The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 26, 1943 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, April 26, 1943
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS . T " BDOMIN * NT NEWSPAPER OF NORlllEAWAnKANSARANn «,,«„«,.,.. ...T, "* * *-* » * *^> VOL XL—NO. Biyllievllle Dally News UlyllicvlllG CuurJcr IHyllicvlllc Hcrnld Mississippi Valley Lender ™«K^NA^W 8M nm OF NORTOKA W ARKANSAS AND SOimiBABT M1BUOUU1 HLYTJiKVl),!,!< illlKAN'SAS, MONDAY, AI'Kli, H .-'A — • —- ^.^ - '''^"^"fviffxriviljiilj, 1'Ml * M _ ^ _ ^^ — .,• SINGLE COP1K8 FIVB'CKM> VANKS ADVANCE THROUGH TUNISIAN HILLS Today's War Commentary Finnish Break May Mold Second J'Yonl Si'j'nii'icancc Ky'THOMAS J. llON'Oiiim of Vniled I'/ess A nobble inslKhl into Allial uluns for the nm \ HK .-,,,. •orations iipmsl Kin-ope may l,e seen ),(.|,i, 1( ! tin- -urm I. msi s _u,volvi,, a Lhc United Slates ; m ( | Kinlnt I. Tho &i . dinnvian pcmnsula sipimmilly luis l,ccii canniirkwl t'oi major Spnnjr and Summer iimlei'lukintfs There doesn't seem to be any other ,>| aus j|.lo cxplaiHiUon 01 Ihc .sudden American decision to withdraw most of our Icjfalioj) .stall IVoni Helsinki. Here, wc had a first rate ouscr- . _ vntion post in the hcarl of the | . enmy's operntional area. Our <lip- .lomals were in contact with German and other' Axis diplomat.*—' .not very cordial contact, of course, bill sufficient to spot trends in 'Axis strategy. Helsinki was a hind nf box seat on the ffrlnjr Jine in Russia and we didn't yive it up merely (o impress (he Finns with our displeasure at their continued collaboration with Germany. II may well he that the Germans have hern putting increased pressure on Finland to set hack into thc war actively. Perhaps they have been Irving lo get definile commitments from Helsinki in thc way of cooperation in a new Spring offensive against •Leningrad. But the Germans have been pressuring Pinland ever since ihe two nations began junking common cause against Russia. Bo thai hardly .seems to have been the primary reason for America's decision to withdraw most of Its diplomats from Helsinki and—reportedly—to break off relations with Finland. Invasion Time Ncars Whnl's more important is thai "second from" time Is ncarlng. Somewhere alont' the vast coastline of Europe, Allie nrmies almost certainly will move against Hitler's citadel diii-in» (he Summer. The U. o. Fliers Down Five Enemy Pltincs Northwest of Guadalcanal Uy Unifuil Cress Pour American Navy lighter planes have scored a sensational victory over an armada of 30 Japanese nirciaft. in the Solomons. The Navy announces Ihal on Sunday the four American pilols shot down five of the enemy planes ill n one-sided engagement 05 miles northwest of Guadalcanal. Two of (he American craft were lost, the lighters — waspish Vongh Corsairs -had been on a strafing expedition over Koloinbangara in the central Solomons. They sighted the enemy armada and immediately plunged into the attack. American fliers from Ihc Army's 15th Air Force in china have .scored another great victory over point of attack is a closely guarded i" 10 "id's of Nippon. The Japan i eso scnt 5 p|., nlK in j n , m aU(u , k on nn American forward base in central China. Five of thc altack- ers were shot down for sure. Only one of Hirblillo's fliers rminnged . In get .oy.pjv the base at all. He unleaded a batch of propaganda leaflets and was promptly shol down. It is Ihe second time this month (ho Japs have tried unsuccessfully