The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 2, 1943 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 2, 1943
Page 5
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BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS ' 'A ' VOLUME 1—NO. 248. B1.YTHKV1LLK, ARKANSAS, WKHNKSDAY, JUN10 2, MM;! THE BLTTHEV1IXE ARUY AIR CORPS NEWS Published dally except 6und»y» In the Interest of the personnel ol the Army Air Force* Advanced Two Engine Hying School of BlythevUle, bjr th» Blythevllle Courier Newt. H contain* the news of the Air Base. Blytheville Meets Jonesboro As Flier League Opens Season Baseball starts tomorrow. The . Hlylhevillc Army Air Field will play Jonesboro at 3 o'clock, on the Post Athletic Field's HEW baseball diamond, in the opening game of llic ncwlv organized Filers League. It will "he the first of a 26-game .schedule which the Air Field learn will play against Army Air Field teams of Walnut Eidge. Maiden arid Newport, and two civilian teams, representing Jonesboro and Tucker- inan. Other teams in the league will begin their schedules Ih same day. Tlic Blylhevllle rosl team has some 'outstanding players former professionals and semi-pros, some of whom iwerc but a step from the majors when they entered the Service, and former college stars. They have stayed in good condition through tile physical training program, and have had bascba.ll practice for a month when weather permitted. Cluiplaiiis Are Stars Chaplain Julian A. Llndscy and Chaplain Gerald J. Hogan arc among the star players. Chaplain Llndscy played three years of varsity ball at Virginia Polytechnic institute and Was on the Auoski semi-pro team in the Coastal Plain League of North; Florida. Probable lineup for Thursday: Corp. Max Victors, 701th, ss. Staff strgt. Lawrence d'rnvls, 'Olst, 3rd. Chaplain Llndscy, If. Scrgt, McWhorter, 320th, 1st. Staff Scrgt. Angclo Ferrario J26th, or Pvt. Jack White, 101st, 2nd. Corp. Fleet Crane, 702nd, rf. Lieut. Dill Adams or Corp. Eue Davis, 103rd. c. Pfc. Parnell. 103rd, or Staff Scrgt Francis Hulh, 704th, p. SUHSUU1IT10N KA'ITS Carolina. He is a heavy hitter, a shrewd player, a capable outfielder. Chaplain Hogan was a college Group From Here To Re•port For Duty In -Air Transport Command Five flight instructors of the Blytheville Army Air Field have been transferred for further duty to the .Air Transport, Command in They are: Capt. Hugh H. Humphreys Jr.. and First Ltculs. Norman H. Farnham, Frank K. Stcw- slnr and semi-pro. He was a main-J art,' Augustus M. Hcndry Jr., and slay of the varsity squad of Stig-. Billy M. Turner, manlinc University, Waltham, Mass., 1 Captain Humphreys came here anel played with the Arlington Pals - in July. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh in the Greater Boston Suburban H. Humphreys of Pine Bluff, Ark., League. He is a fast inficlder and : he attended the university of Ar- The Soldier ' Friend • • • Friend nnd Sninarilan In time of distress, (lie American Hod Crass, us ihe volunteer agency crcnlcd and supported by llic dollars 'and goodwill of the American iKople, extends :< helnliiR hand to In the Service who happens to be In tough hick. A field director Is on duly nt niauy Army stations. He can get prompt Information and action nnywlie'rc In the country through the nationwide organization of county chapters of the lied Cross. - . . In this column the field director at the Blythevllle Army Air Field,discusses examples of his work with full protection ot the confluence of those who consult liliii. 