The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 1, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 1, 1938
Page 3
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SATURDAY, JANUARY 1, 1938 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 'PAGE THREE Claims Workers Like These Massacred Haiti, Domingo Quarrel, Over Black Bloo:! nm! | White Blood i F..V NBA Service SANTO DOMINGO, Dec. 31. Black blood is Hie basis of bluer quarrels between neighboring llnltl and Santo Domlnso ftn-1 caused last C'-'ilwr's r-imlin* conflict, j Haiti and sanlo Domln°o nre not only neighbors, their tmck yard;' abut, with a common boundary of almost 300 miles and no more fence ! between them than between the U. S. and Canada. I These sovereign republics, jointly sharing the West Indies is-! land of Hispaliqla, have squabble'.! for more than a century. Frequently they have fought. Black blood,, supreme In Haiti, prevails in (lie Dominican Republic also. Jlaiti wants n"v move admixture of while blood; Dominicans waul no more black. | For almost, a century and a half,' from the time slaves and frci'dnien drove out (lie French planters,! Haitians with much pride have' preserved tlie .pureness of Ilieir African stock. Dominicans, with many, families maintaining tlie, purity of their Castllian inheritance, consider themselves while If they have any white blood. Uncle Sam, nordic, neutral, and neighborly, frequently has been arbiter in this recurring conflict of color. No Bar In Visits Fifteen years ago United Slates marines were in both countries, to re-establish stable governments. That done, tlie marines got out, withdrawing from the Dominican Republic more than 10 years ago and from Haiti less (hall five. President Stenio Vincent Is the first president to serve in Haiti since tlie marines departed. President Trujillo is the second in Santo Domingo.' Color pride was no bar to - frequent visits between these two presidents prior to the border conflict of early October which set the two nations at sword points. But Haiti's claim of 8000 Haitians massacred on Dominican soil a: contrasted with President Trujillo'! assertion that only a few were killed, gives a pretty fair picture of the present state of their \ neighborliness. Diplomatic relations are being maintained. But this letting of black blood, whaler .the . amoim,t,ulias- produced another crisis and revived a c6lor eenjllct for. which the diplo- maev of all'the'Americas is-seeking settlement.. There is more than sentiment back of the : desire of tlie United States that these neighbors should be friends. There Is the "big brother" policy—and trade. Haiti Wants Hearing Failing, temporarily, to obtain a hearing of her grievance throiiarh the good offices of the United States, Cuba, and Mexico. Haiti's nresfdenl has annealed to the larger court of the 21 American republics, invoking existing treaty agreements. Through open diplo- Ilailio I'resiilciH Stenio Vincent claimed that MOO of his native constituents, like these pictured In lie market place of Port An Prince, were massacred when they crossed the boundary Into Santo Domingo to stele empolyment. The scene above is typical of Haiti's chief port city, where the natives •ome to trade. Wilson Society - - Personal Masons and O. B. S. HuiU Joint Inslaiuilon ladle's of the Wilson chapter O. E. S. No. 432 entertained (heir members of the order nnd ciuson lake l/xlge No. 658 nl (he Wilson club house Monday night, will; home with them for a few days'. Young, of Heth, wore business vls- v| s!t, ' lltors here Wednesday. Miss Mary Ciillom Is spending Mr. nml Mrs. D. S. Lnney and the holidays with rein lives In Soin- children, Joiin nnd Dnvld Jr re- ervlllc, Tenn. t'inwd Tlmisduy nlghl froiir a Mrs. K. A. Regenold of 1'nrls, week's visit, \vllh Mr. fancy's piir- Tcx,, Is visiting her sons, 8, A. cuts ID Cmmli'ii. HegeiioUl of Wilson, und Kddlul Miss Emma Lynn of Morrllllon Kegcmblil of Annortil. .