The Daily Times from Salisbury, Maryland on April 15, 1981 · 26
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The Daily Times from Salisbury, Maryland · 26

Salisbury, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 15, 1981
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'26 : THE DAILY TIMES Salisbury, Md. Wed., April 15, 1981 Explorers Club Members Accept Final Pare ' , By RICK HAMPSON r- Associated Press Writer ; NEW YORK (AP) For . three quarters of a century, at the poles, in Darkest Africa, .on the moon, the men of the ; Explorers Club accepted any challenge except the . admission of women. .. y Last weekend, in New York, . they took the final dare. The club's members .-embarked on a new, surprising adventure by voting 753 to 618 to admit .women members. , . Even Explorers president Dr, Charles Brush, who had pressed for the change, was .-stunned by the 7S3-to-618 vote, , which was taken by secret mail ballot fearlier this year. Two members of the board of directors predicted that as .many as 300 members would resign over the vote. i '''You have no idea how strongly some men feel about this," said John W. Flint, a board member. "These are .very conservative guys who are . afraid women would change things." i The vote meant that NASA astronaut Kathryn Sullivan, who has flown higher than any other woman in the world, and .Sylvia Earle, who has dived (deeper than any man or woman, will be the first female Explorers. ,;' But the Explorer tradition remains male, or at least macho. ... Old-timers still brave the wilds of the Upper East Side to gather in a room that looks like -an English club room in the headiest days of Empire. Stuffed animal heads stare down from the rafters and a rack of old hunting rifles leans against the wall near a lamp stand made of donkeys' hooves and a set of African blowpipes. , Above the fireplace, bracketed by elephant tusks, hangs a painting of a member who had to amputate his own frozen toes. The announcement closed out.tne presidency of Brush, who favored female membership and has tried to steer the club into an era when exploration means rowing across the Atlantic in a 25-foot boat, diving 1,800 feet below the pcean or trying to raise the . Titanic. j But, he was asked in an j interview at the club, what i new, places are left to explore? And isn't rowing across the ' ocean like trying to type a manuscript with your nose? ."There are more frontiers than, ever," said Brush, a lanky archaeologist who led his,, first expedition in the Himalayas when he was 14 and has been exploring ever since. : Today, he said, there are plenty of unexplored caves, unsealed peaks and uncharted wastelands. And there is outer space, the final frontier. Brush has urged on the Explorers a broader definition of exploration which would . embrace investigation through a telescope or in a laboratory. But what would old Explorers like Teddy Roosevelt, Charles. Lindbergh, Robert Peary and Edmund Hillary say? Doesn't real . exploring suggest an , element of necessary risk? "Many of our members would say so," he admitted. But, he added, there are subtle risks, the kind astronaut J. Edgar Mitchell Resort Lions . Elect Slate Of Officers OCEAN CITY The Ocean City Lions Club has elected new officers. Named president was H. Warren "Buck" Crawford. Others are first vice president, William Greenwood; second vice president, Bruce Moore; third vice president, Carl Hoffman; secretary, Robert W. Sw-anson; treasurer, . W. Fred Cauble; lion tamer, Harold S. Decker; assistant lion tamer, Joseph McDermott; tail twister, Harold B. "Chip" Gordy; assistant tail twister, Steve Harman; and directors, Joseph Costanzo, and Raymond B. McLaughlin. .The nominating committee consisted of past presidents Bob Corddry, Norman Connell, Gary Whittington and Norman H. Cathell Sr. Corddry and Cathell are past district governors. The newly elected officers j wiy be installed by the ) District Governor-elect from j . Cambridge, Raymond L. Swadley, July 8. j St Luke Church Offers Program HEBRON The "Seven I Last Words" will be presented in both music and verbally at 7 ', &.m. Friday here in St. Luke i nited Methodist Church. The senior choir will sing. i Speaking will be lay speakers of : the church. They are j William Morris, Gene Cray, Pearline Mitchell, Rachei ', Hull, David Waters, Priscilla j Mitchell and Edward Taylor. The service is open , to the public. 