The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 31, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 31, 1936
Page 3
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>>•(•• <•<• -^f? THURSDAY, DECEMBER 31, .1936 BLYTHEV1LLB, (ARK.)'.COURIER NEWS PAGE But i Marshal. Probably Will Receive Pardon from Chiang j • • - NANKING; china, Dec. 31 CUP) —The' military 'affairs commlsslbn of the government today found "Young Marshal" Chang Hsueh- llnns guilty ,61 ,,'tiglit. charges-, in his nildnclotur- Seizure 'of Generalissimo Chlnhg-; Kal-'shck In an effort, lo force war ngalnst Japan The young •• marshal was sentenced to Icn: years imprlsoiimcn and five years loss of civil, -rights but It was believed that llic -generalissimo, : head . of the govern ment and the country's strons man, .would pardon his caplcr.ant thus '{end one. of the most, tonlshjng incident^. of China's tonlshing political t history, The generalissimo has said Ilia ho felt himself to blame in .par for the young marshal's exploit because he did- not impose proper ..discipline on '.his subordinate, officer. ' He twice submitted hisfres,-. igiiatlon from all his posts biit the vernment refused to accept his ignalion and Instead voted him days leave 'to: recuperate. : • "The yonili} marshal returnee! voluntarily s to" Nanking and iiivit- - cd the goyern.ment. to punish him severely. These factors were re- V gardetl as much -in his favor,' Contract by Taking Fit-si Trick in Wrolig Hand ny WM. E. McKENNEV. Secretary, American Bridge I.easite Upon so small u tiling as ths choice of the' first card played by dsclarer. on Hie final bsard recent national match point team cf four contest, rested ths question ot whether;!!!; tltl2 was lo remain 111 (he-.'United States or, for the first" time'In history, go to a foreign country. •• • • - • A Canadian tram made U|i of Mrs. i'.'A. Faulkner, .of Belleville.. Onl; and'Mrs. w. M. Aivlerson, L. M. Hawkins Resigns to Take New Position L. M. Hawkins, who for two years- has bee'n the Federal Housing Administration's field irmn ill tills part of the state, has resigned, effective tomorrow, to become secretary and manager of the Arkansas Association of Lumber .Dealers, it was revealed yesterday by Hal L. Norwood, state FHA director. In lite new position Mr. Hawkins will succeed L. P. Elf secretary of "'the lumber', dealers association for 17 years. ' 1 Watch Service tonight The Full Gospsl church, Vine and . Lilly.streets, will hold a watch ser.; vice beginning at 7:30 'tonight ', Prayer, praise and preaching bj s several out of town ministers and 'the Lord's supper served at midnight will .constitute the program it has been announced by the pastor, the Rev. w. O. Singleterry. , Flame Ignites Wallpaper A^,'Ah oil stpvftv flame turned too high? ignited -Wallpaper in ,a kit- cheirjat Untjesidcnce'of Mrs. Eu-l phnr'Beasljy, pastor of the; First Church of; the Kazareiie. at. 1401) West: Chickasawba avenue ehrly this' morning, causing slight damage. .. ' ' • . The house Is owned by Cal Gos- selt, *KQ, ; »K 1064 * Q 9 C 3 A A V 3 » AK8754 * AKJ54 , * Jfl8'7 N W E S' Dealer 432 V95 , » J !0 « 109 . '!'; •' V AQJ872 . . T. " ' «>QC2 "" " Duplicat<^N. & S. vul. SoulU'.K VVcsl Piirs V 2V" 3V r,*. CN.T. Pass T'iiss P;iss Puss Pass Pnss North 2 * 34 4.V SN.T. 7* East Pass Pass Pass •••• Pass Pass Double Ked'ble Pass Opening lead— ft 10. 