[Ark,, wus Ihe ciirLstiniut guest or Mr. nnd Mrs. C. 1,. Ashmorn nndjtlio livv. mid Mrs. K. J,. Cole, children have returned Irom Uycra-1 Mrs. Geneva Vowler, biirg, Tenn., where they spent Sun- gruncl lecturer tor me Illtecnlh day and Monday with Mr. Ash- district, O. li, S., nnd Mrs, E H morc's parents. Stephens attended n duck simper Mr. mid Mrs. C. W. Hoover hadjiuv.l meeting of llio lllythcvlllc 'i n ns Ihclr guc.sts over the spaghetti supper. Sixty-seven mem- ; Mrs. Ashley and Mr. and Mis. C. bcrs were present. Alter the social H. Burnell of Memphis. hour members of both orders held ' Mrs. N. 1). Thoiinisoii and duugh- cnnjilcr last evening;. joint installntlon at the lodge Hall, ter, Nell Koy, are iling relatives Mr. BI. Mr. and Mrs. M. Owens con- , iu Shrcvcpoii, ducted the O. E. S. Installation eer- vices and the following officers were Installed: Mrs. Ruth Slayton. worthy matron; J. F. Mlilllns, worthy patron; Patricia Dolan, asso- clalc matron; C. C, Crockett, associate patron; Mrs. Ora Owens, secretary; Mrs. Eula Ciillom, treasurer; Mrs. Addle Pace, conductress; Mrs. Eva Kerlin, chaplain; 13. N. H. Ulackwooil Is In th Methodist hospital, Memphis, suf- forliijj with an titlnch o[ gallstones. iicnt, continues to supervise the •ollection of customs. Haiti's debts were refinanced in 1922. In each instance n portion of :he funds collected goes to retire )onded indebtedness, and bonds of both countries are held largely in (he United Smtes. Neither country may Increase its debt without Uncle Sam's consent. Osceola Society — Personal Leachville N Society — Personal Ailene Gibbons, who is a student at the University of Alabama, is spending tlifc holidays as the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Gibbons, j Mrs. P. E Howell and son, Morris, of Maiila, were the guests of Mr. nnd Mp. Dave Edwards Tuesday. .. | Mr. nnd \.\frs. Milton Snow of Newborn. Tinn. .spent Christmas ,Day.-here IK the guests of Mrs. Snow's.parents. Mr. and Mrs. Cleve Johnson. : Mrs. Wills Herndon and son spent Chrkmas Day In Trimble. Tenn., as 'guests of relatives. P. J. DeJirnette left Sunday for Heber Springs where he is employed after a fve, days' visit with Mrs. DeJarnette. Mr. and Mrs. Garland Wheeler and family of Caruthersville, Mo., spent Clnirtmas here as the guests of Mr. an<) Mrs. W. E. Wheeler. Miss Elcmor Jean Randol of Kennelt. io.. is the guest of her macv Haiti would place blame nnd, grandmolhir, Mrs. W. V. Hisrgs. this fix indemnity. President Trujillo so far has agreed to no such procedure. The question of responsibility is solely for Dominican justice to deter mine, lie contends, with Dominicans, not foreign diplomats, finding the facts. He draws sharp distinction between . domestic and international phases o[ the dispute. Debtors to Uncle Sam Far whatever block Wood they have, Dominicans blame the Haitians. For 22 years, ending in 18R4. Haitians ruled the whole of His- pnniola. Then the Haitians were driven out and from ijhat year Dominicans date their independence. Spanish Sanlo Domingo, always with a smaller population than French Haiti, throughout the yearn has been able to retain sov- ereignly over two-thirds ot Hispan- iola. The last census, two years ago. week. Mrs. Geie Randol. of Kennett, was in Ixtchvllle Thursday visa- ing Mrs. .V. V. Riggs and family. Mrs. Jo; Weinuerg, Dsena and Friedman; vVeinberg nnd Miss Mae i \ndersoiv ,vere BlytheVille visitors Thursday; Mr. an<] Mrs. Jim Roderick and Miss Lucitta Roderick of Craw- fordsvlllei Ark., spent Christmas Day here is guests of Mr. nnd Mrs. Ted Rodf-iclc. Miss Roderick remained fp a few days visit with friends. Mrs. Bo) Bryant and daughter are spcndng this week in Jonesboro as giests c* relatives. Dorothy Robinson. Billie Riggs, !?. L. McHjupy and Preidmnn Wel/i- berg were n ulytheville Sunday. Robert Rose will return to Springfiel{. Mo.. Sunday after spending