The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 27, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 27, 1933
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Served by the United Press YTHEVILLE COUIOER NEWS DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND 86DTHEAST MISSOURI VOL, XXX—MO. 2-11 .Dally NtV'i. Blylh«vlll« Qourt«. Villcy Oid>r. m»n>i • .I...M HI.YTUKVII.LK. ARKANSAS,' WKnN'KSDAY, HKOKMni-Ik \>7, 10:1:! SINGLE COPJfcS FW E CENTS OF UN UIWE5 Arkansan Takes Bride by Trans-Ocean Phone Ra^es Over Town hi j\ort Invest Flood Area EL DOHA11O. fr\:. Dee. •>! iU P'--Benjuinin L.rlowlu, 2t. Is hciv. ar.d Mi?. 1 ! Ili'i-iiilna Weiss is !ll( j Czecho-Slovnkiii, 5.UOU miles nway, 1 b'Jt they :UT RvlKflul'.d lo Le mar- : ]iled lunenoiv. • Thi: i(.riT,u>]:y will l>e I'lTforrii- .. [cd by tr.ins-Albiilic telephone sit 'IIUCR From Mississippi, ininut-.-. Cimm* 'juojo L. B."llrtt Ccuniy Among Those|,'^, i;cif -' n " " v LcR '"' uny '™" Who Received Furlouehsi Mls "- w ^--- •••'•?• ^'^ ^'' "~ 0 |.',-cnEes from U:c United Mali-. i,..:.j^ti; at Pri!}:'.i.' and will Joi i i husband btr-- v,hui im:jii^r;:- LITTLE ROCK. B;c. 27 M7PI — (o 't MiUt'mcnt made by several il.'.ys lion i!il!K.-ii:tk-.. arc .willed. Cuv. J. M. .. n°o thai no cii-tfcncy would be! Bi anted> fur the Christinas holidays, J: uj;: learned today thai 20 were .jKiiiled furloughs of four days eaen. In the group were seven convicted of munie-- ihrse o'f whom were under life leniences.- , Three ot liie lurlougric'd convicts are fro"i ;»!ts:!s.sifji:i county. They -are IMi lini-tcr. grand lar- J r ,,j c : ana p;tj 7 ei is cony, two years: Amos Jones, rape. 1 ' t ' u " lLUU1 , 1 ->"« : U!> il ysars; Clyde ,-/exlon. B roml lar- Own Elccli(M) in Sixth crny, one year, Those convicted of niurdc-r ana released on (uriUigl) included Jolm Pearcc, comicie.1 o( first degree irurder after tie shot and killed; citizens went to the polls in Lou- James ChappcM; in a newspaper • Kiana's s'xth coiujreraional district, HUE OF lET'S Congress District. NEW OHLKANS. Dec. 27 <UP>— i (.ISicc \\stc in .li.nuary, 1932, during an alte'iipicd holdup.' His hrclher, Ch'.ir'r.i Pearce, servin;; a life sentence, and also given u furlough, plendcii guilty to complicity in the san.e crime. Jn a statement today Governor Futrcl! said: "I stated recently that there would be r.o Christmas pardons or paroles Issued as such, that a pardon should bo -granted or de- nkd en the merits of each case in particular, and that no pardon v/oiild be gra'ilrd merely because it was Christmas time." The governor said he \vru; out or the- city froi.i -Wednesday to Saturday flight and duving that time A. G. Stidman, prison superintendent. told ciady McCall, the povernor.'s ^ son-in-law secretai?. that he had a list of several prisoners who hadil'ecn obedient and faithful and as. recognition of tlicu conduct tii'ey exp: cted. to go home lor 'Ctiristnias. He .sii'id It \vou!cl (lossibly break their morale to dPrty the" furlo'j-lis. It .was. .McCall, the,' governor said, Ayho per? milted .them .fp visit- their. .'fnniil- it-s at Chrislnjij. 1 ;. . Miami -Pair Nearing Women's Flight Recor.d MIAiil.'.'.' ria'., .Dec.' 27 (UP)— One .week off the ground, .Mrs. Frances Harrcil" :md Miss Helen Riclley continued to buzz around the clouds thh alternoon In their f-ttempfs to set a ne\v women's endurance re(u°Ilr.<z- flig'lit' : record.' "We'll, break. \\,e record arid set one 1 beyond' all'' possibility of ever being broken iiga..