The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 1, 1943 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 1, 1943
Page 5
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TUESDAY," JUNE 1,' 1943 ' BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS 1 Luora Only Woman M. D. With AEF Guards Health Of SOCIETY OF CHRISTIAN SERVICE - . ', . ; Tlie members of the Methodist Society of ChrUllan Service met at tlie church Tuesday »Iternoon for the monthly business meeting, presided over by the president, Mrs. Henry W. Spann. ' : " In the absence of the study leader, Mrs. Everette C. Patton, the mission lesson was omitted. 1 '.'.', ." »"."..•,• ' -, ' ' N. T. C. CLUB •' '• •" Wednesday afternoon the members of the N. T. C. brld * club were entertained by Mrs.:Russell Bowcn. The home • was effectively ecorated with bowls ot ltd Ridi- nce roses. -. . •, ' Following the five progression's..* alad plate, sandwiches and lc«t ea was served and' prizes awarded o Mrs. Roy Wa're.'high 'score,' and Mrs. Elizabeth Silirnan, cut. . ENTERTAIN IN HONOR Of GUESTS : . .'. • '.' Mr..and Mrs. A. B. Rozelle were lasts,to-a:group of Jriends Friday night'at their country nome Inlion- pf-.Uie'Ir guests, Mr. .and Mrs. Wnrhpr'.'Clnrk Jr, of, Memphis. Rummy was played throughout the evening/Mr, and Mrs: CUirk are for- mer'Luxorans. ':'.'•" LUXOKA BOOK CLUB .-'.., : IMiss EVA George ^was hostess to the Luxora Book Club, and one juest, Miss Edna George/ at her :iome Thursday night. :-.'" . 7. Mrs. Hilton Stephenson, president, presided over a routine : business period before Introducing.Mrs. Milton Hobbs, who reviewed most' interestingly, "Carry Me''flack" Rebecca-Yaucey Williams. :, 'A refreshment course- wasiserved 1 by the hostess.: • '• .-' : " ' T '* • • V • ':- i'" --'•'' ATTEND GINGERS'CONVEKllUN '.Representing .Luxora Glpriers' at the Ginners' 1 Convention convening at. Arlington Hot«l, : /'Hot" 'Springs;. May 24-28, were Mri and Mrs. Fd- ward . Segravcs, Mr.- and-Mrs.- Edward Teaford and S.' J. Smith. ••'.'• "• Mrs. Smith Jbincd Mr. Siriltri Ffl-. day for a .continued ['vacation' at Hot Spring's after .seeing /their grandson, Clarence P.' Craw-lord, Jr., off for Snn Diego, Calif., .Tuesday night from Memphis to enter • the Marine Corps there. • ' "-'•' llXOBA FAMILIES MOVE TO LOUISIANA ,.; Mr. and Mrs. John Chennault and three children, Mr.'and Mrs. W. A. Kervin and daughter, Mr. snd Mrs. Harvey Eaton and children, and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Mt- Lemore and sons left Thursday for Vidalia, La., to make their home after living in Luxora the past nine months In the employ of the Atlas Construction Company, to'be asso-: plated in construction of a levee project'' in Bidalla. • •' / : ',. '. BY ROSETTE HARGROVE NEA Staff CorreMHindcht 'LONDON.— nie henllli and i;en- er»l well-being of American WAACs lii England Is Ihc No. 1 job ot Ur. Marlon C. Loisemix, Hie, nnd so far, the only woman physlclnn sfrving with the u. S. armed forces abroad. She Is busy now preparing the groundwork for een- er«l medical service (or the women .soldiers. • ''Our WAACs will have to set accustomed to a great ninny dlf ferences In their general scheme of living and working, but (here's no reason why they shouldn't be able to lake them nil in Iheir stride," she fays, confidently. i "As R "contrnct surgeon" attached to the office of chief Surgeon Colonel Elliot C. Ciltler, Or Loiseaux has been able lo ncqulre * very good idcn of conditions England, as she has been here sbiee June, 1941. She wns one of J2 women doctors who volunteer- led', to', come