he past two weeks here as the gi;st of his parents, Mr. and Mrs, T. E. Rose. He attends numbered 55,000 Haitians in the Draughoiv. business college at Dominican Republic out of a total population of 1,400,000. Some of the Haitians'had been there for tvr- and three generations. Others had come in more recent years, months, nnd even weeks. But -their presence on Dominican soil, mostly as much- needed laborers, didn't help make the Dominican Republic white. Besides being near neighbors of 1 the Untied Stales, both Haiti and Santo Domingo are debtors of Uncle Sam. The United states straightened out the tangled finances of the Dominican Republic more than 30 years.ago and, by treaty agree- Springflek Mr. nni Mrs. Ted Rogers and son spent Christmas Day in Para- giuld. Jettie Jj and Billie Jenn Wheeler of Kenntt, are spending a few days heri with their grandparents, -Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Wheeler. Mr. an. Mrs. J. H. Morgan spent Christina Day in Cardwell as tlie guests of relatives. Dorolli Robinson. Billie Rlggs nnd Rob*vt nose attended the basketball . night. at Monelte Thursday Mr. ax I Mrs. Byron Nail and Hubert Utley's Service Station and Gate 24 HOUR SEI^ICE Phillips "66" Gas Tax $ Paid Gin and Cordials. Cigarettes, 2 Pkjrs. 25c,l:;].15 Carton Highway Gl— Hollanjj, Mo. All Lead'"* Brands of Beer, Liquor, son, of Blytheville, and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hipp and son, of Ken- nelt, spent Sunday here as guests of relatives. John Robbs, of Memphis, who hns spent the last few days In I/mchville as the guest of his uncle, Dr. and Mrs. A. E. Robinson returned home Thursday. Nelson Henry was a Memphis visitor Friday. Billie Riggs, Dorothy Robinson, Freidman Weinberg and F. L. Mc- Iftiney were in Parngould Friday night, Mr. and Mrs. Hansll Fields and Mrs. Frank Martin spent Sunday in Imboden. W. M. Piatt of Bernie, Mo., is spending this week here as the guest of his son, Matthew Piatt. Mrs. Owen Blue spent Wednesday here with her sister, Mrs. D. B. Cook. Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Mooney and son of Warren, Ark., were guests of TOs. Miooney's brother, Mjatthew Plait, Monday. Mrs. Dula Greer was a Blytheville visitor Tuesday. Hayti Society — Personal Earl Martin, who has spent the Christmas holidays with his parents, Mr. und Mrs. G. C. Martin, left for Arkatlelphia, Ark., Wednesday' to resume his studies at Ouacliita. College. Miss Lonnel Holder, of St. .xniis is here this week visiting her father, Dr. C. D. Holder, and Mrs. Holder. Miss Georgia Ashley, who Is attending Southeast Missouri teachers colleke at Cape Girardeau. Is here this week visiting her parents. Mr. and Mrs. dent Ashley. Mrs. Wnlter ChUtoh deturned home Tuesday from Memphis where she had been visiting her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Bill Shaw, and son. Miss Elizabeth Haynle Is In Kennett visiting In the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Dailey as the guest of their daughter Lorettn Tjie Dailey's were former residents of Hayti before moving to • Kennetl a few weeks ngo. Mr. nnd Mrs. Jay O'Conner nnd son, Rodney, of IJIbourn, and Mr 1 nnd Mrs. M. P. Winters of Lutes- r vlllc were tlie week end guests of - Mr. nnd Mrs. B. I. Allen. x Guy Huffman and Miss Captola ' Whitworth, of Blytheville, were 1 here Sunay visiting the former', parents, the Rev. and Mrs. WU 1 Ham Huffman. Mrs. Emmlt Burgess, of ChafTee was the week end guest of he r parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tarn Me ' Coy. Miss Rose Mary Ingle of For rest City, Ark., Is here visiting P ler brother Norrls Ingle, nnd Mrs. Ingle. Tuesday Mr. and Mrs. AIK ' !elo Mahoulis, Mrs. Ingle and Hiss Ingle visited with friends In l> Kennett and Thursday they visit- o ed with Mrs. Ingle's parents, Mr. o and Mrs. F. L. Davis of Cantth- " ersville. C Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Sharp