Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 30, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 30, 1895
Page 5
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oliday Novelties! ieekwear! Handkerchiefs! Gloves! - - Suspenders! Night Robes! i Elegant Goods! Great Variety! jjcu THE HATTE I f\M GOING f\Wf\Y, ,,, Said one of our Customers, hut I want you to save g [> my measure. When I get a GOOD TAILOR I g IS stick to him. You Suit me to a X. A E. PLURIBUS UNUMI (S TUCKER &YOUNG, | •• I TftB STRE.ET TAILORS. P. J. PITZLIN, or St. Lo-ils, Is orKiinlxliiK cliissiw In Physical Culture. /orjorcwl.ililni! t» join cmi obuiln fii;l parti- baUrant i WKM/W 1:1«<»K STollK. MUSr'IK. ISO., HOC. M, ISO'-'Wo linvp limn mem' era or ('. J ytzlln Atliintlc HSN nnil Mint!' IM-II w-11 |)l«ir«l ttltli til." nictliod hliiKPWlcn 1 Culturti. I'rof I'lizlln Is H iiklr.^ti-iiclinriHKl tuxiw irn-iit isiro tliiit <;b pupil If curn-ct y im-trm-tcil In w? 1110V '• |We lit-iiitlly rpcronifiiil li ra 10 nn) one. UBS rliR IflfCIV'CH.. HflMIKiIllloiMllUlI.il tllOIOUBlll}' Woi»ini\(ln Ills busliicas. «• L wiit-litHll H M Wlniins M D CHAntnonj KWhciiMi L Bnnto M S Muddy KHeeiy Walter Scott 'hos L Ryan w »l Arthur W Case. 'EDNESDAY MORNING. JAN. 30. DAILY JOURNAL Men's haod turned puonpa at Otto'a Georgcf ; I"aoo^ celebrated his GGih rihday (yesterday. Special cuts havo boon mado In our ,tcoaai8 of table lioonB to close— be Bee Hive. One dollar table llnon for GO cents id eo OQ at the Bee Hive's remnant ,le. Get a bargain before it closes. An entortalnmont will be elvea by f'" 'lies Of tilQ G A. R. In tbe G A ill February Cub. Admission 10 nta. Tbe damage suit of W. C. Corbett the Loganeport street railway mpacy, «aa called yesterday cnorn- g in the circuit court, but on ao uot Of tho absence of tho defendant's itoroey, It was postponed to Fobru- :y 20. • Prof. P. J- PUzliu is noworpaDlzlng ' olassof young larllaa for physical !i1ture. Ho hopes to have his list illed this week, as ho has put the U*a for ladles at a very low figure. iformatloa msy ba secured at Burg- n's cycle store. It ba» boon reoorted that a stay Ire connected with one of tbe poles t tbe oUy'a electric light plant on aoe street, between Sixth and eTenth, Is stretched so low that it »tchcs tho hats and under the china Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair, •DR; " THE Htruck «nd Prol)«l>iy Fatally Hurt 3lrn. rmiiilu W.-lbnrn of Jltirruwsi .Uoniiay \ltfhr. A terrible accidi-.Dt occurrecl Monday evening at Burrows in Carroll county. Mrs. Faunio VVelborn, a wldo«r. of that place, wassiruck by tho Wabasb. werfl h ound oxpreas train and probably fatally hurt. Tae'lojurcd womn.Q was brought to Logans pure and it was found necassary to amputate har left aroa, which was broken and badly shattered at tbo shoulder jjlnt. She also suffered serious intorca.1 injuries. She is at present being cared for at St. Joseph's hospital. Dr. Souders of Burrows attended hor just after tho accident and Or. M. A. Jordan cared for her injuries after she was brought to the ciiy today. The lady was on the track, walking lo hor home when the train appeared, and she stepped aside to let it pass, btt failed to got far enough away from the track. Tho whistle was blown to wara her that she was in danger, but she eeetned not to realize how close she was to the rail. Tho pilot beam of tho locomotive struck her left ahoulder, and she waa hurled some dlsianoe into a ditch at the edge of tho right of way. She was pluked up and cirried to her homo, which is only a short distance away. Tne injured lady Is the mother of tars. Jo^e Sherman of Burrows, Mrs. Mellnda Skinner of