Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 14, 1897 · Page 23
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 23

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 14, 1897
Page 23
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For the benefit of those who favor this measure the following is submitted for their consideration: Jn the winter of 1894-95 when the bankers were trying to get through cocgre-'is a law permitting them to increase the issues of their bank money, Mr. Bland of Missouri on the floor of the house, uttered this protest and prophecy: "All your makeshifts are but a fraud and a sham. ! believe that the American people will after a while understand this, if they do not now. It may take a few years more of hard times, of grinding poverty, a few more bank failures, to teach them this lesson. And th fore enjoyed the profits of this increased value of their securities are today becoming very much alarmed on aecount of the shrinkage of value of the property or wealth on which these seurities are resting. Take your rail- rcad securities. Half your railroads are today in the hands of receivers. do not like to allude to this railroad question just now, and will not do so for the purpose of giving offense to any member 01 this house. "You undertook recently to save the railroad monopolies from the effects of the single gold standard by permitting them to pool, to go into trusts. Why was that done? Simply beeause the shrinkage of the value of their earnings and their securities was bankrupting those corporations, and they came here for relief. All the banking and railroad monopolies and their trusts come here to be saved. The tariff barons and all of them come, eaeh and every one seeking, by means of legislation at the hands of congress, to escape the crash that Is coming in the future, by being made the preferred pets of eongress. "Mr. Chairman, in the name of an outraged Democracy I protest against the whole proceeding. I have been a Democrat all my life, and expect to live and die on-e, battling for the prin- eiples of that great party. I believe them to be essential to the perpetuity of the republic. I have seen them trampled upoa here day 'by day and month by month. But this house is not the Democratic party. Neither la this administration the Democratic party. I will appeal from this preserve to that vast yeomanry of this country, the great masses of the people, and I hop*, that there wilt be p. r^ffieienpy or the. uemuerauc party to rally arounfi the great principles of Democracy, therefore, in the coming days and reorganize the party on. the principles of Jefferson and Jackson, and go back to the ancient days aud landma^Vs on which the party has grown and it is uncalled for, and the old proverb, "He laughs beet -who laurhs last," will find ample support in the results of the Democratic campaigns of 1838 and 1900. Former Congressman Towne very justly exclaims: "L«t not the American producer be fooled into the support of a policy from which he ean hope to receive a benefit only at the price of famine to the producers in other lands." If the gold standard editors can find no better argument for very limited extent, although there i* a growing tendency In that direction. At present i:he practice Is to grow * field of fodder corn or sorghum to be ent green ai&4 feel to the cows when captures begin te get short from arought The feeding of grain to th* cows while on pastur*. though as ret but little practiced, 1» growing in fa- ror. Wieat bran can «sually be for J10 and shjp stuff (minings) at about ?12 a ton. Oil cake (linseed) meal costs from $20 to $25 a ton. The , , their Uieories than_famine,_they_w<>uld . use of a lltUt of theM foods at do well to cease their contsntlons on the subject The hope that temporary conditions would affect the attitude of bimetallists Is a vain hope, and Is effectually dissipated by Tewn-e's strong concluding words: "No, the silver question is not dead. and morninj; is found by the dairymen to help out 'the pastures, keep up the milk flow, and maintain the cows ia : good condition. With many it takes ; about four acres of land to winter and j summer each cow. Others are feeding Those who under- j ao ^^ lhey caa make one -half EXCHANGK. The number of newspapers and. periodicals published ia Japan last year was 792. A Venetian firm is making bonnets of spun