The Morning Call from Allentown, Pennsylvania on September 2, 1922 · 4
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The Morning Call from Allentown, Pennsylvania · 4

Allentown, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 2, 1922
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K FOUR 1LLENT0WN -MORNING CALL, SATURDAYS THEU STRIKE TROOPS PACK UP AT COXESBURG Majority of P. N. G. Units in Wester ern Area Leave Tomorrow. I J Cokeburg, Pa., Aug. 31. A majority of the State cavalrymen, pent into the western Pennsylvania coal strike region by Governor Sproul, will evacuate the district tomorrow night , and military control will cease next week, when the remainder of the sol diers entrain for hom stations, ac cording- to orders issued at the headquarters of Colonel E. J. StackpoJe, Jr., here today. Colonel Staekpole, who has commanded the troops since they entered the field, plans to leave a machine gun squadron and two cavalry troops in the field for the week, to handle the situations in Washington, Cambria, Somerset and Indiana counties. He and his staff will establish headquarters lri the national guard barracks III AT THE NEW "VOGUE" I ' . Value up to $9.50 ' Introductory V EXHIBIT and SALE '2? Ok" I Mew Velvet Hats S tt NEW AND FETCHING IDEAS " shapes are smart, new and becoming the colors are red and the quality is more than usual at only $4J95. why we call attention to this as a special exhibit and or today. Also a host of Jaunty new models for bobbed heads, els of "Fanner and finest Lyons Velvets some soft and ible, others more severe of line Come and see! .95 Extraordinary Special! FELT and YELOUR HATS Smart New Colors Values To $5. .95 North h St. yoque 27 North Sixth St. at Greensburg,.Pa., until the last diers have moved out. Equipment was being packed toijay and the loading of cars will start tomorrow. Before nightfall, troops in the two sectors of the bituminous region will be on the way home. The 52d Machine Gun Squadron and Troops A and C, of the 104th Cavalry, will remain in the region. The machine gunners will stay in the 'Washington sector with Troop E, at Mor-ganza. while Troop A, at Colver, will control the Cambria, Somerset and Tnd jina district. KUHNS HOME SCENE OF A HAPPY GATHERING An enjoyable family gathering was held at the home of Mrs. Mary Kuhns last Sunday. Present were her children, grandchildren and greatgrandchildren. An excellent dinner and supper were served. The following were present: Mr. and Mrs. George Kuhns, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Brunner, Mr. and Mrs. John Peters, Mr. and Mrs. John Folck, Mrs. Mary Kuhns, Mrs. Mary Haaf. Hilda Smith, Marguerite Kuhns, Goldie Folck, Clarence Smith, Woodrow Kuhns, George Brunner and Kenneth Folck, of Breinigsville; Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Wetherhold, Mr. and Mrs. William Kuhns, Mr.-and Mrs. Luther Lutz, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Rabenold, Mr. and Mrs. Warren Wetherhold, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Dlefenderfer, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Wetherhold, Mr: and Mrs. Madison Kuhns, Mr. and Mrs. Willie Kuhns, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Schneck, Mr. and Mrs. William Werley, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Apple, Mrs. Oscar Fenstermaker, Mrs. Helen Schneck, Mrs. Sarah Neitz, Mrs. Sarah Dlefenderfer, Viola, Dorothy and Miriam Kuhns, Pauline, Marie and Madeline Kuhns, Mildred Krause, Arlene Wetherhold. Grace and Frances Lutz, Ruth Rabenold, Mary Wetherhold, May and Orpha Kuhns, Myrtle, May and Esther Schneck, Betty Wetherhold, Paul Kuhns, Arlan Smith, Robert Ritter, Joseph and Paul Wetherhold, Charles, Ray and William Fenstermaker, Paul Henry and Willard Lutz; Richard Rabenold, Aaron and Leo Kuhns, Charles and Richard Schneck, Ernest Schneck, Kenneth Werley, Donald Apple, of Allentown; Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Miller, Russell