The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 27, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 27, 1950
Page 11
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TUESDAY, TTJKK fT,19SB BLTOWTTLLB (ARK.) COURIER NUTS PAGE ET/EVEM OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Ma). Hoople Yoo DITCH we FOR ONE OFTHOSft ' COLLEGE DRIPS AT LAKeVIU-E AND I'LL COMB UP AMD WORK HIM OVER/ t6AD,TyHISGS/VOU PR08ABW HEARb ME UNLEASH AW RICA BARITONE VCXCE. hJ THE TUB -**• A GRAND fDEA 3UST STRUCK ME! VMY WOT IMPAC.T M.V VkXAL GIFT TD OTHERS — L.CT TUB WORLTJ Slt-JG f HERE. VOL) BETTER TAKE A LAST WHIFF OF "THESE WILD FLOWERS 'FOR6 WB GO IM, CU7. IT'LL. BE TH' LAST OF TH' BEAUTIFUL THIMGS IK! LIFE WE'LL BE IK) TOUCH WITH— PER. AWHILE. AMVWAV QNCH Juwe HER. FREEDOM FOR THE SUMMER., LAROSY. ARCMT YOU GOING "To BE &ROAD-MIMDED,TOO'< LAUNCH A „ PLAMINS MILL? TIP ME OFF \MH6M YOU START ArJD I'LL A FORWARD I MS AUDRESS.' START A 6CHOOL OP BUT SUPPOSE SOfAEBCOY BISCER. THAN LIKE A VARSITY FULLBACK. FOR, INSTANCE? -LM BROAD-MWDED! HV DO 1UESe GRUESOME IDEAS PICK. HIM. TO BIT& **W '' ^^-i^^^ VK. X^ THE WORRY WART «M SS ?; K'ifXv.,« corn, loco EIY KCA SFRVICE. we. i. M. BEC. u. B. PAT, OFF, FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS—BY MERRILL BLOSSEB It All Depends -. ' • Political Announcement The Courie: News hiu, tjeeij author- ised to announce tlie following candidates, subject to the Democratic primaries July 25 and August 8 4^ FOR COUNTY JUDGE SF Roland Green FOH STATE REPRESENTATIVE L. n Autry Re-election Post No 3 John .1 Cowan Kenneth S Sulcer post No 2 Albert A Banks ' Post No 2 E. O. "Gene" Pleeman {For re-election Post No. *) W. P. Wells For State Senator W H Nicholson J. Lee Beardcn SHERIFF ANT) COLLECTOR Osce Nunnally RADIO AND TELEVISION REPAIR Factory-Trained Mechanics Any Make or Model Prompt Service Reasonable Prices $. Phone 2642 We Pick Up and Deliver Fred Caliihan tin So First SI., Rlythfville 15 OFF On Your Cole man FLOOR FURNACE H You Install It Before July 31st Do It Now! Save money, be ready for winter before the rush. And get the famous Coleman that gives you Automatic Heat—Clean Heat—Warm- Floor Heat. See A Demonstration Today Chas. S, Lemons Furniture By Grace Nies Fletcher xxiv . I T IEUTENANT McGANN took J another sip of coffee before lie resumed the explanations. "Why did they nickname that horrible litlle man 'Lofty'?" Gloria asked, slilJ holding MiLtiades 1 hand. "For the same reason that you call a big man 'Tiny.' Because he was small/ 1 the lieutenant explained. "All the time 1 thought he was Hansen, because Hansen was tall," Gloria said, glancing at Hansen who smiled proudly. "We couldn't disillusion you because Hansen—you knew him as Reuben, . the doorman—was too valuable to us. He'd wormed his way into the Benoni gang without their knowing he was a federal officer." "A federal officer!" Gloria blushed. She hadn't been very bright. That was why Hansen— Reuben—had been following her tonight. He thought the pie might have heroin in it, or that Gloria was carrying heroin around. Maybe he thought Gloria was another Sal! Probably it had been Hansen's badge that had made Ella Mae, the beauty operator, scream •Ella Mae looked pretty shady herself. But Gloria consoled herself the thought that both she ant Hansen had mixed things up thoroughly as the ingredients fo a pie, yet somehow they had coim out right. The . whole recip emerged as something to be proi of. • It just went to show wha Gloria had suspected, that a rea cook didn't follow the rules in th