Louisiana State Gazette from New Orleans, Louisiana on December 17, 1811 · 3
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Louisiana State Gazette from New Orleans, Louisiana · 3

New Orleans, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 17, 1811
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Clerks tu toe Senti because Li a rcfmb- fce pr pjularor ur popular m right r wrong an toia"1,tF-,,c d' d t0 '" prevail but It will be ever satisfied vote ft pleased. Next AhtiiH ed wiih himself, for be has within a liv-tf e who w most untxrc)twnlie in spring, spring that cheers him in w- nBice and Major Geuciai of the all hit. toil by day a pleaaant compan- liua. received the highest confidence ; ion 111 hit waking houra by night his' IIUIIV III 9teIICSS, ailti l tic HIUU"IVII u his hope in death. . m i ..K- n-oola a ni-0 who wouia have nau the votes of te u.ndsoi ihc tbumiy in favour ofhii cunmiuance in vflkc, if they ,uld have been .-ken, and who did r-j ocive the ai.aiu' oi fcundreda of Ins ocUtk-l adveia-najH m attestation oi his eti: hat! a tufltrtedcu unuer the great Kal of il llr- ,e" J 10 Al1 P'e' Kat weie "oi l'-'-e m'rresied or afltcted the parting tddit "I b Judgr ul the Comrudrl Plea under the olu system, anu ike eUiipv a:eous .rtpiy of 1 noma WiliUma. Jl- t'1,lcl member oi tne ,r. Vc hae proem ed a copy ana ketch cf the ndtlre&s and ausweri and transmit il tm for publication. We an hope the invetera e system ol iniistrimi nate proscription oi our ei ileal ana best Strict, which is now in execution, will txcite in eveiy country, as, it ha done in this sentiments of 11, donation ; ud mat the I'eeplc will undcrst nd, by the ccuon ef mcn -It a Uvtinr ijeny, L,uu tctlcrrt Ai'i'iay a-i l .Sip if J wi.o rcluCo fo rote for the Consult. ;-n in Gtncr.11 and Ssutc C rt cMttcn, 01 h were avowed fjr i (Jumim; the wm, who are iheii tvorst unroll " "JuJ,': a: n il was commissioned by G,v. Hancock nineteen umo, upon the tint i;r.ir.ii aii 1 ol .Noifo k county , ;!- nl ritiii.ei.t of tne oiO Cotton Bagging. ASiyply jut received, of superior qnallhy, ana for ante on accommodating trims by Smiths & Morrison. AUo, BALE KUPi at a reduced price. DecmlxT 16 FOR SALE A targe quantity of etedleft New-Tork SLATE. Enquire of the aubacriber. John Toot. October 1L Coutt cf S-'..jus t y hc inembera ol tiie Court. II'' 1 n.cinlMjr rt the Con-temiona which tm tncl and rrttifi.d our .Sta'eand National (.'onsii'ai ions, and ot- rd fir, si ;! enr since suppoited, hem. 1 1 3 and 1 is brother, lien. War jen. ere- ului:H n 3 in ie mmence mcnt ol tl c war, and t tr.c 'jstile, as he actved, " iua ird a t d 'in c; in at of-tenai lie f't ind " Hi. nam mat broth er died in the glery 1 battle, and did not lie, lumpen to h pro id 1 .ed by his own country men, or m wi'!,c3 the un-jraleful proicripli n cl U bfotiier and companion in arm ihc f... ing i :Le Judge'a addrtsi ; Uer.tlemcn (( the 1 u, , The time i n jw come, .en that connexion which ha so long ui.d n 1 happi.y ubii;ed between us, tnjst be dsulvtd. Anions tnc uatonihin ittfotuiions huh have U.en pLr e m this Coiiino:k-wealtli iiUin btc