The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 1, 1943 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 1, 1943
Page 6
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.). COURIER NEWS TUESDAY,- JUNE 1,-lfl43 BETTER HOMES iSpot TRese Victory Garden Invaders iAnd Learn How to Destroy Them Government Gills Will Live In - Ne\v Buildings On Banks Of Potomac WASHINGTON, D. 0—More than 7000 "government g»ls", »ho »111 form the ixipulation ol Arlington Palm's, an "nll-eirl city" now rising on the brinks of the Potomac, .will live In comfort and safely in, the ten spacious residence halls of the $7500,000 project feeing con-ill noted l>y tlic Pulillc Buildings Admlnlslm-. lion of the Federal Works Agency on the banks of the Potomac: Safety and comfort arc assured in the conjunction hy the use of Ccmcsto wall milts, a pioduct of The Celolcx Coipolnllmi of which I'.-or Dniilberg is presldf'iil. These large panels provide a complete wall including pxtciloi and Interior finish mid slrucliiraUlrenglh..'thus replacing ^thc eight to ten separate layers of Mintci'Ms which-formerly* went into the building of the old- style, coiivcntlal .wnll.' iHenvlly Insulated, (he Ccmcsto'.wall is : cqunlly : prolectivc against cither extreme heat or severe cold. • All buildings at --Arlington Fnrms v 111 lijivc engineered 'wood framing! The ceilings arc pf : fibre, board-coV- frcd with firc-rcslsln'nt paint, mid all rooms dire snrrouhded by fire slops built into the floors, which nre of double conslrucUon, f inlsiicd off in solid oak. For further protection against weather extremes, roofs arc heavily insnlntcd, under their tar and gravel surfacing. Cciolcx's Cemesto board is being installed in the donnUorles in accordance wllh-a system of, con- strnclion of "the John B. Pierce Foundation of New York City. • MIND YOUR MANNERS POTATO' - POTATO LtAFHOPPC*. TOMATO ' WORM CUTWORM STUtftO • SWASH - BUG ' COHH fA '- WO AM. ,'jW-, Spotting Chart of Garden Enemies—These Are (be Insects That Will Attack Your Victory Garden. Lekro to Know Them So You L'Mi Fight Them, ' . '• ' '.Test'your knowledge of correct social usage, by answering the rollowingvquc'sllons, then checking against tlic authoritative answers below 1. Is it good Uste for a woniai to 'walk', around city streets in shorts? 2. Arc sliorts for women in good taste on R tennis court.? 3. What is the traditional color for wfar-on a tennis court? 4. Should you abide ,by the rules at a public swimming pool or tennis court? 5. Are swimming suits that nre unbecomingly brief In good tnsle? What would you do if— You are ; invitcd to play tennis Victory;,gardeners have .a spot- ling job to do. Like the watchers lor hostile airplanes, they should tie able -to identity, the insect enemies that invade their gardens, so they may know how to,fight them. Sonic of these enemies come by air, nnd some which cannot ily, Just appear suddenly, like the nphids, you don't know where from. ' The chart, which ,. accompanies this article '.will give you the general characteristics.of these enemies and brief, descriptions, with Buggestloni lor combating them, follow: ' ' There are red, black and green aphids, but those on vegetables are usually pale green. They cling to tlic under-side of leaves, or on the growing ends of stems of many vegetables, multiplying with amaz- .Ing rapidity. .Use rolcnonc, py- rethrum'or nicotine dust or spray, Immediately first specimens are detected. . . • •' AspaTagus'beetles are blue-bUck willi'lemon spots, one-quarter Inch long. Use rolenone dust or spray while harvest Is on, and these, or [in nrsentc dust or spray after the harvest. Blistor beetles arc grey, striped or black, three-quarter inch long prey on potato nnd tomato plants Use rotenone or pyrcthrum sprny or "dust, or calcium arsenate dust The striped cucumber beetle h one of the worst home garden pests yellow body .with three black slrlpcs.