11Y FRKi> I,. SWAN, Held Director American Red Cross Tills olllcc has worked with our post chaplains in many Instances lo .solve problems with which mir men are faced. In every way possible, we attempt to offer the facilities of our 3,775. Red Cross Chapters and' their G.OOO branches located In pmctlcally every -county In the United States.' In' this way, we have assisted , nany soldiers, hrouyh the facts nnd information obtained by chapter Investigation of conditions back home, supplemented by the friendly ndvlcc and thinking of our chaplains. One of our chaplains referred the case • of Sergeant Jones to this office. He wa.s troubled by CUTER FAMILY Know Your Bombers a heavy hitter. On leave of Bbsence, he will be absent from the lineup' for the first games but will 'be back in two weeks. Three League' Pros Among the former pros are Sergt. Mack McWhorter, first base; Pfc. Bill Yarweick and Pfc. Marvin R. Pnrnell, southpaw pitchers. Sergeant McWhorter wns the property of Hie Milwaukee Brewers and is a good first sacker and master fielder. •Private Yanvcick played with Rochester in the International league and looked like big material lo Ihc scouts. Private Parnell was a star for Louisville in the American Association and was recognized as a prospective big leaguer. Sergt. Robert Tubbs, physical instructor and team manager, 'played semi-pro for 10 years. He was an inlicldcr on the Almyra team in Ihe Rice Belt League in 1931, and a member of the Dumas team In the Soiilhcasl Arkansas League In 1932. He represented a Little Rock spoiling goods company years. for 10 Lieutenant Farnham was a mem' :cr of the Royal Canadian Air Force before transferring to the Second Lieut. Warren R. Cartel' Just Got Winys; Parents Noucoms The Ciirter liiinlly Is In (he Air Corp. Wnller l(. Curler Is In charge of Ihe Day IJoom ol Uw 702nd Sqnndron. Ills wife Is u cor- ponil In Ihe Air Koices, loo. Snc weiirs [lie two stripes us n non- coin of the Women's Army Auxll- liiry Corps nt Cniiip I'olk, Ui. And their son, Wnrrcn U. Curler, recently won his sold bars nnil sliver wings us n member of Ihe ttnuliuiling class nf nviullon cadets at lhc Miirfii (Tex,) Army Flying School. Corporal Curler Is Jusl buck from fnrloiitfh. lie nnd Ills wife. Junior Leader Nadlu is. Cartel 1 , (junior lender Is » WAAC for corporal) :)olh were present lo see their son Jecomc an Air Corps pilot-officer, ml Ihe Ihree Air Cnr|>s Curlers were lhc sensation of Ihe program. The senior Carters expect soon to be equnl In rank whh their son In ii matter of ,a few weeks Ihevc probably will be Ihree second lleii- tciiants, in Llie family, for Cor- porul Curler mid Junior : Lon(lci Curler both have sueccssfullj passed (lie ofllccr camlldiile bcrnn and arc :uvnltlii8 orders lo rcpor (o officer cnndidnle school. Corporal Curler enlisted last Oc lobcr In New Orleans. His wife ' signed, up in the WAAC Ihe snmc lay. Their son hud been called is an uvlntlon cadet less than two nonths before that, mid somehow I seemed like Ihe thing lo'-do for Ibe Carlers to get In there 'loo. In civilian life Carter wns in the oil business, in New Orleuns, mid Mrs. Carter was his first assistant. Accompanying him on his business trips and driving -the car for him. An expert motorist, she applied for service in the motor B-24 —Liberator Want To Learn the Answer?Ask 'Committee On Anything' CONSOLIDATED 1IKAVV BOMUEK Four-cngined 1 o n g - r h n e o bomber cnpuble of conversion to cai(jo duty. Used with notable success over North Africa, European nnd South 1'iicUlc balllcf ronts, * • 4 6-J7— Flying Fortress Commit li-« on Anything Hus bini (oiiui'il In tlio (luurii .