The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 26, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 26, 1933
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Served by the United Press VOL. XXX—NO. 2.10 LYTHEV1LLE COIMER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPEIl OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI " • Hlyihevhle, Dully NcVi. BlythertlU Oo<lri«, Mlv.1w.lnut V«llf» \rlArr " m.YTIllOVILU'), ARKANSAS, TUKSDAY. DITMMHKU I'll, hill:! HOME EDITION SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENT* CONFESSES MURDER OF YOUTH jBiythcvHie Man Found : Bead In Memphis Hotel MEMPHIS;, iu.c K iur>—A man who rcsi.sln-rd :.s Will Mi>hin of Ulyllicville. Ark, has found di;;id in a routmn;-, luii'-ic .4 •!!!, 1--.J h'onth Main sli-.vt ::ln:rtly alter]. , j'oon today. r\ Captiiin Frank Giirton of Ihn . „-. i I i:olk-c clt-pailim- 1 .' invi'.'-tli:iiUil and • „ i r> i i • i- "'',! riputted, the '];••.. Hi u-siilli'd fiom onow nnrl Lold in List andj-uu-ni causes. Mid-West; Floods and Firs! Lady Provides a Merry Christinas Avalanches in West. \v L'nilfj I'rere Northeastern United Slates ^rusgled under bliz/ard conditions today while in the middle and the Pacific northwest snow, below zero temicraliires. and avalanches conlinucd to create frightful suffering. An alleviating circumstance was Die einnlnviripnt of Ihnusands of rnon in f>p larger cities of the north to dte streets inrf sidewalks on* of lliPir sninv blankets. In New Ynrk .««t.« roiniUinnp >•»- Ff'iblir"' Ilio 1'riTMini"" of Ihe his- Inric llllv./nrd of 183R nrnvripfil. Foe liel'1 mnnv trn>i"-Atlontio lin- p^ilv in hteh s n as Practical'" a' 1 airplane 1 ; p-mmf!"'! and railroad .-pi-.ilrn ' disrnoted Rovernl Jiy.s were lost, in ac^i- f.pvi<;'Ti-H tn the .storm in Ihe iv.-t' whil" •>•» fl was const je:--d possilitr here Irday Hint I)].? cVcrns: (1 mii'Jil liL 1 i: number of LI family of Mvlvins livltv; ill 11]': SatlllV liid 1 !': ><.]:!- iniiitily south 01 Hlylhculli:. Death Resident of Investigators Their Instructions at! Lilllc Rock Today. urri'.E, HOC;-;. Dec. ao nji'i— Jnvt-stifjulois who will pintf? CWA p^yrolK of llt(-^:ii a.-_- : l^]uni nu-i in .j'.iT.airats i-iTfivi-tl Instructions licru today. 'Mil 1 IIIUT.O.SC cf the CWA pio- ?IT,HI in t'.as explained in detail, nlons with ell-jlijjhty (iiia]inL-alion.s .is si-t out in rules :njd regulation:; ii.sui-d by' l-'edorul Administrator Harry I.. Hopkins. . w. K. L>ye:«, chairman of tilt Arkansas CWA' L-oard, :,:i!d today: . "i i f l'iv"'.ii!.i'.1"r.s' lirsl i is to purge the rolls. Due to the. , t i, j.aiure of the task to "put 65,000 in^n and uonu'ii to work in u month, misfires naturally have | been made. \Vo now to £0 into each dimly and rectify ilicEi; mistakes.' Funeral services were helil at the home this afternoon for Mrs. I Beltv Touny Hall, "-j. wife of A. | C. !>•>•!. who died yesterday inorn- inp followhiK a week's illness. She np«oiis m«t dr-atli had been in ill health for several "mat Pn^iflc. northwestern years and a week ago develoned nces. Avfilanr.hes nm' floici*] pneumonia and iaier coaiplications the .slat/-; of, arose. iifr.u I" illi^ .iiiii''s ui, L "*"'^. \ . l . . Washinctnn. Oregon nnrt Idaho. | The Rev. W. V. Womark, pastor, ExplosJoU WrCCKS Lumber Storm to Continue o' tht First Methodist church of\c.i , r» i ivr l Forecasters eavc little promise | which .she was a member, officlnl.