Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 23, 1896 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 23, 1896
Page 1
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THE LO JOURNAL VOL. XXI. LOGANSPOKT, INDIANA/TUESDAY MORNING, JUNE 23. 1896. NO. 150. Stamped Linens- We Open for Today our entire stock of plain and Stamped Linens. Each article is marked with a blue pencil at cost and below and you will at once acknowledge that we have many Bargains in this Department. WASH GOODS oOo and 35c Organdies, Dimities JUKI Papetle cfi'cets for luc o."c new design Or- oriimlics for 2CK 1 20c Domestic Or- fr;indies for We _.. All our tine linens, """"•^A Swisses nucl embroidery el'Cetl.s have bi.'cn ranch re- IS EMPHATIC. Whitney " Will Not Kmv If Nominated Nor Sarve If'Elected,'" offecte iu JJuc,2Cc, l.'c and lOc Linen liiDC-h clothes hi all the new designs aucl effects. $4.00, $0.00 ?2.00 oucv for about oue- luiir. $1.00 lunch clothes t'or ,.. .5Sc Tray c-loths, sideboard scarfs, throws, stand covers, laundry Iwpw. etc.. vc-iy much below tlie Our underwear sale lias boon quite a success this past week. Tlie very moderaleclos- ing prices did It. We will continue same during the coming week. J3.2G Umpire gown for CS cents. Corset covers, drawers, skirts, gowns, made like only this store handles them at a pleasing reduction. 409-411 BBOADWAT. The Ex-Secretary Reviews the Situation and Predicts Democratic Defeat If Silver Platform I's Adopted. REMNANTS On our (.Titter counter will be displayed l.he sens shrillvi wufwyp vbskqj shnll Ou our coutre conn-tor will be dis- lil.-iyeU the seu-son's reinnauLs of every kind of wash goods:. These will be m.'irUed at very low prices to close at onre. Choice wash goods for half, today. 306 FOURTH ST. New York, June 22,—The .Nmv York Joiirmil.wliiub is ownnd-by W. K. Hearst, who is iilbo proprietor of the Sun 1'ran- cisco Kxamiiier, prints a tabli-- fri its issue 'pui-'poi'tiag to ;*ive the standing of the 'dcliVgiites of the ck-mpcratio national coiii'ciition on the money question. The; table;;itiKays, wus prepnrecl by Mr. \Vhit- lu'y, n-n'd shows a total of 5-(2. dcJeg-ates for silver and 33U for gold.' Ncw^Tork, .lune 22.-r-lion, W.iiliam C.' Whitney, who has bi;en. namecl-asa cnn- ilidnte'i'or the demoera'tic.'presidential noniination'has given the following to the press: "I nnd It necessary to mixkc :«' public iUalemc-ht cmbodyfnj,'' my \-ieft-d at the alt- 1 . uu.tioti' 1 to correct inlsconacptlcns and 'to save tlio time now occupied 'In answdrin? questions. Far too Ri-uat importance haa boon attached to my duclslon, toi.g-o to the Chicago convention, 1 hnvo beer, 'prac- tlc'ally-out of politics tor four years, and- there '"are now many finstecn: Possibility That President May Interfere in Cuban Affairs. Special Messenger from Consul-General Lee Reaches New York with Important Report, Clothes up to Date . . Have been in great favor at our establishment. Fact Is no one hag a finer Una of woolens and worsteds to select from than onrf. Important'Teatures . . . in Jthe make-up of our clothes work their superiority. not the cheapest tailors but claim to be the best. We are Carl W. Keller, Tailor-and Draper. 311 Market Street. of tho Joint standard,it is proposed that wo should intervene bj: .aiisumlng to establish It alone. Agalnm/this proposed action on our part these ear'neft. believers in and workers'for the c«LUie.,strenuously protest. They say to u»: 'You, cannot succeed, and your failure will dlHcrctllt.tho cause.' Predict* Z>&niocratlc Defuse. "Pcra.onally, it,l.s : ,niy opinion that If tho democratic party .seen .on to that platform thls-tlmo they will moat the moat disastrous defeat that any por,ty haa ever had in this country. I understuricl.lt is honestly bellftved In, and.'people think it will bring relief from their' present troublcn, but between now and election day it will bo pretty thoroughly sltted and the people of tills country will not face the disturbance of values, the. loss of contldenoe, tho Ktfneral distress and ruin which would coma to their business'interests in such A ehanKP in tho .standard of value as would arlso from such.action: And it will, in my opinion, overwhelm the persons who undertake It. Ki.'fiipuM to JJo u Crtmlldiuo. "It oupht not to be necessary for mo t3 sny anything of a personal nature. I find myself, however, spoken of here and thers :tx a possible canillduto—not very seriously or prominently, but sulllelently to attract liitentinn If 1 should rail to notice it. It .sometimes affects one's, influence Ir. eases )!