glass, which are soft and a» pliable as silk. The armor of the fourteenth century was so heavy that a fallen knight could not rise without assistance. A site in Salt Lake Slty has be«n appropriated by the council for the proposed statue of Brigham Young. It is no unsual thing for a vessel plying between Japan and London to carry 1,000,000 fans as a single item of cargo. An empty purse and a miser's heart are two of the hardest things in th» world to fill. ' Cover an ass with a lion's skin, and he will soon manage to poke his ear» out somehow. Many a sore-eyed man sets up for stand its principles have no occasion • ftrea of ]and do the work> wnile a fsw j an eye doctor, and does a thriving; to tremble for their faith, not to be afraid of facts. Truth needs ', The restora- ; tion of silver coinage will continue to have learned that by means of the soiling system i!or summer and the silo for winter Heeding, property supple- be, as It was in the campaign of 1896, j mented with grain, they can make on« the central feature of a program of j ncre furn-iah as much cow food as war done by four.—Levi Chub* safe and necessary reforms that be advocated by millions of patriotic Americans until they are firmly es- ta,bllshed in th« policy of the country." LOGAHBPOKT tO. MAST BOUND. I N f and Botton lim («ally) J:M a, n. hit mall (d*llr) . ~... »••«* «.n> AtUntlo Kx.dtily except Bun. 4:55 p. m WHT BOUND. Pacific Ki., dally except Sund»y_10:lB a. m Katuu City Kxpreei (dally) 8:40 p. m I nn Mall (dailj)..— „ 8:is p,m I It. Louil Limited (dally) 10;M p. a *HL BITU DrnUOH, WBBTCIDI. MTWIIN LOOAMPOBC XTO OHTU. WmgT BOUITD. HO.K— &rriTM_»_. 8:110 a. m Ho,IT..—.,—......—..Arrive*— n . n ., w ..J;SO p. n BAIT BOUND. B O. ». L«»v*f. i:05 a. a i ITO.M. p. is VANDALIA LINE. Time Table, In effect Sept. 2S. 1887. FOR THR NOSTH He. » ----- ................. -- .......... — 10:36 a. m. N«.» _________ ................ --------------- 8:36 p. m, FOR THE SOOTH. IT*. SI .................................. „ ......... 7:05 a. m. NO. S ............ _ ........... .. ...... , .......... 2:25 p. m. tor complete 'Time Card, giving all tralni and itttlona, and for full inlarmaUon a* to MMe, through car*, etc.. addrtwi 1. C. XDOBWORTH, agont, Locaniport, or • 4u JOMD, General Pai««ng«r Agent. 8t. Loujj. Mo. pered and made this country great and happy." The hope which Mr. Bland expressed was grandly realized at the Democratic National convention of 1896. The principles of Jefferson ajid JaclTson were triumphant and the hosts of Mammon who delight In a 'money which increases in purchasing power were hurled from leadership. Orover Cleveland and his Wall street cohorts were banished to "Innocuous desuetude. Today no man can call himself "Democrat" and advocate the issue of bank money. The platform of Demoracy declares for the restoration of a bimetallic law, thereby restoring the average of prices to about where they stood in 1892, and thenceforth a strict governmental control of the volume of paper money. As to this latter point, the words of the platform are: "Congress alone has power to coin and Issue money and President Jackson declared that this power could not b« delegated to corporations or to individuals. We therefore denounce the issuance of aotes as money for national banks as in derogation of the constitution, and we demand that all paper which is made legal tender for pub- lie) and private debts or which is receivable for dues to tie United Statea shall be issued by the government of the United States and siall be redeemable iJi coin." A "Holiness Band.™ By the above caption is meant t>« Gold Democrats who recently assembled in convention at Louisville, Ky. It is not assumed by this journal that the designation fits them perfectly. There are, in truth, many element* of "holiness" lacking, and many mor«r of sinfulness superabundant in tho»« who made up that convention. A total absence of charity, an apparent inability to distinguish between right and wrong, the bearing of falEe witness against those who happen to differ from them, and the indulgence i: a flood of denunciation like unto that which bursts from a broken sewer, ara rather serious defects In the composition of a "holiness band." That ii merely the appellation to which they evidently think themselves entitled. In plain, sober fact, a more farcial and at the same time more disgusting exhibition