to raid thc American bnse. They lost seven planes when (hey made a Iry al il on April I. Nipponese .heavy bombers arc at ivork against Chinese guerrillas in lied convoy losses ? hc coal Producing mountain ran«c Murmansk have' JIlst nol ' (l1 of the Yellow river in -ily lo land-based ce "lral China. The Japs have been .secret, known only to Allied high command and the highest ranking statesmen. But from current indications. Scandinavia will be al least_orie'-pr the places selected tor "•Allied assault"; .There are many reasons why, the •llireo. most important being: The need of safeguarding our convoy route lo Russia; the ncces- silyjof forcing a further dispersal of German forces nroiind Europe; and (he- possibility thai nn invasion of Scandinavia would provide a direct route of attack into Germany itself. The heavy Allied on thc route to M „„.„ ,„,„ been due primarily to land-based Gorman bombers in the Pctsamo area of northern Finland, planes from Pctsamo nol only can blast Ihc Allied supply ships as they .skirt (he north Cape of Norway, but they can.continue the nUmfe even when Hie ships reach Murmansk. If Pct- samo and the northern tip of Norway were wrested from Ihc enemy, Russia would be assured of a vast increase in the volume of supplies reaching the Red Army. Thc need of safeguarding .this comparatively short convoy route to Russia alone might dictate an Allied offensive against the northern Up of Scandinavia. Defenses Scattered Thc stcond consideration—dispersal of German forces—is a •prim,, faclor in any massive military undertaking such as an invasion or Europe. When Tunisia is cleaned up. southern Kuropc almost certainly will be assaulted. Bui if that wcr e Hie only point to be .stormed me Germans could mass sufficient troops in that area and have n reasonable chance of holding. Logic demands lhat the Nazis be forced to scatter their defenses al numerous points if the invasion j. s - ( 0 succeed at any one of them, Scan- rlmavla, whose tremendous coastline Is less heavily defended than most of (he rest, of Europe, would offer an inviting target. Thai brings us lo the third consideration—the pcssibilily of invading Germany itself from Scandinavia. II was just three years auo- April 9th, lMO-,lhal Germany invaded Norway from Baltic bunts and swept up the Norwegian valleys in a .speclacular blit?, campaign. There Is considerable speculation now the Allies might lj c able lo reverse the German blitz schedule by rolling back, inlo the Rcici over the same route traversed by Hie Nazis in 1940. Operations against the Scandinavian peninsula admittedly would be a huge undertaking. The German high seas flecl is lurking in Norwegian Fjords to meet just such an cvcntualily. An invasion force would have (o travel vast- uisumccs-noo miles from Iceland '- North cape; GOO / 1\ • i I )'|)1< 'ill ( >B Moth r Mrs. Mary Moore Thompson 55 i'.bove, of Glendalc. O., president ol We;(em College Icr Women, and inolhi-r cf four sons, has been chosen American Mother of 1!)-13 Ihe Gulden rtulc Foundation Mir. Moorc'.s eldest son is overseas with thc lied Cross, the second Is engaged In war wotk In Hamilton O-. third is an ensign in the I) s Navy, ' Moscow Severs delations Will Poland's Govern men l-ln-Exile Ky Hulled IYCS.I Soviet Union has ended re- with (he 1'ollsh it th,; first i,ivnk In runks of th!