-i," the- girls prc- c.ictcd as they ccntlmied the moh- ctbnous "c'irclir.if over the city and ' today, bent on electing J. Y. Sanders jr. to conyrcss in defiance of Senator JIucv P. Long's ruling slale administration. The election was called by the citizens themselves. It has no official sanction and is unprecedented in American politics. Oitizcn leaders, agitating the Judge Decides wins May Him; Tcnt Dads anti-Long revolt, have informed voters that they are "minute men in ,onr new flshl for freedom." Sanders is the only candidate .to fill the unexptred term of the late Congressman Bolivar E. Kemp. The widowed Mrs. Kemp won the office two weeks ago in an election maneuvered by Long's faction in which her name was the-.only one printed on the ballots and in which all other candidates were barred. Citizens took up arms under authority .of their local courts and halted-the election in-three 1 of the twelve parishes in the district. A striking scene of devastation is 'iho'.Mi In this aerial view of Woodland. Wash., iv.'th the entire' town at the mercy of the raging tomtit and the neighboring ocuntryslde under many t>'el lit water. Floods Mid avalanches in Washington, brctwi and Idaho Have lakun more thSn a score of lives, with property damage high in millions. Woodland Is on the Lewis river, near the ]ioint v.'lwre it flows Into the Co• " lunmia river. cmm IRI itt Hi Three Trainmen and Three Transients Victims ol i ! s tic Strange Accidents— P,oosevelt and Stalin Willed $1,000 Apiece SAN PEDRO. Cal., Dec. 27 (UP) —President Hocxivelt and Josef £.talin, dictator of Russia, were bequeathed Sl.rWfi each In the will nf L. G., 05, who dlsd of a heart !i!!ment yesterday. iicBurnlc, known lor his comtnun- Icanings, itft only SI each HOUSTON,, Dec. 27 tUP) --A speeding Missouri-Pacific freight (rain v,v.~ derailed near)- ealvert •'Junction, southwest ol Baby Born to Mother "We 'i\c up here to nlrport. ttay." At 1:03 P. M. today the flyers lincl complcteri diet] first week in the air and liart a little more thin p day to go to cciur 1 .!.. the .record of eight days, fcr.r hours, .and. 6ix minutes set h..t year ... .UyJ 'iMrs. Utirrell and Mr-: Louise iThadsn... Rut the strain was . bo?hmins to tell on the Hyers. Instead ol each remaining a" Iha controls l- fot tar hours at a stretch they tire changing every hour. New York Cottoft NEW YORK, Dec. 27 (UI'j .— Cotton closed very steady. osen high low clcs' Jan March Mas- July Get i;ec li Spol.s closed 999 1010 090 1010 1015 1025 1012 1025 1027, 1040 1020 1040 HIM 1055 1040 .. ItBO 1074 1059 1 '1Q73 t 1087 1073 1087 teiiily at 1030,'iip 'a\;ment Now;, Will.."Save : Money •fpV J Osceola''-Dis- . trict Prbpeviy-Ovvncrs. OSCEOLA. Ark.. Dec! -26.—Re- "cipts for'1933 taxes-in four'road rm'provement districk of south Mis- Is3ip|>l county will include cahcel- atton of delinquent taxes for 1931 and 1932 if paid on or bjforc Peb- •unry 1, 1834, according to a re- :ont chancery court order, and land owners who have paid 1931 and 1932 axes will receive credit fcr the amount, on taxes due in 1D34 upon payment of 1S33 taxes within the [)rrscribcd time... . The 1933 tax:'however, is cons'id:- erab'ly in-'f-xcess- oKith'at .levied in the two previous j-ears. due to fail- lerei' lodav and - six men were kill'di ' " • .At -tin' jeiuvni offices of the i?.;jy here 11 was said the dead ilrd En?hierr T?. J. Dclhomme. Fireman !•'. W. Wallace and Tirake- O. W. G:tene, all of Mart; other dead . were Texas • The ti anr'ie'nlsV : ' ..<-'. 1 The three tr.iinman were scalded 1 or crushed to- death. - Trie transients wciv killed when the cars topnled ff..m the tracks. A herd of riii'.c on the railway right of- way caused -the wreck, [cfficials of the lailway said. Alone in Stalled, Car NEW YORK, 'Dec!