The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 2, 1943 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 2, 1943
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 2, 1943 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK) 1 . COURIER NEWS PAGE. THREE', Piano Students 'J'JT Ol' Miss Jone.f- To Give Recital Miss Minnie 1-ee Join's will present her piano pupils in a rcdtul Frlilny night, 8:30 o'clock. Tlie i>ii]iil.s, who will perform nt the Blytlu-vlllc High School auditorium, will lie iissisted by Miss Wjupiic .Sho|>liri'(I, vocalist, uml Miss Itarbam Kiuipp. violinist. PI- nno solos, duels inul trios will innkc up llic program. Tlie follinvin gpuplls will be presented: Betty Joy Powell, Jackie James, Miiry Ami McLeod, Hnlli Ealiier Peterson. Gertrude, Jeffe.- vios. Hyrl Bevill, palsy Jane Me- . Hnffey, Uartrne Sullivan, KH-ai- i liclli 1'ierce. Martin Lou McGregor, Mona Joy Cialne.s, June Stlres, Peg- By Jean Van Klnkle, liacliel Morgan, Aiden Ciowdur Jr., Billy James, Bobble Lou Peterson. Kd- win Barker, Flora Man Pierce, Peggy Jemi Precmnn, Bertha Ann Games, George Ann Klilwrll. Mur- vln Hopkins, ciarry Taylor. Virginia Morgan. Fayc Ktlev, Ruth Mtingnim, Vanlla Campbell, .loan HUB, Mabel Jewell Hooker, Mary Davis, Tiuogene Campbell, Mary 'Frances Crawford, Virena Moody,', Chnrllc - Ruth •Hlfuikcnshlp, Aim Koelilei 1 , Maroric Nell Kuen- le'r, •• Cbarlene Armstrong, Betty Lou Hunts, Irene Maura, Donna Hose .Simmons, Ann Al,;ncrmott, Flora June Hnrowsky, Betty liorow- sky, Bobby Berry, • Vivian "osljoruc, Hnrpl'd Pleeman, Jhmny Dale Berry, 'Virginia O.slxjrne. CAIID OF THANKS We would tike to take this oppor- tnnityjlri extend our sincere thanks to all of om' friends wiio were so kind to ns during the rccejit illness mid death of our husband and father. We lliank each and evcrj' one of you for the beautiful floral offerings. . • Mrs. H. M. Prince and children. Future Ferry Pilots 1 < Future ferry pilots, groomed by the Army Air Forces Flying Tuilnlnu Command .stnnd nt attention un Ilii 1 lliglit hue of Iliejr Sweclwnler, Texas, train ini; ttctachmi'iil. Altiivd in their cliic "A uniforms" ---tan slacks, while shtrls and iligln caps—the stiiclcnls slaved a colorful review Friday us Hie hlish- Hym ol graduation day for UK- nation's second Bronp of Arniy-lialne<l women flyers. (Flyer Tniliihvs Command ()hcito from NKA Icli'pholol. Hisler Clarke, sou of Mr. ami Mrs. John j\l. of Osceola, Ark., lias ln>cn promoted lo pil- vale first class ill New Oilcans, lie funncily was rlly atlorney al Joacslxiro, Ark. ITo. Joseph P. Clarke, son of Mr. mm Mrs. John M. Clarke of Osccola, Ark., mTiilly was promoted lo llnil guide from private, llti was Inducted lust Noevmber anil Is sin- Iliined ill New Oilcans. Avlallim Cmlo.l Orville W. Speck if Krcnchuuins llnyou. Ark,, was recently itiadnalcd fumi Omlis Hying School, llrndy, 'IVxus, allei 1 ce.inplelhi|'. the prlinury flight training course. He has hecn sen! lu n busk- school ui Waco, 'lYxus. EDSON IN WASHINGTON Commercial Flying in the Future In. no]-|iial times, shios mvi'>r- way nt sea during foggy \vealhcr must give signals, by siren every two minutes. : i .. Beavers secrete a powerful odoriferous • substance, casloreum,.which is used in. tliii manufacture of some IJeiTumes. Thirty-five per cent of all divorces in tlic United Slates occur within the first five years of married life. Hold Everything Cases over into a wiir of shoesZ BY I'KTKK KI1SON Courier News Washington Cnrn'sjiomlenl Realistic and frce-from- flights- of-fancy' nnpralsiil of post-war commercial.aviation and commercial aviation and commercial planes' has, .just, been made by. Edward Warner, vice chairman of the Civil Aeronautics Board, In the -form of a three.