The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 23, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 23, 1933
Page 3
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rURDAY, DECEMBER 23, 1933 BLYTHKVILLE. (AKK.) COURIER NEWS y Rejoice at Birth of Heir to Japanese Throne I'AGE THREK Iis Had Prayed [or an Ir to The Imperial roue. > Sen-ice 'O, Jau.ii;.—Imnerial mes- das.hed tnday to the shrine ernsu Cnikaml. the Sun . to anuiMiiicc that a Uoy- s been born to the So:i of oil-Ill hinielil great joy to! ion as Japan has |M?CII in- 1 iinxio'.is for a direct male | Its throne Since about C., In till lime of Jlminii. nperor of Japan and the •cat-granc'son of tlie Sun , the dyuf.sty has reniran- rokcn tc.- the current rule Ihito, win is the 124th to I the throiic. (daughters have been born liito and Nagakb. and three . But according,to Japa- none of them can rule. ISIDCC it wac . publicly an-1 several months , ago that j Ipress would bear another i |]e priests and the" old. wo-! read the signs and nor- [ a premise of a royal son.; •suit Ic-Oay's event lias' ? most ]K)irs]2r topic of dls- I in all Japan, overshado'.v- Iness, politics and the Chi- uation as a subject of hope bculation. The infant will furcfully guarded and nur- ns air; yonncster ever into th.? world, is no official reticence in |tlcr of news wlien a birth [led in the imperial family. : nation was In in on the ement when p'r.ysicians [:ided the Empress was ex- Bulletins on her condi- Ive been issued every few Vd there, was national re- land a'religious, ceremony (lagako donned • ihe sacred maternity girdle made of 1st white r,ilk. The wMe | lias be MI buzzing with tales omens indicating that the [ould be o boy. :r ancient' custom is the of two wet nurses w.'.o pgated to attend each new the imperial couple. By the nurses must be of J stock, "of the best physl- Idllton and unijnpeachabU lharacter." Last month the • of seven prefectures Td to.;-cr.oose one-such Iranian frrm the thousands Iplied for the honor. In he pair finally selected are Eoight .to speak in ''Yamato I the court language, which Japanese do not under•From the hour of its birth jerial infant will be address- Kamalo Kotoba. supiwsedlj [iue of the ancient Yamato win captured these is|id founded the nation. Submits lions Purification J the time for the birth was> |it. Emij'.rbs Nagako at a religious purification |.y. then entered a spe- Idlng near the castle wher. 1 her other children were I Physicians, midwives and 1 accompii-iied her. In a 1 room the Emperor and | high officials of tho gov- awaifd'lhe news. Word |.T.c first to the Emperor n imparted It to the Min the Imperial Household turn ma:lc a public an |ient. few moments sirenF Itnon throughout the conn Jeked anil koamcd the new. Ibrcathlcssly waiting public |ingcd skrals told thai a had been born. I>apers had extras on thi Iwilh tne firsl "flash." anc few hotn-s Inter when th had examined the chili |tcrm.r.»<; its exact weigli hiy-'Jiricluli of the radii guarded against an; |ror as occurred when th Taka was born . Througt liderstanding- it was broad It a son had b:en b:rn. Th I'as so Incensed by t^e mis •at the entire stafl of th I- tendered a public apolog 1-n resigned. I after birth th; infant re Ifrom lit father a gift [sword, :o defend his coun l.nst its rr.cmies. If it ha Igirl. ;hs child would hav a dagger with which sh II herself rather than sub |dishonor. Srlrcls lid's Name •even days almost 1-ourlv I: will be Issued concerning [aition of mother and child. Till come ihe naming ccre- I Priests and the court his| having studied the ancient fcr a week, w |u submit a j names from