The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 24, 1943 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 24, 1943
Page 5
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SATURDAY, APRIL 2<l, 1943 IMPORTANT NOTICE! Classified 'Advertising In The Courier Newi Will Be CASH ONLY, xcepl to Established Illulnfss Firms. Htcmse the low cost af elusl- kd fldM docs not Justify the ex- ense of bookkcqitng mid collections, we have adopted Urn policy rattier (Man x raiso In rutr. No Kxccplions to Ihia Policy I CLASSIFIED ADVE'UTJSING INFORMATION Dully rate per linn for consecutive Insertions: Minimum Charge 50c 1 'time per line I5c 2 limes pi-r line per day 12c !i times per Hue pi>r day fie C times per line per day 7e 12 times iK-r line per day. 5c 1 Month per Jine , floe All:; ordered Tor three or six tim'es and stopped before expiration will l:e charged fur the number of times the ad appealed and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside of the city must lie accompanied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from the above table. Artralisini! ordered for Irregular Insertions takes the one time rate. No responsibility will be taken for more than one incorrect, insertion of ;my classified nd. for Rent Hcdroom suitable for three. 11G Wesl Davis. Plicnc 2920. 21-pk-2li Two room furnished house. Utilities furnished, sag Horlh 10th. | ___ 23-pk-2(i 4 icntii fiiniishcd house. Lights fc water. Phouc liC9 or inquire' at MnJKns Grocery, Yarbro. 23-pk27 Nicely furnished bedroom, adjoin-ii\K bail), an North Ninth r'lu.iv ^y-Zltt!.. __ ^£ 21-11^21 ,' Parker raoms. ;oi; p.. Main Nicely fumisiied bedroom, 'slram heal, gentlemen. Phone 32C4. 3-27-pk-27 CJoml grocery store builiiing nTid fixtures. 517 W. Asli. Phone 2552 3-iC-ck-tt Comfortnble be<lrocni. Twin beds Steam beat. CiilcfcMnwbn ,% loth Phone 241X ^H-ck-tf Comfortable bedrotira. 1017 Walnut Phono 2518. li-7-ck-tf Farm INccds Hrlnf; us your poultry, bos; and stock health problems. We carry n complete fresh stock of I>rterle stTjms, vaccines, Dr. Hess Ton- ire and disinfectant*. Woods Driij; Store, Main & Hailroad. 3-10-ck-lf 1 Help Wante~d SALESMAN WANTKD Man for Tnduslrial Jiisuiance itebil .Salary and Cnnunissioi) See I,. I?. Whileside, Snpl. at Mrs. Men-it!'.s 1 . ll'fi i-; :t st Ash After 7 P.M. for Sate [emulation Ping-pong -ruble. In two sections, witii folding less. Complete wlih standard tournament net and ixuldlos. Good as new. $20. l.'lione 401 or 218(i. 4-2-t-ll)-lf 93U one and one-half ton l-'ord ti nek. Long wlieeluase. In perfect condition with good I Ires. SG75 cash. n. Major, salvngc, Highway 84, Caintlicrsville, Mo. 2-lckM llousoliolc! Furniture. •> bedroom .snilc.s. 7-piroo dinette, a overstuffed clmirs. Kroclilvr sofn-bwl. Latest I'lorciKe table-top oil I'uniiC. Cliinn closol. Ulillly cnbl- nc'ts. Moore's Alrtli:l)(. ton! <T. Linoleum nigs. As group or by HIP pi«-c. M»y be wen fit 1138 Willow after B p.m.—Call 2208. 4-£i-(lli-(r. 100 acres land. i:)(l level, 4!