The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 23, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 23, 1933
Page 1
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United /'rc.s-s THEVILLE VOL. XXX—N'O. 2;i •I HK DOMINANT NEWSPAI'EH OF NOHTHRAtST AHKANHAS AND SOUTHEAST M1S8OUKI Hlyihtviile -natly Nc"*-a. ui>lhevUlc Courtis " "" ; __VIISM.SMPPI v»n.iy u. n >r. >" - JM,, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, DMCICMISMU a:i, HM Musical Programs aiul Pag- eanls P 1 a n n eel for Chnsimas MVP. Churches of l!;i.s city will celc brale Clni.'.lina, Eie with iptcial j ftcrviees but no lurm:il uh<fri'i"i: ( j- i>- planned loi 1 Christinas .Day except at (lie Pilgrim i.ui-i.-raiij church, which .vill have a servicei at U a.m. 1 Some seiviee:; will lie 1X.-U1 Sun-| cay morning; l.u!. mtisl of them' will be give.i on the eve of i - Christ's birthrlAy. Tlie^Plrst Dsp- llst cjiurcli ..clinirt-wiH" present n musical at 11 rtni., under-the di- itclion of Mp. Paul L.. Tiptun, who has iliiri'nui'ri a "p-oyram ol appropriate selection*, with 'Mrs. Murray Smart at Hie organ. Kv< rctl MclXmvIl rnd his orchestra will be featured clous with members ol the chch there will be :> violin .su!o. ""Venetian Serenade," by Mr Mc'Oowell: :i male quartet, "Wiitcliiniin Tell Us of Ihc -Hl'slu," Buck, by II. r.. ur.rnetto, T. II. Haynes, U. G. Hi nt and Mr. Ho- ean; saxophone duel. "When Life's Summer Skies Huve "Pled," Clay Smith, Mr. Mi'Diwcli and Mr. Lee; duet, "Night" of Nights," -Van He Water. Mrs. R'JL-,ell Farr and Mrs. Tipton; solo--'Let Us Uo' Unto llethlehem," Free! B. Holton, Akin Ilullman jr. 1VIII Give Paseanls At •! o'clock ;e::;oi"row afternoon tlic First Presbvl'jrian church will prt-scnl a Christmas paxeanl, "The Light of the V/CTid" with special ! settings and Ihe church lighted cnly by candic:; Ihe Eimday :;c'-.ool of Ihe Pil- tfiim. Lutlicran church will have a' program • Sunci»y at 7 p.m. Tlic.. program ^wijj consist of readings : " and £onjfs/TTJl^o?.i;d by a p'a^caiitr'lj "The 'Old. Old Slory," based on" il>c- Christmas story as recorded by the- gospel writers, and will be given in sliitfoiv tableaux. An inspiring 1 series SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTtt .' 1 Ntiliviiy Itdls Will !>><• Heard Tliruoiii World HKTIM.KIIKM. Dec. 23 (L'l'l- Ihe belts «[ ihc Clnireli of the Na- Ivlly, nmrkliii; Ihe spot where Ihe nfanl Je.sus was lulil In n nuinircr arlv l.nm years nno. will rlni! il'ioinhiiiil the world this Christ- um. 1 " evi 1 . . As tbe tradltlomil qeremonlcs arc, Ijeld In the vaulted cathedral s'urrounillm: Hie liny stone cell where Ihe hallowed mnnger stootl. the will |ienl UN Chey kive for . ... .... ceiilurli-s, Inn this time their pouLs I ier-Craishuw. Company,- wholesale nl jov will Iw! heard nnL only by mem -dlslribMtorsi;-Railroad valid' I Ihe dcviml pilgrims (-tittered here "'•—-"- -•"•-'"••••• •-•• ••"•"- • for C'inistiiKis but by n large part of Ihe Christian world, The chimes will be picked up by nidlo nud will be rebrreulcast In Die" llrlllsh empire, the, United Slates.. mid nl least 16 Kuro|x?an countries. • t-.