which Hiro- II select one. Then the Sub- NEXT WEEK at Blytheoilles Theatres THE EITZ Constantly Hie theatre public. like any they have ever played, clamors for "new faces" . . . so. I Miss Drossier enacts Abby, lhi> In 'The Women In His Life.", fnltlirul old servant. Dnvrymore Is »'i>leh COIIIPS Smiiliw to the Rlli £ccn ns tlic kindly oounliv physl- IMiler the 7'lieatt-e. Metro-fiolilwyn-Maycr Is huwprliiR the picture patrons' nrn v er. , The cpsl Is headed by Otto Krii- n>-i- n veteran of Ihe stusje. but .ft-lmse features upon .the picture "•vceii fire ci.mparalh'ely new. Ri-'f .tcilulno the M-O-M- family ii"ifow months a n o he lias 'nooear- j«rl.->,ln "Turn ''Hack- to Clock," i'"-nlv for Sflli-" and •Tln> Pj'lv.c- and the I.adv."/. He plays of Kenl Rarrln«er. a sen- loml trial lawver who "falls lo dl>-.<irar'n nnd thru- redeems himself through gral sacrifices. A larpe cast of noted players from both stnw nnd screen was i:'ec/ed by Warner Bros, for the litest. James Cnunev starring ,ve- '';!«. "i.-adv KUlfr." which conies Hie Ilitz T^iealre Monday. Mne Clarke, «lio plavs o»|iosite mmy as an underworld eharac- r. made her fiul hit on the stage c!nn who under the lash of avarice turns to n scheming. gnisphi<< scoundrel weklng to rob her—only to have the woman's fallh turn him bac-k atialn to his lifelong pnth of honor. Through "llic House on Slreel," which comes lo (he KHz next Tlmmlay and Friday m-c.sciulnir Kay FrancU as tlw star in Mil.'. Wjrner Bios, picture, rims a double drr.nia. The siorc. rs It procresscs. becomes tlie drumii of a There's Thrill in Making Bi(i |iri Fa<} of The prayers on the lips :of millions were answered with the- birth today ol a son to the Empress Magako (right) and Emperor Hirohuo (atove) Below .are their three daughters, from 'rlt to right 1 , tiic Princesses Aisuko Yon. Kaznko Taka, and.-shlrcko. 1'cru. •' • * ••:•:: •• ' leanti y's ^Contract Pfgblenv South ; is declarer al^tlirel .no trump. \Vest oiic.ns tbc, kins rjf FjiadtK. How can (lie Laud be mude? „ .,. i >flowed out,; discarding, a club.^ow \]hf tiijk is ti- : pick up...NorthlB Jicl;,fi|id it was doiie In this I manner: . .-_ -;' -.. t . ] . A. Ismail heart was , led and won in dummy with uhe.jace. jhq ,gpbd queen of cluhs ; wa?., played from and Sculii discarded. a . LEPANTO, .Arl-.-^At. ^-'meeting ul ttie : IjfiJanto Mjispalp Lodge- the tol!bVin« : '6fricer.s,'were . yeir: r «orBpuvmas irr ' a: ' <v.- .Hill; , .scnl^rj '. warden ' •• Gc'drgc -. •Bjacitard/Jjiinjp): • warder Vernon" May; pcc.-c-iary, G. B.Har. na; tieasii'rer, C.. LI: Marcomi- : .5ei wr'iden&n.ij. E. Williams;'jiinio ricncoh.'E L.| S.mUhj ..senjor.,mas ti'i-.^pl* cere'rqotncs,. W....G. i'i-.ur t:iap; junior niasicr .pf ; I-'mls'^IcWhlrter; chaplain;-.J-- S ,rurnes;.'.tyler, J J. Handles! . • .-. — ' "^en estimated •••. /! that.ith •Jtnplo. .Uri'gcr caviled his queen o: ' Another iliamoud was play- nverage' woman eats only S3 per l """ *-•—-'- ~ i :the..aycrage..mai Contract Problem % Solution to Previous E. MCKplXNKY . j rlcan Bri4ire League R'ays-are interesting; BY WSI. E. McKENNEV Secretary, Amcri Coup plays' alway because they seldom come up. Everything has to be just right to execute a trump coup. Yon muat find ' sufficient entries in dummy, and you must find your opponent, who has the long trump, with the .ame distribution that you have. Neverthel -£S, v.hen the coup made. II always proves thrilling, tclievc that it is one of the most, ,'.; 'A- heart 'vmj icd from dummy, I East ; was Jprcccl" lo '(rump, 'Ung'eH e\crtrump3d nnc. pjckcd i:p the" iasi trump with the qiieen ol trades. ': '- • •' • r •' I'?; -i*^-—: -•••;:;.''