31 Today's Contract Problem North has the contract for six no trump. After winning the opening lead with I he king of hearts, he gathers five club tricks and then takes the spade finesse. How should he play the rest of the hand to make his contract? A AQ 10 84 VK5 * K 9 0 5 VQ KM * J 1095 .5.102 A 7 C 3 ! s Dealer A732 ¥AJ97G • 832 #J9 ' None *J 'V 832 •••••• « AQG-f # KQ85.4 vul. Opener — V 7. , Solution in next 'issue. 3! D. O. Farquharson, and R. E. Sheardown, of ( TorontoV- was running a neck and neck'finish; with. team from Chicago. The scorers were waiting. All the results were' in, except :he last board played, by one pair of the Canadian team, Mrs. Anderson and Farquharson. A halved match would -{is, a won board win, and a lost board lose. It. was a tense 'situation, but when the hand came in It recorded that the Canadians had beaten s;ven. dub'contract" one trick, redouble-;!, while their teammates had made seven chibs. Canada tint wen the American championship. | East decided against a hear lead, which his: partner's <Ionb) called for, and led the ten of clubs Declarer thoughtlessly played th queen from dummy. Next he led a low diamond t his ace and another low diamoiK •as he fclt'that this suit had to be established. He returned lo h: hand with the ace of spades to ruf another diamond, but East playc the nine of trump and beat th contract. Declarer might still have wo Hi; hand, after having taken tt: iirst trick with the queen, had h played .West for the king o hearts and the queen of diamond: thus making seven with a squsezi First Baptist Church to Hold Watch Service An all-church, waj.cli-niglit'Ser- vice will be held at trie First Baptist church beginning at 8:30 o'clock tonight with group meetings in the department rooms and a social for each age group. At 9:30 all will ealhej- in llie social room for a general social meeting led by the college students home for holidays. Refreshments will he served at 10:30 o;clock. ."From 'ocean to'; ocean" a trip through the Panama Cuiial in pictures on the screen will begin at 11:00. 'The -Watch-night devotional service will be lead by the pastor from 11:40 to, 12:00. At the mid-night hour the church be! accompanied by. the organ, wi usher hi the' New Year. The sei vice is so arranged to be of ti I terest to all members of the fan ily. - church folk ami non-cbnrc folk, the Rev. Alfred Carpenl said today In making \ the ai noimcemenc. In 1935, the Canadian birth ra was 20.2 births per thousand i population. TERRY ABSTRACT '& REALTY CO. Abstracts, lands & loans . E. M. Terry, Pres. and Mg'r. Phone 017 BlythcvHIe, Ark. Stcclc-Cooter Society — Personal Hov. and Mrs. M. A. Mnssey, Hi daughter, Mary Jewellu, tiro isldnsf another daughter, .Mrs. ester McUrlde, lit Laurel, Miss. ; Paul Wright, who Is 'employed ' McCJann's tlore, Is seriously 111. John Elmer Workman, who is nplcyert by McCfinn's store, \ h rously 111. John liimer Workman of Fill- ; ill is vislllne Ills parenls, Mr.. 1 ::d Mrs. J. H; •Workman. - | Miss iiuth Harper has as her ue,I this week Miss Ada ache u.vinan of Slkeslon. The yoimn ndlos are ciassmutes at Missouri nlversity, Columbia. Mr, and Mrs. U. E. L. Smith' tire j IslUnj; ilii'lr daughter at Uiw- once'jurg, Tenn. Mrs. Jamar and son of SI. .'