lew 111 hi1 hi, oui cud fathers l.jve decreed that tlic-e scan. uaii aeiiL:::r.l Lv oti tic. - tJ li.cv uit to r - . t know u no more tore vu - i he d cieel kat 1 1 c iutth they nave whet tnc at tcring iwod of poiver, unci tl.eii hand, kas taken hi dd cn vengeance. a... .1 . . r . t UUI, eiUiCillCli, muuirt iuc a mu- Baent indulge a hejtt lepktc ui.h .aU tude at the recnlleclica ot the kindncsi ekich you have always sluun to inc by waking proper allowai.L w loi in w nt f a regular Ical educ a'l r i tl.a; . j i.u . r this rnai k of love. In our btate Conven' . ,x ! . 1 lie -'.ion ef the redcial C 11.1, 1; - aaid if cno from each cl the p. o tie ihould he tent : t'.:e tiien tonic in- 1 hii I oininon wtulili since the forma tion of our state Constitution has been f.ivcun d with many excellent Governors, j hevcral ate yet living; but they have mostly gone to their everlasting abodes; and I c.nnot foilcar to mention the idle Governor Sullivan. Had that gentleman have lived umil this day, our State would have been much better united than at pi e m -His prudence and hi tuners en-deaied him to them who at first were his opponents, and 1 saw him ut I is own house tne week beiore lii last sicknets Heobst tved to me, that all the qualilua lions he considered necessai y lor office, were integiity and capacity If his con dilatory plan had been pursued our Slate iiiilit have been happy, liut where the new com se of proceeding will end is unknown to all, save linn who reads the volumes ol (utuiity, and to whom all things aie present the men who were the fn si oppose rs of Linus:, tyranny are mostly bont . They dared to think they dared tu s.pctik they dared to unite, no1, fe.aring ihe w'aih f kins. These men were as the chaiiots ol our American Ivrael. and .. the horsemen thcreol. I he Khjahs have p. 'sed the spheres, and they call on our l.lisii . to tke up their mantles. Gentlemen When our public career is rnd d w heu our political connection is diOted, we are ii icaistably reiv-d of our natural dissoluiion. I must acknowledge that this lat interview to ine is truly . fH.ciia I must bid a final adieu to this ai ; to you, gentlemen, I bid an aftci tiunate tare wel. Ai'EKSON of expertrnce and knowledge iu bumix as would er:gagc in a mrrciiAni'a counting. !iou- for terms and further int'orma tioii, apply at tlua orhee. Ueceintier 11. Mr. Hobertson, (Fbom VnolOi) H WlNGjiiBt arrived lit tuia city, take thia mtlliD'i cf informing the uihahiianta thereof, and the public generally, that should aiitRcwnl ptrwuage be oriered, he wili, on the 1 5i.lt Ly of J inuary next, open a Seminary in this plane, for the iiiktmi Utm of voutlt, in die fciltuwing braitch-ea of actence and literature, vn Putiucal CAconnuiY aiwi Morl Pmlosophy, Belle I.ettrea und Criticiara, Rhetoric, Logic, and Practical Oratory, Geography, wnh the uaeof the Clotx-a and the Newtonian exposition of the Solar Srsttm, The Enghah laiiguge gramniaUcally and critically taught, 1 he Laun language. Arithmetic including the whole converging series, Bookkeeping on Uie luuat approved plan, I.e. Stc Hi ;,,rUjer aaaurcs tlie public, that the