> United Nullons. Decision On General Coal Mine Strike May Be 1 Readied On Friday IIv Unileil I'ITSS Coal mine slriki.v; are Mil) spreading ns John I,, Lewis continues hi.s .struggle wllli the War Labar Hoard. Lewis hiis revealed iha(. in- hm; not recommended a labor retire- Hive for (be WLIC.s panel tii|d- . discuss the miners' waisn dispute, | Molol 1'ole can openly express his opinion. "Ule hitei-natlomil lied Cross Is compelled ti> tukc- pail 'inve.stlHiilion i.'ojiicdv' In , mosphric of « regime of llH' Moscow radio, whicli says foi- i'l«u Minister Mololov has i;lvrn no- H-C ol it to Hie Polish ambassador lo Moscow. The Mololov nole UCCIIKC.S Ihe I ullsfi Koverinnnil of ",s(ln'i[t|r HJJ In every wny" n Nii/1 propaganda r large that ihe Red Army killed «mi!il 12.000 I'ollsh ol fleers and men «»» were prisoners of war ai bniolciisk. nnle further i maintained i > (hat(he McNair To Recover From Hat tie Wound H.v Illllli-il IVrss The War Depavlmenl says l.lcut. (Jen. MuNiilr hns every ciiance of rei'oveniu; iniin uie wound ne re- I'i'lvcil In Africa. •<• r f Enemy In Hike pail In this! McNatr chid of Dulled Htalc.s nn nl- ! Oroiind Forces, was hit during liic American aclvmirc In 'imilsta last rrldny. He linil been on an In.spcc- .V KIllloH'S (UK) innUoii of the |K.|,cefi]l piipiilatluu ... " l " 1 ' 1 ' Is (hi! producer O f this comedy." llrlttxli source's culled ihe break One Drills!) .soiii-fi; wild--"A vtry MIS h;ul Us clfrel." Ili'Sivl In riipllni In Washington, ihe Klale Department siijd uiul 11 deeply ,. c . O1'nl ,•(!.„ l i .. ' J v a dc- con- T/>e SVnr I>i>pai Imrnt d( Ilift .winind as "serious," but , parlmenl- .sp[ike.siiiHii snyii his dlllon should nol ln>' cunsiilrreil jli'iW!. II laich had been the case hu polnl.s out, ihe flei,| dispatch would have incnllnncd It. Din-Ins McNnh-'s coni'iilescenc-e, "IK i: uanii of ihe coinnul Ualn- proijrnm \vlll be mined uvt'.r to Si'i-U the of lhn, U(! ) 11 - Gen. Unn Lear. youngest is a corporal in 'tlie I plies on Frldav? :\rmV. (NKA IMnnhnlnt I. ..M (fc Is dcfyliin l tie wi.n on' the :I-OIIIH|S (hat il Is "packed" against labor. This afternoon Lewis js itoiifrr- •ing with his international policy committee, ucconlhw to K. c. Ad>ms. United Mine Workers .spnkes- uan. Meanwhile, llu> (|ues(ion luuiu- ns over Ihe tense coal fiqnt h: 'will Lewis aiilhorl/c a general .•Irlke when (he 30 day (nice cx- "ii hostile whal I'aiii- ___ _i" iiBalnsl the Soviet Union. The Polish government," mild ie note, "not only did nol oppose "•" mean .slander jigaldst the u. *>• I*, but, even did knowing Ihe lull facU. 'Jliei'e'.s IIKICO behind u, e \ mn ^ I nan Ihe slaylnij churge. Thc Itus- J-IIIIK luid Hie,I'ollsh government In London have been ipmiTclhiit am- I'tilniurs claims lo rcnaln i«r- |m-m,, lion," Army. INKA telepholo.) mitSHELBl ^cutli Clames Mrs. Mary UWSOM At Family Residence Last Night Mrs. Mary oiilh of Lawson, who lived No S(rikc, VolR Say.s Adams: "The 'union Is lak- Ing no strike vole and is mukhr; no strike preparations." Hut he adds: "(he men in the coal Melds arc in open rebellion against (he M((le Slcel formula, the failure of the Ol'A lo enforce pi ice celling,'. iind thc cost of moving npivard bounds." . living, which is by levies and But in the western Pennsylvania, coal Ilelds, a wave of wildcat strikes has flared up. Nine thousand miners In Ihc captive mines of steel companies nnd two commercial plls have walked off will,'n.iv"",,,,"",', 1"" '," ""'"'Ms wild they didn't . ttiin nnj qiiestioiis oinexpccl liussln to .stun with Ihr l« •>' iwk lur any explana- jbrcnk Inil that ihe next rtc" inlila -ivnilon of H Kovlel-.spoiLscir- I' Army forced from 'Is of I'dles .si111 In (hi! "Ruined Tilings", Re- jobs. Two of the Ilia Joneg . . ., o vc' neg oiithor MnnUji-mHU^lje ,-c m ,tiul«'«l,;«'elillii Steel Corporatlonj novcd lo Caraway, died last night' shui-fiowil * ••' ..'