over on n Lend-lease «rr»ngement to relieve overtnxc< personnel here. Having . forked in both London and the provinces, she believes her experiences -will be of tremendous he!) iri her work with Hie WAACs. ; Since 'h'er appointment last De cembcrj Dr. Loiseaux has beei yisltlng . establishments connect e< with England's Ihrco women' Dr. Marion C. lxsise»ux, . health is in her. lunds services, the WAAFs, the WRENb and-.the ATS, Inspecting working living and recreational condition Irj all kinds of posts with n special eye ,on medical facilities nutl problems. -. WAACs ,wlll nnd, she says, that in' : .British haspitalK, "pntlcnt.s don't get as much, on the ^thcr hand, they don't expect fis much" as the average American does. !»So. far as our WAACs are concerned, she feels that provision for adequate ^quarters will have to ue maae, .not implying anythins;, luxurious; as tlie girls themselves IJrlglinin Hospital in Bastpn. would not expect it. But, -OS the will linvp. to make Eiigliuiil thel home .for pcvhnps '; .niahy... liionlh. they'll need billets that; will sup ply n certain modicum of Hi American woman's : Idcn ol • con fort if they nrc to be kept health and hnppy. ' ... '•. Oul-sidc of Betting theln nccl inntcd lo British weather vngarle Dr. Loiseaux has no qualms iibu innintiiining a (-jond slnndard health among \lhe WAAc.'i, especially i( llicy me fctl as well as are the boys of Ihc AEP; Dr. Loisennx Is'.n eraduntc of Cornell's School of' Medicine niui a 'former assistant physician at Wellcsley. Slie wns also on "Colonel Culler's slufi when lie Was Kurgcon-ln-chlef at Ihc Peter rirciit Dyess Nurse Enlist* Miss Onn Lcc House of Dyess, k,, wns one ot six tjriuluntes of c university ot Tenne.ssee Scliool Nuvslne, n((lllated wilh John aslon llosiillul, who nre looklni; rwnrd to their opportunity to I've Ameilrn's flohtlni; men oulded In buttle. 'IVo left wlilny Bht for duty wllh the Army irse Corps, Ilirce others will leave on (or llic same brunch of scr- ee and one will so to Ihc Navy iirse Corps. \\jnls MoiinUIn I.liin<i SAN DIEGO (U.I'.)— Donnld H. onion lins \vrlllen the board of ounty suporvisors compliilnlng of le Inck of inounlnin lions in the ounty. He Uinnked Ihe bonrd for nving hctded the rcqiiesl of fnrni- •s lo free Ihe county from coyotes hlch eat llielr chickens, but com- Intncd Hint, because there were nol nough moimtnin lions, which feed n i;o]>hrrs, the latter had trniis- onneil great, green meadows In the lounlnlns Into dry, pnrchett wiislo nids.. Two Yarbro 4-II Club Members Most Talented In Play Tourney John j'ci'ry llolllngswnrlh inul Hi'sstc I'lTOlii'lt ot (hi! Yiu'bro 4-11 Clulj lmve won the disillusion iitjuln o( bi'liig the bi'st lu'lov iiiul nvtress In the 4-n Club I'lny Toiiriiniiieiu. Thr-sc two members, chosen Friday M mirilelk', were ulso seledeil us MIL- om.slamliiu pevloniu'vs In Hie 1942 Oregon I'arm IVIcc.s Up KUCiENE, Ore. I U.I'.)- Oregon In mi iitli'iniit lo roiisi'rvi! Ilivs Him giis, for Die first lima the t-11 Club i'liiy Toiiriiiinu'iii nnd Homo Demonstration OluU I'lny TOUIIHI- nu'iii were held on the sumo dny. Tile -t-ii Clnli plnys wore given In the illuming und Ihc llunio'IX'in- uiiMrullon Club plnys In the nf- Ici-noon mid nl iilyht.KHcli club wns nllowcd ID put on :\ L<o-ni:iuito' onu- net |ilny und 11 skit wlillc llw sliiso wns bring sol tor the next pluy. Tim coinixMrnl JudBC.s worn given the .stHiuliii'd score curds (b JiKlne llic 'plnys iiiul nlso (he oii!.stniullii£ iictoi' nnd uclrcss. In' tlie-l-llcluli plnys, first plnco wns won by Yarbro, sin:oiid plnco lo Hecce, iiiul'lhlril