The Morning Call from Allentown, Pennsylvania on September 13, 1958 · 1
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The Morning Call from Allentown, Pennsylvania · 1

Allentown, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 13, 1958
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FIRST 4 Carbon County - Panther Valley News on Page 10 IE MORNING CAL The Weather Fair and slightly warmer to-lay. Generally fair and mild tomorrow. Just the Start The Little, Rock ruling it only the first of many questions facing the Supreme Court. Read Lawrence on the editorial page. Lehigh Valley's. Greatest Newspaper WO. 22,326 Tc.e.ko.. HE 3-4241 ALLENTOWN, PA., SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 1958 Entered 2nd Class Matter Post Office, Allentown, Pa. 5c 30c Copy Weekly r 4j . - Ii " ij T j w m - " g V1 - Court Bars letegfratioo Delay Faufoes Orders Schools Closed SINKING SHIP Crewmen of burning Costa Rican vessel "Concha," leave in lifeboat shortly before their ship sank off England's west coast. An engine room explosion caused fire. Air view photo was made from British Navy helicopter which aided in rescue operation. m M issing U.S. Plane Crashed in ixussia mujsluw (Ar j rue soviet gov- The fate of the 11 remaining i ... ernment announced Saturday it crewmen remained a mystery. intercepted oy Jtea pianes (In Washington, the State De- found the "destroyed and burned" wreckage of an American plane on its soil and protested what it called U.S. violation of its border. The announcement also said the bodies of six crewmen were found. A note to the American Embassy made public Saturday was the first word from the Soviet Union about a U.S. Air Force plane which vanished Sept. 2 with 17 men aboard on a flight over Turkey. 1 partment said in an announcement Friday night that Soviet fighter planes intercepted the American turbojet transport plane in the area of the Turkish-Soviet border near Kars, a point about 35 miles inside Turkey.) The note said the wreckage of the plane was found 55 miles northwest of Yerevan, capital of Soviet Armenia. The Soviet note gave no indica-l tion how the plane came down. It merely said "the remains of a destroyed and burned"plane had been found along with "the re mains of bodies by which we pos sibly assume that six members of the crew perished." Fell in Soviet Territory At the same time, the note said the American aircraft had "pene-traded a significant distance into the Soviet Union and fell in territory of the U.S.S.R." It referred to this as "evidence Governor Cites Threat Of Violence LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (Jfl Gov. Orval E. Faubus, as serting that "violence and disorder would occur," Friday ordered the Little Rock high schools not to open on schedule next Monday in spite of the decree of the U.S. Supreme Court. Faubus signed a recently passed law authorizing bim to close the schools, and then issued a proclamation applying it to the senior high schools. Shortly after this action, a sheriff served Faubus with a summons to appear in court in a suit challenging the school-closing law. He has 20 days in which to appear. Developments came thick an fast within five hours after the IT S Simromo Tntirt nnnonnrpd its decision Fridav SOME GOOD NEWS Mrs. Daisy Bates, president of Faubus signed a sheaf of anti- Arkansas Capter of NAACP, and Clarence Laws, field session at noon contained no integration bills and issued the secretary, hannily study Dress release on Sunreme specific indication of the Court ruling ordering integration in Little Rock's j ) r t . tlt ih.-'-'mi.,; f r at . swni A ttfttf" i " " .v"t. Justices Order Immediate Entry Of Negro Pupils WASHINGTON, (AP)-The Supreme Court decreed in a unanimous milestone decision Friday that integration must proceed immediately at Little Rocks Central High School, no matter how violent the opposition. President Eisenhower said anarchy would result from defiance of the court's integration stand and appealed to the people to avoid it. In a statement from his vacation headquarters at Newport, R.I., Eisenhower said: "I appeal to the sense of civic responsibility that animates the vast majority of our citizenry to avoid defiance of the court's orders in this matter." ' In Little Rock, Gov. Orval Faubus ordered the city's high schools not to open Monday in an expected defiance of the high court ruling. The historic ruling thatl came out of a three-minute Continued on Page Z, Column 4 2nd Youth Questioned In Slayings NET YORK (AP)-A youth was flown back from Virginia Friday night for questioning about the knife slaying of a Staten Island doctor and his wife. The far-flung, continuing probe of the case underlined official skepticism that the victims' 8-year-old son was the killer. The newest figure in the perplexing case left New York suddenly last week. In Virginia, he dropped remarks to relatives which made them think he might be linked to the Staten Island slaying. However, the youth claimed an alibi. The victims' son, Melvin Nimer Jr., was sent to Bellevue Hospital Thursday for mental examination, after he confessed he killed his mother and father in their Staten Island home Sept. 2. The boy's story, coming after be originally had claimed a masked prowler had stabbed his parents, left many questions