-t.'' • • Crinvili tin-onsen" the streets of Jerusalem mid Hellilehcm today city.! In preparation for the nnnual ob- Tvi'6 "of Fmnloycs Forced to Open Safe at:-.; Pistol Point; Larger ; Sum Overlooked | Three innskefr )>andlls slagid a hold-up at Uie "office :6f the-Mil- Cherry, nt ' 10130' 6'cloclf .laat ;iiig)it, I with 131 -. aftir ; forcing four employes lnto. : ii..cooltr 'cotn- 'liartmejit. They.pverlboked'n'much -I InrKcr 'ninount •:<$• linowy: ' ,: ' -'i- • 1 .The bandlt4lio6trin)ahd«ired".6ne ,1 of th«. empldW«'!c«irs- U5 jrfeparU.r- hig, iU .was latef'-foiind' abandoned '•>".'• lieur.'Camp' Moultrle, north of trili ;'.J cit.. ••:• .'::-':- ' ••"'• •,:':! s-crvance. In spile of world comll- Inn" office'".white.'(Ae! third Itept : J ; linns which materially lessened ihe i wntch ouLsltic. They surprised Don ."'" lunuber of fnrclcn. .pilgrims tin: i Lutes, shipping clerk, and a neiro •''' VIII iOIIS were' r< JflP . ..plll!rlins tin: ! LiHos. shipping clerk, and a nejro •' vnrinus natlonulllli's of the earth pdrtcr"hf' a. warehouse section -'of •• were' rcprescnled us tunidl. the plant iind hustted tteni Into ' f Hie cooler before preceding toUhe ;i| office ;-.proper ^here .they found .' I Marlon ; .pray,,; j bookkeener, , i and I Clntidil Bell, smpplrig clerlt.'.The •' ,1 bnndlts forced' 'Cray -to open :.'a---:l cash . drawer InV.'the' safe, (hreit- : .'- '-- I! And there were in the ?nmo coiu-lry slicjriicrds abiding in I he field, keeping w.Uch over their llocE by niitht. And, !o. the r.n;;cl of ii:o Lcrd came upun (hem and snid . . . li'.'h'jld. 1 brin;; you tidin<^ 01 joy, for nntri yon Ls born l!;i^ '.lay in the cily ol David a Savior. And tills shall Iv 1 :L sl^n nnto you: Yc Khali find the baby wrapped in fiwadtUiny riotbi 1 . 1 :, lyins in a manner. And . . . i:>? slicphnnb ;-.aia one to nnoihr-i-, Ut us nov; i;o even unto Uethluhcin and see Mil:; ihlny \tliich has rom; to p:i^. . . Ann limy cnnir with im.-.te, mid foun I .Mary, uiul Ja53|)H. . nnd the lialjc lylnK In a manyer. . ' . --SI. Luke I St, Louis Ignoring I Missouri's Dry Law U ' : ST. LOUIS, Dec:'.23. (UP)—MlS- I foini's bone dry iaw has been re- I ! realcd by SI. Louis- hotels and I !ei;isUituie still l> dcadloulicil over rrl _ ,.. ,.,,,. . , , , lunch counter shelves for all who •The First Methodist church will LeRov. Patton. negro; confessed j,...,, ,,,„ rric . have Us forii'al service at 7:30 today to breaking and tooling a, " A ,,..,-..,, urei-v is nil 'he ven- ocloek with UK- choir reml,ring"n display window at the New Ron-' (io , s ' v , . lu j JtTfy tiieir ( eflaiice :.pccittl a! which the pas- omy shou in ihe 100 East Main:;'?",';.,,.'" br; tlui', far it has lor, the Hev. W. V. Woniack, will slrect block lasl_nighl. police'an- 1 srenb briefly. . _ : ncunced today. The Sunday school of the Src-j A woman's coat and hat. valued, onrt Baptist cil'iurrli. the Church; nt. about f50. removed from' the of_ the Naza'.MV: and the. Lake winrlnw. were recovered by police. Street Mi-ihodls; church will have Officers found the coal Un's mor- Iheir service.-! aiiri Christmas tree ning but the holder protested (hat. i.TOgrams in tile evening us an- she had bouqht it from Pntton.! I'punccd. .Confronted with her story the ; ne-: Miduijlil Mass ', gro admitted the tliell Dud told" High niass \vi-l be celebrated at how he hnd secured Ihe articles, the Church of the Immaculate He sn ' (i lle "ad thrown a brick Conception Earrtsy nt midnisul byi through ihe window but had been 17,.