and C daughter, Frances, and son, John « Wayne, of Ilmo, are here visiting o with Mrs. Sharp's brothers, Shad 1 and Fred Shipton, and families, d Miss Betty Arm Frazler, of t Chaffee, is here visiting In the * home of Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hill t as the guest of their daughter, Miss Vern Mae. c Miss Theda Mae Jones, of n Chaffee, Is here visiting Miss Annie Laurie Schumacher this weef ( Miss Ravila Drew and brothers, i Ivan, Herbert and Hardln drove ' to Naylor, Mo., Friday evening where Miss brew and Ivan attended the Alumni banquet. Mrs. Jack Chism was rushed to the Blytheville hospital Friday. She was accompanied by her husband and son, Bobby, ' Mrs. Walter Chllton and Mrs. C. C. 'Milter, and Ollie Chism. Mrs. Ola Price, who arrived here a few days ago from St. Louis to make this her future home was complimented with a shower at the home of her sister, Mrs. Fannie Chism', Thursday evening. Midway News Notes Leonard Hill, who is attending the A. and M. college at Stillwater, Okla., has, returned after spending tlie holidays with Ills parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Hill. Mr. nnd Mrs. Dave Walker and children have returned home alter spending the holidays with Mrs. Walker's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tnlley of Blsco, Ark. Mr. and Mrs. Ted England and Mr. nnd Mrs. S. F. Roark, of Blytheville, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Hill Sunday. Billy and J. Lind, of Osceola, were guests of Clarence HU1 Saturday. Miss Neva Williams of Hlckman, Ky., is tlie guest of Mr. and Mrs. E. M. McDonald this week. Calumet News Mr. and Mrs. B. Gann and daughter, Margie, Is spending ,tlie holidays with Mr. and Mrs. B. Gann nnd family of Reece. Mrs. Eugene Ledbetter will leave in n few days for New Mexico, where she will join Mr. Ledbetter, who left a few months ago. Mr. and Mrs. J, H. Galnes were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Zeb Oaines, of Driver Drove, Saturday. Australia ts nearly as large ns the United states, but it has fewer inhabitants than the state of • California. e ! GIRLS! ENROLL NOW! 0&. y Modern Beauty School Classes Start 1. ^ES d ing Jan. 3rd. Teaching all phases of \Y» -f jS Beauty Culture and meeting all re- \~'Jf . quirements for licensed operators '"""•'Tb^XS'v Arkansas and Missouri. Vx!v?S& Modern Equipment-Competent Instructors Special Courses for Young Men and Barbers Low Enrollment Fee For full details call at the Eagle School of Beauty Culture Cooper fcldg., 2nd & Walnut Blytheville, Ark. Morris, innrshnl; Mrs. Knte .Sullivan, organist; Mrs. Willie WllleU, Ada; Mrs. Barda Anderson, Ruth-, Mrs. Annie May Stotts, Esther; Mrs. Ethel Hill, Matthn; Mrs. 1,11- llnn Thompson, Electa; M. Owens, warden; nnd K. p. Ciillom, sentinel. C, W. Ferguson, past master, Mr.- sonlc Lodge Installed these new officers: D. N. Morris, W. M.; C. C. Crocelt, senior warden; J. p. oils, Junior warden; L C.-Hnle, secretary; l/iwry Pace, treasurer; Rev. K. w. l-Miilkner, chaplain; W. J. Closer, senior deacon; L. p. Fitter Jr., Junior deacon; Cur! Adams, tyler. Mrs. Kate Sullivan, past matron, K. 1', Ciillom, past patron und C, W, Ferguson, past master were presented pins of their offices. rauiKner-uvemmt A quite home wedding of much Interest to their friends was that, of Miss Mary Faulkner, daughter of the Rev. and Mrs. E. W. Faulkner of Wilson, and George Allen Overstrect, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Overstreet of Morrllton, Ark., which wns twrformed at the home of the bride's parents In Wilson, nt o'clock Christmas Day. The double ring ceremony was performed by tlie bride's father, the Rev. W. Faulkner, before members of the immediate families. After a short honeymoon the couple will be at home In MorrUlon after January the first. The bride attended Oallownv and (Hendrlxi Colleges and until lier marrlnge was employed in tlie office of Lee Wilson and Company.' • # • Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Rcgenold anc daughter, Mary Frances, spent 'hrlstmas Day with Mr. and Mrs E. A. Regenold at Armorel. Mr. and Mrs. w. F. Wilson ark :hlldren spent the week end'holt- lay in Pine .Bluff, guests of, Ihe "atter's mother, .Mrs. Wright.'"' 