The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 23, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 23, 1933
Page 5
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Y = SATURDAY, DECEMBER 23, CTM.) comma pun FADi ffll ClASSIFIED SECTION - .CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rale per line lor cohsecu- .ihe Insertions: . ; (file avenge words to a. line) One time per line \ 10o T no times per line per day ;. 08c 1 nr« times per luM per day . bin times per line per d»y ... Month rate per line \flntpniim charge BOc 06C 05c "»c CAFE NEAR BUSINESS. OSCEOLA. THEATER, QOOp BEN BRATCHEJl, AUSTIN COUPK, perfect ruchlpg condition. O. M. Morgan,. Phom 2S3-J, tc kff REAL ESTATE FOB SALE: 40 »cws, cultivation, one mile south of Gca- neli. Roland Green. 6cl£l.« two of" them Yale keys. O nmy hnve sathc by ''littcnllryliig' paying for: this ad. Ada ordered for three or »U times abd stopped belore expiry lion will be charged for the uum- ter of tunes U~e ad appeared and adjustment j «f bill mad*.''' : - .' All Classified Aaytr(lilii« ( copy futmltied by'ipersoisjj residing outside of the city mast obe-accoa>~ 1 anted by cub. llates may K easily computed. Irom above table' No responsibility will be taken for more tliau one incorrect inset tion of an,y.. Classified ad. Advertising Ordered for irregular Insertions ta&e the one time rate. C«M to, tot ywr real eatato Be* what we b»» «• ictt E. H. T«7 1 lll»ai< ,n» iln Tefry-WaHkJb(Uo TMk Co. JBIytkeville Vkone POULTRY & EGGS I'resh tjji.iii'.y. direct (IWB bea- as lhc"fiuu«l 'R(. Bernard 'dogs 0! llic frozen no:lh. two hunting aogB of Otinrlei Mllllron, W, (it \VJIlord, stood tjimrd-over liis body when he siicuimbcd to a he:>n uttiick while ttrldnt; uutonip- llOlllld:; L;iyed continuously unlll larni«r!> cwnc. T1)C iimchlnu iu wiilch he was wns wrecked. SAHARA Pil«d'tower than jiny Other of tlm iil£l: grade coals. ACTON r." ¥9.50 . - '. HlglifSt in. heat and lowest in ash ef any red ash ecu I. "We Can't Sell AH the'Cput'So We Just Sell the Beat" 'STE 11 Robinson Lumber Co '"&.; NEIV DEAL THAD1NG POST Furniture, Tools, Clotoes, Etc. Let's trade. 114 East BUin. 6c kl- . uery. Plckard'i irocery. 1M4 €c kl-6 ; CHRISTMAS PRODUCE Special price «n all fruit, prod«« it, flriXmas trees. G. Hawks' Cor. Mata '* Lake. IkkU DOGS, PETS FOK SAIjE-riRfletMi' Terrier Pup ipics, little bcSuilM. Mrs. W. I McCullough, .7721 \Carolyn AV( Piride Add'n.' ^:V:V ! '. fOBKENl' Nicely Furnished Bedroom, 3< South Lake Street, Mrs. Gcort Cross. 16ck2 New *>nd l-sed Furniture Bough; and Sold Staves Repaired—Any Make Alvin Hardy 5.17 W. Ash 20p IU2-20 FURNISHED 3 room apartmen 1315 W. Main! Call 335-W I5ck EXPERT Typewriter and -'Adding Machine Repairing U. S. Blank- ensliip, llti E. Hose. Call 165-J. CLEANER!? Look nice tor Xmu! Haye year clothes cleaned & reiexta, b» Unique Cleaning gerfit*. - • , . (Mi 1U •... ' . 20ckl-20 NEW Unfurnished 4 room apar ment, bath. Close In. Call -130 NICELY' iurrilsh'ecl bectfoo'm, men preferred. 