-27 (UP) '^ .While a snow siorm raged here Tr^sday an eight pound boy was born in an 'automobile 'stalled at a busy street intersection. After Ihe car ivn's 'stalled hy a jnow drift the' father hurried on foot to : n neart./ hospital, but-the child was born before aid could anive.. The "rvMlier, alone, -an- rounced. thrv flork's arrival • by Loimding the iu.lomobile horn.' Flee With Vice-President of Bank- and Possibly -" Two 1 Other-Employes-. MARLIN, Tex'rts bec.' ; 27 : '(UP)'— Four men .'v-'hp^ iob|ied ( ,-the .First State niink of Mnrlln today ot appioximalcly. 540,000 and tied y;ilh the .yice-prcsUI.'iil as •„'•---•--- wire mlssiiu'. Ti\ey were believed to be in the 1-audit aulpmobllc. Sol Qoldln. a cntton buyer, discovered the rocrrrv.-';' Ho • entered the bank soon after the opening hour and found the offices', va- WADSWOP.TU . Ala.. Dec. 27 (Ul— SherlfT T. Ajc-x. Helse today ex-'cant. GoiJin \vent throujh the lloho in. Wreck Believes Slayer Hired to Kidnap Carolina Boy COLUMBIA, P C.. Dec. 27 (UP) alto 'were bell imped, two. ollie Ip-slittitlori. 'Vice-president M. V. Bradshaw, ;>0. was .seen with four men In an automobile sj-ccdlng. from .the c'ty: Later It .was Jinmiv Wedell C a 'I'. •••>.• Infant ( o FftlllCC Baltimore Surgeon. llAI/riMOHK. Mil., IK'C. ^7 lUP! —Itaki-llnu mil ol stormy S.MIM Jn'iiH-s li. Wedc-11. famous mcinir nviaf.or. (U-.sci'mted lodnv on *snuw em-crrd I.eyun iiirporl, bringing S- moiill'5-uld Sue Ti'iimmcll from 'Houston. Tex., to Johns Honkim huspltal for nil emergency brain cnnilirm to .save her life, Summoned from a vacation hun(ln<T lilp in Texas. Wedell drove his fast mtiuoiilnnc throng}) clouds, rain, and snow'.to speed the chilli lo 13r. Walter C7.' Dandy, as fani'id in brain surgery ns the'slight T.niil.-.lnnim is In flvlnij, I -\Vc(lr>M landed nt 1:57 a. m.. I compliMIng the 1HOU mile dash at j nn avn-rw Fi>eed of U5 tnlli-s nn hour. At times, he said, he made 1(10 miles an hour, but rcfiicllnt! and dusl,- cros.^ winds, and head wliidn cut,'down'ill 1 ! t>vi:msc. "It v.-us niliihlv* rnliuh." Wndcll, y.'Jn; won, the Irans-cpntinenlal ah rnce Ibis year. said. The stricken babyV accompanied hy- her distraught parents, Mr and Mrs. Elliott Trammell Houston, : and her maternal gr mother, Mrs. W. W. Fpndrcn, was lakon. from Ihe . air aiiibulancc to the iKuoltn! and examlnpil-byDr Paul Kunkle. iiBsoclalc' of Dr Dandy. . , . ' Dr.. Kunkle ' Withheld u dcnnli dhiunosls, uulll after a consultalloi with Dr. Dandy lalcr iii ; lhe mor nliig. At the cnnsuUnllpt] It wa to be decided whether lin Imincdl- alc operation would be allcmptcd. Wetlell was- liiinllivf ducks near the home of his grandmother at West Columbia. Tex., when he received Hie summons for his fllghl. Wilhln an hour Wcdell' started. In shirt sleeves. , At Atlanta the' rwrly ate and Wedell headed north In .the face of advcrsd weather reports; .ut which lie shrugged his shoulder:.. The weather urcw cold. The flyer nd i VANK'ION, !• 1)., Dec. a? lUl 1 )! \— 'Jwlns iiiuy lo ixjrn with ihej -(aim- mi.lher l;u; (IllVcivnt lutli-i . i-ra, JinlKi- A. II. Tilpp held toduy C I 7 a V 1' 1 C S '•' !awarding n divorce lo Ewald •JUD-tCVO . i .nn .IIMJII^ i| \||' I'rrtitli'. who chinked Unit Ills wile km IICOH unfiitlhfiil. The ili'i'lsimi tranllns' I'L'ddlc -n illvin-ic hv (l;:fi-int mi tin' charge i.l iHiliillliU'lihv.. wac based on Dy United fntt foi'^'-iliiin lluu one ot DcvnsrRtlnu cold Cold Sweeps Across Northern Part of the Country. imlr of twins WHS not hk child winter bllr^orda today took a'toll iil Una of n m-.Bhkor. Tim ollwr| U | us lives OH sub-zero cold sprVud win, I'-.ddli- snlii, wax lesiLlinalely qvrr the nation In the' wake •'of ils ami Ills wife's. - widespread'storms. DnrM,!K cnllu; 10 lesllfy ns lo| Sixleen men were mbslng in''a Hi; t-ck-iillllu p.