.ills and Mi;s Elizabeth Marvell IK! Bill Mm veil of I'oplar Muff ve eutsls of Mr. and Mini C.' E. Illler. . ; . Ml-a ' Nndlne Drown of Jackson/ '(•mi., h the guer.t- of Miss Hand , cAdntns. , , J W, N. Holly Ims gone lo Wood- | lien, Colo., lo accompany Mrs. Holly licme' She spent the holi- Ji'.ys I hare with their son, Dud -lolly. . . . . Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Doerner are pending |hls week In St. Louis A'lth relatives. Mrs. Piiiulc Hopper of Bells, Term..' is the guest of Mrs. nubye Barnelt. Malcolm Stcele,.. who attends Trl-State college In Indiana, Is islllng his parents, Mr.- mid Mrs, Dan Stecle. . '• Rayborn Overturf, who has been visiting his parenls, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. OVc'rturf.'.has returned to Ills position in St. Louis. Misses Eugenia . Orlce and Mary Jewell Asher have gone'to Delrolt where they have employment. Mr. and Mrs. J. P, Fisk spent Hie holidays In Joncsboro with Mr. Fisk's mother. Mrs. Maude Miller, • who ' has been making, her home here with her son", Charles MtMer, has gone to Chicago to make her home with another son, Robert'-. Miller. Dr. and .Mrs. H. G. McDanic! and children have i'?nc to Brewton, Ala., to visit Mrs. McDantcl'i parents. Dr. McDanlcl will i-ctim • trili weekend .but his wife will remain for several weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Olho Slanflll havi moved here 'from Caruthersvllle. A Three Days/Cough Is Your Danger Signal • • • ™^ / '-...' -. ^^ ••,. A cough, chest cold or bronchial Irrllntlon today may lend to etilous (roublo tomorrow. Yon can relievo tlK'in now with Crcomulsion, nn frnusslllcd Crcosoto Hint Is plcasMit to take. Crcomulsion U a iiHHllcul discovery that nlds nature to cootlio r.i;J heal the Infected membranes niul to relievo the Irritation n»a l[ifln:nmi\Uoii ns tho Ecrin-ladcn lihlcgm Is loosened and cxuc!loO. Medical nutliorlllca havo for ninny years rucognUcd Uio wonderful cllecl!! ot licediwood Crcosolo lor treating conuhs, chest coW.i nntl bronclilal Irrltallona. A chemist worked out n special process of blending Creosote, with otl'cr In- Ciedlenu EO that now In Crcomul- elon you get a rcnl iloso of Ucecli- vvood Creosote which Is polntnblo nnd can «vcn be taken frequently and continuously by adults tntl children. Thousands of doctors now use. Crcomulslon In their own families and practice, and druggists rank Crcomulsion top. because In thla genuine, original product you can tret u real <loso ol Creosote so emulsified that It goes to the very Mat ol Uie trouble to help loosen and expel germ-laden phlegm. ,< •.•-• Creomublon la guaranteed, satis- fnctory In tho treat MM nt ot couuhs, chest colds and bronchial troubles, csiwclally tlioso Uiat start with a coimnon cold and hang on rind on. Get a bottle of Crcomulsion right nay/ from your druggist, uso it all up as directed and If you full to B<!t fjitlsfuctory relic!, ho la authorized lo refund every cent of your monpy^ Qct'Creomulaloi) right now, (Adv.) • ORDfR YOU* CAS£ TODAY THE LIRE ANY PARTY KICK t MADE. WITH ARKANSAS • Distributed by MIDWEST DISTRIBUTING CO., Btythcvillc, Ark. Phone 63 LUTES GROCERY AMD MARKET! Three Divorce Suits I 20fi W. Main Phone 161 We Deliver Three divorce suit5 have been .filed in • chancery court here recently with wives-plaintiffs in'two of the