- It breeds In the blossom ends of vine, cnts leaves am spreads disease. Dust new growth ns it develops with dust composee of 1 Ib. calcium nrscnate and 1C pounds of talc or gypsum, repeat ing until vines are several feet long Young plants should be protect*f from their first appearance. Flea beetles nre small flea-Ilk. Insects which attack cabbage, egg plant, potatoes, tomatoes, turnip nd other vegetables, iind riddle ic leaves with small holes. Use> otenone or nicotine dust or spray. New Board Provide* '•, Fire-Resistant Wall The potatobug or Colorado beetle, 'Paper Walls With Gay And Colorful Floral Designs rhlch may also allock eggpltml and omntoes, Is red with blade stripes, nlf Inch long. Spray or dust with' otenone or arsenic, Potato leafhoppors are pale jreon, one-eighth Inch long, Also ound on beans, swarming on your ppruich lo the plants, on which, they cause leaf-curl. Nicotine or otenone dust or spray will- con- rol. . . Cutworms arc caterpillars of va- •lous moths which hide by day ind at night cut off young plants nt he soil surface. Protect tlic plants with collars of heavy paper or card- >oard surrounding the stems, ex- ending an Inch below the soil sur- nce and two inches above, when he plants nre set oul. Squash hugs nre reddish brown o black, three-quarter inch long. ["hey lay egg clusters on. under side of leaves, and can he con- rolled 'by nyrclhrum or rolenone spray or dust.".. . .' Tlie Mexican bean beetle is a jlnck sheep of the Lady Bug fam- ly. Coppery brown, 8 black spots on each wing cover; it cats vines •md lays yellow egg clusters en under side of leaves, which hatch out nlo larvae with voracious appc- :ies. Plants 'must be thoroughly sprayed or dusted'with rotenone or arsenic. Tomato worms are green caterpillars with conspicuous yellow markings, three to four inches long, worm cats tomato leaves but Is easily picked off, or killed by a rolenone or arsenic spray or dust. The corn ear worm Is n caterpillar two inches 'long, striped and marked green and brown, hatched from eggs laid on the young silk. Inject one-quarter tcaspoonful o£ medical mineral oil in the silk channel of each ear soon after pollination. • ... Cabbage worms are pnlc green caterpillars one and one-quarter Inch long, hatched from eggs laid by while bultcrflics, which arc found on cabbage, cauliflower and other members of the cabbage fam lly. Dust wllh rolenone or calcium arsenate. 'Grasshoppers may-attack all garden crops and 'arc best controlled by using the poison bait. f~i] "-'' 'TT_. f~P* I authorized collector or given to one LllCcUl UP 11111C °f the ' many charities that sell .,.:*. i them to collectors to raise funds. Gliance For Scrap Hunt Glenn up' lime Is the time lo doubles with' : exiTo"uraml'yon "are ^"ec » -""i™" 'T 1 f ° V '"" ,"? not a Very good player- i llnn 8 s UmL "' a >' have . accimuilal- (:i) Play anyway Clothes that have outgrown mem- bc'rs of :.thc family bnt!< arc still- wenrablc' should be pnck«g«d separately to 'jive to the Red Gross or any other established relief I ed In closets, allies nnd basements (W Siiggrsl'tlml they'will have; s ' ncc .-t h .«,^B scrap •campalBiiwIis n heller game if they find someone st ^ed last, fall Useless rubbish else of .equal skill Answers 1. No 2. Yes. 3 White. 4 Yes I 5 No ' Belter "What Would You • Do" solution—(b). : *uch-ns the dead leaves that have aln. "in the yard over the" winter s Just ,n tire danger and should >e j destroyed, but there is n use in thq^war effort for most' of the things "that 'jiavc been cast aside iii -the home. Old rags and papers of. fill kinds are needed in many a Enrico. Caruso would not go on the stage-- unless professional "claques" "had been hired lo applaud his entrance. ngcncy. Bonks and magazines, dp not of course belong wllh waste paper.' Even . old magazines providing .hey arc filled with '.slorie.s un'd jiclurcs n'rc wanted by the United Service Orgnnlallon, and every good book lhat cnn be spared Is grist to (lie Victory Book Drive. Remember Ihc men In the service. 1 ; like the snmc kind of lllera- lure ns the folks buck home, am they don't want Elsie Dlnsniore or Ihe Hover Boys. So tills spring it's clean up but don't clean out to help cloth our .allies, cnlcrllqn pu This Season Wrar flowers this season—flowers your hair, flowers in your bul- inliole, llowers on your tnble, oweivi on your walls! Nollilns can crk you up so much ns a posy, as iy Rill who pins mi orchid on her loiilder can tell roil. Flowers on your walls? Yes,, you in ppvte up your Home, too ,hy iporing your wnlls with gny and olorful floral designs. Whether you kc flowers iilg and splnshy and il, or dalnly and fragile and lie, you'll find your choice in Ihe iiart new unUlzccl florals this n'lng. One pattern of giant red roses 'ith riiinijlinj; grern foliage against, lenmln while background, Is' lamlsome in combination with ft rradVsfripcd '.pnjicr in.' soft ray ml while. There arc .smaller pink osi's. loo, .sc.ilterod profusely over white ground wllh nil the gaiety jf n May nay festival. A dewey iinrnlne-glory vine twines upward in n realistic trellis, the blossoms iluc or red, Recording to the colors 'on want' to match hi your room. Lovely Indeed is a pal tern of dogwood sprays with white blossoms nid pink centers, agnlnst refrcsh- ng backgrounds of dusty rose, light >lue, .soft, -green, or ray. 