Louisiana State Gazette from New Orleans, Louisiana on May 22, 1811 · 2
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Louisiana State Gazette from New Orleans, Louisiana · 2

New Orleans, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 22, 1811
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jfmt Received hy i PHILLIP 7XUBAN, (fro. 4 1, Qftpoute the'Xxthangt.') SOLt AGEKT IN KEW OHLfeAMSi A fmsh supply cf L' Patent od Family Medicines,, who has parophlets, renaming rec:..ts1eKtrsKrdtnrf ca9f of carts, tow imtue " W u 1 ltd V OftlGlNA!, -V4TENT AXD FAMILY MEDICIRKS, LEE'S ANTt-BlUOVS PILLS. faxraaae 1 MICHAEL LEE k Co. The ope rati. of theae t"Ky esteemed pill it rrfcrl, riU, thepn-e da hu. nrwed, they wy h"rtf aituation in hfe, srKnrwrt the lea Micrmecc CASES OF CURES!; i -.h.cm can b a- Wy personal an,-Uh to Mf f h artwb.ra--i bfcvifr; f.ird m twope. kawwa where) but in Baltimore: . . Me " McWl Ie tCooar Ai.ul.i-Ikmu Pills Km had the ckaired effect m re he in,; A. fiwM head ache, pain the back, Uitul-, ice if yw, think m;.. - yj'gf to use my name, DANIEL CONK, Bat. Jane 2,W0 Aiaqurth t- Mesar Michael l witlt P" I . i-.l. ,i. K. ifat received from your Aft- ..ui-vi 1MW. ui rrmv,n- tWknt pains in the Uti Fresh Sweet Oil, Crab Cicle'r and Ohocolote. 20 Soxes Sweet Oil, loo do Creb Cyder, - 85 do t'ini end Superfine Chocolate For tale by Samuel D. Heap, Mar No. 6 t. Lewis t. Just Received, etc Cm oa the out title wrapper, the aijrnauie f ( fy the tkonnrr Active Trd?rfi on Phi- Ixi-'s Crawl Keatona,tr, Esacnoeaml Extract of Muaiard, tor U riruronMT), etc-Lee'a Ointment r the Itch, !.ees Imhan Veritable Specific, Lee's Eye-Waier, - I-ee'a TowtlAeW Urni. Lee's Daasaak Lip salve. Lee's Persian Lot lire's Com Ptaattr, !. Aaodvne Ehxir. Lee's KcDIuruirc Powder lor the teeth O grim, j T ilrtMt counterfeits, vbaerve eacn am Clje ItoaHiana tDajtttV tur.oLk4trs. WEDNESDAY, Late Richard Lee V Son. i Mewr.. Michel Ie & Co. 1 hw Uken but i!o of your AaiiUli.w FilU. wl 1 m Sto., fcC U.rh hM tabled ttc "irfitt reeomnKWlle toan I,, .im.Ur caei- UUCOLUSS. Bikt Jly 13. lt : 1 rt't li'srm.lietKhji'tl t.UZgf. TUif mrJlciiM:, M-hich u M inmict mi ml .t m r.ruin ;a eflkiou. .iu oprmtw d, rti-i in A. l-ty ibut if PrtZgJl?r .nf . cWxic tt tt..Kb "'lli , Vd off.rn.ive. d thereby prevent tU pro-dortwn of worm. 1 d.rfcni. M,M... Mrlr-l Ue & C-j-Ubrthat ua troubled ithOUtlCUy hiv;Iltf prv.rrc.1 box of le't .mKr..) , ir. Liu, i.-j mUkI lie i uj" . rtte of Umhh, and I Wti ! " -snTM-tttayt'i-'-c . r ccim reroty h.r now . ie. THOMAS PETERS. Of the Ute firm Fcler 6- JuhnMi Ult. July 1. Meei Mkh-l Lee C- Co - A ch.H of Mr. Frnrv On.iw.4i- E. trtm . wbJcbppml tprO. fr'? U wintooM were rertWiie- night, dbd-ty, in U U-W. !. ' ftc. After h- uiC Uc sdviM; oJ i-mMieiit phy-n try ,nf . vr,rt, n.