-«..-.-.•-•< •<:*•.••>& t th trying to get Ihe Jap uerrillas out of this valuable region for Ihrcc vcars without much success. Now they have launched a coordinated land and air drive in a neiv attempt, They arc slormin" up bolh sides of the rugged mountain, and arc meeting fierce resistance at every pass and rock.- The enemy hns inken the key villa"e of Linchwan. But he has had "it before and has lost lighting continues. it. And thc Meanwhile Ihc Chinese Central News Agency report,-; thnl guns have driven olF four Japanese warships attempted (o land troops on thc central China const north of- Coochow. And down in flurma, British bombers during the night struck aeain at (he vital railway yards of Rangoon on thc southwest coast. Other British planes ranged over Burma burning a bridge, blowing up enemy tiucks and supporting K round forces. A Japanese land drive on the Arakan front wen halted but the fighting continues. t the family residence. She Horn in Chicago, she had lived i (Ins section (or a number of cars. ' Funeral services were held this flcriioon at Little River Baptist Church al Lost 'Dane by thc nev. W. I'. Flowers, pastor, with burial at Manila Cemetery: She Ls survived by her husband. H. P. Lawson; (our sons. Jess 1 Kitchens of Henderson. Tenn..' Tom Lawson of Hoxie, Ark., PvL Warren Lawson of. For I Lewis. Ala., and Luther Lawson or Manila- four daughters, Mrs. Bell Gray of' Trumann and Mrs. Mantle Boren, Miss Lillic Lawson and Mrs. E. L. Park, Minos Homain (;| 0 .vctl Three Republic Sled Corrioratlon mines rcmnined closed rollawlni; fiiilnre of alleni]ils to persuade workers to return pendiiii media- lion. And officials of District Five. United Mine Workers, seem pcssi- niisllc about continued soft coal production. Said I'rcsiacnl Ba>arello: '"I he outlook is Very dark." Tn Alabama, over 1000 miners :it Ecpublic Sleel Company's Saycr- ton niinc refused lo 'work . of Manila; hvo .sisters, Mar(ha Holloman of Dyersburg, Tenn .ind Mis. Rob, Banks of MorrLs Chapel, Tenn.; one stepson. Roy Lawson of Friyettevillc, and two step daughters. Mrs. Clco Binnliam of Saltillo, Tenn., and Mrs inn Clement of Manila. •': C'obb Funeral Home was in charuc. New Arkansas Laws Kxplained Uy Pope "Arknnsas" Nciv Laws and HoV They Affccl (Is" was (lie subject of an address made by Walter Pope, Iccai attorney, Thursday (o the Jiolarians ac. their weekly luncheon Half Of U. S. Population Affected By New Program U1V1LE ROCK, April 26 (UP) -Deputy Regional Manpower Director Howard Dunn says Ihc na- lions war manpower program . now Projects calls for ulillraiion ot almost half the United States population. England uses only 35 per cent of its people. Uimn told Ihc Arkansas WMC committee lhat the country's war needs call for U-million men in (lie armed forces. He said 12- nnilion farmers- arc needed. 