}:<; the present. I have no personal motive ir. entering this light. 1 have said thai I \\-<ji;h! not be a candidate. I wll) add, copy- Ins the emphatic language oncu used by tlio latu Gen. Sherman (I think I remember It.correctly): 'I will not run if nominated, r.i-.r serve if elected.' 'I am r.ot foolish enough to suppose that any eastern man conlr] be nominated-'by this convention- much less that I could. I sympathy thoroughly with the leelins Ir. the 30UU-, thrvt has caused this uprising and will :ln<l Its expression at Chirrigo, but as '.o the principles which the uprising lias broug-lu forth and the issues bcinK framed T entirely disagree. ' WILLIA-.M C. WHITNEY," HON. BENJAMIN BRISTOW DEAD, Wn» Suorutiiry of Treasury t'/idor Grunt— Win Cundlditto Tor I'rvnldcnt in 1«70. -New York, June'22.—If on. Jjenjauiin II. iJi'istou-. rhe'well-known hiwyer and _ seereiary of the treasury, died j of Cuba, Consul-General Lc MAY TAKE ACTION. Xew York, June £2. — The Ward liner steamship Yimniri, which arrived hi-re Monday morning from Havana, brought among her passengers William Ryuu, a special messenger, bearing, it is said, reports on the condition of the island of Cuba from Consul General Lee Co I'rc-fiideiit Cleveland. ]Iyan had a long conference just before leaving Havana with the consul general, who accompanied hi))) to the side of the "\Varil line vessel in " private lug. On account, of not having received his <ic- uiati'/a'. ion paper* from the health oiliee nt Havana. Mr. Kyiin was sent to Hoffman island, where he will remain until the live days from the dale of sailing sh;ill have ela'psed. Of Trrmoiiilouf Jmporfanec. It is the belief here that, the document is of tremendous importance to 1he OVER THE STATE. Events In Various Portions of Indiana Told by Wire, The queen of h«»rt» in all these parts, If you can KO by rumors' II on« who riilM a wheel, and glides About in dainty bloomers. ZINN & COMPANY. We Have Others we Call Them Knights We also have an assortment of second hand bicycles which inuet be gold. Call and make an offer. aoa Sixth Street Invitations. Are always appreciated and especially so when they are tastefully gotten up. THE JOURNAL Job PrinMng Department is making a specialty of -.NVITAT1ONS, PROGRAMS. LETTER HEADS, NOTE HEADS- BILLHEADS,: STATEMENTS, CARDS, CIRCULARS, ETC., ETC. Latest Styles in Fancy Type and Material. Fresh Water Yeast! flakes the purest and sweetest Bread- The Bread Recipe on separate Slip is PERFECT. THE BUCKEYE YEAST CO., ASHLEY, OHIO. PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hlrchberg Optical Co. Tlie well-known Specialists of Now York have appointed D. A, IIA.UK as agent lot their celebrated Spectacles a na Xj GUsaes, ever; pair guMsnteM, D. A. HACK lias complete aasbrrment and Invites all W Satlstf tbeiuselres of tbe great superiority of these goods over anj mannlaclured, at the store of D. A. HACK, Sole agent to LogansportInfl. ;KQ redaiers Supplied. WILLIAM C. WHITNEY. •'. who can do much' more than I can (o'rthe party. I shall not assume any position, ol leadership. My decision to .stay wa.s.3lmpl}' baaed on tho duty of every person wbo ; believes In tho party for. its-.principles, to stand by and lend hig aid and take his chances when a sreat orlalsi»uponit., DltTvrencen In the Plirty, "There can bo no question : but that » great crisis in upon the democratic party. Fundamental differences of prlnclplo exist Inside the party, marked almost, by .sectional lines. The great question to my. mind is whether the party meets In convention now as In 1860, with ls»ue« and differences that are for the moment Irreconcilable. For the past 15 years leaders of public opinion In the nouth and west have been advocating as the great remedy for. existing Ills the free coinage of silver at the ratio of sixteen to one, with or without the cooperation of other nations. It has come to be believed in there quite generally and conscientiously. A large majority of the delegates to the coming democratic convention have been elected by the people for tho purpose of incorporating that doctrine Into tho platform of the democratic party. A Question of.AblHty. "This movement for free coinage pur-, ports to have for Us object tho establishment and maintenance of (fold and-silver as the money of the country,, upon equal terms with each other* and'at a parity of purchasing power. If, .,by the proposed measure, that object could.