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The Morning Calli
Allentown, Pennsylvania
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FIRST 1 6 THE MORNIN'G CALL, Allentown, Tuesday, Oct. 14, 1969 Amount Not Public Information at This Point Parenti Trial Costs May Be Aired Only if Part of Sentence it money well spent. The reasoning goes this way: IRS gets cluster of "amended" tax returns during the conduct of a tax evasion case like the Parenti trial. When the verdict comes in especially if it is a guilty verdict plus travel money for the jurors. The government called well over 100 witnesses in its case.

About a half dozen were agents from Internal Revenue Service who would get no witness fee. But "civilian" witnesses for the government's case got $20 a day, plus 10 cents a mile round-trip for travel. Some waited in the courtroom three or four days before they got to take the stand which meant witness pay and travel money for each day the government asked them to be there. One witness was brought in from Las Vegas, involving $500 Nothing further has happened in the case since then. Here are some of the obvious expenses for the government in the Parenti trial: The transcript covered 4,180 pages.

The prosecution bought a copy on a daily basis at $2 a page. That meant $8,360 just for the complete transcript The jury of 12 regular members and three alternates sat for about 40 court days. A courthouse source says a juror gets $20 a day, plus 10 cents a mile roundtrip for travel expenses. That meant perhaps $12,000 travel money alone. Another came from Florida.

According to one source, the government brought in a second witness from Las Vegas who never took the stand. Many of the witnesses, however, came from the Lehigh Valley getting the $20 per day plus somewhere around $10 for travel. Just figuring 100 civilian witnesses appearing only one day the tab would be $2,000 for witness fees plus maybe another $1,000 for mileage. The total costs for witnesses called and uncalled would be easy to tally from vouchers in the U.S. Justice Department.

But a spokesman for U.S. Louis Bechtle says those vouchers aren't public record. Inquiries about the expenses were shifted from one place to the other from Bechtle's office to the U.S. marshal's office to Internal Revenue Service back to Bechtle again. A source outside that governmental circle says, "Even if they would be tallied, I don't know if there would be anyone authorized to give them out." One source says that no matter what the cost reached for the government, IRS would consider The trial began June 16.

It ended Sept. 12 after extending across 50 court days. Parenti, 49, of 736 S. 25th Salisbury Township, was found guilty on three criminal counts of income tax evasion. The government in its case claimed Parenti should have paid about $36,000 more in income taxes during 1961-63 than he actually did.

On Sept. 16, Parenti's lawyers filed motions for a new trial and also for a judgment of acquittal. They were given 60 days to present detailed reasons to federal Judge E. MacTroutman. trial record and be on file with the clerk of the court in the U.S.

District Court here in Philadelphia. Even asking for the costs at this point is perhaps premature. Among the federal sources contacted, there was no indication that anyone had tallied them up as yet. But a frequent question from Lehigh Valley people who comment on the trial is: "What did it cost the government to prosecute that case?" It's possible to pinpoint at least $25,000 in, certain expenses quite easily. By DICK COWEN Of The Morning Call Staff PHILADELPHIA The federal government's costs of prosecution in the 13-week trial of John C.

Parenti may remain a government secret. Repeated inquiries by The Morning Call to federal officials here indicate the costs aren't public information at this point. Apparently, the federal tab for the Parenti trial would become a matter of public record only if Parenti's sentence included the paying of the costs of prosecution. Then, those costs would reportedly become a part of the there is a larger cluster or. amended returns.

With the handing down of a verdict, IRS gets a still larger flurry of amended returns. What comes in from these other taxpayers in amended returns more than offsets the cost of a trial like Parenti's. At least, that's the way the reasoning goes. Public Opinion Views on Moratorium City to Get $23,130 More From Midyear Assessment Mezzo-Soprano To Give Recital At Lafayette Betty Allen, mezzo-soprano, will be featured in the first of a series of six concerts at Lafayette College's Colton Chapel at 8:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Miss Allen appeared last season with the New York Phil higher than the county's assess' Continued From Page 14 prominence, to letters such as this. George Laros 2819 Green Pond Road Easton Allentown's coffers will re ceive $23,130 more this year as the result of the annual midyear harmonic Orchestra as a soloist ment. Similarly, Neil F. Wirth termed the assessment of $13,330 for 1001-05 N. Kowa "the highest in the block." Fetzer agreed to review both cases and make a report to council to determine if any adjustments are advisable.

Russell L. whose assessment of $5,190 for 1235 Turner St. represented a $440 increase over the assessment for last year, felt he had received uniust treatment. The valuation this is a far more honest feeling than the Bravo being spewed into the public mind by men like Edward Kennedy. If there is anything immoral about our part of this war it must be in the fact that we took it upon ourselves to bring peace to a war weary people and then were unwilling to do all that was necessary to defeat the Communist North.