and Wilbur Miller, of Wescoesville; Mrs. Herbert Herman, Evelyn, Irene, Violet, Marian, Myrtle and Ruth Herman, Robert Eck, Ray, Russell and Herbert Herman, Jr., of Mertz-town; Mrs. Harvey Weil, of Hamburg; Mrs. Howard Heintzleman and daughter, Ruth, of Fordwlck, Va.; Helen Smith, of Philadelphia; John Kuhns and Edna Smith, of Brooklyn, N. Y. ; Robert Handwerk, Florence and Howard Peters, Jr., of Washing ton, D. C. GRAND K. OF M. COMMANDERY TO MEETJN BETHLEHEM H. E. Smith, of New York, will preside at the meeting this afternoon of the Grand Commandery of Pennsylvania, Knights of Malta, at Fourth and IBrodhead Ave-, Bethlehem, when Past Commandery degrees will be conferred upon a large class of officers. Immediately after this special meet ing, called for 3.30 o'clock, the regularl meeting of the Past Commanders' Association of the K. of M., of the Lehigh Valley, will be conducted. The ladies will accompany the Sir Knights and will be entartained by the locai committee, while the Sir Knights are meeting 'in business session. The meeting- will be followed by a banquet. OILNOTES Independent oil interests control 66 per cent of the petroleum refining capacity of the United States and Mexico. Out of a total daily production of 1,500,000 barrels of crude petroleum, Independent interests are producing about 1,200,000 barrels. To obtain one barrel of gasoline, the oil industry has to produce nearly four barrels of crude petroleum and by-products. The crude petroleum of the United States and Mexico Is produced primarily to meet the demand for gasoline. In 1921 the domestic production of crude was 469,893,000 barrels and 125,000,000 barrels were imported from Mexico. Contrary to a widespread belief, gasoline is not the principal product of crude petroleum. It forms about 25 per cent of a barrel of crude, but fuel oil forms nearly 50 per cent and sells for less than the cost of the crude. There are 479 oil refining plants in the United States. Of these, 38, representing about 37 per cent of the country's refining capacity, belong to the so-called Standard Oil group. The remaining 441, with a refining capacity of 63 per cent of the total, are controlled by independent interests. Storage Battery Dispute. Charged with fraudulent conversion of a storage battery, Charles Kemmerer, of Allentown R. 2, was given a preliminary hearing before Alderman Bower on Thursday. Edw. Lehman, of this city, is the prosecu tor. Kemmerer entered bail for a hearing. 1 SACRIFICE USED CAR SALE SMALL DEPOSIT and A YEAR TO PAY EVERY REBUILT CAR REDUCED 50 IN PRICE THE SALE WILL BE HELD AT THE MANHATTAN AUDITORIUM, RITTERSVILLE (OPPOSITE CENTRAL PARK) DURING THE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER AND YOU ARE AT LIBERTY TO INSPECT THE CARS AND RECEIVE DEMONSTRATIONS FROM 8 A. M. UNTIL 9 P. M. EVERY DAY. DODGE BROTHERS EDS. & TOLTR, $275 UP. MAXWELL$150 AND A YEAR TO PAY. OVERLAND COUPE LIKE NEW. CHEVROLET, RDS. TOUR SEDANS & TRUCKS. BUICK SIX ROADSTER, $250. FORD RDS. & SEDANS, VERY REASONABLE. AND MANY OTHERS TO SELECT FROM. A CAR AT OUR. SERVICE STATION TO TAKE YOU AND BRING YOU BACK FROM THE AUDITORIUM. LINDEN AUTO CO. 24-26 NORTH TENTH ST. MINER WEDS WIDOW HE ONCE TRIED TO KILL. Earl MacAfee, Tomhicken miner, who last January shot Mrs. Mabel Zimmerman, of Tomhicken, widowed since June 14, 1921 and the mother of three children, was 4 paroled by Judge Jones Tuesday on condition that he marry Mrs. Zimmerman, who became the mother of twin girls recently. He is 37 and she is 28 years old. Mrs. Zimmerman was in the court house and the couple went to the marriage license office, secured the necessary papers and were wed by a Wilkes-Barre minister in the bureau before they left the building. MacAfee was sentenced In April to serve three years in jail, after pleading guilty to felonious wounding. He claimed that he always had thought a lot of the woman and after she was widowed, paid her attentions, but she