.. " .Some Japanese women sleep'on wooden pillcjir^.jUi ' muss their : lib fr.-'. JBARQA'INS .I FIJRNITURE R.J.DODSOR .MI E.; Mafn "- Phoni ' 153 The golclflsfi is a carp; it has;; developed i:s many fancy frills and.I, color's''through hundreds of. yea rep of patient work by fish cuHurisls. s . China "is the home of the .p>!d- j | fish; first experimental wwk in i G. £; Caudill Gtnerat InsoTance ' IK N. .Broadway '. Phono 797 . • Pass 1* 3* AK Duplicate—All Vul. Opening lend— Jf, A i H'ist iVorlli PilSS I'ass l j ass Pass 2 » 3 iV. T. 6* Pass Pass I'ass Pass d:fT:cuil plays for the beginner at contract to reccojnize, biit the c>:- liert nlways is on the lookout for jnc and seldom misses it. Here Is one played recently by George Unger o; New York, for- /.;er national chunipion.' The openl;i3 lefi'tl was the ace ol rlubs and a snip?! club was con- llmicil. .Th,: ten was played from :•: mmy, East covered with the jack, 'i.d UIK...T irumwd the trick witn tie three of spades, Two rounds ol trump wero taken and West their cullivatian was begun there. Inperor himself write |.e on a litlb block of wh'tc Ind th= Grand Chamborlaln l:y It (o the child's crib for I ova I. latter will folio-,- a i on7 lin of ceremonies, one of liciudes the burying of the ].l cord at early dawn on hilltop. The spot must Irdcd carefully, for shou'd Isoko rver steti nn the snot Id from which It was clip- Ill break Into copious weep- |.nother rite will be lite «x^ changing of the golden carp between the Emperor and Empress. This fish is a symbol of bravery and strength. On the hundredth day after birth 1:1; chip's "first eating" will be s-lcmnizod. Ail Japan Is pray- in^ that on that d.iy a tiny prince will bo eating of the rlc? frcm liir fathers fields. GRADE A Raw Milk Phone 7* Craig's Dairy At this closing of the year 1933, ive would not feel right If we did not express .-ur sincere appreciation to our many loyal customers over the country for their many courtesies ar.d the palron- nee" extended us durin? the year Just closing. Mowcver feeble this attempt at repressing our gratitude, It comes from a firm that appreciates every'dollars worth of business. Words are inadequate to express our appreciation. Wishing you all a very McJRP-Y CHRISTMAb and a New Year full of happiness, prosperity anil contentment, and hoplnj lo? bo n'olc to serve you belter In 1934, we are, Very re:>!icrtrully yours. REYNOLDS PACKING CO, \V. G. REYNOLDS, President UNION CITY, TKNNESSKK a dancer, ns did Cainey hlm- us well iis (he dramn of a woman. "The House on 50th Slrect" hus fur il.i Imckiroimd all the events lhat. rnado the years from I!>o:i to 1013 memorable und colorful. It Is there thnt Kav Fiancls first come.-. f Iho 'Tloradora" plrl who mar-! rled one of New York's social Hunts. It Is there she returns after a cruel blow by fate, lo act acnlrst her wishes as a blackjai'k dealer for a notorious gambler. Around Kay Francis us llic star | of the jilcture are grouped such story, reasoned players ns Margaret Llnd- I r>« 11 .* U- It r.1 .. ...^n.,.^ vl fjuirulo IW IVIILIKLIICL IjlllU- •^ ROKilInd KcnUni! Shaffer, pre-1 say, John Ilallldny,' Rlcardo Cor- nl.^Ciipnev as nn e.x-crook and,|r ? ,. Frank McHugh. Nella Walker ,n s.-' wno screen Imnci Sheila Terry, Henry O'Neill, Wll- irnvming own fan mail. The.llnm nnv.i n..,n » n .,..^».t m-m.. , „ _. - --•-, -7 O'Neill, Wll own fan inail. The r |i nm rjovd. Otne Raymond, Philip . , ,- nn "-crook to Faversham. I'hlllp Reed Renee 1m slaniom Is hilarious In the Whitney, Helm Barclay I'at Wing u, i n ^' , ' e Sc 1 ucnccs '" and Lorenu Ijiyson. hlch Ills former unngslcr pals at- ompt to'blocktnnll him because, of is .success are said to be filled Ith linlr-rnlsliig Ineldcnts. nyson. o'fte "Tugboat Annie" and "Raspuiin" orm'.'