of egotism with literally no basis of justification, never took place, in the political history of this or any other country. If the thought ever entered the head of a member of that convention that he could possibly be mistaken In anything, there is not a word in the record of its proceedings to indicate It. With the utmost coolness tiey assume that the 6.500,000 men who voted for Bryan are red-handed, black- hearted anarchists and lawless repudiators, while the 7,000.000 wtio voted for McKinley are either the slaves or emissaries of tho "tariff robbers." If the Gold Democrats are right, the Amei- can republic has indeed a gloomy future before It A ,nation, the voting population bf which consists of IS,505,000 knaves and fools, and 100,000 patriots and philosophers, may well feel that its days are numbered—and they certainly ought to be. Still, we feel some comfort in bt- lieving that the picture painted by the Golc: Democrats is not a true one, for formerly buck. YOU WILL NEVER B» SORRY. L. E. & W. Tlmo Table, Peru, Ind. 0OIU train* between PeorU and Sftnduaky tad lodlanapolli and Michigan. Direct oon- Motion* to and from all points in the United Itatee and Canada. AJUUTO SOUTH BOUND OPART No H Indianapoli* Jtrp dally 7:10 a m UiMamNoSS " MaUfrBxpJLtJSam (daj'y except Sunday) No JB Indpl'i Sxp «x Sun — 3:26 p m »:» V • No 8» PMtenger ezeent Sun HolSIJtooheiterlooalarrlve :«pm exoept Sunday, WORTH BOUHD. ollMaa*Bx»Ix8uu. fcp Wo ISO Ai-oom eioept Bun... l^fi a m W. MH run BOttho "„..., ratal an/braer*! _IMT, ttolnr leant, __,.ora».J ---• iMAlftMMlllA. Townn'i strong; Locle. Former Congressman Town* has tak'wi the pains to answer the foolish and false arguments of the gold clique (jj^ the questions of high wheat and low •liver. Speaking of the campaign of 189S he says it will foe fought with silver as the prineipeJ battle cry. The rise In the price of wheat because of a famine abroad can have no possible effect on the principles involved. ]ji discussing tie question he says: "32nglaad will need 180,000,000 bushels, France 4S,- 006,090, Belgium, Holland an,d Germany SS.OOO.OOO, and, omitting further iteass, the rent of the world enough to make a total demand of 412,000.000 bushels. Of this quantity the United Btatcis will be asked to furnish at least 200,000,000 bushels. The outside estimate on <wr home product this year to 600,000,000 bushels. Oar home de- Coazvd la pat at 375,000,000 bushel*.. Thus, at the outside, we shall not hav» orer 125,00*,oeo .bushels to offer whem •t least »«,000,000 bushels will to Is it any wonder that the prte* of w&eat foee up? On the contrary, »y ererr legitimate ooMidermtion, (he we claim to have a little knowledge of the situation ourselves, and we have no confidence in the painters. The chief artist of th» Kentucky Democrats is Mr. Carlisle. Until about five years ago he took a pious delight In describing the gold standard as a de- ,mon of. the blackest hue; now he is practically making a god of that standard, while silver is the flend which ia to degrade and destroy us. And so with many of Mr. Carlisle's compatriots. In some cases these changes occurred under very suspicious circumstances, but leaving that all aside, they show such a lack of evenly-balanced Judgment, as well as such a malignancy of temper that we feel Justified in rejecting them as either moral or political teacher*. There is a sect of religious fanatics In Russia who are now said to be engaged In the soul-saving work or burying each other alive. The Gold Democrats are outdoing those fanatics by each man (politically) burying himself.—National Bimetalllst, For living a pure life. For doing your level -oest. For being kind to the poor. For looking before leaping. For hearing before judging. For thinking before speaking. For harboring clean thoughts. For standing by your principles. For stopping your ears to gossip. For being as courteous as a duke. For asking pardon when in error. For being generous to an enemy. For being square in business dealings. For giving an unfortunate person a lift. For promptness In keeping your promises. For puttl7.g the best construction on the acts cf otters. The gospei and the long- face do not travel well togetuer. The man who loves his neighbor as himself, cannot be a hermit. A dollar has more power in America, than the Ten Commandments. The careless man wrecks his comfort; the covetous