The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 26, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 26, 1933
Page 2
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Fits 1*0 SLTTKVILH. gjtit) comm KIWI TUESDAY, DECEMBER 2G, 1933 'oise and Unselfish Spirit Make Charming Personality .Social Calendar " "" ;~ WEDHESDAY'S EVENTS Joint Installation Masonic : nnd Eastern Slar chapters',;'7:30 p. m. Miss Elizabeth. Ely the Weds Mr. W;.E. Roddy Mr. and *Mn Vlrglj Greene an- i ounce the mafrlige of. their diu» thter, Eiiiah:lU, to Mr.,' W.'vE. Kbddy, of Monettc. Ark.? The wedding was solemnized^at, DeWitt, Ark., Saturdav uftenioa'n. The Rev. J. D. H;iker, pastor of the Methodist churc'i of! DeWitt, performed the ring service at the 'home of Mr. and Mrs. John *W(^< Icy Blythe, aunt and uncle-of the Lrldc. . -,v The bride v- r <;re a hyacinth French crepe afternoon dress, cut with a long bias skirt, and tnc reck was trlmntd will) a gold satin collar In cowl elfcct. Her flowers were j>.!!r-w tea roses nun \alley lilies. ' After a liontynioon si>cnt in tittle Rock nnd Hot Springs, Mr. Roddy and hi; bride returned tost nleht and will make their home Lcachvlil:. ' Mrs. Roddy'; family have resided here for A number of years, her father, the lute H. T. Blythe, Jr., having betii the son of the Rev. H. T. Blythe. for whom (ne city was named. She was educated in'the city's Jch'ools' and Inter graduated from Draughn's Business college at Memphis. For a number of. years she 1ms been a elerk in the uHii.c - ; of the circuit court clerk. ; ;>'•""•:."•'-• •->•;'" The bridegroom, who Is ..the soli cf Mr. uiid Mi.-,. W,.;J3. Roddy ot I.lonclte, at.lende:! Bajtfinort-:T«ch college and later viis.- pradiinted' from (he Univmltjl 'pfj'Mlchlgan,' p( Ann Arbor. He opitatfji'ji f«rfi'. rear Leachvillt; andl i A' 1 oainpii manager for Denver! 1 J»dJ^f in'.y last Democratic prin ary $n' to H) Ihlrn \VtWntr A Ml JiV vml i!u\vn • l V iMp uill» l.iy.l ml . llwin-l ffirs i^u al a (Ji'mr>c coyil, IjVc * itiiji [11 3 l^ry laV. T'll". ll.k «.n in UK! Ik FiieU \»s ' Ami II. c jixwi *« a link- lulf UI An 1 ! inv lioal j>nMni^it lu Inid A fjn, iMt, anJ J lialf of JURC. ^ 1 I.OVfU a ni^n. oh very iwiKh, J A hiati nho *is pay ar.,1 lall; 1 ?l : cvtr 1 love ar.ol'^i luan — /. ' . L !i'» hk. ly I nill. XHr.cibj— . , • If tvfr ( Ijw ;uK\i[h{-»Ujj \" . , ' \\)\ W'*l?i In a iol!cv, ! jy . i . I'LL Ifl tl:tn rim In lhe'Auimr.(T aun, 1 llat.L-J lo lUlnklK-m; M^ Iheast Arkansas. Many Out oi Town| . Glints Attend Duntf The 65 couples at] I dance of'the'country enlng Included a i of town guests. Red and green overhanging Icicles doors and windows, were suspended frojn beams and a prelt 1; tree were Ihe hoUpi which formed the affair. » Music was fnrnlsti souri orchestra wlt|i selections bv a trio lor specialties. ' "The out of town tu wood and son tcr, Miss Virginia, ofVI&fjfcBbck, guests of Mr. and ilrs;' : Cliirence. H. Wilson, wetdon poffte'fc bJ :~Hills.- boro, Texas, guest df !Mr i Ufil'MYs'. J. A. Leech, Mr. afidjttrs.' Bcri Vineyard and daughter;''M'iaf'Vlrs Rlnlri, of Cape Girardcnu,'Md.,"wnh Mr. and Mrs. Everelf'B. aetf.'fctiill Helm «nd a party •'from Cntuth- crsvllle which included ..Mr. .anc\ Mrs. Wotfdson, Mr. rjddk, Mr. Reeves of Kansas City, Mo., Mrs. J. W. Peck and Maurice Thompson. Mr. and Mrs. Buck, .Mr. and/.Mrs. Brewer and son and daughter, of Horselake, Ark., guests of_ Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Coppedge, Djv JStank G. Smith of. Omaha, "Neb.KVlsitU-ig Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Kirshner.' Mr. and Mrs. Josiah Fort .