- nf cleaiint: wr-ather :md predicted. •''1 at Ihe services assisted Uv the tlie snowfall would continue, Rev. Marsh M. Callawav. Presuy t|«-r:i,-.i,ni|t tndny and lomnrrow. -tcrian minister, and the Rev. E. K. Pveleth. Minn., rero-led the low- j Latimcr. pastor of the First Chrin- r."'. lemneratnre for the 54 hours! "an church. Burial was made nt at -<2 (Wrce.s hclow zero. | ^'mwmiil cemetery with the Cohb The Atlantic coast vns WnrV-tulM Undertaking company in choree hv .rail-lint! s«iow a"fi fo?. All traf-I arrangements. -Shed, Rattles Windows and Houses. OSCEOL-A. Arl:., Dec. 2G — The explosion of an - almost empty gasoline tank here last night rc- |ii;lUd in i-ons'oer.ible property i damage and nc.' Miiall concern Osceolon; whose windows and houses shook with reverberations wl.ich followed the] Will turn .in " flc itirn"»h I.on<> Island sound at! Pallbearers were: Herman Cross.| i:inung a firrds'lll and nmnv .s>'ii>s inad«i j - T - Hall, II. H. Houchins, Roy j rattled r^irt in the smaller harbors from I Walton. A. B. P'airfield and A. Q. rcverberatii Mnw Ynrk to Massachusetts. i Hnley. , explosion. Two ferry boats crossing tiwl Tnp .'deceased, who had resided The 8.000-sallon tank was lu the HuoVson river from New .Jersey toi.ln this city for 24 years, wps a .rcav of the. ire plant-, proj^rty New York"rrnsbecl in tlie fopjnative of New Madrid county. Mo.jliere. The eml blew out about Mrs. Frariklin D. Roo-jcvelt wna the First.. Laify of (he • wkshinylon Clirlstmns party' : at ^whlch l.fHn children were giver! candy and toys, Two of her grandchildren, "Sisllc" -and "Buzzlc" Dali. here show In front of S.'nnta Claus, assisted hi distributing yilln to the le.s.s fortutiate yoinujsters. Klden- Akol: at left ol Mrs. Roc.'i'vclt. svns the nr.n' to rccctu; -a Christinas paeka;!e. Saves Baby Because His Own Sou Died ers. inE:' up .huriareds. of .pa^ .Since coming; here she , had made. a, i wide circle of friends. ..' She is the. mother of Mrs. II. G. Wickham, Miss Bess . Hnll and • A. _ Avaliricltes: Soreail Ttrrp'r^,.. . p"ORTIvANp'.,Or,e!. .Dec.. 30. , (UP) P- Hall. of. here, and tfte. C. W. ' ' 11 s'nrej.d. i\ iie.w terror i7 ' ' ..of .Ul tic .Rock.. .. . . . today in Hie ftoo'H stricken jireas]. 'i Amon? the out- of. town oeoole o'clock and dippiicd 400 feet liWay through ij;o 'roof' of the Osceo!a Lumber, company, niaking kindling of a'pi-j of 'pine flcbr- knocking of tlie wall, a lioh • in the side | shattering win-1 tews across In? rear end, while'I Mrs. 'Phillips, and 'Miss r,ily Scott, of Memphis. stornj cqnditions reached 33 wlifn. fcur members ,.of a . single family were killed near Clntskcnnie. Oi'e. A torrent of. mud. lo--s and bnuldV ers swept al'one' by a creek crush- j ; _ _. erl the'home of Robert Allen..SO, riFPHien '-ailed VJUt . aiid tilled the owner of the house and his three sons. Donald whose body was missing. wns seen trying to rescue a ucti - Roof fires, se 1 oil -by sparks, doc before' ifi<-' si" ' " : ' ' v% : land-lid?, on- ,-l)'r» Manln Vallev snrth of R-^aitln burled two women and injured two men. . ' • ' Wcathqr forecasts for rain and more show din-inn the day brought littk cheer to S.OOn refinees whose homr-s were in tlie inundated areas cf Washington and Oregon. of ,tl,\e...northwestern .'slates tmiay are .Mr. and Mrs. Leej 150 [ ee t from tl-e tank; iri''lhe op-[ iinnsii.allv! hen^v^ rainfall a.nd'.hiah| Hummel and Mrs. Meadie Helton. j. nl i| edirec'Jon the : irercussion • ln y CK( l norl i, . ln( i Kou t|i wlndons i ifn. iiMiK: of Mr. Abcrnathy. The Tire vcsi.itiii^ from " the rinall amo-.:nt of gasoline in the tides ' amend death and .'de.