The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 26, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 26, 1933
Page 3
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{DECEMBER 26, 1933 m/VTHKVTLI.ft, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THRER Will Follow |c Charted at House. While Flood Waters Rolled in Western Washington Irsl of a Sfrirs of l"»er e Comes Con•be background on 1 ': I'rtant isMics thai j e returning law-ji 11 the oiv.usinj:': nine Ibeir cam- ' •ssion which opens . l |f:v DDTCHF.K ' ]jton C'lirrrsinnrlrnlj . .-- Tlic "Roose-1 meets again on, |>ared lo carry on 1 legislators return In 1 recovery program. • gave the nre^ul«nl wers spring, .blast. | il atmosphere. JJeiice. Recovery is |ut cverv present j hey will annrove, J effort ill peneral,; Ivhnt he asks for, Ibilltons of dollars, |r criticisms to de- of operation. Irst roRiilar session I duck rnt»tltii(!on- A' third, of the IP 435 House mem- II Congress will be flection to the 74th, iscn next Novcm- emble in January, IS SECURE Ind actions will be |>cal considerations. 1 smoke, steam, and lat this -.vritin« it Jdicine lo altaek persistent nopu- fcd by everyone l\ow shaping nn in- Iralion., currency in- ItnxaMon, bank rec- 1 market requlntion olhei- emerPeiK\ |1?RA la>ior nmend- cx'per.fiiiures. anc! control. renls lo recovers expeeted, but nl' •i.l bn ancrovcd M Democrats- wil tblicans bv nearh 1 Senate nnrt HniKd Luxora .Society — Personal TAKEN FOR A SLEIGH RIDE Typical of the damage done by one of the worst fio.ds Washington has seen in 30 ycif:- Is he wreckage on the Pacific Higrwny near Tacoma, showing debris strewn on the surging waters ol the Puyallup river. As a result ol the overflow of vl.-ers from continued rains, iwo v.ere known to have lierlshctl, hundreds wore made homeless and a>!l:lons of dollars worth of yroijcr'y damaged. ' New Car Enib»-aces Drastic (iiianges College students who nre till! the holidays with Ihrlr par outs nre: Misses Bessie Eleanor Thweall, Madeline and Mildred Majors and A. nnd M. College, Magnolia: Roland Andrew* of Col- li'Be of the O/nrks, CInrkM UU>. and John 13. Highlower. Arkansas University, Faycttevllle. Mr. and Mrs. L. I/. McDonrman have ns Ihelr guesls clminx the holiday* Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Mc- Dnmnnn, Mr. nnd Mrs. Clyde Warren and duuglUcr, Mildred, and MM lilllh' llniley of Halls, 'IVim. Mrs. Delia S'lann nnil her mu- lluT. Mrs. 11, E. Rush, arc spending Ihe holidays will) Mr. nnd Mrs. S. E. Simmison In fliirdon, i ! Ark. Mrs. jSpo'ncer Mellenry aiul Miiall daughter, Wnde. left Sunday aflcr- noon for Clniksdnle, Miss.. to s'Kind the liolldnys with Mr. Me- Henrv .and his mother, Mrs. (;. W. McHenry. 1 Mrs. "C. P. Crawford of Memphis Us soendim; the holidays with her 'iiarenls, Mr. and Mrs. R. .1. Smllh Her son, Clarence Cntwtord jr., who nllcnds Gull Co.xst Military A.evicmy Is also tliclr Kin-si. Miss Wilmolh Ti'uny.son Is Micndlne tlic holidays in Arkadi'l- phla. Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Nichols are tho cuc.sts of Mrs. Nichols'.