'Ilicse nre only a rev: of Hie chnrming nets' unitim! floral de- IRIIS that you may select this Hiring. The papers lire nil well- ieslrd nnd. style-tested, fndeproof ind wushnblc, if so marked, loo, Twenty «marc feet of durable, weather-proof, rigid and fire-rc- Klstnnt wnll in two minutes—this c:ni be accomplished by the use of a new exterior board, a new product designed especially lor speedy wartime construction. The board comes In large panels, 24 or 48 Inches wide and 8, 9, »nd 10 fe«t long. Any carpenter c»n apply the panels directly to wall sluds, , , ; laving ward - needed lumber through the use of non-critical materials, the board Is surfaced with 'Mlllerized" Asphalt Roofing, two products which have been manufactured by Certain-teed for many ycnrs. ' .. BUS THE p. DOnUs ness and Insure Against Winter Woes Before next winter, thousands of thoughtful families will insure their Itoines as a protection against probable fuel shortages. The smarter ones will <lo tlic Job before hot weuilier really sets in and reap Ihe extra advantage of protection from the torrid rays of the summer sun. Cool'rooms' mean better sleep awl greater efficiency 'for 'war jobs. , Insulation performs its purpose b> slowing' up the . passage of hca' through walls'.and. roofs. Tlic same insulation which In. winter keeps in • tlie-iieat ge'iiernted by buvning fue will keep out unwanted heat Ir sumuKr. One of .the-reasons many-homes ire consistently imcomfoiialilc In .ummcr Is because of the.masses >f hot air which form In the nttlc. Government sludics have shown [hat (he air in the allies of un- JtisitlaUd homes frequently rises to is high as 40 or i>0 degrees above hat of the outside air, Such accumulations of heat naturally make ;he entire house warmer. A simple method of increasing summer comfort is to apply n llnliig of insulating board to the roof rafters. If Hie nltic Ls unfloored the Insulating board can be nailed over the floor joists. A third method is lo relhiisli the ceilhvgs of top floors wilh (tccornlivc insulating board. For greater effectiveness the new ceiling should lie alUichcd to furring strips, thus providing air spaces. Whatever means of Insulating Is chosen. SI is lulvlsnulc lo provide louvres or oilier means of allic ventilation In keep Ihe accumulation of healed ah 1 nt a minimum. ny use of hollow steel profiler's on airplanes today, 100 to 200 pounds of aluminum per propeller are,saved. 'Private Skweez will now r«n- <J?r tonu-' new wrinkles on tils' accordioril" which guarantees you the nnltlzed standard of quality. land for 10 .or 15. minutes in a olulion made by mixing one clip of Uie Jnvclle water to one Ballon of water. Wash thoroughly in warm soapy', wnler. To. rcinovd the odor >f chloride of lime -from the ar- ,i[:lcs, in ammonia water made iy adding one tablespoon.-of nm- nonia to two quarts of water. The articles should then be' rinsed in several clear 'walcrs. ~ Dry white fabrics in the sunshine, If. possible, to aid in bleaching. No ^colored- articles should bei treated by this method ns many dyes are not fast when soaked in Jnvclle .water, Miss ' Colcman cautioned. .war industry 'and arc serious 1m- hoys and feed the milk of war. nrds..in_ the home. : These, like nil metal, scrap from unused ': boilers to empty! lipstick cases, nnd every bit of discarded rubber should lie either sold to an NEW WASHABLE PAINT GOES ON OVER WALLPAPER; PUSTER; ETC. Dries in 1 Watcr-Slaincd Things Should Be Washed Carefully Add waltr'— 1H« VM. of Tethkli odd Vi gallon of. water. MoVw erioagH paint for avorogs room. • • Now cut the lime and expense of redecorating a room in hull! Do your ( repainting the streamlined, modern wa'y^with Pittsburgh Techide. It's ^entirely different from old-style wall paints Quick to dry and easy to apply, Techids makes it pooib!