The Daily Times from Salisbury, Maryland on February 19, 1949 · 8
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The Daily Times from Salisbury, Maryland · 8

Salisbury, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 19, 1949
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THE SALISBURY TIMES, SALISBURY. MD SATURDAY EVENING. FEBRUARY 19, 1919 Wi-Hi Indians Scalp Millsboro For 15th Win Of Season PACE 8 Tribe Wins By 52 To 44 Score Wi-Hi Girls Take 9th Victory Playing their best Rime of the eason aeainst the man-for-man tyle of play, the Wicomico Hitch Indian acored an impressive 52 to 44 win over Millsboro Hiirh last evening on the Delaware court. This marks the local tribe'i 15th win, and 10th consecutive triumph, hi 16 starts. The Indians visit Laurel Hih Tuesday night. Jumping off to a 19 to 11 first quarter lead, the Salishurians were never headed, increasing the gap to a 31 to 23 halftime margin. Rarbane Leads Attack The scoring was well distributed among four players. Paul Sar-banes header the group with 13 while Bi'I I.ankford, Harrison Langel?r and Harry Tull each contributed 10. Donald Donoway, Millsboro forward, carried off the high scoring nonors with 18 points. Weldon Pianka marked 15 Girls Win Again The Wicomico High girls chalk ed up their ninth win while shading the Millsboro High opposition, 12 to 10 in a tight defensive game. The local lnsies scoring consisted of Donna Sbockley, five; Harnett Dickinson, four, and Betty Calcott, three. Irene Carmean's five mark ers wre the best for the Delaware Blisses. The scores: Wicomico HI. (boys) Millsboro L'fnrrt.f IXshrion.f Bmltti.f Tull.e lnirler,g T P P'wav f 10; Mftrhell.f 3 r'lrHVirne.f 0 rtHnks.r ir A1kln r 0 (1 P 'wav.f drey.f 10 ' Ml. G r t X 1 a : A 4 15 A 2 a : 1 1 17 19 44 srv,tal. 11 in B2 Totals Hslftlme: Wlrnmtro 81 Millsboro 23. Referee: Kllis Keene, Dover. Wicomico (gorli) Bounds.f D'klnion.f Calc.m.f Bon,f Bkley.f Baylts.f Flannery.t Makine.f Jones, f HI. O o 1 1 0 t 0 A Millsboro TTsrmean.f 0, R'lntThf m,f 4 Knapp.J 3 rnry,f O'Miimlord.g B Brasiire.f 0 West.f o 0 0 HI. G t i 12 Totals Halftime: Wimlco 7 Mlllaboro Referee: Ellis Keene, Dover. 4 10 6. Rehoboth Quintet Takes 63 to 16 Win Rehoboth High experienced little difficulty in trimming Lord Balti more High last evening, 63 to 16, at the Delaware resorttown. John ny Metcalfe- carried off tha high soint-making laurels at 17. Dorii Webb meshed 14 markers at the Rehoboth High sextet lso topped the Lord Baltimore oppo sition, 25 to 16, The score: Lord Baltimore High ftthoboth High Hall.t Lons.f Evans, f Rvan.c VCIIkiis. Warr'ton,g T!I.amalre,f 4i'lark,f IjScott.f lll'felMer.o J Joseph, i; Burt on. ir l!Barney. Morgan, t Metcalfe.f 17 Totals Halftime 4 ISiTotal Rehoboth 26 Iord JS 7 S3 Balti more both. 4. Referee: Bill Walls, Reho Wheatley Leads Seaford Five To 40-18 Win Dale Wheatley rimmed 12 points s Seaford High experienced little difficulty recording its fifth win last night over Britjeville High, 40 to 18 at Seaford. The score: Bridgeville HI. T OF 3 Davis. f !,eeatPS,f $ I'annon.c !'Harnsty, 12 Reynold, g 2 Kussell.g .Seaford Hi. G M'y'aker.f 1 8liemore.f 0 HigKins.f 3 Pote.f 1 Whe'tley.c 6 KlnK.n 1 Zim man.f 4 Morris, 0 Bowden.g 