The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 23, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 23, 1933
Page 2
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PACT ffWO at iyery faith to worship with us time. Tlie Church will be .Social Calendar SUNDAY'S EVENTS 1 Christmas musical, ... 1JV; a. in.. First Baptist church, ' N't; i- .-• WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS v : Joint installation Masonfc'.-.unjl Eastern Slar chapters, 7:M;p.'m,, itllcy-Kobertsou '.'v The marriage of . Miss."Emma Jane Robertson, daughter'of ifr.' and Mrs. Jack.Robertson, .and Mr. John Henry Rile^', was;solemnized Thursday evening at thi.nomc of the Rev. J. L. Newsp'm~, t \past6r of the Second Bay'y^l church, who pt-rforined the rites., The bride wore':a Roosevelt blue rough crepe trimbieii in white fp.Ulo crepe and-"'her accessories .were in dark blue, i M- •/'. Her only atjenddnt u-as'. l^illsa Dorothy Robertsoj^ her sister, .1 maid of honor) .''if- : Tile bridegroom/had ..for his'best man, Elmer Half^K-. V.. ; .- -.. After a hoiieyboon spe'ht ; ';?# Memphis Mr. Rllj5y and. his IJTOB will be at hoifie/'for ttie';preteiit with Mrs. RileV'i paronts;6n' wgl Main street. I . !}•'•"&• f\- Mr. Rilcy is L graduatef,bf %r- phis Humes ligh sch'ool/Tana-jlJ ceivcd his later-. educallojfcixt' University of Teijnessee *ajb?K-.— vlllc. He is riow* : "!cbnnec|fd:;-iijlth the BlythevinVPiggjy Wigftly |sHote: Young People,to ., , Have Xraas Profrain, i ... The young' people's 'deparlmeiit of the First 'Baptist church will sponsor a Christinas program Sunday morning, beginning! at 0;45 o'clock. Tills will be. .climaxed wlt,h the giving of presents) wrapped in white in carryjiig bnt"{he" spirit of a white Christmas, which: will distributed afljpiigjljfl^jiccdv., .. ,, This pro»ra,pi is to be in, honor of Baptist bo5*'nribi"ilrls''attend- ing school elsewhere who are home for the holidays, iw; ...i.-.- :. ' The Phllathea,plasS;,Jl5..Ini.charee of the progtjun made, up of these numbers: announcements'. Miss Margaret Moore,-president; '•'chd j rus. all: prayerj .story/'Miss'-Rath Jenkins; music! Bobbie Jean-Slay-' lock; solo, Alviri''Huffrnan' jr, ' :t lianquct '• Given' 1 - ^r'-- 1 "' • ' ' •' J. W. Shouse a'ntt'Tom :'A."-Little, own era of the Chevrolet Motor company, gave'-their- 'enipfoycs'wrl their wives'iaiid--'"sweethearls'' banquet last evening nt the Hotel Noble for a -Christmas-party. Yulcilue 8&?HiBW$S $ &$>] the banquet jjSo'ni' where 'the" long table was aftangcd. The place cards were cjjecks, Cliristmas gifts to the employes.- Mrs. Bill Thitler played Hie pi ano and Mn-^Trotter sang during the serving of-a four course menu Rabbit Gains Flavor When Stewed in Wine ! recljies. Besides adding a distinct- including the 1-2 pint'or'.**. lye', flavor, wino-removes any.ex- used to rinse out:tho 'Babbit Braise Madere is » Uigh- AdcV the carefully washed, tnfl rounding I'rench term for n thor- SATURbAV, DECEMBER 23, 1933 i. L. ,. 