turned him down. Millions In Royalties. "Washington, D. C. Total net royalties accruing to the Federal Government as the result of oil, gas and natural-gas-gasoline production from leased public lands in certain western states amounted on. August 1 to $6,-409,115, according to the United States Bureau of Mines, which has technical supervision of such operations. Royalties reported to the Government during the month of July amounted to $642,607. Of this amount, Wyoming is credited with $355,220; California $269,889; and Montana $17,498. Royalties for the production of oil formed the larger proportion of the July total, and amounted to $629,-054; royalties for natural-gas are reported at $10,857; and for natural-gas-gasoline $2,696. During July, 278 oil and gas prospecting permits were received by the Bureau of Mines from the General Land Office and distributed to the respective field offices at Bakersfield, Oalilornia; Casper, Wyoming; Denver, Colorado; Shreveport, Louisiana; and Winnett, Montana. A total of 8,-167 prospecting permits had been received August 1. Recent declines in the price of crude oil are expected to decrease to some extent the value of royalties obtained from production on leased Government lands. Recent drilling activities in the Kevin-Sunburst oil field in Montana indicate that oil in commercial quantities can be expected over a large area in this district in which the Federal Government is a large holder. HOPE FOR WOMEN WHO ARE VICTIMS OF CANCER In a recent article published In one of the prominent women's magazines. Dr. W. W. Keen, Emeritus Professor of Surgery at Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, holds out great hope to women afflicted with cancer, provided they receive early treatment. Dr. Keen is one of the greatest living authorities on this disease. He was president of the International Surgical Congress, In Paris, in 1920, and held the same honored position in 1917. Secretary of State, Charles E. Hughes, recently said of him: "His professional attainments are unsurpassed. He has brought high honors to this country and made humanity his debtor." Women are more subject to cancer than men and are not infrequently attacked in the breast, where the first evidence is a small lump. Dr. Keen says that if women, discovering this symptom would seek competent medical advice at once, he Is "sure that 85 out of every 100, or It might well be 90 out of every 100, would be cured and stay cured." "So cancer is curable," says this noted authority, "provided you consult a good surgeon at once. But remember that when you find a lump already formed the disease has been at work for weeks, and it may be for three or four months before a discoverable lump has been formed. A complete operation is not a very long Shake Off THatt if 1 .0 he J ackac 7 HY let that dull, nagging backache make you old and miserable? Get rid of it! It's time you stoppc d worrying and complaining and gave some attention to your kidneys. Present day life, with its hurry and worry, is mighty hard on the kidneys. And weak kidneys cause many queer aches, pains and bladder irregularities. Your back aches; you are lame and stiff, nervous and unstrung. Your head aches, you are dizzy, suffer sharp, rheumatic pains and feel weak, tired, nervous and depressed. Don't wait! Neglect may mean some serious kidney sickness. Begin to-day with Doan's Kidney Pills. Doan's have brought new health to thousands of weak, tired, ailing people. They should help you. Ask your neighbor! Read How These Allentown Folks Found Relief: "Every Picture Tells a i V. H. KLEPPINQER, 246 N. Fifth St., prop, of grocery, says: "Sharp stinging pains across my back came on. I had dull headaches and dizzy spells and spots seemed to come before my eyes. I tried manv remedies but didn't get much help until I used Doan's Kidney Pills, which I bought at Peter's Pharmacy. Doan's drove the pain from my Lack and the other troubles left