man his destiny. The eagle bathing her pinions in the clouds, is but one of God's thoughts materialized. If your schooling does not help you to better the world, your time and money are both lost. The men who thinks he knows all there is to know, is already too dead to know that he is dying. Scatter sunshine as you pass along. and by and by you may gather bouquets of immortal gladness. We may gain a reputation for piety by looking solemn, but we shall slander the Lord while doing it. RAM'S HORNS. American flkmer •errine «t hurt *~ today b* r»- buh*l tor Mi "Off With HI* Head." Those journals which have devoted columns in defense of the trustees of Brown University have now an opportunity to come out strongly in another case. Down in Missouri there Is a professor In the State University who believes in gol* and protection. The trustees of the college are free traders and bimetallists. The people of Missouri are almost unanimously in harmony with the trustees as to their beliefs on these important economical questions. Now let the defenders of the Brown trustees rise np and howl in discordant chords for tha discharge of the Missouri dissenter 1 . This is a golden opportunity for the golden journals to prove the faiith that Is in them, and, if the Missouri man should see St to resign, then he should fie held up to ridicule as desirous of posicg as a martyr and as having designs on the vice-presidency of lie United States. According to the lojEic of the defenders of the action tal:en In President Andrews' c«s;e. this p'ro- fessor has no rights that anybody is bound to respect It snakes no difference how sincere he may be in his belief, he Is in the minority and "Off with his head!" should be the cry. It will be a BOurce of Ixnocent merriment to *a*ch the contortions of the Spartan band of gold clique nrw»- j»pcrs urging that the head of their brother gold-adrooating professor be chopped o*. for, of course, that wffl to the nnuiMoas 4emand whleh they wffl vake. They hATe not. ifaem to th* teat rex. h«t there fc MU We speak of secret sins; all sin Is ge. cret; when it becomes open it Is crime. Christ's summary of the law shifted ;he scene of the world's tragedy to the leart. Our eyes cannot see who it is that fe bearing the leprosy of God's curse about with him. No man is a Christian until he It able to appreciate goodness for Its own 1»ke, aside from any of its benefits. dread the Open shame of the but really our ores* We day r Mrst Tramp—"Did yer give her d»t gag about bein' too feeble ter work?' Second Tramp—"Yes. She said dat wuz That wuz der matter wid de gag."— Xew York Journal. First Boarder—"I wonder the landlady lets him stay; everybody can tee how he drinks." Second Boarder— "Yes; but he never has any appetite in the morning."—Puck. "Why, George, you haven't smoked any of those eigars I gave you for oirthday present?" "No, dear. I couldn't fled it in my heart to burn anything you gave me"."—Jugend. "Well, Goiightly, did you have any fun wearing a red lantern on your wheel?" "Yes; about fifteen men thought I was a drug store and chased me ten blocks."—Detroit Free Press. Pained.—Patient—"Vot? Two dollars for takin' oud dem teeth. Dentist—Two dollars if you take gas. Pa' tii:nt—Young man, I t'ought you TOS a dentist. I didn't know you vo« a gas r -otnbanv.—Puck. ITTLE IVER PILLS business at it. If some one would find a remedy for the bad memories of debtors, he' could make a fortune. It is hard to believe that sin gilded •with gold is the same hideous thing that it is in common clay. The man who blames himself for the worst things that happen to him, put the blame at the right door. The best way. to wait for the coming of the Lord, is to be found trying to make the world what he will make It when he conies. That the heart has longings •which the world cannot satisfy, is one evidence that man is greater than the world in which he lives. Bread as a daily article of food is used only by about one-third of the 1,500,000,000 people that constitute the present population of the earth. The Absent-Minded Professor—Do you know, my dear, I was so busy remembering what you asked me to buy you, that I forgot to stop and get it— Truth. A Lewiston (Me.) man, who is only fifty years old, has ten children working In the mills, and all of them turn their ?ay over to him every Saturdar night. Harrison Grey Fiske's new play, "The