<j<|iind- I'nn. It deals with problems of ev- in niiliuv ami ihe men of Ihe •.((million luivi: found Unit this commlUee Mils n long fell need. The iniiiiiiliU'e meels nightly In Darrai'k 117, II plans lhc Invasion of the l-'ei tress ol Kurope, plots de- ullcd airiiiii;i'iiicniK lor the hiinil- hi|; ol iirlsoiii'i-.s by the tliousiinil, levelling Iliiieiurles lor lours of hi' \vnilil mid visits lo such pluces if ciiiienl Inlerest as Tunisia, the Solomon Islands, Alask.ii unil olher KiiTlKii iiallnns and dl.slnnl po.s- sisslons of tint Untied males. Current nuMillers of tilt! com- intttee are Hi'rgl. Strauss .Corp. 'I'ungo, Corp. Winters, i'fc. Moreun, ITc. McDowell, 1'fe. Uhngurls and Men iii llui Sruiadroii have Iho privilege of alli'iullnu the nliihlly sessions wlthoul I'lmi'uc or obll- IMiton, ami they may submit any Air Corps last year. He obtained I while, he was .being pressed for debts which he had Incurred while stationed at another field. There corps, but decided she was pleased seemed lo be only one solution— his wife's allotment check. However, this had been held up, and Sergeant Jones could immediate aid to Ills troubles. Mean- Free Calls Reward Top-Notch Paraders The 701st Squadron made the best appearance in the weekly review of the formal parade Thursday afternoon by Col. Kur', M. Landon and officers of his staff, and in reward four men of the Squadron were permitted to make long distance telephone calls Siin- day at Hie expense of a St. Louis manufacturer. Staff Sergt. Robert E. Horcish made a call to St. Paul, Minn.; Slaff Scrgt. James Bounds called Dallas, Texas; Sergt. Walter Naquin telephoned to Thibodeaux, La., and Pt. Avon Sowlc si»ke with nay. ind. The four were chosen by lot. the names'drawn from a helmet, after all men of, the Squadron were eliminated who live within a radius of 100 miles of Blytheville, who had been on fulough rcccnlly or arc lo go soon, or who had suffered squadron punishment during the week. The commanding officer of the well-drilled squadron is Capt. Robert R. Love, and the top kick- Is First. Sergl. Kennett J. Barnett. a commercial pilot's license in 1937 after completing a course at the Dallas Aviallon School. Before volunteering for service with the RCAF, he was a civilian pilot in Maine. Lieutenant Hcndry received his wings and commission April 28, 1942. He had been stationed at plytheyllle since July 25. . Lieutenant Turner ,a resident of Temple, Tex., was acccpled as an aviation cadet Oct. a, 1941, and received his wings and commission April 24, 1942. Lieutenant Stewart was commissioned .in April, 1942 and lias been an inslructor in twin-engine bomber type aircraft . here since the opening of the field. Foti r Will Begin Aviation Caelcl Training Soon Lite of an aviation cadet will begin within a few days (or four soldiers of the Blytheville Army Air Field. Orders were received yesterday by Capt. James S. Wcalh- crby, president of lhc Cadet Examining Board, for llicm to proceed at once to Shepparri Field, Texas. to report to the Classification Center. The four are: Sergt. John M. Dillon, 23, a mechanic of the 700lh Squadron. Scrgt. Robert M. Cozinc, 23. a clerk In the engineering department ot the 702nd Squadron; Sergt. Amos H. Cowart, 20. an aircraft mechanic of the 700th Squadron; Corp. Charles B. Eveimon. 