-, be secured, there would be no substantial-disagreement In tho party. Every, national d.e.mo- cratlc platform that has heretofore.,Hpoken upon the subject has declared,.for-..both gold and silver money. It 18 our tradition-' al policy. But tho maintenance of the double standard tit the present time Is not a question of deslro; it Is a question of ability. The commercial value of silver has declined greatly In tho markets of tho world. Whatever the causes are and whoever Is to blame, tho fact is that sliver has declined, and free coinage .now-, at sixteen to one Is the same as our offering for all tho silver In the world abqut twice what It la Belling for in tho market..--Irtterna- tional exchauges have to be paid in gold. And It Would, seem plain'that if we, under those conditions, open our mints, to free coinage of silver and gold,,at a ratio of comparative value which-', is--largely at variance with tho commercial value o{ the 1 two metals, we must take the entlra silver .-surplus ourselves, and alone main-, tain 'Its parity with gold, or else we shall' go to a silver ba«i«. ' ';• ^ , ' ' Would Hrlnff Immediate Ruin. ,- "It. connot bo denied that the reeling i.mong our people Is that this free coinage .by-the United States alone-will not ffive iis the cold and silver money at a parity .•with each other <whleh Is the assumption ,upon 'Which It Is undertaken), but will -brlDj to us silver monometallism and a change In the standard of values. And that change, It is believed, means Immediate ruin to our Industries and no permanent good to anyone. This, feeling, is. general and intense. Whether these differences catvibe reconciled, It is Impossible to an-, tlclpate. The democratic party stands for ,prlnoiples desirable to be maintained for tho good of tho country. Almost any sacrifice might bo asked of democrats for the ,cake of the party, and they would cheerfully make It. But If tho delegates from this locality should go. to that convention and represent t>iat the rank and file of the-party would follow the lead of the .southern brethren and vote for free coinage, of sllvtj by the United States alone, ',h« -would be misrepresenting the state of public opinion here, -Whether It Is so, or liot, it is considered a proposition to do- b*«o the cxlstlns: standard of values.- And the same feeling of indisposition tp compromise with that matter for votes or anything else Is as »cUvo and dominant here in our party as it wda-found "In th» republican-party when 1f bpro/down and overpowered the McKlnley,machine. "At the present moment' Germany, Prance, Italy, Austria, Holland, Belgium and the United States wish .to cooperate for the establishment ana maintenance of the Joint standard' by In terJTO tional agree-, ment, and (a most Important circumstance) Great Britain has rcce'ritly," within.three months, in fact,- made a most Important concession. She has said: 'We will do for you as much as you can do for yourselves. We will make this prrcat.contribution to a bhnctallic system: We will go back upon the deliberately-arranged (methods: of providing a currency for India. 'We"*will reopen the Indian mints.. Wo will-engage that they shall be kept open, and we shall therefore provide for. a-free^-colnasro of at his borne in.-this city Monday of pei-j- • tonitis. • U'iini.lnmm M. .Brlstow is best known tin President Giant'3 secretary of tin; treasury Cor two years from June. 1874, until Juno, IJ'Ti;, and as a candidate for the nom- in.'itlon for the presidency ut the :-o]iub- llra:) convention of 1S7I1 Ir. which he re- Mlved H3 vou-s on the rlrst ballot. Rutherford i:. J-luyts'.n-a'J nominuiod. B.