-of Clar,ks- ville. Tenn., and Mr. apd Mrs. .W. B. Tanner of Heleh'a',' Ark., gubits of Mr. and Mrs. Sow,-D..-Hushes and Mr; »nd Mrs.'J»n)'es'H.-;Bell, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Waterman' arid Mr. and Mrs. Ernert.,Kce r itf;Meirh phis, with Mr. ahia Mrs y Rodney L. Bannister, J. 4; Whitwprth of Tuscaloosa, Ala., fjvislting Frank Whitworth, Miss DOrothy.-.Eyar^s ol Wilson, M>Ton Na^Jjng of Memphis and Beebe Young, flf OfCCqla,.wltli Mrs. Anne Stevcns'-Poller.lMr.'aiia Mrs. Dick Sherrick of •Roanol;c; Va.. guests of Mr?and Mrs. Ixjuis Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Karl Kroger of Oklahoma jjjity. Okia.. with Mr. and Mrs. Samirel F. Norris. *' * K'« ' • "' , ' FERA and CWA Office Employes HaTt Chrislmxs Dinner . " A turkey dinner".was served .the office employes ofjihc FERA' ahd CWA in Mississippi county Saturday jt the Woman's club for the Christmas party of-this group. The 45 present received presents from a large pec with Alice Maude Seford ana M&yo' Shaffer distributing them fSr the exchange of gifts, each employe having drawn a name. ;' The four course menu was served at a banquet table decorated In Yuletide fashion. Mrs. Harmon Seford was toasimUtress at' an informal program which included a talk by H. A. DyeisVof Osceola, representating his brother, W. R. Dyess, of Little Rock, state director of the C. W. AXand the F. E. R. A., and the Introduction of Richard Reviere of tiixora, director of re-employment in the county, Herman Cross, county time checker, and Tom W. Jackson, a member of the county .committee. Expert, by Brilliant Play, (; Conquers Strong Defense Today's Contract Problem! '-.i!<H.*r«'i "another cholco hand t irpnV lh.e national tournament : at,CInclnnatl.V, Norlh^ji the coin!ract • for) threer no .'trump. Can .you : pict»r« *-dere,nso" by thati would-' ! defeat tlio <•(, iilth -Kant opening '• pf JieartsT »' \ Mtuy Emily, Dick and joh nruce Wilson are spending t|ie holidays with their granrtpgrenU Judge, and Mrs. J, T. Tinln, P Linden, Tenn. Misses Elliabclh Burnette »n Constance Smith and Aitln Holle were the guests of the Hfv. 'A I Harwell and family at Bomsvili Tenn., during the Christmas Jiol day. Miss Helen Harwell return ed with them and will be th guest of Miss Burnett* and Mlis Smith through Thursday. J. R. Marr of Nelson, Mo,, U .spending the holidays her* 19-. tlie guest ot his brother, Russell Marr, and Miss Taljitha Sudbufy. Harold Nunn, of Kansas' "(blty, Is the of his pnrehia, : Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Nuhh, for several days. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Lahjtstbn nnd daughter, Miss Adele, and son. Charles, are in Jackson, Ml&s., for n week as guests of Judge .'stid Mrs. E. L. Elnrldje". ' ; ' Mrs. Earl Quinn and, daughter, Florlnne, and Mrs. Melvlri, Speck, of Osccola, were'guests of Mri-aild Mrs. Virgil Greene, during •'. the weekend. •'' ... -T.-W. Davis, of. Memphis, attended .to business here .Friday. . i Mrs. Flnley Cartwrlght," of Qsce- bla, was. the guest of her sister, Mrs. Virgil -Greene, and Mr. Greene, >ye«terday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs 1 . • Ray EUtlriaY .ol Shrcvcport, Lafc, arc spending the holidays with Mr. 