1 ". Miss Mary Prances 'Regenold is sending a few days In Pine Bluff, a guest of Mary Virginia Wright. Mrs. D. N. Morris, who recently underwent a minor operation nt the Baptist hospital In Memphis, returned last night to the Boone- yllle sanitarium. 1 Mr. A. R. Sharon, who recently iiad a tonsllectomy at Methodist hosnital In Memphis has returned to his home and ts recovering rapidly. ' Miss Betty Ferguson spent Wednesday in West Memphis, guest of Miss Gene Davis Frazler. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Ltidwlg-'and family returned Sunday nlghl Irom Pocahontns, Ark., where they spent the holidays with their parents. Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Roberts are moving to Memphis this week where he has accepted n position. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Olts spent Christmas holidays with relatives in Sheridan and Fordyce, Ark. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Apple spent the holidays in Memphis with the latter's parents. Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Horton returned Monday from Grenada, Miss., where they spent the holidays with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Turner and daughter. June, are in Memphis visiting their parents during tlie holiday season. Mr. and Mrs. K. P. Cullom and daughter, Eiila Davis, spent Christmas Day In Nashville, Tenn. Mrs. Cullom's sister, Mrs. R. L. Monroe and daughter, Catherine, returned Virginia Florida Hostess. Around thirty guests were civ on liiisl n«s but wns taken 111 while there nml went to the hospital. Mrs. lilaukwcod nnd son, 13. 11., and daughter, Virginia, went down ycsierilny us noon as they wore nollllcd. The following visited In Memphis lust night: Mury Alice Stephens und Lllyd Chiles; Fnvorlta Payne and K<ld ChlscnliiUl; Lon- Ellen Stephens nnd Charles Chunr. Mr. nml Mrs. Sum Coble have had ns their holiday guests, Mr, The child was playing with another youth, Jerry. Grime*. "He- , tripped nnd fell over a 1 bale oj hay and plunged 15 feet t« ,'he Bicund, A physician's examlna-, Ihn dispelled fears that he might have sustained! jrlb Injuries.' Gosnell New* Tlie Indies of the Gosnell Meth- cdlst Church me.t Thursday afternoon and . organized a Methodist Home Mission Society. ' Mis. H. i;. Maxwell was elected president; \Mrs. Rube Bevllle, vice prcsWcnt; Mrs, Incy Gentry, sec- 1'ilnry; ntid Mrs. M. E. Cook, reporter. Other members present were Mrs. C. E. Cook, Mrs. J, J. Grear and Mrs. Laurie Grimes. The Indies will meet at {he Gosnell church every second arid lorn lit Tluii-Eday of each month. At this meeting the first chup- ler of Matthew was discussed; Mrs. Devil! offered prayei; and Mrs. Crear dismissed them with- prayer. Icrtnlncd with n bullet supper fol-'"i> l1 Mrs. J. A. Moriin ol Foil lowed by nn evening of bruise Scott, Kansas, and Mrs. Bob Coop- iiiid pitch Kimies lit the homo of 0|1 of C "I"> Clliiirdenii, Mo. Mr. Mo- Mlss Virginia Florida on Thnr.i-, mn returned curlier in the week, duy nlghl. The large dining Inblc' whlll! "''"• M°r«n und Mrs. Cooper lie-Id a centerpiece of polnsetllas left > l05 ' c ™ n J'- ' Mrs. Cooper Driver nnd Mrs. James Cailwrlijhl were hostesses to Dili-ly frlwids ill n bliiKO parly In the home of Mrs. Driver last evening. irplccc of polnsetllas w'llli red liijK'rs In silver cnndu-l 'lalmi. mourning planUs anil grcon-l •vy was used throughout the luw- r lluor of the 1-lorldu homi;. Tlie losli'.ss wus nssltseil In nerving by :w.r sister, Mrs. J. B. Sir Ink In ml, nnd KlstiT-ln-liw, Mrs. Thomas 1'. Florida. A double deck of curds wns nwimled Mrs. W. W. i'rewltl for the highest score. Low i sol a! iish Irays, went U) -Mrs! I). 