-ilay , lecture; delivered before the lioynl Aeronautical Society in London. Much of (he text of the lectures, as released in Washington, is too deep dish for anyone but an airplane designer to understand. But in between the complex" engineering formulae there are whole pages of good flying horse sense which anyone can understand, and these simply stated conclusions, backed up by practical .flying .'experience and mathematics, perform the timely and useful service of bringing back to earth all tiiis uninformed, theoretical and fantastic discussion of post-war flying. Primarily, it stri|is down a lot of this fantastic talk of lOOa-passen- ger giant skyliners , syrockcting through the stratosphere af 1000 miles an hour, with the dizzy passenger taking cocktails in Calcutta, night cap in Carlo, and pick- me-up in Chicago next morning This is hard, pay load, flyiiig-for- profit commerce that Mr. Warner is talking about, and as such it's worth paying attention to. Mr. Warner first, puts this matter of aircraft size in its proper perspective. Most passengers,^ i given n free choice,' would prcfei IGO-passengcr planes to 25-pnssen- ger planes. But the greater On size, '.lio Ics.i flexible the .pervicc. MKIUTS HI- SJIAU. AII:OI!AI-I There is a place lor'the highly flexible, fivc-passc'iiticr family car. I and small alrcratt will definitely 1 lave their places, too. "Non-ship roni everywhere to everywhere at 0-miniite Intervals" is the patron's denl, l,ut lliat .service can lie jjlvcn letter .with small aircraft Itmn illh lari;3. Four 25-p.issenyer )lnnes can ijive 100 passengers non>to]> service to four' points, whereas on lOO-passcngcr plane is "re- liiced lo being a four-stop local. Projecting these findinss in the wst-wnr period, Mr. Warner tor- sees as a ty]>ical traffic demand, lie departure from New 'York'of some 80 planes.In an evening rush lour, flying to 40 different cities. Fifteen of those departures might be 40-passcngcr air craft, the remainder being some 10-passcnger |>lanes, but largely 20-passenucr planes of the size in common com- meicial use today. If this conclusion is correct, it nplkes the idea that [ilrmcs like the Douglas UC- 2 and 3 are obsolete. Popular misconceptions about distress of Female Weakness Which makes jou CRANKY, NERVOUS Lydla K. rinkham's Vcgolnblc Compound Is niiHle especially for women to relieve periodic puln with weak, licrvotlH, blue feelings—due to (unc- tlotial inonthly disturbances. Taken regularly — Plnkham'n Compound helps Imlld up reslatancc Tiunlnst such symptoms. Follow label directions. Thousands umeniedl future lengths of flight and s|x>i'd.i are also put In their true economic light by Mr. Warner. The longer the iron-stop flight, Hie greater I ho cost. A KOfl-inlle .flight can be niadi: at an operating cost of 22 (•Mils per' ton mile, whereas a 2000- mlle flight costs so cents ix'r ton mile and 'a :i!>OU-inlli> i'llghl costs 75 I'eu'ls per Ion mile, largely because of the extra fuel load lhal myst He carried. * * • SI'EKl), AI.TITITIU; MOIIKHATIt The same thing applies lo speed, The most economical air .speed at moderate.altitudes is likely to remain below 1HO miles ]»r hour— IliO against, a 40-mile wind, 190 against an 80-mile wind. The question is how much the public is willing to pay for increased speed. Mr. Warner estimates the limits ut $10 per hour saved. Thus if a four- hour flight from Chicago to New York costs $10, reducing the time lo two hours would mean that the flight would have to cost $GO. And how many people would Pay that difference? High altitude flying In sealed pressure cabins Is another Innovation on which too much hope, may have been placed, If economy of oiw'rallon Is to be considered. H will increase weight of the plane by 4 per cent and increase costs of maintaining by 5 per cent. An extra 10 niliinlcs of (line must In allowed lo climb from ID,nun lo :IO,000 feet. If these conclusions of Mr. Warner's don't adil up to your vlslnn- iuy or revolutionary expectation: about the future ol 'llylnc.. they a lensl have the merit of sense. Vhlle nl Curtis Field, Cndcl S|H'fk viis a wlni; I'ommiindi'r. Mrs. c. \v. Moore received n nbU'iirum from lior son, 1'fi 1 . Otto V. Moiuv illsclo.sihK (hat he has rrlvcd In Auslrulla.