8und»y sctjooi, 9;tf ir m. B. Y. p.' u., 6:U p. m.' : There will'be' a ChrUtpias program toy the Sunday school pupiU Sunday evening, 7:30 o'clock, eiv lllled "Christmas TliUng*." Ttwre will be no prtachlni! services Sunday u the pastor will b« prencrilns at the Gosnell church. , i CHURCH OF COD 1 111 W- Cherry Strat There wia be no morning ww- ehlp broftdcist over Station KLCN. Evangelistic service, 7:30 p. m. The revival meeting will continue each evening through next week except Saturday. All are asked to attend. to the 29 nt. Mr. Slioiisc and Mr. Little sjfc'ie informally in ex pressing thcir-^appreclatlon for the wort: clone dimnR the fall months especially f made hc record breaking November, W. TK. S. lias a Mwtl»j The Ti-omni's missionary society of Yarbro -met Thursday nftcr noon at theltoW of Mrs. Starliiv Bunch for a- Christmas parly at tended by 28.;|ndles, which includ cd several saests. Mrs. Grove'f" Suthcrlantt, learte: pre-St-nled -this program: praye' Mrs. Barber;, -song "Holy Nlglit Mrs. Potter, iXccompanled by Miss Alice Marie Boss; talk. Mrs. C. B Etchieson; sjijry "The Woolc Lamb of GoJiiMrs. E. B. Lloyd. hour there wcr from a prel - each member hav jiiiame. sandwiches tits Mr>stly Personal The Rev. J; J. Thompson has his guests lor the holidays E ward Martin, Edwin Johnson, Jol McMullin and James Gallagher, of Philadelphia, P«. Miss Kalhqui Grcar. who at nd's friends arc gathered to- ther for n typically masculine ast. Game conies under the henrl of xnry If you live in (lie city. Hower, If yours Is a country homo d fnthr-r -c,an go n-hun,t,ing fof bbit, grouse, iilieasant, ' venison d "tlie like, there Is nlinbst no Tlip . Involved. , . . .era .'Is a grand asset . . II* tt'otiian who goes In for wild ilie ;1 rllshes. . Cooking wines, arp i -asset 1 . to almost, all wild gnuic oughly American Utsli, namely, braised rabbit with Maderla wine. "Yon \\ill ncert-.onc rabbit-, 3 medium carrots, 1 • small turnip, 1 sprig of parsley. 1 sprig ol thymo, 1-2 pint of boillijg water, 2 shallots., 6 spring onions, • 1 piece' of celery root, 1 .b.ladc of' mncc, J>-'J pint of Riiluwaicr JMadorla nnd:l dozen I balls. "• .-, -Blfilicliiiaud joint-, the > wild.- r»b- lilt. Dip the pieces- Inu Hour anrt brown -in a tablesixx)n!.of--melled blotter, 'nirn .It ..all- into a; sauce-* , herbs x _._ seasoning. Pour- the Rainwater Madeira .over the whole .tnlojt'ind arrange 1 the tiny meat bills ,on tpp: Cover arid stew slowly fcJ one and ore-hrtf-hourp. '". ft When "you are ready .to «erfe •arrange the vegetablesIn.thevj*h- tor of a hot; dish. Place 'toe rib'- Kf» .'fnlnt..-!:.!..^* _~ • — r, '' -••'-'-£,. CHURCH OF THE Knph» D. StMtey. ruder Sunday sehoo), 9:45 a. ro, g. li Evans, Supt. Morning wonhlp, U a. m. 6u$ Ject: "The Message of the Mtn gcr." ! N. Y. P. S.:«:}fl.p. in. . At the evening Xafcrvlee- a- pan tojnlne of the', Wrtti of Christ .wil be given uridjer -&t: dlirecM^o : o IK. Homer Smith. ' •^•- ,-'••'' This will bef<4k>w«!*y»phrJsl- i w tree oelebmtiorrwith gifts for We, loyited * everyone to *- attend he§e.. special «ervlcej. . ... . BATTIST CHURCH Musical program, at the 11 o'clock morp^ig hour: Sunday with "" ' "'aul Tlpton directing choir. Ifp evening preaching service but 1,6:16- o'clock the B. Y. ,J>. U. will itesent a Christmas p*t«*ht with Mlw-tmna B. WilUelm directing.; o.ri top. Serve]jfllh BaUce strainca; over sverything ind accbhipahicd 'by; red'currant 'jSlly. and^iashed 'potal'oe.s. " 1 '' ';?.' * und ! iiikshed po'ialoe<i: • The -'rectec will sei'v'e' 1 four." •' •'• '"•»•<•" • . . •ireo.cliihtren, of|.J}Rlqji pouge. La. avc,i|rrlvcd tp s)frnrl .'the.