> acres in woods, BOOI] six room Bund fi nei's, two liiriic barns, gaud clm-km IIDIJ.SO, on grave} I'osul. Ki-linul bus JJHPS bj' door. I'rlcod 10 sell <iiilc!c. I him; Innd frum $1(1.00 per acre, to $10(1.00 per nere. Si* J. C. PARIUSU I'iscotl, Arkansas 2 John IJt'eio I'lckiip Hay Balers. No ptirdiuM 1 certificate required. Ellis Implement Co. 4-2.'i-ckSO COHN, sbr-llcd nixi oar. OATS & HAY. WHUAT, whole, crushed nml BI-OIIIKI. flood cliicken niul hoij fppd. Dlylliuville Otain <V Klev.llor Co. Phone 2112. 4-21-ck-28 Used r'AHMALl, "20" TRACTOR wil!i Allieiis "HUSH A HOC!" Pt,ow. A-I Condition. PIIII.I.II'S MOTOli G'OMI'ANY 1 . Tel. 453. 4-21-Ck-24 GOLDFISH MINNOWS—"Crappic's favorite. 1 .-." O. C. Hawks, 300 E. Main. Ph. 3292. 4-13-ck-13 Used Sewing Machines bought and sold. Sinner Sewing Contcr, IM So;ilh Broadway. Call 2702. 7ck7 Wanted To Will pay Iflc per copy for issues of the Courier News, April 12th. de- lii'crcd to Courier office. 24dh Wanted to buy ;;ood used piano for cash. Call 2071 or 044. 22-]ik-2C Corn and Hay. Top market prices. Blytbcville Grain & Elcvalor Co Phone 2113. '1-21-0^28 MIDWESTERN STATE HORIZONTAL ftf Answer to Previous tunic *j| 12 Observes . fife IDenleleii ^-//- i_i. .i_i — , — ,— . _ . ta (itlim-uilen •« 1 Depleted '• slate- '•*• 511 15 called ' • "Tlie Hawkeye " — 10 The \vild . is its stale 5 OM UR TA AVE 1 AlgjC TOE AD ETE DO NE e A SjMlAN M=HN f' MO HO IURK[Y $m &\ PR ELE BAN '' RTf RO YC O M A.N IS Minute skin openings 1C Cain's brother 17 Hearing organ 18 Dative (abbr.) 191'en point 21 French pluraH4 Eye wen -.. other article . 45 Ancs '<f 07 Greek letter 22 Incline - \ 47 .Symbol for fo VERTICAL sodium • 48 Architectural pilasters x >a 50 Music ' instrument 53 Hurrah! 54 Sli);ht taslo r>7 Siinpk'lon 59 Amount (al)br.) GO At nil limes IS Otherwise 18 Us capital is 20 lias existed ? a.'t Measure J» 25 Fi'om '*?. 'J,'l Koyal Navy (nl)br.) •« 2'1 Slir 2(i Expunge 28 Lustrous > 31 Yale v; 33 fieiius of 0 rodents % 34 Male child 35 Wapiti • 38 Music note 3!) Mystic syllable ''£ 40 Whirlwind , 41 Males- 43 Indian (abbr.) 30 AccomjiHsh SlSbude tree »2Ncw Oulnea port 30 Lnnd parcel 37 l^ock opener 42 Under 44 Tnrpoiv -!(! On (iccotint (abhr.) / 47Ne({ative •'• 4B Wnr i;od 4!) Church part M I.KIVC out f)2 Oirl's mime r.5 Fish ft<> Dance slop 02 Milk house fi-l Alighlcil army 'C5 Withered ' GGCompcmml dcsserIs ; 2 Verbal y-'q> Uliantu '*^& tribesman 4 furl of "lie" 5 Health resorl. Ii Sntns 7 Area nfensiire - r '7 Mineral rook 8 Cuts for 58 County in insertion into Scotland £,' movliscs 01 In llie matter > 9Compass point (law) \ lOKun i;od f,3 Thai ?' 11 Olfercd up IHSIolh 18 m So S» ^ BEST USED CAR VALUES 1010 I'm,! "to" Tndfir. Kw-pls In K;IS niilftiKi-, |,i,.«i- hyilraiill,' dialers. '.:!i'i>rltiK I'nluiun K<-:ir shift, sprHnl Ion 1 jirlcc. I'KKj Chcvrutpl dwell. This cm- Is JIM uvi'i-uiic \vlth fair HITS nnil inotoi. \vi|| dike ,>,i| y jijj) for II lids week. A 'lnU'Ralu. 191'! Mercury K Town SPd;>n wllli vpry Inw mllrajje. Onavnn- Ipfil tu nppi'iiif ii| (( > ni.\v. Tin's, n|}|ipar:inri> nml i'ii)n!!lli>li p.vccl- li'iil. l!):t!l Clii'vrnlet Master l)pl,uvp Conch, ilnrU lilut- cnlcii-, K a, H ) HITS, I'i'icpil In sell NOW. 1'SKJ) CARS HK !