-n,1a- r:,tn'Helm Brlstow was born June 20, 1S32, ut. Klkton, Torid county, Ky. I-lr- was iirudiiiUed. i>t.Jefferson colleso, PcaTisyl- viin'lii, in 1S51, and In 1*53 was admitted tr> the bar ut Klkton,. Ky. When the civil wur broke out he threw In his fortunos with the union'side and became llcutenant- caluncl of the Twenty-l'.fth Kentucky In- I'.-intry, From lc'f,3 tc- ISM he served In tho Kentucky senate. As L'nlti-d States dls- trltL attorney for the Louisville district for flv« years, beginning in. ISfiS, in: prove "0 fitllclent tliat-hc..wa«'appointed sollcito Kcncrnl of the United-Btates. In 1S7.1 Pres d"iit Graht.'B'pnt 'Hls'namo to the Sena for the place of- attorney-ger,oral, bntth Sf-nule refused; to'conllrm the nomination The: following y«fl'r Mr- Brlstow becan' socretary of.' the treasury, Since 187C li hud pracUoeilaw.in New York city,] FATAL COLLISION. silver within the limits c-'f'Jho.-Brltish em-., pire tor a population greater' in number than the populations'of .Germany, France and America put together:' •• • - •• "Into this long and now-Just about to-be £xpr««4 Tntln in Vermont KUHH Into , '',, '_ ,' Cnboo»e. Kontpciier, Vt.r.Junf 22,—The mid night express from the north due a Moritpelier Junction Monday morn in at 12:40 ran into the saloon car of th special freight n'nout 100 rods above th station nt Montpolier Junction. A soon as the dang-er ahead wns snen th engineer turned on the air brakes an jumped for his'llfc. ' The 'fireman w;i not quick enough, however, ;uid won down the embankment with th engine. Severa.1 .drovers ivore n.slee; in the saloon. .One was killed and an other injured so that he died Monday The men have been identified by paper found on their clothing as Kdwan Brown, of • Jnnesviile, iVis., and J Leskind, o'f Chicago. The engine o tlie express went completely over the bank and the mail car was derailed .The only one' injured on this train wn. 'tlie fireman, whosu, wounds are no' thought to he serious;. The caboose am the cars of the-freight tniin were com •pletely wrecked. Don't I.lkc Ami'rlcun J.mvn. .Catherines, Out., June L'2. — Sir Charles Tnpper, premier of Canada, in a political speech here Sunday said he regretted the nlieo Inbor legislation of .the United States congress and added: ,"IJ the Americans persist in carrying- out a method so,.jinfair, it wi.'l compel the government nnd parliament of Ca'naila to take up the subject at no distant date with a view to protecting 1 t.hc industries and the people of Canada." Spnln Scouts nr, the CUInin. London;' June.22, — A dispatch from Madrid to the Central News says that the 'Spanish government declares that the claims for damages made by Americans in Cuba nre mostly untenable nnd :Bome of them ridiculous. For instance, one man demands 525,000 bewiuse he suffered with nephritis while in prison in. Cuba, mid-another asks for pecuniary daAnffes because ho was afflicted with smallpox. Wttuhlnjrton to Get Next Convention. Glasgow, June 22.—The Presbyterian convention .which .has been holding its sittings here .'during' the last few days agreed Monday that the next convention be held in.Washington in 1S99. The council also , passed a resolution expressing thanks, ior. the invitation extended from, SanjjJTranciRco to hold the next convention in that city and expressing 1 reg-ret'that the council was nn- able to accept." '• '•'•' , Concord'* Hlatorliin Demi. .' ,Concord,-'Massl, : June 22.—George B. Bartlett, Goncord's famous historian, died Sunday" jught"in Bristol, R. I.,' where he had'been Staying the past few 'days. M r.-. Bartlett w'a-s born here July 24, 1SS2. -He' p was an author! ty on all Subjects pertaining to the history oC 'ihe. town. -He wa.s known to thousands of tourists who have visited this-place,' -•often personally acting as guide to places of interest.... ' ' ' . United States and to Spain. So stro.'ig is it, in fact, i.hat its contents may, it is hinted, be made the basis of armed intervenlioi: in Cuban affairs on the part of the administration at Washington. Consul-General Lee inlets the ground, it is said, that the only possible solution o£ the dreadful problem existing in the island is autonomy on Canadian lines. While the Spanish Hag ilies in the Island saj-s, no other remedy c.nn be found to stay the rebellion, or end the bloodshed and devastation. Evtn this remedy, the consul-general informs