The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 21, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 21, 1931
Page 4
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t»AGE FOUR (ARK.V COURIER NEWS THE HLYTHEVI1XB COUItlKK NB\VS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUIiLlSllEKS C. R. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. HAI.S'ES, Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Heprcscntatlvcs: The Thomas P. Clark Co. Inc., New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, Bar. Antonio, San Francisco, Chicago, SI. Louis. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday. Entered as second class matter at the post office at Blythevllle, Arkansas, under act of Congress October 9, 1317. Served by the United Press SI'BSCKU'TIOX HATES By carrier in the city of BlythcvUle, 15c per week o- $5.50 per year In advance. By mail within a radius ol 50 miles, $3.00 per year, $1.50 tor sis montlis, 85c for llircc months; by mail in postal zones two to six, Inclusive, $6.50 per year, In zones seven and clsht, $10.00 per year, payable In advance. The Voter's Viewpoint Since the early days of the republic, it lias jihvuysi been thi> milionM political campaign thai lias drawn most of the average American':; attention. Local campaigns come anil L'O—al- most unnoticed, suinotimcs. Time after time, an Aincrlam city will ulce.1 n mayor ami a city council wilb more than half of the (|iiitlifie<l voters failiiiK tq iro to the noils. It is hard to yet the voters out except in national campaigns. Yet the simpli) fact is that the average voter has R far greater financial stake in his city and state elections than he does in the presidential and senatorial contests. Here is a little example that illustrates the case. A perfectly ordinary American householder made his animal federal income tax payment recently. After he had made all of his authorized deductions, lie found that he owed the federal treasury slightly less than one dollar. He paid it and went his way rejoicing. Now this same American owns a house in a middle western city. Twice a year lie is compiled to pay taxes on this properly for the support of his city, county and state governments. These taxes average close to $250 a year, and he pays them with an uncomplaining fatalism. Compare the two tax burdens that this man carries. To the federal government h; pays loss than a dollar a year. To his local governments he pays more than 250 times that much. Yet this man—a fair specimen of Hi: American electorate—seldom bothers to vote except in a • national election. He follows national politics keenly. He can tell you all about President Hoover's record as president; he can describe the leading candidates for the Democratic nomination in 1932, and he can tell you fairly accurately what the senators from his state and the congressman from hi; district have been doing in Washington in the past I wo'years. But he can hardly tell you anything about the men who run his state and city governments. Ho could not name half of the members of his city council if his life depended on it. He can name the governor of his state, but he has no idea whether this official is providing an economical and honest administration. He could not possibly tell you who the state representatives ami senators from his district are, or what sort of public servants they are. He pays 250 limes as much to sup- ixnl these governments as iie does to snp|K>rl the federal government—but he knows next to nothing about them. As a result, lie will continue to pay 250 times as much for a long time to come.—Bruce Gallon. Misrepresentation The most dastardly and dishonest piece of IcBlslallon was the killing of the rcapporiion- mcnl bill introduced by Nelson In (he senate and Whcatley In the house. Alexander 'would not Introduce the bill In the house, after prom- isinu our people Insl summer he would do so. Mr. Nelson was forced to call on a memljc-r train nn adjoining county to assist him in genius; tor Mississippi county what rightfully belongs lo it. And the Star makes the direct charge thai H wns Alexander and lib Inllucncc that kllli'il the. bill » ' » * Another piece of Alexander's (mis) represun- trition was killing the Kelson bill (o divide equally bciwcen the Osceola