22, an aircraft mechanic of the 32Gth Squadron. They will be classified for training as pilot, navigator or bombardier and will start their pic-flight (raining with no more delay than is required by the processes of the Classification Center and Ihcir assignment to their training stations. Read Courier News want tds. payment of the money he owed to the grocer, drug'store, barber shop, doctor, and his 'former landlady. Ills landlady was 'the main source of his concern as,she proceeded lo write unpleasant lellers to the sergeant's officers' demanding payment. , ^' ; ' We .wrote .-toV.thej.^Refl, ,,Cross Chapter requesting information relative to tlie exact amounts of this soldier's debts lo lhc various persons in that town, We presented the circumstances of this soldier's problem lo chapter asking them to obtain leniency for him until the receipt of his allotment! :o be assigned Instead lo (he same :>ranch of tlie service as her husband and their son. The Caiiers are hoping that coincidence may work to have them all assigned together at n station of Uncle Sum's Air Forces. And when their son gets sent overseas, they're hoping to stage a family reunion, somewhere on Ihe oilier side of the world. Sergeant .Jones in; need .of guidance in planning as he lacked lhc experience to'budget his living xpcnses. We helped in planning a budget and referred him to our chapter in .Blythpville . who made sirrailgcments with the merchant^ 'or credit until such tjmc -as his allotment would be received. Thp threatening landlady was removed :rom the picture 'by offering her ,hc sergeant's radio'.as payment of .lie back rent. After'all this was accomplishe'd, Jones''was a changed man and probably a belter sol- licr, relieved of pressing rcsponsi- )ililics. When . he finally received lis allotment check, his debts were taken earn of and - he once igaln had n clean slate. 2 Squadrons Share Inspection Honors Besl policed organlzalion of the Blylhcvillc Army Air Field in lhc weekly inspection of troops, barracks, equipment and areas, the 7zCt)i Squadron and the 945th QM Platoon this week arc by turns (lying the "E" for Excellence pennant from the orderly room flagstaff. The two units -scored 95. Tied FUNNY BUSQfflSSS "Surprised? So am 11" 3OEING IIEAVV 110MUFR Lena-range foiir-cngincd plnne used for daylight, tiiali iilliUidc lireclsion bombing raids over- Europe, Tunisia and South Pacific. * + • B-79 riiiestlon or problem whatsoever. any Tin' Mini of tin' Iliuir In the Guard .Squadron Is i'vl. John Key- nolils. He Is 'run MAN who knocked mil I'vl. .lay Sc'lgcl of tliu Newport Army Air I'lcld In tliu Ililcr- flelil lioxiiii; bolit.s I'VUlay nglil at the Aiueileun Legion Aicnit. It \vns hf.s ring ilebut. linynolds is a tioulh- ,,1'cul tilings from him. Lleul. llyrnii Hllnsnn, comimuul- iiil officer of Hie Uumd , uis discovered Just llic man he ins been searching for i'M many weeks. The lieutenant mmlcd iv •on SOUK leader. I'lnnlly lie hit ipnn the place where he was sure ,o flntl the rlKlil man. lie made the discovery by applying scientific lolk'c mclhml.s of iledmillon. Said IhO lleiHen'ant lo himself: "Where ;locs a man go when he wanls to slno?" .said hljiiKi'll (o llui lleulen- int, "Why, sir; to the showers, of " nnd (lie boy.s are e«qic<:llii[i lurndei 1 . So l.leulenanl ailnsiin lurked In Ihe region of llic .showers iinil, sure enough, presently 'there Issued forth a meloillims voice.' The voice .turned out lo bo the volci of SlHff fierul, Wlllliun names. "Von," said Ucnti'nanl ailnsoii Iii Sergeant Humes, "me sinnulroii "DiHi lender." "Kir," sum HeiBeiint nnrnes some