utTosl att' H ion will be paid to the muiiii t stiideiMs placed under his tuiuon Should the nuruleren-t- led exceed thirty, a gentleman ol high literary and Moral Charac ter lias engaged tu amt. The terms will be for each scholar, One H i h-raio UoLltil fxr annum, pud quarterly in advance j and lor timse who are laiufdl Lnghah ami A ruhmettc mi, Eiob i v 1 1 v a iiiUiar; paid as above i to vilm h will he abided a small sum lor house rent Application pa.d) or personally, at MatUn meet atu-ntton. New-Orle.na, Dee 7, 1311 Just Keceived, ty of WHllL LEAD Jacob Trimble Jx Co. A quanti'r of WHllL LEAD and othrt a pain i s. Nov 1 White bugars, 40 Cast-s very Uenor quality, just recaived bf the hng Prompt caputa atiu-y, from Hava na, for aahe b WILLIAMSON It DSBLOIS Oct 18 Removal. THE subscribers have nniovtd to No 23 St Lotus bCrt-et, nearly oppoa.te tiie house they iuroieily wccupied. Chew 8 Keif. Navember 9. 10 Dollars Regard. RUNAWAY from the plantation of Wilitam A C' S. Uenatffn, on the night of Uie lyih olt a Ntgro Mati uanitd Leurenct ar Lorm, aoout ftve feel one or two indies high foi i live eais tt age, biown cooipWxion. Had un when he went away, a Mankil cappot, a cheek shirt, aiid an old pair of hoen palitaiuons. 1 be aUv re ward will be paid for apprehending the sid stave, with all rsMiaonahk' tl aiges. New Orleaas, Nov. 1. J it I! V 4 Ir, by I. tier (postage i i- t- l ouxagcl, wdi i or raic, N attentive and vaiuMe Negro Boy, apeaav For Sale, The following Nrgroes, viz. Mi IN WAY, a boy 14 years ol aae, an Afri-; rati, ut the Congo naOori a tinait, active ' inU ilmrnt waiter- Speaks Fri nch k Eohah. I GEORGE, a by 14 vears ot atre, born in Msryiand, has been in tii.i city three year a smart active servant. W'l.LIAM, a man abfiut 35 years of age, Amencau born, has been 18 nwHitha here, a goud carter or hJxHurr RACHEL", a wench about 35 years of age, American torn, plain co k and uaaher. Terms, three and six months, in good en-dorseal uoits. Tlie aUive describeil neirroes are ofTi rt A Aw i ship Three -SlslCI S, from sale on account of the owner heinp about to leave tiiia Territory App'y at this olTice Noveniber xl 1 tt tld i ng English ami rrench, about lo yrsrw Me in ,i rt rxrellrnt L.iuu- emni mAA waiter ( andean he rvcoii.su Btied tor buw sty 1 an 1 sobriety. Sold only on account of his ma ters absence from the country. Price 7lXh H. Monro Pi ( o. Tnukiuac Su-cet. Dec. 5. Port of iSCW-Orlcans. CLliARKB. Schr. Be'sey, Anthony, - Havana l.ieom, Allisa, Fort i'toddert At the Ltiv. Pniladel , i . Li the river brig Mary Ann. 3$ days fioiu New Lou, on. passengers Mr and Mrs Ueauicau. Mrs. Clark, and Mr Al-h- i At the I i Turn, ahip Oilcans, i'l'aitklin, fioin v York. OlTthe bar, on the ! 