New WaverJy, acd Wus Welborn the saw mill man of Burrows. MOST PERFECT MADE. nure Grape Cream L ' Tartar Powder. Free obi Ammonia, Alum a iny other adulterant 40 YEARS THE STANDARD. PLANS OF PRESBYTERIANS. In Connection With the Wlnnnn Summer school uud AK.Mciubiy. The stock in the ble enterprise recently launched bv tho Presbyterians of Indiana of a summer school and assembly at B»ss Lake in Starke county, has been Increased from $50,000 to flOO.OOO. North Judson la to be connected- with the lake by an electric street car line eight miles in length. John Thorpe, the World's Fair horticulturist and landscape gardener, has been secured to lay oat the grounds, which may be made very attractive without much trouble Another plan Is to purchase tbe Indiana State building and remove it to tho park from Jacksou Park: at Chicago. The domo of tba horticultural building at the World's Fair may be bought to be u-ed as a roof for nn enormous assembly ball. The dome Is now the property of a Columbus, Ohio, man who 1* noxious to sell it. TDK First Pi-e^byterlan Church at IndianApoli? has donated its b*U to the proposed afsembh hall. The dedication of the summer schnol will probably occur In July, and e-x-Prssident Harrison has promised to deliver the dedicatory address. A Ball at L,'.ns: Oltff. A ball «iU next Tn.ursd.ny ba given by tho employes o! Long Cliff hospital in honor o! C. A. Dunkleborg, who soon leaves bis position a* steward at the instiiution logo into the queens- wara bu3lne83 with John R. Fox. LEGISIATIYE, 50TE8- Tfce Mon»e Vcte* to Inv«»tlcmW Ui* Office* ot the AuorMt-r Gener»l kiid Htaie TF««»nr«-r—Inter- tSllnf XcW Bill.. Indianapolis, Jan. 29. A bill providing thai me nosj-iial for the inaane at Indianapolis shaJ be known as ihe "Central Hospital for tne Curable Inaaoe" and that Long Cliff hospital and the hot-pitaU at EU .hmond and Evansrille shul: be for the Incurable in-ane, has been Intro duced by Senator Boj'd. The manage mentis vested In four boards of three trustees, who shall be appointed by the Governor, and confirmed by tbe <ecato. Tae trustees shall appoint a medical suporinieudeat for each bo^pltal, whose annual salary fhall not be more than $2.000. Tbe tru* tees cannot incur dub!) Tbe trustees &re given tbo power to permit horse, 0»ble, electric or dummy lines to cross ibe asylum grounds. Tne superio- employ no subordinates oxcc-pt on content of the trustees. — ¥ J, The Inclanapolla News Fays: Some hnvo been Inclined to poke fun at Keprtsentative Howe, the blaok^mUb m niberfrom Morgan county. Tuey have obarifiv.d tholr mlcds since they lirt-oaod to bis speech in the Millar- Bowers contest case today. It *vas the vordlct o' persona competent to judge thai be made the beet epeccn cTeltvored on tho floor of the House since the pension began. It wae re garded as far superior to of 8on.e mea who pose as leaders. + ¥ * Senator McDonald has Introduced a bill evidently mmud at tbe railroads. It makes it unlawful to require any employe to bigo a written consent to forfeit any par; of hid wages under protonaouf invoatlng- the same, or fl fund fur the relief or as- of employes. The violation of tae above law sbn.ll subject tbe offljials of corporations 10 a fine of not more than if'200 or Imprisonment not to es- ooud. BIX monlha. * * « There Is a loud call on tho part of church and temperance people for the passage of iliti Nicholson bill. Muss meetings bava boon held in various parts ot vhe State at which resolutions urging the passage of the bill were adopted. Tbe leathers' institute of Hamilton county also passed like resolutions. Senator Gifford introduced a bill requiring all children