-d -'ei who.it cei llKi .fflatted patrnl v died tatry i ee won-d-mnm Locn., wI.rJi exp-llrdo. .iiirthe or'-iti-.u of the m- dirin, a Pl.vtquun. tv of Urtr w .imt, me of wbirh measured li iih-.-itH- c'n.M now cro'iyaa H ux "'i""- " UJt June 8, lwa A Kv, I if t MUti-if'y fiirrw l, oUlUiait CUglm tutarrt.i, ...rv-U.r i-u, ndan r-hmgcoiauH-.p. John Poidtney,junr. a rrmovrdhi Store to Ao. 63, C hartret Srreet, betvten' Bienville end L'utiom-Ioue Slreett, where he hat jut re-c iveii fur alet Ulankcf , 3 rfnd 3 1-2 point, Bar Iron, Swctiiah and American, 100 Casks wrought nail, and spikes, I0O do. rut nail and brads IOO Keg fresh Philadelphia Butter, H0 Case Goskcn Cheese, 4 Cases Castor Hats, 2 Casks PLtted and Gilt Buttons I Case MI Saws, 1 Cask Pluted Buckles nd Tips, I Cask Bras Ware, 1 do Wine Coolers, 3 Ce White Chapel Needies, 20 Packages of Drugs ai.U Medecines .indin Store frqm firmer tonugnment. Irish Linens. CuMor and Rorain Hats, Black Nankreus, Threads, Trunks fcl BtHts and Shoes, Fine Pig-tail Tobacco, Windsor Ch-irs, Oiie Oil, Linker. Letter rasper. Maps ( the World, Pi bit -ut Wiiihihtton and Jeffr.on. ' ALSO, l in.ds.T'bao-o, 00 B-irtU POKk, 22 Hhds. Sur, , 5 Bales Oecr hk'ms. Oaoher ludiij.hta, end FOR .V..., bj tit j.MberibTL : 5 casks coiiutikiuf? assorted Iroiwron-gry, hoildicift Brs and Jajuned w area, . 15 tur.tl Summer Ale. John Poultney, Jun. March ft V 76, Charter street. LOST, In the market, this morning One hundred and ten doll irs. in Louisiana Hank note. The finder will be libemlly re-1 general good lo bee (kfived from commenting ! The s!up An'cnt, Cap Hcv.ch f.otu lMymo.n to ML,t lnJ Ad-ms uiih caigo of t,r CUrem been sir rod hy the Weirnye ('utt;r This inn j injure coininerce, siy Gentlenieu ol the oar, but ;, r, us wine ! IngraMing to ltir,. !-rows fc the prmledge of supplying the Ck itli water, the city council haya, with more lhan their aecuntwed skW-l warded on returning tlje sme to the rimer hereof. May 17. 4t For Salt, V la'ge fiuumitv of excellent New- XX. ok oiate. fnquire of the ub-j itself which proUUy has no, been mtj. incakuljble but tf Messrs. Latrobe Co. are t erect tUir engine at or new the junction of the shipping and Kentac-ky boats, in oro'er to raise the water the ue of the city, , ditTiculty presea ! m Alexander c Foot. JUST RECEIVES), trig I clitia:' and other xi t.'t, rtirfejV" the ibbucrthrr, iuu Keu1iiHlm pipr, A rases I tneTLis. ' 3 "t run I -i Saddles U Bi idles, I ditto ltts k SIkh-i, 21 h-jites Yellowf bi, h cnir.s -Vjiikei, I d. Hingi-s ft Kiveis, I car Silk, I iin.nii; fur .niit,lre sea, I tncli-iiianuf4.ture, i eate fK cap p ijier, I'uncy and Viut n t" :i Side-Btn.rds and T. ' ' l.jdica Wot I JOHN J'OCi.l NKV. J.. ar 16. "Wanted to Rent. ced br tliC cit cownri!. Th. I ' , " "i" wa j tempidted to raise the water" from it tk, , iccfptacIeofZi. and wholesome paj 1 vter Cauiiot be exnected frr, rn t Ka ii 1 ' v tmm A commodious House in an airy situ..