1017 W. , Walnut. Call after 5 p. , m. Mrs. Ed Hardln. ?.flT^? J ->.lft Nice, large 310 W. Walnjlt., AUTOMOTIVE —r LOW i'EUCES on winter car neefc, heaters, alcohol, 'GPA'' glycerine, Mod« T taps'' <fe side curtauis, WOLF ARIAN, 128,*. «ckl?-ZJ $1.98 up. Main. . . C*ll' 368 - KeaVrlace-H'S' E. For Amto PalnUmg . Body and Fender berirtce 5 room, 'furnished 'house' : Z09' West " ; ..... ., INDIAN APOLIij,. . SP,P?IJVVAY " ASTOUNDS WORLD 'pj<o}l;, manuf ^titrers.. revoliitionary ^nf.v.v.lubVieaUiifi process'.' (I>at. ^j. M Jv apd Canada); offer, ground floor .factory -.cpqirac', .. ,assuring '. perroa- pr^fltaile . b^sLiiess,' iirU.kniled' '' SaL LARGEST STOCK USED FARJS Between Memphis and'St.' Louis, Also Auto Glassy-Phone 66..., JACKSON AUIO FASTS CO. •• AliTO GLASS INSTALLED We inslaU glass In your car...while you wait. CaU us Ior : .better sen vice. Phone 633.. ; • Sbouse-LUlle Cherotet Co; .. 10 kl-10 Call Us When In Need..Of Guaranteed Merchandise Farts HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. Auwmotiie Ucpt. lo kl-1 Lve.' pos^/Tlrnc' ^Jft j.. ,Oni\^rs?.<:./StartUilg.'. fac.ts jfi ! -y, 1 '?'! 1 ' v fV s -first, anc fifth| miies) at 102 hiflcs 'per. hour Auto Glass All Kinds Installed The Ark-Mo Lumber Co. 12c kl-10 WRECKER SERVICE Call us when you need a wrecker, Day and Nignt Service. C.all 638. Shousc.-Ijulr Crevrolet Co. ' IQc kl-10 15A1TER1ES Battery * Radiator Serrice We guarantee you better battery or radiator work lor less money. Any make radiator repaired or re- cored. Get our prices on new and rebuilt batteries. CaU «33. .' Shense- Little Chevrolet Co. lOc kl-10 no oil 'in crankca*e,i Erotected ;ty pyroil 1: breath-lilto i ielfl-j lubricatiilg. ft 1m.'Laboratory tested at leading Universities, Popular. Mechanics (see i^uly .1933 i&sue) highly en- corsed. Car driven 8,300 miles with- uut/changing or adding oil. 4 top loaded truck runs 30 miles wi^h- tiut oil. Airplane flics 35 minutes v/ilhoiit oil..'Chevrolet runs , 903,4 miles, others W miles, and' 318.7 miles. Essex 206 miks,' another 186 i.iilcs witli no ';il in crankcase. Used in World's longest trans-At- Imitic airplane flight. Breaks five metor boat sncod records. Famous flying service certifies startling gas, oil, overhaul economies and safety factor in-flying.' Doubles oii iiic for largest ^American tries. Pyroil adi'td to and gas makes.-these possible.' Py- roil starts where-oil-leaves'"off; does .what oil can!l; If-you are the man and w?nt further.start- ling facts, and .-country's, biggest opportunity wire, write. HURRY! Pyroil Co., .4873 Main, La Crossc. WUc. ' "• ' — POSITION WANTED New Ford Batteries Rental - Recharging - Bepaiiinc TIT TIRE & BATTERY STATION 25c W2-25 RADIOS All Radios, including R. c. A., are being closed out at cost for CASH at Hubbard Hardware Co. 12ckl-12 SPORTING GOODS You will find a complete line of NEW MODEL BICYCLES mt Hobbard Hardwire Company. ISC i!2-16 I HONE 107 ' BUCHANAN "Our Coal is Black But We Treat You While* Ic kl-9 Brilliant and Ky. Coal, quality and weight guaranteed. Bartnick Coal Yard, Railroad & Ash. Phone no. <ckl-l PLANTATION - MANAGER now -employed desires change, years experience on all chinery including gins. A-l references. Box "PM" Courier News. WANTED TO BUY JORDAN airline "8" car, 14 S Motor for repairs. Stanton A. Pepper,'Huffman, Ark. 16p k23 FOR SALE YOUNG CANARIES. Heal SINGERS. S3.00 while they last, Mrs. !