1 Setter, A R.KIng.g 1 Totals 4 40! Totals 7 4 IS Halftime: Seaford Ilign IS Brldge-Vtlle 10. Referee: M. S. F.atun, Sea-Ion! and Ed .Smith, Seaford. Alumni Five Trips Federalsburg High Norman Bradley dumped in 24 counters as the Alumni outscored the Federalsburg High quintet last evening, 51 to 45. Carl Wat-gon'a 18 tallies sparked the schoolboy attack. The Federalsburg High sextet shaded the Alumnae, 17 to 16. The scores: Fodoraliburg HI. Alumni topner.f R n in r T'Tiley.f 2 4 lS'Bradl.-v.c 10 3 13 'Noble, a- A 5 7lR'hardson.(r 2 1 3 R. Bradley, g 1 rhsva) O Watson.f 7 Messlck.f 5 Wllliams.e 2 Hennlns.S 1 Hubbard, g 0 Meredlth.f 1 4 24 0 0 2 1 3 Totals 16 13 45j Totals 21 S 51 Halftime: Alumni 2 Federalsburg High 14. Referee: Francis Holsinger. Federalsburg. Federalsburg (Oirls) High Spratt.f O 4 Smtth.f 1 Nlehola.f 1 Turmr.g- 0 L.Noble. 0 Sherwooi is o o 'Alumni TIBoyce.f 8Balley,f 6!l.Nlrhols,f 4iOrady,g !H Noble, K "Hallowell.f 0 OFT 1 13 113 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Eastern Shore League Schedule OPM.7l0at At At At At At Closing Date Cambridge Easton Federalsburg Rehoboth Salisbury Seaford Sept. 6 u. Id May 13, 22, 30 May 11,25 ,fi Mayl5.20,29 June 16 12 2 June 15' 19 Jun' 5' I0' 20 June 2 9 23 29 JuM 15' 24 Complete Sy fctt Aug. 8, 17, 2.. 28 &pt4 Sept. 2 Aug. 4. 11.28.11 6 Mav 17 31 L May 15. 20, 29 May 19. 27 May 12. 23. 30' t , n, ShOre June n. 24 June3,9, 19 June 14, 20, 30 f , - June 7, 13, 27 veiyi e June 5. 10, 23, 28 Easton ,,,,, July 8, 17,22,81 July3,5.18 Julyl4.21.28 safe. Leasua zw zw21 ft May 12. 23. 30 May 14. 21, 28 Mav 17 81 Mar 10 24 May 19, 26 Jun. 14. 18 June 16, 25 J . j, 27 JuM 2- 21, 80 Federalsburc 'W COVeragO July 12. 2i" ' Ju.y4-.9;26 g 4 U 25 3 ?ept 5 ' AU-2,16'233 AUg 6'13' 18'29 tpt l May 10. 24 May 18. 26 77 May 14. 21. 28 Mav 12 23 80 Jun. 4. 11.21,30 Jun. 2. 8, 18 jl l M . June 16. 25 E 14 27 Rehoboth July 9 26 Ju.y 2 6 19 , g 29 11,2 " S. 3 1Q'24 Aug. 3, 17, 22, 31 5' Au,. M4.28 M.vlS 27 May 13, 22. 30 May 15, 20, 29 May 17, 31 ?y..OTM June 15, 21 , r ,n o June 17, 24 June 7. 12. 19 Salisbury Sy5 19 July 1, 15, 20, 29 iT.l July 8, 17. 22. 81 T8 July 3, 12. 24 " 1 5 10 24 30 Auf 9.l Aui 7 l" 19 Aug. 21, 26 ltl9 Aug. 2, 16. 23 Aug. 5, 10, 24, 30 Sfpt 2 Aug. 7, 1-, 19, 8 & Sept. 4 May 14, 21. 28 May 18. 27 June 17. 25 ?"y w M June3'8-20 J s 26 June 1, 6, 13. 18 Seaford July 8, 16, 23, 30 jU"v 2J July 1.6. 18 Ji 15 20 29 Ju'y2.13.25 Tmas Aug. 20, 27 iSl2,, Aug. 5, 10, 24 Aue 8 15 '9 Aug. 3, 17, 22 111118 Sept. 5 Aug. 6,13, 19,81 Sept. 2 Aug. 8, 15, .9 gept 3 Home Every T??? lTd.&rZ Home Every Home Every Home Every DenotesNight Wed. & Sat. and aI1 but 2 Monday, Thur,. T"es. 4 Thurs. r- Tues.ASat And 6 Sundays Sunday but 2 Sunday. and all but 2 Hobday Gam. No Sunday 6 22 6 12-26 (6 12-7 24) 8 14-28 Saturday jfJ, 7,24 8,14-28 No Tues., Thur., N0 Saturday No Fri. or Sun. No. Wed. or Sat or Saturday f) 7j I HOLD 'EM DOWN. Defensive standouts during Wicomico High's uccessful basketball invasion last night of Millsboro High were Bobby Elzey, left, and Betty Flannery. Mardela Girls Capture 16th With Norma Lee Wright sinking 17 tallies and Peggy Gambrill, 15, th. Mardela High girls racked up their 16th consecutive win