<'(»{ K von miv. \vn wi 1,1, «AVH VOtJ MONKY. Phillips Motor Co. A heavy enilsoi- casts $201)00- WD io buiid. Traiishiled into ternis n wnr Immis. this i*prracnls MB"CO bonds or $101) maturity value We w»nt In buy Blythtrllle Ilonirs. »l> Jinvc purch«,irr» fur nil kinds of hiiinea. If you want In sill (fulrk, «re THOMAS l,ANn COMPANV I). C. Cmnjjibcll, S«lf«ajiD NEW TIRES I'm- Cms, Tnii'lis, Vrador.s T. J. SEAY MOTOR CO. '«' W. A-l, ].,,,, IK , . Swearengen ft Co. Sl'OT COTTON llltOKl'KS Ittyllicvlllo, Ark. CON'ntKTlO STOKM SKWKU )''(»• Sulc A 1,1, SI'/US Oiceola Culvert C«. WIO USED CARS unit TRUCKS Top prices for I,ul,. ninili'Is - - "Sen Hcay Itrforn You H|.||." T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Nnv rivimilhs * Chryslers 121 W. Ash ,.|, BON E1)\VA1H)S "The Ty|ii-«'rilcr Mini" ROYAf.,, SMITH, CORONA, AND HKMINC1TON PORTA1H.V TYI'KWItlTKllS llil M. 2nd STIIEET (Eyeryjrrnnsnnllon Musi lie Rullsfnctory) WASH^T IXPERT AUTO REPAIR WORK Complete S(ofk ot p»r(«, HARRISON Auto Parts & Garage Ollwr Fnrm Fqiilpmtnl M7 W, v».i!i i«h. 255Z 24 HOUR l TIRE SERVICE njf-'iire and Itepalrlnj. All Work Gimarrtetd! WADE COAL CO. Alabama Itcd Ash Coal. N- Hwy, 61 We-Buy Loan Cotton Ceo. H. McFadden & Bros. Ag'cy. Ovcrllni'imi's l)rn K S lnr« V. 0. || OX 2K, Bljjipvillc, Ark. E. C. PATTON i>iu, n «29»' BAKER L. WILSON For Sale COTTONSEED Oi'lfos II2S2 SliMicvillc ^- Wihl's \'i Wild's i;j AvItsnyH SOYBEANS LESLIE E. SPECK, Sr. Krcnelinmn's Huyou, Arlc. I'lionc 2,')OS Olio pair of mules ciiiht to 10 yciirs old. Weigh! 1100 to 1200. J. C. Ellis, U:n field. Ark. 2l-c!:-2S Lale model car. Will pay rash. n. W. W.idc. Lnxora, Ark. 2 mile.'; cast nf Bnrricltc. •1-2-1)1:5-1. RATION CATjiNDAR April 25: Coffee Stamp 2R Kx[iirt-.i. JIny 21: Gasoline Coupon 5 r.x- pircs. June 15: Shoe Stamp 17 E Will jifty casli for ?10,000 worth of gnoil used Airni lure. W:ttle Furniture Co. 1-20-ck-lf Will pay 20c per <lm.. for wire conl hangers. Hudson cleaners. 10--0-ck-tt Services April Special—Pcnnnnonls tv\'o foi $5.00. Landys' Beauty Shop. Main and 21sl. rhone 3333. 7-pk-7 Sewing machines repaired. Singer offpr.s fi wau-thnc service specials to suit your machine nml its condition. From $i.r,o „,,. fiin yci . Sewing center, 1M South Broadway. Call 2782. 7-ck-1 Lost Classes m lilncircnsc Fridav, April Ifi. Finder notify Mrs. McOer- moU, MS. ' 23-pk-27 The fnrl Dial, n nilic holds the most merchandise within t h,. smnJlest arc.i ivill picccnt ti'iicfc shapp.s from chanyiiu; to anv p'rcit SALIC Our corner store nml 4 cnUascs --Mnsp in—rrirc ?17:in.Dft for a \\ I'ivc. R LAND CO. WALTRR IIKNSEN PLUMBING & II RATING . 2812 1215 Main In 1!M2. tile Nallnnnl Safety Council says. MOO persons were :illerl and 1700 injured in c rade crossini; accidents. Tiic motorist must assume major responsibility tor preventing those accidents. '? you want to i my , llor( , W ar Bonds KI.-I.I, tr.s rrti: FiMiM'nnir YOU AUK NOT USJNfi r,, r rnsh' Alsn lilK-ral tra,ln-i,, allowance for old furniture nn ncvv. Alvin Hardy Ftirn. Co. Ml j;. Main ' ,.),„„,, 23n , WALLPAPER EXCELLENT DESIGNS WiJ DISCOUNT E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. ••".1 \V. Ash Ph. 5M Yes-Mr. Farmer I We Do All Kinds Of WELDING AndDoItRiffhll HvinfT UK Your livnken Farm Tools A Machinery. PHILUPS MOTOR COMPANY 5(h & Walnul ])I.vfhevi]le, Ark. Phone 453 Defoe Furniture Co. Kit r.. Main Dial 3 Wanlcil: Used Furniture. Also you ran trade your old