^tnic-' of New Madrid. Mo., Mr. and" Mrs. tion.over,.\yashington. Oregon"nndl'C.! W. Beal'e ;aii.d daughter, Mrs.' Idaho.. ."'.'.'.,'..' .-.'. .iTlielma Beale : Chaffer of Little Tliei',list-!ji'|f'.ilcatiis"ch';Rin:k r arid Sons..C. W, Beal.e. jr., of !.„.. —.,d,_i_ •_•„.,..., ^™ ......^ TJltjc!_.'Hopk"hiuj Irarpld Phillips' of tank was quick-. 1 ' extinguished .by !hc , fire comn.^:iy. The caus^ of ;lic explusbn \vrs tiniioierinined. Three Lepanto Brothers : . Three Times Christmas Married Christmas Eve slide ' can-ieri hm! j tl.imagcd housr.'i c-n Main and Ash li.rci'l. Monday while a nearo tenant horse on Rtxwcvc-lt street was destroyed by fnc last ni^ht. . M. A. Isaaci' rt.'.idcncc. 520 West 'Main, was dair-aptd to the extern 'jl about $50 hv lire resullin*: from i. .spark on (lie roof about 8:30 o'clock in Ihe i::r.rning. AlKint two .limirs ! later 'Mrs. Zeph" 'lo'BriJn'j house, 101 West Ash. was damaged in a similar -manner. .--,'; v'' Delupo.' in ' Philippines MANILA. P. I.. Drc. 2fi (UP1 — j • Furious water and mud poured in| a rtcvaslatins deluge from a inoim- • v ..,. tain side in Sorsojon. snrradin? ,,;,, . LEPANTO, Alk.—Three Render- j ;.oii brolhcrs. members of the! Hriii of J. W. I-Jcnderson and com- ]::iny. merchant.! of Lepanto, were] iill married Chi : :(mas Eve. They] ! ic the sons of Mrs. Lena Hen- t'crson of The oldest lirother. J. W. Hend- irjon war. marrV to Miss Carcasi' Ilollmaii. dayghlcr of Mr. and Ir.-. J. D. l!o'.:!"an of Lepanto. h&rlcs Kendcrat'i, the youngest .vas marrk-d to Miss Lois Hopkins, A lions? at i21 East Roosevelt ov.ned hv] a nt^ro named Hazen burned aboi'l 7 o'clock lost Arson i- a? suspcctrd fini , death and destruction in the town tfcFartmunt olln'als' reported. o.' Irosin. the Philippine constabn-j • . ..-.-. - -_-. latry was inforined in reports to- • •;•''• : > ; day. M'-lutt Followed Ten bodies : wore recovered from ! *• 'UCK ; rO«OWea the torrent, eleven other persons| DiahlOntJ were mining, and 3fi families were driven from their homes, the report said. Exact nature of the disaster remained indefinite. The-Jrosin nnst- mastcr said the volcano "Bu]us,'<n" LONDON (OPi— A S|»ll of 'Ill- luck has hovered over a beautiful f [!1 f°" d . '"^Trh^es n"? T " n ' by - J1CS " to UH! liad erupted. Tlie Red Cross here Diic-.liess of was advised lhat a subterranean I, <\' l! ' c < lralh ^ r '£ n '-» '' stream ,had broken Us bounds and! Wr - -Puncan MacPherson eight lhat the worst destruction along the river banks. TUIJ Sinks in Storm MICHIGAN CITY. Mich.. Dec. ?1 (UP)— Four men were drown- id today when ;• fishing tu? broke up and sank \\, heavy sens on Lake Michigan at the mouth ol the harbor here. The tu? hroxc up so rapidly that only wire unable to effect a rescue. Wreckage of Ihe boat floated Inlo the hnrbo* but mountalnnus waves whtnpcd v:t> by high winds ami a blinding snowstorm from the northeast r-.rvenled an immediate search kr the mining. • vcars .alto, the necklace was cut ' into four sect'-,r.s for distribution ;nriOii? . h;'r hriis. Each section was valued at J10.0CO. HftLF I JOBLESS PA11I3. Dec,- '•'•<• i.UP.I—Madiiinu lmu'lir de I'niiniic,- l-Viinrt's •i-t'tf.; r.slrnou'ii ary, wiiio ont ol t.'f inmniil Ol'inliniis pllcnce ludny in-i-dli-t thin iu:n 'will' lie u uir nI pracc iind iKinni'd pros- crily. MI-M ' pi>r)|<>ivli<r. Miulitnip de 'I'linuc wild," y'uiild imirKllie ourn- 111 '•! a new (ru of pVaiiwrlty nr 'the Unll-al SlnVss. an eia Ransom Believed Motive of Crime for Which Tvvo Are Held. : ....:• COLUMBIA, 8. C., Dec. 28 (UP) Robert Wlltls,'. 49-yearrOld world nni'iid out from| war veteru'n, confessed today that !••! Unlli-d fiiiilfs In the whole' Iw beat to death 16-year-old HeVV ii'i-ld, : . Iwrt H. Harris Jr,'with wi Iron.bttf. Cicat alUMilion is'p'uid to Ma-. fl(lrr »"•' I>»<l 'l««4 the'tboy i(j; a li mi.' de I'nitiii'.c by Jlinse who dpwrled farm honie in an alkged. ia> alt'iHIon . to n-err.M>cs. aiie '"'"' ' Mill fnmr'ljy nifcllci-hiy in • mid- uiinncr of IDl'l- that Ihe world would-H'lid by un inmlstlci; Klnj llo[itful. Too SANDRINOHAM. Bnvlnlld, Dec. kldnaulni; plot. Officers who -, hid : questioned WllJs most of tin- i'n\ght «ald tlje. • motive (or the. ejinic'.'wtts not- clear .• ' . but the theory was' held intended to colf^t .ransom from' Ihe boy'n fotlie^/H.'H. Harris, ylcS-' inesldent of HorHe : Store?. Inc.' No -,.\; M tup) — The depression 'sliowsl ransom nMe had'been-delivered to pf breaking, Klnij r.lil hi a Christmas night, message the elder Harris; ;hbwever. Implicates Another: i;; '."' vhlch went by wireless "to his fur- I Wilds, In his confession; ifnpll; him; .empire and' to the United • mc ' 1 Jnlln Martin Rushtorf,.''•fho Stales.. I steadfastly maintained ' to officer? "Dt-fciilte thu many, uplicavtils' A, + , .,.'-°- ?^J? - U?i^lJ'^ i L mid imcertalntles of tlifi year,!- ^'.'If ?* de 7,v°f'H o - v ?. r " or :^K?. 1 :V'rr w have, shtiv/n U^..MA to-'«~a talhjmto' amr^^ ward.Ncov^JI^^-.v »tre heid^^Mypl^toj^.,^ W. 'A. Roolisherrv Reports , O.vcr '4,000. Given/Em' ployincrjf'jn This Co... , Approximately, half .'of .the .1111- emnlp.ved fneij of Mississippi coun- tv. liayri been, (tivcn work on C,WA and P\YA' protect.'!, accprdlne to a rr-nort. reien'jed at Little itock by \f. A, ".nooksbcrrv, federal .recin- p:ovinpnl'.,'offlcer. for this stale, ',', Mrj' nboVcKbcrry's' report, whlcli' is hot tlaleil,,','ifretlli.s this county with 2.'(W! rite'ii 'working oil PWA prnecls and 2.Q26 worklns on CWA projects', \vilh 'I'.lll still mastered ns niM-mplpyed. The report snys that 35 wo'mcn^havo l>een- provided employment. '.,. AppnfentlV there would bc : con!ie change in these flBiires If brought down to dale, particularlv In. re- siwcl to employment of women, as V . . uoo&uun, m it., LKt^. *u—Auaoua rtj yMitli >aT7d -Loin?i .-Haie, .donshtiTS of Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Hale, were injured when f.n automobile, in which they m-cvt drivlnK- with Halph Johnson of Rlpley.-' Tennii end Punk Rllfiy of Osceola' to- a Misses Ruth ahd .;Louisc Hale Taken to' Hospital at. Dyersbu.rg. -. . ; O^PFOI A OSCEOLA, i>r- Dec. Ration wlir be'questioned li by officers. '- '-'•:. •• . •' -;.'i'i v'' ; • Wilds'tpld h'i)W<h*,i tfter :U]!lwr.; youn^ Harris. m«t th« -boy's -father on the Ami and wished < hlni' a "Merrv Christmas. 