^slljllUy of siic-j, tugboat 'off Boston where the coait ' n iiiniMiul lold Hie was laslied Uy furious northeast ourt thai ii) the ciise of "frat- eale.-. H 'was feared the' ; small': viml Iwlns" i nth n condlllcin was crafl had foundered in-the giant .Oidblc. Jud'ii) Trluu Ihereuiwi]I t'f-* '••"•' •.•••• • ' . jiive Peddle risiniljr of the IwbI ' Palllhif temnirnture'; in -\ n'f •'-':' vhlch ln> i-lalmi-d was his lint left i bYoiight' fcrnte -threaU of addition- :A 1- - other of tllspiiied parentage. al hnrdshlm to Inha'b'ita'nts ot the and ' II"? inollier. Mrs. 1'eddlc dlil not ajipear In liev own def::;-i-. court she luul confessed her In- heavy •—•>«/. idelity. eastern half of the Uriltsrt ."sto'X-. which yesterday was lashed by the blizzard and blanketed under, a THIS Sink In Lake Relief workers redoubled their " iris to nvojd • suffering ' amoiiK needy and unemployed, while > extensive liil'of deaths direct-' chargeable to the storm was Increased by the toss of eight )ly« x Michigan. Sub-zero temperatures prevailed from the Rocky Mountains to the First Severe . Cold of the a ^ tlh ^ ffl ^ north ^;- ln ;^. --Season-.Felt HI - Blvthe- l°W-^- ere *>"'«lng was-'acute due •11 I . M- L • • lo recent " flOB **.^«Hl5«lons .were Vllle Last Nlghl. hnade worse; bjl''heavy sYfow.-Siib, . . ' -— I *ero or freezing.temperatures pre-"*' Real winter came to Blytheville vaUed generally In Kew York state, last night tor the flrsl time In Pennsylvania, and, the New Eng-. : many months. The' temperature '""d states, The south and souths;: 1 dropiwd to n minimum of 14 after em California .were alone . free !: having been between 23 and 34 'mm winter's grip,-'-' -y ; ' : ' ! •:•; loved tp . have'. k\d- ,„,„,,,,, ' nt ciiarleslon. !5. C., in u>i- cmployre of, thei.borrowcd. an. over.coal.' ... .'. ••discovered Miss I California Hobo Evolves Cheap Drunk Andrew Peyton, 'bookkeeper,• timlj SALINAS, C»l-.-(OI')—How to Tec Humphrey; nigro iwrlcr." nlsoj t'el a "cheap ciiunk' on a nickel PI—Work cr3v.-s twlay removed the body of an riiidentlfled negro liobo from tile wreckage of a Louisville nud Nasliville railway 1'ccttd a confcrsimi from a man i building and o.v a table in a who allegedly hired Robert H. Wiles, unemployed world war veteran, lo kidnap Herbert II. Hairls. freight, train which .left the rails .If.. lf>, who wr.; heateu lo death :icar Irre yesleioay. i. Rescuers feared that two more tctiirs lav beiuuMi the \\Tcck.igc. Thirtren persons, including 0112 r.iember of l\v; Jrain crew, were i-by Wiles wilh un iron bar. "We expect new developments in the case, perha;j= this atlernoon." the sheriff sat 1. The body of Karris, son of (he rt-ar room found a sack of silver, evidently left by the robbers in eir IliqIH. He notified atithor- es. At Ihis lime rrsidents reported seeing Ifcacislinw in the speeding autemobile. Belief tin! Mi.-s reylon wns kid- i Ure nf Re slate. to. continue PW-1 iulured in '.h" derailment, which! vice-president 11 a grocery chain, ment of 75 per cent .of the .dis-| Erm o iiivr-<;ti?al.v.= were inclined' tricts' indebledncM. Ihrcugli lh'j|m ma>- have been caused f.-n:n timbers on the track. county, turn bark:rfund, .'.Uistricts affected are the Joiner ftoari -Improvement. District No. f.i Joiner. R/jad Maintenance District] <!;,;},.• FllpJ Nc. I. Carson Ijjke-Road Improve- [ O1 ^ r " Ktt --o——. j nicnt District NO. ..o a,nd the oscd-; Construction Company 1 River Improvement \vas found in -"in ahnndonf d hou-si.