The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 26, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, December 26, 1933
Page 6
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snt Dixie Team Furnished Ono of Year's Upsets, Wm- tiing Collegiale Event. BY JIMMY IIONAIHU; NEA Service Sports Wrller Two great distance runners, and an eastern pole vault sensation who threatens to break the striuinle- ho!d of the west on this event, were produced during the track season 61 1933. These four will be even better 'In "34. ' ' , '.No sooner hail thq indoor season etaried than out of the prairies of the, vtn came Glenn Cunningham, Kansas University jn Her, wlio stepped on the boards to herald ii brilliant year. He defeated Gene Verake, Penn's sensational distance runner; Carl Conn of Pcnn. Glen Dawson .of Tulsa, and Frank C'ro'.v- ley of 'Manhattan. ...'Cunningham continued Ills brll- Jlant distance running wlicn he sped., to a. new American record In ..the mile run of the. National Collegiate A. A. track and field championships .at Chicago. His time was 4 .minutes 5:8 seconds. f • » '."Bili Bonthron of Princeton was .the other great distance runner revealed. Though his feat o[ winning both the 800 and' 1500-meter runs at 'the I. C. '< : /V meet nl Cambridge was sensational, his great- *5.l '.glory,. came In defeat,... : , .• Bill'. .tangled with Jack .Lovelock, N«'w Zealand student nt' Oxford, .in the Oxford-Cambridge nnd ' prince-. ' ton-Cornell dual track meet. ' .] ' i Wh^n ]the 'boj-s finished the mile,' • botM had broken Jules Ladou- 'megue.'s '. world record o't .4:09.2: Lovejock's. time' In beating rjim-' ttiron was 4!<n.C, arid I hat of '.the. 'Pfi.ncelgn runner vas .4108.7. .'." • . ..KeitH . Brown;..was' tlit 'pole vault sensation. " 'This Yale 'soph'omcrc ' started' '.'ouV.'Hhe' year with a iie'w .jrqrW'inQ^ofjecprd' in the ic of, C,',m,Vet at New. York,' clearing the ba^ari* feel'i 3-4;inches. ' ALjlie: .IPtnn _ Relays he ; set , a', new ', meet 'rt$rd,bt/M'fe«jt/l-4 inch 1 ; 1 ' :: , ... .Bil^ .draber,;.; 'Southern ' jnja'p _' great Vaullc'r,' fmlj iri'V.cJaW .for -world honors -.when he' cle'aYed 'K feef.* 3-18 'Inches, 'early In. the >a ' ; '.' ' ; '" Distance Rivals in 1934 __BLTOreVrLLB...(ARK.) COURIER 'lOPS FIELD II II "Dor" Keo(.'an Is Greatest . of Basketball Teachers, Notre Dame Believes. thron were the distance stars p[ 1333 rivalry when the l<i:U Indoor "season, ojicns .in January., ... ,..... ... ... . P| , . 'i 'The In^.oarV season Vsatr, if alpti M«calfe, , .HanJu'eUe': ;. ..University.* great Indoor ''runner; "pass'.'every- Wlin? 'Inchon Jn; the sprint races'. Metcalfe.^aVjust' as good on the cinders 'top, /winning .the 220-ya^d kjd'iop-yar^.dashes'at the Na'tjonil Wijeglate.and the .IOC-yards or Ihe ak'Rl-'h the; National Cqi-, ' $ a.«,.2fl,-. w ma£lc of 20.4^ seconds. ...... ,..'..'. ' .,.aw one •«%' 6rM •repord;;.Ma;n%tan.:cdllege's Distance medley relay "squad stV'n nejw^mark of 10;H .In the, 2 .1-2- mlle eif'ent. ;'Jack Keller. OJilq jsta'le Hurdler',; ;camje:. .yilhl'ri '. bne'-lentti,.; pf ' a second ,pt Equaling tlje..wor)d."