- Kllls llriMiks formerly ol lilytlie- •lllc- Is now .slalioucd at Aberdeen vliuj (iiounils. Mil., where he vlll iweivu his Iwslu Irniulna us in m-iliiance soldier, lie lormci'ly ved at 101 Down. Oicn tiuli Jr., win uf Mi-, and Mrs. Oivn (luff of lllyihcvlllc, I I'lved an advancement In niUnn in Ihe Navy. Mr. doff Is now n iii'liy oiflcci 1 :i-e. uml is Kliillonci .il Mllllnr.ion. 'IVnn Avlnllini cuilei Hoy Itoss ha.s nnnplelcd pi'lmary InilnliiK n HAiikln Field In -niluiv, Calif., alH Is now Malioncil at Chlco. t.'allf. for basic liiilnliiis, He Is (he sin of Mr. and Mrs. W. .1. Itoss. "N'T BUY ASPIRIN Ilial caiiddiiinie fur you than SI. lose,, Asiiiriii. Why ,.;iy m(1K .y tt'oilU'a laife: tt'lleriit lOc. Di'inamlSt.JoMiili A»p!rii I'tc. John folwiird Moblcy Is now lillloned al l^iwrey Field, Colo, I'fc, Wallev f«on O'Neal, son of lr. an ( | Mrs. Walter O'Neal of inrdelle, Is now i IwxiiiB lasniclor I the Miirlne ll:ia>, I'airls Island, . 0. J. I). Cooper, seiuniin first class, nil son of K. II. Cooper of Burette, Is now In Hie I'liclflo war one, asaiium Cooper was a student if llnrdetle High Hctiool prior to olnlnii I lie Nuvy and was hi boot •amp ut Ovual Lukes, 111. Kergt. Ucy I). Powell of Dell lias the first of his operational training at the Army Air lasc. Clovls, N. M. !'*•(. Clyde 1,. Wlilslle, son of Ml', and Mrs. W. A, Wlilslle of Hoseland, ia;i coiii|)lcU'(l his course in Hie 'Jnnht sebiHil of Hie ordnance traln- g renter id Camp Hunla Anita Calif., and will be assigned to the Coriw of Mlllliny Police at lhal liosi. liobeil J. Dmig'ias, son of Mr, and Mm. Fraul; (;. Dminlas Is now KliKloni'il at Cini)|i McClelliUKl, Ala, RHEUMATIC PAM »i«» ml Spill }iui Biy—Oil iltir II «i« Don't pill of[ irclllnir C-22M to ro- llcvo puln of nuiHcidar rliumnallsm nndotherrlieunuilir |ialn». Cmitlon: U.Hii only na dlroclcil. First Ijolllii pilrcbase |itli:o liat'k |f not .satl.Hflod tiOc and $1,00. Today, buy C-2223, ,,Never Absent or Tudjr , f ._ ^ , 'f , , • I' ilc'nrn ; daught«r of Mr. mil Mrs John He'arn, will enter Junior High School next Fall with irecord no one else Sri'central Ward can c-inlm. Shu is the only .mpil fioin that ward who has been neither absent.nor tardy'in Kls years of clcmenlary -school • work, Tweiily-Ilvc per cent. supporting framework, skeleton and comiec- live tissue'go to make u' skclelun, , . Four different men once-held the • Job of Bovcrnor of Clcorgla In n,.j slnnle year. . , , .; .', WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- WlW aiocml-Amt You'll JIM* Out rf BfJintlieMomiflilUnn'UG* ;,.. Tlio liver nlionlit i>oiirout"ibout Z ptnU °* '* Mlo jnlcci Into ymu liowoUfvcrv diy. K Oik'- • Mil* !* not lli)»1nn ftct'ly, your fotxl m*yw>t- • tili-i-sl, II may |inLi!«t'uy In the bowtU,TWn', -.:. Y.M lilonlH iif viiur *torii*fh. -You g*t eoa» , M hIEjuti-il. Von Fnl KM;, »unk and tS« world , IL luVoi'lhoAu ico^L oU-CirUf** LlUU' MV.T I'ilU tu Kl -L thiwj 2 plnU ol.^'&t*- Ini; [ri'i'ly ID mnku you K^'l I'upwd Up,"; (!il H ]mrlta,;n 11* lay, Tik«'M^difvctvd. " i:H,TlKn In inulcliiK Lllo l!uw'In^y. A»k• lor Car(»/» LUlla Liver ^UU,''"' " Wanted! Men and Women Who Are Hard of Hearing To make this simple, no risk hearing tent 1 f you are temporarily ilc.tfonetl, bothered l>y ringing buzzin({ hcail noiscn due to tinnl- cueil or uoaRuMetlwui (common), Lrytrw Ou rmu Home Method teat that no many My las enabled them to heir well again. You must hear Letter after making Ihii «imple te.^l. or you get your money back at once Ask about Ourioc Ear Dropa loday at Stewart's Drug Store Main ,(• Lake I'll. 2m Protect nlir.