me." OVER ELEVEN YEARS LATER, Mr. Klepplnger adds: "Doan's cured me of kidney troubles." IBS MRS. H. B. COLE, 135 Bryan St., says: "I surely did suffer with. my back. I really don't know the cause but it seemed as though I caught a cold which settled in the small of it. Every muscle in my back got so aore and stiff I could hardly bend. Sharp pains shot all through me and made me miserable day and night. Sometimes I got so dizzy I thought I would fall. I had no relief until I used Doan's Kidney Pills and two boxes cured nie." WM. A. KAEMPFFE. Music Instrument Maker, 643 Gordon St., says: "I used to suffer with pains in my limbs and my ankles were swollen. My back pained so I could hardly lift my instruments to my mouth to blow a note when testing them in the factory. My kidneys were badly disordered and the secretions passed very often and were ecanty. A neighbor advised me to use Doan's Kidney Pills. After taking four boxes, I was relieved from the complaint and haven't had any return of Doan's Odmiey 71 1 Every druggist has Doan's, 60c a box. Foster-Milburn Co., Manufacturing Chemists, Buffalo, N. Y. one. It has today, remember, practically no mortality, and recovery Is complete in a week or ten days without much suffering." After discussing the various lines of cancer research now being made. Dr. Keen expresses the opinion that physicians are gradually limiting their researches to methods which give promise of success. He adds: "I feel as certain of our ultimate success as I do of my own existence. I am expectant, hopeful, and impatient for that glorious day to come. It will most likely come like a thief in the night to some lonely, patient, persistent worker." "GRAND OLD MAN OF AMERICAN FICTION" HERO OF KYNE BOOK. "Cappy Ricks Retires" is the title of Peter B. Kyne's new book, which has just come from the press, and it doesn't take much more than a peep between its covers to prove that the most Important person in there is the same old, famous old Cappy, who swears "By the Holy Pink-Toed Prophet" and never misses a bet the Cappy that millions of American readers know and love. In a dozen different chapters the old fellow does his level best to "retire;" but Romance and vigorous romance it is in every instance keeps calling him back Into business harness, and he proves capable of coming back stronger than ever every time. It's easy to understand, even in the first few pages of the book, why prises, and he has an uncanny knack, Cappy Ricks has become so well-known. He's lovable and human and full of quick wit and quicker sur- CUT THIS OUT IT IS WORTH MONEY Cut out this lUp. enclose with So and mail It Foley & Co.. 2S55 Sheffield Are., Chlcazo. 111., wnunj your nam and addresa clearly. You will receive In return a trial paekaie oontalnlng Foley"! Honey and Tar Compound for coughs, oolds an croup: Foley Kidney Pills for palm In tides and back: rheumatism, backache, kidney and bladder ailment: and Foley Cathartic Tablets, a wholesome and thouroughly cleansing cathartio for con-UuaUon, blUoimri.M, headaches, and sluggish bowels. Sold everywhere. the credit for which of course belongs to his author, for getting himself mixed up in breathlessly gripping plots. In this new book, for instance, you'll find action galore, and a rousing Irish fight that lovers of fuy-blooded adventure will read over and over agani, and high romance all woven by Peter Kyne's skillful hand around the character of his grand old man of affairs. TAKING GUESS WORK OUT OF SOUR MILK IN BAKING The old negro "mammy" of the South is able to taste buttermilk or clabber, then measure out with her fingers the proper amount of soda to react with it in the preparation of her famous biscuit dough. Her's is becoming a lost art, however, for her skill has not been handed down to the new generation. No recipe given in any coook book for soda and sour milk bread can be strictly followed with uniform results, for sour milk varies greatly in its