The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 21, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 21, 1931
Page 5
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SATURDAY, MARCH 21, Wl CLASSIFIED Two cenls a word ior Ilist Inierllon and one ceut a word '.01 each subsequent Insertion. No advcitlscuicut, laktii tor less than 50c. Count tiie words and Bend me cash. Phone 300 MOKE BARGAINS , USED CARS ]f You Want A Good Used Car Better Not Wait. We; Have NEVER Offered SUCH 1 VALUES And Sales Arc Increasing Daily. •23 FOUD PICK-UP CLOSED CAB, l^fl l.imisc, New Tires, :\-l Kiimring Condi- lion ...................... §105 '28 UOl-'OE SIX 4-UOOH SKUAX, All-SlcPl ISocly, 5 Good Tires. Itciondiliuncil To Itun i'ericti. A Jiargaill 5185 Driven Only Few ' '30 LATK FOllll UOADSTEK, .Ilili-s iu I'ily. ijport :lloUi!l, Uumble Scut, 5 'lirc^, Coul Lit'hts. Cnu'l tic Told troui Ni-w ....................... S35U '30 MODEL FORD VOHDOIt Sbl>AN, Dark Blue Color, six Mraw culorcrt \Ylu'i:i* \Yell t'endcrs, ii u m p L- r s. Urivcu Only 5 Months. Tliis Is A HEAL VALUE At Only ...................... $125 We have 1328, 1929 and -Model Coupes, Koail- Coaches and Sedans. Forcis, Cliryslei's, Whippets, Ourantb, ulievrolcts, etc. Terms: Weekly, iUoiuhly or l-'all. DON'T DKLAY. SEE US 'iOUAY. FHfUJPS MOTOR ucia.v n *:iit: TODAV r.Yl'JV aieimiMF., 10-yen. tjL'Ul fn n A'tMY York uHire, \t ni!n-r:i[:k' nml imirly «lu-n IJtitU ilml AI-.IN rnilSLIV, Ju»1 ir- tmiu'J frmii n jcnr nnil n hiilt In r.irlfc ulutijlnff arl, no Inner r cnrr* fur her, Crumby U Infolu- urnltbj' illtnffr f, tvho Oi>n*1ilc'ra luT*cir n |i;urun of nrt, iiyimy lu-ivtiii'x UUKUKtcd "It fa Krr lulj and \\hrn «lic i« i-rllli-l/i-il lor i-rtrr!ri.MLi-»K (iui'"Mvrl j rrklpn*. She ju'i'i'iila uii Invlltillon (rum lirr uriilitiy roiuEa. ANM*TI1O\V- JtlltDCi:, iu (ilk* Ilic |il urc nl IIH- mhvr BUM i at a formal din tier. Tlie imriy [« n Imre. She Iriivi-i lu yri lirr urtl|i» imd no home. lif*«r» n iiuUr In i lie next *oum und tuirtin itii! door l<» *c* n inriti clhnl.lnk' In t!tr window, llr l» J.UIKS WAM.ACK. Kur*t «i tue. Ilir lire owni'i* '" nvulJ tlie dinner j>ariT KUCJ.IM. IVnlliKo irll» i!yii«r he him JUKI l»ern JUri-J lJ> lil» fljiuerv. She admit* »!««• hu» l»nil it"-' • auic cxperlrncc. Tn Miikte UK- ulrl he rurr* for \VoHnrt ahkm C>Vhy 1c> Blurry him. She Cttt cefuif» bill TUcy nn.' mnrrlrrt next tuntnlnn (in.l take l !ii! lr.-.ln f«r Fiiri-»t thy. nrrlvtui; l» I* 11 -' evenly. AI Jim 1 * JIOIMI- tbuy lire Krn-trtl l»r hU nun«. MISS KI.I.KN \V.\LLAH:, Mhi> mttUfa n" *ci!rtt of licr ho»- ttlliy tn the girl. .\ow c<> o.\ wrrn THI: STOILX 5 RI.YTIIKVH/LK, (AUK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE LAURA LOU J3ROOKMAN z^ Author of *HEART OUR BOAUDING HOUSE By Ahern inornins, ntic head. morning, Hnrrlet. la Miss Jim was not In sltht. For a« In- \Valli-oahouf!" si"'"' lllu 6 irl wilt l"'" lcl1 - Hl °" "Mlis Wallace's i:onc to i:iavftel.|slii) slcrrcil out on the iwicli. till Ma'aii. Slio led about half nn liouv In llio driveway ».i3 a long, dark nng'.o across licr £ore-1 /~>VrSY marveled nt tlio level ills| tnncea Blrctclilng o^ to cacli ld yon Hko your broaUast Brceii roadslcr am! Jim ^nllaco nt Hie wheel. Ilo waved nuil now? Til net it Tlioperfon lo evidently been laiklns VMS n small I ut Iliu sight ot ht-r. ' man iljivn on his Ituccs worlttiiG ol i llio Iffik ol tl'.o outer floor. Car-! pcntoi'n tools were lioblrtt j him o« (lie llorii 1 . "Ail! time v.ill i!o." (!yiii'->- loU Ilic cork. "I'm lu no Imrry." CUE ictnriicd lo Itie illr.lns rnnsn ; I auJ tlie view from Ihe lii-n:nl , wliulovs looked out over tlie sun . porch. Tliere was a ganlc-a betiiml Hie liouse. (Jypsy tlnuiEhi !i nmst bG very attraclivc in sinamtr. Now tho trcci sliruira were line ami slilc of tlio ronJ. It liml been inch a lilllo wlille elnce they slaiUiil ami licro thoy \vuro lu wlnt must bs conntryl "JackEon'3 Creek ia oft tlsnl wny." Wallaco Enid with ft wave to llio right, "ilscil to n TV I ni Micro when I was a klil. Shuts, too. Do you Ilko to skate?" "I'vo never tried It," Gyiny <!