1 '' After the' slay• ing, the confewlon• said.' he ^Werit, about hla business ; of soHcitlnjr Klft.s for Hie vetsrans bureau hos- . pita) as port of a .phrlstmas pror gram. .'.-'' Col.-' Ai M- Scarborough, superintendent of 'the state penitent!-• ary. told tlie 'United : Pr<ss Wilds inn) made, a qonfeulon. to l^lnf , the boy to a d««I1fd houj«'.12 miles from her*, ilriltlng him over olnner I'OTIIC In ))arty ac Mr.y^JohiiEon's Uinlny. iiverturne'd.vskld- loose gipvel 1 'on/Ya,.; road rpar I>yersbur|! - about'jC'.-o'cloct vi'sterday • evenin ;'.'-.' '''. : ,'l r' • . . The extent pi. Ilieli 'ihliirjejs iha'd i:ot been deterniine'd "this". rrior|i)hg when X-rayu ,vMti-'lo bc'mn'd*.' It '.vn.i. reported, '.howdycr, , that ' Miss P.iith'.Hale suitaih'ed V brolteri jrw bone and Uie 'loss- of: six ledh. while Ml.« Louise. Hale-had .1 leg injury m-d fiacturei 1 . ribs. Mr. Hale . tli'Tf.;.- last .I the. hqad with «n'.)ron-. bar -when . drnKglng hIS body Irifp'-the 'house '. and covering It' with waste Vot-''' ' ton. .. Seek filler .', Scarbarbiigli '» p.'ucst.loncd 1 - ftirthir' Ift' an-ieffort' to.!" /> obtain-a'definite ^otlV^'an'ri'-also'tp'-: ' learn'Just-wh^t part : 'if anV.R'ush''"' ton; Hnd In'the plah'.'.'Sfarbbtoi^h. '' said the -confeMion' did. hot : clear/ ' up those' points.• ":v? ! : ••. i ;,' 1 '-'-; •'':'";' = A 48-hour search Tdi"HBrris''waj" ^ ,to liave been taken from unemployment- rolls since September I. ac- cordlnu to ^Tr. Rooksberry's rc- i nort. Of these r^.fl84 are reported Because Dr. Thomas L. HiEjMnbotham of Louisville. Ky., after sceinij | engaEi-d on CWA projects; 11.222 . . . T)ycrsl>lirE. wrii.- his . daughters WL-re taken to a hospital Immed- iiilcly following: the wreck, and was Joined Uief'- this 'morning by Mrs. Hale and Dr. W. J. Slied- considerably more than -M mcni CIU , of Oscco , a or. Shcddan.was now at work on CWA pro-1 to consult with I'yersbury physicians. Neither Mr. Jonnson nor Mr. Jerls. In the slate* as n wlioie approx- Imntelv 80.00(1 men and women his own boby son die 25 years ago of a tonsil daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John I technique tor such cases, slx-month-old Gene Irgrin is well and liap- had devised a ion PWA projects, and 3.178 In prl- Hopklns of Sr-fi'.wick, Ark. These tv.o cere!iio]ii"s -.vt-re ^performed in ,Ipii"sUoro by iicv. j. H. Pruitt, raster of the First Methodist church of .lonesVoro. The third trothcr, W.., U. Henderson, was married -to Mlsi Eli?abcth Nowlin, dniijltter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles N'owlin of Lepanlo. Tlie ceremony was ixrformrd r,t Marlon, with Rev. E. K. Ser.:i. oliicintina. liy again at his Queens, L. I. home. The lirc-savii.y physician, summoned by the child's mother, who before her marm^e \va.s nnrse to Ur. Higglnbotham, hero is shown with the yoinnj convalescent, (lelti ind his sister Patricia. The doctor rushed by plane to Ills yoims palient's side. Slock Price* 100 1-8 coast Rtinidsmen stationed a quarter cf a mile away New York Cotfo?i NEW YORK. Dec. 20 (UP) — Colton closed b".ielv steady. open high low close 1007 1007 MS 9» March inu :018 101 1 1014 10S- 103-i 1025 1020 10W 104C 1038 1039 IMS IOCS 1057 1058 5cc 1076 1070 1076 1076 ' Spots closed nuiit al 1015, of! 10. Jan May July Oct. Liner on Mud Bank New .Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Dec. 28 (UPJ- LOS ANGELES. Dec. 26 IUP) — '• Cotton closed Flindy. The Quaker liner Peter Kerr was' -V' 11 believed to be still helpless today -'an OS 1 ) alter lying in a mud bank off As- March 101S cunclon bay for 24 hours. 1 May 1031 Absence of' radio advices from j July 1014 the vessel indicated to San PodrolOci 10GI const guardsmen that the boat was [Dec 1073 still HllemptlnR to refloat. 13 5-ti 35 3-4 52 5-S 1 5-3 93 1-2 32 1-8 18 34 30 5-8 1-16 1 Mrs. J. M. Tanner .' of Hermondale Dies vnte emnloyment. Tile lolal includes 3811 women..'IIicre still remain 177,518 classified as unemployed in Aikansas. Rlley was Injured. Marriage First, Says Actress \fiiste under which the -boy 1 .') body • • had been-hidden.••' ••.• : 'i •" :: -i^"- \yilds, • officers said, traced'his. ' movements since early • Saturday when he'had borrowed an automb-' - : bile to solicit 'gifts.--'• •••'- •••'•'^L Rebel Citv Bombed by Chinese Airplanes [Young Woman :Victim ; SHANGHAI.~DeT20 ( UP>-THC of Accidental Shot | Nanking central government stag| ed a terrific three-day aerial Erncsl °° mD ardment of the rebel city of A. T. and T Anaconda Bethlehem Steel Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola General Amcman Tank General Elea.'lc General Mot .iri International Harvester Middlewest Utilities ....' Montgomery Wr.rd New York Cer.tral Packard PhilKjis Petroleum Radio Corp 6 Simmons B:ds 15 St. Louis-San Francisco 1 7-8 Standard of N. J 44 5-8 Texas Co 231-2 U. S. Stoel 47 1-4 Mrs. KOSIC Be e Tanner. «. wile t-t.fA«to. /\rK — .Mrs. trnesi, _ . - , .-.• .: ".,„ of J. M. Tanner, succumbed yes-i Plrd. 19, living near Lepauto. In , ^^J=«^, ,^^^ lerday at-1:30 o'clock p.m. at the- Mississippi was accident- Ij,,^,,"'™, J', r ' ' c ^ r , J **™M family homo at Hermondale, Mo. :.lly shot in Ihe arm Christmas ,!:„,. ' ol "" "pans rcicaiLU 32 3-8 3 5-8 15 1-t Her death was attributed to a heart attack and followed tlie death of her only child by several weeks. The deceased Is survived by husband, two. sisters. Mrs. Kl!v:.i Williams and Mrs. Allie Burton and three brothers, George, Hale and William Tyler. Funeral services will be helrl this afternoon at Snnford cemetery near Holland. Mo. The Cobb Undertaking company is In charge o' 'uneral arrangements. r.iornin?. while cleaning a shot- group of friends liarl film. A Chicago Wheat high low close M5 995 DOS 1015 1010 1010 1031 1024 1024 I 1015 1037 IM7 • 1051 1055 1055 1073 1073 10S8b Spots ctrvstrl quiet nt 1000, off 15. May July May July cix-n 84 82 7-8 8t ?•• 63 5- low C3 i:-4 82 3-4 close 84 83 Chicago Corn o|x?n high 50 1-2 51 1-4 52 1-3 53 1-2 3-B close 50 3--1 52 3- gathered in Mrs. Bird's homo to! go hunting witli her husband. She lad secured the emi for her hus- and was cleaniivj it when II accidentally discharged. Her thumb was completely torn off. Ills shot also pwrtratlns the upper arm. She vas Riven aid by Ur. C. F. Hylcr and nish- ctl to a Mcmiihi: liospital. The bombardment started on Saturday and reached Its climax Portageville Man Brought Here With Knife Wounds Fred Faulkner ot Portagevlllc Mo., was in a laii condition at ths Blylhevlllc- luipllal today snf- fcrtn; from knife wounds Infllct- rd in <\ dtiturh.ince at Wardell Mo.. Sunday. Faulkner w.? broutht to the hospital In from rritical conniUon of blood. He Aged