without a loss last night while turning backt Buckingham High of Berlin, 38 to' 27 at Mardela. The Mardela High quintet also marked its 10th victory by topping Buckingham High, 48 to 42. Tommy Bounds meshed 18 tallies and Lou Bradley 15 to lead the winning drive. The scores: HI. Buckingham HI. G F T P T rownsend.f 1 1" Baker. f 1 15Mi-iee.f 0 0 P'kai'krr.f 0 S Timnniria.K 0 Of. Haker.g 0 0 ll'ilUnri, 0 OX'Ingham.g 1 0 2 5 2 1J Mardela (girls) O N.Wrlght.f 8 Uambrlll.f 7 Jrms.f 0 Willlng.f 3 Hank.o.g 0 Fletcher, g 0 llennett.g 10 Totals 18 I 38 Totals 11 6 27 Halftime: Furklngham 17 Mardela 14. Referee: Mrs. Leslie White, Salisbury. HI. Buckingham Hi. OPT OFT H'son.f 1 l: 4 0 8 Havne.f 1 3 8 2 IH Bergey.o 1 1 3 IS l.vnrh.g 6 0 10 0 4 H'rhamp.g 2 2 1 1 Sajima.g 0 0 0 6 2i Mardela (boy) Brown. f Bounds.f Bradley.c Wllllams.r V letfner.g Totals 21 4S Totals 18 4! Hnlftime: Mardela 2., Buckingham Keferee: Willard Oakley, Salisbury. Delmar Cagers Beat Selbyville Henry (Hank) Outten unloaded a high 21 points as the Delmat (Del.) High sharpshooters continued their victory march last night by chalking up their 13th win in 14 starts at the expense of Selbyville High, 84 to 31. Fay Brumbley cut loose a flurry of 22 tallies as the Delmar High misses trimmed the Selbyville High opposition, 47 to 22. The store: Delmar Selbyville T H ill t Powll.f MnrrKf Hasel.f Wumford.c Mi-r'abe.g J Hall, g HI. i F Totals 10 11 3 Halftime: Delmar Referee: Vaughn Robert Loekerman. T ti edrin,f 1 Sutliff.f 4 Hutten f 3 Trailer.f ! Klhg.c 8 Br.ull-.v.c 0 Anrionio.g f Bn!.g KoXA-ell.g K.Bank.,g- Totals 37 (Del.) Hi. (J F T I 11 1 o :t 21 0 4 1 1" 4 2 S 1 s 1 11 0 2 37 10 84 .elhyville 15 Loekerman and John M. Clayton Bows Again, 83-63 Despite Harold Vickers' 30 point output, the John M. Clayton High cagers went down to their 15th straight loss at the hands of the Alumni, 83 to 63, last evening at Dagsboro, Del. The score: Alumni John M. Clayton High Vickern.f Iton.f WilllaniK.f Mnmford.c Hurixon.c Baker g Jones. g Mitchell. 1 Totals 28 11 S.TTotals Halftime: Alumni 34 J. M. r.cfcre: Parrell Hudson TPukes.f J"Roger.f !;L.Roger.c S Ionoway,g Hudson, g 4 Layfield.g n 1 P o 3 13 0 21 1 1 13 4 31" 5 8.1 Clayton Totals 7 Halftime: Alumni 3. 17 Totals Fedtralsburg 7 2 High Wally Hood, Jr. Is a New York Yankee pitching rookie. His father hurled for Brooklyn in the twen ties. Tri-State Staging Skeet Shoot Tomorrow Ercell Dove, chairman of the Tri-State Sportsman's Club skeet committee, extends an invitation to all Eastern Shore gunners to partic!pat3 tomorrow afternoon in a trap and skeet shoot at the club range, near Parsonsburg. The newly formed Eastern Shore Skeet League will get under! way at Hmlock, Sunday, Febru ary 27th. Cambridge Trounces Sudlersville Teams Cambridge High, host to Wicom iro mgn next rnoay evening, re corded its 13th basketball virt last night, topping Sudlersville High, 49 to 36 on the Dorchester court. Milford Foxwell hiked his season's total to 188 points by scoring 11 tallies. The Blue Belle girls of Cam bridge High romped to their 14th victory, doubling the count on Sud lersville High. 22 to 11. Joan Tieder paced the winning attack with 11 markers. The scores: SBnoire pirits -By ED