-L-cil FKn and eoollio with Nfcxsana, former 'y M«ican Ilrat Povv- ittiun »der. Also relieve burning ANN OY S of licat-rash irrilatetl akin. My best Friends were amazed my • ~^' »V improved LOOKS newf.VKCK.Pff/ --Promote the flow of I vital digestive juices In the stomach •THESE two Important steps may - 1 help you overcome the discomforts Or erribarrassment of sour stomach, jerky nerves, loss of appetite, underweight, digestive complaints, weakness: •A pwson who Is orwMttrie on only a 70 to 75% healthy Wood volume or a stomach digestive capacity ot only 50 »o C0% normal Is severely handicapped. So with nrnple ttomach digestive Juices PLUS rich, red-blood you should enjoy tlmt sense of »ell being which denote] physical ntncss . , . mental alcrtnessl If you are subject to poor digestion or Slisnett deficient red-blood as the causa ol your trouble, yet have no organic complication or focal Infection. 6S3 Tonic may be Just what you need as it b especially designed to promote the flow of vital digestive Juices In tho itomnch and to build-up blood strength jplien deficient. Build Slnrrly Health . so that the Doctors may bttter serve our Fighting Forces rhousands and thousands of users hav« testified to the benefits ESS Tbnlc has orouEht to them and scientific research ihows Hint It gets results—that's why so foany say "SSSTonlcbulldssturdy health r-makes you [«1 like yourself again." At s SCO S.S.S.TONIC Mps buifcf STURDY HMITH "Next lo wives, sweethearts and letters from home, among things s cur soldiers mention most is Coca-Cola; Of course; our fighting men ^**»~ ** .«• ^ —>f ._» f meet up with Coke many places overseas; Bui Coca-Cola got Hiera >• first. Yes sine; Coca-Cola has been a globe-trotter since way back -, 1 when; It has been sold in more than 100 foreign lands. -. ^rf-! fl&!<, * r yjh "Even.wHh war and so many Coca-Cola bottling plants in enemy- . occupied countries; our fighting men pre delighted to find Coco-Cola being boffled right on the spot in so many places around the globe. ' And do Ihey go for it when they find it! Who doesn't?" ' • IQITIED UNDER AUTHORITY Cif IHE COCA-COl* COMrANY It'' BLHHEVILLE COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY HOME! - Despite wars and uncertainty of the times, Dan Cupid is still on the job! June Brides will find us ready to help them get the most for their home-furnishing dollars—<.ml our Budget Plan makes buying easier!., Ktiu KARl>IW for lasting joy and Us beauty! Here ii elamle matiognny framing ihal let tls tona to yfiur room and q/« • /ori/i real coni/urti 7^~ l)ctp fringe reminiscent tf Victorian ilnyi tfhen elegant* DOKII pillow luxury mnket thil a popular chair, ^ afflih Cfilpprniluk la nltrayt n/ntw^ vfart Howl furniture ii aiitmblti. The Favored Period Styles moderately priced. KARPEN Brighton Group Yoiill Find It Fun Selecting Pieces from the Brighton Group. Every Piece Is So Lovely! . *' . '•• •',.!. We warn yonl . . . you're going to fall in love with every tingle piece of furniture in the Karpen Brighton • Group—and it will be love «t first night. And think of it, there are in ill 19 piece* in the Brighton Group to choose from. Any piece will be a joy to own . . . ,- and • piece of distinction for your room. Only Hon- durai mahogany is nsed for the outer frames. Carvings , •'•' ,.. are detailed in the solid wood and then expertly finished ... and underneath the beautiful fabrics in which the Brighton group is upholstered, is nationally famous' Karpen guaranteed Construction. This group is beautifully harmonized and you will find a cover fabric for each piece that will meet jour decorating need*. A vlng chair thai imparts gracious tirtspllal- fty—bmittifully «/)«•.««' in the linei and tomfort of tliii Qnccn Anne desifn. A J/XJCT'OUI for adaptability in m ••& trottly iiiej rttm. . Hubbard Furniture Co.

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