The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 15, 1955 · Page 18
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 18

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 15, 1955
Page 18
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THURSDAY, SWTBM9ER MS, KW PAGE NINETEEH Wonder Drugs Bring Hope To VA's Mental Patients By DOUGLAS LARSEK N'EA Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON — (NBA) — On certain days, depending on the wind direction, the planes taking off and landing on Boiling Air Force Base roar low over St. Elizabeths mental hospital where Veterans Administration cases are handled. Not long ago on such days, one of the VA patients would crouch under his bed, snaking in terror and screaming wildly that the dive bombers were after him. Then one morning a few months ago the psychiatrist on the ward found the young mnn standing the planes fly low ovcrhea_. "Aren't the dive bombers after Many and extravagant claims have' been made for the success of these two drugs in the treatment of JUU11U Ulb JUUIJ£ JlliUI JJlallUUIJJ L11C3C UWU HI UK 3 11J " ic tic"""""" «' quietly at the window, Wfttchtog mental patients during the past couple of years. But Dr. Casey, who is directing the largest of all Aleu b Ulc uivc uuiiiuna «fvci wiiv is uuci^nns wit n**e*-~- «* —— you this morning?" the doctor controlled tests of them in his VA • work, says that they still have not asked him Kindly. "Oh, ye«, they're after me all right," the patient replied, "but I'm not scared of them anymore." Dr. Jesse F. Casey, chief psychiatrist for VA, cites this case as typical of what has happened to thousands of VA mental patients as a result of the use of the two new wonder drugs, reserpine and chlor- passed the acid test. That test, he explains, roust furnish statistical proof that the use of the drugs is positively cutting down the number of mental cases in VA hospitals. VA now has about 54,000 mental patients in its hospitals. This figure has been increasing steadily since World War II because abo During this time, VA has been spending close to $200,000 a month on the two drugs for its mental patients "And the results are really very encouraging," Dr. Casey says. "They have proved to be the best things that have come along in a long time for the treatment of mental cases," he admits. But he goes back to the case of the man In St. Elizabeth to illustrate his reservation on the drugs' success: "We know that the drug quieted that man so that he no longer feared the dive bombers. But he still continued to suffer from his promazine. Reserpine comes from I 20 per cent of the new patients a_ an old Indian root medicine, and j milled each year can't be cured chlorpromazine is a synthetic drug I and must remain under treatment. sold under the trade name of Tror- j And despite the use of the drugs azine. They do about the same' for more than a year this "resi- thing, relaxing disturbed patients j dual rate" has not dropped, without putting them to sleep. | ... d- believing the dive bombers were after him." The man is now getting psycho, therapy along with the drugs. In other words the doctors are trying to reason him back to reality, which they were not able to do be- ev*n though h» he* •hown Improvement, there It stlH no partUve evidence the drug it h»vtaf a direct, Mmedtal effect on hta bufe men- M tcouWe. A« of now, D». OutV >•*•• «••«*• pin* »nd Thoraitne ta abwt "» same category « insulin, sboclc, electric ahoci:, lotwtoray, *nd physical «nd hydro-therapy to the treatment of mentel caw. "They have aX been great advances," he saye, "but they are still treatment* and not cures.' . He admits that further testing could reveal the drugs do have curative powers. This might possibly show up In another year, he says, H that happens he is willing to admit they are in a special category, f*r above mere treatments. Despite hta conserratlve evaluation of the drugs as "mental cures," he says their widespread use has had the effect of practically eliminating the violent wards in VA hospitals. At the same time it has increased the demand for trained psychiatrists to give psychotherapy to patients — once in a disturbed state but now quieted enough to be subjected to this treatment. Another reason why Dr. Casey is reluctant to say flatly that reser- ine and Thorazine are solely re- ponsibte for sending more mental atients home is