<!• .promt of It. 1'lill's eyes certainly i milled. "Tlio culy enoHa I hail unicli . l'iniu llas'rlct bad i tlie tux iK-rrlcr bwldo him yelped iVl'SY ran forward. J "W'lnt a beautiful car!" she csdalniul. "No womlcr you're EO :il of It. 1'lill's oyc woulil'opeu to see this." experience nt na a kill «cro Jiniiiv l.lhi! ii? Bulls me iirelly well. ir.S rojio nml nlnylns Lop scotch, you rt-iily?" I Thiil'a about all you can ilo on » •NSV l-(s<iiicil "Shoutiln'l i .city i-Mcwulk." Slio laiiKlu-il. | Jim turned toward her. "Hay, that | !ho erasj vfaa a fadci! brown. (Jypsy ! ,| o loavc some word so your aunt will j [m|jt |invo ^ H lm ^, ,.,, fol( . ot , know ivliat's become of me?" "I'll ilo lint. You eel In." vHilU' J^ii wa<i lu Ilic house! thl:is 1 \vant yuii to sec-" ,.,..!.'.. ,.,^i ,i.«",i me l() bccoiuc) Ho turned the car nmUhcy ilvnvo with llio Illtlo 1 In silence unlll presently he pullcil i ten you've always lived In New ! York. Wall a mliinlc—(hero's BOIIIC- g . willing to 'lei her CIlAl'TEIl XVI moved restlessly nnd wondered it Hie bushes In the dis- j slrolii: his head and rub (lie under lance vcre lilac. She had always, sidi' of Ills n j wanted a garden willi lilac up at the slilo o[ the roail. nrok hut Pal could not llial!" ".Now, then." said Jim, "lool; nt Authorized Fold i>eulers § $ $ § § 5 5 Crowned at the sunbeam that had progressed frotu ber chin lo her left eye. The sunbt..m remained. Sl:e blinked the other eye. sliul It again. Suddenly tlie tirl tat bold uiirlgbt- Heavens— It nuisl lie adcr eight o'clock! Sho would never reacli the office. What bad happened to the alarm clock — ! Slio turned and stared at an un- „.,„„.„ ., ^ - Ijiiihesl he iiorsuadul lo move from Ills pusl m;d oliKasliionrd iioll.vhocks and i nest lo the diiver. livldcnlly thw poppies. There til the Iclt was :i sun ! nnan^enu'iit was otllcial. dial. Yes. II must bo n lovely place | The Blrl was coaxing him to no in time. Two months. Jim had said, before the trees would be- avail when 1'at tirolsMitcneil and barked. Wallace was comlns toward To thi! left across a low valley lay Forest Cily. The &lrl had nol n-nllzcd they had come ED far. Tho towers ot Us half dozen high downtown buildings stood out boldly. In cllhcr direction stretched lower gln k-nling out. I them, •rwn iDoiiths wotilil be in May.I "I toM Harriet wo dlun t know, - when we'll bo hacli." ho BiiU, cllmli- «'tre trees or open spacc-a. Beyond structures, straKKllut cily blocks with occasional dark ratchos ihr.t dypsy, uonilerint ;ibscutly what the ilalo misht l». s:n]i!ciily started. Yesterday, lic-r wcililln;; day, hail been March 5. Surely sho should have remembered. Harriet entered tlie roam anil as i heard her Gypsy lurr.cil. "How familiar piece of furniture—a chair ---• "V.k.c" 1)10 Llr! upholstered iu Wuo plush. Then. B»oil everything looka! the till rcmemhc-ring everythins that had happened yesterday, she sank back said. The cook smileil. hopo you'll I into (lie car. "Here, 1'at, wlml's [his uouseiiBC—" Tim dot' iiuietcJ ami Kit up very sttaigbt between Ih.c-m. , f .fn ,,. ( '.'Does he liotber you tlicro?" Jim asked. "I'll make him get down on the floor. Get down, 1'at." . , : Clypsy olilcclcd. "Let him stay," she said. "lie's all right." To ciiv tlio fact she rnhhed ihe FOR SALE FOB SALE—Baby Chicks. AH varieties. Custom hatching solicited. -Marilyn Hatchery, isiyr/.ievule. 