„ ihe Rev. J. .1. Ti"ion!])son. assisted' unable tn reach the coat or dress ' by four seminarians of St. John's i " nlil he urokc n "mb off a tree at dcillllS RoOSeVCH Ptll'- college at .Lidle "Rock. "The pro-i the Blythevilie hospital grounds, a: cessional (o the allar will bcsin| block nway. and returned to "fish" 1 Utiiiiy Moves to Block Electric Plant, Loans ' BIRMINGHAM,! ;Dct;" ; 23' 'Coti— S. iPevear.; prr^dehl "of, Birr iiilngluun Electric'company, readily admitted lo the Unilcd Press today IIT* p . iii- i \t 'thai his utility iiuAiviHli.'O' 'njuuc- 1m bOlllg to [NlCK IOU lion suits yesterday to hall npuli- All Hands 'Taken Aboard -U.- S.- Vessel.. Which Rammed Freighter. Plenty" He Tells Mayor i^vermntt't'Tuncls'tr^ecUn^nui- WdlmsleV. nlcicnl jwver plants. . '' ' * _ • "We feel that It Is bur privilege NEW ORLEANS. Dec. 23 (UP)-! to nct in l»o .case." .'said Pcvear. P. Ixing today; pimlshmciU to ; v Aflvriratp fon- \ rta\OCi\lC l.on exactly iit 12 oclock. i the articles from the window. The chase Program. On Chrlslnuis luorning the pil--break, in the 1 window, near the! MONTK MR Ark.. Dec. 23 aiD ?.rim Ijithcrai. chin eh will obirervo i <loor> '' v ' ns discovered by employes —W. If. <Coin> TTarvcy. a life ion? ils fourth earlv incrnlu? Yuictidei " lis "loining. , j nOvr.ra'.e of free silver, denounced iervice. At tfi.; lime tfi- inslorJ Police !lrc checking Pulton's art-! the silver purchase order of Pres- the Rev. rf.''J:- kleinrt'ienstV will' 1 ivitif ' s ' nU|lt >'-Ptins to connect, hinr Went Ro^eveit as a "vane of the -ak on "Why We Christians Ihc 20lh 'CVnliuy Still Worship Ihe Babe of lielhicliein." A . with other window brenkin^. a series of such robberies having oc- while metal." "It is not free coinage of sil- ci'rrcd tills winter, ration Is an vcr at nil but similar lo the Sher- Seimlor Huey tiireatencd cliri Hew Orleans ciij fathers who an- :".ouiicetl lhat they had "ca^t o!P ihe yoke of Hfey I/jng bundasej :-ml slavery." • ' . ' . . . : j;! To : Ma}'or T.. E. IWalmsley; Sen-! alr.r I.on^ snul: ' ' "i'ou hud b..l'1-r j!c( ready (o cool your heels, l::sj buy. Till E to nick you [ilt-tiuy before.. I yiM. through with u;;i. Before you Stan talking about lluey P. Long you j want to make M>rc you haven't got i unylhin; liidd 1 : 1 ! in your cellar." j H is anollier o( IxjuLsiana's- fa- • n:a\K political campaigns. • The old regular Democrntic or- j (•anlzalion tliat rules New Orlc-1 ans has manar-j'! to remain intact i;nder six "years c.f slate domination by Senator Long's iKillticiil faction. When 1 tug tried tn inject Fiplil Looms at LcgislfAtive Srssioh Which' Will Open January 2. "We have nothing to veil. Our JACKSON, Miss. (UP)—Wei and step? are being taken through cltl- <l''l" tor « s ln ">'M Mississippi arc «ns of the towns. ' ; preparing for n vigorous flehl dur- tlie Jan. ply. \Vhen Oriy .n»d: trouble.^-* cottng a key to,. open the drawer. one of the bandits said he would shoot ; ' tne lock- off. - but ' anpiher, : , who 'nj)oarentlv 'wns ihe '-.leader,';.." warned him not to and he waited, raking out tire cash when Gray .• fuccceiled In opening the box. Gray and Bell were then escorted DUTCH HARnOR. Alaska, Dec. into the cooler and told lo remain 21 HIl'l— The crciv of tile Japan- 1 for several minutes..