The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 1, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 1, 1938
Page 5
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SATURDAY, JANUARY 1, 1938 BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS mr CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line for consecutive Insertions: Dne time per line lOc rwo times per line per day ...08c Three times per lint per day ..Otic Hx times per line per day ,...05o fconth rale per Hue sue i'ards of Thanks OOc & 75o Minimum charge 60s Ads ordered for Ihrce or six rimes and stopped before expiration will be charged for thp num- ner of times the add appeared and \ljustment of bill maae. All classified Advertising copy tubinltted by persons, residing ou_t- Ude of the city must be accompanied by cash. Hates may be tasily computed from above table Advertising ordered for Irregular fcsertlons takes the one time rate No responsibility will be taken for more than one incorrect Insertion of a:iy classified ad. Business Directory For Sale Personal 160 acres of land at Sandy RWgc. All In cultivation. 2 sets of good mprovemeiits. Plenty of barns and tenant houses. Sandy loam sail, ivcll drained. Price $80 acre. $3000 cash, Bal. 10 annual payments at Tliomas Lund Company 29-ck-5 Complete ID volume Get of Standard Rerercnce Books wllh loose lent binder. Cull 239 or 732. 15-fa-fa 1936 Dodge Panel delivery truck, A-l condition, $275. Phone 110. Tlie arrangements .made, come home. Mabel. - 30-i> G1IU.S: Increase your Income by lea ID ing a profession Uiat a llord constant employment, roll now in the Beauly classes starting Jan. 3rd at Kaete School of Beauty Cooper Bldg. Walnut & Sis., BlylJicville, Ark. SUt« proved school meeting all requirements (or Arkansas and '" ' MULES FOR SALE , DELTA IMPLEMENTTO: Kirby's Tastetesa CHILL TONIC Contain* More Qateine— More Iran Th» Streamline COAL t8.'l5 & up pcr_TON. Wadded ?.t"l Si/ed. Kim Tiuntliara Phone 47 Visit Harry Bailey's New CURVE IN CAFE On Highway Gl at Holland Make one stop - for Bee r, \Vine, Whiskey, Fresh Crappie, Good Foods. COAL -Delivered in Blythevflle by C. F. Dunii for $t.15 and up. All C'onl Guaranletd—Dione 5-F-4 & 818. Shoe Repairing Everything for your slices. Free Del ivory. Plione 120. Quality Shoe Shop Batteries WALLPAPER New 1938 patterns. Close prices. ARK-MO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 For Rent Bcdrcom very reasonable. 135 W. Kentucky, Phone 115-E 31-ck-l .MAI AKIAL CHILLS mi FEVtK SWAMP FEVER — AGUE II At AU Kltbj Ding Stem Rooms Wanted Would liko names nctd of pt-rsons who have rent and Room nnd Board lo of for. Phone 319 for M Trees for Sale Plant curly bearing Pecan fruit trees now. Catalog Bass Pecan Co., Lumberton, Miss Help Wanted 3 rcom furnished W. Walnut. apartment. flOC room furnished house. 220 Dugan. 30-pk-6 3 room unfurnished apartment, !J35 No. 6Ui. Call 527. 30-ck-) Residence, earaije ou 'Franfcltn & Rose. L. Fowler, East Main. 30-ck-If Stcamhrated, funiislicd apartment in nice localion. Possession given to suit convenience. Telephones 871 and 197. 29-ck-tf. Sctlled, iinraoiunbercd (lo housework. No washing, Ironing cr cooking. Apply to Mrs, Ab- uer Driver, Sf., Osccola, Wanted To Rent The best 50 lo 80 acres of land within 50 miles of Own equipment. Cash, rent. C,'F. Dunn, Blythcville. " No American-built a i r p'l a n c s went into battle during the World War. \ Jack -l>k-4 \e by, L will En- ulturc t . Uio illure, JCCp U<1 !!