'Elklns' ptdtnts, Mr. and Mrs.^Jbe FJklns. Sir. 1 Jbi Elklns, who la employed at th> Chicago mill aJ-.^'Iblliulah^.J.di.^afeo came Iwtne formal .Visit. .Phil Robinson;,' of _ Nasjhyille t Teiin., arrives 'Sunday t<f v'lilt his mother, Mrs; Mary Phillips Robinson. He- accornpanlM • Mrs. ftobin- son aria son,' ttotetoh; Id' Fort Smith yesterdiy for a brief stay. The Rev. : anp >trs.'. B.' P. - :wal- ilowcvcr, Tobin next played the p"* and,'.daughter, Mlss^Margue- ace of hearts, which dropped West's rl ^. of, .Shrcveport, La., are giicsls king. A small : spade \*as led, °f' Mf.. and Mrs: W. Bv Wallace" and JSTER MARY'S KITCHEN BY SISTER MAKV NEA Service Start Writer That "miuernls" are a necessary aclor in tlic diet has been an accepted principle for years and we drank rnlllt for Its lime and ate spinach for Its iron. Now we arc earning that copper should be )fescnt In small amounts if full Kneflt Is to be derived from the ron content of foods. Scientists are constantly Investigating. and adding fresli data to acts about food nnd nutrition. They have found (hat fresh calves' liver contains the most copj>er'of all foods studied. All Hie aniriial livers are rich in this mineral, calves' being the richest, beef next and pig liver third. .Dr. C. A. Elvcjhem, one of the chemists of the University of Wisconsin. has arranged the following list of foods in regard lo their copper content: Nuts, dried legumes, _ccrcai, dried fruits, poultry, fish^antmal tissues, green vegetables, roots, tubers, leafy vegetables, fresh fruils, non leafy vegetables. • The leafy rich In iren, copperV.-/7ailk Is low In both iron aria copper.- Celery was found to tve-the lowest copper content, of 1 the fcxxis analyzed. The. copp;r ontcnt ' of apricots was founi cry high. Oysters have recently been recognized as important sources of copper. Balancing Sllheral Substances In planning menus it Is neces- ary to keep jn. mind that : one mlii- ral Is not effective 'without "the thcrs. Each mineral is nt -on the presence 'of .some bttie, lineral , if - th£: huiilari. -Ijcxjy j£s -to use>"it to :lte. best'-adTiriU^e/s.cftie body makes better use'of'the'.-liine in milk if iron is included in iho diet and the Iron gains increased potency by the addition of a food rich in copper. Many other minerals enter into tl:c science of foods and nutrition and Investigators continue lo seek definite knowledge of their uses in Ire body. For the present the Interested housewife must be satisfied with a rather limited report oi the results. However, if she provides a well-balanced diet of milk ami associates with It each day. at least two vegetables with en; of the leafy type, in addition to the average meat ami potato diet, she may rest assured that she is supplying the family with the proper amounts of mineral substances essential to health. Tomorrow's >[ehu BREAKFAST: Stewed dried peaches, whole wheat cooked corc- al, cream, crisp toast, milk, coltec. LUNCHEON: Cream of onion soup, croutons; egg nnd leaf lettuce sandwiches, cereal pudding, grape juice.'-. DINNEfi: Baked stuffed perch, cheese and potato souffle, broccoli in mock Hollandalsc sauce, steamed fruit cup puddings, milk, coffee. vegetables, although are poor Sources of Mgrgtry WiUon,- . 1 - , .. ) -JSs * \ • t < " Charm"-tiie Prince of Waiei tabo^').