President Cleveland and Secrctar;, Ohiey, at this late day may be ineffectual. Tlio D.viiuinlto Kx)>lo."ton*. There were also 01: the Yumuri several persons u-ho bring the story o dynamite explosions in ihe vicinity o: Havana or. the night of June IT. . The Yiumiri .was steaming into Ha vanii shortly after midnight when shaft of flame and sparks shot, skyward The sound wa.s not heard because wind was Blowing hard to the eastward Five times, at intervals of five minutes the sky was lit up by the burst o flames, which then died slowly ou again. The explosions were within 10 or 13 milts of Havana to, the sout.henst. The next day, whci; the'vessel docked in the capital city no one could be found who would answer inquiries regarding the explosions. Passengers who embarked at Havana said, however, that the insurgents ;\vere blowing up buildings on the outskirts of thatcity. Decldm Aeulnat the Striken. Vinceunes, Ind.. June 22. — The recent decision of the jury in the case Of William Druinmond vs. the Kvansville & Terre Haute has been reversed by- Judge Shaw, of the Knox circuit court. Urummond sued the railroad company: for damages on account of an alleged blacklist. The jury returned a verdict for Drummoiul for $3.r>00. ,1mlge Shaw- says thut where, un employe goes out on a strike his employer may let the fact be known without incurring- any liability for so doing, and held ih:it there was MO evidence to siipporMhe verdict. ]ia)<1 on u .Saloon. Wnbnsb, Ind., June 22.—The saloon at Somerset, this <:ounty. owned by Dnvid See, WON nttaeked by indignant cil:i/.on.s who snuisiic-d the window-sand doors and looted the building. See has /or two or three years been in bad odor in the community, his phtcc being dominated the "Snake Hole." A day or so ago his granddaugliun- wu.s brought to the place by See. and serious charges were made .-ig.'iiiist the old man, resulting' in the stoning of the building. >,'o arrests have been made. OMINOUS SIGNS. Jfary-Vurd Employes Wurk*d on Sand»y PrepHHnir Cruisers for Active Service, New York, June 22.—There was a report current Monday on fairly good authority that religious services were omitted-o» so7iie of the vessels in the Brooklyn navy yard Sunday because of t.he crews being at work, and that ,-U least two vessels were being prepared to start at once for immediate service in Cuba.n waters. One of the vessels in question is said to be the armored cruiser New York. Afi it is a rule not to omit religious services on Sunday, except in cases where emergencies prevent, t-he omission Sunday is regarded as sis'nifiennt. All day Sunday'the men on t-he vessels a.nd employes- in the navy yard were bu.sy in the' preparation. There was, it was said, little if any Sunday- rest for anyone. The .situa-t-ion at the navy yard, taken in conneiaion with the statement that Gen. Lee has made nn offici.'i) statement to the Washington authorities of the condition of affairs in Cuba lends imio.h importance to the very unusual goings on at the Brooklyn navy yard. It is very probable, the officers in the yaj'd think, that immediate teps are to be token to protect United States cit.ixeiis in Cuba,. Agree on » I>e]nr. Buda Pest, June 22.—The International Telegraph conference sitting here agreed Monday to do/er fixing- the date of the introduction of the new vocabulary until the next conference. Among those entering into this agreement were Messrs. Narbor and Burk, representing the Anglo-American Ca- jle company; Messrs. Uudcrdown and Oscar Moll, representing tlie Direct United States Cable company, and Mr. Von Chauvin, representing the Western. Jnion Telegraph company. Congresii of -VTIUiit Pluyerd. Xew York, June 22.—Since Saturday morning the Oriental hotel atManiat- :an bench has been filling up with dele- anil players arriving to the sixth congress of the American Whist league. The chief matter' to be brought up for Jiscussion before the congress is the desirability of admitting women's vhist clubs to membership in the enguc. This mutter is likely to pro- oce considerable argument, before the ongiX'S.s. Artxnult<-(l ami Stint. Valparaiso, hid., June 22. — Mrs. S. Ji. Hinkoe, who lives eight miles west cf Valparaiso, was ass.