NICHOLS- SCOUTS HAVE NEW PROBLEMS NOW, OLD YARDSTICKS NO LONGER HOLD REX BOWEN, popular Brooklyn Dodger scout, who patrols the Eastern Shore for Boss Branch Rickey, says the problem in uncovering future major leaguers is not an easy task these days. Competition has become so keen, we were told, that scouting is lots more than trying to find out whether the kid can hit, run and throw hard. Young prospects are being graded more and more these day? on aptitude. Will he follow in structions? Will he try to cor rect mistakes? Does he make the same mistakes over and ove again? Does he keep late hours? Does he smoke? All this goes on the report unless it is unreliable heresay. "A scout these days almost has to live with the boy before inking his name to a contract," Rex pointed out. "There are other more or less intangible factors that must be considered. What is the pros pects disposition on the playing field? Does he discourage easily after bobbling one? Does he lose heart when the team is behind? Does he have style, poise, rhythm of movement, agility? Sudlersville High (Boys) r. Maole.f A nthnnv.f 'lnir.f nark.f Ft'yl.s e leman.g Robinson. g Cambridge High r; F T .sprar.r 4 Kin'mond.f ft Woolen. f 3 Marnier. f 3 Hurley f J2 losley.f S'Foxwrll.O I'FrnlfV.c Alilrt.igp.g r'nnnon.g Brndlfy.g Tlol.ins.g Bennett, ft Totals 11 14 S"Toal 0 1 II 0 0 n o ti n 4" Sudlerivillt High (Girls) () roleniHn.f Smith, f Xoonan.f nimes.r rhiiiips r F.mnry.g Totsls HMftlme: Referee MrKnett. Cambridge High C, F TTIeder.f 3iTownsenrt,f 2 Mitchel ,f fi'Stevenson.f " Miirpny g 0!repuRh.g OTotter.g -.1 T in 2 4 4 11 'Totals s 4 22 Cambridge 8 Sudlersville : At wood Henry and Joe The more than 100 rookies re porting to American licague baseball teams hail from 30 states and three foreign countries. SCOUTS are equipped with rating cards which they fill out foi each prospect. Players are graded on the big three hitting, throw ing and running speed. Then comes fielding, power, accuracy and base running. A pitcher is rated on speed, control, curve and change of pace. "For pitchers,' Bowen explains, "the prime essen tial is can they throw hard. We can teach most of them to curve a ball, develop control, and work out a change oi pace, but we can't teach them to throw hard. "Size is desirable, especially in pitchers, but running speed is the number one quality we seek, except in three positions where speed is not as important pitcher, catcher and first base. We do not consider first sackers as infield- erf in our srt-up, but place them in a separate classification." We remember a scout sometime ago said what made his job so difficult was he couldn't see the player's heart. Call it never-say-die spirit, or the ability to deliver in the clutch, but it still spells h-e-a-r-t. Bowen declares he's watched kids that were sensations in sand lot and high school ball, but choked up when playing Clasa D ball. The heart was about the size of a pea. Another so-so prospect will become a star. Why? He has the heart of a tiger. : HERE AND THERE: Man ager Carl McQuillen of Federals burg tells us that he was awarded a scholarship at University of Maryland after graduating from r . . munswicK nign. He threw up his college education