22 mll- "on n. essential goods produclion and services, and 20 minion i or war production from Scotland to Stavangcr 11 w-oiild have (o depend on aircraft carriers for its initial air pro- lection against land-based German planes. And it would have to fight w " y .f llorc '" arctic cold and fogs, it the Invasion were directed against the extreme northern tip of Norway and Finland I But thc Allied high command has taken, factors Into consideration, If a has set its sights on Scandinavia, and it has made the necessary preparations. An American dimplonutic break with Fin- Livestock ST. LOUIS. April 23 (UP) 'op*; H-500; salable 11,000; lop 15: 80-310 pounds 14.00-15' 140-160 M., 13.90-14.50; sows 1-1.50-1480 , Baltic, 3.100;.salablc 3,000; calves .200 all salable. Slaughter slcers 12-17; slaughter heifers- 11-1C.25; nixed yearlings and heifers ' 1315.00; slocker and- feeder steers ll-ls.25; canncrs and cutters 7.50; cows 11-13. and, against whom Britain already las declared war, would complete nillal preparations for Ihe oi>ening of hostilities. Finland must know hal in thc hard reality of war. Uncle Sam has no inclination to be swayed by sentiment. at 'Holcl Noble. U. S. Branson, newly elected president, and J. V. Gates, vice president and secretary, were named dclfRates to thc district convention April 20-30 in Hot Spring;;. H. C. Norton, William Morse, John Holmes of Memphis, Mosc.s Sliman of Luxora, Saul Derlix ot Paragoiild, and K. II. Bum.; () f Osccola were visitors. New Orleans Cotton Mch. May July Oct. morning, while thc day-long work stoppage al Tennessee Coal and Woodward Iron Companies arc re- poiled ,-u .in end. Unrest ha.s .spread lo Kentucky, where over 1300 miners <]iiil working. And in Alucrlii, Canada, Ihc strike of coal miners In n mines has filtered il.s eleventh day. The miners have been slrikini- In motel afjainst the company's failure to rchii-e a miner who participated ni nn illegal .strike lasl February. Hears From Her Son After Four Months For the rust time in four months, Mrs. J. M. Drake has heard from lier sen. Chief Pctly Officer ,J M Moscow denounces the charge as il will lie mid wiys (he Nazis actually killed Ihe Poles when they oc- "iifilrd Smolensk. Said MololoVs note: "Hitlerite »« hoii(ic.s, after having coimiilt- lei[I monslrous n-l mr ,s ngalnsl I'ollsh officers, are puttint; up lt c() i m; dy of Invosllgiitions In occupied I'o'llsl teirltnvy whcr? cvi the Hitler heel anil . l>y !'!«B !<i ceciipy land poptilaU Itiissliins and Ukrnlnlnns. . 'Meanwhile, the Russian nnd Cier- iiiii iiriiili's are groiiplnn for u cnicliil nckonlng (his Suiiuiier. - • ,....n,|ji. of a Wn/.l let-tin In everybody l.s under bridgehead [ItthUng and im|) uv l!tJ VJ*nl>rii nn linnni t 1 K« In ,.«„ II J,,.... f, .' . ' North Little Rock Resident ' Sales Tax ItnUmi ..<•. I- f_T ____ 1 f\ ' !•'- 1 . mm . _ ./ On.Hig|!\v^y Ucy Yiutler of Little Rock, who received minor injiiiir:; in n illi.ii- way lit accident norlh of Blythc- villc I'l-iday atlernoon. l.s raiildlv "'Provinu at niylhcvlllc Hospilai He Is said lt> have slruck the •ii ol n truck afler the truck passed his. car and then made a left (urn .in from of his in.irhlnc . Mr. nullcr. who Is employed by a Memphis firm, escaped with pcfflclal Injuries but his car .severely dainngcd. PfT.HLllT IS millSliilu i'risiiu 11) days uy'o. Al' Icnsl, Hint's (he acciisiitlon m..,i« uy Iwo 01 iiii; leaders of the prison break. Lclimd llurvey nnd U. O. Black—In jail nl Mncnn af- u'"nMt l S:rns! ^wEwK in the Knban, tliu Russians look " ; ralll(l 'mvu left any tl mL I (i under (he iilr munne 1 «'as u full triply |,|,,| , SJn . cd ns a liilior foreman, \vorklug a giilH: .of men outside UH- : nrlson wllliimt nuaril-, . . , hut as long as things wem aniiHj nil rluhl 1 was willlnii to ,sii,y." llnth --men, said IhoMwttHpp/nXJf liliiinird only