between six and fourteen years of aee to attend 83bool unless excused for cause by the township trustee Tbe trustee and school board shall furnish books, and cloth [OK temporarily to children whose parents are too poor to purchase them. After considerable debate the House adopted the majority report of the judiciary committee which provides for 0.0 investigation of the office of the Treasurer of State and Attorney General the investigation lo cover four years. Ic was eent to the Senate for action, * The committee on finance reported favorably OD Senator Boyd's bill for the tri-atment of drunkards, but tbe report was reconsidered OQ the re* quest of the committee to bear evidence. * Tbe labor committee reported favorably ou Senuor Stuart's bill, providing for attorney fees when a mechanic, artisan, minor, laborer, servant or employe, sues for wages. * * * The Miller-Bowers contest was ae-sin under debate. A resolution to refer the contest c»se back to the committee on elections was adopted by a vote of 43 to 25. * v If The committee on banks reported favorably on Senator Stuart's bill making it a felony for any bank of- fieial to accept deposits, knowing tbe bank to be insolvent. Kokomo Tribu e: Some pi cultarly inclined genius has been terrifying several of tbe ladies in tbe west part^ of to«n for several days past. At all sorts of hours he has been seen look in<r into the windows, knocking at their door=, and making hla appear- anco in the kitchens. Ha has frightened several iadies half to death. No Idea is now had as to who the man can be. In Olitcn People overlooked the importance of permanently beneficial effects and were satisfied with transient action; but nos-'hu it Is generally known that S'vrup of Fig* will perminently cure habitual constipation, well-informed people will not buy other laxatives. wbtch act for a lime, but finally injure the system THE DEADLY GASOLINE. FOBND A VICTIM IN A NINE-TEAR. OLD BOY AT THE ORPHANAGE YESTERDAY. A. DifttreMlDS Accident Which Follow* B Child 1 * Disobedlccce—G»»- elln« Poar.d on ih^ F«r« by Midlnkc—Aa Explosion Oc.-urr. d and aa Innocrnt Lltile Out? W« KMtnlly Hurnril—The Ulnl Accident la tliu Ilomc'« History, Two boy 6 at the Orphans' Home were Taaly burned \esterday morning In an explosion of g*.soilne. They were brothers, Bu^b. by carae, used twelve and nine years The older was only slightly burl but the young t=r one win die from tbe u-rrihlu burns, with which his body is covered. Tne building was not damaged by the e,x plosion. Monday evening tho twelve-year-old lad, named Leroy, was caught in thts act of pourlosr coal oil on the Qre. a trick that he Is thougnt to nave Irturn. td before entering the Hum-J. «s 'be use of ooul oil in that w^vai,.ih- institution has always bat-n btric'.ly forbid' an At that time the Ciin was taken from tho bny and ho \~u.& givei: orders not to repeat the act Hu seems to have dlen-girded tbe command, however. with vorj -wious results to hloiMJif and to bis smaller brother. Willie A can containing a quart of gasoline ctnod on a high ahelf in the wn.-brooro Tne older la.d probably thought It was !ho coal oil which bo bad been reproved for using, and as a great many boys woald have done, be secured tbe cao, and while his younger brother etoud by. an Interested spec tator, he poured the liquid on tho lire. The Qre lighted tho contends- of the CRD. and ao explosion occurred Willie, the younger boy. wario a posi. lion to receive too full effect of tb.3 explosion, and in a second hid body from bead to feet, wnsi.fli.me Bt-fore. the lad could be rescued bo wiiis fatally burned. The older boy, whose disobedience waste blame for