!20-' yar<J.' hi^h .hurdle's ,ma'fk '.when lie" Heaved iJraself'.oyer '(he barriers in .irhe'rial.compet'Uion.of tlie ,._., °T'.J<>urse, carrtc'in 'ilie I.',C. 4-A arid Rational .Collegiate meets. '. .Int. the.'twiner,' held at Cam-' bridge, Mass., .Squthe'rh : California "Wed.. % 'the' sixth time since 1823, ..Winning only,0110 event—tlic' IHhmetter high', hurdles^-ihc Trb- ians; captured enough. pql'nU In the other'events, to.ntec out'thelr arch rivals,.Stanford..45-42, Three eastern .teams'were.tied.for. third place, with 16 .points" each. .They .were Cornell,'Yale and New .York University.". '. •; Two'meet, marks, were set In this show; when. John Lynia'n, huge Stanford weight man, put the shot 53..feet., 8 1-2 inches, and George Spi^z, lanky. New York U jumper cleared 6 feet 6 1-8 Inches in the • high Jump.. _Tr.e big upset of tlie. meet was the defeat of Joe McCluskey, Fordham's iron man of distance races and steeplechases. IJttle Jack Ryan of Manhattan left'Joe behind In the 3000-meter run, • » V The National Collegiate'cham- pionship In Chicago wasn't decided until the last event—the pole vault A surprise team. Louisiana Stale won this meet through the brilliant, running of Glen Hard'ln. who flashed to a new record hi the 520yard: tow hurdles,' and a, new meet record In the 440-yard run .Louisiana state was leadin Southern California, 49 points to 37, as the pole vault came up. L 3. U. needed a win or a tie to win the meet title, and Matthew Gordj came through. He tied Bill Graber Southern California's champion yaulter, at 14 feet. In addition to Hardin's world mark In Ihe 220-yard low hurdles three other world records were established-Charley Hornbcstel o Indiana set a new time .o! i;M In the 880-yard run; Jack Tor r»nc«. of L. S, U. bested the 16 pound shot mark with a toss o 52 feet 10 inches, and Ralph Met calfe's 20.4. seconds in the 220 best the previous mark of :20.6 mad by Roland Locke of Nebraska IKS. • Daaeed fa Ct-¥ear-okl Shots , ORLEANS, Mass. (UP) _pr« Olll danced recently In shoes tha wtte 60 years old. John O. Pulch ner purchued the shoes in 187 Hot cwWn't wear. them, bectus. .they pinched his feet, so h« pu them »way. Olll hauled them ou CI ol ides Jill BraucKer • By NKA SOUTH BEND, hid.. Dec. 26 What Kmitc Kocknc WAX to Notre name football, little Cicorne ^13^" Kcogan Is, to the Irish bnskctbull "imid— (hi! • neatest of nil the court coaches. He's just ii- little feller, Is (Jeorce. but he lies teen the commnndiiij; Influence bcliliid a decade of No- trq ttime basketball tlml has pll- rd up n record unexcelled by any other school In the country. .In liip .last 10 years. Gcogan'.s c:>ycv.s have won 157 games nnd last 49, for n percentage of .701. Through this decade "Doc" .has .sent his . pacers against tlic but of top-noteli competition' In the middle west find aiid hc'tais taken '.v' backseat for 'no 'one. ' , . ..... » • • . .1 ' Kcognn's great iCcord easily dM- I'jnates him us the ranking bnskei- b:ill coach l(i the^ country, illis nearcEt rival Is Ward Lambert. Ri'eiit ..qoiicli of t'l-eat quintet) ,,nt I'lirdiw. Ward's teams have. ,won 186 jjnniiis. and lost, 08 during 'the la-st decade 'for ft perccntasjc of .T3?.. ..^ ; r ., .... '.; 'Dr. Walter Mcanwcl) of W.isco;i- stn, 1 Dr. H.'c. Carlson of Pitt, Dr. H. C. -Allen' -of Kansas, nnd Paul HInkle df : Butler '"ar6 other tuii'- notche'rs, but their 'records for tlii- ferent birllitlny nnniversnries. A last. 10 years do hot touch' 1 tha't 'of born_ at, two minutes to Lambert, and" Lambert's Isn't- qlilir ""' TUESDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1933 Eastern All-Stars Plan Attack, for Baltic With WesT Gtenu CunnlnBhahfiV In "action, 1 nnU i>rlncclon'.s IJill Bon- They will rentw hoy minutes and Ills sister, arrived 2U , as good os that -of KCOBCU . The -.Irishi mentor has turned nut the front row; Danowskl. Fordhmn; Skladany !