-.holldaj-s Hi. Mrs.', nHriw.ttels,jino.ttier,-.Mrs. '- . ., ,.g, .... Harold;'^ Wflmack', \ . wjjo. , alte.nds ' ' .vctf'"to ijncnd,., Cbj-iiUi>fis-"wltii urpiVeiilS,-.thf? Key. and|Mrs. W. '"—'nCj' 1 ^&™%m' i! Jones .In Blythtville. • and Mr Hi s. J. 1 . L. D-.ivc Givaltnt-y" ives here. ••••• Mr. '. and , Mix. . Gwaltney! ipd siiuill son, accompanied by ; eaul Joplin i!«l Abner Terry, all of ..Mena.M iv|JJ, niilyq., Sunday.... to hb'li-j'iys witfi .Mr." nr\ct Wh:-^.' ' . Mr. ! .'and '.'Mrs. aiid '.otlicr 'rcla- ' '"' .'"•• ' . . 1 . G'.'l 'A: Robinson And , spns , are ^vnrtmg the holi- inys. wjth 'rcjalhcs, in Sliannpn, Miss! -' ' ' '" '.'* Marion 'ueen of sP«-<Slf--«l).lEh fjwair/ minted the annilal i r - *- > "^^jfrfv-vfi »».>*•••(* 'peiKf-sevtralfiays-.Hu'ilt' Mr. Willie's n.r.lhtr, Mrs. Walter V.'i-.itc, in Conv.-.ty, and his sister, Mrs. Charles Mo.'sclcy. In Camden. "*A«naj|4iS..J*«..B- Masssy.Jiavc .$& ootball carnlviP-t^lJ jiist piiorjto 10 closlns nS sch(i5 for Christ"? "% 'W-^ ^ 10 closii: las holid The ole selling conusf sponsored" by lie lioostcr ciub. which ncUeii ISO, the grcaici' part of which ill be used to buy sweaters for he football- Ini;;-/;\vns .attcndcft;*. are. IK coronation ceremony' by the "'"'' ollowing mitral Joyce -Tomiikms imnitn Tnmra-; Lorrnc Buchanan nri Mary Stewart Butler. ,. ,.,! Allan Scgrsvii was king ; will! •Yank Chiles. Rir-hnrd Cromcr Uiul Clint Caldwcll ns attciulanls. Olli- ers laktiiB ,p.-irt in the cercmonj \ere ir.cmliers of Uie 'foolbal ;quad, G. A. Robinson, Charles ji-ccii, Donn'a : I!,ie Driver ami : Nona Suelson. J- B. Dunn, n,[ Oscoola, depulj ;rnnd master' of itiil: Ai-'kansas Masonic Lod(;e, lia.; been, signally lion ored by tho :!Mi J, |Aver.uc : .Lodtfi cf Meiii|ihis, liM-iiii; been elcctct to honorary membership in dm lodge, which b ine lurgestin Tcn- nc-sscc. « * • Tlie cngagciKri.t ami • a\>jtro.ic'h- "ig marriage o:' Mi is Beatrice Go!clb?rg, da-ijhtcr of the late Mr :-nd Mrs. Henry C. Goldberg ol New Orleans ami Mr. Maurice S nubcnsteln of Lake City, lias ber iiimouuccd. Mr. Hubcnbtein Is ill son of Mr. anl Mrs. M. EUiben- slciii of Osceob. •cola and Mr. and -''Mis: 'W. ; B,'; and serve. The potatoes absorb the excess salt. If the ake another el _ bowl and slowly beat in the curdled dMsabig, 1 'cbritfflfiIng' M »j»(l» isiused. 1 -. 1 ; • . If ,a custard sa'uce: curdlwii'l^at :t-,\ve^ ititn:*: dover. %( same beater-,oftn> -will umps'outr ofi-white.,sautx , 3ccn..nia;ae in too big.a hurrjiVlf the sauce Is very lumpy it <- r *t f n,'*-v r tind licr daughie:-, Miss ol Harrlsbui'S- Ceatrice a:id Douglas Rose who attend Jones'joro A. & M. college .fl-to, Miei' . '^eir pnfents, Mr. ijys with 'rs! E , .?tose. , , ! , ii,. i 'Mrs.' Roger ' Foilrfts,' '"forme merly If the breakfast cereaj contriv cd to lump despite vigorous slir a heavy wire wlUsk or .g oJjWHCKbcater wm beat j •-—- 1 - and make the cereal Jliss Mai>; BJowi-c .Carlwriglit. pi Ni'vv York Clt 1 /, ! s iibnic for ! rile liolidn>-s; with jjrandmothcr, Mrs' N.-O'.i Carlivrlght. ••••il,Miss Mary Elu,-,btUi Hirodes ot Ffiyotlevlllc Mir be ' ti\e 'guest 'ai Miss. Catherine lii-rwell during tiie holidays.' ';•-.] ... - ,, Mrs. E. A. Miner, wire lias been !hc guest of lur sister, Mrs. John . .. lor Cnrilei f » nat iS creain soup ,tha;t i-;i»clinafton to curdle can puree by adding .butter and flour of 1 tablespoon butter and 1 ta rubbed together in the proportioi blcspoon flour to each cup of .wup ; 9(ie taby^joon of rtae sifted sod cracker crumbs added to each cu, of |s^uj},.wjll..correct the tendenc (o cuixile. 