afler''Warden Jji'ivall mm . _ . r Made % Tribunal . Williams. M. , )DW 0 |. a ship .vomc- • -- •••- •• ^n 11 ,iin[/ where In (he South Pacific. In fl letter received Saturday ic said he was feeling belter ami .lint lie believed (hc war soon be over and thai hc 30 home again. Enlisting'in the Navy !7 years i?o, he was reared in nivthcvilk where he attended school unlil oinlng. He is Ihc brother of Mrs. Homrr •Lslier anil his wife, lives in. Kan Jiceo, Calif,, from where his l ra l cfl the stales. Olicn high low close 2008 2013 2005 2010 2007 20V1 S04-1 2030 20:il 20-1-V May 2022 202IS 2018 2020 2022 I July 2010 S01G 2008 M13 20IOJOcl 200G 2012 2001 200B 2093 > IJcc New York Cotton opon liigh low closs mm 2013 1935 1085 1983 2015 1Q35 1080 1031 Brother Of Mrs. Ardcn B. Crovvclcr Nazi Writes Prison °ainp Pvt. Hurl Bryant, brother of Mrs. Arden I). Crowdcr and misslnj; In action .since Feb. M, is a prisoner of the Gcnnaas. he informed his ulster today In a letter received. The 22-ycar-Dld )3lythevllln mini, ho was on the North African Iront when raptured, wrote thai he was "feeling fine" and Ihal ho was being held prisoner in Germany. He asked his sisicr to send him candles and cfgareUcs. 'c Ittlcr was in Ills handwriting and was apparently scut direct from the German camp, us it bore German postmarks and nothing which signified H had (raveled iroiigh Ihc lied Cross. II was March 5 thill Mrs. Crowdcr received a message from the War IJrparlincnt saying her brother •ad h.ccn missing in action since '•«>. J-l while fighting | n Nordi Africa. The Klale Siipreme (Joint held lo- Jlny ihal, state >:,,|e.s tax laiinot legally be Imposed on mcrcli.iiidln- conlmclcfl for wllliin the slulf (incl shliipcd from oilier slates by inter-state curriers. Thc opinion upheld Ihe PnJasH Chancery Coiirl In two rases broushl by Rcvrinii; C'uimiiKsiuiir-i Murray B. Mi: Lend HKiiliiiit the .1. K. nilhvorlh Coiiipiiny of Mem- Phis, mm Ihe Rnlclmmn-Crosliy Company of Mc'inphl.s. 'Ihc hl K ii courl'ii opinion |i,.|d (hat such biisiners trimsiicllons arc In Inlcr-sliitc coinincrre. The opinion ruled Him. i.| lr (act | h]lL (he appellees hnvn tmvclllng .salcs- incn who cofiie Into this slali- to Millcit onicrs Is not .siifllcic-iil. to lake the Iraiusacllon cut of Inler- stalc commerce. Kuetcr Gar Recovered A car owned by Mrs. Joe Kucler, .stolen from near the Catholic: Church Friday night, was recovered fiadirclay afternoon by stale police who found Hie car' abandoned on ...Highway lit, near Dell. II was nol damntc-il except Ihal the battery was discharged. Long-Range Guiis Lcavo Lncmy; Dawxl; French'- Grab Important. Points Uy Unllcil Press The aermaiis' arc railing int-/ In NoiUhmi 'J'uiilslii under vim .act 01 Amcilean Infantry, i,r- tlltery mid nrrltil boiiibaronient. The Yanks, drlv.nsi from mouii- Jln to mountain - jn the (jcnoral illicaion ol m«iie'.lmve lanen in Icasl lour key hills and ai last n P ils.weic inly 12 m || 0; , ..oittiuu t of Mulcur A shRltciliiK arlllleiy Inirifjc fiom America's tunica LOIIB loin "••-•"'inmcici gum nnd uwsc ot ^nhbtr hhuoK itic Cieimnu. out of their hill positions mid f ol j,. cd n ftcncial wlliulriUm to the tut —iulH!n« AiiM>ric«(il)ojnhti3.vibrk.