- miles from he.e on Christmas. Hull Wins Goodwill of 1 Latin Americans esplalne'! i.o |>ollce here an unnamed itinerant. "It Is slmg!e,' the hobo lold Deputy SheriIT..L). F. McKlnnon "Fir£t you buy- u nickel bottle ot .'Otla pop. Then you attach a hose lu a. gas Jet. Turn the gas on and W it bubble tliropgli the bottle of It will Rive vo'-i a beautiful yesterday. In New York;city and other Prior to Monday night the mer- Iar 8 e urtw «nt«r8 traffic-•'«illl•',••--- cury had not fallen below M'this WM handlcapp«-,'.l^r i. yeWenJav's .-; winter. • i • .'• snow. Many•awldenU.jrere'report?, A northeast wind' ,the • p< '' 1 -'.' : ;' ' "'.'-"'•''!;. J-;.I.';- '; discomforts of-today'as peopre i'n-T- -T- ~.—r-i™v-- -'i-'i -•• dcavorcjo Ihaw out cars and wa-! Tcmi.eratiirM piuiiBccl faf'. Ijelow. '' tcr pipes. At noon the lemperalure • rer ". ln the-mlo'w'cit''Chicago nau'',r •*"• -'-•-'•• •'-'— n 16'degVee 1 'an Ji;ln ;five hours,.." \v,th' 10 bel(nv.prc;dfcted.--:the' Hty;V leported 8,1 -Inrhts' Bf s'How 1 ,' '•" '',-' • New TBft 'had ''laa''^^', of } snow in sivrt libilrs ! tria,i iled-'up^' 11 shipping for lir.uis, kept,'airplanes'''. '3d,-delayeit train? "arid,.buses. tfas slowly rising. Will Serve Executipni to Collect Personal taxes Starving- o'f exccu'Uons ajjalnst 'per.J; ecnn'l proije'riy on wlilch tay'es'pay-- able In 1933 remain delinquent will commence next' Tiiesday. January 2,'it has been announced b^"^:'C-'. Mcllaney, 'special ;dellnciuonl, ; .per7 , , ; . sphal property tax collector for the , "No' visibility" -nas^reportett -. the New 'YorilMrborfiTirid ! ! Cftiisl' guarrlJinen described trie Lake M*lchlgan slrrm as "(he woret.'"'- Blytl-.evllle.'s'chcol. district; . '.^ i to destroy ' 'bun'." Police and l-nilth officers ad•.i^ed against the hobo's solution 10 the "lilgn cist of drlnklnu" . Under (he ijw it is the duty of the collector to, attach and sell persons! property; on which taxes are unpaid, and this will be (tone, Mr. McHaney said., He reported 'that collections have been better thrfn in any recent year, but that there' Is still a small delinquent list. Those who have not paid may avoid executions ngalnst their property .by paying their personal property taxes this week, naprd was when sev- ' eral psrsons rcr>orl?d a won'ian also was In (nc rear srat of the nacliino. Furs Stolen at Manila, Gun Thwarts Hold-up Succeeds Where i Others Fail =ia/and Little District.-] . •-..: ,, The order was made on recommendation of .Charles E. Sullenger. receiver, and rep resell iativc-s of the i fondant in thrr hold-rs of tre improvement bonds concurred. MANILA.— There was n scries of .MONTEVIDEO. Uruguay. Dec. ?.l mbberles in Manila during ' the The Trinityfarm Construction (UP) — Cordei; Hull, American Christmas holidays. Rilcy Dimkin, companv. engaeed in Mississippi tccretr.ry of slate, today was ] OCR \ i cc . coal, furs and chicken river Icvce work, was named de- ; cnditcd with a diplomatic vlclory denier, was robbed of S30 worth of , of thclfrndnnt in thri'p nrllans. based on • ;\( Ihe Pan-Am-:i-lcan conference rmirs Monday nlehl. At 1:30 !>. m. [ district i accidenU: in which Ihe firm's Hint not only rnislituted a per- a trio of men with shotyms held! I trucks (Inured, filed In circuit court , .'nnal triumph Hit greatly Improv- ! up n man who was sleeping In Ihe I here today. A tola! of 835,000 is td United States relations and building and took all the furs tir n D l' 'i j'«7L ' i 51 "- 115111 - ! urcstigc in Latin Am Wall rfipCr' ignited Vrncn j The ndministrnlor of Ihe estate By trunk an-roacln lurestigc in Latin America. New Orleans Cotton NKW ORLEANS. Uev. 27 <Ul')Cotlon clcsed very oteady. Jan March May July Oct Dec high low close R?7 1006 991 . 