-:[.• aillmnn. Ohio State: ,,uk^, N .,« Dame/ce, * i Sebastian, 1'itt; James, liuekncll; I'e'tcrs. Colgate; Jones. Indiana: me), Iowa, .and Gailus/bh'ib s'atc '.H- ••'.-. some classy court material during nis career at Notre Dame. Probably his two . piiLst'nnclliig stars were flashed back In 1925-26, and «ynin in- 192C-27. • ' •' . Capt. Johnny ; Nyikos and Louis Conroy led the teams of Uioso two scntmis '• through'- campaigns that resulted' In 19 victories' and one loss each year. The liuie .stumbling bluck In the path of the Irish' both tiiiiied-iFrom Page 4)' " Neiv,iYear ' . . The..'cdinin(t;- 3CC days -have • all IB, npiifivrancex-of being the most ountlful in Mine time for- lean r_d hungry sports. fnns. ' '- ilt- sccnis 'n.'j'lf sports promoters, ittlzlriK" tluit the New -Deal hiis iiifflcd 'niilie ri few kopecs 'into efetofore empty "' iwckctsj'nre nut o-cnsh'ln oil tlic iiutnrn In the rclmstmr department. ...... ' Let It 1 be said that' th'e ; profnot- ont 1 have'coot'crt Vip some tasty tid- ItK for the- boys, excludlns. nf oiirsc, that' Johnny Rlsko-Jlmmy falo'ney' affair. '''•-' :.'-» '.'••» 9 ' . : Th" Firs! Course' : To start, there's that Hose Bowl lit- between 'StnnfoK) and Cohim- )ia. 'AiW 'dort't 1st anyone tell you lit-'lhe' big Red team from the "'r.clfrc , coast Is • going to Have irs' easy. : Lou Little's LiOris will plenty Interestlnsr ball and be-iout therc-:to win,' not just n^e-the game Interesting. •:• nt.will be' football's swart son?, oilowlne. -which ..the intloor -trnck-, ters /will MStart poumllng the oarrls. ^_ lif^seipijiVi onq . of -the,.' hottest ln^ IJl 'ycars"lias''nfccn built P.. ; around- three of the grenlest nilcni to;'stSp off the distance' in ipwu. 'X'-' : ' - •'.•••" StiiHlng. Jim. -6, with the K. of 3;. '.Indoor 'mtflt tit New York, nnd Winging around the circuit, Inst- ng.fccn'. into' -February. Bill Bon- hrpn of Princeton, Gene Venzkc f Penn and Glenn Cunninsrhnm '.Kans'as will put on their- show. Bonthron'. yon know, is the fel- ow who mn second to Jnck Love- I ock, -New 1 Zenlnntler. when they xjth broke Jules Lndmougucs' mile ecord in (he • Cambridge-Oxford •s. .Princeton-Cornell games last rjmmer. Bill's irrtlevmnTk- viwv'-thc produced during the -year ' OKGIN HfHB TOU»T DM 10 BASrilSTER *Bl,,t, - to be glauBible, .wanted to ;beUeTe ererjr ; ..ifprd >h». wild. jAnd, tjilo«- wa»t Icalljr, It was because .ebe dl() .nol , . . a. . no ai Usfend herself. , that be said sud- of the manufacturer. denly. -. hi. VraCfc >.'*.-\ -"«.' »I-».9M ">(f. JTTOW KI.K B lkr<Wiiln,t x J«>l«w , *ff .JpK } I M'!'/ T , n^.«p'Vjj» ••!»&- „;•• i • . . •! ..-•.- ii-incy nnu 11 is more any way ...Listen, right .about toe they can be sure It's tha rlubi police. They let you • cora» here. b.iit they've besriVwatchlng you,all the.'tlqia. Thojr think',—.oh,,. It doesn't matter';what (hey,think! 1 want'»ou,to kppw. I b«UeT~e. t jou. I've known (roro 1 thq Wry' first jou ijou^dn't have anytblne ,to do ; wltb ^d thlj. murder." fTHH glf) M.'ia. ! "t'll'never lorgcl -*- that you said timl!"' '"' ' ''"' "It,waa because I wns so nure of It." Bannister ^we.nt.: on, .'-'th»t (; l (Jcfld.ed ,tq, work ,'o.n ^9 case-r'fo see ,j»Kat 1.could. Dnd .out "Oh. -11 Iiaatft been much, {'I) 'adm|t—", '. ..."i'was afraid';.tbat.'ias the,rev so.a.", Vullet .iritcrruyted,-;,-",7baV» SOW GO OS Wiril-THK STOUT; is ha.ii ad. .wanted to.,talk (or day*. ' tlie m.ur'derer was, wouldn't ihey?" ..'