The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 23, 1943 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 23, 1943
Page 5
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FRIDAY, APRIL 23, 1D'I8 ^ —T| Published Every Friday In thef Intmat of Farm Families ot TMi 11 Agricultural Section. ' B1.YTHKV1M.B. (AUK.)' COURIER NEWS FARMNEWS-FEA7URES HSIJ1F PES1S Costs Poultrymen Plenty By Devouring Feed Put Out For Chickens When asked lo list Hie pests in tile gardens, the English Sparrow is the first one mentioned, accord.'"S lo Miss Cora Lee Colmnn, honi c (leiiionstralion agent. For these reasons W. J. liaerg, of the Department of Entomology, said: "The English Sparrow is. lo most people, an unmitigated pest. At present, when the poultry industry Is getting all possible cmpliasis throughout the stale, the pest places a considerable burden on poul- trymcn. It has been estimated that sparrows take Irom a fiftli to a Iliird of the feed put, out for chickens. "Incidentally, (he is not, a sparrow, and neither Is it. English. Various nnmcs have been suggested, among them is European weaver finch. Presumably, the old mime will stand, but It is regrettable In that it tends to put in ill repute tlic dozen or more kinds of sparrows in tlic stale that arc alto»elh- cr beneficial. "Although these weaver finches were brought in from Europe with the expectation that they would ak\ in the control of noxious insects, they limit their feeding very largely lo grain. They thrive wherever there is an abundant food supply. When lior.ves were largely replaced by cars and tractors the sparrow population went down in a gratifying manner. However, at present, when the feeding of cattle and poultry furnishes an abundant and readily available food supply on every farm/as well as in many city lol.s, the sparrow population is rapidly increasing." II is well known that- tlic sparrows, by their persistence und aggressive disposition, prevent such other desirable birds as bluebirds wrens, roW.s, and cardinals, from nesting about the house. Various measures have been applied to reduce the sparrow population. : <A trap made of : fi inch mesh .'poultry wire, has been used witii'somc success. Poisoning with .strychnine is probably more effective. -The formula recommended is as follows; pulverized strychnine sulfatc, !i ounce; hot water, 4 'ounces; starch or wheat flour '/. teaspopnful. ; TheJi mixture is heated till the poisouj-|is dissolvcdi.anaV.slirrcd till it thickens, n is then poured over a quart of wheat and stirred till all tlie wheat is well coated The lioisoiied wheat- may then be spread out to dry, after which it may be stored till needed. A simpler method is lo mix a suitable quantity of white arsenic with ordinary chicken feed. Most important in the use ot poison is to place it where poultry and other birds arc not likely to get it. In some situations this may not, be difficult. A poultry house with a flat or nearly fiat roof might ue used by first feeding (lie sparrows -there for several days. By Grains and Greens Thrifty Diet For Rabbits Home dwellers with available pace are hem;; urged by the Clov- crnmrnt lo aid the war program by raising some meat of their own. For this purpose, domestic rabbits are highly desirable, particularly in cities, since they me not noisy and have no other objectionable features, The animals must be furnished wholesome fveds in, order lo maintain health and produce good meat and fur. Only good-quality, fresh feed should be used; willed, mildewed, moldy and dusty feeds are prertisposliiij factors lo di«cs- Uve troubles. I'rqier feeding, also, Is important in ICKcning losses from dis- rase. The use of hutches will) the self-cleaning type of door and tsuards on feed Uouslis will prevent rabbits frein Ijfcoimin; con- laminaled fiiia dirty feed mid will n Id greatly