pluco to llox I'luiiiicli'is were: Evelyn llunn, llii'lnm nurby, Mury cjlny Slul- .Intjs. llurolil Darby, 'I'hoiinis Don- .on. I'd Tuylor, illllle MIIX ciiiun, .lobby Woocliutt, l.on Kiln H(iil!hins, Holly, 1 Ciimci'ini, Dtiils Ciinieron Wlllinii J.iincs, ixnilso Wooiliirtl, J. II. llunn ml J. L,. ciny. ' ' Heere'B In-boUvceii net wn.s n truuipoi solo by ' Wilson. The llcalily Sn- , . .. mm prices hnve risen 88 per cent Eldi>r. tioovc )lhc 1D35-39 level, whllo] Tne Ynrbro pluy, "Ailvi'iilures ui'm costs have gone up Jl per ol Tom Snwyev", wns pvesciHod by cent, ccflrdlns lo "AgrlciiUurnl Sll- iiUton nnil, Outlook," published by he Orcfion Slate College und I he U. S. Depart me nt of A Bile ill I lire. . Head Courier News want ads. l>hiy "Miiiiimie leu", wns I'unclii'd Ijy Mrs." Weil Wnlil, 'llii' title ci( lln.x Hide's piny WIIH "Tli« Clrnii MUM" jivosi'iUi'il by Hi'lly • Jcnn Fish. KnlliKen wcst- innri'liin, :mi| KennoUi • Blki's. H wns rundied by Mr. Howard Miles. In UK; Imnu' domun.stnitliin club plnys. Yurbru's piny, "H] won pliii-i.'. Mrs, Duvi; Abbutl, liihliiK I lie pluri! ol ni'iinny, wiis rliftscn I In; Ijcst iiclri'ss und wllh her weir Mrs. ci. T, Urncy, Mia. D. nnndi, mid jMi.i, Paul Abbott. Ynrbro's skll wns "Ducliir, CiHiit Quick!" with Mrs. H, A. Hum!, Mi'« O. O. Hlklns nnd Mrs. K, II, Chitwood, UK chitmeliT.s. Mrs. wiis eliiisen us tln> bi'.st nctfi'ss In (Ills skit. l)ii|:w»od won sivonil plnce. Tilli 'ot Uils plivy wns "1'olly, l'»i llic Giinii. Tills piny wns couclicd by iKi'lllo On." Mrs, l-'lpyil Uuvls, Mrs Miss Minnie tteter, ; Orovi'r Ciniiiiln, Mrs, .liuiii'S Mld- Thc tlllu of (he Hui'ce piny wns 'dlrUin, Mrs. 1,111 her Tlumins, Mrs "Mndnmc lilxby's Ik'iuily Snlon". Hurry Ciiblili-, Mrs. Jolm Murks John Perry Iloi!lni;swnrlh, llesslc ; «hi\i'U'.vl,Utlc mul Mcvlln nd Mrs. I'ctis Boney, look purl. Mrs, litnks WILI chuxcn us the out- tuntlliiK actress In Ihls piny. The DOKWood skit wns "On Your, iVuy, M\i»Krut" with Mrs Clarence )avls and Mrs. rule Bgwen ss clmriictcrx were us follows: Mrs, Joycl, Mrs. 0. L. Abbott, Mrs. Al•In Coulter, -Mrs. Waller Humes UK' Mrs. John Young. The Tint Uike skit wns "Orad- uitlon Exercises" MI'S. E.' o. Thompson, Mrs. John lintclicr 1 , Mrs. .Dui lies, Mrs. fjbcllon, Mrs. Coulter, Mrs. Young, Mm. SnUlh, Mrs. Ixjls Hnwklns and Mrs. Essie were ehnruclers, The Icncli- er, Mrs. K. C, Thompson, and the twins, Mrs. llawMn.-, nnd Mrs. Du- vls, were the outstanding players In this skit. Medals were awarded John Perry l(olllilii«worlli und llesslu I'l'cs- ne|l us It Is Iho cmtinn for winners of Hie 4-11 club 'i-onlesl for best nctflr mid uclress lo lie presented such nn iiwnid by ihe'cx- Icnslon nui'iils. Ohnrlcs uttlc, c( tin; Ynrbro club, received lionoinblo iiienllon for ills nctlnt'. The Yiirbro club received $!i In wnr suvhiKS stniniw (or first prlno; IJccce, $3 (or neecnil ]ir]/e, niul Dox Klder, fj for third .prl/.o.. ' Tho dolliir |n!/.n lor the liesl In- between net went lo |he Recce dub. Tlib home (lenionslrittlon club prlws werb J1.SO. llrst pil/.c. lo Yarbro; second prlio, $fi lo nog- wood, nnd £1 to l-'lnt l.:iki' [or thbi prl/,e. Fortress Fireman Scraennt Mnynnrd Smith, Cairo,* 111., kneels between Flying For-'* tress turret KUIIS at British nlr bnso offer provlns In St. Mazalro rnld what heroes nrc ^rrmdc of, Ho fought fire In flaming "fort"' its Ihrco of crew bnllcd out; then! rendered first nld and foujjlit oft' Foclce-Wulf 'wlilla nmniunlllon within plnnc exploded.' 