Jhc c " t " nBh l )rescnt thc sll " le "n"»P 'Pacific meeting Coisl Conference the bettei basketball im of the j i/mjui must nmsici nnn ... ,,, • — ~ " "''""»' *""" Prevailed on the golden slop* i \ear When aiming an oulinii-y push g "n>-bling into (lie camera, they are lett to right Art Stoefen center, Luisetti and Howell Tur nrr. fn ™,,,l. „„., r, lllly Moorc „„„ Jack voter^A. „„„,„,, ^^ ^^ ^ ^^ ^ ciy plasei must nmitci IN DRIBBLING KEEPTHE BALL LOW FORSPEtD est galhering ever to witness „ collegiate basketball' game in New cheered the spectacular „ command shortly after ,. - -• -«>••(-•.•" "ciiucmn; -- the opening whistle, the Razor- enoris to put the Chicks on the shot from Ihe chest at the basket,' backs held n 22 to 9 advantage at SpOt OV Ills 0110-Sidwl IWnilnonnrln n«-« ** t.t»1> n ^t.,..l..~ n. _ u_n n \\~\C l^nlf r Pnii«nccnn »l«nnJ _ _- ncr rorwaids, h,l campaign MOOIC captains the squad Stoefen Is n cousm of Les stoefen the lemns sta, Porker Five Beats Vols, 42 To 34 NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 31.— Ark-, s-nras 1 Southwest Conference champions came lo town . last • night,' led by n pair of sensational j forwards— Lockard r»id Gtmiand— to defeat (lie University of Tennessee Volunteers! - Southeastern Conference champions, -12 to 34, In the basketball feature of the Sugar Bowl sports festival. Approximately 3,000 fans, larg- of the second half and.with Putnam, Marshall and Johnson setting the pace, pulled within two points of the Porkers. Then the Razorbncks lumed on the lient and' with only two and a half minutes ..left? to play Lock- aid and Gilliland,dropped in field ioals to run the * cour.^ to 42 to •M with the PorJA-s .still going away when -the game ended.' '. '•• Tennessee' was at _a decided disadvantage In height, looking small beside the tall Arkansas team. Orleans, Piny. Taking n e so rom e cest at the basket, 'e n o avantage at t,un propaganda arc It high, gripping the ball firm- tllc ''»"• Tennessee staged a re- k papcre? ij nnd applying English ns you let m « r kable comeback at the start T "ilsluken a it go - — --- i — . _____ Do You Remember? One Year Apo -Today—Lawson Little, winner of the British and U. S. Amateur golf titles, was awarded the Sullivan trophy as the outstanding amateur nlhlete of the year. and a learn that \vas lied Texas Christian will gain much ground against a Duquesne line that stopned Pittsburgh and Mar- n"f>tte cold. I can't see anything out old Holy Ohost College at Miami. Vilianova's "* sudden change to the warmth of Cuba would be the cnly excuse for picking Auburn to beat .the efficient young men of B;» Clioper Smith | Anyway, they'll bowl along, and let ,the pins fall where they may. Xrrry Likes'Chancw i ,NEW' -YORK -Bill Terrr, wan- a8 S °^ H 18 New, York Giants, is , v | V?!lllng-19 bet that his 1836 Na- ykmal League psnnant winners will i M ln< ^e circuit next sea- I < - _,^, H..^, ..Hum; l,VrttllCU squad In action Is attested by the large number from Little Rock and other points that made the 'rip to Searcy to see the • Chicks swamp the Lions last fall We hardly Eee whcrc Lut] Rocks, recent it go In foul shooting, I recommend the underhand shot It requires less effort, nnd jou can relax In shooting Wptch some shooter who is an expert at (his branch of the game and follow, his style. You'll soon swing Into ills effortless methods. - . j The big point about dribbling Is to ; keep the ball well ahead of you. : Rebound It low and you'll develop speed. Five Years Ago Today —Lcros won Ihe $1200 Barron Collier landicap at Tropical Pnrk', Miami. Years Ago Today—Gene won the Miami Open with a card of 289 Huck Capers Hamblc COLUMBUS 0-Ohio Slates basketball team will be the most traveled outfit in the Bi^ Ten this year. The; Bucks played California and Southern Cal on Ihe west coast and then entrained for the Atlantic seaboard, where they meet New York' University.' 