1008 1IW 1021 1008 1020 1027 1035 1023 1035 1011 1052 1037 1052 lOSi 1067 1035 1067 Mr. Beauchamp. owner of n fill.... .... es to other ing station, thwarlcd an altemoled n Pmo Hefc Tnn Hut of Joc Mendcnall, Huffman cms:( deleg.ikv. by cloqumt holdup when he had his wife have C ripe UKlo lOO nui f nrmcr- nn(1 his children, are rpcechc? in prsnnblies, and wilti „ gmi rpndy a . non hc wns ca i| C(1 - - ' • p'alntiffs It.' two actions. Menden- the aid of President Roosevelt's to the door by a man who said Over anxious to heat las home, n i], W3S fatally injured when struck occlsrations foi a new deal in lhat he nad n , ncssl , BC r or j,[ r . ••> Mr. Wilfius. '.Iving In a Thomas ' t,v a constnictlon compsny truck diplomacy, Hul: succeeded in turn- Heauchamp. As he opened the Taint ccmpany house. Ash and on the Huffman levee road on inj an initial tl.reat lo relations dcor Ihe man duslwd In and nolnt- illv streets, lei n stove pipe get MOV. 12. At the time officers in- 1 Into n promise of much more pd his bun at them, but ns he! loo hot, ignltvir wailpajxr about 5:->~' o'clock .tills ir.orning. City firemen were called out vestlnatins the case reported that ', friendly 'relation; In the future, saw the gun In Mrs. licauchamp's Mendenall was In an Intoxicated | Today he h.v left for Buenos hand he Immediately retreated. No 1072b lOSOb closed sltady at 1010, tip 10. Chicago Wheat open 1-ijh low clo-ie May 83 7-8 86 5-8 83 3-4 86 3-8 July 82 5-8 85 0-8 82 5-8 85 3-8 Chicago Corn open hieh low close May 50 1-2 51 "i-B 50 3-8 51 3- .;illy 52 1-3 .Vf :>-4 K2 1-4 53 5- condltion when he was hit. He /ires lo bo holered by Ihe Argen- arrests have been made In ellher KIXI Ihe fire uns cosily extinguish-,di?d several days later, O. p. Bar- Cue government during a three case, cci with a bucko, of \vislrr. j kcr. truck driver, was fined $23 day visit. | in municipal court on his plea of' eullty lo reckless driving. H. C. Mississippi County Man TV. n n • r> sio.uixj nn<i LJies at State rnson r arm i children. $5.000. .3 Koonce Hurt In Accident Monday Prefers Jail in Osceola to Freedom in Minnesota j Jim Kogers. farmer livlnir south j | OSCEOI.A. Ark.—Nick Thonm. A rcporl from the Ttic'iccr statc|of Blytheville, is the plaintiff In a] Mrs. Roy Koo->C2 sustained cuts I negro.-chose to spend Christmas prison tavm fl-.ilis that William] third suit. He asks $15,000 for per-! about the hfad and her husband; day and the prospect of a good Jew. 22, KrviLv; M one-year senl-jsonal Injurle.'; sustained when allc.wr in!urics when their, car col- many more days In the Mississippi ?nce In prison from Mississippi:construction company truck, driv-• lided with another machine on county jail at Osceola rather than county for '^rnnd larceny, diedjCii by Andrew Brown, crushed In-, Highway 61 belween Blytheville endure continued cold weather in Monday night fiom a congestive, to a telephone poie on Highway j r.nd Hol'and. Mo., Monday night. Minneapolis, so he readily waived chill. 118 on December 3. Rogers, a pass-1 According to reports Koonce, extradition when taken in custody The prison fnnn records dls- cnger on the truck, sustained a employe of .1 furniture company by Minneapolis pslico Friday nijht close thai Jew rutercd Ihe prisonl broken ICE and fractured hip. he, b;re. inomcnlatll.i lost control of ond returned here with chief D;pin September ?l of this year. .He alleges. i his car when hi. was forced to illy Srcriff Hale J.ickson Sunday to war ill only n few hours, A. G. ?lcdman, f.irm superintendent, The three suits were filed through Claude F. Cooper, local attorney. apply Ills brake;, to avoid striking face a charge of murdering nn nnlighled tr.ick nnd his car negro on Sans Souci plantation fkidded on tho pavement, l months . 