in controlling internal paiasitt-s. Hccause mbbils relish a variety of feeds, there can be considerable latitude in select iiii; kinds to use. A rutiiin may b:> made lip of h<:mc-gro\vn 'jrain;; and hays. Whole grains ..... oats, wheat, buck- wlioat, grain smi;lmm. barley and rye— arc paliilablo and de.siiable. They should be :il good cmalily. indicated by jiinm;), .sound kernels. and free from molds or smuts. KKOS INKXI'KXSIVt; It is mmecfisary to grind or roll the ijrains unless limy are lo be mixed with a finely-ground meal, in which case the mixture .should he dampened slightly before feeding, to prevent the meal Suggestion* For Better Farming Featured For This Sections Progressive Farmers. ns Produce Greatest 1'oiina^c Per Acre, Tests Disclose Tin- slioniiRi; of food ilnrluif lliu liust Winter is wii< of Hie bMI |>roof' "I Hie value of slli\(jc In supplying liii'Bc innoiiiiUs of feed. J. J. Pick- wr"'k <G '" UV " eel11 ' lll 'elni-ed this Tlic use of silage, Mr. i'lckrei M«I<|, is not only one wny of (ji>t- J»n: the liii'Bcsl- (onimec of storeil l«'c-tl iw ncrc, but n is ,,), so „ ,, 00( | «i'.v of iiiMirliiB iiiinlnsl IIK.S or Hie i-ion by flri.. There t s no iliuigm- 11 (lit- after the crop h In the «.v Here's the |irn]ier way in lift am them up liy mntcriuls. A good quality hay IOIL- u-uuing. m prevent tlic meal ^i.-,.,,, , , . ". ". ' •' ""•> being wasted by settling to the- hot- I;;,, lit kc " L '" thc """'BO's «t lorn of the feed trough. Harder types or flinty corns are not de- ..i..^'..t« _ .. .1 ..... ... . . _ Rabblls enjoy and .should have green feed or root crops w h c n .sirnble, anil much will be wasted unless they nil; ground into meal. The grains have similar fee:!-],,, , ' , :• •— —" •"•— ing value and can be .substituted! , ma ? c ,'"'«''"Me without loo one for .the other, pound far ...'. .. ( :° st -. lhc ™ ot <"'ops-car- poiind without eliniiging the mi- tritlve value of the rarion, They should be selecled one the busis of | , quality and cost. when green Economy may l«> practiced by' avl " lil "' 1 'feeding waste from the table (with the exception of sour or greasy foods), trimmings from garden vegetables or surplus vegcla- these can be grown at home—in rnls. turnips, sweet potatoes, . , , gar beets and mangels — can be f«[ fresh or stored for winter use feeds niav not be - ble trimmings from grocery stores, lawn clippings, palatable weeds, =wect potatoes and pea vines, small branches trimmed from fruit trees, ;rccu-coui leaves, and similar'plant this method ' the poisoning would n-obably get the desired results in could then be removed. Shooting Ihe males when they loisily try to attract the female to some nesting site is fnirly effective in reducing the nesting population. For mnximum results, all the various remedies require community effort. A tomi Jol or farmyard, if freed from sparrows, will not remain so for more than It feiv days. Sparrows are constantly on the lockout for nesting space. However community effort, if it can be obtained, can yield good results, in- aMiiucii as the sparrows nest almost, exclusively near dwellings. If thc flocks about the barn and other buildings are eliminated, much feed for poultry and livestock can ue saved. wiirn: SALT i;i;<iuiii)-:i> Water always .should be accessible except during frceziii" temperatures, when it should be provided once a day just before - . . feeding, and (hen the containers should be emptied promptly to Hnubits should block of white lircvent /reiving. have ncccfs to a salt at all time.',-. New breeders are cautioned not to hfl nibbit.s'by ears or legs The proper method for carrying (hem — '-j n-v i"v 11^.014 m itaiuio in i" "jin LIU:LIIUU IU1 CJilTVlim in pin few days, and the poisoned bail Is to grasp a fold, of skin over the shoulders with the--right hand. -;-,-- .'he rump with the left