- r-.vj fi-rlghlcr Heiel Mnru No. 12 Lute's cnr was (pund" later, during wns siifc' nbonrd the S. 9. lown of, the night, U had beeri.ieft a short ' : j American reclstry today after a distance horfh ql town Indicating; ocean near Hokkaido. Japan.'''" the wholesale company employes The lown, running between.PoH-1 wore handkerchief masks.-" ' land nnd the orient, rammed thej —'- ..---'-•--• r- '-•' |H)rl side which :wns Collide In Bay SAN PrfANCISGO, Dec. 23 (UP) —The Drlllsli motorshlp Grenvlllc and the Union Oil company tank- [ 51 :"' Demand Probe of Gold;;i: and Silver Price Leaks Rpini i\<-j ul 'lOtllir^rnC I A C IS A O011. himself inlo r t -.xi month's cily election the old regulars broke a three-year political alliance with Long. I ing the reeiilnr session of Legislature, which convenes Tfl "' ovcr l )r °l jo ' sp ^ legislation to rc po r t I II Irgullzc the wile of beer and per- -n lc : | y iiilt iTslrlcjPd "distribution of whls-; tt cn n ky and wine.!. i | ITt , .inriroyc isccr -Mrasurt ,": i , vn , i Majorities'In both the House of! i Kcpresenlntlyes and the Senate" i Imve .expressed- their approval of j ! the beer measure. Governor M. S. PC if An- Conner, although iicrsonally a dry, n i r»! • 1 has inlimalr ' i tllnt llc wi " ". ai on " KoVfll Lllllcl;I>ose "such legislation In view of ' the accruing revenue which Is needed to balance the state's bud- gel. Tlic 1M4-35 state "executive bod er Parkct War heavy collided WASHINGTON, Dec. 23 <yp'j— nnnouncement of administration TOKYO. Dee. 23 (UP)—A son. Ihc lonfr awnlted crown prince of' eel' 'includes the stigKCsllon lhat Ihe Imperial fnm'lv of Japan, was. beer be lc^ii]|?.ed. Inxed one cent liorn ioday lo Emuress • Nni:ako,;i piul, with a rrjisomiblc . ........ ...... ] Into ]>ort. The bow of the tanker t /- tor Lcrmany. VATICAN CI'IY, Dec. 23. tUP) -olo "O Holy Nri.l" bv "j\0-iinv will ol<i ° rf( ' niior - having served on Ihc man purchase- act In the eighties! •' ' " " 5ung . . • county farm and in the city jail. Pastors of there churches have' " extended a public invitation for Evidence Found of all to attend M'trc services. resulted In disnsler," said Hnrvey. j "The free coinage of silver prior! 1R"1 coined all silver bullion > Ff ASHES Ihe ricb niiMfipval rilnalisiu lax on cltMilers. The bud^elcers es- which siirrountls Ihe world's old- • timaled that this would yield j est dvnaslv. I S2tX).COO annuallj'. , News of the birth of the first rvopnsrd lecislatlnn lecalirlng inwlc child of Em|>eror linuors. however, will meet — I|T nn cncycllra: directed lo the ni'rt the cmnri-si l>roi:"hi err at re- ' sivonc opixisition. I'olitlcinns pref- i Calholic church throughout the ioicing amririi; tlicir M.ODO.OOO MI!I- ' pralily arc non-cotnmltal on the , vvt - rUI ln comtn-morntton of the tcct.s. whom the newcomer, should subject. Formerly, support of pro- 1 Christmas seism. Pope Pius toll c live, will som- day rule ns (lie hibltion was an accepted plank In day severely tr«;td the theory ol mikarlr). coniinnln<! Ihe 1111- : n candltlalc's platform. Such a [mass sterilisation of Imperfect liu- - - - Capitol hill would be less agltat-. cd about Charlies .of a leak if the. administration's monetary policies wcrc In permanent form. It generally Is agreed the cold price is ' lo be raised beyond the $34,06 an ounce level at-which It now stands. All currency expansionists In congress Interpret the 64.5 cents an ounce price established for s'l- ver as only a beginning of the development of Mr, Roosevelt's silver program. • '. " " The country has -become familiar In the. last two months with the, system of advances In the ... . n i price of gold. Ahy changes to be Hitler Program made In the price .of silver would be In almost Identical form. Kills Landlady Who D . I LONDON. '. Kelused to Call Doctor -'"'« have no-. . . cnly 111 the rm-antic South Sens., ST. LOUIS, Da. 23. (UPl-Frcd llrivog. 