lime Inter when he hud luu : time to think up -nn answer, "<lh It occur lo llu: lleiileunnt that llierrj inluhl linve been a radii coucenleil In the shown- room." However, thu sunn Ijnoks have been pluccd on Scrueiint , Uarnes desk. He now Is known us Till VO10B, and he Is Htpinilron S The Grounds Classes To Begin Fencing classes will be held daily at 4 o'clock at [lie Post Recreation Hull beginning today, with Capt. Thomas P. Driiely, QM purchasing and contracting olficer, as the instructor. Captain Braely was a star collegiate swordsman and has met the champions of Ihe nation In inalchcs during the limo he'was captain of the fencing learn of Fordham University, and in subsequent years. Lieut. Dill Adams, athletic officer, has addcel fencing to the physical training program, as a means of body coordination and developer of wrists and supple muscles. If capable swordsmen arc developed ' lie will form a fencing team nnd-challenge the fencers of other Army posts. Fencing is a difficult sport which requires a great deal of study" and hours of painstaking practice, Captain Brady explained. Tim student is given a foil only aflcr lie hns hat! len hours of training in the rudiments, learning lh c fundamentals of hinging, guarding, parrying, thrusting find attack. Not until the third period of instruction Is (he student paired with nn opponent for Die actual clashing of weapons. The beginner lias to he restrained, from his desire to DOUiGLAS 70-TON KOM1JKK Four-en g Tried experimental bomber with capacity for 18- ton bomb load, 7000-mile ranyc. Onlj one built 'so'far. Prom the tlaiu they leave file iimilioii cnmnmndlng officer's desk, furtiiugli papers no through Message Cenliir six I lines, Kroin lhc CO to the personnel officer, to Ihe adjutant, Ihen back lo lhc personnel otflcur who forwards Ihcm lo Ihe si|Uailron commander. When the enlisted man relurn.s from furlough, the papers yo lo Hie personnel officer, and from Iheie lo the finance office. After all that, the enlisted man nel.s Ills ration money. Staff oenjt. Angela Ferrarlo of the :i2li1h .Squadron, who Inspects parachutes during duly hours, Is >ne n( Ihe outstanding alhlelcs on tlie field lie bi'iinn training at an early age by wrestling w grimly bears In the woods of Vermont. for second place were the 102nd I s '" rl ol| t like Tyrone Power In the Squadron nnd the 300tli Aviation | Squadron, with one point less than the winners. The ,126th Squadron \vas a close third with a score of 93. Commanding officers ot the winning squadrons arc First Lieut. Henry H. Tolusso. 70fllh, and Capt Walter V. Hogan, 305th. The noVlh cjiiiirierinnster Detachment 1ms ;i new comblnalloi nulln-phonoKi'iiph but few records The (li'liieliiiiunt commander. Second l.leul. Eilwln Zduiuiwlcr,, Irylny lo fluure out a way lo (jet MARTIN MEDIUM BOMBER ;Fast, heavily armed, twin- engincci bomber used in Batllc : of Midway against enemy surface vessels and in Alculian Islands and over Tunisia. Chaplain Gerald .1. Mount) Is cn- Joyltij] u 15 dny leuve of absence at lioslon. Ills patents live In Arlington, Muss,, « .suburb of lhc New Ki'ujland mclro|iolis. iicklc's roliirn, "Flood," snld Snlllim Nntlnnnl Life Itisuranc o soldiers Li pie for Corp. l,yn V. Brown. He wus mi Insiiranc Kent nt JoniBilmro for II year. l(w lie Is instiranco loinescnliillv nid Orderly Hiinm clerk foi 1 lr OUncl. Yon should .we Hlaf( . Iia> uond lininiir dilvlnjf n ."I'ocp", K 'eel four, he overln|> ;i |.