2U-UK-TK FOR SALE — Well located corner \ grocery, nice stock, fixtures and at considerably less than invoice cost lor tiuick, tale. Address "B", Vo Courier News. 1BP-K23 :iK about her marriage, ihe train trip. Jim Wallace's face last night in tl:c lire-lisht, that fearful woman. Aunt Ellen. It wasn't a dream. It had all been true. When she finally arose the girl bathed ami dressed quickly. She put ou the jersey frock sho bad ivoru to the office, got out her ox- forJa ami then changed Ibei'.l Tor the brmvii numps. Instead ot pln- ' tho coffe(: an ,i a t llio first O nd left of the Wallace place were jff nf J13 t r . lErall(:c Gypsy rca houses with the same dcr.u lawns ~ i . lized she v.-as hungry. i anit hedges In vlaco of fences. The food T.-.IS good. Gypsy had| "Why— it's just like a park!" the fiuislicd the last crumb ot toast aad ; gj r i declared. Slie was looking at drinking her second cup tall trees on either side ot the coffee when slic heard a noise In the I street, Some ot them were huse, front fart of the house. Somem:e bad coma lu. The girl slraishter.cil, :ry nerve laut, then pushed l:;ick stretching their branches over the sidewalk. "1 like this street," Wallace her chair and rose. She went ;ulo agreed. "Summer evenings about (hts uouilcscrliit nliyllne. reaching over aud above them, was the bluest of blue skl,es, flcckcil here and there .with llcccy cloud masses. The cold 'yellow sunslilno Ba'vo tbo panorama brllllnncc. The girl'. 1 ' eyes 1 \vero fasteucd on IJbo suyrVfltli'n'ee. "It's wonilcrlnl, Jim," sho'sald.' .''••• "I alwnya liko lo come to this place." ho told her. "Discovered H nyself." He began to point out mn- landmarks, when suddenly ho slopiied. x "You'ro shiveriiiB. Gypsy. Why illiln't you tell mo you were cold? That littla coat you've got on isn't ei:ouRl> lo keep you warm. Why, illiln't you say something?" She Insisted she was not cold. There was no robe. Wallace slai led lo lake off his own coat hut she lu- dimianlly refused It. He turned tho roadster back toward the city. "We'll stop nt tho Carllmi," ho announced. "Get yon warmed uu there aud have lunch. No use lu the living room. I six o'clock when you come along nins uii her hair she hriisbed and j On ,] 1C threshold she hccd-not] hero the sg.n is down behind the [roes and the light shines through the leaves. Tficy ioifc almost like Used Car Bargains ! Poiltiac 1, Door SEU;UI, 1W3, Looks new. S3il5. 1 1'lymoulli 4 Si-dan, 1S25 Low mileage V~SO. 1 Plymoulh Coupe, l'J20, n Eootl buy SHo 1 Chrysler 70 Coach, a goofl one $-30 See Them Now Lee Motor Co. FOB SALE—Good, dry cook wood, Buchanan Coal Co., Phone 107. fastened il al the back of her neck | j,j s5 \vnl!ace r.s she luid e.vpccU.l BO lli:H the ends curieil. sivlng her', bui .lim a childish look. Gypsy had not j "Why—good morning—" pine gold then. That's when I like thought ot this. She was trying lo i Jim latislicd. "Good iuorni::q." he: it best." save lime. ! sa i(l "You Inok ns tbouch 1 GUV- "It must be lovely," Gypsy saiil. Iu the briRiit daylight for the I prised yon. Had livcakfast?" , "Oh. look at that beautiful liouse-' first time she really noticed the I Siic sai.l she bad just P.i-.lshcd. "You mean tho brick one? Hen- furnishings ot the bedroom. It ivas' "TliEii how about coming for a | dcveous live there. Hally Henderson easy lo -co that it bad been ken ! drive? 