-,-,... "We)]; It would be a bj| help. They'd'have to tie sure who it was who fired ;be bullet." .'TUe Blr^.dgb'ed. .'"I auppoBO. so,; she .said. :' t ."... i . ..'.',.,; ',.,„. • "Whoever killed Tracy King was smart abo.ut it." 'iflanulsler.assured hor. "He managed to get Into the Sliolby.Arras without being-seen— " -Juliet France raised questioning -.. . son^ aa e hait/iiiafie (j. Efpn'lt fio ii^roirlji'bl aljot " ' " '' aijoiit II. lie " didn't "sc» "how 'he coulil possibly reconcile bis suspicions with tho fuels. Tho photograph, he ileclilcil. hail nothing to dm with Tracy King's murder and 'nil the time ho had spent trying 10 llml a hidden meaning In it was simply wasted. Ho gavo his attention tc what Juliet France waa vlha tl. . ; e'only''Vriew whe'r* to look Ho tol^iperi.wjiat h8 ,k?e : | • . ncller Than Ever •'-. Venzkc is Hie felloy who. as a high school student in 1931. set a new 1500-meter Indoor mark. Last eason he dueler! . with Cunningham on the eastern board tracks. and didn't do so well. But with a 'ear of training under Lawson iobert.'on, Penn mentor, he's bound to be better. Cunningham, resembling one of hose Kansas cyclones In action, fas the best all-season performer n 1933. He didn't set tiny world narks, for he dlrtn't have to. His competition wasn't the kind that Bonthron' faced In Jack Lovelock. With the three greatest distance men In the country running to- gclhcr, each striving to outdo the other, you'll see n new indoor mile mark set before the season Is over. "I don't blnine ynu for not be' ^ vi-.-S. 7*>.' if. :'VJ_V.- r-% :.. i. ,-.»-r.-\'. llei'nj »e. slio wcm on. "be- j cr.t:oi> sonic' bMlio. things 1 told yon ivi'icn't true." She "was not look- ins at liini now; tier eyes were on the slender loo of her sllp'per. "I Uliln'i go to Tracy King's apartment that ; nlglit to ask (or a ]ob. What I loiil you about losing n uieiiinrnnJiim there — thnt wasn't irne. eillu-r. I »ertt there to get sonic letters—" - ' There was an 1 Insinnt's pau«e and tliei she hurried on. "The letters were same 1 Imcl to hnve: 1 r.sli'd him to give them to me ami he refused/. Bin they were tl-.cve In Ihe nimiment. I know that." Snilitcnly the clrl raised her eyes. "The.'polke n-oiiltlu t Urllevo me." she said, "but It's true. Uon'i German Cabinet Banned From Chairmanships BERLIN <Ul'> — The German Cabinet has J?cld;d thnt In the future no nienibfi can accept the sponsorship, or honorary chalrman- fhlp, of a private or semi-public organization. This decision if due to the requests by Innumtrnbta societies and organizations, which became so irequent, as to hinder the actual work of the cabinet. ' In the same decree members of the cabinet u-e prohibited from tcklng part In fi-.nivltles, or other functions, unless they ore arranged for national or political purposes. Twins' BlrthiUya Dlfftrfnt WORCE8T E R, Mass. (TJP>— Twins born here to Mr. and Mrs. you see "what you?" Don't flannlsler oild, "I'm afraid 1 don't 'sec." , "The letters were thore.~ Juliet Prance Insisted, "bin tlio police . dtilu't rind them. That means someone else was there after I left. Someone else came to Tracy King's apartment. It must hare iron th» person who hlllcil him—" Bannister said tlowly. "You menn lomeone «lse took the letters r Th« girl nodded. "They must have! Otherwise tho police woulj nave found them." "Were they letters." Bannister askeo, "that would be of vatu« to anyone >!