That we have sent, and are sending men to fight and die in a war without even the small comfort of knowing that we are really trying to win. Never has the flag flown more alone or with less honor. 1 Louis Cerullo 105 Parkway Road Allentown in Beethoven's Symphony No. 9, under the direction of Leonard Bernstein. She has also appeared in 'Falstaff" with the American the Vietnamese to work out their own solution." We must measure the possibility of a coalition government or a Communist government over against (1) our continuing image as a neo-colo-nial power, (2) our loss of respect among developing nations, (3) our image as a people who know how to deal with problems only with force (4) and the ongoing cost both to the Vietnamese and to us that comes from the waging of this war.

Maybe yielding to the foe will not bring peace, but it may bring justice. And so, we pray and work and politic for peace. Rev. William E. Gramley Pastor, West Side' Moravian Church 418 3rd Bethlehem assessment, Assessor Leo J.

Fetzer said yesterday. The additional income will come from real estate taxes on new construction, alterations and changes in the use of land from January through June. Fetzer's office assessed 329 properties during the midyear check. Assessed valuations on thoseproperties totaled $2,891,280, or a market value of $4,816,872. Assessed valuation is 60 per cent of the market value.

Using the city's 16-mill rate, the assessed valuation would produce $46,260 annually, or $23,130 for half the year. Only four property owners are Lonely Effort To the Editor: As you well know, Wednesday is to be a day of protest on our college campuses against our part of the war in Vietnam. Well, there is an old saying: Knowledge without wisdom is like a load of books on the back of an ass. Most of the GIs I knew in Vietnam didn't care much for the war or the Vietnamese because unless a people have developed to a degree somewhat comparable to what we have in the U.S. we don't think much of them, and the Vietnamese are very poor.

I think National Opera Company conducted at the Brooklyn Acade my of Music. was revised because the proper IT'S TIME FOR TRUCK INSPECTION We can take care of all gour truck replacement needs. BHADELTS 1 2 1 E. BROAD ST. Bethlehem Phone 867-4137 In reply to David Lawrence's column in the Oct.

11 Morning Call, "Yielding to Foe Will Not Bring Peace," I would say that continuing the war will not bring peace either. Nor justice. Those who are involved in the moratorium are not aiding the enemy. Rather, they are helping Mr. Nixon fulfill his campaign promise and his honest efforts to end the war; they are helping the Vietnamese reach the stage of self-determination; and they are correcting the errors of our involvement in this war.

We have recently seen Nixon's change in battlefield policy, his recall of troops, and his decision to relieve Gen. Hershey. The peace movement and moratorium have encouraged these measures. As for self-determination, we must remember that from Diem until now the Saigon government has been our creation. Edward F.

Snyder states the case well when he reports in the October issue of the Friends Committee on National Legislation Washington Newsletter: "The deadweight of U.S. military and political support, now committed to one small right-wing segment of Vietnamese opinion, must be removed in order to allow ty contains an insurance office and apartment. Wem, a senior citizen, pro Japanese tourists going abroad will have more money to spend because foreign currency allocation for overseas trips were increased from $500 per tested steadily increasing taxes Reply to Lawrepce To the Editor: as they affect retirees with fixed incomes. person to $700. appealing the assessments made Shafer Signs Bill Hiking Interest Rates by Fetzer and his assistant, Wil liam Angstadt.

FIRST NATIONAL BANK ofAllchtown New Schools May Cost More to Finance Three of the owners appeared in person yesterday morning to present their cases before City Council, sitting as the Board of municipal, school, sewer and signed to make municipal bonds Schools and other public projects might cost more to finance water issues temporarily dis maste; dfoarg under a new law signed Friday by Gov. Shafer. located beacuse of the 6 per cent On smaller denomination bonds, there previously was no But at least this legislation tug iriTcncrrjK CAtm should once more get bond fi nancing moving again for local limit. But municipal bonds usually went no lower than $5,000 governments in Pennsylvama. state reimbursement increases dollarwise.

It's not really a salving situation since the state gets its money from the people, too." He says that increased state reimbursement won't be enough to offset the higher financing costs. "There isn't any question. Raising of the ceiling is going to cost more money. Obviously, if the interest rate is going to go up and it's an integral part of constructing a school, it's going The new law, which went into denominations because of the cost of handling. Revision of Taxes and Appeals.

The fourth, John Shigo, appealed by letter. His property, a new restaurant at 2216-36 S. 12th St.j has been assessed at $71,490, representing an appraisal of $119,150. The three cases pleaded in person were residential properties, two being new structures whose owners felt the valuations placed were out of line in comparison to others in their same neighborhoods. Charles Skrapits said the city's $22,840 assessment on 423-31 N.

Ott was nearly $2,000 INTERBANK. effect immediately, raised the maximum interest rate from 6 if This feature, however, is ap per cent to 7 per cent for muni WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE INTRAVENOUS (IN-tre-VEE-nes) adjective; within a vein; pertaining to an injection into a vein. cipal and school bonds. parently may legislation. And bond advisers may just consider $100 denominations too costly to handle.