1 (houglil you mishl like lo caaie homo from college last spring as "a "suest room." The furniture ! have a lonk at tlie town. and dsnd the place up. Eally'o a — - • • • ,. r ,i | OVC to! ,. i can ijj rca ,i y i u i nice cirl. I'm sure you'll liko her. Of course this Isn't really the show was walnut of oiuate Victorian dc-j Kii;n and each piece stood stifliy in just a minute!" , ils proper place. At (ho windows' "Fine. I decided lo lake (ho i!r,y . part ot town. The newer places arc r.e.out on Gilford road. Sam Meyers, vns the cosmetics factory ^ ,t there. Willis, president ol .,.,^.,...0 iiersoaal—notV.inu'te she saw j'im how jm:c:i she the First National hank, lias just cheerful bit of chintz In j bad been drcadins a day wilh his! built a new house they call nn aunt. "I certainly do." she said. "I, linlian villa. We'll swiug out that there wore blue draperies. Blue and j oft. Think a man ought to when fi-.n nig on the floor. tan [ gets married, don't you?" 'who own on the dressing table. Not a sinsle; Gypsy bad noi, known ur.tll t';c | lives out 1 trace of anything think it's a Brand idea." I llllllilll t way if 5-1 you'd like." FOP. SALE—Shrubs of all kinds. Hedge and Evergreens. -Lombardy Poplars 12 to la feei. Special for len days Sl.CO. We arc bonded nurserymen and licensed to sell. Hcalon's Home of Flowers, Blythc- villc. 17C-K23 FOR SALE—Atwater Kent Bad:o Buttery «H, cabinet' model 07, and one Dclco lishliiiif plant, complete, both in iKvfcct condition, S1CO. 910 South Lake St. 20P-K24 sight. And bluo and tan were colors Cij'r-sy always avoided. She shut, (hi; door on the gloomy room and hurried downstairs. There was no one in slghttcithcr way she looked from tlie hall. Gypsy wont through Ihe living room Into the dining room. Still no one In sight. As she ucarcd the kitchcu sbc heard voices. sho came il- ., . .._ . Harriet who was nt tlie slove. suit wilh a yellow sweater under it. • gulf whenever lie could sparo tlio turned as Gypsy opened Ihe kitchen 1 The little brown bat slanted at a I tin-.e She hurried nway to get !:er| The tour of inspection Included wraps on. Hail \VL\: up the stairs j i; drive past tholtalian villa and ils sho heard Jim calling and ssopv'd-1 imposing neighbors. They rode on "Petter luiinlic up in somctliin^ I li> the Glciidalc Club which was the •e exclusive of Forest City's two ntry clubs, then took a side road warm, shining but the wind is cold." She" agreed and went on. \Ybea'and camo back past the Golf nntl shu came down again she wore her j Tennis where Jim said ho played drive clear out to tbo house.' Tlio Carlton was City'3 best hotel. Jim was greeted by fcv- eral auqnaintn.uccs as they walki 11 ! through llio lobby and Oynsy felt eyes upon her. The hcail waller called Jim "Mr. Wallace." ami wan solicitous about their luncheon. It was an excellent meal. T',:o warm room Hushed Gypsy's cheeks becomingly. After the morning out ot Uo^rs both of them wore In good spirits aud hungry. Jim bail been telling her nbout an amusing law case and the girl was laughing when she uoticcd two women across tho room.'Mother and daughter they seemed lo be. Gyrsy saw that tho older woman wan watching them and resented her scrutiny. "Jim." she saiil finally, "who is that woman across the room? Slie'3 been walching us." Wallace turned his head, glanced hack quickly. "Someone I don't'caro to meet." ho said in n lowered voice. "Let's get out of here." !t was too hte. Already tl'.o couple had arisen aud. were walking toward them. (To lie Continued) '' FOR RENT — 2 room furnished i at matches in a.cabinet started eiKlangercci the live; of six! by smoke and awakened thi rest of apartment, lights, bath, telephone, f lrc in the home ct Jesse C. Alien , persons. Mrs. Allen wp.s aroused j the occupants. All escaped. caragc. good location, 1C01 Ash. I Call 330. 