'Grin, for hnppy [milling.../ lo Yinbro; $3 to rlnl Luke, $1 to The iirlv.o of $:i for liral skit went IXigwooil, tlilnl. Wartime Rule: Don't Waste Others' Time By RUTH UILLETT If you want .to be popular in wartime, be a lime-saver. Nearly ev- trytaxly Is busy and overworked these days, yel it Is surprising how many people go right on wasting other people's time. . There is tile m;m who stops for « personal conversation with a clerk while others stand in line to VACATION SCHOOL ! A successful Dally Vacation.Bible school at the Luxora Baptist-church closed Friday afternoon. A" good; 'attendance was recorded "each day. The school' was - under the supervision of the pastor, the Rev; Sam-: uer'T. Mayo, assisted by Mrs. Mayo, Mrs. R. T. Ballew, super! ntindent of, Sunday School, Mrs. JohniThwealt, Mrs. Charlie Corkran and Mrs. \C. 'jbe waited on. _ " "There is the woman who still has to look In every store in town be- a small purchase, woman who uses B. Wood. A party with refrestunehts < of cookies, sandwiches, pickles, ,and feed lemonade was the closing feature of. the Friday afternoon program. •' • '' . * . Bert Corkran is spending',-trite week with is aunt, Mrs; Jon Corkran, at Harrlsburg. He will assist Mrs. Corkran in moving about Qie first of-June to.Wilson *her>.she will be chief .teleprone operator .of the Wilson exchange.' '.! ' "' ;, Mrs. J. I. Mifflin and Miss Evelyn McDaniel left Monday fo> Jones-, boro where they have enrolled insist on wasting. Once their time-wasting was just a slight nuisance. In wiirl.lmc It becomes n serious offense. . , 90 Scouts Play . Commando Games At Walker Park- fore she • makes "There is the the. telephone for Irequent "nice long talks" with busy friends. There is the long-winded talkeit Who can't make the simplest business transaction without telling some over-worked, hurried person- all about himself. '. And, of course, there Is the woman who can't make up her mind whether to buy this or to buy that, even when the choice is no more Ifhportant than between two cans of ;corn. She almost always debates with herself out loud while the other customers stand and wail. J'EARBENDERS'- Walker Parker was covered for one night willi • linaulnary bomb- sjghls, radio towers ancl alr]»rls when approximately 90 boys,with their scoutmasters, .braved the rain and gathered tor .the . Cnmpurcc and Commando games. •The two groups divided;into the red and blue elected .-nt|general to lead lliem. Tlie blues ohosc H. D Alstounof Manila • as their:general! with Slanley Hood of Mitythevillc elected to direct the blues. Each tinny made m'apsi'ot 'the opposing forces' headquarters, bombsights radio towers and air ports nnd as one was captured the winning side was awarded a certain number of points. Scout masters and judges reached flic conclusion this morning -that the "blues" 'under the command of "General" Alston wor with a total of 2130 points am the veils under "Cicueral". Hoot followed closely with 2095 to theii credit.- ,.-i - - • . The i games closed 'at 11 o'clock last night after-'which thu boy. slept in tents on col.s or in tin to hear himself talk and so has grand stand. They resumed agah something to say on every" matter , at 7:30 this morning nnd contin- --' •— "' •• brought up In a business meeting. both Summer t«rms State College. at Jonesboro He can delay any meeting a hoijir, - when he isn't even in form... .', . - ..Arid .there are the women who full top never have bus fare ready, wh'6 Have to dig around in Mrs. William Thweatt of Chattanooga, Tenn., has been a guest in the home of her sister, Mrs. WaNer Denton. Mr. and Mrs. Thwentl, long-fime residents of Luxoia, • moved the first of this year