tbe whole sad alTiir, was only slightly buined. The accident is deeply regretted b.v the managers of the Home. In was- the first seriiiiH accident that has occurred at theOrpnaoage since it was established eighteen years ago. Dr. Powell, tbe physician who attended ice Injured children, reported the case of Willie, the younger boy, as hopeless". The' other victim will probably pull through, If he did not inbalatbe fUmes. An Editor's R''inor*e. The Fort Wayta Gazette says edU torialiy: "Morning Gazatte or Journal, all about the prize Strut." Tola was the cry of the newsboy that wakened us last Sabbath morning. Aa a wakener it was a success. We did not like the sound of it, and we. wish to say right here that so lone as tbe paper remains under our control we will not ba wakened up by that sort of S'inday morning call again. We hereby warn all parties that when they want any minute account by rounds, of ]ust ho* one bully bested another, they need not hereafter buy the Gnzette for the purpose. We will give minute accounts of murdeTS,rloie, burglaries, perhaps, but will not help to feast the debasing hppetito for pugilistic news by telling in tbe slang vernacular of tbe priza ring about upper cuts and under cuts.bndy b'ows. first blood and all that It will be enough for us to chronicle tbe bare fact of encounter with the name of the victor. Public library for F-TU. Peru Chronicle: \puiliccity library will shortly be established in tbe front room on the first floor of the new bleb schoo'building. School euperiaten dentW. R J Strat'ord says that no lesstban 3 000 vo times will constitute the library, which will be iu charge of a recular salaried librarian and will ba conducted independent of tbe schools. - The present. he thinks, would also be an exieU lent time for i stablifchinira cHy read- Ing room. As a means nf establishing this Institution, there will PFSI, spring be an available fund of ?1 000 tsken from the city tax, and in tiddkion subscriptions will be taken /or money a,-id bonks. It is exoected that the library will be a reality by the first of tbesurnmpr. "'Jindiins tVntnr*, Xothlnc; Har*" Rev. Jofio B^id, Jr.. of (rredi Falls, Mont .recommenced E'y's Cream B^lm to me. I can eraoha^lze b's alite, ment: "It is a DOriiive cure forcat«.rrh if used as directed — EUv Francis "W. Pnole, Pa-=tor C«ot-ai Pre.-bjterian Ch-irch. Helena, Mont. It is tbe medicine above all others for catarrh, and is worth its weight )n gold. I Can use Ely's Cream B*)m with safe'-y and it does all thit is claimed for it.—B. W. Sparry, ford, Conn. Party Slippers! AH colors in Satin also white, red, black, pink, blue and bronze kid and Men's Hand Turned Patent Leather Pumps. WindAW $2.98 for Choice Men's Fine mflUOW. Shoes worth $3.50, $4, $4.50 Ladies Jeivej brand rubbers 2 and 3, loc Ladies spring heel Candee rubbers 3 to 5, 25c Chiidreas heel rubbers 7 to 10, lOc Misses heel nihVers Dandfe and (roodyeftr, 13c Lad.es storm rubbers 2 and 3, 15c Ladies French Reel O.andee 1 to 4-, iSc Misses O&tides Ai.ii-k-;.-, heei 13 to 1, 35c « - •' =prin» 13 to 1. 3'ic Ladies ' '"' "' 2 to 3; 50c • Children "' "' " $ t-> 10, ioc Misses hi<rh ! ir'o- Aritic? \sr,rth*2, G5c Mei.;s rublxr b-x-ts •*•.,!•: h ^2,50, $1 OS Alcr'iS line v-hi-cj A,,rut 3?3. ^4 ;».ti<l ^ ; -l 50 Bargains in Suits and Overcoats. The Indications Are That Walker & Raucii Have ibe kind of Rubbers and Overshoes you want Try it on. WfVLKER 5c RflUOH. 