|a&; j^OTi-.'inJCoojIdge. (bffoy) By :NEA.SetTfce : f.vV-.>. ,-,-Hym?|^f4clbus i '-''manners;, indderate * NEW YORK—If you;iiysn*t':^^af^ and a greater sympathy wit charm,.don't .despair. .Y^u-niay^ac;-: '-'•~"-'--'••-'- --- k - »»•-"••••- . , . throwing West • In" "the leivd', .«'IUiJ'J? elf .3' < ? ln ? : .. . -*AQ87S Solution In next issue. the '.ten. West tneii ,.- , cishefl - his' Jack of,,jt fst l 1 away from liis'.kiiig, ^hlch.allow'id'jy 01 ; 11 ! Ihe declarer's. queen .toVmakei ijiv- *" J5'! Ing him the-needed trick for'.dMie. ™T' and '..: "' . - .' r . . - 1 turned '™ ! * ; M - vivu wn-n-i,-:. --- J-^ — o ---.r; ~"" -«~ ........ ' ,'fjf i xji«ce'ls pastor (Sj the Parkview' Bap ' 1 " : •.." spades, but now- hart fb'kW albiub-l,' Mr - arid Mr*. ,lJprm"ari'Pe'ck;'und -'•• '-•' ; -' PI • ••'•• I " /v ""-"""'"" k Christmas in Mem- ... Water'ntsri re- Memphis •-today after having 5p*nt Chrlsthias with Mr. nnd Mrs.-Rodney'U Banister. WES'fPHALlA,'"•" .Tex. ; (UP)—A Mr. ahd;Mrsi; Ernest Re* relurn- two-lnch tootH We'ntlftta as'; Mernplil^ tc<Jay: after A brief oij":a dinosaur was' dlscbvere'd ibjr[ 5t *y ''tAtti Mr. and Mrs: E. B. Woba- . . quire .it. This ,'ls". the ,^opmion|i(5f Margery Wilson, '"ch»rni*J*«p«ft," author 'and: former hiofionri |iciure star, who. entered the; ;Uiri"e.llghl with her selection of .the\ ; N»,orld'5 ten. most canning, persons.^/; ••. ;.| , *""' 1 Is at 'variance niriosaurj Tooth Foan'd- Harold Janslng .;w'hl!e; d[|giiig v . watsf'-well ! h«re.'.it was embedded .The Rev. wxt Mrs. George Pytes, W. A. B!ack..>rfe nature can be attribute; arg«aj-;-;to, the- -standards ,whic tfrs. . Cooiidge set for us." 'Miss. .Wilson>' "says that • Mr holesomeness is th Cabbage Patch ' Solution to Previous . Contract Problem BY W>L K. McKKNNKY Secretary, American llridft- League Annual . national chnmpionship tournament' of the American nHdgc Waguc, piaycd In Cincinnati early in December, produced .some new national contract lllieholders. Championships at contract In tt:e psist' haVO becn?won mostly by eastern, players, "but when the tounm- nient was brought to the middle " ' '' "-- crs were ab!c to nnrticJntitc. they showed their ' nnrticJntitc. lHj' '.\$ tarrying CjT their share of x lho honors. Caught 5,OM Ants TEXARKANA, Tex. (UP)— M. Baldwin, Texarkana, "'recently exhibited a pint Jar which contained 5,000 ants that he, had caught With a formula on which he had been doing research work for the past ten years,. Read Courier News Want Ads. Duplicate—N". and S. Vul. Openins lead^di 5. South West Xortli I'ast 1 * ' I'ass " 1 y \ .' Pass 2M.T. Pas* '3N.T.. Today's hand was p'aycd by one oi the old-timers In the uest—E. J. Tobin.of Chicago, honorary member oi tto American Bridge League and.mcmbcr'~o[ the club which presented the national open contract team-ol-four trophy to the .American Bridge League, as well us a member of * the team representing this club, which won tfc Irophy the first time it was put in competition in Chicago inn 1925. West opened the five of spades, which East won uith the ace. returning ttc queen of spades. Tobin. in the Soulh, went right in with the king, returned a small club and finessed the jack. Declarer then started the dia- "V-nd suit by leading the queen from dummy, and cashed his ace, Xing, and Jack. On the third and fourth diamonds, West was forced to make twa discards. His ffrst was the five of hearts. He then deckled to bear down to the king of hcarls fMling that the declarer would not play him for this card and might finesse the heart suit. Is the Tcias Knrdo ot Mae West, all docXed out in cabbage and rluiuarli leaf costume. What? No spinach? No, nut'there's some parsley, for garnish, nnd tlio ensemble. .