- i ..., where the Kentucky bou 1. tion, uitli jiuiraide nuthouse, f'-rUr,,, ..... r he N-v Hospital. Applv to lfl,'C ,nb,lan, of our city a,ct,er,fl J. K. SMITH l c cswngs of f4eti water at then dcwi Nary Agent, or t j or ,n ,"cl' J',tiS M " company Uoif llttrmsr, en the ffopiti. ruUKOouigh St Mary May 15. Talcot & Bowers - TJTAVE removed to No. 7 1 J urudlter JL -11 Chartres Street. Msy 15. Eveninpr School. r MIL' undersigned tesiprctlullv in- JL forms the hate obtained lu? piiiileigc of wntericj the cit), expects to tacet a general tus. port.thcy mut erect tSiur ei.igne wbert tl)ey cn rhc pue Mb-Jippi 4ief !e'S In ar.ir n ;l ct VCgCUWapa. tridity. The proper sua lur tire engiaah j Io'etht boat Ucdlrn; at a place vbers ! the water can be taken from the roi current, the interest of the company iSf poinl out iaihera the necessit y of seak-ing for auch a plsct on oo other term can they raon Uy calculate cn tbt saf- public that on Wedne- ct-f the HtiiinM. they will commence a -Vj; ht hehool where young jentlcnicn who capnet attend duiinctiw; hours of busi- tes, may bw taught th rrcncli and Eoi: I ronE and supp01 cf citizens nun MnKuag0s renmamliip, Arithmetic an t lWk-ketping. lloyjs of atttndmg T.oin fi to half pM 7 o'clk. AVK'msey f Xugcnt. April J3. 7 " " To be' Let, KRrtMr t, H't- (irnor a-.. English and ItullU (.Uod.-. m t 17, St. Louis street, next door t Ihejubucuhcr have itttfje and TL-r!:Mr--Trwottctr Coffee-Houic. J '-.r ul hi thr package or utee. ( ApiilS?. ! I'Ltr Camriiy, CWta-Cotum Stiirtinjjs, ti. Diiiy ana ,iicupan ,xlun urnncu cuuni. Bufal.a, MMrrungee. Cal.coc. ,lo. inr.nia.w.. tearing the City lor some iitoltths, ManxKMhrs, Cbaumlly I iM-urt. 6-4 Cotton cam- n , s , , , ' fcauna. Moi S,.mahi TWk, cambmk I ' ,,riUf U those U is indebted to, f, bltte Ciub, Frwckauy, pneket handkrrcb Mulraia J'aJurvu, and J TaLia ckiUt's, 4-4 1 ""i. TfO I Id'... The suhacril.cr intends IOIIB. Ir M.-r.. Michel L'cf h C -Yuu a at liber- ty to uc my naii.r in tlie rfCiuoui.nuii ; Lee' thsir.bi from i-rpa-at-d trudi I haw: found it an fxctot rcairii) tor coUU, ntc B dt June 20. Wll', T BAHNEV. Mc ir. MWliat l i C1 attacked ih a hM vk ViK44 a ci hjk! pn.n in the nW, wi.t -niiiwirdtirfrn worae-durinp htrh myuy.W Wt'al ny vgifie afc U-re i w "'if h tkt a wlU the. utw.at ea r- t;1;li h.v lixuth. S:m- "I fniMli having otn.