50, rt.'scpbei] by eily phy- flcinns as a pijTlionciirotic, confessed totiay that he beat nud stabbed to de-ilh Mrs. Martha Wells, his 'iS-jear-oM landlady, because she lef-.itwl his n-ijuost to rail a physician viien lle told her he was ill. For almo,! an hour. Her/og tnid, he lay bcoicic her body, loo , ., , , , . weak (o move from Ihe 'c^n- of <0 ob>oln tllc «• = '«>»•• liavc Just: ih( crime. " ' : ' Ifrn '''•'- "P ;lt Salmonsbiirv in i j tiiouKterhhire. 'Ihe woman i.i. 1 O'.j^ht to hiv.^ lived in th? lime, f the nomnu cecupallon. | In Ihe opinion of experts, this Is Cannabiiism in Britain' |n(o" siiver"Toiiis"frce; of eiiar^:: ciiiux BWTF.N IN KOTO, '"'"linn ihe silver coins back to Nlv \\ ^ IIKK — Arnixmlii In- buil-, f ;1:i 'e. rfi>uteti tc havr l«:en a hi ml broken line founded 2.SOO years nin strong wet sentiment lias devel !«• Omatrr.Tsu omllnnl. f;odder.s rf onetl that a definite sland on el- the sun. . ther side of Ihc nuesiton Is cer- the tain lo alienate certain voters. "inrtlialelv after —The nn-iih-il lhp |lr °i lk ' wll ° brn1l Sht (he _ " been w ert linl1 lo the mints. Under this free, milliciMirc Cul-ar i coinage bw no one would take less! w "b powerful irlluence In (he .rnenl was Riven the Dress nnd Ihe! birth at C:39 a. in. the announce-, The little wind of ,Hh'rn nnw r ° r " 1(>tr silvcr tnnn its mone y J lacll! " 10 rcRim,-, was scvrrely I ne nine I'.nmi ol , now vntl|p{1 ^.^^ al |h( , mtn|s am| . htalen ;„ llis r<j(f| room |oll:l} . "ilvcr cnin was luit inlo circula-| '•>' Iwri n un \viio iioiicc saiti Iia liv C'amllilatc.s Because of this, olficcholtlers. niniu ns plnnnco by the Killer government, tu "Germany. His Mluslon lo the sterilization I law, he said, was undertaken wilti •.xlri'iue reliicla'.i:!.. but he declar- I radio lo be broadcast lo n waiting! scheduled to run in the August Millage Tax Payments Help City Pay Bills Christmas "gifts" in the form of checks were issued today by Sidney Craig, city clerk, to merchants the city owes past due bills. Issuance of the checks clears up- Ihe city's current expense accounts payable for September, October and November. Rigid economy lias been neces : hr-s -l>ecn add^.'i lo tl'.e list of ler- rjic-ries wlu-re Oevjiuod .liicir fellows. ' Pre^if has ju<*. l>een unearthed by a British n-itiqunry thai "long pi"" was fp.iluri-ii on the menu nl Piitc^n- u-il'.ilt: i!e Clirislian era. :l It necessary :o speak "in order , arj , ( ,, |r]n? rcccnt montlls wltn n satisfy the ex|H?ctatlous of the clty fllnds low ^ A some of the *]CrilV." • citv'e />rfl/iltn>-c rta n-Pll f»« nfftolal* creditors as well as officials lion r.t "This fi\cd I ho value of silver !e " rir ° * u ""»« l °" C!>ch Hnrvev lias A'jcr of human bones, ix 1 - _ f i;r " or^iitlcni licvcd lo br (liiv? of a 30-year-old platform v.nnan. which }';•<. been sijit open i " ' ' wiltlen ' numerous ,,,,i whose nrayers hart lx-n for piimary. arc desirous of blocking ^.5.,. ^ _ ,._ _ bov. Tlie-four iirevious children n referendum measure that would llh views, the pope added, had | | lnvc i lnc | [ 0 g a without their pay been paid S.MHip iiy <'iil].