cookbook, but tasted, experiment ed for herself ... as Gloria ha experimented with death whU Lofty held his gun on her. She murmured, '^Why did Loft? follow me around so?" She un clasped Millindes hand, "He suspected that you kne either whore the necklace was o where the Benonis were Eliding, icutcnant McGann pointed out. And he was afraid you'd learn— veil; look." Ho drew his handkerchief from is pocket, unfolded it carefully, the necklace lying there ookcd like a stage prop or some- ling the Mcdicis might have vorn, with its massive setting, its nonuous green stones. The lieutenant pushed at the lasp. which was as big as a pill iox, and something white and lowdcry fell into his hand, "Heroin." he said grimly. 'There's room to store the stuff under every gem." "You mean Alicia Strong, the stage star—" Gloria gasped but tfcGann shook his head. "We don't know yot, frankly tfaybc Sal just used the necklace 'or a hiding place, safe because it was so improbable, and she always lad access to her sister's dressing room." He put the necklace carefully away and Gloria was glad to see the end of the evil thing that hat cost so many lives. The lieutenant murmured, "O course it was Sal who jettisone< dope into your sugar jar at Jones Beach. She saw Hansen and go scared." • • • "CUPPOSE we'd eaten some o 'J itl" Gloria shivered. "It's good thing you got arrested, Mil tiades, so the police got it." "Yeah, I made a swell goat, Miltiades said b'itterly. He was still worrying about hi job. But surely the office won Id n fire an innocent man. "It was what you said about Sa and Lofty qu: rreling that gave u our first real clue," McGann tol Gloria. Shu remembered the seen —on the street when she was talk ing to Sammy the newsboy. Sn must have Miltiades buy a gun for Sammy's father. "Any time you want a job wii the Brooklyn police, let me know cGann was saying. Hiinsen spoke now tor the first me: "Just one thing. Mrs. Brown, /hat was that poem yon shot ofty Gordon with? It wasn't in y McGuffey's reader." "It was Irom 'The Frogs,'" Gloa told him. "Aristophanes wrote about 400 B.C. It's my favorite reck drama." "II ought to nm on Broadway," •lit! Hansen. "It's still got what It kes. And so have you, Mrs. rown." "FIIE next thing, they'll be wanting you in the F.D.I.," liltiartes told Gloria bitterly. "It's asy to see who wears the pants in his family. I take a nice safe oom in jail while you knock off public enemy." "They also serve who only stand nd want out," Gloria giggled, her imple going through its customary lunt in the corner ot her mouth. Suddenly she tensed, began to cream and flung' herself frantl- ally into her husband's arms, jann whirled nervously, ex- deling at least to see that Lofty Gordon had broken out of the jail lospital. "A mouse!" Gloria shrieked. "In he corner." "Qniet, foolish. He won't hurt you," Miltiades soothed, holding icr lightly and quite masterfully. Why, she was actually shaking. Lieutenant McGann saw and marveled. She had torn Brooklyn apart with her soft little hands to save her husband, thrown a pie at a gangster and quoted Greek at a killer. Now she was yelling her bead ofl over a mouse! Gloria quieted down, lifted her head from her husband's shoulder and winkod al the lieutenant before she settled down again on the divan.' "The little spalpeen!" Lieutenant McGann chuckled to himself. "She'll lead him a merry chase and he'll love It. I always heard that Hoslori was the Athens of America, but there aren't many girls smart enougn to cover up when their brains are showing, like Mulligan." Probably ths