It also allows local agencies to COMING SOON! more attractive to investors a tight and highly competitive money market. The new law authorized the higher rate only until next July Harry Kintzle is vice president in charge of municipal underwriting for the Allentown investment firm of Warren York Co. He says that if the interest rate goes up, then the cost of municipal construction is higher. In turn, that means more taxes. "The thing we have to recognize is that Pennsylvania is in competition with 49 other states.

The whole thing is predicated on the law of supply and demand. "Other municipal bonds are being offered outside of Pennsylvania at higher than 6 per cent. New Jersey and New York have eliminated their interest to cost more in the way of taxes. offer "a reasonable amount of those bonds in denominations as low as $100. The higher interest rate is de- "In Pennsylvania, there is close to a half billion dollars of ADVERTISEMENT California Man Counsel Set for Suspect In Hotelman's Knife Death Buy now and be ready for winter! Follows Doctors' Advice upper right chest.

State police have said Mrs. Troutman told For Treating Files Treatment Shrinks Piles, Relieves Pain In Most Cases ceiling. them she was holding the knife The last school bond issue we had was Northwestern Lehigh Millbrae, Cal. Mr. C.

H. Wahl of back in June. That was $920,000 OFFICES IN Jvlillbrae reports: "I'm 68 years old and been suffering from hem 3 Jzi at 5.9 per cent." LONDON orrhoids. I asked several doctors He says that many other bond issues have been held up be about it. They said I should continue using Preparation which I had started to use.

I'm very cause of the old interest limit. Kintzle cites as an example $4 million for a new junior high when Reis was stabbed, and that she and Reis collided accidentally in the kitchen the inn. Mrs. Troutman was a housekeeper for Reis. Before his death, Reis told several persons he accidentally stabbed himself with a butcher knife.

Mrs. Troutman, who is being held in Schuylkill County" Prison, will receive a preliminary hearing on the charge at 2 pjn. Wednesday in the office of Alderman William Purcell of Pottsville. grateful for Preparation H. It has such a soothing effect and it White Enamel Storm Windows And Doors school for Parkland School Dis Special to The Morning Call POTTSVILLE Two Schuylkill County Attorneys were appointed Monday as counsel for Mrs.

Margaret Troutman, 58, who is charged with the alleged murder of Frank Reis, operator of the Ringgold Roadside Inn, New Ringgold 2. Attys. Raymond R. Monahan of St. Clair and Joseph Semasek of McAdoo were named by Judge James J.

Curran after Mrs. Troutman advised the court she could not afford private counsel. Monahan is a past president of the Schuylkill County Bar Association and a former assistant county solicitor. Semasek has served as counsel for the State Highways Department. Reis died Sept.

30 in Coaldale Hospital of a stab wound of the trict. may mean a flurry of competition within Pennsylvania with this new law for the in "Provincial" White Enamel Storm Doors! vestment dollar. certainly relieved my pain. (Note: Doctors have proved in most cases-Preparation actually shrinks inflamed hemorrhoids. In case after case, the sufferer first notices prompt relief from pain, burning and itching.

Then swelling is gently reduced. There's no other formula, for the treatment of hemorrhoids like doctor-tested Preparation H. It also lubricates to make bowel movements more comfortable, soothes irritated tissues and helps prevent further in "If people decide to wait to see if interest rates are coming down, then they'll have to contend with an increase in con- '99 regularly 57 85.39 YOUR FUTURE Yours is a fortunate birthday promising remarkable financial success. Today's child will be artistic, literary. struqtion costs.

12) fection. In ointment or suppository One of the things to as interest rates go up, lorm.j i L. measured, delivered and installed Styled with electrostatically baked-on white enamel finish and contrasting black hardware. Your Initial (one) 4.99 Save On White Enamel Jalousie Storm Doors! fP-' regularly (3) p) $95 measured, delivered and installed Provincial doors have top jalousie windows that open for Fall breezes and keep home warm in winter. Buy now, save at Hess's! "Royal Summit" Storm Windows! Bell Art in your own Home PEOPLE ARE DOING IT FOR PLEASURE; PRESTIGE MONEY 5 white windows measured, delivered, installed Hess's best! Deluxe triple-track windows have center stabilizing bar to prevent warping.

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28.49 each panels and one screen. Buy! price includes normal installation up to 101 united inches en normal wood frames. ROGERS ART COMPANY, INC. Rogers Home Art Division 1621 Briar Hill Gladwyne, Pa. 19035 215 PE 5-3520 Here's an opportunity to "up" the annual family income by thousands of dollars-and have fun doing it.

No art experience is required. We'll provide richly framed, original oil paintings, hand painted and signed by the artists. These can be displayed in any room in your home: bedroom, den, cellar or attic-or maybe you have a garage or old barn that could go "arty We'll give you props for atmosphere, plus the basic tools of the trade. We'll train you in setting up and conducting a successful art dealership. We'll also give you exchange privileges on every painting.

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