-in rob- ! °f 'he roynl ua'.r had all been p!:ire Ihe question l>cfore Ihe vot- been made clep'- in his encyclical • r or n time. fls to kill him. Si 1 " 1 ' Three of'them survive. >rs f-arly In IOU. I of 1030 on "canii conubli." dealing Tills week the sheriff and col- Sirens, (oo. spread the clad lid- Members of (his group have In-!""' matrimony. In which, he said, | lector's office turned over 84,068.« Ihroiirih the citv of Tokyo dlcatfd lhat If n referendum is "we have alre-'d; said everything 53 m c it y mlllage tax and the ADMITS EV'.'OKTIOX PLOT I'!I1I,:\I>F.I,PHI.\.—An nllfccd been a candidate' r\tutiin plnl ar,ainsl I.rssing J. on his free silver ('lf)ftiiiff Stock A - T. and T. Anaconda Copper Helblchem Steel Chrysler Cities Service Coca Coin Onera! Tank General Klectric Oencral Motors International Harvester Middlewosi utllilirs Montsomery Ward New York Central Packard Phillips Petroleum Radio Simmons Beds St. Louis-San Francisco Standard of N. J. Texas Co, II. R. Steel 109 14 3-4 3C 'Rival Scot" Driver Foimrj American Impolite ,, r . - . , , ., . LONDON fUP)—The driver Of the nnt con-lvsve prool that lno .. noval Sco ^.. ,„,, Br ,, |sh • r.nmbnlism rx. tru in tins conn- ginc wl , icl , ,.„.. jl!s . rcttlmc(1 from t!-.r.t niiMhun mipraaciilns his- lts Ame , icnn , OU| .. )s scandalized lo.ud nr cli:u'rman of Ihc and comrany. was revealed today u-ilh the arrrst of William Srhull/.r. 31. (barged wllh di'- imilcr throal of birlily Inrm. an inde- loricnl Mines. bones found 531-2 """"" " nl<15 - • 1 "» I '»' crmesiouna ,,_ n>c m9nn( , rs of t he young >-.'fvc oftrn sp!-,'. rpen In tne name | hopctuls lie met In Canada and ' I th" U. S. I The chiltlren displayed, a com- mi > n n«'' ionor.incc of (he word ; "pleare." declared Engineer Oil- on his return. But he was (13 1-2 _ as 7-8 Puerto Rico Forrjolten 39 3-4 i n , TI • v bevt^on on li 1-3 u}' oHnla II11S leaf run r f maiv for their mechanical 22 1-4 Intr-Illjciice. 33 I-! HAN JUAN. Puerto Rico. Dee. His "ciminc was often referred to 3 7-8 23 (UPi—Puerto Rico seemed to- ns a little sewing machine, said 15 1-2 elav to be the country Santn clans Gill:rr:ron. But Ihe scoffers, on G 5-8 forgot. Twenty-three dollars re- clo-'er Inspection of this midget 1C 1-8 nmtned tn the treasury to pay the compared with the Riant American 2 monthly salaries of Rovcrnmenl "Ileus." were 4S 1-2 workers, usually paid on Clirisl- it.s construction. Es- 24 3-8 mas eve. Five hundred thousand pecially admired was the smooth «1 I'K Is ueedMl. iiH-rrppllmi of Ihe brakes. rcnrlcnt milk fiislrlbulor, cor.- fesstd to writing (he noks, no- lire said, and (\plalned that he v.aKlnl S30,non (,. .|.i r t a |;as- kuii/.ilion plant. OHIO GF.TS I.IQUOU CQUJ.MP.liS, O.— C!ov. George While today sirred Ohio's liquor lojfc.lalion ^ntl ronlrol bill, end- in? a prolilbidon crv cf a I mewl 14 years In this stale, which vas the birthplace of the Anti- Jr'alt OH League. and brough! paeans of thanksgiv- voted", (hat Ihey will favor post-1 that must be done nnd considered Iii7 from Ihe. people. T h'' emi'rp.^s went to n rnrri-i! hirllrling in a secluded part of the treat mont-cncircled imncrial pal- for the Tone expected event. ponlii" it milII AiiRiist. 