The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 3, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 3, 1938
Page 3
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MONDAY, JANUARY 3, 1938 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE s pvlmarlly. Dr. Prank's man, mill hat among Ills plans Is one which jrovldcs for Dr. Frank's becoming president of the United Stntcs. Hut. Ilic really Imi»rta»t inside ntws about tlio parly is Hie fact tli:it Uuidoii, despite Die SI. Louis doing.-;, Is now to be regarded by informed politicians its at least as> =U-onu a Republican leader as Hcowr, if not move so. Landon achieved tills Uy two bold, spectacular strokes: 1 ills lint, assertion In Wash- thai he would not accept For First Time Since Elcc- _ „„ tion'He Seems To Over- the O.O. P. nomination^ in shadow Hoover even in the '"remote contingency" thin it was olTcrcd him. 2 His publicized assurance to President Roosevelt that he woMld "land by him in matters of inter- when. --- "••" By RODNEY DUTCHEK WASHINGTON, Jan. l.-Ilc )iliul Republican scenes the chiaf national policy, ,,,„,.„,:,,= development of the last few weeks to Landan,. i>«rlisan coutluoiauos lias been the iiroercss of AH M. ti-.ould be forgotten. Uimlon to a position where his H Was a *w rai. influence in the parly now eqiwls The rcccm! declaialion »js a and perhaps exceeds that of for- "..uturul." bound to excite popu- iiiir President, Herbert Hoover. I lar admiration and acclaim. <-<- in this contest for power lx'- i;,in cllitr Repnbiicans who slnit- Heen tlie deftatctl pn-sldcnilal ul to pooh-pooh the L^'idon ijc-.,- cnndiditle of 19:iC snd the defeat- Ulf(: stopped dead In their tiack.s ed preslcntinl canldale of 1'J.W. as they realized that I-andu , n- landcn started from bi-hind and unticin-ay cr 'otherwise, had to- fo!! even further behind after uitti idined his position as a pit au. or two false- starts. | figure. His handicap lay In the fact! Mt , im M..ile. Landon s renunciu- that Hoover's influence was mo;e lfc: , of another nt munition .ins important In the G. O. P. nation- |» u | the dual effect or puu n = al committee and unions tiie no- Kcover. in a hole, and ol r.n«.in« litical henchmen Hoover had at- London u allying point for most ti-acted to himself in eight years ot her Republican aspirants rinu as secretary of commerce :ind ,..nll-Hocverlles. Until Hoover roi- four as president. Although there . csvs London's lead he will be a "never \vas any fvlcndllnefs be- lni . gc t for cat-culls of those who lv;ecn the two men, the llrst oi>?n i ns isl he is plotting for anouioi breach came when Hoover cam- Hoover nomination, panned industriously for u na-' unjust as.such accuastlons nns tional party convention this be> Hoover has been nianeuyerec and Landcn declared against it. into n position where it will •,.. Two Speeches Made difficult for him to regain last leadership of the' party by n:l-' ero uiKl until he says that he, also, Itadershi op fthe party by uJ- will refuse a nomination if ten- dressing a "mass meeting" or ail clercd. Rcpublracn voters by radio in an' — —— attack on the Roosevelt aOmims- tralion. The speech fell fiat und § J g n Language USCd -• "" ™^eirXn 8 Sj In Teaching English [ a speech which seemed to help' him more than it hurt. DOWN go prices on Peuney's White Goods.. . making this January the best chance you've had in years to save! 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Fast color fabrics, non- wilt collars, seven button fronts—All sixes. 25 Blades & Razor Both WASH CLOTHS 3 «4l« fox 10 PHILADELPHIA (UP) — Sign language is used In teaching the beginners' ebbs in English Tor the loreign-born at a South Phlla jlphia neighborhood center. Miss Sonia Podjar teacher of the WPA sponsored class, found that her pupils of many nationalities best understood the point- aml-talk method of learning English, translations being impossible with the polyglot group. important rteimunnui ^e^if, •',—i Fish do not sleep, but will fre- are undeniably anti-Hoover, fore- j quen i.i y remain quiet in a stream ed a compromise by which it \vas, or p 00 l for considerable time. nirreed that the national committee's executive committee TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY should choose a very large committee of representative Republicans to draft a party statement of policy' The Hoover Inflaencc Republicans "in-Congress are riot KcJJUUllcailij ill-xjvii5ii-3J «*»- -.--, impressed by ilhe makeup :of this nui. new polios' cbmrnittee, to judge from their private comments. They . feel thai the executive commit- Position Wanted Middle aged unencumbered la:l desire.s housework; companion or nurse. 'Good references. Free to travel. 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