actions^ . " . : - Mrs. Ruth Wright Pillow has entered suit against 'J. R. Pillow, asking a divorce on the ground of indignities. Her attorneys are Harrison, Smith and Tnylor. Mrs, Jywel Jackson has filed an action against Milfccm Jackson, 'seeking a. divorce oh the ground of indignities. E. E. Alexander is her attorney. Robert Mallory alleges desertion as the basis of his suit against Mrs. .Annie Mallory. Mr. Alexan. under Is also his attorney. ; KLECTRIC & ACETTLENE W EL DING AT BEST ' PRICES • :. PROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co, PHONE 19 Start The New Year Right! Trade with iis in 1937,-you'll find we have only the Best Foods, Good Service ami one of the Most Modern-Meat Markets in Northeast Arkansas. LETTUCE Large Iceberg Ct Each U THIS WEEK'S SPECIAL POTATOES CANE SUGAR WE PUT LUBRICANT In and not' over and around grease ports— There are no poor lubricants and no careless lubricators in our> lubrication department— / And every lubrication here means the right lubricant:— Intelligently Applied! PHILLIPS Service Center SALAD DRESSING TABLE PEACHES BRAN FLAKES MILK P&GSOAP CRACKERS PETIT POIS PEAS HEKS PORK ROAST BACON PORK LIVER CHEESE Pet or Carnalion _ Tall Can I 2 Simulates famous old pattern — and crt an unheard of price. Standard size. 20c Enamel Dipper S3.75 Child's Scooters 50c Child's blackboards All Martin Senior Paints 20% OFF Fresh Lb. I5ox flc; 2-Lh. Itox CUP and SAUCER Evergreen Kitchen Towels ?olishsilver,wipe skillets.For hands and face, W.ll Towel Hold t ,.2Sg TOOL CHEST AND TOOLS 16 man m« tools— itrong, nicely finiihed v Chest, A place to Itoep ' thoia loose $Q4S tools'.-..',.... O~~ Full Dressed Every Day ' Lean Shoulder HOME MADE SAUSAGE OYSTERS . Extra Select Pint. Sliced. Sugar Cured OftC Lb. OU Lb. Wisconsin Cream Lb. HOMESl'UN FLOUR, Guaranteed. 24 Lbs. §1.00 MORNING STAR FLOUR, 2-1 Lbs. 85c UNION FLOUR, 24 Lbs 75c CELERY J"mbo Stalks QIC 75c Gray Enamel Tea Kettle 55c 30c Gray En. Sauce Pan Sets 19c 12 Tin Muffin Pans 9c 20c White Mixing Bowls 15c 75c Cookie Press 69c 12c Biscuit Pans 9c This Merchandise On Display In Our East Window SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. J. W. Shouse "The Progressive Store" Phone 35 Wilson Henry ' KROGER & PIGGLY WIGGLY STORES prices for Friday and Saturday SUGAR _ • Pure "Cnne 10 I.K 47c vif ORANGES il 12!c FRESH EGGS ,v %I)o/cn 29. 1 APPLES Dozen 10 ,0. O CLEANSER House ' ' U, for 10 POTATOES lied LI). 3 C^ i"i«x CABBAGE Green '. .. Lh. . 2 GRAPE FRUIT .1 for W BANANAS Doxcn' 10 ,0 •.'# CARROTS Bunch 5 . ONIONS Yellow 2 rc |i> l I •-: LETTUCE Htad 5 VINEGAR Hulk Cation CRACKERS 2-Lb. I!ox MACARONI 01 SPAGHETTI ,W P & G SOAP 4 BARS W TOMATO SOUP Can •y. MOTOR OIL M " CHOCOLATE CANDY IB 10 OATS c. c. •18-07. COFFEE LI). 29 C COFFEE French 25 C COFFEE Jewel, 1 I,b. 2!c 3-1,1). Hag GRAPE JUICE Qunrt 28c Pinf 15' SOAP CHIPS Lge. Pkg. 17' MUSTARD Quart Jar 10' KRAUT Long Silvery Shreds Lb. Hog's Head" 12!c ; .Slarl the New Year Off Right With Hogs Head iind Hlack Eyed Peas Lamb Roast ForeQtr Lb HindQlr AQC Lb 10 Hens Fancy Dressed Pound 27c Beef Roast Fey. Thick -IQC Rib. II) 13 Mcd. Grade Thick-Rib. Lb 15 C FISH VARIETIES FILLET HADDOCK Lb. 23' OYSTERS Select Pint 33 RED SNAPPER Lb. 28' FRESH SHRIMP Lb. >"?; c •' : r;r

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