Privateer," is a romantic melo« drama, with abundance of incident and scenic display. Zacconi, the Italian tragedian, will appear in this country early next year, under the management of Carl and Theodore Roeenfeld. Walter Damrosch will conduct a special season of opera in Philadelphia during the winter. Melba will be the star of the organization. Wilson Barrett and hi* company have accepted a good offer to tour Australia next January. This means that he will not come to America. Mrs. Patrick Campbell, the noted English actress, who has been very Hi for some time, is improving rapidly of late. She is staying at Great Malvern, England. Odell Williams will open in Portland, Me., Sept. 11, in a new version of "The Alderman." The play has been, rewritten by William GUI and is said to be much improved. We should ponder the particular characteristics which are needed to encounter manfully all failures in life, and secure frona them whatever benefit They are capable "of 'bestowing, for these are very different from the qualities which enable a man to ride triumphantly on the tide of success. Bicycles can be carried on trolley tars without interfering with the p»»- sengers by a new bracket which it Intended to be attached to the daah- t»ard of the car and project outwart with recesses in the top to receive the frames and slots in the bottom te grasp the wheels and k«ep the bicyelei from rocking. 1897 "OCTOBER. 1891 Su. 3 10 17 24 31 Mo. 4 IT 18 25 Tu. 5 12 19 26 We. 6 13 20 27 Th. 7 14 21 28 Fr. 1 8 15 22 29 &. 2 j^ 16 23 30 SHERIFF'S SALE. THOMAS A. SPRY VS. JOSEPH V. JONES, ET. XL, By virtue of a judgment and decree and order of sale issued on a judgment rendered in the CSBS Circuit eours. of Indiana, oil the 28d aay of September. 1S9T, and to me directed by the clerk Of said court, 1 will offer 1'or sale, at p"blic auction and outer}-, to ihe highest bidder, at the door of tie court house, in Lo- gangport, Cas« county, Indiana, on Satnrdaj, the 23d D*j of October, 1897, between the hours of 10 o'clock a. ra. and 4 lor a lerm not exceeding seven years, of the following- described real estate, situated in Cass eouutv, intbegtate of Indiana, to-wit: Lot number ninety-two (92) la John F. Jonn- son't Hiverside addition to the city ot Loggwc- port, in Ca66 county, in the sta-e of Indian. And in case the rents and profits fall to bring- the amount demaudtsa to satisfy the judiroient and decree aforesaid with interest and costs. together with all accruing costs, I will at the same time and place, and in like manner as aforesaid, offer for sale at public auction and outcry to the highest bidder, all the right, title. Interest ana estate in fee simole of -Toteph W. Jones, John Myer.ida J.Jones and Abraham L. Jones, in the above described real estate, or so much and such part, thereof as may be necea- sary to satisfy tie judgment and decree aforesaid, which is in favor of Thomaa A. Spry, and agninst Joseph W. Jones. John Myer, Ida J. Jones and Abraham L. Jones. Said real estate will be Bold without relief from valuation or appraisement lawg of the State of Indiana. CHABIES W. HOKBtmd, TSheriff of Cass County, Indiana. Charles E. Taber. Attorney for Plaintiff. September 28.1897. Sept 2»-d4w. SHERIFF'S SALE. EMIL F. KELLER. FOR USE OK BCHCVLKR C. HVJUtS, VS. .JAJTES B. BOTTOM. In an aerial railway recently designed a metallic rail is insulated on poles with a cigarehaped balloon holding a carriage above it and attached to the rail by wheels running nnder It, the car containing * motor with a large bladed propeller at the rear to drive the car by an electric current tsV«ai bom the supporting rail* "The prevailing impression that the fe.mous soap of Marseilles was made from the pure olive oil of the south of France has been swept away by the fact that the soap factories have b««n obliged w close because of the quarantine against India," says the Medical IKews. "It appears that for twenty yean the manufactnrers have been Bupp-lying the market with an inferior pit^ duct made from common Unseed oil Imported from India," It is said that there are no remaining; public lands in any of the states Of New Englanfl, rn Nenr York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Mary* land, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina South Carolina, G«orgia, Tennessee, Kentucky or Texas. There are 25,000,000 acre* of public lands In Olio, 