5th inst two ships, n. me unkiiow n, suppoed to be the ships Ohio uhd Hunter, fiom I'hiladelphia. Notice. ALL peraona indebted to the estate of the late V illiani Brow n are hereby tiulirttd to make their pavmenta to the subacnU ra, who are dulv appointed curators ot 4h- aaid estate ; and thoae havirg demands tht-reupoii to pre sent the saiue hr etc!enieiit. John M. Lee liills of Exchange On Philadelphia and Bai imore, for saie by Lewis & Lee. Dec U IOR SALE Either At any kiiulaof country produce or on a very long c.euit, n h '4- -i i a 'at iff f Two -Jo. in Mangny'a street, fauxb-mrg Marigny. For terms apppW to ochclle s?Shiff. Nov. 90. r M , 'v I I7HESH FLOUK Just received and At sale bv J TRIMBLE It Co. ' Sov. 21 A ri-.W Shares tnth WATER. WOK K.S ol i his city, iiia. he hail by applying to Talcott iJ liowers Oelober J. K. Clague. i) 17. MS oil's i.l s be ha jy s ,1 u jtl'!.! 5 ii" IU : .. l t i y all J I.. 1 .o .t iio.iihi hJ l 1 r ti-.at v. :. . t .v :. t tnc ii-u ;1V J il.i. 'i ,.i I III. plated Congress, mai y gacious as tt.emseives. ready tc a!ai m u. ! 1 Scvftf.mr i-.t should i.c'. ' fully sdmmiteied ; ai d I, when J j.-iTe my . : tneiii, t!i..t in less th.ui tbc men v ho should m , . . 1 1 i i i "uuiu ue treated a tne tu.' t : :..iii.4v ly the very pervins who l-bou cd m. U their strtbirth to prevtiit .:Jo.) i; IT r r , . r or pux)r oi w n u j ai.i: sc; u.c n. u.i . ?rof;Kedtuoai llonitttuui o as a i .. i c ; Irotn I'hiladelphia, the debate, i:i ' taie Coiivcii'.ion, and the Vcaa ..nd N.i; j i j:i the ultimate tjuestion. Little did I think. wr,rn 1 vciururrrv. d i ny services at the b.ttibi of I.c.sr.'.,!' .,, . "'" cetchce cf the libertits f my te.lo v-iitueii that tins w.s the h'-i iiy I j aghtin for, or when wecitu.tdthe i.ivj vs of our r oui.trv to il . from war c. t ! )' the igoor ot the su cn jind ever since have given v., lfrice cf their tttachmcnt to the c ou'd io hoon have bttn tUorivt "ononis hy the rutlilc, Pvvei . But, my brethren, let r f well doin-. t)ur ,,. i. .. -c Wl." ,c evi- I t v oar v tt.p.t i i,c th. H the --, d c-C the r ' SJ! I '"ri.-ci to Li t J., : 'ii j i.-j.i iivii oi : " ..; . . . u ... ... . oi .:ii 1 1 White &f Morris I F f R for sale, on liberal icrms the fob J i.i a i.ib artichs riceivcil on consiguiuettt Ii in puibuit Iploa, per Uie ship Ntpiiuie and Three S.akers , I 10 P.pe. Holland Gm j 3 P k s country do ; 7 lllido. 40 Uai ieU an. 1 W half barrels best i Potter I ai liarub Pylatits j J Ba.rtla Vinegar It Boxes S .up ' 11 Caaea Hats ' 4 Trunk-, ,t lkli I Od pair Ludi.'S Shpl'" j JjoJ yards ul Tow Cloth j 5 L . gi t l ime p ecea 16 LU (fija new Cig J t od Bands fiesh Flour just received from the, Western country- They have also in Store, ', !;" hall Boxes Window Glasa, 7 a a 1U "J-Ui Jj Huudks U.i!.u-red sccel ' il dials. GUas Ware X Caac Nutmeg. 1 Hale eoijierfnv- Cl-Jtha 1 ! CakiUw.rcs J '1 liinkt Call.e(M.S 30 Bales coil Rona 00 ilo' hot Orc-il Ceticc Deceiiiber 17 J. A. UOIU: RTSONJk ATTORNEY AT LAW. C Mitiitnvnd, Ytrgu.M J WING obumed ; hceiwe topfa' Uxu Law ill Uif social Courts ! tin territory, ,-ribv ti.rtitU's th.r a.luhitaius of the city ut N.-w Orl ,m an ! the publ.c gmrally thai In, ii.. i i, no v . pr-n, .ind he is waly to receive any .n., wttli which he may br honoured in Ins i. ,,i , .-I Tin-n.'.ol prompt ai.d diligent at. , ri .i. uie proin'iar.l on his pail, and he truata , I.hi,7 ixni'iriKe al the har, thavuig i 'n I hi i.. i- h ,;n I'.ur Courts ot Virginia for -. ,. , i.) u dl iuil.1. i h.in tj a,ive g lu-i l atu-,m II n r noli la, m at Mad.uu ... -i's . ' ' h.