and Clikknsjuvln districts the turnback one cent uasollnu increase tax passed al the recent session. This hill would have Given us an equal slime of this money. Mr. Alexander, who was In a Little Rock hospital nl the time the bill came before the house for action, had himself brought into ihe legislative halls In a wheeled chair nnrt moved nntl pl:a:l with his colleagues to table the bill. This was clone, and for the next two years the whole or the Chickasawba district, Including Heal town- shipfi the second largest In the county, will contribute one cent on each gallon of Gasoline used 1 lo build county, roads on I.ce Wilson's lands and in the Osceolu district. We ask you In all lalr- ness Is this justice? And Alexander did It. We think Sam Hodges, In his Osccola Times last week, showed poor judgment when he. 3Dt up such n crow over his victory. H will be short- lived, for It only hastens the day when Osceola will no longer bo a county sent and we will have only one—and (hat one will be Blythevllle. Then there wns (he salary bill, which if parsed would have saved the taxpayers of Mhsii-sippl county thousands of dollars yearly. This is the second time Alexander has killed this bill, in both of the last two legislatures Mr. Nelson has introduced tills' bill to save the taxpayers money. Last summer Alexander promised 10 have nils bill parsed. He did exactly what was done nt the 192S session—pocketed the bill and kept it from passing. Whoso Interests was Alexander serving? Evidently not-the majority of the people who elected him. * * * H Alexnntler wants the people of Mississippi county (o know why lie Imd to be wheeled into (lie house In a chair lo kill the "turnback" one cent gas (ax The Slnr has the story from first hands and is ready to print It ivllli his consent. The Slur warned the voters ot Mississippi county last summer as lo what they could ex- prct if Alexander was re-elected onr representative. He has continually bctrnycd the people of Ihis county and will con'.lnue to betray you as lung as IIP remains In the legislature, ucnlly, we have no sympathy for Blythcville. It was their votes which elected him.—Lcnclivlllc Slar. A sin party is sometimes like a prizefight, the office taije observes. Two rounds and you're out. '"Best in the long run" muy be nn admirable slogan, but it would never do for hosiery manufacturers. Now thai n movement is on foot to Anglicize operas, hope Is high thai train announcers nuiy be induced to use understandable English. IIATTI.E OF ST. QUENT1S On .March 21, the Germans j launched a great offensive by which they hoped to gain a military (jn. ?«%\iio«Bi?^^^Uy/ l ".^riv. ; .. ; J^{|\ivi( | jj * w nvf/Ss clskui liefore the lnllux of Al " er '- W.J.isi g "**•"" S !^«J tnrr^T j r-''£vn can ™MCW.MM S . it was caii-i S&JSsJF^"* 1 - ^^w^-lSi 'fiwf^si" 10 mulc fw st ' Q™"" « «he L^l* U^~r,¥'/ir^ ^ i^,^rv 1J«M^ Se " nd 2»'«« «*..«« Marne. ^siiai ... _ The attack, said to have surpass- L; [, i cU in grandeur of scale and ela- '" struetlon any other in the Wcrld War, was begun al 4:30 in the morning. The sudden crash of COM German guns heralded the breaking of the storm. By nightfall the German flood hod inundated 40 miles of British front. A week latov It had penetrated a depth of 40 miles. In Ihc weeks to follow 1 (he I Allies were nearly submerged ! These weeks rank wllli that of the Maine in IflH ai (he two gravest crises in the World War. This is where the Germans came closest to n World War \lctory. In spit? j of the fact Ihc Germans decisively defeated the British armies and (Iron 1 20 French divisions into ac- jtlon at St. Qucntin, they were unable to sepainte tiie British and French forces. Tiial was nn objective. BE SURE YOU'RE RIGHT- /' "( can't remember Uto about a fellow in love." Kail Gamp Follows Weddiii" MER1DEN. fcr.n., IUP) — An I hour after the wedding, the oin- j dating c'.ji-Byinai!. the bride and the bridegroom were participating , n a basketball same I'.cre. The j Rev. John Farr was guard and Jo- j seph Bower, the Groom, center on a church leap.