-the latest cinpn'm .team, farie Dressier and ' Lionel Darry- In drnmn llirht spots recounted the .slory Blind 21 Years; Sees Tot? at Last of the boys— The priceless boon of sight luut : been restored to .Mrs. Mabel N&y- lor, Green liay, WIs., because her husbund, Thoinas. standing, tojled, saved and hopud llnouuh the suyen years of tlelr married life. and Kirk— many of sood homes Dllnd slTOC 27 . an. operation brought back Mrs. Nnylor'a vision at and families, who, driven by a dc- 20. sire to ( to Parents relieve their sorely pressed I of the necessity of prom, mtz Theatre In I road. Boys Such Ir. the of.Iho Road" I" : tnken to the show "Wild at the Hltz •Her greatest thrill tunic' when, her children, Mildred, 4, and Un Theatre. Saturday. It sturs Frankie Darro. and Dorothy Coonan. They, assume a surface of hard- bitten lou'ghehss, necessary If they Her ' 'Sweetheart." vvhlch marks heir first jippedra'nce as co T sta'rs. •T}je''Aiew 'picture. a. .vivid," drama inspU bn';!the 'famous New Vork iaiie -Jill; "Christuiihrr Bean", pre- ......... __ n ........... _ _______ } vfnLs-bolh fiars In characters liii-'areto iiialntnln themselves. n.tnheM muriii:! 1 pint, but In the very midst of the; search for the Elayeiv another' murder Is committed right hi rcliix Headciunrtcrs In on effort "lo cover up the major crime. tehoidl,tjie .siflcntiflc unravelling ot '.Tlure will ^rii ficc show Mon- for ' the ii-l time, she Saw ^ 3 _ „ ,; lov> , n ubove . dty mornliis 3( 10:30 o'dock for all children. ! A- balTI!n* : mystery. .will) lln^ ^ne l i"be un- .- 'uldpci , Sunday anil Monday on Hit rrefn of tho' r.oxy.l Theatre, with he. showlng...of the' -Warner ' "' Bfos. , "From' : Headquar- lers, 1 .' ,,Not only c'oca the spectator Jamcs Diinn whose many suc- cessc.« have undo him one of Miss America's 'boy !r:ends' and Claire Ttevor who la rapidly gaining an ujually Important iioslllon In the licarts of the fi.n.i, aro teamed in Ihe new FoV film production "Jimmy und Sally," which comes to tiie Rbxy 1'iitalre on ' ,'rue. v :day, Wednesday and Thursday to remain lor an [•ngagcmcnt of three days, H's the of two real youngsters, living across- an apart- nunt house well who because they lack money und have extravagant ideas must postpone, their marri- oge. The more they postpone'the marriage date. the. more their quarrels lncr?js<!. . ,.; In support ol Dunn and MIES Tteyor who was last-seen.- opposite Spencer Tracy iri '' 'The . Mad Gau'ie." la Hnrvcy Stephens, who. vill be. remembered -for his out- slondlng .. perfv'miahce in "The- Worst Woman In Paris," Some, of the. other memlieis of the cost arc Lyu Lys, Jpl Pri,uty, Gloria 1 Roy, Alma Lloyd arri John Arledge;. Friday and Saturday, '"Riders oJ Destiny" 'will be ahown, starring John W»iiie. .,, • . = The iinclersignefl service staiions have agreed to elose all day Monday, December 25tli, in order that their employes may enjoy Christmas with their families. We wish to advise our customers lo drive, in tonight or Sunday for gasoline, oil and other necessities. We. also lake this opportunity to wish all of our friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. BARNSDALL SERVICE STATION Main anil Fifth GULF SERVICE STATION Main and Division TOM W, JACKSON Ash and Second Sts. Main nnd Fifth MAGNOLIA SERVICE STATION fiflO Chicka?a\vbn PHILLIPS SFRVICE STATION Main nnd Division 777 SERVICE STATION Wrilnut and Fifth W. E. BESSIE South Division Street

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