1035. Senator- W. H. Roberts and Rep-1 resentative Walter Sillers lit | on sterilization." "This word .•.tt-Tilization." hecon- l '''" r<1 ' " (I ™°I |>J tlic experiments county treasurer's office turned over $613.10 In delinquent mlllage tnx payments. These receipts enabled Ihe city to catch up with its measures that would , , , . , i-t.ii iiiv- slnte rtrv law and set up doctors nrrt nurses trained ' .„.„... or s i n tp rtisnen'-iries in the Shinto rilual attentlcd the ->- l( ui m ..iiue nispui..ini.s. princes 1 !, whom Hlrohilo. then crown princo. had married in 1M4. »!• „ , />i -M p- . Tlie eni)»ror, waiting in a side nlirmeSOta tlllld first .already carried on In far away | current bills and other pressing .countries. Hence- it is not with- accounts. ".it prepiralto'i lhat 11 has been| (he objective 01 leglsladve ^tion.-jpyaJeJp^ Bj,^ Cigarettes Stolen room of the special building, wns the first to receive the news of ihe birth of the 7-pound, 3-oimcc chllil. Drivers Back at Work Clear Lake Baby Dies r.fternoon tor Bcbby -re he ilnxwel Communists Acquitted 's Route South 0 { Burning Reichstag PHILADELPHIA, n«c 23. . r —The solid ranks of 27,000 strlk- , PEMASSE. Minn., l)ec. 23 'UP) j LEIPZIG Dei-many, Dec. 23 "s. nil traiaDortatlon workers, 1—Lcflie Darbyshiro Jr.. 4. expecls' 'Tii-i—Mnrinns van der Lubbe, 24, wer « weakened today when 2,000 ] I" be the first small boy in the Dutch slonc mason, wns senienre'i, drivers atTillateil with the baking United States to receive a call ^ ilv to be hanged for burning Industry returned to work. I from Santa Claus when (hat mer- [i lc Reichstag building at Berlin! ry old gentleman makes his trip . qcl Fc bruary 27. His four fellow' WFATHFft '"" - '" --"- Christmas defendants, all communists, were WCHinCR I ncqulllcd. ARKANSAS—Mostly cloudv and somewhat unsettled tonight and Sunday. Slightly warmer tonight. '•-••••'ks-old son of Mr. and Mrs.. Leslie's expectation Is n reason-. Will Maxwell. "-In died early lo-'r!iie one- for lie is the son of a' riov at the iamliy hnnip. nt Clear fisherman who lives in the most Wife Saved Royalties - - - I-nko. i r.oithern point in the United WEYMOUTH. Mass. (UP)—Billy Colder Sunday night. P-rs'.dcs his patents he is sur-. states, a piece of land sticking Hill. Weymouth song writer, was Memphis and Vlclnltv—Fair to| vivcd by ihn"- ri-iTs an^ 'tot'rr-. out Into (he Lake of (he Woods p;spared to accept $25 for all night. Sunday increasing cloudl- .... ^.u... .::.,^,.^,..: Several cortoiis of clBtircttes were 1 Tli^ Krv. \V. Hushes officiilcri ami known as Ihe angle territory rights to 'The Last Roundup," ness, probably followed by rains, full' of praises lor stolen from a small one-man rafe end burial was madi- at l!ie Hat- o[ Minnesota. j current Follies lilt. If his wife had The maximum temperature here on south Second street lust night.; t:e cemetery. Santa will be one of the few vls-jnol demanded n royalty clause, yesterday wns 68, minimum 38, The Intruder forced entrance lo 'Ihe Mnss UIK°>'linking company iiors lo reach Leslie's wilderness'The royalties so far have amount- clear, according to Samuel F. Nor- llie .sland by breaking open n door, was in charge of arrnnsemeuts. [ liome this winter. I ed lo more thnn $10,000, tit, official w«*ther observer.

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