unanswered. Staten Island Dist. Atty. John W. Braisted confirmed Friday that the mother, before she died, identified her assailant as a man. There even was an unconfirmed report that she described him in the same terms as her son as wearing a white mask. Police Not Satisfied Braisied and top police officials expressed themselves as far from satisfied that Melvin was the real killer. Investigators ranged as far afield as Farmville, Va.. where a year-old William Fletcher Jr., a h'egro. Fletcher's aunt. Mrs. James L. Hamilton, turned him in to Farmville police after he told her he left New York abruptly because of the publicity given the Nimer case. Industrial Output Climbing Strongly WASHINGTON (AP)-The Federal Reserve Board Friday issued its cheeriest report yet on the re cession: Industrial production has climbed more than halfway out of its slump. The board published a seasonally adjusted index showing that the output of mines and factories rose 2 per cent in August to a level that was 137 per cent ef the 1947-49 base period. The highest this index ever reached was 145 in August 1957. The recession low was 12S last April July's figure was 134 and the revised figure for June was 132. The board said: "In August, output of both durable and nondurable manufactures and of minerals rose further, and utility output of electricity advanced to a new high, "Steel ingot capacity, at 61 per cent of capacity, showed more than the usual seasonal rise from July, ' and in the second week of September operations were scheduled at a 65 per cent rate." The board found rapid recovery continuing in August, with gains in industrial and construction activity, nonfarm employment and consumer buying power. While some slow advance was noted in employment, with pay rolls up in manufacturing, retail trade and government, the rate of unemployment was little changed since April when, most economic indicators hit bottom. in tomorrow's Sunday call-chronicle 1 i-feMi& :t proclamation which prevents the Little Rock high schools from opening next Monday. 4 Schools Involved The order applies to all four senior high schools in Little Rock Central, which was integrated last year; Hall, an all-white school where a Negro has asked to be enrolled: Technical, an all-white vocational school, and H o r a ce Mann, an all-Negro institution. Faubus then called a news con ference and issued a statement about his actions. Won't Allow Questions He looked extremely solemn as he walked into a conference room at the state Capitol. Facing a bat tery of cameras and a crowd of reporters, he said: I have a statement which I will read and there will be no questions." He read in a rapid monotone. The statement said: "I have signed into law the acts passed by the recent special session of the Legislature. "Acting under the powers and responsibilities imposed upon me by these laws, I have ordered clossed the senior high,, schools of Little Rock, in order to avoid the impending violence and disorder which would occur, and to preserve the peace of the community. "And also because under conditions that would prevail, a general, suitable and efficient education system cannot be maintained in the senior high schools of the Little Rock school district. "The proclamation calls for an election on the question of integration to be held under the super vision of the regularly chosen and qualified election commissioners. "For evidence concerning disorder and violence and the main tenance of a suitable school system, I refer you to the testimony of the school personnel and state ments of school board members in federal court in Little Rock, St. Louis and before the U.S. Su preme Court in Washington, D.C." Central High School. IB Virginia Governor To Close School RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - Gov. J.Lindsay Almond Jr. announced Friday night he would close and remove from the Virginia public school system the Warren County High School to which 22 Negroes have been ordered admitted by a federal judge. The closing is effective Monday. It will be the first school to shut down under Virginia's "massive resistance" to integration law which closes any school that is in tegrated by court order or other wise. Can Reopen There was no indication the gov ernor has any plans to try to reopen the school. He is empowered to try to reopen it on a segre gated basis. Approximately 1,000 white stu dents are assigned to the school, the only high school in the county. Negro high school students have been boarded in adjoining counties which have Negro high schools. The governor made the an nouncement in a letter to the War ren County bchool Uoara and superintendent. Copies were hand ed out at a special night news conference. The governor did not attend. He called on "all local officials and all citizens to cooperate with the department of state police and local law enforcement officers in the protection of public property and the security of public peace and order." He asked the school day when the board appealed to a federal court to strike down a state restraining order. The Norfolk School Board, barred by a state court from carrying out its agreement to comply with a federal integration order and admit 17 Negroes to white schools, asked Judge Walter E. Hoffman to countermand the state