- .. Ini: l.i closo luvrmony with OHM, pollbhlug off enemy IwlnlA «lierc\qi ic<|ucstcil by oui iidhucntal yround comtmridus / V*iiks rorne forward The Vaults are atlvannlng L.III- tlousiy ovol-lile imandoncit hill, ^heio only the bodln of deid Uer- mans romalu In mute, testimony Id the (IcvBJjUUng - cited of oui Buns and bombs ihc few prlbiuicr, iH by Un, Amcilcate iny they re so shocked uml bnttcad uy oui aillllciy tire Uml ihey i vi!rt Arulrt to Icttvu their foxhcics'toi Iwo days mi(| ;il 8 Ji( a uu me Importunt simthweslcin ficUoi of tli« float a tank )iuttl« of lmpr«ccdoiHea violence b iai>- 1'ig with the fate of Ti.nbi U^if pel haps hanging in the balmto luid placed (hem iin'd clghl/ollic under rliild luslrlctums mid takin away Iheii- prlvllffjra. Tliny deny Hint, they had - (untile lielp from prison ed Ihc p break say Ilicv pull- their' bare And lo i|iioie llmvey. who has a lout; escape record. "It's n big Job Inking over a .nlnni like Tatt- nnll with your bare Imnds." Tlie two convlcls—whose caplurc leaves only lour of Ihc group "I lari;c,-iilso say there was not any big whiskey stills In (hc prison as Linall churned. But they admit there iiiny have been a few made of colli'c pot/i and Ihc like, They .said'lhcy were In Kavan- imli when Farrml Tinner, another leador, was uipltireil by police, but tlnil llicy had not seen |,i m )i|,, cc tlie break on April IGlh, Chicago Wheat ojien high low close t . M:I 1-1:1 M2Ti mi • 1.1:1 licinarh.s Siuinly CILA I1HW A '!•!•: U, Tex. IUI'1 , . — Donald E. Cnyln, .'If/.ycar-old con- Hctcd murderer whose legal In .. kept him mil of the Texas _ jCleclrlc chair, was rccciilly adjuda- Tiir ,i.,ii,r^rri T , ' ctl 5n " e "" (l his ~ sentence cominni- I lie daily cost, to France of Gcr- M lo life Imprisonment C'ovin-i .nan occupation u-ould btilld 2.500 only comment- "Sure k'umxl M modern workman's homes. lj,. sane nyaHi ." W iii luu|ly the -'. '"!»**?• t't^'J vbriAw V^haji^ tl Hub and Pont UU Pahs Vi i scoius of action Is around a sill lake tailed for some unknown j i- "Siitjnr. fjiko". arid the Ucr- mann iiro lircvcnt u iJrltls Get Your Balloons—With Bullets 1080 1977 In the Army two years, Private Hryanl landed in North Africa OT, .wilh (he first Unitrd States troops. IJI8S He also has a sister, Mrs Hubert m"'» f rr ^ - - .- ' Iflf 2(ioa aoiii 1995 10B3 19B3 i Tongue of Memphis Bond Workers Seek $300,000 More This Month „. Mississippi County ha.s far exceeded its $510.000 War Bond qiiola for A|)ril. residents of the county .still mu;,l. .subscribe S;ioo.- 000 before May ' 1 if thc-counly Is lo reach thc $1,000.000 mark necessary to bring bond purchases up to the quota .set Jor Ihc first, four months of (he year. It was announced lotlny by lay Elch North Mississippi county chairman of (he War Savings Staff. "Results so far have hecii gootl nil wc need evdi>' dollar thai we can sciapc logelhcr lo' obtain our $1.000,000 objective for April" h c said, explaining (hal Ihls $300,000 deficiency was caused by | nc k of merest on Ihc pan of the bond- niylng public earlier In ihe year and that il must be made up if he county Is lo be put back on "Wc urge every person \\-h 0 has nol already done so to buy bonds (he today, find we every comiml- Iccman lo sec everyone they can and work richl Ihroiigh the l;«.l day," hc continued. McntiH-lillc. mcmbd.s cf Coinpiiny K. Arkansas Guard unit line. prepared to turn In pledges fur bonds afler hearing an appeal by Capl. Oliver W. Coppcdgc. i:wn- pany commander, at the Nnlloiiiil Guard armory ~ ' was Indicated .