•'. T. Elder, 215 West Kentucky. 22pk27 V Fresh Cows with young calves, plenty of springers that will be soon. Must bo sold, rhonc 211. 4c-tf B1L.MARD EQUIPMENT, Cheap for cash. Business good, rent rea- tonable. J. p. V ittlc, Holland, Mo. Ip kl-i LOOK I 4 yos. Rayon; 3 yds. VoUe; 3'yds/'Percale.' for only $2.9*. Hush your ord^'s to W. C. Richmond, Box 241, C3rutli2rsville, Mo. i 5nvr.2 GOOD COAL IS THE CHEAPEST C O A'H is West ef the , , ghenjr Mountains, as Mfk fa heat ani as low In aah as' ike lUPRiM P Saper.Hnt cthteal, becaKe it'i trwe. We have aatkorlUUn aailysii «• file 'm all -coal an4 cui pmc this claim. SUPREME : Saper-heat- Is Ike only ceial •( it* ki>d and MM only by thb company. 6*3 Mfoli Stee Laap Ton Heat ; i Ton SUPREME Cash Super A Rich Man's Coal at A Peor MSB'S Price Superior Ccnl & Mining Co 3*4 W. Wtlnnl • Vkoae 7M WANTED Tp BUY-U»« Blee condition, Phone ,7M. MALE HELP WANTED We pay more for pec.ans, turf, hides, brass, coplier, radlatorfe, katydid wid Die g are Inconspicuous aluminum, lead, batterlai. Pliouo [nil wajited to supply customers 1V6, Wolf Arlun, 128 B. Main. Hunting Dop Faithful To Their Dead Matter Blythevllle. Business cstabltsb- •d. credit 1'uniMied responsible nitty, earnings average $20-l}0 . Write J. R. Walklns Com. jany, 10-98 W Iowa Ave., Meni- WlLLAliU. O. l UP) Head courier News Want Ads. OUR BOARDING HOUSE ALLEY'S PLANS ARK A HUST! IT OUGHTA BE HATCH1N' PRtTTV QUICK- AH f 10 VJELU-I NEVER!! TSK-TSK! 5O THAT'S HQVJ VOU/'^ YEP, GOT OOO1-* HER /THIS IS HOW AlltV WONERfOL? CCXJLO 60 FOR CUTE miLE DINOSAUR' — HWV-W >NELL "&OU6HT OT AT LEAST THEY WOULD , CO^AE• )l. WANDYTOT? ST \PWNS -Tbix> YCU "BUY TtFTY 0 KEtP --'DRAT IT 0 GRAND CANYON VCO.VOO EVED,0\ZZV-IQOWN' 01PLODICU5 -1X1- ;, B0OTS/IS SATISKIED! BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES WASH TUBBS LOOK BEFORE YOU J.EAI', WHAT A COUPUE 0' CHEAPSKATES WE ARE • WHY, WE BEEN 'sOPPlHGjBH?- 1 SCrVE BOOGHT 6 MEM HATS AND 5 DRE^SF.S TODAV. CK, BABV- A t.CTT/k .CtASSV FOR TH' MICEST LITTLE Y'EVERSAW. THEY MOST 8E FOR 0$, EASY. ClftlC. DOfcSN I *KfcI HMY, «t KKOW AMYBOPV A pOtJ6HT H6R ONLY SALESMAN SAM ^Tto' SPREADING GOOD CHEER! TT'LU-SHOOT ^S' TH6l(t SPRITS ) up w<m() , S«WDV cLWiS. I'LL.' IT; THene'iTH 1 ^.^UF^ ( HERE. IU "W 5.TORE. (<JlTH T« r $SOO I DReul OUTft "TH 1 B13 BY" AUt >PWKE. fUC. flEJLU. S. P*T.jyE^ A'»^. ' ' , >jj ANDHIS ?RIENDS STARTING THINGS 1 ARE l)S,OUTSIOC... RSLtEVE ME, CALLED ME MAWES LIKE PUZzy CALLED TAG, I'D 90//ETHIKIS ABOUT \z. IT, HEWEMSLEV? /V.OST OP A dEsr I SHOULD NOT AS LotJG A* WWE UOiEO Sf :- TO BE FR'C!«£...-i L'iT 5 £0 OUT AW'.SMp' TlrJSS GUVS Vtov.' L . A&£ WE GONtJA LET ' f (. ENOUGH TO 6TO" DICTIONARY.'.^''

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