11. llltickwood, and Ihe con- solntlon to Miss Ulllan Patterson. Mr, und Mrs, J. W, Dooley ot lilrmliiBhum, who are housc- yuests of Ihe Florida family und of Mr. nnd Mrs. W. C. Mason, were presented gifts. Miss M.irle Hlle of VIncenues, Iiul,, who Is the guest of her mint, Mrs. E. A. Tentord, was the other out-of- lown guest. * • » Has DlrlliJaj- I'nrly. Mrs. Wclby Young wns hostess to twenty-live small lots In Ihe Progressive club rooms on Thursday afternoon, honoring the fifth birthday of her son, Andy Young She was nsslslcd in entcrlnlnlnj; them nt games by Mrs. F. M, Fletcher, Mrs, Godfrey White, Mrs C. n. Driver, Mrs. C. B. nnd J. C Young, and Mrs. Nalhnii Weln- King Now Sole Owner Of Palace Cafe HWe berg, given were Balloons: and horns were ns favors. Those presen Dick Fletcher, George H Deer, Ben Dean Hatch, Steve Ralph, Jimmlne Driver, Prank Williams, Warren Weinberg, Lou ise Pope, Peggy Jane, La-Lou Nancy and Ann Driver, Am Wlilte, Kalhcrlne Poire, Peggl ,.Chiles, Jennette Boweii, Putsy nii Shirley Cone, nosalyn Strong, Pi Irlcia and Elizabeth Bell, Mary B. Simmers, Connie Jean Knlglil "Inrolyn S|ielsc, nnd Judith StciiTi Mr. und Mrs. E. S. Chiles iinvi lad as their guests tills week, thel: children: Mr. nnd Mrs. Rober tanila Boy Breaks Arm In Fall From Hay Loft MANILA, Ark,, Jan. 1.—Richard "rnzler, 12, grandson of Mr. nn( Mrs. Eugene Alston, broke Ills Ight arm, above 'the wrist, when IB fell from the loft of a barn about ]0' o'clock this morning Copelnnd Mr. and nnd Mrs. baby of Camder Robert Chiles o Blylhevllle, Mr. and Mrs. Fran of West Memphis, Mr. an Mrs. Russell Chiles of Memphis. Malcolm Smith has returned from n holiday visit to Ills parents li Little Rock. Roger Bourlnnd has returned t Ills home In Lexington, Ky., nfte a visit with the family of Ills nun Mrs. Joe Young. Miss Mavorltu Payne of Market Tree Is the guest of Mary Allc Stephens this week. James Young and son, Reec QUALITY FOODS MEATS GROCERIES We pay highest prices on poultry at all times. S SAVE fr MONEY AT V GAMES MKT. 118 W. Main Phone S3 ARKANSAS & MISSOURI FARM & CITY LOANS Low Interest Rates Easy Payments-Long Terms Fastest closing service of any mortgage loan company doing business in these states. FLORIDA BROS. & CO. Life Insurance - - Fire Insurance Investment Securities OSCEOLA, ARK. 0. II, King, who hns been oc- vely in charge of the I'alncu ufc, 217 West Main street, since cafe hn.s been operated, bo- Innlng In December, 1035, hns iiichused the, interest of John cjjnn, well known Kennett, Mo., ifo man, In the huslness. , Mr. King nnd Mr. Lcgnn had cen conducting the business on partnership basis prior to yes- erdny's transaction by which the orrncr became solo owner of the ute. 1/nln Slirlnc Vkitors Counted MOSCOW (UP)—A totnl of il,-, '1)0,000 persons have visited tlie .«iln MciiiMlcum lit Moscow since 024. During the summer of 1937 in nverago of 12.000 persons per Iny visited' the mausoleum. OUK COMPLETE SERVICE Insures Your Satisfaction * PRESTONE * RADIOS * HEATERS DEFROSTERS TIRE CHAINS PROTECT YOUR CAR AGAINST WINTER 24 Hour Service TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Call 633 Hemorrhoids-Piles CURED WITHOUT SURGERY & GUARANTEED ' H»Jf, nn and with leu dtawmfgrt An dlMuti und conditions of nervona orlfln, foot »ilm*ndi wid gUn c*nccn treated knd cared »t our clinic. DRS, NIES & NIES OMeopathlo Fb;skl*nj 511 M«ln Phone 98 BlytheTUe, Ark. FOR PERFECT LAUNDRY SERVICE • Escape from that wash day dungeon Ihia winter . . . enjoy more leisure and better health by sending your laundry to us! Our service is PERFECT from our prompt pick-up 'til lyour clothes come back crispy clean and flawlessly ironed! Phone 327 today . . . and discover for yourself what a truly perfect laundry service is, Blytheville Laundry

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