1 Read Conner News Want Ads DANCING Every Niglit SILVER MOON NIGHT CLUB 2 Miles North Missouri Line 1 By Harry Grayson Boxing Commission conveniently reach 'em better." a three-year ban against th obi ig ins. Jones. The. sus pension was the result .of the Negro's joust - ,..— Is charitably.... Inclined. >'.. or !<| not. At these stages -. of -their car- 5} eeis, Steele appears lo have UKA abilily to expeitly handle 't}\Jk. J') Jonese.s Ihe promoleis eaij'tJJ/ j him. . ' K « ' * • -' Mls'cs Balsaino Touch Why Steele didn't start east some time. ago for Important money against Ihe inferior opposition the ICO-pound class offers at present Is nothing short of a mystery. ,- :A rich purse awaited Sleele In New York for a bout with Harry Balsaino after the subway brake- inan so quickly disposed of . the imported Eric Seellg to revive In- teresl in (he class. Sleele' and Balsaino would have packed Madison Square Garden to the rafters, at fancy prices. Bui Balsnmo petered out'-ns an attraction after being outpointed by Eddie (Babe) Risko and belted out by Solly Krieger. The experts will take a better look before again going overboard and comparing a middleweight with the celebrated Stanley Ket- ehel, as they did in the case of IJaltaino '.following, the Italian's spectacular 'knockout of Seellg. Now, with Balsimo out of the picture, Steele can get little ' In again 'squaring off with Risko, from whom he lifted the crown in ,, Seallle last July after repulsing |>, tlie ; Syracuse Pole h\' one of Hi above-llie-welglil "businesses: Clark Newest Threat . Nor would', a scrap with Krieger net Steele anything near the figure he would have drawn by lak- Ing on. Balsaino while the Harlem lad had.. EJroadway bv thc. cars. Having : been taught another lesEbn, the critics' haven't gone;out on-a limb and .placed Krieger iii the-same . category with Ketch el and other, immortals. Krieger has been .around too" long and 'the authorities! have too much to-live down-as 'the-result of the bursting of the-Balsaino. bubble. Freddie Apostoll, knocked -o'\it by .Sleele hi'tlie tenth stanza in April," iM5, remains' to offer him stern opposition in the San•;Francisco bay district.- : ','•'And in a few months there may be an ' assignment for Steele in Buffalo in the person of' Jimmy Clark. ; This 21-year-old Negro wns a corking amateur, and. after just four professional fights they' are predicting that he "Mil scale -tfte heights. Their best "arguing pblnt. is the punch .of a heavyweight in the (orso of 'a ' ISl-poui'ul lad who can do'147, "but prefers to fight iniddlewcights because "I can But Steele and his handler Dave .<;• Miller,') 'must : :be ' " '"'' " . , ' lll <™selves 'for missing that Bal- Jcby in Cleveland in fnm ° to «ch. Miller made the mis- iirttii ,!.«..„ «i — i,.- take ' many, managers ' in ... both were given the old booteroo nnd.-'the thing was ruled no-contest after.a half dozen rounds of languid] endeavor. It was ;alleged';,:.aiia i :-;'sus]Kcted that Jones was altogether too accommodating and solicitous.'.about ) s welfoie. . u . moi, seiiMJii uua noiaer of the Steele nnd the kindly Jones are! Big Ten three-year Individual scor- old acnualntances. t;n. The Ta-j ing record, -has joined the Whiting' "" r "*; club of the Midwest Pro waiting too long. They've got J to grab 'em while they're hot. ,',J(l'> Haarloyc {jagc 1'ro ,7 CHICAGO.--Bill Haarlbw, University of Chicago' basketball ace of last^season and holder of the coma Tapjier held the mcmpuis product even-in 10 rounds in 1934 and beat him In eight the following year, | , ' On this occasion it probably'will not make much difference whether Play Billiards! Wholesome Recreation Moderately Priced Blytheville Recreation Center 316 W. Main - Former Rome of Hell's Pliarmacy GARNER APPLET ON MARVIN CHAPPELL WANTED Government Loan Cotton Phone 167 APPLEBAUM BROS. ' COTJ'QN CO. ,Berti E BWg. Blythcvllle, Ark. 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