-parents lit Union Clty ; Tenn., during the holidays. • , 'Mrs. Ray Graham' nnd daughters, OHVIa nnd Meredith, me soeiulln^.. the holidays with Mr. Graham, .who is n patient at the Methodists hospital in Memphis, nud wlth ; Mrs. Graham's parents. Miss ; Ethelyh Howard is spending the. holidays in FnycUeville ns the : Quests ,'of her parents Mr.if.'nd'.Mrs.'E. R. llii^an have ns their guest during the holidays Mrs. Hognn's brother, \V. j. Sykcs of Jackson, Tenn. n c ohservalives wil hittent battles, with doln? his. faniou itween them, bu less co'nsistentl: i proTre.esives niuh- rich" taxes, fo i of banks am J for hife publi jitures, for labo geu-rnl fo fierinc; reallocalioi income, will break ou reactiorirv als in NRA. AAA, r New no^i a?en- bolh Democratic lid Republican pro|be found nraLsing the. main lines of Iffort. IERS ox nr.cK •of this session nre 1st. ' . Ic leaders are Joe I'kansas. (lie bulky. |ut loynl-to-Roose- tind Charlie Mc- the clean-cut. practical Repub- Idaho lion, will te llA for fostering " combinnlions. Nor- ll Nebraska hero of Irht progressive vic- |t/ years, will be ••ry identified littcn Man." J.aFollelte will sup- W> leadership dS^iay. AH "Re- FOREFRONT emocrats will in- Wagner of New the NRA. public liemplovmcnt relief I has been working Ihorscs as chairman J Labor Board; Car- Irginia. peppery lit- II fighler. who will |ent attacks on the monetary policy liewfanzled ideas he Ilmer Thomas of l.-cssivc. immaculate ladcr of the infla- llarruwn of Mis-sis- listrallon rlehl-hand Fitting the Harness On llic Mighty Colorado !!^«' Wilson :y — Personal Two radical steps, in automotive oevelopment are beins taken by the manufacturers of one'' of'- -he new ears lor 1934—the De Soto. One feature Is the car's unusual streamlining, as shown''In'this picture, even to the ."Jlarina" oi> liie headlights al.ncaL 'v.'ilr.ii'. the body "and thr ; 'cxlicmc''slant-' oi windshield aJid real- end. The oilier development. Is the 'muv .mdnt of. Ihe icntiiv. !;odv ' foiwaril.,. in relation to the -whcelii,, so ihn . engine is direct y over the front, axic and nir passengers aro :ais- prnded Vlwccn the axluE, for creator comlort. .- minority leader and hi.s mosti conspicuous lieutenant will be for-! mer Senator Jimmy Wadsworth. •cmetimes s[)oken of as a possible' Republican presidential, candidate for 1936. ^OPPOSITION TS WEAK Lack of a-™ strong, cohesive op- ; oosition to iico c eve'fs iKilicie^ is lo a fccliutt of a'-owhi" optimism in the country. Tf busl- nesn condition; turn sour instead nf Imnrovlne. such optwsition may develop, but there still will be nmnv to aircn with Senator Hiram ,in!in«nn of California thai the rountrv finist. follow through wilh ihe odministralion policies or' "go '« hell economically." Leaders are anxious to eel liquor i taxation passed first of all. lo take ; <"ivanta-o of revenue possibilities. • Then Hie Me"' Denl will come nn f rr scrutinv i" Ihe appropriations hllK when administration officials must np^ar lo exnlain what they Inve been doir.j nnd what they •-^ -rnjno to do. F.XPtXT MINOR "SCANI>AI.S" These bills will make vocal the 'troiis ooinions some - members havo ns to concentration of power in Washington nnd the dictatorial nrcrosnlivcs granted Rcoscvrlt, (he huge debt bcin^ piled no by the r mer-encv nrorrram. constitutional-' itv of executive measures and tho ' tendency toward economic plan- : i^i'iT and social control. ; Some minor scandnls presumably i will be dug no nnd corrective in- j flu^nces exerted. ' r It