Greeks had a name lor her. (THE END) "They may be the famous pigaons of St. Mark's, but they don't look any different to me than the courthouse pigeons at homo!" I'HISCIIJ.A'S POP Conic to TUink of H IJY AL VERMEER WE BUY AND SELL USED & NEW FURNITURE PHONE 2112 REMODEL NOW Nothing Down—Up to 36 Mos. to Pay It's easy lo finance your hump improvements—or a new garage—through [inilders Supply. Now you can get a low interest FHA loan with easy monthly payments. Don't delay any longci . .call us for the details. Builders Supply Co., Inc. South Highway 61 Phone 2434 We're Proud of Our Work ine work • Woodwork tactnring • Welding EARKSDALE MFG. CO. Machine work Manufacturing GEE, YOUR FRIEND CUTE, PRISCILLA! GO OVER AND SKV SOMETHING GOOD ABOUT ME! r WHAT /S GOOD ABOUT YOU ?? !!Y MICHAKl, O'MAU.RY and RALPH LANS HERtSIHE PLACE WHERE SOMEONE TOOK A POT SHOT At AlEC AND IEFT BEHIND A £l TORN PIECE OF B1UE CLOTH. WHEN I FOUND THAT, I ' THOUGHT THE REST WOULD BE EASY. WHY OiDH T HE COME IN THE HOUSE 9 WHAT'S HE WALKING DOWN TO mf L1KC TOR? BOY, WAS I WRONG/ I KNOW MRS. KYIE BOUGHT ft NEW BLUE DRESS WE NEXT DAY, BUT TIIEKE I'M STUCK. THINK I'LL WALK DOWN 1O THE LAKE AND STICK MY FAT HEAD IN.' CAPTAIN EASY A Suggestion BY LESLIE TURNER WATERMELONS! Ice Cold 4c Lb. Warm 3c Lb. Cantaloupes 20c Blythsville Curb Market 130 East Main SHOE REPAIRING SAVES MONEY! Prompt Service Expert Workmanship 111 W. MS1N ST. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Price* Kir by Druq Stores FARM LOANS Unlimited Funds— Attractive Terms A Complete Morlgage Service UNITED SBRVICE & RESEARCH, INC. 81 Mnilismi BMj;., Memphis, Tennessee GKOKGE O. VATES, Rep. Rlylhcvillc, Arkansas FOR SALE Concrete culverts 12 inch in ift inch, plain or rccnTorccd Also Concrete HuiliJlng Blocks cheaper than iBmber (m barns chtcVcn h»«scs, pimp house*, tenant hnuses. loo) sheds We dellier Call •• f*r free tstlmate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phonr «M USED CAR SPECIALS! , STUDEIMKER CHA.MP- PION. Fully cniuppcfl with Over Drive. Radio, CllmMI/er, While .Side Wall Urn and Hill-Holder ..... $ 1919 PLYMOUTH S P B C I A I, DEI.UXK. Equipped with Radio, Heater, White Slrte Will Tires ...» Wonderful Btiy 1340 STtlDERAKER 1. A N n CHUISKR — DKMONSTKATOK Fully equipped with Over nrlrc, Radio, llcalcr nnd his LOW MIlOEt ............... Used Truck Specials I9ID STUnEBAKKH 1!4 TON wllh 12" BODY >nd In Perfect Condition IH' 19 IS FORP ',$ TON PICKUP. Low Mileage and In Kic. Condition > s Visit Our Service Dept. Free Wash Joh With Each Grease and Oil Change Chamblin Sales Co. "Vour Friendly Slndcbaker Dealer" R.R. & Ash I'hone 688 ANY PLftCE WEAR. "TTHERE'S ft. FEW WMEG HOIES lEFTl [/'IP VOU'KE RIDItJ' OM TO KD DEftD HEE6 WHERE 3OO \IU SALT CREEK FROM THAT GLIUV-l I KOKSEp STOP (VT BEM SDETAS HEAD O'COWS COULD \ WAStlEE WE IIP.P... THREE MILES 11 HOSftU WERE TH 1 CEEEK. ME KNOWS BE WATERED WHEW / WEST, JUST Off TH' RESERVATION THEY'RE DRIUEJJ 1HKD NEW WEEK.? I. OUGHT A PICK UP SOME EJIT PAY AS EASY RIDES AlONS THE EDSE OF THE NAVftJO CE5EEUMION THAT COUMTE.V FKETTVx- UGS BUNNY Obeying the Rules M.T.EY OflT' A Real Menace I5Y V. T. HAMUN VO1S7E NOT/ TH HECK CM NOT. (SffiNG TO I NOBODY GET! ITH SHOVIN '.CUNT/MM I FEEBLE ? Y'XNONV WHAT HE R3NET HE D^NS NEAR KILLED KINS GUZ TH/VS WHAT.' VHOPPED HIM RIGHT IN TH' FACE WITH A. CLUB. HE DID. THEN WHEN I GO rGET HIM. HE AMBUSHES ME WITH AN AVALANCHE.' TH'OL GOATS A KILLEE.' HE'S A MENACE TO CIVILIZATION.' BOOTS AM) HEU MUDDIES Confusion BDRAR MARTIN ,

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