• i|>•quire- ssourl. i e Iran (or •EVEB •EVKU A dresses ms U> lo of- 3lpso.i. it-ck-'l [} i am free. ;. MISS. I oan to , iron- l-s, Ab- irk. l-pk-5 !iit it Inml Ihevllle. C, F. l-pk-5 Ian cs World Wanted To Buy "lo'cd used Bnrbor Chalv. Cheap ( for cash. Call 215. l-ck-8 K<*eas«d F«lou Pr.ilscs Pol In 1 ASHLAND, Oi*. (UP)— Upon Ins 'dense from the state 1 |ici:!(on- Isry self admitted "one time los- V cjiiii'les Blersdortf, returned icrc mid in an OIX>H letltr to Uie editor ol the Ashluud Tidings,! jraised the efficiency of Uic |xi- Ico force which was Insivumeatiil ii his "two year rap." '.For' Country Style PORK SAUSAGE IIKAI) CHICKS!*; AND SOUSK Kitis, Ilackbone.s, Trndir- U>in, Hums & Slioulilcrs. rurc I.anl. — Prepared My — An Expert German Butclwr and inspected and passed liv former United Slat™ PaiA- injr Houte Inspector. Drive Out and Save Delivery Charges DEE'S PORK HOUSE Pride AdH.. Old Spieer Placc Tarn snnUi off Highway la to gravel road between l/osl Boy Grocery and toliiiisini FWIns Station, then 2 ulotUs south. Farmers fin t'i> Nljlil sjolioul SAVIUS, Oklil, <UJ'> - Mil-ill' chool lor uUult fig-mers l>:is uluii- xl here uiul Hit- sponsm\s imve m- Bllcil us Kluilenls ."any uilull from llio ii|'(> of 2o 10 50 who vfclH-s lo learn nnytlilng, from i new liuuiungo or ii new mule to a new |ilillo;;o|)hy." The at- laiilftillon of (lie evening cl.issc;; came us n response In llic requests of itvnucr»' of tiio com- iiunity. Human hiiir/i lire sutil lo huvir nu! ivi; 'IIEI- lili; of four lo five yt'nrt • UCll. | -— • , i ~" ' "~: ' i GENUINE | SyPERiOR ' Washed Coy I Is The -•CHEAPEST COAL l''«r (lit M<iuey No klale, reck, 'nil|iliur halls p> ilirl. AbMilntdy ttau Vo;ll. Pri'iwi-tfd in lite most modern and largest phinl in the world. y*5Q yfl^vV SUPERIOR COAL CO Phone 700 i I Sllll Mufce C001) H.AKNESS MADpUX Harness Shop Is one .of the greatest of .tourist attractions In Florida nnil (•iwUiincir.cutcli more than DM varieties of llsh there.. Do. Wert & Wert 1'IUOK INSTRUCTIONS In Utlest Styles KnlttUig ''WKHNA'l'" KNiri'lNC YARNS Mrs. Leslie Hoop»r 1100 ChltkiiKivwUiv I'lwne 192 USED CARS At Bargain PRICES Lee Motor Sales, INC. Ovt-r Joe Iwacs' stow "WK HAKE -EM SEE- IHioue MO J.C. EVANS Box '4M ' ' Wlylhevllle; Ark, VMrid MnivjKCr MAMILION 'I'BliST H)NH Bjkwfor'c'd ' lly HamUl/ju ixixxii'tors Corp. ^^^^^^'^^^"""T*^**'^"^*'^^^™^ We Siwciiilixo In' Bwly & lender |{ L ']);ilr8 Como In and Set 1]ii L*e Motor Sales, Inc. Healers Dcfroitcm , Of, JP..A. BTEWAIIT-BOBINSON 8Ur« * We, Bpcclalzo in', Medlciiui! Wine it Liquors 2014 W. Main PhdM .20 ET.ECTRIO ft HELPING AT wan PRICES •, PROMPT 6ERVICB PHONK W FARMLOAKS WO tat V . Lwt^ i aies— Mvcti tiff lit* AUo i-Uy pruptrttn DOM H. KAS8EKWAN Thoatu l*ort Co. on Ice P. O. Box 47«, Phone 527,' 'USED TBBCKS &. CARS 11)35 flux I'lfti-iip ....... W75 1031 Kuril Oiacli muni tires 52-3 103G Clirv. riek-iip, u 1 "'!! rirkup ¥3" All TriickH (itiuruiitccd To 1'iiK. Delta implements, Inc. Ear-Corn -WANTED- Soybeans Highest Market fricet FaM MALDEN GRAIN CO. . w. o. Rccvtt*, AK«IH- S«. l{. It. Street BlythcvUte, Ark, Pkwie 555 ' Now Lwaitd a 101 Nortfc ADDING MACHINE 4 TTPEWIUTER .SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, ProprkUc 4)1 make* of Rebuilt Typewrttcn, Adding Ktchlna ••< Cakotilore—Itcpairlnc—rw—KIMxmj COBB FUNERAL HOME BATTERY SERVICE J. Ben Clone Phone a at Tom JaCKaon't Radio RADIO SERVICE WADE FURNITURE CO. PHONE 155 Ahnoimceuient EAGLE STAMPS PICKARDS GROCERY 1«1 CttkkMkwb* Phone £71 WanteS One comfortable bedroom. Call Mrs. S. S. Stemberg, 984, 1209 Holly. 