hand, aijt) hfld the hick of the rabbii iigjiinst/^thc body. Improved methods of liinnacini! Duvc liuricd with. Master I'ASADRNA, Cal. ( tj|") — Pelcr the |ict dove and constant companion for four years of Austin Shaw, noted Canadian artist, died on the same day as its master and was biuieii in the .same casket witli him. Shaw rescued the baby dove when it was ailing and apparently abandoned, by its parents, feeding it with a .medicine dropper until U grew into a dove with a marked attachment for him. on the day of his death the dove refused to eat and was finally chloroformed by friends anil buried with him. I i-ai-ry a iai- B i; rabbit. .Meier pirk lets nt cars. feeding and breeding rabbits arc bring .Mjidied :it Ihe U. K. HuljlilL Exiierlmcnt Station, Koiitiina, Ciillf.. operated by Hie Fish und Wililliic Service- of n,,. United •Jlali's Oepnilinenl of Uic Interior, "flic newer methods of selective .sclf-fmlliiH of u'lmlc griilus, prap- erly balanced wllh n protein supplement, hiivu materially reduced the cost uf operation for commercial breeder.'!. Those who desire siiecific informntlon on rabbit, diseases iintl tlK-ir treiitineiits may write tn iho u. 5. Uubbit Kxperi- nienl .Station. WAUNIXC. IN 'HIE CUANCEUY COUR CillCKASAWHA I.) I STIl J CT MISSISSIPPI COUNTS' Ali- KANSAS. Virginia Roberts, I'laimill vs. No. 8180 Hall Roberts, DetViulant. The defendant Gail .Roberts is hereby wa.ncd lo appear wjlhln thirty (lays in (he court named In the caption hereof and niiswcr the cvmplnint of the plainlilt Vlrulnln Roberts. . , •iitcd this 22 ciny.'of April.'1043. Tlarvey Morris, Clerk liy Uoris Muir, U, o G.'W. Barham, Ally, [or I'ltf. J. Graham Sudliiiry, Atly. ml Litein crl " -t/i!;t-:io-5/7-n Cuasl liuliishv .liuiips SAN PHANCISCO, Cal. (UP) — The war has superimposed on Cal- foriiia's essentially agricultural economy, an industrial economy that promises lo exceed .the former. The value of California's manufactured products has-, risen from S2,798,17I),000 in 1939 to S8 500.000,000 in ia«. Aircraft and ships account for a large percentage of the increase. ? or tonvcnicnt shopping, you can't beat our ONt STOP store. Under one roof you'll find everything you need in. the way of poultry equipment, chicks, feed, im d sa ni-,tion.' (Supplies, economically priced to fit your Victory Do "AW Three" in .QUALITY CHIX Hatched RIGHT, ftom high-producing flockl, ready lo'grow tne minute you get '. l'em.THlSycar, don't Jbe iJlijficH with any .but ide bcjtl '2 STARTENA America's fasicst selling Starter. Only 2 pounds per chick is all you need. Many successful poultry, men g;t 95Jg livabil. ity on the Staucna Trogram. • r 3 CHIK-R-TABS Easy to use, economical. One tablet to| quart of chick drink- i"g water. Acts as: disinfccMnf, bowel i astringent and fungi-' cide. / Gef "ALL THREE" of... L. K. Ashcraft Co. 1.12 K. Main IlMilquarlcrs Knr Garden ami I'ichl Seed Phone 'lfl;i •ViV.VV-V.V. • Asic us about Ucming Water Systems. All si/cs and capacities of shallow and deep well systems arc available. The "MARVJELETTE" Shallow Well System (illustrated) is low priced but lias features you would ordinarily expect in higher priced sysicms. Quid operation, dependable performance, low cost maintenance and long life of Dcming Water Systems protect your investment in running water...the greatest of all modern conveniences! There's a right type of Dcming Water System to meet YOUR requirements. Ask about it! Is uf feeding lesl.s condncl- ibe University of Arkansas f Acrlctiluire show thiit "'I'Uliuins will produce the greiilesl tcmniini; of feed per Here of nil MiiHle rro|is tested. Those results JI'MI show Him Atlus Sorgo is Ihe wst loiulnini for sllntje, The "mount of Atlus Sorgo produced per "ere not only resulted in [he Sitttfc.M production of beef per -itic when fed lo steers, but was iiKo found lo be more