420 Broadway. For Fine Printing. * * You will find the Journal Job Rooms unsurpassed. LETTER HBftDS INVITATIONS 3TEf"1EftDS, PROGRftMSi STATEMENTS, CflRDS. ENVELOPES ft SPECIALTY. You get our figures and we'll do the work. Do not-fail to call on the JOURNAL for Job Printing. PlHBB of tbe V P. H C. K Judge Kirkpatrlck, of Kukomo attended the meeting of the Stste executive committee at 'Indianapolis, Wednesday night, says the Kokomo Tribune. Tbo invitation of tbe Judge to the- committee to hold tbe April meeting in Kodomo was accepted. The meeting will be held during the dlntri t convention to be held early In April. A reception will be tendered the State committee and tbe occasion will be ooe of much Interest to ail Endeavorers. The convention In interest will almost.equal a State convention. Action was taken looking in the interests of Indiana Eodeav- orers in the international convention to be held in Boston, July 10. Atrip will in all probability be arranged thai will enable tbe party to visit Niagara Falls, the St. Lawrence river, White mountains, Hudson river, and coanv other points of scenic and historic interest. A low rate is confidently expeciedand a large number from this State will avail themselves of the opportunity to attend the great convention in the "Hui" and at the same time enjoy the beauties of the trip. Deaf- o> <><> Infant. Cornelius T MoCany, a five months old SOD of Mr and Mr*. Timothy Me- Cariy, died yesterday morning, j. he ftmeral will be bald today at 2 p. m. from St. Bridget's church. Father Kiceger officiating. Xoiie-. Orient Lodge No 272 F- & A M., will confer the Entered Apprentice Degree on three caodicaiea ihlc (VVednesdaj) evening. January 3Q:h Members will meet at tho hall at 6:30 o'clock prompt,. A" Ord«:r »o «*ejl- John McGreevy. administrator of the estate of the late Arthur SlcT*£- gart, has been given an order by tbe court to sell the real estate of the deceased. Brd ncn Surprised. Tho wives anil daughters of the members fif Vh^ order of Red Men perpetrated a surprise on tho ' braves" last night after their regular meeting, by all walking la upon them. Tbe evening was spent in dancing after which, refreshments were served. Fdrnoff'l orchestra /urnlbbed tbe mut-ic. TJilH I« » e-'nake tiiory. In the month of July four or five years ago I vras out shooting florican witb a friend of mine in Cuxerat. \\V had fairly good hick, an<l u* we were making' our way lo the railway station. to catch the early train baclc to AJime-J dabad I noticed my fricfid, who was shooting in line on my left, suddenly point his gnu at something on iho ground and fire, and on aslting what it was he said it was a large black cobrW and that he had shot it in two pieces; the head portion disappearing- down a bole. As we -were in a uurry to catch, the train we went on, but very soon. heard one of the beaters calling out and looking back saw him running toward us with the head portion of the; snake follo7.-ing him, with the hood expanded. It appeared that he had re-; maincd behind, trying to dig out the cobra, and the result was that it camo out of the hole and went for him. Of course tlie snake could not get much. pace 01; and was quickly killed.— Journal of the Bombay Natural History So- ciotv. HAMMOND. Ind.. Jan. -'0.— - Mayor Siott's order to clow gambling houses has driven the go^ililer.s across tin; IUi- noi>-Indi.T.r)a state liui'. v.-hrrc thtfy arc operating- in tho village of Wust Hammond. _ Brother* Held for AMiinlt. COLUMBUS. Ind., Jan. 23.— Ma.yor Ecck held Frank and William Whit- tinyton to bail ia the sum of SSOO each .for assault and battery with intent to kill Policemen Ferjpjson aa;J Jackson. FORT WATTTE, ]nd., Jan. 29.— Nothing Tsaa been beard from Daniel W. Souder, tbe ex-county clerk who disappeared from this city t\v.- vv.'o!:.-* :i^ r ci.

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