28-ck-ll 2 room unfurnished apartment. Very reasonable. 701 W. Asli or call 1008. 23-ck-tf 2 comfortable bedrooms, private bath. Gentlemen preferred. Phone 704-W or 161. ' 7-ck-tf. Furnished house on Hollj. Call Mrs,'8. S.'< Sternberg at 984. . •• J2-ck-t! Gliiss AUTO GLASS Expert Workmanship We Deliver Blytheville Paint & Wallpaper Co. Ws Cut & Install Plione S80 111 S. Second Yon still have time lo the first class o[ Beauty Culture State approved school Classes starting Jan. 3rd. Eagle School of Beauty Culture, Cooper *- Blclg., Second & Walnut, BIytho- Gun repairs. Guaranteed work, villc. Ark. • M. Damon, 315 E. Main. Repairing New Year Puzzled i HORIZONTAL 1 Ancient Roman god. - 6 The first month, ' January, was to him. 12 To wake. 13 Great tumult. 14 Indians. 15 Prickly bush. 16 Alleged force. 17 Sound of inquiry. 18 Short hair cut. 19 Northeast. 21 Nominal value Answer to Previous Puzzle 9 Eggs ot fishes.' 10 Medici 21 Doctor. ifi Light opera. 20 Story f incidents. 22 To free. . 24 Tatter. 26 Slight flap. ' 28 To be-ill. 29 Credit. 30 To piece out.' 31 Sirifc, SS.Biemisli. 35 To wager. 42 To accomplisli.62 lie god o£ 37 Mountain 53 T^tandarf" Twitching. —and doors. "*» 24 Corded ciotli. 45 Sun god. 25 To prepare for 47 Neuter publication. pronoun. 48 Scarlet. 49 •\yiIdducU. 27 He is a two god. 31 River ravine. 51 Position. 32 Stream obstruction. S-i To annoy. I 63 He had charge 39 To drink o f a j] s dog-fosiiion. VFRTirw' 41 To'emulate. VERTICAL 42 To dc g radc> 1 Junior. 44 Writer's mark 2 Chamois. 46 Japanese fish. 3 Almond. 48 Semidiametevs 54 Domesticated. 4 One for whom so to.bail. 55 to clothe. a thing is done 52 Young sheep. 57 Ozone. 5 Serpent king. 53 Broken cliff. 35 Sack. 58 Signal systems 6 Acted as 54 Lacerated. 26 Electrical unit. 59 To ransom. substitute. 56 Aye. 38 Sphere. 60 Professing 7 Dress cover. 58 To peruse. 40 Always. bewilderment. 8 Child's bed. 613.1416. BOV^LEMME 7SU ' OUR MEVy ' HW/ETHI5.'IVEVE OOT TS 5TOP 'EM.' GOT ^M£ SWELL HAW: A FAT VI CHANCE yOE V V ' BOOTS AND HER (.'OOP LUCK! feOMt TO ftf^ 0\S) VAKVi WUO COMt& IKS OTwet TO stt oR.eo6e>e>'. V WASH TUBBS WHAT MAKES YOU THINK THIS lbUND'5 HAUNTED/ THAT'S A, LOTTA PICKLE SMOKF SA!»W. WE OOM'T NEITHER 010^ ^ ^° WS BLACK WiLUMA, BOSS. SO ONE N16HT HE WENT ASHO', AM' HE , WELL BACK HERE -,ANO WESTIGATE. THAT SETTLES IT, PODNER. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS THISOLO OIL. WELL IS SUPPoeED TO BE THE SOURCE OF BLTTCH'S n"'S PRETTY j ACCORDING ID THAT LETTER PIUNED TD HIS «^^rrt\ I t>OWW " CLOTHES « , DLWWO* JUST Si>ME ®J? WHO PULLED UP TO THEt CURB AKID L£FT HtS MOTOR IT EVIr bEUTLY PRODUCED OIL AT OWE r GOTTA LEAP-M HOW TO OPS RATE rr AWD SEE 1 CAM COAX SOME OIL OUT OP rr. 1 THIWS TO WRITE HOME ABOUT, BUT I COULDW'T FIND AW BUT IT HAS 0EEM CAPPED !

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