•worn by pretty Mazlo Stebblna ot Weslaco, Ter., won firs.tprlie In the lowfcr ftio Grande Valley spcnrtirig-Joff^y in MCni(>his. Mr. and Mr^ Charles . Kramer" left yrtlerday morning for 1 Cetiar FnllH.-i !ai, .iwhere 'they .will ntWnrl tlie funeral of Mr.. Kramer's 'mother. Mrs. G. R.''D.. Kramer..who died Sunday. They:, will return home "Friday. Foiir years ago lir. Kramer's .fnthcr ;dled during the Christmas .holidays. • . • .' .Mr. and Mrs. Tillman Peters and son Nathan, of Dycrsburg. Tcnh., were the Christmas guests of Mr, Pclcrs' sisters, Miss Alma Peters nnci Mrs. A. 0. Haley. The RoV.' Frtnlc G. Smith, D..D., or Omaha. Neb,-is the guestof.ihls daughter. Mrs. R. F-. Kirshner. »nd family. He will" be here until Friday. Dr. and Mrs.'I. R. Johnson left today for New York cily whore they will spend tlie next ^two months while Dr. Johnson is tak- 1 Ing a post graduate course in "the : practice of mtdtcine. .'. J. Nick Thomas jr.. returned to Memphis yesterday alter having spcul several days with his parents. . : D. H. Blackwood jr.. of t.ittlc nock, who with hui family is the ei' o[ Mr. and Mrs. Clarence H. Wilson, is in Memphis today. '• K. R ; Mason, who has been critically ill nt the Memphis Bapllst hospital, is slowly Improving Ibut will not be able to be brought home for another week. , Prentice Wood Is 111 at the l*mc of his grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Whitworth. . /• • Miss Ruth Whitworth and Gilford Joyner spent the weekend in Jnion City. Tenn.. as giastjK of Mr. Joyncr's parents. "i".'• Mrs. Herman Cross and daugh- whoi coriterid arc! .bttfti t *tth chirfri br-ybu are not. -Alter';;au" this- charming authority, o'fi(.the subject, says;, "you "move if-iJ™ don't like, your house antt ' you change your makeup If your lace doesn't >pjease. you. ; So why riot change, your,-.iJerspnallty trrlrt'so doing! you .benefit youoelf?" Individually cannot be: changed slie-asserU. Nor would she attempt that. ."For individuality is exactly what a;i>ersbri'Is^ deep" inside: Personality, • oh the other hand, Is whatever you mate It. thcri why not make it charming?" Batrie wrote: "If you have 1 it, you don't need to have anytjilnK else-~ahd-*if : .you[haven't it, H-iS doesri't'irmich : mktlcr what -else you. ;have." •.- •! ; •'..•..'" --Margery Wilson, agrees ' with Bafrlc up to'a certain point. She +6uld 'supplement his words with One of Shorlcsf Itailrimds FALETTE, O. (UP)—One of (he world's shortest railroads, 15 miles inng, with one gasoline locomotive, is being op'rated in Fulton ?.nd Williams counties. The road, the Pioneer nnd Fayctte RalliTOd. a part of ths old Toledo and Western, which discontinued a short time.ago. Though" the'youn; offspring line iv.s been operating but a short-while, it lias been hauling- more liian 50 .cars a month. Read Courier News Want Ads. phest Colds V^tA Best treated without "dosing" WICKS W VAPORUB SIAINLESS now, it you prefer. tO, '/wltfi !. ,j. V- - Rnl day," Headaches or Nenralsla In 30 minutes. Fine Laxativ^ and Tonic Most Sperdy Remedies Known,_' (Piles) cur. Ue knife. Vari- \ removed nnn- DIJS:'?