«>?" Tb» ;ir' did nol meet his gaze. 'No." sh* «ald. "Thej were—personal." "ThoD you haven't any Idea who the other person could bave been?" Sho shook aer bead. "No I naven't" BaonWer waited, hoping the • " -'^ ™ ««*i. «LIU i>ns." "*uu*T\Br WHIIM, DODlDC flh Mlchwl A. M«»llaro .111 h.v» dlf- weuid 10 ». H. w aut«l h.r .(or last _._ S 8 P9." co can '' '«6nh'<ctloir ; i'ctw5eii 6ibP ha^Hollj)ter > B t> de;tq anil Trajy lng'». But" .i''m ; silrej It's fivers If ''' ' " i Her volco came slowly. "H i the brother IlkeT" the T ^;^;^^^ Volvlna Iloll'lster'a'nd her brothel about Mclvlna's quarrel with Tracy <lng after hor canary's death. He old ahnut his- conversation with ilalthcu- a few days later when Matthew had said; -"I-think Mel^Ina knows Bomcthlng' she's keeri- tig to herself. Something that hap- wucil Hint night.'"- ' llanulslcr. Bald. "When I ro- uiliulcil him ol tliat yeslenlny be Jliln't gcem to . remember at all. Just said, there couldn't ho any reason for anyone lo harm his sister. Ho seemed completely broken up—" girl askeil. lie tried to describe Matthew Holllslcr. He lolil her what ho bad le:inicd"about the llolllster (oriune nml tho frugal way In which the brother and sister had lived. Then ha went on to tho photoyrauh he hud shown her. tolj bow he had found It on 'iho floor ol Tracy King's IxMlroom anil sent H away to cec It the llgm-cs could be Identified. He shower! her llio li>itcr wltb which the photpgMpli hail been returned. 'At first." he salil. "I (nought perhaps I ouglu (o turn U over to Iho police. Hut there wasn't anything 1 could say. Just-here's a picture I found. McNcal. uuuld laugh at me: Then I deciJeil 10 keep H nnd see what I. could do with It'slono. Well, that's (tai; »'• llko everything else In this case. Look! Important but it doesn't lead anywhere." TTE looked at Juliet Franco She •* was sitting forward in ter chair, hsd boon listening eaj»rly lo overythlns bo 5a id. "Ilosv can you be sure where It will lead?" she asked. "Oh. I don't suppose I can but lt« beginning u> loofc i.ouoless. Tho police aren't gelling anywhere and 1 don't believe [her will." The girl surprised him. She aald straightening. "The woman lasi scarf, wasn't sho! And Trar was killed with a gun. The ..,..„ have nc«w <«uu4 the »UQ, u lv e By Ljadfa 'Loo' -.BROOKMAN =.9lBU MLAMIVICtlNC "Do they know' wbat kind it CYea.. A 32." Ho added the name f thoy find It Is there any way Bannister said there was. ex plaining how.'ballistics esperia Identify the weapon froirr which a bullet la shot.,', -i . , .- .*. . ,- I "Tben if they fouad lb« gun." the girl asVtd. slowly, "tljey'd know ' years war, little Franklin college, In southern Indiana.'' • * * Keo'gnn's present-day Iniiilnary Is big Ed Kraasc, ffjotball star who plays center on the cage squad. Ed played such n stellar game in the 1931-32 season that he was accorded All-America honors at the center post. He led (he siiuad In scoring, with 213 points, nnd was a big factor In the successful senfon which re.sulteil In 18 victories against two defeats. Much of Keogan's success is duo the system he nsrs. Tt is the ilc- liiycd offense, 'with variations . of his own which involve an alteration with a criss-cross "gahie aiid the' pivot of professional style 'of play. .•;.-:>: • -,.