- f|iiintet while the I bride, the fonuer Miss Gertrude wan ml—something Patz, was a prominent member of ORY -THAT DOLLY KWOiSUN SAVED WASH- iS PORTRAIT} WHEN THE 6R111SU BURNED THE CAPiTOL ; 6Vcufrv:£rrr FROM its FRyte AND C4CSVINS rt A\W I3 UNTRUE.TMIS NWS BY A DOCK-MAM VS'HILE SHE LOOKED _*SS#3K C 1921 »Y WE> SfcW.CE. IKC. fiiGITCEES ArjENDT-THE II ~. '.ixrasflNcnoN 3 TO AUSTBAIWS E.UCALVPTUS ^= TREES', MAtCU OFTEN EXCEED 45O fKT •-"IN HEIGHT. ' i-M-xi Car Wrecktd Doclgiiif Dog WESTPORT, Conn., (UP)—A pet dog owes its life lo the fnct that when it ran across the highway here Zenou Haekey was so kind- Ivarted he swerved his automobile off ihe road. ;ne machine over- turntii? and plungin<; 30 feet Into "Occilby and Tcinoirow," by I.•.•.m.- Tilt 1 icwn v.iil :iol be lifted by its f;l!t marshes "Well, ,1'ni glad I : BOOK SURVEY lK^3wo»w^sl*»VjS» the cheering section. Is .in Extremely i\' and Quite Uiiror£t't.u!:li:. br.'0tslraps. Perhaps all of this dcss not sound Stiuly of a Wumnn Who Sp-.-nt j c->peclally remarkable. But Mr. Mo=t of Her Life. Kidding Her-1 VjrcLcod writes with a deep under-! and :i warm sympathy lo: the. people who live close lo llici --" The pulsating stir of the! avoic!:d the dog." said the driver as he climbed back into the road. self.: liY HIUJCE CATION NEA Service Writer soil. The Courier Ne~s has been au- changing seasons can be felt in his thovized to- make the following "Goodby nnd Tomorimv," by '-;- ornamental prcse. His book Is announcements, subject to the will ane Zugsniilh. studies a : over-Ions, seme of the characters I ot the people at the municipal who has spent most ot lur life in fail to come lo life, the movement'Section to be held April 7: kkldin;; hci^elf. j scnic-tnnes is painfully slqy." bun Emmy Bishop is getting on iv.'.o the bock is very much worth read-' middle ago. i-or years she has, ing. been one of -.MOSS glamorous p.-r-! It is published by Covici. Friede, sonnlltits who swim about in tlrjland sells at $2.50. midst of the big domss of p:hr-r i ' people. She has known" all o 1 . the ' A GOOD mooRAPHY OF leading figures in the worlds of | THK GIIKAT CADILLAC. art. music and literatim"; h,<s, in- Few ni"ii worked more mightily fact, had love affnii^ v. ith most ul . or eliectively lo carve an empire them. As the took i!j:-:ii<i she is out ot the great American wilder- abont, to bujjin a new i;[rni:- wilh ness tlian the French gentleman a rising young vlohnist. vho 15'whose rather lengthy name has bound to become nr.c:!:cr lieifou I CLUJP do\vr, to 115 simply as Gadil- ii\ a year or so. j Inc; and few of our cmplre-build- Bui Emniv, as we <;ii;l i~ uettir.- t:; :u: ' r ' s li!lle k!10 ' V! > today. All • -••-'-••- • ' ma:--.;. ••Cadillac." on: and ir. one way :- ai;.;:ior si: 1 - by As " cs Luul> as ! )0 1 JI|I;111 1IS il begins to gel wi.^e to li discovers, painmlly. Hut ,-:.e Iw.s "'-terciiing. lived life al Eeconri-har.:] ~'. = " s -! Mlss '•"'•" ll! " consulted all ma:i- iilKS" thai she pereiiiilally ilkcuv-!"" °' »> - -" l '"i records lo truce the For Mayor A. B. FATRFIELU NE1LI, rtEED <Hc-E:cetion. 'Jnd Term) W. C. LAWLER lor City Treasurer ROSS BEAVERS Ire-eiectiun. 2nd term) CHURCH EXCUSES George Vi'. Barhim- a reasoning among them, which of them "And there arose was greatest. But Vihx-ii Jesus saw the reasoning of their heart he took a little child, and set him by his side, and said unto them, whosoever shall receive this little child in ray name recelveth me; and whosoever shall receive me recciicth Him that sent me; for he that is least amen; you all, the same is great." LUKE 40-48 Attend Church Sunday Stained Glass Window ! morial hospital there. i nr n. ii ' Thc lvindcv '' «'as made by Tiff- 01 VV. U. W. Moved ! nn - v ln Kevf York. A white glass : window replaces the ornate one CMAHA, Neb., <UP>—A stainid i " e ' glr.cs window Installed in the! 0 _,,-«-"~I .Wocdmen „, the Wor,d b.i.din, ' ^ffi, ™ZrK£^ | here 13 years p.go, !n memory of, Sclomap., 43, seme kind of ir.^tli- | Jo:.epl'. Cullen Root, founder and cine to relieve a pain in hi'. •/*£•,• : first rovereisn commander of tix ach. Shortiy after he had taVen'tlio j organization, has toon thippr-d t» medicine, died in eonvnl- |E=nn Antonio, Tex., for. pennancnt-Eicns, easpinj ihtit he^ believed U» . in.stalla,;cn in the chane! of th» : had made a 'mistake nnd I new Woodmen of the World me- given him poison OUT OUR WAY By Williams rou CAM TE.LA. v^ ' 1 woo WEV/Ef? \Al\L\_ TASTE., vuiTrt THEM hcrsvli, and il' :s too Kit- for her! of ''V" :liv ' to mate recompense. '• c " !!llia(; c o"' c s to Quebec as .1 . ,>n'.uh frs:ii his iinceiiral liomc in As a study 01 a c.