-nitid rind shot find is lying at the point ol death and cannot recover. The man charged vith making the a.ssaiilt is prank Tobin, a paroled conviut, who was sent up from Tin tier county for attempted bank robbery. Mrs. )jinl<i'o is positive regarding his identity, as she knew Tobiu well. He shot at, her once two years ago and threatened to l\ill her. .Music T«;«:llors Meet. Terr* Haute, Ind., June 22.— The 13th annual convention of the Indiana music teachers met here Saturday and will be in session in e days. KInborate preparations hav«; been made for the sessions and evening concerts, and it is expected there will be -100 delegates. I'roininent composer-:, musicians and teachers from every city in the suite will take part, and musical taknt from the larger cities in the west will, be on Uic concert programme. <Jtocn to Prison. CrnwjonlsvilJe, Ind., June 22.— Phillip Ilauk, the young school-teacher who was arrested lust January charged with- procuring a criminal operation upon Grace McClaruroek, i-esulting in her death, was found guilty as charged in. the indictment and sentenced to tho penitentiary for five years and fined $50. Hauk, who has maintained an air o£ indifference during the trial, weakened when the jury returned the verdict and wept bitterly. _ Murder at Fonyth. Hammond, Ind., June 22. — One of. the boldest of the many murders that have been committeed in the vicinity of Roby during the past four years was the killing of Martin Clihal, the old keeper of the Chicago Outing club house at Forsyth. He was shot in the head, and the crime was committed for the purpose of robbery. Clihal leaves a widow and a family of KeriMiM to Grant. Turthcr Delay. New York, June 22. —The trial of. Toh'n 1). Hart,' Emiiio Nun ex, Copt .Tohn 3'Brien and Mate Kdward Murphy, vho'nrc charged with having aided and betted a filibustering expedition 1o n-oii the steamship Bermuda, WHS erempt.orily set for Momlny next by udge llrown in the United States cir- uit court Monday morning'. Counsel or.the accused asked for delay when fie cases were called Monday morning. grown-up children in Cleveland. Honpltallty Provei Fatnl. Ivokomo, Ind., June 22.— Mrs. Isabel Leach was found dead in bed Sunday morning. She was up nearly all night preparing breakfast for a house full of guests attending a Su7jday school convention, the table being found spread for the morning meal when the family arose. Jfrs. leach was taking an active part in the convention, «nd overexertion brought on heart trouble. Electric' r.ln«» Will Combine. Anderson, Ind., June 22.— The promoters and builders of eJectric railways in this state are just completing consolidation. All li.nes being- built will be extended and lines surveyed ind being projected will be changed so is to connect and make one continuous system that will not have to depend on ocal passenger traffic, but can compete n light freight and passenger traffic, Struck by Lightning- Brazil. Jnd., June 22.— During a ter- rilic storm here the barns of W. J. Snyer and William H. Zeller and the Me- Midland Coal company were struck by jrhtning and destroyed, together with he contents. A valuable horse owned >y Mr. Snyder was 'killed by lightning. The loss is estimated at $1,500. The raja ell in torrents, flooding the alleys and treets. Doctors Are Vur.cled. Warsaw, Ind., June 22. — One of (he pranks of nature is strangely exemplified in the person of William Clark, of th is city. Although he is only 22 years of age. his hair, long and luxuriant, is perfectly white. It has turned so within six months. A year ago his hair was very 'black. . The doctors are at a loss 1o explain the phenomenon. • . Fire at Vnlon City. Union City, Ind.. June 22.— Fire broke out in ITolsfiister Brothers' harness shop, totally destroying the building and contents. The Joss is estimated at f.Vfino, with $000 insurance on stock. The millinery stores of Mrs. >'ina Hom- muni .-mil Mrs. Matt Kcrr were also de- strovcd, entailing a loss of $4. MO. l>lsrl>:ir<rod for Talking I'uloniKiu. Anderson. Ind., J-inc 22. — The Pennsylvania, the great ilinl glass company, posted .'I notice .dischnrginjr some of the oldest employes for agitating- uni-»aisiu. among employes, 'aw! warning- others tljat it would not be tolerated.-

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