resistant to lii:l|;lnt! tlinn the syrup varieties, uu land thin ordinarily produces 'u to 15 bushels of corn', 11 yield of t> lo 8 tans of sorghum .sflii ( ;e iier "I'l-e oui be expected, while yields oi -p Ions per nerc on more productive soils arc not uncommon .Mr. I'ickreu advised that Alias •loigo should be planted In rows lo Dt-nnit cultivation mid bcller use of harvesting equipment. About '•'BUI to 10 pounds of seed per ncrc Is the recommended rate. II Uic Mluge In (o lie chopped iicforc being put into Ihe silo, plant. "IK with soybwms win , C snlt In a tonnage aixl In sllugc- linv- greiiler feeding vnluc. 'Hie f.oybeims can be plnnted in the smile row with (lie Sorgo In evcrv ""•er row, or beans can be pliiiileil every third row, depending ou the equipment for hnndllni! (he crop. The use of n !ni c nink- K i-ow- n.B variety of .soybean such as liiloxl Is, If tiic sov- beans do not make up more tlu'm •111/per eent of the weight, or the total mixture, no additional preservative wll| be needed. The use of soybfans Is not recommended if lhc silage Is to be put into Ihe silo whole. lia^' I . nS S0 '' 80 Wt " 1)C tml[y for MO days after being i ^tf dale i.. having t] •ton pli fall croix keen Ihe luivestlu K lh 'drdci' •tc)"avdld How to Make Plant Food Go Further To main- pljini food KO furlhcr In larjjc Hardens, u'illi rows spari'il widely for machine cultivullmi, tests luive Imlk-alecl Ihe most effective melliiHl uf auyiliciilUm Is as follows: On each side «f die seed row, two inches iivvny from [(, ]m ,| C( , (,, r . rows deep ci)uii|;h to allcm- plant /cud lo bo placed In theiii an Inch to mi liicli and „ |,,,|f | )C | (W ,|, c level of Ihe seed. Apply plant foot! In tlii'sc furrows at (lie rule of one niiarl for lUty feet of row, using one pint on eiu-h side of Iho iced row. Tliu sood should lie sown first anil covcreil, IcnvliiK (lie cord vow marker Mill In place. Then open the plant f,, 0 d furrows wllh (ho corner uf n line, apply Ihe plmil load, and cover it with "soil, On small gardens the plant food Is usually broadcast evenly over the whole urea afler spading and raked into Iwo („ n, rec \ m \ tn ,,( soil. Another method is lo spread plant food In a six- inch strip down each seed vow before sowing, rake It In Ilinrmii'lily. Ihcn open ilie drill and sow Uic seed. The amounts of pvolcins, sugars, Ilio valuable mineral constituents of lhc plant, and Ihe content of vitamins can lie. Increased in plimls by applying plant foiitl lo the soil. In connection with Ihe N.'ilion.i! Nutrition profiram, atlcnllon is being called lo (he needs of calcium, phosphorus, Iron, magnesium, and oilier minerals mid nttragoii In lin- inan nutriliiin. The application «( |)lan( /noils tncludinit (licsc elements inercases tlic amounts curried by ctmlon plants and other crops. It is well known thai slow growth in au.v of the greens or ronl plants resulls in pour (imdily. Tlie plants Drown for Ilielr leiify parts become linigh, blllcr, mul willed when d. while the root plants become woody and slroni; in flavor when poor j'niwlh Is mailc due la lack of plant food. Furnishing an abundance of (lie rlp.lil plant food iti the soil gives vegetables Increase tenderness, color and flavor. For vegetables frown In hills or transplanted, mix n level tablespoonful of plant food thoroughly wllh soil In bottom of hill anil cover with one iach of soli before scertl hcii other Kaise Aliimfnum Oulpnt ' ,, l -vest nlinnliiiini plants, mainly In the I'orllnnd area, now are produc ns 50 per cent more than the total national output before the war according to Unymond Miller engineer. Animals are ycncrllny immune to unison Ivy, and some species even eat it freely. HOLLYWOOD, Cal. (Ul')-VVhllc j have striken Ihc heart, of thc average housewife wllh terror, It has stricken Ihe heart of u. p. fjor- lelyou, en!!ii>i!iM--illrcdor