'too. A gelfllip* jelly that refuses U stiffen in • the required length o< can be ;hnrrled if more gela •is softeticd in cold water, dis Miller, in O.-.-coIn for months.! lias -visit. jral to Alab'aum-for scv^ tends the American Conservatory of Music at "{Chicago, has arrived home to spend, the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Grear. Bobbie Bums, 1 a member of tile C.C.C. camp at Warren. Ark., is at home for a week's stay. Miss Beatrice M. Miller, who is taking a course in surgical nursing at the Barnes hospital in St. Louis, U here to spend Christmas with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Miller. Mr. and Mrs. N. B. Mcnard and son, N. B. jr., jffill have as their guests for the holidays Mr. anc Mrs. Joe S. Scales and son, ot I'ordycc. Ark. . Mr. and Mrs. Loy Welch went to Hazelhurst, Miss., today to spend Christmas with Mr. Welch's parents. Mrs. H. J. Kleindienst and children will EO to St; Louis Mondaj for a visit. The Rev. Mr. Klein diensl will Join them later. Mrs. J. W. Adams jr., who un derwent an operation for append! cilts ten days ago, has relumed from the Memphis Baptist hos J. B. Whltworth, a coach at the University, ot Alabama, Tuscaloosa, arrived home'yesterday to spend the holidays with relatives. Percy Smith, whc recently had a stroke of paralysis, better. It He is at his-home on Kentucky l| avenue. - - plUl. .Mrs.:'Edgar;'Bamett« -"Jr., anfi The home ol Gowcn wa Mr. and Mrs the scene of-i SISTER IIY S1STKK MARY NEA Service Staff Writer Sometimes it seems, that "tern i-er hot water and'adde to 'the stubborn Jelly; . lighted by candles, special settings, been arranged, and this to be a beautiful and in- service, F((t8T ASSEMBLY OF GUI) •Mr. and Mrs. N. H. Rhodes, pi*tor-tvanitliit Sunday school, 0:45 a.m. ' Preaching, 11 am. Sunday nis'il evangelistic service, 7:30 pjn. x >. Tuesday nlgl.t young peoples service, 7:30 pjn. nlUjty night. blb!c study, 7:30 p.m. Hadlo scrviws ;each Sunday afternoon, 6 to 5:J!j. -.The pubUc » 11J flirf a . welcome at these eervice?/ = -. '• More llian 9600 cords of fuel wood are used annually by Oregon growers for the drying of hops. Some crabs resemble small stones of the beach on which lliey dwell. Fishes have no color vision. Havana lias a huije tree llml grows in real ran-Aniorlcan toil; tin' earth around it was obtained from every country in the western hemisphere. HEMORUilOIDS <PUes) cur. ed ttlUicut the knife. Varl- coecd vclr removed n o n surgically. DBS. NILS and NIKS Office 511 Main Phone 3S I.DTHEI H. 3. Kkioilie . .school, 9 s. m. -.j Service, 10 a:''m. _._ .. tfame:'' "Jesus CHrirt; the £ Mediator between' 'dod',and' Man." Special children's Sen-ice,'? pJii.' Early 'Service' Christmas morniris a. m. Subject: "Why '.Do We Just M cosiiil'y $t he sips lier le» oyldoofg «ny >tteruoon oj •vtaber, Alison fa»o«» /oHfcdltnne Ukes H4 Bin) c*reer Sho *rt- o Broadway IB I lures be- ood sod in her T*»r ly it SirtrtiariB of Uje TwenUeth On• :i --ijSt«l Wotshlp'the'Babe"-' (Epericf); Soprano Solo—Mrs. 3, E.' Crlt*; • Chorus,- "The Hour of God" <Heywr> • Quartette -George Henry,.Mrs: PadoJson, ,Miss Mary Biln>».-Hoo4, WilsoVi;!!*nry;, ,Cjonj tralto Solp, "6 I Molly Night'' Urs. .J. Wilson Henry; O: pome. To My Heait, (ARfbrose); Bas^Mo Henrj" Chorus, "The Son of God Is- Come" (Wilson); Cho- rjw, "H(sxN»tal:NIght" (Hall) Contralto Ysoto-^iirs. Henry; Beneiic- A ,cordl«r welcome is extebdeij to all to .join!'tu. at these' services 'May' the >spirit of -Cririat ri MW iii-igiii'.