„,„, „„„ purchases by Ihc ft5 enlisted me and three coinmlwloncd offiwi.s of Hie unil will reach several Ihoti.sand dollars for the mouth. Figures on Ihe company's bond purchases for April probably will be completed when Ihe orRmita- tlon niect.s Thursday nighl for Us Friday night It thai lolal bond cost nf an Army jeep, loilay pledged $aai worth of Imnds and slumps In lew than 110 mimiie,. ''he amouiil was raised al an auction this morning nl the .school nnd In the event was spurred by the presence of formei Superintendent W. U. McCiurklii. now a liciitcn.inl (J.,i. > in (De Naval Hcscrvc. Tommy Lime v.;i.s one of (lie highest bidders. oflcihiK SH-') in War Bonds for sofl drinks. A. I'. Grcni bid S20 for two pouml.s of •sugar. A groii]) of sUideuls hrndml by Bob Bcrryman paid 5^7.50 for a lilionogranh iccard and Hoy Hal-' sell's Mi.spcndcr.s were nuciionril lo Lloyd niomcyer, Mason Uay and Jimmy Allen for $50 worth of bonds, noberla Jnorman paid S28 — „,.,,,„j i,, dllb ,,^ i,,,. IMJUUIin j'Luniii regular weekly training session. I in War Bonds for nn imra.-.v: «, High school students who tlccicl- the student body by lieutenant eil to buy enough bonds to pay J McCiurklii. . furiously. In biLiik-lluouBh ' Alls Illllk!, KlIJOCll Hadlo Algiers 'reports' that (il enemy laiik.s have been knocked out so far but United Press .'cporU from Ihc fronl place enemy tank losses ill abonl w. While the tanks S!UB It put, our plnnc.s arc swcjplnr; over the fronl at 15-miimtiv m- Icrviils, blastinu the del-man rldi-c few miles beyond, r. North of Mcdjen el Bab, acconi- ng to Kadlo Algiers, British troom 'Imilly have cleared • thc enemy Iromallof important 'Lonjjstop IM vhlch rtoiidnalcs the road to Tc- '"inruii and Tunis. I'Vcnch troops, nlilcii ijy an A[- icrliin and a Moroccan division, mve taken a .scries of hill-tops oil he British flank. Anil on (he cx- reme enslcrn front, the nrhisli iSlgiilh Army has advanced several lilies from its Ennduvillc jjosllibn mil ciiplurcd :,o prhoneis. Twelve Allied plaiic.s were liel 'cslcrday. but Iwo of the pilot; vcrc saved. Seven enemy plane; I'erc destroyed. . ., Niiplc.s lic.ta Bniiib.s Cairo rcport-s that British 'bimib- •s attacked Naples again Satur- lay nlglU, scoring hlt.s near Ihe nllway station, steel works and a shipyard. And the War Department in wiuhliiglpii says Ihrce direct lilts were scored on thrco big enemy cargo vessels iluritiB an Aincrlcnn raid a week ago on Porlo Torres, Sardinia. . itidlcaliug-the savagery of Ihc slniBglc, Allied hcadriunrtcrs ' ah- noimccd today that (ili,0!/0 Axi> troops have bseii killed, wmmdcd or captured In North Africa since j Jan. 1. Thai doesn't Include tec:; I in naval actions. Thirty-six thousand were captured; the other:; ' ivcrc killed or wouiuicd. The enemy also lost 250 lonks.-S.Ofln vehicles iand 425 field guns. Enemy plane'losses-were placed at well over 1,000. New York Stock* Us the Southwest Pacific, not a cicetis, where these sailors are sending up tho balloons. And they're targets, nol toys-fired at -.!°_T £ r . a 5." c . e <S «nU-aircrait gunners aboard a Navy transport. A T & T Amer Tobuceo ...... Anaconda Copper .. liclli steel Chrysler . ..... i... Gen Electric Gen Motors .. Monlgomery Ward W V Centra! Inl Harvester North Am Aviation Republic Steel ... . Radio , Eocony Vacuum Stuclcbakcr binndard of N J ... Texas Corp Packard U S Steel ..' IV) 1-J .. 51, .. 2D 3-ii . . 63 5-H .. 72 i-n .. 35 1-2 .. 18 3-1 .. 18 t-3 .. 03 .. 13 1-3 .. 17 .. 10 1-1 .. 12 1-8 .. 11 .. 53 7-3 .. 13 7-8 , I 5-8 . 55 1-D July Stp. Chicago Rye open high low close 86*5 8654 86 86'4 B6;i 88% 8814 .'88K 80% 86)i

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