-rr e, i 11,4 l!. .t ir.iirh fcood fia4 la-en k.nr by tbc 4, e of Ia-' L'.riir, dved int W pr.rilBf a bot- i. f,-,in Mi 4ms. TVariVT O iiaiinavnw n i ,Au 4,t4d to tlu?",i,,"r,M,"",'" ,Ui "t!imrrir irK 'Siciiw, it k .ipp-ar at- liNW..ii.nn' tUt thnc d"e ultouKl r nnve ine i.t'uia in ay brcuat and Uc uo ot one b.a ..i.l, reatorednattto Jcrh;ct h. ahti J A MMl'lH, ,'. Mu Wrt St F Pumt. te LtUl tbh A'Xr ArTi r III '.!, lot tW- f it -mitti-M. ttt i inttni.it-UlU h-vtrff ii. T'.t' --dt CiUuf, of 0ii'Ki.if 'irdt.) llai' dmiw," after ;. baik and r.ry ..tln-nne-dtrii..- !. . j.r .v -.! iov th cluid and not one in a tumdri'.l br I .1 nrraMon lu tske inoi than uw, !,d n.imUrs not Imlt a b-ub- ,. , t . M....,-. M" l. l ! t.'-'. 1 Jfaukj H.y duty toi'.'HM vi, h.t t .HM Mrirfl a.n 'v Mvbttlt' in i u u vioh-iuiv uf- ii i .nl a-s t-- mlic uikI its-, -n ii n' i 'l" 11 i 'dtd- lM ,4 i- i mi, v 1 l', vvbirU aii.i f..iU .1 i U ' ,v iiiil'U- tlr M' vi I'm' llV .il- A-Ut,s. EV.r l)rnw, nb- . rnr.J In. II- A N.Ul. in- . - .,r, iu-.nnir l'i tlir- ilirct liana. I . .. .1 lu run-. Si, IlL lll.'t ll-tit II OWENS, 61 Mrkrtu-rft itf'a, tat Hint tor settlement lu.nu'.U.itch 4k ft a ' f ,Lt. II l,H ... i - - - ' - - V . 1 1 d III - I 1 - iiihi irii V VrnUiKiJeui Hdkl'a Tfancy Muabiut, Em- . Cnt.hs, CWt-kabUwk-tbroirdered ami Seeded t 2 ' - 9attina,Sinrbawa,Sare-VltGbc.' Inohidtliand-i L '17"" " m tt. black and iancy kerchief 'a, black ami IS U 1 ibXi. w i'rerui Private era, oncf mrr,Taa wV Ijcct was mentioned in a paiagiipb et a i sat a a . l. p .vonuay. aou oareiy nicniionea, uil is so interesting a one that it invites lo I h petition. . It lias tceu a question aomeuintsri tated by civilians, whether priratef J is a lawful mode of annoying an eor iuisiuuch as pritateers are not r 1 f ships and it is sjh) that none but unJer u n.iional cotutnisaion, anw.3 to the , gofenurent for their contn, ought to le j ernuiucd lo engage ia its lional vur. But oil era have bW O contrary doctrine, uin!, it uiust be ; cd, thai cuitvm i ou their aide. B I as it may, there ; no dubt Iho I rct-v privateers are not only countcnJiw.eiI,fcJ, T'HK iiecpsaitr of cioaintrthe cwncerns! ldy andenrouMKedastc, Lotrstnnjra, - Canton i tile - Lkce Miil, ' . 'C::r;" ,..; .am. ... .,.t;,;, ... Li..,. 1 One of the constituted auUiMUicitf yellow NankeenaJ Btaek ad blue broad T Nan thread, cokitired I ed to ihcui Wi make l'iv UltlU.. ... .11. I ti T. . - i - . " rnMa, mm diik , a... coiutu1 newnpt, i . r ii i. . t . . . t .. . . t. lJrU,llll l B.lflM'rr, Hlff Villi I. Ul UIIJIMI HHA,. 4-4 ami 7 B fum Irwh 'TMudfHM Hdkf rVin- ( j.ienx, long ana .roi"rcea curas, 0-4 7-o Lwua, ttrutauT av-4itn Ckecka, btue ioiiilku, tt-4 Diaper's -fcotlun Slri., i-c- 2 Ctka fine Cutlery 'rted ei liu nit inula from liit- manufactory of .. Jiu-suuanl MnHHt-r, New-York,' HO (iak a ti.voii Sr.it Cotliin. J. ci? J. lirandegee. May IS. Ceo,. T, Ross. Iw " suhacriber hat removed to the X fi-ctua - rein- i'.v )!n t. d w't ' r jt 4n 1 of inv g9 -d I" y ii I it MU f f..r In." t-i CoVv-f ki r'it(ir tiihl t v 1 a-t tfiv ....... .1. 