for pro- fessional baseball career . . . Carl is a fuel oil salesman for a firm in Frederick during the winter Cilenn McQuillen, of the Baltimore Orioles, you know, is a bro ther of the new Federalsburg skipper. Salisbury's Manager Gene Cor- bett received notice yesterday that he is to report March 17 at the Albany, Ga., training base. The rookies are to assemble three days later while the experienced play ers fall in line one week hence . . . i jjiiiiiiii ? J. -mm- ,v r I a a Rex Bowen Gene may make the southern jaunt with Pop Kelchner, veteran Cardinal scout . . . George McPhail will not be sold, traded or released, we were told last night by Dr. J. Edwin Dunn, club presi dent of the Seaford Eagles. That's final. WICOMICO HIGH cagers still rolling onward . . . Bill Hamill submits some interesting statis-tics concerning the local warrion . . . Donald Dishroon has the top shooting percentage, meshing 28 of 62 scrimmage shots for a 45.1 mark . . . Paul Sarbanes ranks runnerup, rimming 79 of 204 floor attempts for a 38.7 average while Bill Lankford is the next most accurate shooter with a 95 x 283 for a 33.5 mark ... Ed Mink, Hurlock High coach, says he'll be glad when the cage sea son is over . . . Two of his regu lars ate on the casualty list with the Eastern Shore tournament finals coming up . . .Lloyd Fooks is nursing an infected hip resulting from a floor burn and Jimmy Lankford has a swollen hand . tiuriocK enus tne regular season at St. Michaels on Tuesday evening. The Laurel Owlettes girls team disputes the Eastern Shore powd- e puff title claimed by the Mil-ford Blue Hens. They have won nine itraight game after losing to Milford by one point, and the Owlettes claim the Blue Hens owe them a return tiff. Incidentally, the Laurel misses play the undefeated STC sextet nera Tuesday evening. Only Unbeaten Cage Team Wins 19th New York, Feb. 19(AP) The nation's only undefeated college basketball team Southwest Mis souri State did it again last night. The lads from Springfield, Mo., aiming for the first Missouri A. A. Conference championship since 1937, whipped Maryville (Mo) Teachers, 45-31, for their 19th straight triumph. As usual on Friday nights most of the major competition was in the Rocky Mountains and Pacific Coast areas. STC Boys Bow; Girls Take 1 1 th Teams Gain Split Against Wesley The Salisbury State Teachers College quintet went down to its 11th loss of the season last night, bowing to Wesley College at Dover, 45 to 34. Coach Helen Jamart's STC lassies remained unbeaten by winning their 11th straight over the Wesley College opposition, 30 to 7. Ruth Cloak sparked the winning drive with 12 tallies while Marion Dozier contributed eight. The scores: STC (Boys) Wttlty College tJ P T' OPT w Potter.f 3 I Virdin.f liavid.f 0 0 0 Kati.f Wood d.f 0 0 0 Snvler.f Hrlnffuld.f 1 1 1 Wt.c lgan.f 1 0 I van Tott I I N'eUi.n c 3 8 Aoiilllan.g ft 1 1 " i i imen.g 0 0 0 1 2 4 2 1 5 1 2 2 7 11 t 0 1 0 2 t 4 IS 0 0 0 Kfia"li,c I'hllllp." g Klthian.g Rut.lns.g Knott. g Tolals 12 10 34 Totals 14 17 4.'. Halftime: Vel.v 1'" STC I." Kefi-n-e: Frank Api helia. Wah- nirtr.n f',,llvu Salnbury State Weiley Teacher I lnir, iwioij VOIICBI U V T Cloak. f 6 2 12 Warnrr.J Lynch. f 2 0 4,Ky.' Leonard.' 