-:la:n :. pc of i ,,- Ial:ce . i !e vov C(I ,,, c Orcal I wu:mn. the b-ok is c::tn:v,c;y pen- Lakes anil founded Detroit laving! cratm-.!. And Emmy's lin.ii ixpe- ih... Swuuiniiwi f«r w:« ol the great-j iience. wherein she tlnovs an re- cs: cf Amc ric:>.:i cities He was one I CLV.IIurly to:,y nsi-ty which .s. or ,, le tcw <ar , ; ' ( j I n.ishcn hy nil of the nil-roll ol. <•„ i,,f.. w O :netii ; r- like a V- Kev,- i-crk. is quite iimo^ltaUr. 1 ; tci!l b ,^i ;; auii a,'^. sdmiiiiFira-' Miss Z::-smith has a litfinite'; tu: he w:i:, a» tainted i:s Froiuc- achlevcimnt to her credit, jiud I nr . L . hi:usolf think you will enjoy her bo;jk. ; j(is later life wa« not so lia-n • It is published by Horace Liver-1 rclili^al intrigue ;n Ihe French it-lit, tells^for $'->. • com! p-,,u L .(i h;;n ou; of Deivoil lie-i fere his v. ork there wis half done I A \V01lTU\YHin: ST(I!!Y Of I ;i:iri m,. ( !e Iv.i,, soverncr of ihe wild' 1\\0 I .',KMl.i:s' J)11K,OI>. !r . iv .. Lo,ii.;:,n:i province; ar.d coii- Amo:ij the s-prinj books that aro i di'ici:s there were eiio;i-h to break dccidrdly worln >our while is j any -ovcniors hean. Cadillac un"Thuc S:ce;>!r f ." by l.cRny Mac-1 able to cope with ilicm. ended his Lci-d. 1i >* wor:h while dcsyito the I career under ,somethin<- ot a cloud fail that it li;is a yr.-al m.iuy <;b-1 Yc t Miss Lau: iwints out that vlcus defects, for it hr,s n sincerity. i;0 lliii] 0 - can d:m Ihe splejuliv ,;1 antl an iii'iislH that ton;:lerbal- hi.^ rnilier a.-nievemer:^ Kor l-j-^ ance all of u? sliortcomin-.-s. j vark :n ihe Ciie.u kikfs'iejiou lie "Three Kttrpics" is t!u* s'.ory cf: deserves to b^ rcmemljenx! bymod- a small Ir.di:ni;i to\vn ul so::i.^ th.'ee ' e.: 1 . .-\mni:-;t: ;u:ci ihis biography clccarits ,130. The town \; typical :-u;:!it tj l;elp in pain iiim the cf its iime place: r-. nv.r hum-: th.u Ls r:-,'hifnlly ins let. praplul by farmt-vs. sf.'.iaclii'-.T I "Cadiil.ic" is published' by the Mspixsri two fervently ^-ctari.-..!: T!c,'.:bs-Mcrriil Co. The price Is inches, born of thr* /U'li mid- ; $3.50. western prairie and blindly .itr.mb-1 lin? alter an unknown d:.,'.iiiy in; BAKER, Oi;-.. 'UPi—Mrs. George Ihe way of all such touns ;. A'.;>;IM. of Austin. Ore., hired a new In Iliis town there liv<s :\ fan-.-! J; ; »-ih.\iid who ij.uc his name as cr who has ambition^: a sen oi rural borster. who \vant~. to ^oe his SPREAD before you, on these pages, are advertise- nienls. Take a lev,- moment^ and let their words and pictures reveal \vhal life can hold i f or you, if you hut choose! — town yrow. Ho bii" >T :s ab;, l!ir ' ! '" I " 1(i ' l y. On Salurclay. Friday quit. x ' ; ~ -\-j;'.in telephoned an cmplny- ageiU'V askini; for another tuildin; c;f ;•. new rlmMi. '.V'"-. 110 arrivod Monday and said the tov.n can barely . two it has: lie pi:!s u;> r-. -y. [cvaior. fi?I:*s lo ;:e: bcttrr Iticn for liie lov.'i: irora |K-a;l. fpenit hims. If .(irc^ct: |ia:« ai'cini;: to pn-h his o ir !add:r." But H doesn't wor!:. Tl:;- r.vl apathy: (lie ..r.ii i •nr.c:- a cr-.tiv v li:ii- ('.. ailvriir, ivmair.s dsai tn ilfftriir,S;s; and tin- Clu 1 < i::lt of ail of thc-c :r. ll-.a: th: Jnrmer's ? rn. f.v law\fr. jivcf '«a> l> : religious impu!-j ai:;i lor of Ihe d<u"r.ed th I'l'.f s^n inhi'.il 1 . :^:^ tc::sit rhanne'. :i"d :<. hr.i\c« of'.ciirr,: nt. lr.dc,.^. in the *r,[i nioM cf tho town's t: 1 ";;- bles are traceable to th-.-fi iv.jr.ivn. and their cffons ;o lo n News Ad T.-.ker will be transmit tril In 17,000 ivaricrs. Call I Longer days of Ji^Uer tasks . . . appointments I'or your home of more deeply salisi'ying eomi'orL heau- ty, usefulness . . . devices, methods, that save anxiety, and effort, and time . . . others that offer new economies . . . things lo delight you, from far corners of ihe world . . . once rare and i'ahled 'objects that are now within your reach . . . all these and more are in that treasure house to which advertisements give yon the key. No magic formula, no ''open M^ainc," could profit you so \\cll as ihis knowledge of what is new . . . O ~" what can bring you pleasure, leisure, security . . . Avhat is yours to possess!

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