acidity; yet the neutralization for baking must be accurate, or the bread will be yellow and alkaline with excess of soda, or heavy and sour because of deficiency. To carry out a determination of the exact acidity of the milk, and the strength of the soda, and calculate the comparison, is within the ability only of the trained chemist. A new and rapid method of determining the baking soda equivalent of a cupful of milk of any degree of sourness has been worked out in the laboratories of George Peabody College for Teachers by Miss Mary P. Wilson and Dr. H. A. Webb, who will present the results of their investigations at the Pittsburgh meeting of the American Chemical Society. September 4 to 9. An "indicator" which would ahow when the right amount of soda was added was discovered In the use of paper soaked with the dye alizarine. Making spots on this paper with drops of milk determines the Mrs. Bowen Tells How Rats Almost Burned Her House Down. "For two months I never went in our cellar, fearing a rat. One night in bed I smelled fire. Sure enough the rat had been nibbling at the matches. If I hadn't acted promptly my house would have been burned. Later we found the dead rat. RAT-SNAP killed It. It's great stuff." Three sizes, 35c. 65a, $1.25. A Rat Breeds 6 to 10 Tlms a Year, Averaging Ten Young to a Litter. Remember this, act as soon aa you see the first rat. Get a pkg. of RAT-SNAP. It's a sure rat and mice destroyer. It's convenient, comes In cake form, no mixing. Mummifies rat after killing leaves no smell. Cats or dogs won't touch It. Three sizes, 35c, 65c. $1.25. SOLD AND GUARANTEED BY Henry E. Peters & Sons, Mauser Mill Co., Keyser's Phar., Shoemaker's Drug Store, King & Jones, Palaee Pharmacy, Klump's Drug Store, The Central Drug Co., and D. M. Knabb, all of Allentown; J. W. Peters & Co., Egypt; A. D. Borger, Northampton; Chas. W. Horn and S. B. Kern, of Slatlngton; Hahn & Griffiths, Walnutport; C. A. Hart man, Cementon; E. D. Newhart, Treichlers; P. O. Hess, Cherryville ; Fred D. Herman, Danlelsvllle; John Craig & Co., Lehigh Gap; W. J. Gehringer, Siegersville; The Palm Drug Co.; L. A. Stemler and Costenbader's Drug Store, all of Palmerton; Harry W. Dundore and J. S. Lithgow, both of Emaus; J. D. Schmoyer, Trexler-town; M. A. Gegley & Son, Maxatawny; E. J. Unangst & Sons, Nazareth; E. B. Shultz, Macungie; W. B. Butz, Alburtis; H. L. Gross, Center Valley; T. B. Clauser, Seidersville; Hellsrtown Drug Store and Prossers, both of Hellertown; and A. C. Gehman & Son, of Coopersburg". exact amount of soda required, measured accurately by eighths of a teaspoon, the smallest unit by which powders may be measured in the household. The manipulation of the test is simple, so that bakers, cooking classes, or housewives may us it. Less than a minute of time Is necessary, after the solutions are prepared. The assurance that bread baked with sour milk and soda will not have too much of either Ingredient will create confidence In the minds of many, and possibly revive the use of this moat excellent and healthful leavening process. Jx Specials That You Want ?C3 Soap Chips, Olive Oil Soap, Pecan Meats, Pure Cocoa, Stuffed Olives, 2 lbs. 25c 55c dot. $1.00 lb. 3 lbs. 25c M 15c bot. 5l lit ft Flour, 12 lbs. for 50c BOWEN 809-817 Hamilton St. .Democratic County Meetio DORNEY PARK Saturday, Sept. 2, 1922, 1 P. M. Standard Time SPEAKERS JOHN A. McSPARRAN (Candidate for Governor) ROBT. E. PATTISON Jr., Philadelphia Candidate for Lieutenant Governor A. MARSHALL THOMPSON, Pittsburgh Candidate for Sec. Internal Affairs WM. A. CROLL, Reading Candidate for Congress OLIVER T. WEABER IRA D. KUTZ, Reading, Pa. S. E. SHULL, Stroudsburar, Pa. FRED B. KERR, Clearfield, Pa. Candidates for U. S. Senate - JONAS F. MOYER For State Senator For Assembly FRANK A. MICHAEL ALBERT E. RINN HARRY J. DUN! I All Democrats and Others Are Invited to Attend MUSIC BY ALLENTOWN BAND '

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