must be remembered that nl-! thoiurh Roosevelt Is a master bar-! Jean K<-rps Shiji-Shapt an of the finance I moni/er and nerhaps the most Costlgan of Col- liocratlc progressive. I Iowa, Pess of Ohio. Ittana. and Hatfleld lift are expected to sharp- I admlnistralinn li'S HUEV LONG | effective unless he with more ammu- l-w seems available, liar Republican de- lave Reed of I'onn- - ?.I:js : CaroHn-- Culliun. ol 1 Mr. and Mr.; J.. u. Cutiani,' .ntc.ilainL<<t'4i) Euwtsnvlth a dance i-rldiiy •m s lit." -• • .- Mr. i.-r.(l iMrs.'-H.-'C. U.ivlilson nail • -as ' the!:- • |:uvsl!j Christina:; Jay the latHii-'.; 'parents Mr. and Mis. Ui J. Oil!<.v|>i(!, her brother, 13ob Oillespie. LiHuMIss Carrie Mau .iire.s ul iiUxor.i.-; . rl . t Mr. and Mrs. W; M. "Wallace and daughter, MPxIiiL'., S]>ent Christ- JIIMS with Mr. and ..Mrs. W. M. WalUce. Jr.. and children nt Vina. Ala. Mr. Wallace mis to .rtuni today .while:'Mrs. Wiillace null Nfaxine [Janncd to rcmnln ihrough the hdltciiys. Miss -Alscs (itWcn visitwl her parents; Mr. and'Mrs: M. George.I .1 Caiio, II!., G' ' nnd Mon-i oay. . : 1 Mr. nnd Mrs-.Waller Card were r:e.'- i.ucols a.i-.iciay .and -Monday jf their daughter, Mi 1 ^. Rilcy !i. .Jones.• nul Mr. ,/onre. at-.H.ylhe- .-illc.'' .... • Mr.- nnd Mrs'. Enrl .Cross anrt .mail' son, Jue Karl, of. Helena, .ire -visiting tbo parents of Mrs. -•jfoss; Mis. Ev.i^rerlin, this week. i Mr/ and 'Mrs. .ItohiMi itouch ,md .'mall sou; 'KoUirl, Jr., .went 'lo DeWilt. -ArkvEalurday .to.spend Ecvernl days will; Mrs. Roach's par- Hits, Mr, and Mis. Matthew Davidson. Mrs. Charles Eikns left Saturday for ii ',MO. months visit will) her; pat-emu, Mr. and • Mrs. Edgar j-ains, al WL-.IS Po.nt, Miss. Mr. anj iirs. Ci'.rl Uird went .j Wilma.-. Art:. Saturday for a ):ort visit witti Air. Hlrd's moltK-r, .'ii's. L. M. i.ird. '. 1 alcr they will ._:l Mr.;, i.iras •piucnUi. Mr. and ..ii's. L. L.'. i'j,lcr. at: PocahoiHHb, Ark. . Mrs. C. E. Sruth left Saturday .cr her licnr.- r.t Baird. Texas. -Her a month's visit with her bro- ;!.er. Gus Fraxl-i. and family. BiU' Scvier, ton of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. bcviur of Memphis, Part of the mighty barrier of ccniCintc and atcel l"al will be Boulder Dam•>towers fur InrUie-'Ulr Ji^re, tlie ii|»trenm face of the um'ninp.euxi stniclure, A' strikins; sludy In comparative flzcs- |s aUordco by the plsniy ngures atop the dam. At Ihe extreme right the walkway •d&awiay up" .Uq.cliU etves'nri idea of th; lielght-which Ihc dam will attain'. '"'" ' ': •' ' _ P.T.A.News. Tlic Senior High School Harem- ' Teacher association had a Yuletide : l.rogram for It.s December meeting J which was also featured with a re- | IXJrl of the state- convention by j Mrs. N. B. Mcnnrd. I] The group sang "Silent Night," spending Ine holidays with' his Mrs - u E - old ^- re:i(1 the P rDsi " ', Mrs. Claude Shaw. dent's message. Miss Wlnburn spoks sjicnt will al days vlslllng' Fnvcr V. S. 1'otatn Rule mother. Mis' Robcri. Wright, srOKANL.', Wasn. (Uf)—l-'odcral sislers, NMsscs Mary and ri-gu!alion cf the 1034 |K)lalo crop •.nas voted In a resolution of Ihe Northwest Potato Growers' Association in Ihelr annual ' convention (Ills year. They fear iiosslblllly ol a surplus. Read Courier News' -Want Ada..' Head Courier News Wanl Ads, Ingredient! rfVkfc* i VcpoRub In Convenkot Cvidy Form VICKS COUCH DROP Mrs. J. W. A('.;ms of Blytbe- ville r.