9, ' ' - ' I ;t a- Yankee Doodle i The origin of the song "Yan- kee Doodle" is unknown, but it fa is believed to have been com- posed, in England in the 1750s and used to deride American colonials. It became instead a patriotic American air. t by participating in apsychology experiments took para on which most scientists were sure to frown. "Part of exploring is a frame of mind, a willingness to challenge dogma, to Be on the edge," Brush said. That is what had bothered him about the club's males-only admission policy: If explorers by definition challenge tradition and embrace change, why cling to the past? Virtually all the club's programs had been open to women, but many male members had objected to integration of the sexes on the grounds it would destroy the club'sspeclal "camaraderie." "There's a lot of tradition around here," he said, glancing at the stuffed heads around the room. "You have to respect it, but we shouldn't be governed by it." The club, which has grown to include about 3,400 'members in 58 nations, has always been a mixture of "wild characters and sober, scientific types," he said. The combination has made for lively disputes. Recently, some members have questioned the wisdom of giving professional explorer Mike Harris a flag for his highly publicized attempt to find ana raise the Titanic. But, said Brush, last summer's Titanic expedition ''stirred people's Imaginations. Too much of the world is hum-drum. No matter what you think of (the Titanic project it's not mediocre.' The Explorers Club was founded in 1904 by two survivors of a sailing expedition that set out in 1884 to explore the coast of northern Canada but strayed off course. By the time a Navy vessel reached the freezing, starving survivors, three winters had passed and 17 men had died. The two survivors, Gen. A.W. Greely and David Bralnard, made a pact to meet each year- on the anniversary of their rescue and gorge themselves with food and drink. From these meetings, the club emerged. . The club's annual dinners carry on this tradition with exotic hors d'oeuvres that have included baked Mexican agave worms, fried Katanga termites, pickled African honeybees and marinated boar. Until World War II the club was known for two types the jungle explorer and the polar explorer. The former accounts for the popular conception of the Explorer: A wealthy, brave individualist, maybe a little .eccentric, dressed in jungle jacket and pith helmet, setting off for Africa, rifle in hand. But today the Explorers are more akin to a service . organization. They arrange 'by young men and women, talks and lectures at the club's "That's what's really Tudor townhouse great," Brush said, "giving headquarters in. Manhattan these kids a chance to get out and spend more than $100,000 and see what it's really all a year to finance expeditions about," ' , jjp Springtime on the Plaza' JV A Whole Easter Basket Full of Gift Ideas ( vl 1 In The Artisan's Loft ' ; J) W New Hours . .Ns 1hur$.,Fri. in) j) 10a.m.-4p.m. J iKEg frv ISaturioif Ik : Mmm3: : ; . LOFT J ST. PETER'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH i Salisbury, Maryland Church and St. Peter's Streets JOHNH0UAN0 OHWMST 13 ST. KTHTSCHWICH.FOUNWDWM CHOMMASTI THE REV. HARRY RIDOU JOHNSON RECTOR . ' HOLY WEEK SERVICES APRIL 16- MAUNDAY THURSDAY 7,30 p.m. Holy Eucharist, Stripping of th Altar and Maundy Thursday Watch APRIL17-GOOD FRIDAY 12:00 Noon The Good Friday liturgy, including Holy Communion from the Reserved Sacrament) , '. . followed by tl Cross Walk in the Courtyard APRIL 18-SATURDAY 4 :00 p.m. The Great Vigil of Easter and the , lighting of the Paschal Candle APRIL 19-EASTER DAY 8:00 a.m. Holy Eucharist and Sermon 10:30 o.m. Choral Eucharist and Sermon t AMERICAS FAMILY DRJJG STORE I mr i ivwj m a CLOSE o UP TOOTHPASTE WITH SPECIAL REBATE OFFER M-OUNCE With whiteners & breath fresheners. Limit 2 ECKERO'S - 2 99 SALE PRICE ... FOR I LESSMFGR.'S -t 00 MAIL-IN REBATE . I FINAL COST AFTER REBATE .... &99' ANACIN CAPSULES 19 BOTTLE OF 40 Sato Priced High-strength analgesic in capsule form. Limit 1 mm SCHICK SUPERS CARTRIDGES -mm Sal Priced Twin blade. Fit Trac II & Atra razors. Limit 1 pack REVLON FLEX SHAMPOO 19 16-OUNCE 1 YOUR CHOICE With Balsam & protein. 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