20P-K25 FOR RENT — Bedroom, private bath, close in. Pho::c 783-1. Mrs. Belle M. Wood. 18C-TF FOR KENT TOR RENT—Unfurnished Mat and unfurnished house on Hearn St. Phono 613. OC-TF FRECKLES AM) HIS FHIIO.N'DS : A DETfcTive A!J X'lVi GOIV^G Tb OLD /,-,AW uarlba L\/E6...i;fc" TOLD Pop Sov-CTHIVVS Of us FOR RF.NT—5 room bungalow on Dougan, newly decorated, hot and cold water. Apply Ike Miller, FOR RENT—3 room lurnished flat, house. Gail 7C-TF garage am! coal 678-W. Phone 883. 11C-TP] .- _,,-,_.„ ... ._ -—"^ I FOR KENT — Modern residence, i I'f '\ llPklREPASREDtl newly re-modeled. Dr. Saliba. I I 1 . I ,1 t, ^c^l i-l p), one 410. 20C-K27 WANTED FAY 0. DAVIS Phone «1 ALL KINDS OF JIACH1NE WORK Electric and Gas Welding done at OSHRON KLACKSM1TII SH01> 115 X. Franklin St. Invest With Safety 6^ paid quarterly on full paid stock, SlOO nnd up. Guaranteed by fivst mortgage loans on liomes in Blytlicvillo. Secured and Insured. Blythevilie Building & Loan Association W. SI. Jiuriis, Sec. POULTKY WANTED — Market pi ices paid at C. L. Bennett Co. Feed Co. 210 K. Railroad St.. wcsl of cciirthousc, J. E. fisher, Phone 61. 24C-TF POULTKY WANTED-Markct prices, any ruantii-y. ^^arilyn Hat- cliery, 210 S. Fourth St. OC-TF RELIABLE PARTY '.villtcn to i:an- rtb Watkins Products in Blythe- viile. Cus'.cmcrs cstablirhcd. Excellent opixnlmiity for iii;h' k man. j \Vrilc at onic. The J. R. V,'atk:ir, Co.. "(0-52 W. Iowa Ave., Mcniphis. Tcnn. YAWN DISLOCATED JAW CORNVILLE. Me. <UPI — Mrs.! Agnes Tcdford yawned so c-nlluisi- asUcfiily that .she dislocatc<l hrr jaw. T.ivins in a remote section, she Iwrt to travel si\ miles lor n-:dica! relief. When a Bunuan riles, hin soul . is ;i]])])C5«l to be bo d^ap ; nt Icavini; this We that il becomes a demon, live? in a tree and must constantly 'or civrn pveRr-r.'s o? drink If 11 Is to be prcwntrd from wreaking il-s evil will tiie. people ol the neighborhood. MICE SET HOCSE OX FIUK SEATTLE, (UP)—Mice nibbling FBSCVl-ES, HSBe,\JJ!LL IS 7P1S MEct AS SxcuJS'.vE AS AU_ THAT ? ALt EIGHT.... LST'S ,- -i-^ose IS...1 LI'/E To 6Ef A LCOJi AT M T141S Town EVER TUAT f r . x i . PUCK: WASH TUHHS ;\SH P.N? EASV ToTrtEBlCi BOW, ft KO&E tWUIl. l 1 COM 1 FIWE HO GUMS, KOBIVXi?. OM IMM. vJW Sain 1 vt-?£?. uiHERt 15 PRESENT ~To ^OU,* MAM wiHOS& \ UAM.& \s A HousetlouD WORP ? DlSrlE^ ARE -rtiRowlM .' ~ HE IS ToURlMQ -Old CQUiVj-fRV IM BBflAUF OK "WE 4MCIEfViT \ ORDER? OF BARREL-ROLLERS AMD BoM^-s-r'ARTfeRs!) — WHH-E KeRE^e WILL RECEIV/E QiiEsr,s 4 AMP <M-D ACt>UAI^"TAMCES,UMPER "IWE TABLE' / ALLOW ME ~fa PRESENT, KooPt-E . WrlA-f ARE YOU DOIA1<3 HERE 2 ~ \AiriA-f AM I BID CAM -TAKE PART AUP LEAWE -THE BEST IM VOL) UJSRE CrllCA60 ~~ 1M -. 3AIU .' 7 By MartiL BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES HO HUM! MV\V\ WV\ ,^\?> NSTOS. MOW , W006V\ WROWS , BVST ftVX 6W 0& TMCE \T tAFCV NOT 6VT NOWW^tt OOVV4 VT BOT « VS.NVC , VO WtWT HKiE V6S...BJT *j.'2u_ 8G !^ A MogooV l^iJO^JS lto*J ues \Moimj... RATED TO HA f-":N6ST CoLLecTioMS SToHSS M THIS counTay. 6&J, CRCO'/S £ To A COLLECTOR HECTOR MOST > gG L RUBIES ^^OR£ u^ TJ£V P'UCt i WHY DIDN'T THEY SAY SO?

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