>hES and NIES ., ' 1'hoDc S3 . true kiiynpte to her ciarming pe sonality. , • ' f! f ~ :: Itovlng life and t*lrJK;--hap abolit'K id , is •• a f Jiolnt sli^ :,5titss'has^afiy; right to:iiii||ct his personal 1 '"iorrows on an '. aJrHdy qwrinirtietiiHl,- ^orld. ijj!t)t,?<nir chest; 'iufii: tip' itbe. corners of your mouth -.aia; iWmtch the : effect you " ' I,Watch! few of her •own—" .ven'l It. get' buiy or ha' thing about -il."- 'Arid if you and do some- • Ouiriri- Linked, With Poise Charm, comes from within and Is closely linked up with poise. "Poise comes by keeping everything - inside of you in order.'Once you accomplish that, start • thinking always "of 1 others and 'not' of yourself. Keep the good old. spirit 6f giving—not. of. recelylrig—prc- rtominarit '- ••-••- i£ -—-^'*- ---• charm The .tall, brown-haired., rit in -your • thoughts and • eventually will' beryours." have on people" whom you contact." . • Buoyant Spirit Necessary . Miss -Wilson gave . Benito Mussolini, on her list because, though" commanding, he remains personally -a modest" "man. ' From that .reason for a selection, « learn a lesson. -Being 'cbsrining and radiating a warm personality doesn't mean that we have to be conscious pi .our, own. appeal, ^he «iys'"that ja; person whb" learns Ho fie charrning rnerely .toJfurther.his own personal gains, financial or otherwise, will eventually lose that charm. .One is' reminded of the words from a certain song. They ;o something like this—"Give to :he world the best you have and the ,best will, come back lo you." Miss Wilson was born in the South and got her first lessons in psychology from her father. At Ihcr.age of seven, tie had her figuring out why people who'passed by their porch acted embarrassed and: 111 at ease. Later, slie went to Hollywood Vitlr her sister, .who" was trying (6::get iritpvlhe moyies'.;D. W...Griffith saw iM.ijurgery; Vyibon''arid gave KB*. '-..' nn'^4.* '«-if 1C.; "+4^1 Sii,,' /*ltpV. in with smiling eyes and• a, pleasing mouth that turns ilp^, at-;tlie- cor- neci. if/s that no utterly '-selfish person ever Is eharmlihi(f.'.Aric that, brings up tlie'agc*ftld^-;SiO>- Ject that good listeners gain a-reputation as being ' charming.' j'usl listening isn't • eiidugh, however You have to be an i interested --listener. . . • ' f'.'•'•" Miss Wilson admlk-selecting celebrated list ol the-tcn'.mos charming people in the world-was no easy task. If she could have] Chosen eleven Instead of ten, Mary Pickford would have been on the list. • , "Mary Pickford, herself, is greater than any .work she ;cvc'r has done. And by that. I afn" In no way belittling, her work,'. 1 Miss Wilson said. ' - .. • chose-,her ( as; leadlngUady. for his next sevcri "or eight Vpictiires.' ' ;Hcr own . greatest;'cnVm'- is her sympathetic -. understanding.' of'.