-Uartc.-•"•••'*- ' ''- CommuaWu-' aud .SSTDHOI, - li i. 6 P- ni. > All Our eutire jiersoiiuerj^iii in wishing y6u a very Merrj^Xmas and bountiful Good Clieer in all the days to come. • Mr. qnd Mrs. 0. W. McCutclieji LAKE STREET • HETJIODIST ' "•' - -\™-'*-<W'?te-'SS!f**W Eundayjjschool, 9.:» /im. Freach'ing; 5 lO'.W 'a'.rri;'' 5 Subject: 'Will tlw. 1/D'sel;- .: SIM v.for; "You vionday iJSJoniini;?''"-- 4 •' '"•>• -•'•-'•'' ,;A,t '^he,'morning hoiir'the pastor will use : for his subject, -'A PU- girimije Ud 'Btthjehem." The offer toiy uurnbei 1 ' will be, "The Angel's .Sfrenad?"fi(Snilth). The Knipper BrottMSrav-fill -filng. ••'Sunday School • for all departments at 9:*5 ; 4. m. • • g .peoples services at 6:45 p/.m: :;.r^ v - ; - • • • •• *:• /We'lnvit«>ttl« public, to all- our services.'. FIRST '. : 'Chui?n'. : sch'pbl',>9':45'.alVm.,' S/ E. v^if'-WtJi r "V*? 0 ' '. ••' •-.' "•' SINDAVONLY MAT. and NITEU-jlO€-35c ROXY & S ApM.-r-MATINEE.iand 'MIGHT— !>-: 25c : - : hit solved, over xt- once to jam becoHies hard and sugar before if. Is used up, place it, in moderate oven until the suga melts.nS'lien cool the jam is almos as good as now. i.-.t- -. '' Toronrrow'j Menu .,BREAJfPAST: Chilled apple sauce, cereal, cream, country sausage. , blrekwheat pancakes, ss'rup: milk, coffee. LUNCHEON: Cream of spinach swip, .croutons,- macaroni i onii salmon salad, graham '• .rolls, canned strawberries, milk, tea.' DINNER: New England boiled dinner, head lettuce with Thousand Island dressing, brother Johrmtlun, milk, coffee. The average distance covered'by an airmail Icl'.T js-1.400 . miles.- Monday Jjj: If you : f.slcjj>. ( l^te- vi ) o^-»'Ul,. &*$• inc too .Awn.iioise...,,Tiie Angels sing earljr * Qnd;'.are^-Myer - ^ie.. "Tunq !*0; ; afflrh'cir-tm r ' <? Anihern ftom Ijia'ven;' 1 -• - .-.•'• -««--•• .^ -.•--•-• Speciai^chtjstmas prograni, 7:30 p.m. WeyfiaycV.6ne'' of,:tji, most beautifuV-Chrlstmis trees thai you ever saV-^oLtric cross.- Stir, and Wreath,'all, ui btautiful coloring, together With* candles on' pulpit and chancel will make one..of the. inost pleasing effects you've ever' seen. . • ...'..; Bring -your friends 'arid- visitors with youifand^erjoy every feature of this hippy/ program. Remember trie place—Lake Street church, ami the hoar:—7:80"p.jn..,'. All mejnbeb; of _the Wfihder class are 1 .urged to'.be:present..!...;. rnt8T .^EiHoJaisT. CHUJKCH A special' 'musical .rpropram .of Christmas" selections will be.'iiven at the ewnlng service by the chaj.- us choir under trie direction of Mrs. Geo.-M. Lee. The following will be thy program: ' \ Processional,' • "Silent, - Night"; Hymn, "It Oame «pon'-the' MipV night Clear";-Prayer, The Pastor: Short Tiki by Pastor, "Musics Praise"; Offertory; Chorus, "In Bethlehem's' Crowded Inn' ! delightful party TueMlay evening' plls f "B lt5 " ifasler in-(he kitchen vhcn members i,! the "two tabl- llmn nn5 ' olllcr P'nce, aiid that If jrldgc club to vhich i\rs Oo-.ven onc tal:es onc 's. eyes from the belongs cntcr(air.c<; their huslxinds "Ectables on the stove, they take vith a buffet sapper followed byi' 1 " |xm "wnwclvcs to burn, in evening at cards. ' ,1 Tne °est Vf cooks .flccasion'ally O. E. Masseur-il :U id Mr« j. 1 t A -| makes mistakes, but her Iruc art iVhilc were winners of hieli 5 cVc" h snown by llcr BWI Hy 'o turn the • :r^cs. Attending the party were - fallurc Inl0 » success. Mr. and Mrs. A. w. Bowcn Mr I Any ™BCtabIc that has just '•nd Mrs. o. E. Masiciifill Dr | starlcd to burn. can bo placed— =n« Mrs. L U. Masscy, Mr' aiid m lls cooking p'an-into a ' larger Mrs. A. W. Yc-mic Mr and Mrs lml of ca!d Katcr - The veeetable' D. S. Umey. Mr ,'ind Mrs T w' "'"" "'"""''' ^ "" " " Pneed and M , , nd M ^_ • • " nitc. • • « Mrs. William House 'eincrlaiued members of liu two table bridge club at a luncheon Wednesday. i6h score prize was won bv Mif. "Si%,^, Da " mt ^- * • » Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Robinson were hosts T.-.ursday evening to members of Mri . Robinson's two tsblc bridge club nnrt their husbands, entertaining with a dinnci party and Christmas tree will- 'ar!i guest receivlnn a prwent. ' Mr. and Mrs. D*iehl Biackwood ihcir daushler, Mi^ Virginia and ton, bwlglil jr., MIS,-. Joyce TtlrK-k- woort, Will )V.nckwvxxl ' jr., ,Tohn and Paul Bl.ukwc-x'., all of Little Rcek. will tiuring thr; noli- then should be shaken out ot the burned pan into a fresh pan or bowl., leaving any scorched material In the. pan. If not cooked until tender, a liUle boiling water can be added and the cooking fin-" Ishcd. Season and serve as usual. If things have not gone too far. most of the vegetable can be served without a taint of burn. Shake Inslcid of stir An excellent habit ol precaution lor the new cook is that of shaking the sauce pan in which a vegetable is cooking. Oltcn the snioolh-cut, Hat surface of n vegetable sticks nnd burns before the water is cooked. Shaking prevents this without crushing the vegetable as stirring might do. Potatoes and sliced carrots are examples of vegetables that often scorch because of this flat surface. Too .much salt often has spoiled the soup. A- remedy for this is to add Irom half a Clip to a whole „ ... - - county with cur ol sliced raw potatoes to Ihe CJ 5 , "• U WlHams ana;kettle of soup. Let stand ten or Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Moore at Os-1 fifteen minutes, remove potato" {feft For You a Merry Christmas arid a Happy $nd Prosperous N$y) Year We,appreciate and thank you for your .past favors, and shall endeavor in the coming year more than ever to earn, from you a good opinion of us and of our-service .-New Mead Clothing <. worship, 11..a. m. .Ser,. is : -Hire.", . \ "y. rflf Special Christaas Pag- ffS>ft.''iSji(i Light of.ithe World," " Tnere will be ho other services the city. pt. this time cordially. tasite' a|i Eat :with us- Christ^ ' mas • • Big, Turkey ••Dinner. HE BLACKMAILED HER MOTHER and *« pixe h< rf*n<<uidcd WB» THIS, GIRL'S LOVE! Once burnt by love, lie drowned his heart-break with many women! But the memory of a lost love roused him to redeem himself in- tbc • ? -Suna«iV-and Monday OUo Kragtr Una Merkr! Ben Lyon .Isabel Je^-dl Kams A-'Metro-Goldwyn-Majer ' ,. Fictore • .:; Paramount News Comedy—I.ita Grey Chaplain in "Season's MAT. and NITE—10c-35c NOVELTY REKI, COMEDY snow FOR KIDDIES KOXY—Monday, Dec. 25111— Xmas Rlowinir ai 1(J:,'iO 'A. M. - - liijr 1'rcc Sliow for AM the Kiddies! C.o lortonc Musical He- vue Silly Symiihony 1'j'ogranis !»ro;idcas) I);iily Ovcr.KI.CN nl 12:20- 'mirm'iti'vrf* «

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