furniture in on new. A former pn^en^er cm com jinny Is manufacturing In fjunii fity four types of cunnon, previously consiilerod loo difficult t< sub-coiitrnct niul loo intricate fo mass production. J. E. JOHNSON , Fire, Life anil Casualty .1 INSURANCE \ V13 N. !!ml Hired I "Ilctter Safe Than Sorry" J Wayne Cliich amJ I'uiillrv Vctfls Insist nn Wayne quality wlim buying feeds of ;i It kinds. HAYS STORE "Farmer's Headquarter! In >B;ylhc»-ilIe & Mont«l»" S|)«nd Your Precious Points For The • Better Brands! — Ol More nnil lictlcr Fom! fur your ration hooks. 3 ricliverlcs Dally L NABERS Grocery & Market DHS. NIES & NIES Ostcopatfric Physicians RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (EXCEPT CANCER) OFFICJC HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:30 Clinic 514'Main Blytheville, Ark. Phone 2921 SPECIAL SPRING 10 POINT TUNEUP 40 (Includes Litlmi- Only— iVo replacement p a r | H cosIs. 1. TiRhtcn CVMM)t:i(. MKAI) •inil MANU'OUIS. flitch COMI-UESSfON. AUjS "EAT VA!,Vi:. 2. Clran anil Test St'ATiK I'I-1J«S Adjust Srarlt (lap. 3. riiorniislilj- insjipcl «FV. KKATOK, (;oii;, CON. DKNSKK, VOLTAGE KFO- DI.ATOK, \VlItlX(; ^ 1(1 SI'AUK COMKOT,. Tlgl'l- <~n all contiiTlions •). Clean ami Adfnsl ms. TKIIUlTOIt. A,lj ust "^ Einc Timinj; for maxinunii wartime performance, :.-;.i// HEY! ; : THEY'VE <'( ( TURNED J•' ^\ BACK! *.*, .^^. . v /; —^ — REFORE EA«y CAN REJOIM 1HE FOfiANATlON, TWO '-'OF HIS ENiilNES ARE illOT ODT, PART OF l|!$ , CONTROLS ARE GOME, TWO MORE Of 7HE C_REW ARE WOUNDED, AMD THE TOP TURRET IS JAMMED. IT LOOKS LIKE TAPS FOR .T.HS .RAMBLIN6 l!y ritKD HAKMAN JOOTS AND IIEU 1UJDIJIKS .v F.OGAR JIAlllN 60ML S^NCf. NOOK16 VAtW IW TO By V. T. HAMl.H H071I&.' LOOK AT HIM EAI y/T» 7HAT SfioT OF POff HAD THE Boy- Pur IfJ H/S FOOD, HE'LL OO OU7 LIKE A LI&HT... ..7H£fJ IT'LL SIMPLY BE \fJDMV 7ROUBLE WILL BE OVER... O'/.'IC'.Mv. WHOOoi. SORT A . , , IMTO 7HE //<WE-A/1ACH/,V£ /WO PKESTO...HFJLL BE O.\l HIS U'AV BACK TO MOO " MY STARS,MisTERV™ 5 0< -' EOVOUST OOP, WHATS IXDNE \ GOT TIRED AND COfAE OVER MISTER j FOLDED v. DOC? * ' AN'l) HIS FIIIKNDS Juvenile Justic 1M 8. Division St. Pfaon« Ml 5. f'lircl,- and adjust CAIt- BtlKKTOK Tnr Iicsl gas mummy. fl. Adjust VAI.VK TAl'IM-TS. 7. < lean nml service All! n.KANKK. fi. 'Iliniouslily inspect CIOOI.- IN'<; KVSTESI. Tiglilcii llosc (,'oniifclinns. Adjust ran Kcll. f>. 't'csl and St'ivice. «,\T- TDKV. <;ic:ui an,] if-him rnnnections. 1(1. Tune MOTOU for lirsl wartimp IVrroniiancp an.l LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. , You SENT FOR ^ves, LARD-.-I THOUGHT you wiGwr i»-rTrt ; ME, JUDGE HAY? J DISCUSS T>IE SCUTTLE CASE WITH ME ' V •~~l —ir~T SeCMCD TO HAVE USED 6C»D OUDGMCNT IW ' r- U t ADDDrurWIMMn tllf.A-. C^\ nr«.7. ^^7. w ' ((v OUDGMCNT IW APPPCHENDINO HIM —SO PERHAPS YOU COUlD - SUGGEST A JUST PUNISHMENT/ -^.-^•.,,.. rF _^ jfa Tralim LZ.! M '" LSilay —--— ^--^^rMHSMfe. /•«niTV° HATE To GOSH! ) IMPRISOM -4IIM, BECAUSE OF MIS AGG---. AMP si«ce HS'S WEAITHY, A FIMS WOULD HARDiY HIM / _ 'So HOW WOULD You ) lib BE GO ABOUT TEACHlfJG- I IF HE WAS IO A MAM LIKE THAT A YEARS OiO, AND LESSON IN HUMAN r/ I HAD A BEHAVIOR f ,__X HAIRBRUSH/ «s : ;

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