injunction. Gov. Almond specifically ad vised the Norfolk board last week not to ask the federal court to take such action. He also said the school board was not under compulsion to take positive action and make any assignments. All the federal desegregation orders were negative, Almond said, telling the school boards what they could not do. SAFETY CHECK YOUR driving. Easy Method Driving Clinic. Phone HE 3-0004. reasoning behind the high tribunal's decision. Chief Justice Earl Warren merely read off the brief order, which said it shall be effec tive immediately. The court said, "The expression of the views supporting our judg ment will be prepared and announced in due course." . This might be a matter of weeks. The justices went back to vacations, which, they interrupted for an unusual, special term to consider and rule on the Little Text of High Court Ruling on Page 2 Rock case. The court members are not scheduled to return to the bench until Oct. 6, when the next regular term begins. Ignores Warnings Friday's mling went in the face of warnings from a U.S. district judge and the Little Rock School Board that the result wiU be "bed lam, chaos and turmoil" and de struction of the LitUe Kock school system. In effect, the Supreme Court was telling Little Rock and the rest of the South that whatever the consequences along these lines, it is more important that Obey Law, President Pleads 1 Continued on Page 2, Column 1 TV's '$64,000 Challenge' Canceled After 'Fix' Charge He then walked rapidly out 0f officials to inform teachers and "JACUZZI" DEALERS ARE Displaying pumps & swimming pool equipment under the Grandstand at the Allentown Fair. Ad Inside The Call International Chiang Envoy Hints Air Attack On Peiping Coast Artillery Page 2 Lehigh Valley L.V. 'S8 Highway Construction Leads AU Districts. Page 4 THE WINNERS! A Full-Page of Pictures Shows the Winning Drawings In the Contest to Beautify Center Square in Allentown the room. In his proclamation, Faubus set Oct. 7 as the date for the special election on the question of inte grating the schools. Continued on Page 2, Column 1 Today's Index Bridge 15 Lawrence Classified 1S-21 Lyons Comics 16-17 Sports Deaths 7, H, 18 Theaters Dixon 6v t,,j; Editorial 6lTV' RadJ0 .Financial 17-13 Weather Llside TV 16 Woman's 12-14 j 16 ii FAIR EDITION A 16-Page Special Section All About The Allentown Fair TOMORROW Superbooster For Satellites Slated by Army WASHINGTON tfl The Army Friday enntracted for a superbooster for a satellite launching. It is to have a thrust of lVz million pounds, about eight times greater than this country's largest existing propulsion unit. There was no word as to the type of satellite it is proposed to launch. But the Defense Department announcement spoke of a system for placing very large payloads into orbit. This left open the question of whether a manned satellite might be contemplated. The two-million-dollar eon-tract for the superbooster was awarded North American Aviation's Rocketdyne Division. The announcement said the superbooster will consist of a cluster of already tested rocket motors, packaged into a single unit. The main element of the cluster will be a motor similar to that used in the intermediate and intercontinental range ballistic missiles, the Army Jupiter, the Air Force Thor and the Air Force Atlas. LAST BIG DAY TV Associates Anniversary Sale Biggest Discounts - N. 7ta St. Ext. A . Ad. parents U. S. vs. Virginia The move would appear to put the segregation issue squarely on the basis of a constitutional contest between the federal government and the sovereignty of the State of Virginia in the person of the governor. A rift in the massive resistance policy so far as the Norfolk School Board was concerned, at least cropped up in Norfolk Fri- GOING OR COMING FROM THE Allentown Fair, it pays you to stop at the Four Chefs, 945 Union Blvd. Hot dog with all the trim mings 15c. . Ad. NEW YORK UPI)-"The $64,-000 Challenge," one of TV's most publicized quiz shows, was yanked off the air Friday less than a week after charges of a "fix" were made against it. The show's producer said, "The cancellation does not concern any accusation made against the show." It was the second quiz show to be canceled recently. The popular show, "Dotto," was dropped with a minimum of explanation by the Colgate-Palmolive Co. and by two networks carrying it, CBS and NBC. Later, disclosure of com plaints to the Federal Communication Commission and to the grand jury but cautioned against any implication he had found wrongdoing. The ".OOO Challenge" has been appearing Sunday nights on CBS. It was due to leave that net-CBS sponsored by the P. Lorillard Co. It was due to leave that network after this Sunday's performance and be broadcast in future over NBC Thursday nights. An agency executive said matches in progress as of last week will be considered ties and contestants will split the money. Teddy Nadler, billed as the king of the quiz shows, left his New York hotel Friday morning for his home in St. Louis, having won a total of $264,000 on quiz shows. He fice that "Dotto" was r i g g e d " T, Vn k '7 CI 7" mediately, it was learned. touched off an investigation oi a number of programs. Dist. Atty. Frank S. Hogan said Friday he is laying all the evi- REMTTA RUG SERVICE will - clean your 9 x 12 rug for dence he has gathered before a only $6.00 HE 5-4314. Ad 'I Was Blind' Debbie to Divorce Eddie HOLLYWOOD (J) Debbie Reynolds is going to seek a divorce from Eddie Fisher. As her marriage crumbled. Debbie made this poignant statement: "It seems unbelievable to say that you can live happily with a man and not know he doesn't love you. "But that as God is my witness is the truth." Her attorney said she would seek a divorce next week. Eddie said earlier Friday that the marriage was over and declared it would have ended "even if I had never known Elizabeth Taylor." It was his dates with her in New York which touched off an argument with Debbie on his return here. Eddie moved out and a separation was announced. 