to Chattanooga to make their home. Mrs. S. B. Terry returned Wednesday evening from Memphis alter a five days visit with heri ncphtw, John C. O'Brien, and Mrs. O'Brien. ; Miss Kathleen Mifflin, of Austin, Texas, who was called to Luxora on account of ttie death of her father, the late Charlie W. Mtfflln, has accepted a stenographic posl- CHICK AS AW West Main Near 2Ist St. Kit. starts IZ:45; Sun. starts 1:45 Night shows 5:« ' Except Monday, »peni <:45 Cftnllnuom show* Sat. and San. Tuesday PAL NITE Z tickets For the Price of 1 'THE SIGN OF THE WOLF' with Jack Landon Comedy a nil the bottoms of their handbags when ever they pay a check. ' They are all lime-wasters, ancl ihe sad part of it is thai it is time belonging to other people that they tlon in Memphis. The Rev. c. Everette Pat ion, Mrs. Palton, Corky and Barbara, have returned home after several days visit with 'tlie Rev. Mr. ration's mother, of Joncsboro. . Wednesday & Thursday. Double Feature "LADY FROM LOUISIANA" with . John Wayne & Ona M«ns«n and "GAMBLING ON THE HIGH SEAS" with • . . ... Wayne Morris Sckcted Shorts ucd until 11 Ench troup brought its own focx and prepared it with the help p their leaders. Bancroft Terry, camp ing director .was in charge of th affair..: ;. . p : The following lowns were rep resented, Orccola, Luxora, Kciscr Wilson, Manila and Burdctte. Open 7:15 Show Starts 7:45 Aim, Always lie and 25c TUESDAY PAL NITE 2 Tickets for 25c 'Hurrkane Smith' with Ray Middlcton & Selected fc Jane Wyall Shorts Wednesday & Thursday 'Joan of Ozark' with Judy C»nnva and .lot K. Brown Paramount News Comedy •Soliticra aro celling * real lasla of nnluro in the raw? on llie in. eccl-iiililcn hanlefronW. Hut Ihanks lo FLIT «nd our plher in. (Klicwlcd, llie pcstj ir'c netting theirs loot lligln in the neckl i the highest ralinir ejublnlic.1 for houidioM insecii- culcs !>y llie National Bureau of Slamlanli... tlie A,V Baling. Why ilon'iyou fight your- jicits vii], KL1T?- Buy a boltle TUT * • * * & * TO: The American People FROM: The Secretary of the Treasury A report on the most tremendous financing task in history - - - the Second War Loan llic three wceta between April 12 and May 1, the American people tnckled llib biggest job ol financing in the history ' of the world. In these three weeks it was proposed to raise (lie sum of 13 billion dollar!;, or more than half us much a* was raised by five drives in the'first world war. It was obvious that'the task was hopeless unless the people of the nation we're desperately in earnest nbout the wnr. And it was equally obvious that here was, so to speak, a thermometer by which tlie fervor of the people could be measured with reasonable accuracy. This is why we believe you, as an American citizen, can take pride in this report. For it was written solely by you, the people. The result, in dollars Our goal was 13 billion dollars. Actually, (lie American peopic subscribed 18 billion, 500 million dollars. This was 90% as much as was raised in all five drives of the first world war combined. • . • It was, I think, as much a victory for America and the free American democracy as any military triumph. Where did the'money come from? You will bo interested in where this K'/i billion dollars came from — tor every dollar invested in War Bonds is more than a purchase; it is a demonstration of faith. The chart below shows the portion of the 18'/j billion that came from commercial banks. They were eager to buy more, but were limited to set amounts: COMMERCIAL BANKS INSURANCE COMPANIES 2-'W»rlo«n A?f194) . ri<lu<J<iD«or«n nut Jrei»n ; ' ' Naturally, it was your money that bought the bonds in the two groupB > above—^for you arc the people who put your money in banks and invest in insurance. But how about what might bo called your "personal" money, That is a very important question, for it is vital that Americans, as individuals,.buy .War Bonds with all they can spare. Our goal, here, was 2'A billion dollar*. Tho chart below tells the story: Who get* the credit? The credit for the 2nd War Loan goes to Ihe people. . • • It goes to the children who put dimes and quarters into war slumps. To everyone who, bought a bond. To thousands of patriotic banking people.. To advertising people who donated their creative talents. To patriotic ''merchants 'ah'd companies' 1 who^jinid tho bill for war bond messages. To radio stations, newspapers, movies, outdoor advertising companies, and publications. , But chiefly, perhaps, to those who turned Voluntary bond salesmen—a loyal-legion. of patriots.. Z'°W«rU>»n Ape. ISM 50 million bondholders To review your record to date, almost Kali our cntiro population own at least one bond —including infants, children, the lame, tho halt and tho blind. Or, <o look at it in lerins of those best nMo to buy bonds, sco tho chart below: Insurance Companies and other Corporations know that there is no sounder investment than a U. S. Bond. The chart (top of next column) shows their purchases: OF oil iKfl poojila oornlng mon«y 1 — HAVE BOUGHT BONDS — 1 K) out ef *v*ry 1,000 mm and womtn in lh< U.S w«r« I >, VOLUNTARY BOND SALESMEN I Curing th» 2"l> WOT Loon Driv« f What lies ahead? -. / - .. - - ..... . -. -•• ,Ye's, America'* record is good. But \ve can: not become complacent — lor our biggest financing job lies ahead. In tho first 4 months of tin's year, we raised 25 billion dollars. During the balance of this year wo must raise 45 billion dollars more. ' The war is costing us 100 billion dollars 'tbis year. Part of this will como from taxes, and the balance must come from Wnr Loant. , You, as an American, can take pride in what you have done. You have shown (lie Axis.that Americans on the homo front, like Americans on (lie battle front, will do all that if required of them — and more. But our need is great, Dig as deeply as you possibly can and invest it in War Bonds now — either through tho Payroll Savings Plan or through special purchases. Don't wait for "drives." We must win this war with bayonets — and with dollars. We who stay home in safety must provide the dollars —all that arc needed, It is Ihe very least we can do. This space is a contribution to America's all-out war effort by Arkansas Grocer Co. Ark-Mo Power Corp. L. K. Ashcratt Co. Joe Atkins Machine Shop L. H. Autry, BurdeUc A. S. Barboro & Co. Barksdale Mfg. Co. Blythevilie Water Co. The Crafton Co. Delta Implements. Inc. Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. Gay & Billings, Inc. Guard's Jewelry & Optical Store Halter's Quality Shoe Shop Happy Hour Grocery & Mkt. Hardaway Appliance Co. Herrick's Jewelry Hubbard Furniture Co. ' hard Hardware Co, Hiiddleston & Co. Tom W. Jackson Jiedel's Keiscr Supply Co., Keiser Langston-Wroten Co. Charles S. Lemons Tom Little Hardware Cp. The New York Store Pat O'Bryant Palace Cafe J. C. Penney Co. Robinson Drug Co. Phillips Motor Co. „"L Rosenthal, Inc. Rock Saliba A. G. Shibley Wholesale Grocers C G. Smith .' ' '' Swift & Co. Oil Mill Thomas Land Co. Floyd A. While Zelbier's Slipper Shop . | j PMITED STATES TREASURY WAR FlllANCE COMMITTEE — WAR SAVINGS STAFF — VICTORY FUHP COJUMITTEIi

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