Man Knocked Down hv Automobi'o Christmas dav. the Japanese legation was informed. Tlie nationalist military flyers directed their attack at the centers of concentration of the Revolutionary Peoples government of Fukien and the IPIh Route army, which had joined In the revolt. Casualty reports to the Japanese legation sold that ten persons were killed the first day and 20 Hie" second day. The nffecls of the third day's bombing, when Ihe air forces released 105 high powered ^ bombs, were not determined. Silas VaiKlw. i. 72, siist.ii:i .. Injuries to Ins i.tad when he w.n struck and krc.-tcd down by a car driven 'oy Herman Oi-born, local machlnrst. on Main Glrcot Saturday n!gl,t. Witnesses toi'l ixillce th: accident was tinavo:ct.ble. statin',' that the aged mr-n striped out In front U the cor. Osborn called .-. Cobb House at Wilson Burns WII.SON. Ark.—Tlie house occupied by J. A. Apple was destroyed by fire at < a. m. Sunday. Origin of the fire Is unknown. Mr. and Mrs. Apple were in Memphis for a holiday visit. Their personal effeels were covered by in- as was the furniture, Servicei Held Sunday for Mn. jasper Yarbro Mary E.' Yarbro, 62. wife of Jas- I«r Yarbro, died 'Saturday afternoon at 4:30 o'clock' at the family home at Yarbro. She had been 111 for some time, . The deceased Is survived by her j husband, two daughters, Mrs. ! Phoebe Whittle and. Mrs. - Annie Walden, and three sons, 'Miidon, Herman and Thurman, and two step-sons, Richard and Pleas. Funeral services were held at the home Sunday afternoon with the Rev. Rod Bunch officiating. Interment was made at Elmwool cemetery. The Ccob Undertaking company was in charge of funeral arr rangemenU. was cut atom tne head, arms and Ixxly. The r.ame of Faulkner's assailant was not learned. and had the hi,';. red man rushed owned by Waller Johnson, who to the BljthevUi'' hospital where with Mrs. Johnson, was In Little received IrcMiucnt. HLs condi- Rock. The house, owned by Lee cvas not tillered (o be ser- Wilson and Company, was nol In- 1* Sculptor Praiies U. S. Plan to Aid Artuts WASIIlNaTON (UP) —The "reasury Departinenl's new policy ot employing itvilgent artists In public works at $35 a week la "the most wonderful thing that ever happened to the American artist," according to Jo Davidson, renowned American sculptor. "Some of tne worx, unquestlpn- ibly a rrcod bit cr \\, will be bad." he said. "'Bnt that's all right. Tr.fre'll probably be a lot of crit- ielMii. Time will decide what Is. Bond. The important thing U to put the artists to work. And only ;lie government can employ the artist this way." . '• In the policy Davidson finds the first hope for America's coming ot age as an art producing country. Great art, he declares, always has risen out of coniL.unal activity. A liappy marriage, should come aliead of your career, says Ann Dvorak, licautifu\ movlo artrcss. >vlio Just completed ft year's honeymoon with her J.J«- Imml, l.esllo Kcnlon. Sh8 doesn't regret the por.alblo loss t,f stiirJoni for laklne this loa* vacation, clllier, nb» ln«lat». WEATHER AFKANSAS-Qtnerjlly fair u\i r.mch colder tov.l^ht. H«rd freeze. Wednesday pi'rlly' cloudy to unsettled. ' . . The maximum, temperature here yr^terday was 46, mlnlnum 27, cloudy, accordlnj to Samuel T. KorVls, official wattwr observer.

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