2 2 t Sipkr.f Howard. f 0 0 0,I..isg lozir.f 3 2 8 Kuafell.g K Lvni h g 0 0 O UaUs g 1'iigh.g noo A O 0 01 Wheatley. g 0 0 0 OPT 1 0 t 0 1 1 2 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 I 1 1 Totals 12 30 Totals I I 14 Halftime: TC 15 Wesley 2. Hurlock Wins Pair From St. Michaels The Hurlork High basketeers. playing without the servires of their are. Lloyd Fnoks, inked their 10th win last evening over St Michaels High, 31 to 18. The Hurlock High sextet nosed out St. Michaels High, 27 to. 26 with Madge Wheatley registering a high 24. The scores: Hurlock St. Michaels Hioh Hiah (Boyi) C V T G P T I.uetier k.f 3 2 8 .lonPS.f S O 12 Wetzel. f 1 1 3 Marine, f 0 0 0 !.oompte.e 1 0 2 Bramble. r S 1 13 Towns'd.g 2 0 4 nnromr.ff " i i sellers, g u i i i n t"ph r.g 2 0 4 McK'vey.g O VI1 Totals 14 3 31 Totals 7 4 18 Halftime: Hurlock 21 .t. Michaels 8 Hurlock Hiah St. Michael! Hiah (Girl) (1 F T G V TiSewell.f 3 0 fi Kskrldge.f 1 0 2 tiavennort.f S 4 14 Wh'ley.t 10 4 24 Newman, f 2 2 Single. f O 0 0, Tucker, g 0 0 tl SRckett.f 0 1 l;.iMhii9oii.g n n n Thomas, 0 fl 0 ; Maxwell, g 0 0 0 Trie p g " " Arnett e 0 0 0 Ch toph r.g 0 ft 0 Totals 11 5 2" Totals 1ft 2 Halftime: St. Michaels 18 Hurlock 11. Referee: Kd 1'cters of Cambridge. Seaford Eagles Sign Two More Outfielders The Seaford Eagles today added two outfielders to their 1949 Eastern Shore League roster, it was announced by Dr. J. Edwin Dunn, club president. They are Bobby Kline of Baltimore and Martin Byrd of Tabor City, X. C, who can also take his turn on th pitching mound. Both are righthanded hitters and throwers. Farmer Returning To Easton ThisYearToPilotYankees Jack Farmer returns to the Easteri Shore League as manager of the Eaton Yankees, a club he piloted to a fifth place finish in 1946. He succeeds Dallas Warren, who tetired from the game to enter I i business in San Diego, Calif. This announcement was made today b) j Walter J. Claggett, club business! manager. The 35-vear old resident of London, Ky., piloted the Butler, Pa., Middle Atlantic League club last season. He guided the Stroudibur, Pa., North Atlantic League team during 1947. Farmer accepts the Eastern Shore League assignment with a IZ-year DacKgrouna as a pitcneri and manager. He's a transplanted St. Louis Cardinal farm hand, starting in 1934 with the Beatrice, Neb., Nebraska State League team when he won 19 games. Hi3 next three years were spent in the Middle Atlantic League, twirling for Huntington, W. Va., in 19!5-3i", and Portsmouth, O., during 197. Bennv Borgman, veteran St. Louis Ca'dinal scout and pilot, was his skipper during these three years. Farmer credits Borgman with much of his success. Then, 1940 saw him promoted: to the helm of the Albuquerque club of the Class C Arizona-Texas League, where he turned in anoth er outstanding managing job. He spurred the team to a second place finish, the tace being decM.-j the last day of the season. Although Farmer hurled Kit e to a 3 to 0 victory ion the day, Tiiscon also won to ria,'. -i the buntin. After that nerve-rackinc fa paign, Farmer decided he'd tiie managtrial headaches, ar : signed with the Mobile t' ; the Southeastern League. 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