-..'When basketball' Is over, Oedrge tiinis his nttlentlon to baseball. He Ls diamond coach' at the school and; : during the 1 • footbhll "season turns ih a bit of scouting for the gridiron v nientor. • • '• eyes. "You're sure it was .a mari?n Texas turfs. she asked. •Tm not 1 sura who It was. there—". He But . iOTcpntuslon. There svas a woman suspected. "of the murder. j:Jul|ei Kra^ce^.hpr.aelf. Ainl , were otb^rs-Vbo hud plnyei) [wrta In ihc myatcrfoias drain.i.^ Melvina llol- lister ttil^-tho nrettyi' dark'-c-je'a movie usher, Carlotta Scurlacli. What |a; world o! dirtcreuce there was between tlioss two! Anil Uenlsa I^IIB. Sinldenly Bannister . rcincmhereil 'Daisy Connor, the libuso maid, anil her slory thin Utmise had tcleiihoiiotl Parker C<ilc- nnn twice on the' evening ol Klnt'i 1JANNISTRR said. "I suppose 11 could have been n woman." Hi- looked nt liio girl. ""Voii'va been thinkliiE a lot about all this." IK said. "Wliafs your theory aboui the murder?" Texas Polo Stars Plan Hard Drive on Coast - AUSTIN, TJX. (OP)—Will Rogers' pl-edictiori that • "horses will cime back" mpafenlly is being fi:l(llled in Texas Aside from Ep- scm' Downs and Arlington - Dow'as, tv.n costly piai-.U for legalized Iwrse racing, the state -'has gone "polo." Topping (he inrifo 1 sport''in' Texas k, Cecil Sml(K ^ndi-his iquad of Rough Ridefs. 'j'iis' team, gener- rlly rated as the "world's second best," holds a 20 goal handicap on NSWERlg fe£&,s& WK- V .' . -./>• /TN lrj,'lric: (Cof.oiii Warbin-ton is li/ls year's'AtL-ASlERicA QUARTERBACK . from the .University of t'outhern :Cali!orini,-l-.Thc ';PER- "\tA. is .the'.. ; mi^lcai. sign ah'own ,,.3i ; means;,VA s-RAuSE 'OR : .A HOLD. MADRID is the capital of .Schnauzer Ilikes Home •BOSTON- (UP)-Bobby, a Oer- Scimauzer'do? owned by former iGovernor Alvan "r. Puller, "hiked" here: • from" ; Rye ' Beach' N.-H., a •• dlslance of nearly 50 miles, aftter he had: been left behind at the Fuller slimmer' home. -. : '-i : . 'II . Read Courier News Want Ads. COMMISSIONER'S SALE Notice Is. hereby given' that the undersigned commissioner, in- compliance with tl-e term'!! of ri decree tendered by - tnc Chancery Court ~'>It!ta.:av,'bn District 'ot Cuunty; Arkansas on 26th. day of Septembtr, 1933, ~ Goods Com- Smitli nnd Hute Williams slat- red In the hirS-foiigh't East-West Cnm'6 this year. Smith's squiid a'l- so Mn'cludes Glllv Gllmnre, a' four - go'al handicap man; Tom Mather,: Ei'-'five 'coalrr; : r.nd George 'Miller ,\ who trains j>Dio ponies 'for the &sl. • • i The Texas stnrs embarked in mid-December 'or a scries of' contests on the W(st' Coast. RO Tues.-Wed.-Thurs. MAT. and KITE—10e-35c "The pollco havo been looking "They haven't lookcJ In (he right places. I'd hunt for It In Hie apartment where lie was killed." linunlster raised his bands. "They did that." ho assured her. "as soon as they found out sbuui the mnrder. The vrholc npartineui was searched completely." . "I'd look there anyhow." the girl Mid. "Tho murderer would WHMI to get rid of It as SOOD as he could, wouldn't he? Yes. I'd look for II In Hie apartment. There arc lots ol places whero you could hide a gun. lie might have hidden It In a win dovr box." "A window boi!" exclaimed fisn Ulster. "What in the world nwile you suggest that:" "Oh, 1 don't know. ' Just ot It Are there window boies ai the Shelby Arms?" "This Is November." Bannister reminded her drily. "If there were any la?: summer I Imagine they've been removed by thli time." The girl nodded. "I suppoM «o." she agreed. "There wouldn't be