-ns the ^usl of her sisk-r, Mrs. Jesse Groor. over the weck- uul. Mi£S EloLic Wrisilt returiKd this mcrnlng from Pirie DIufT, where on "Opportunities for Spiritual and Moral Training." and Miss Rosa M. Hardy talked on ••Difficulties In Determining Experiences of True Value." I course, there's Huey I ana. who probably neither led publicly of hlspmr nn popular president since George | Washington, sudden unforseen re-1 vnlls In Congress niwavs nre pos-: s'ble—si;ch ns that last spring in which the House nearly wrecked | his nro^ram for cutting veteran INFLATION DRIVE IN DOt'BT ! No one knows when the brunt of the eslrcme inflationist attack will come, but radical inflation sent!- ment recently has subsided, alon? "'il!i the virtual collapse of the 1 ' l lifrtT l -"-"" rt - S -"'-^~ r ^-'--- n "'- l - S ' 1 ' ^^P' 10 lhe failure ° r hcr " i;vrri;1 Ee to Nelson Morris, millionaire tieacl COLDS '. Pul Mrnllml.iliim In l\l /// llic iu>.lril« Ii. i t-li«v* W '// rori^rttlliin »rnt dear ly /'/ lllf-brF.-il[iin^pa-Mfn. W Iperience ns soon as Inbunctlous. l.achlnc will be op- Itek Sienry T. Haln- 1 wliuV-mRned vct- JoU, nnd lanky Joe | ssee, majority lend. New York still will other measure will be the best husbands." That was what the French itaje star declared iwed bv both houses over Roose- when she returned to New York from Paris. See the new "Repeal ve»'s veto. torj - s i, e - s wearing. The cameraman found her lr- ihe ship's gym. Democratic leaders hope to nn-1 •. . _ _ _ _____ '*h and adjourn before Ihe end of April. But almost anylhlng may balance and all hands shudder nt happen within four months. ••Teanwhlle, the situation is somewhat analogous to that In time HARRAJNR IN NEW * USED FURNITURE R.J.DODSON SOS E. Main - Phono 1&5 tlie thought o[ possibility of Jail- ernted motion, urc. Nobody wants to throw any as it ts In acccl-; of war. RecoTTry hangs in the monkey-wrenches Into the ma- SUE. NEXT: THE CURRENCY IS- G. G. Caudill (Mi N. Rroidmy Phone 731 GOOD COA I. IS TI1K CHEAPEST No,- iy » nnd S There West no coal, the Alk- Mountains, as high in Iirat nnfl .is low In xsb a.s (in 1 UPREM That Is % bo\d >latem<-nt. hut it hi rthical. hrcame it's true. W !>avr autlinrilntlvr anilysls nn (He on all coal ard can prove Ihi* claim. SUPREME Suptr-hral h thr only rnal of Us kind And sold nnly bv thia company. ,KJ.\^^^,^.*. Cv3 Medium ' Size Lump Ton - S7.VI !i Ton S4.00 Cash A Rich Man's Cna! n( A Poor Man's Price Superior Cr,nl & Mining Co 3D4 W. Wnlnul - Thonr 700 "liUKKE HARDWARE C.OMPAiNY" The One Price Store Sells For Less \Vo iuivo Ihc Most f'nmplrlc f^inc of Hardware'in" K;islern Arlinns:vt! Not t!ic LntRCSl, Rut the Most OmiplHu. Burke Sells For Less \Vliy nni! How? Our Overhead is Less. We I'ay Cus'h - - \\V Sell for Cusli. \Vu bnvc no delivery. Nn portrrH or hijrh iMwervd salesmen. Obviously Why Can't We S«ll for Less? H'K no secret an lo hmv nnd why. Come In ami Ite (,'onvinced. We Acrcpl the Chiillan^e. OUIt MOTTO ItllRKE HARDWARE COMPANY Sflls For Less And We Have One Price To All r'ni- Irr \Valrr and Krst llnoms for Mm, Womtn and Ohlldrrn nnnoimcc associated with reciate any coal «v this company.

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