- i .. i he aei:il i ai.V lia.'. N.-- ' ' i ' i - 1-tl James Armitage, MERCHANT TAYLOR, RESPECTFULLY informs his fritndskthe public in general, tliat he hits commenced ttie above business, in all ns various branches, a) id hoK-s tmin his experience ami attention to bnsi ness, to ment a -.hare of the pubWe patr.ng-. His store ia in St Louis street, next door to !oc-tor Heap's Apothecary shop Strangers will find it their interest by calling on the subscriber, their work shall be done at the .horteat notice, and moat fashionable style for CASH. Oct S3 JUST RECEIVED by the Neptune and M out gomery, and tor sale by the solist ritn-r, 15 pax kages assorted Ironmongery 4 casks Glue t 3 do Sweeping and Paint rtru-dies 6 caes fine Mens Ha" S lo. Saddles and Bridles 1 do. Foolscap Paper 300 French Iron Pots Plongh share moulds and Wunlsor Chairs. John Poultney, Jun. November 29. Just Received, .ind f ur atf t j Talcoti c3" frrr. Just htceivrd, A HANDSOME anment wt Lare, Lcft ' ' t Veils, Veiling iu piece a, Cambric ind tP, Musi n rwbs, Scarfs, lie. L-ee bandkerckitia k Jj j Shawls, etc. wtuch will be aoU low, w Liulc sains" J. . J also, t i !; Spaniah Segars of a superior quality, iu boxes j of one thousand eifh, and barrels of cic hi to Cy ; ' kven thousand, very a su Cable far the cotjitry trade. c j-ti Huy h Monroe Co. ; ' , ; November 23. Planters' Hank. THE ttorkholders of the Planters' Bank.sVo he tby notitkd, that the election of eWfeu Directors for tlte ensuing year will b.- held at thei Bo k. on Monday tlie tid of December nett, between the hours of 9 o'elwtk, A. 14. ant 2 O'thnk, P M. N B None but written proxies can be received. By order uf the Hoard of Director, i L. hailly Hlanchard, Caahief N. v l mf tE . 1 03 BLANK CHECKS For the different Hanks cf this city ft r sale at th's-Office. Gentlemen wishii'jr; to have their . Check-Hooks hoiyid. or r II An Assortment .vfd Ticken. and cotiuu any alteration in. the form, can Phud, Su-ipcs, Checks, Chujnbravs, 8tc. . , ,. ' from the Providence MaiH.factvry; superior in have It UOnC ImtneUiately. ' (p.ahtv to Euro;K-an. t ! . , . . , '., . 50 novs SpennateU Crules. In Start, 1 ickJcnburgs, OtiuHut ga, B'Vjitrns No.?, Cj-s-i.iilloii, Scotch Cotuav Bagi'g, Men's Saddles, AweJaor Cm, Madeira Wiw, Via U Grave, a A eet scented Tob-cra C't-UuiaU, Nail.Sv Sjnk' S, rainy Chairs," 11 d.ni' Ii r, lirown Eard.ti, Ware, Glas Wae, Dmgs it Mediriaes, Ike ALSO, Several fashionable GIGS, and a CHARIOT, with harness complete. November 26 Ijs 'R SALE .Tke LO? i the corner at . iiieiiViUe and kaiupart r.trsri, mU aUitil '. (JU feet on the f jrtner.'um! UO on the Watt r atraet For terms apply So atbaceiber. G. V- Morgan. MayS-lawtf i Hills of Fxcbange ON NEW YORK, For sale by Williamson & lkblois. No. ' .-r Jt i, . - i ..... - j. .Inlbmiaiion Wanted. - j Mr, Ca,ai. Lsstwftaim, a Swedish SaU, kr,who may P'V f3 h" , that ul Vssaa" will h1 a reniattk rahl inherwwe devolrtd kt in Swedan, by ap- HElR Y G Alt N, Ncv Ihuk, Mov. U

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