anj window boxes now. Well then. I'd looh somewhere else. Maybe—" She was Interrupted by the ring. Ing of the door bell. Bannlsler said. "Excuse me." and went out into the hall. He opened the door to face a man and woman. The man was »cll dressed, rather heavily built and dark. The slooii at one Blrte and behind him. It was tho mnn vho spoko. "Is Miss Juliet "ranee herer ne ostcd. "We'd like to are her." (Tn lief burdens. COMMISSIONER'S SALE Notice is hereby given that the undersigned r-oni;nissioncr, in compliance with tin? terms of a decree j rendered by the Chancery Court i fnr the Chicktu.iwba District Oi"' Mississippi County,' Arkansas, on. i Ihe 2Gt!i (lay of September. 1833,. uheiVin The Mississippi Comity; lluilcling & L/i,n Association w:) ! PlalnllB, No. 5512, and p. G. Smith rntl Edilli Pearlo Smlili were De- leiKiants, will sell at public auction lo the highest and best bidder, on i a credit of tli !(s months, nt the South door of the Court House, be- Iween the hours prescribed by law, 'n Ihe City of biylhevlile, Arkansas, on the 13-n day of January. 1934, the rollrwir:s real estate, lowit: All of Lot No. 13 nnd' the East one-hair or Lot No. 12, In Block 1, Sufbury Addition to the City of Biyiheville. Said sale n-iil r.e hud to satisfy' faicl decree in the sum of $2,<HD.5'j, with (en per inteiost from May 5, 1933. The purchaser at said sate will be required to execute bond- with approved security, to secure the payment of the purchase money, and a lien w'.U i;e retained upon said property n.< additional security for the payment of such p;ir- cnase money. Witness my hand and the seal of said Court. <jn mis, the 18th clay of December, 1933. R. L. GA1NES, ComtnU,:.oner in Chancery Reid. Evrtmt & Henderson, Atty.s for Plaintin. 19-20 pahy et al were Plaintiffs. No 5517, end Isadorc 'Roa-nthal Defendants, wl! 1 . .'-.'ll at''purjlio auc- lion to the hijhril and best' bld- .cicr on a-cr-jdit of thr,ee -months, .at the front Qonr of'- the' Court House, between the hours* prescribed by law, in i!i» City of Blvtlie- vi:ic, Arkansas, on the 13th day of January. J934, ihc following real estate, to-wit: . Lots 1 and 7 in Block 3 of Sinihysidc Addition to the City • of Blythevill", Arkansas. •-' and • . Lot 1C in Blo-.fc 1 of trie.Mil--; ler & Greenlcc Addition .'.to' the City of Blyilwille. Arkansas. . Siiid .^ilc will be- had to fiatisfy :ald decree In thf- sum of $7,744.65, f i^h "six -,p;r. tent "interest from May. 15. 1933.' i . j i .' ' The purchaser at said sale will r-e axjulre'd- to'execute bond with approved security.' to I secure the payment of ths purchase inoney, nnd-a; lien-will be' retained! ji'pon raid property is'adrtitlopal sefc'urity money. . ...... P' "L." GAINED, Reid, Evrartl*S- '.Henderson, . Attvs. for .FUInt.lff.,. 19-20 Tuesday - • Mat. 2:30, 10-25c Nitc G: : 15; 10-35C. IT'S MARIE'S BIRTHDAY-; But it's your present r To the m',i- lions cf ailniir- ers \v h o have lauglicd with Her, and Invctl her in the past, sbe brings her ! firrst For Sale 3 Handles - 25c Special attention to large orders. CHICAGO MILL & I.UMBRU CO. JAMES DUNN CLAIRE TREVOR HAKVET STEPHENS Dirwtod nyjamofinli'ns' ^^ —&—^+m FOX NEWS COMEDY with : Hrlrn Maek " Rculah Bondl Hfrsholt ^^^^•1 Directed by ^ffca^kj^a Sam Wood Oddity Comedy "Happy Warrior" i Comedy "Crook's Lane" I All Star Programs Broadcast Daily Over KLCN at 12:20 Drink BUDWEISER

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