'Falls en Deaf Ears' Debbie's lawyer, Frank Belcher, said Fisber'i'-'attempt to re lieve Miss Taylor from any responsibility falls on completely deaf ears. "I'm not going to spare anyone," said Belcher, "if it is necessary to protect Debbie's and the children's rights." Belcher approved release of Debbie's handwritten statement, which declared: "I now realize that when yoa are deeply in love, how blind one can be. Obviously I was. I will endeavor to nse all my strength to survive and understand, for the benefit of my two children." N Choice Debbie said that she thought she and Eddie had found happiness. "I know I had," she said. Her attorney said that Fisher's statement, issued earlier, left no choice for Debbie but to proceed toward a divorce. Fisher's statement issued through his publicity agent. said: "In answer to many questions I feel I should say this: "Debbie and I tried very hard to make our marriage work. We've been having problems for a long time. Debbie especially has done everything possible to make our marriage succeed. "I alone accept full responsibility for its failure. "Our marriage would have come to an end even if I had never known Elizabeth Taylor. The breakup was inevitable. "Although I have moved out of my home, I hope to see my children as often as possible. I have confidence that Debbie understands and that our friendly relationship will continue. "My personal plans for the future are to concentrate on my work and to solve my personal problems with the deepest consideration for all concerned.' Continued cn Page 2, Cofairf 2 NEWPORT, R.I. (AP) - Presi dent Eisenhower called on the people of Little Rock, Ark., Fi day to show a sense of civic responsibility and obey the Supreme Court's integration ruling. Eisenhower issued his appeal little more than two hours after the court ruled unanimously that seven Negro children must be admitted to Little Rock Central High School when the fall term opens next Monday. The President s statement obvi ously was designed to discourage the mob violence that marked the admission of Negro pupils to the previously all-white school last year and led to the calling out of state and federal troops. Unprecedented Statement Eisenhower's statement was un precedented in the sense that he made no such comment aAer the 1954 Supreme Court decision that public school segregation was il legal or the 1955 order that integration be carried on with all deliberate speed. The President never has given his own opinion of the court's anti- segregation stand but has often deplored violence in connection with the mixing of white and Ne gro pupils and has stated that Su preme Court reungs must be obeyed as the law of the land. Hitting on that same theme Fri day, the President pointedly called oa Arkansas and Little Rock au thorities to maintain peace and or der so that "lawless elements will not be able by force and violence to deprive school children of their constitutional rights." Far Ranging Implications While Friday's presidential statement was pegged on the Little Rock case it obviously had far-ranging implications and was directed to other communities with integration problems. I appeal to the sense of civic responsibility that animates the vast majority of our citizenry," the President said, "to avoid defiance of the court's orders in this matter. All of us know that if an in dividual, a community or a state is going continuously and successfully to defy the rulings of the courts, then anarchy results. "In addition, states and localities have a constitutional duty to maintain peace and order. If state and local officials, in awareness of the gravity of this duty, will maintain peace and order, then lawless elements will not be able by force and violence to deprive school chudreu of their constitu tional rights. I hope that all of us may live up to our traditional and proud boast that ours is a government of laws. Let us keep it that way." Ford Planning New Pact Offer DETROIT ( AP) Ford Motor Co. Friday indicated it is building toward a new contract offer before the United Auto Workers Union's Wednesday strike deadline. John S. Bugas. Ford vice presi dent, said after an abbreviated session with LAW negotiators that he anticipated putting a company offer on the table in the next few days. Ford, singled out as the union t strike target, and the UAW team headed by President Walter Reo- ther. sch!duled another contract talk for Saturday. They said they also may meet Sunday. JEWISH NEW YEAR CARDS Art Shop, 1137 Turner Ad.

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