37,000,000 in Florida, 3.2,OOd,lXK> In. Alabama 2S,000,000 in Louisiana, 36.WO,- 000 in Michigan and 34.000.COO in Wl«- ccnsin. The other public lands are in ti* Western states and tht terrltorle» By virtue of an execution issued on a ment rendered in the Cass Circuit court of Indiana, on the I'Jth day of September, 1SW. and to me directed by the clerk of said court, I will orTer for sale at public auction and outcry. to the big-best bidder, at the door of th» court house, in city of Logannport, Cans count) , Indiana, on Saturday, the 30th Day of October, 1897, between the hours of 10 o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock p m. of said day, the rtnts aud profits for a term not exceeding- seven years, of the following described real estate, situated In Cass county, in the Plate of Indiana, to-wlt: Thew*stbalr(«)of the etust hnjf <tf) and; the easi half c H) of the west half half <W of lot number twenty- three (28) In the original plat Of the town now city of i 0)ransport,exoeptliiE- a strip of land eighteen (18) inches in width off thn entire west side of said east half (14) of said west half C/4) of said lot. Aud In case the rente and profits fall to bi ing the amount demanded to satisfy the- judgment and decree aforesaid, interests and costs, together with all accruing coats. 1 will, at the same time and place, and in like niau- uer as aforesaid, offer for gale, at public auction and outcry, to the highest bidder, all the right title, interest and estate in fee simple of James H. Button in and to the above described reul estate, or FO much and such part therrof as may be lecessary to satisfy the judgment and decree aforesaid, whichlB in favor ot Emil K. Kel er, for use of Schuyicr C. Myers. an<l against Junies H Button. Said real estate will be sold without relief from valiia-ioa or appraloement laws, jind Kubject to the redemption lawg of the State of Indiana. CHARLES W. HO.MBDRG, Sheriff Caes County, Indian*. Nelson & Myers, Attorneys for Plaintiff. Oct. 4, 1S97. oct. 5, d4tue» ASK THEM, If You want Information . About Home-Seekers' Excursion. Ticket Agents ot tbe^Penngylvanl* Unei will fumieh information regarding Homo- Seekers' Excureione to various points In the Northweat, West, goutbweei and South. It will pay to inveitifritte if you contemplate • trip. Apply to nearest Pennsylvania Lino Ticket Agent, or add:re«B W. W. Elchardgon, Die Met Passenger Agent, Indianapolis. Jnd. SICK HEADACHE Positively cured by these Little Pllla. They also relieve Distress from Dyspepsia, Indigestion aad Too Hearty Eating. A per- bet remedy for Dizzinesi, Nausea, Drowri- ness, Bad Taste in the Mfsofh, Coated Tcnjne Pain in the Side, TORPID IIVZK. 'Tbef Regulate the Sowds, Purely Vegetable. •mall PHI. Small Doee* SmaRMe*. The ring or tne dollar Is not heai e death chamber. Kind acts tad a dozen friends beft -e kind wishes get an introduction. The truthful are yonthital though their cheeks are withered wife age. The rich nian In hell didn't Mir. to he taken out. He wanted to be made comfortable where he WM. a sinner that yon are COB- eerne4 abent him, aad he will soon Je oonceraed About himself. There is some difference beiweea hope-so religion and. Assurance, that there is between muggy twilight anj LOW EATES FOE Tennessee Centennial The Tenneuee Centennial and International Exposition will be in profrrwj at NatbTiU*, Tenn.. from M«y undl October tocnwlve. Special low rate round irip ticket* will be sold rta Fenn&yjvanlm Line* for thfc event Full particular* ooncemlD? fare, date* of eate, time of trains, etc., JL*J tie obtained upon application to nearest P«mn«7lvanla . Une Ticket Agent, or brladdrewitew Oe<x It. Book- w«ll. DtetriettPaaftengur Ay ent. Indionapoj Indiana. —TH&— WABASH California^Flyer. Qulckeit and b«tt *errioe to 11 DOW offered by the Wab«jh Jlaflroad, tt MM- aected with the AtchllwmlTopeta * Beata P* Railway. VertilraJed iileepinc oan tteotm* to Urn Anirolea without change, making tweMf- one honni better time frora Bt. Louie tbaa any other line, and oorrenondlncZtine from other oobxt*. For pairKcnlan write to any WaoMb Uetet •centortuC. 8. Crane, F Owcnl tnd nok*t Agent, it LOT*. Mo. Fnjilelini recommend Dr. Wood'* fTorwBjPine 8/rap boeaiue of its prompt, potltlte wtion In all of long trouble. It !• » pcrttiT reliable core for coogb* tad ooldi.

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