the fact that the Ider treatments and techniques ave been improved and expanded. "We give all of our patients sev- ral types of treatments, so you an't pi-i point any one as being the eal cause of a cure," he explains. Another idea which Dr. Casey is rying with success is mental hy- Siene clinics. wWch give out-pa- lent care for cases not severe nough to warrant confinement. Last year 2,200 veterans got such llnica! treatment with an estimat- d saving of S5,000,000. In addition to helping mental pa- ients, VA and other hospitals are indlng the new drugs good for reating alcoholics and dope addicts. Memp/i/s' Po/itfcaf Mac/)/ne /j Searching tor Candidate MEMPHIS Ml — The political organization left by the late E. H. (Boss) Crump is searching for a strong candidate to head the ticket in the Nov. 19 city election. Newspapers said former Mayor Walter Chandler is the administration's first choice, but that he is reluctant to leave private law practice. Other names prominent in the speculation include John Heiskell, former district attorney general, and Carl N. Stokes, one-time city judge. The administration's choice will step into the role held by Mayor Frank T, Tobey, who died of a heart, attack at the age of 64. Funeral services were held Tuesday. The administration slate is op- Many philologists claim that ancient Greek is the most perfect language that ever has existed. posed by a ticket headed by foiroer Mayor &. Watktns Overton. Air Division Formed For Area Defense GRANDVIEW- AIR FORCE BASE. Mo. I?) — Organization of an air Division, charged with the air defense of Missouri and Kansas and parts of seven other states was announced yesterday by the Central Air Defense Force. The operational force, to be known as the 20th Air Division, will be activated Oct. 8 and will be under the command of Brig. Gen. Clifford H. Rees. Organisation is expected to be completed in Febru- GROUP THERAPY FOR MENTAL PROBLEMS: In classroom-like atmosphere of a Vet- em ns Administration hospiUl, mental patients work together to understand about nature of their problem. Why do so many success-minded people take the Dale Carnegie Course? DR. GEORGE S. BENSON, President, HARDING COLLEGE, SEARCY, ARKANSAS, Prominent U. S. educator, author, lecturer, and commentator, SAYS: "J]K Dale Carnegie Course has developed members of our faculty in an astonishing way. It has jiven them a new clarity of expression, new poise and confidence, k is the best type of training 1 have ever experienced to help men and women develop their abilities in spewing and human relations." EFFECTIVE SPEAKING MEMORY TRAINING HUMAN RELATIONS MEETING PLACE — HOTEL NOBLE, BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS Blytheville Class No. 4 Begins October 3, 1955 Our Guarantee After you have taken the- course and attended all the scheduled sessions, should you be dissatisfied with what you have received from the course, your money will be refunded and you may keep all books and supplies. 10 WAYS THIS COURSE WILL HELP YOU •• Speak Effectively »• Conquer Fear '• Increase Your Income <• Develop Self-Confidence » "Sell" Yourself and Your Ideas <• Improve Your Memory :• Increase Your Ability to Deal With People » Win More Friends >•: Improve Your Personality <• Prepare for Leadership T HOUSANDS of graduates have found the Dale Cirnegie Course i direct path to higher income and advancement in their work. In just a tew sessions you Ic-itn to speak effectively, develop self- confidence and the ability to deal wfth people. We invite you to attend a Frea Demonstration where you will sec men and women like yourself quickly developing their "success qualities." Many of America's i largest corporations use Dale Carnegie Training in their employee ad- j vancement programs. I Classes meet once a I week for fourteen I weeks. Be sure to visit the Free Demonstration—or phone the number bciow for further information. 43 ycn i of iroining 450,000 men and womtn Clones in 750 a'Hw throughout ttn world. BRICKELL INSTITUTE OF LEADERSHIP TRAINING Joncsboro, Arkansas Charlie G. Johnson H. C. Fr«*z« Sponsored In Kj-iheviNe Bf fflythcviHe Dale Carnegie Club For Further Infnrmnlion Call Any Member of thi« Committee Tom tittle. Jr. Phone 2-232S or H>fiM«n(!C Pfi. I-M'74 Rnl.nntl Karr Phone 3-8402 Kemp Whlsenhiml Phone 3-4469 or Residence 1^. S-M25 A. F. 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