of Hie bureau ol struct iiinliiteiianee ami snnllnllon, with Joy. He Ims reported lo the city council that wilh lhc nlvienec of Ihe runner number of tin cans, n $'10,1100 anpunl .saving will be cffcclcd In Ihc rubbish collecting .service of his department. See US For Pipe, Fillings und Other Plumbing Supplies HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. Read Courier Newa /Ids. Dfiu in 40mn»tM ULTRA LUMINALL .. • tbt PAINT with the amazing alkyd resin bin>!tt The new water-ilu'nacd paint tint has trtryhhig ...use it over wallpaper, wallboard, plaster, cemcot,.. wash the entire wajl willi soap and ivatcr or sjisl tt-itik finger matkt, ndiator <lirt — soil marks l).uk of (Mclurcs, furniture, etc. Comci in 8 bcauliful colors...or mix your own •ptcial lints willi Luminall Fresco. Try it todayl 2 SB gal. DELTA LUMBER CO. Hlytheville's Only Home Owned Lumber Company 204 N. Second I'hone 497 I flflK | JUST ON [CO AT LUUrV: COVERS U PLASTER, WALLBOARD, BRICK, ETC. • This iimntlng ntnv lypo of wnll [mint oflors you three, big MIVIIIUS: 1. J«t TIME. TMnk of ll~you can iio\v rodecornlo n room in 3 hours, 'ftvo hours lo apply Pittslniriili 'lucliide-uiid only one liour for it lo ilryl 2. SIVE MESS. No need lo scrape ofT shabby old wnllpapcr.Tocliidi. jivtr n suioolli, liEhl-tlirrushu; surfnco over wallpaper, plnstcr, clc. 3. SdVE MONlV-bccnusc one cent of I'itlslmrgl] Tccliidc is usually suni- * cienl... tind one Rallon of Tecbida \ is enough for Ihe uvcriiBo room. On sale ot. We Have a Complete Line Of PITTSBURGH PAINTS An otcotionul wqiliina wllh loop and walor rfttlor«i a "n«w look" to T.iliMo walli, On« oallon of Filiiliili'gh fediiiio moVei 1H oolloni of pulnl by atldFng wakr, MISS. COUNTY LUMBER CO. l>h ° nc 4 ' 15 (Formerly Ark-Mo Lumber Co.) 1801 W. Mul. Implement C(>.,.lllyl,hevillc . |,,«,n Drive . . . V,, n i- ,i<,|' l«r«w«..'J l-elrHI.,^ fcllmvs Ihe .la ," n mr-' •Icml in Tnkyo (he ( ,ll, L ,. ,| llv -l, u " v n..»l certainly will holp ( ,,| loi : vm K S : »voi«l « hkc r,,tc... There's no 'heller ' Vm 'I'l 1 ' • .'""'i." 1 """ e " tr > 1 -s'nndpoinl Amc n.lmlay . Ihnn » 'hen snnw... l. Dl n<.i<lc — I'cii Ci.ll of Doll, has „ cnu , )lc of K ilnnui | s , " out .shop this week for overhaul. We'll '"vo Iliem hack to ], im in |(leillv (jf ^ | to continue plant in K . - ' ", - Ul I Mis should he obvious, hul here's ii re- jnsl (he H»me: i\o shop is as WL ,,| (o hamlle parts nn (1 rej.iir, < )ccri|1K C| lli| , I|1L , ||| ' . . " ^rin^ .fcater. Our men h ve a spci'iiilly of rtpitJrinif I hi, eunip- m.wj of then, have Imd'specml 'train• • . Our jwrl.s (Ifpai-lmenl was sc( tu. rvife AleConuiek-Dfeni,); e<,ui|in,en( we fiin do (he jnli heller . There's n «lh'"K so expensive its ;, sliwldv repair J ()l >. iwrlifiimrly now when lepli'.eenienls iii'f so rti t rd (o (f«(. - Ul Charles Slomiic, turning Soulh of Ulvthc- M"U on ihc Clear !,•,!« Road, «„, (k ,|- V( , n . o" a new Karmall If lliis week ' - D( ___ There's a \,} K (| t .,,,.,,, ( | r ,, r ,, st , (I tt|Ui|»n,cnl Ihcse .lays. If you've a, v ?•«« «'an( (o self, tet ,,.s knnw-we'll "lis tM i" Hiese criliinins for K|{|.;K. - -Dl _ ' ccrlilicaLc ___ _ If I here's a heller ei, nipped wchlim, .shop n (his parl of (he country (ban ours we've' H-eii sadly mi.sinfon.R',1. Our welders have" •'•l«> h clcclric-an<| neelvlcnc cijuipmcul. port- nlilc ami slalionury. Call us when vou ncetl t , wclditiR, we'll giiaranlt-e (he work ' ••• •.. '. - Dl - U'e have a few 2-row Dixie Cotton" Choppers • in Nl«)ck now. Your neighbor can lei! you ' .nisi how far these liltlc machines cati^o to i-eliovn your labor siUmiion. Thcv'Ve cilhcr tvaclor or / l,oi\sc-(lra\vn.'- Place f v'our '•' onler early. • !*.-,.*.'-' -- Dl— TANK UP YOUR ALBUM OON'T HAVE IT STUCK HALFWAY fas* it into a Bond TODAY!

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