- human ntiture: Not the sympathetic nature which ; says,' too bad^-come and,' cry, on my - sh oulden • But" the. sympathy 1 which says, we do about it. what can KMW BEST WOiT MOIT1WUI Texas, spent yesterday with his uncle. J. A. Leech, and family, iri- roulc'to West Point, N. Y.. wh'ere ic attends Ihe United States Mll- llary Academy. • y.; Mr. and Mrs. Ben Vinyard arid daughter. MLw Virginia, or cspc Oirardenu. Mo., are guests ol Mr. and Mrs. Everett B. Gee. Mr. and Mrs. Vineyard pla'n to return home today but Miss Vineyard will spend the remainder of the week with her aunt and uncle. Mr. and Mrs. J. Ncal Crfscll spent Sunday with Mrs. Gcscll'S father. M. M. ailllam, at Joncs- boro. Marvin Nunn Jr.. is visiting" In Jonetboro as the guest of Sidney Heads, list , Mrs. Franklin D. R6DseveH. Albert Einstein. President Franklin D. Roosevelt. .Lady Nancy Astor. Mrs. Calvin Coolidge, !.lrs. Emiry Post. . Prince of Wales. Queen, of Siam. Bcnlto" Mussolini and Ed wynn were selected by Miss \Vilson for her "Hall of Charm." At the heart of the list. Miss Wilson places President Franklin D. Roosevelt. His charm -is the kind which she thinks. inspires confidence. Crciifhnw. Mrs. .1. Samr.t'. Landrum left this morning foi Holly Springs, Miss., to spend a we^k with her parents. One-eleventh ol the total area Maine is made up of lakes and ponds She attributes Ed Wymi's charm to his "little Iray" qualities. She thinks that no matter how great a man becomes, his true charm lira In retaining a certain naivete. At least that Js what endears great men lo the hearts of great women. "And." she adds, "every great man has had a grcut woman in his lite somewhere." ' "It is an entirely different characteristic which endears a woman lo a man," she says. Woman's Inconsistency makes a man love her." •Miss Wilson says that Mrs Cool Idgi was-the first person to start a change in manners and modes, CASH GROCERS ."." '., 314 WEST..MAIN ST,' Thursday | I COCO A, ^Mothers". 2-Lb. Box 17c I GRAPE FRUIT, Heavy, Solid. Each dc ORANGES, Juicy Fla. 150 Size. Doa. 23c| PURE LARD, , ...... Pound Gc | FLOUR, M. Jane. Bbl. $6.60; 24 Lbs. 85c| Hfil ITiAV Mixcd Nllts ' Lh - - - - i 2 ' 7 ' 1 mJLllml Almonds, J,b. ----- 15c| rViITnPP 'Eng. Walnulj, t,b, - - - 2;k| illllo [> «Per Shell I'eiuns, l.h. 20c| ONLY A FEW LEFT AT THESE I'UICES [VEAL CHOPS, Lb. 5c| rrc-sh California. l.h rilud or Ilnpittitl, 10-oz. Box S-OT;. Pkg. 7y 2 c| BRICK FIGS, GROUND BEEF, Pound 5c| TOMATOES, 4 can Limit. No. 2 Can 6%c ICOCOANUTS, Full-o-Milk, Fresh. Ea 5c i PORK CHOPS, Pound tprj, nrcscrlb;' .1 To a nurse, any inllamma- -lion or irritation .means — be careful- very carciul. Especially is in the mouth or throaU fthereY harmful germ.>i can do so much darri- a g e. When leading dcii- tists arid doc- certain . mouth FKWTCAKK ' INGREDIENTS FOR NEW YEAR HAKING Cherries, Lb. -Tic Pineapple, Lb. y Lemon, Orange I'cel, Lb. J'-'cl Citron, Lri. 1'JcJ wish', .(or . their patients, that is ire one you cr.i depend on. and ,isc with full confidence that it is the one yon srri'ild be using. This ifouth wash wl ich dentists arc priscribing, is cuilcd Prescription Mouth' Wash. It is sold in most drug stores. D.m I guess about the mouth wash yuu -use. Be sure Nurses Know. Step In for a bottle of it at' Roblnso:i Drug Co., and Kirby Bros., Distributor's.,- .—Adv. 2 | SWEET POTATOES, N. Hall Yams lb 2c | [CELERY, Crisp Stalks. Each 7c| | BACON, Fancy. Sliced. Lb. 12y 2 c| GREEN BEANS,Pound 5c GRADE A I SALT, ' AH You Want. Lb. | SOAP, Laundry or Toilet. iJar 2cj [COFFEE, Four Leaf. (Dated) Lb. 25c| I RED POTATOES, Pound PORK LIVER, Pound ,5c Raw Milk Fhftne 74 present-day "Our return Craig's Dairy MEAL, Fresh. Best Cream. 10 Lhs. 19c [OYSTERS, Extra Standard. Pint 20c| CHEESE, Wisconsin Full Cream. Lb. 15cl

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