| )0 driver .. sent anil his knees project ' nlxn the slcerlnit wheel, 'ommandiiig Officer Writes ..Father..Of .Blytheville Soldier's Work • -/, A. a. Ih'endy, a. civilian employee i Hie QM warehouse ol the tlly-^ icvllle Army Air Field, has n lel- ! :'r filifned by I.leitl'. Col. Samuel 1 1, Oee, • which commends his srfn,* 'fc, Alvy o. lircady, n niyllicvlllo' oy, In such lerms that- "the Id mini" Is nilylily. proud. "Pfc. Alvy O, llreiuly' Joined my ommnnd April 20, 1D1I," rends the cller. "At that lliuc the .unit \ytis n duly In the nawiillnti'Dcparl- iienl and Iho military policemen vcrc handiileked. The orBanfailjon viw ncceiilcd liiroiiKlioul llnr'Ai 1 - ny us! 11 model unit nnd was ne- :lulined so hi one of Ihe nalioi :U wns tlio orgnnlznltoiiMo' • vhlcli 1'fc. lircady belonged prior. o Dec, 1, 1011. on tlmt ditto mar- lal law wns declared In Uo,w|iil, mil my unit wns given full police control over lhc (southern Imlf-of -lie islnnd o( All civilian anil nivnl police fimctloncd uniltr' included In (his half, of this., island we- had complete jurisdiction' :>ver Pearl llnrlmr, inirts of- Honolulu mid numerous, lowns iind villages. I • • ' ' • '"I'fc llrendy wns n(5grcsslvci''.ln- tclllncnl, soljcr, forceful anil pos- fesseil good ' common' sens'c;"'Jlc wns fine of my best lUlrou'nd 'triif-' fle mid palrol men, (luring. iny v en-' lire lour of duty which consisted of three years In Hmvrtll and •several months of conibnl. Ho is cap- tible ol licluj! ii ' noncflihinls'sloned officer, or uven an offlceivbul'.duo lo HID high cnllliei- of men In tliu null promotion wns " necesslirlly slow. , ••:•,... v : : "I riuo Pfc. lirend'y. superior In his work and conilnct. He' Is ii'iop Mosiiullocs nnd Anicrlciin elg- ixir ceiil Kcnllcmnn. t do .not hesitate lo recommend hlnV Icr'iiny -- _.., uliiti: In the Union, or, lo'niiy.'.elly :irels remind I'vl. Cleoriic Weilmiin 'within the Dulled Stnles, lo be <i:K home. He Is wllli an nnll-nli-criifL lln cinl)ci' ot ILs police force." :llvl«lon In New - • • Ids brother. 1'fo. mini of the Guard : lays Hint lhc.iiiojii|iit(oc i wnn an niui-iurcriiit""cuiuer 01 lus pouco :vv Clnlnln, Wiillni! lot . 'fc. Russell M. Wcd-'*{9/; IIno fc'itf/i lard Stiunilron, ctcnrgc ' «M»-I'|«H urge _s nnd elij- ni'els nre plenllful, but i le hnsn't seen a while winniin since he loft the .slntes. "I," said rtii'ssell, "will , , , -.,,., ehanise places with him nuv time." . !' y , "I! 1 . 1 .!''".<!!•' s " l » r <l«y "iB'it lit ,,i „ ,'i ,. U1C The mill Equadion had,.a .Hsh Slaff Sei'til, Leonard llui nsleii. icrecnnl innjr»r of the l)ep;iiimenl of Training, Is n general now. Capt. Lucius O. lieese, Operations, olflcer, promoted him. Corp. 'Palpi! V. Grove, supply clerk In lhc Cliiard Squadron, will lie married soon. She Is Miss Crilh- erlne Leograiule of Newark, N. J.. (Tsfc, Isk. Clcorjie; unil mil sec n wlillc woman (or inonllis?) W'mt Is the swcllest job In the Army? lielnn a Link Trnlncr In- slruclor. In the opinion of Sei'iit. Jloyd Glover and Corp. Glenn S, nice. And so Ihey're happy, for ihey have been assigned lo lake a five- weeks course for Link Trainer In- .slruclors, Olover Is a crew chief and Itlcc ii mull elcrk of lhc 70-Hh Bi|iin<iron. Fire Oblef Finnic Jeiinlnns of Ihe Air Uase f-'lre Dcpnrlmciit, bus solved the coke buttle problem. Any man who leaves an empty bottle has (o buy cokes for the entire department,. Illyllievllie. Armory,' ''lo' Iho slniln.s of excellent music prw^ld- ed by Ihe dance orchestra of • the 351SI AAF Band. ' V|;j ' Among guests were: .Maj. '.nnd Mrs. Carl McJCee, Capt. Walter' V. IhHjan, Capt. John F. Mcad,;sqimd- lon commander, and Second Lieut Francis X. Fuley, squadron"'a'dju- '"nt. •, . - ,,,;!:-,,,.