11 , ir. a nrf IV vu i.imihrrri t tinre J" Corner of Qiieaiia k Ramnart atreets, in the house of Phillip Arur, where he has ou i;inl a few articles of household fomiiHie ftxaie on coramiaaioii, consisting ofstcond hand gilt Chaits, a large blank Book ItuiJa bound) a iarc Ma- f iWH'' writing f "hafp wi, k flruui Two thousand Albany Hoards, jpleici af Mahogany writing k drcaaing And six bundled. barrels Vuow'a Sand!"l nd several rsher iruclex, ill ot ... . , . e- , . .1..... 1.. - i i-.- 1. wiiloe tarmeu ana lorstiom a tew nays, 1 mem wii we -aoui encap or casn, or a lro;n the ship Hoa-iirBloom, Captain Heed fioni New-York. Chew h Relf. J0,UUO weight ILikanua green Coffee, A few pipct choice old London particular Madrtra tiimet . l'biliulc4ia porter hi hogUicaJs, A ijuantiiy of (lerniau hollow O'ass,,, Windo fiSaas, An assoitmcnt of rtiiiadelphia tnaJe Swdicrv , A lw paikses of Herman Linens, i -criiiating of Creas a la-inoi uis,blrac bed Ik'M.im, Patter Bums sir Cabsctilio Clit :ki, Lestu!oc, Onutmtgs and Tick-Iciibuigs. may - 1 few. days credit. M 4V I LKWIS FL'LLLTL 6td. j '"Superior Court. Hubert .Men itiern V. hi Crrdttort. "II Y virtue of n order from the Hon. Judcc l.i(i, mcctio'' of the cro- l dhor in the above cue ii directed to take place at my ofiicc on Thuraday the 6th ol June at 10 o'clock. B. p. ' uti I'.v;. U appr.iuttd to repreicsa the absent ci filitora aiid in the iac.au time dl piort euings are stayed against the pti tumor. Oro.T. lobs, :)., -r V . ftb Fniperor lately hosted tba tkeir f.' ...... :.. r.. 1 ... i. . i-.v . v.. .u.k ' frl tiu.ro ri.nili!. Ii 1 v M1..I1 the Lff fict t blockaded an Dai t of 1 twice. I we are peifvcily justified in conuilen. I;rn,rli ui'uu', . "n j : ifllial vCal'Xill' war, acting un.lfcr the auorry'of ttJ H0riunnt ; -lid t!iir depredations U UCpiTUAIUni Ql IMC liv"v. ... .- g are continued lo ttse same dcgiee fl the 1st f November or tlie Id of i J' ary as before which two date, M pears, have only beeu made use ol - tice the Ameitraii conimeice more1, tainly into their clutches. 1 ohserww the New York (iae'.te of yesterday tice from the captain of the shipC-5 stating that on the list v f Tthr tici taken by the ruiich p.ivstffr-'thf ei:t, Cvinmanded by a Ci pt. Cli4- Tbia Oruadn U one ihirrt owner, tne. tlier two third owucrs arc the ttfl , brothers, ooa of whom live rtfdV 7 (and not in Horhelle, n w. t day's paper,) k the other lies in iiiSjtun Mrtei, in o-n Hv, hm'1 iidr ' reives l.i, shale of th pdit "JJ fiuin tliiljiy capturoi, i unoni k i"' ' (ierings oAmetican ve'1''' . Ogle nays that the I rrncti ' ' init'ed varims ootrjet . nU uCP,c'(hca on boa id tlu MelM:,' i uw an, ',j he ..lout sjin,' to Mtlle BJk J dy 2J, laiO

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