'afloa,ti' l nn ' ' fishermen vr«v urged ' tri.' remain' ^ at libm?. . ' • '' • • '•''"' '':', ' '•Two Minors File Suits.'!.'•':.;? For Personal; Injuries .; Levee construction companies, have been named defendant^ -iir •, • two personal injury suits filed to .behalf of minors, former employes V commori pleas. of the firms, in court here., TWO u. f !.,„... Oelrld Veal-through KIs"father,' 1. W. rolls 01 LUXOra Jeff Veal; Is plaintiff In • an'aptipri Die* nl Thrnal AJImonf ngBinst ' the MWIaiid Construction UICS 01 inroai Aliment j companyi alleging that his right- I eye was permanently injured in an' Last rites were conducted yesterday afternoon at Luxora for T. W. Potts, 66. who- died Saturday following a year's Illness from a throat ailment. ' • ' • The Rev. J. R. Nelson conducted the funeral services at the Baptist church and burial -was made at I the Luxora -cemetery. I, Hc leaves a son, T. n. Polls, and accident''which occurred while was s -workine at Big Lake. He asks • $500 damages. The suit was filed through'HoHand and Barham, lo-^" cal law firm. • .. • ::' "-.' Columbus Foster is the plaintiff i in an action against the Trinity- farm Construction company for $1,000. lie alleges that-.lie received injuries' while riding on a' con- Berry of Ashevllle, N. C. Moss Undertaking company was n charge of lunernl arrangements. Il \vas harilly a year ago Ilial Hetty Fmucs-s tilt llic lindllncs as n promising young .-irtirss In Xr\v Yorlc. Torlay slin's (i)nsiilerr<l [Mr only Rlrl til Hnllywnml wliosn sudden fnnio illil I'ol flicker mil Jiisl us ijuickly KH 11 iitoso. hrce daughters. Mrs. Ida Fisher! sirucClon company truck which of Blythevllle. Mrs. Mattie Rozell i ngured In a highway accident. Ed if Rosn, Ark., and Mrs. Minnie . _ _ . . . • Servicps H»ld Tuesday for Wynn Joliif, 56 Services were held at the Manila felhodisl church ycslerday after loon for Wynn Jollff. 56, who died B. Cook and E. E; 'Alexander are altorneys for the plaintiff. Public Schools Will . Resume Work Monday;. The city's pubjit schools..will reopen Monday following a two weeks vacallon fer Christmas. Students of li'e,< Central \yard.. :chool will not attend classes' Saturday night nt his home there • there because of the building be- followlng a short illness. The Rev., im; repaired bl.t tnnouncement will J. H. Humphreys officiated and h- made laler In the week where burial was made at the Manila cemetery. The deceased, who Is survived by its wife, three sons and a daughter, had been In the mercantile business ot Manila for a number of years. ; Moss Undertaking company was In charge of arrangements. school will 02 in session. The repair woik at the senior Irgh school is r,a completed but. classes will to held In parts 'of the building while work has been Tills work Li being done under the CWA pro»r<rn of Improvement of public building!. WEATHER Occupants of Cars In Road Accident Uninjured) Cars driven by Mrs. 'Harry Taylor, wife of the Chlckasawba township constable, and Stanley _ Hancock, former deputy sheriff,! The maxlmur.1 temperature h*t* KITC damaged in an accident onUesterday was 3f minimum 23, ..,_, .„ .. _, ....... cta|dy accor(lln j to Samuel p. Morris, official »ealhcr obscjvtr. Lust night the temperature drop- |:od lo a minimum of 14. ARKANSAS—Increasing cloudiness wilh slowly rising temperature tonight and Thursday. Probably rain Thundsy. Highway of Blytheville yesterday according to reports. Occupants ol Ihe cars were uninjured,

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