« to do over a room in 3 hours—2 'for painting-! for drying. Ask in ''i about Techide. PITTSBURGH PAINTS look to 7t<t,id« Walk Flood victims In Mississippi County who were unable to keep cottons and linens out of the reach of flood waters were advised this week by Miss Corn Lee Colcman, county home demonstration agent, that sheets, lowels and table cloths can have their original white color restored with n little effort. Steps in removing mud stains from while cottons aiid linens are outlined by Miss Coleman, as follows: While cotton and linen fabrics lhat have been stained with flood water, carrying red or yellow clny, ehonld not be plunged into hot soap sud.s. Clny makes n slain slm- ar to iron rust and the hot soap- ids will .set such n stain. First brush off all loose dirt jssible. Then, rinse several limes n cold waler to lake the particles f .soil Hint lodged in the fibers. Vhcn no more dirt can be rinsed lit, wash the articles with warm onpsuds (use several waters If icctssary). While wet spread lie grass In tile sun. The articles lioiild not be allowed to dry bul hould be rewct nnd kept In the mi until they arc while. In exlreme cases, while-coltoas ind linens can be soaked In javelle valcr. To prepare lliLs solution, dls- olve one pound of washing soda In one quart of boiling wat«r, cool »n< Id 16 pound of chloride of lime ml has been dissolved in \lwo unrls of water. (Enameled pans lould be used.) Allow the mixture o stand lor several hours In ordc o settle, then strain through sev rnl thicknesses of cheesecloll Only the clear liquid should be vised Tlie articles to be cleaned shouh Aiinllior "Mcnnosl Thief IX3S ANGBbTTS (U.P.- — Mrs. Bessy Uartlcy's version of Ihc "meanest, thief' 1 conception is as follows: Her son, Lieut. William E. Hartley, now stationed in Honolulu, hud sent her a telegram order for an orchid for Easier. She picked out n really bcnuliliil one, pinned it on her cent anil Ilien, ns she sauntered along in the Easter parade, a man, about 30, snatched the orchid and (led. Tn spile or the fact (hat, she is the wife of Police Captain John Hartley, neither the orchid nor the thief has been captured. The United L Stntcs uses about one- half of the lolal world's output, of newsprint annually. Read Courier News want ads. Far-siglitcd individuals clearly see .the necessity of ; painting noiv. They know a house that has not been , 1 painted recently is a liousc on its way to decay, deterioration anil depreciation. They know tliat » house left imy>!unled" too long may require expensive repairs . , . repairs that may be unobtainahle. BETTER PAINT NOTT .. . PROTECT YOUR HOME A'!\'D S.-lf'K MONEY. Eberson-Lindsley Paints The Best For Every Purpose Phone !>51 E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER COMPANY Friendly Building Service : MADE1NICOLOM AND WHITK HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. PETE IS THE 'LUNBEI Careful Now! Just look at Baby step out... Isn't he the smartest thing! Of course Mamma is giving a hand . .. But he's coming along. ^ike babies, lawns and garden! need careful attention. Just M baby's bath freshens him ... A good soaking hose-shower gives "life" to grass and flowers. '(Make Your Yard a Civic Compliment) BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. BERNARD ALI.KN, Manager "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity" DELTA LUMBER CO. Blythcville's Only Home Owned Lumber Company 204 N. Second Phone 497 "does over" a room! MIRACLE WALL FINISH <2- ••PASTE FMM W QUART One gal. Kern-Tone putt ro*kci 1 !i gal*. Kent-Tone fiiuib. ONI COAT covns wallt, wallboacd, boi*m«n1 wo) It. APHMS IASU.T. IGAUONDOI5THI AVMAOE tOOM. NO OFFENSIVE PAINT ODOR. ffM-roneROllER-KOATER Roll* Krm-Tone right over your walls quickly, easily, unootldy. Save Money with SWPJ ^>OU «ve when you paint— I end long after—with SVVP. Ill remarkable caK of application wves time and labor. Its lr««nendouj covering power! lave paint. Its well-known duia- bility saves your ' home from decayj •» ' , expensive repairs. " ItHl. SNCRMrm WauAMS HOUSE PAINT SWP Far Kitchens, Bathrooms The idcn! finiah for kitchen anil ^athroom walls ami for woodwork throughout your home. Amazingly washable! In many lustrous colors -| .17 Unts' I'H. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS SEMI-LUSTRE ;££ Giant Color Style Cute? Yours, to borrow— FREE Sec hundreds of homes, roorn* oil in beautiful, truoto-lifccoKXl SHERWIN-WILLMMS PAINT & COLOR STYLE GUIDE TOM LITTLE HARDWARE CO. Your Complete Hardware Store 126 W. Main Thonc 515 SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS

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