•, ; Corp. Milton WarslmVsky ' and Miss Jcanellc llelimi' 'won' first prize for lhc jlllcitmg d,an.ce contest. wllh Corp, and Mrs. Ralph Hchullx (aklns; second honors:"' . movies. The Iralnlnt; gct.s monotonous, but it's some fun when one finally gels the sword In his hand and goes to -work wllh his acquired skill and trained muscles. • WAICNINU OHDKIt Estiicr I'rciiss Is hereby warned to appear in the Chancery Court for the Chlckasnwbu District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, within thirty days from llils dale, lo answer u complaint !i]«l njtalnst tier by Lawrence Crens.s. Unlcd this lllh day of Mny, mn, HARVEY MOIlllta. Clerk, By Eldora Neal, Ucpiily. field fc Evrnrd, Attorneys (or Plalnlllf. Waller L. I'o|ie. Attorney ad 1,1 tern <S«>1> 5/la-l9-2li-fi/2 Staff Sergt. Edmund Smllli pro- lesls that Ills life Is an open book ind lie Is not afraid of publicity. Ife denies that he threatened to resign from Hie Noncom Club because Sergt. Guy ij,adoticciir was appointed to rcixirl the doings of the club. There were 26 plywood plants In the United States In 1Q41. They produced 1,800,000,000 square feet. ANTIQUES Gifts for Weddings and all special occasions. Lamp Post Skop Hgwy. 61. 2 Miles So. Prone 2198 Officers' Uni fo r m s Compare die fabric ami workmaiiMiip of these line garments licf.irc linj-hig! licflcr lildiisc.s :)7.7r> Klasliquc Trousers [;{.7"> 1>i!1 ^ i;!.7f> Summer 'IVutiscrs y.iKI Slimmer Shirts H.!)0 Pfe. .liicklc Mitchell, drummer in Hi? bund and dunce orche.slrn, lele- graphed for nn extension of his finlonijli. "Marriage or flood?' 1 in- tliiircd his fellow musicians upta Try our "Own M»de" Ice Cream Die Hickory Inn AenM tnm BIgh BchMl Complete Stock Steel and Elastic TRUSSES Save 50% STEWART'S Drqf SUrt Main A Uke Phone 2822 Auto Repairs Expert Mechanics on All Makes and . Models 'Also Truck and Tractor Repairs. Lee Motor Sales I-'ITTKI) KY Doctor* J. L "J J. C. GUARD OPTOMETRISTS IN UI.YT1IKVI1.I.E SINCE 1022 BPTICfll STORE 209 W. Main St. Phone 2912 TIRE RECAPPING SERVICE ' . . . Scilierling Factory McthM. Nn Ccrlificjitc Required Oil Tnysciigcr Cars. Quick, D«p«nd- alilc Service. LOT EICH ni MOROLI PETROLEUM JELLY The Modern Ice Box COOLERATOR for Kconomy and Service. Tom Little Hwde. Co. Pti«n« III 24-HOUR SERVICE Kxpcrl Repair Work on General Motors Cars. IANGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY H'dwmj A Walnut Ph. 153 SMALL LOANS OB Aartklac «f TalM. Eart Main Lou Co. >W L M*l> _ Pb«M MM When llic countor of llio nnoe U In ok en anil worn. repair. II ami |)iil In A new 'Iicol Imlng.' A neat, smiirt appearing- 'result Is -assured ' .•••.'•-• HflLTCRS IQURLITY SHOE SHOP IZI W. M fl I N ST. STOCK & 1'OUI/TKY TONlCS\<t FKKDS'','- Iloj; Cholera Scrum 1 STEWART'S Drnf Store' Muin'K Lake Phone 2822 Klowcrs For Uvcry.Occa-, sion ... Funeral designs, wedding flowers, cor- sagcs. '. ! '•-•.'••"•'• THE FLOWER SHOP WE DIXIVER ; Gl.ENCOE HOTEL BLDO. Phone 491 ROBINSON'S "THE RELIABLE DRUG STORE" ' "" There's no wider selection of shaving needs, cosmetics, noyclU«,- .. etc., In Blylhevllle than at Roblnson'i. Latest M»«»iln6§—Foun- - tain service—undwlchetI Service Men! Meet Your Friend* at Robinion'il HUDSON TAILORS Expert Alterations BODY Ol" UNIFORM SHIRTS MADE SMALLER Khaki 75c; Tropical. :$1; 3-d»y Stnricc Garrison Caps — Accessories -r-

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