The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 23, 1943 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 23, 1943
Page 3
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BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NE VOLUMK I—NO. 21'! THE BLYTUEVILLE ARMY AIH CORPS NEWS Published daily except Sundays In the interest of the- personnel of. the Army Air Forces Advanced Two Engine Plying School of Blythcvillc, Ijy the Blylhevllle Courier News. It contains the news of the Air Base. Impressive Sunrise Services Planned Easter Morn At Field M uvld L wli, Imye flora, Julian A. Llmlsey will be conducted at conduct Raster sunrLs'e service.s at lo o'clock b • an especially erected wooden plat- Chorus- led" 'liv form on Ihe tasiway of (he flying Moore.Tin f' c '''- decorations and' 'I he hand will parade through the velvet allar int'k (Iron mid Inrion, barracks areas at r,M o'clock to covers wlT be 1, summon the soldiers to worship .,., ' um ' and will piny [lie prelude and re- „, ,Li ne Col H'c Negro Chorus ce.ssional music. The combined choirs of (lie Bap list. Methodist am' ~ churches, including soldier and -n", • •" ••"•••• .•".•tmun.-i civilian vocalists, directed by Gene V , B ' ven i ' Lso b >' n'.vtheville BartleU of the Baptist Church, will ±^' "f 1 ^- '"* ««'• ^ S. I sing and will lead the congregation ,' „ ,'?'. C ' l! ' U ''' s lem l )lc c - M in hymns, to the music of Sergl. ' r>onald L. Scribner and his electri- .' lnc '"'"t- College Chorus v/il cal organ. '""" " -•••'•- • -'-The Rev. James A Overholser of Iho I'resbyterian Church will give the reading and a brief address on an Easier topic. „, , , Jaex.son, Tcnn,, will appear in crs o ie Ban- il, conc( ; n< n ,' s( ' n ''«'s for Negro salami Presbyterian r,V;!, il | i °' ricck ' coll <l»cte(l by • . " . Ll "*cy. Vocal selections , B ' ven i ' Lso b >' n'.vtheville l smgers. The IU-v. L. ,S. Bell, Peisonnlily Plus! The usual Protestant services will Uiulscy. Policing The Grounds give a concert at 7:30 p. m., foi lh<> general ix'rsoiinel of the Post l rotestant services at Ihe Bast IIosiMlal ivill IK. conducted at 0 o'clock in (lie morning by Chaplain „ . Detachment men nursed 1 vt. William Feryusmi, a hospital orderly, through two anxious days, thus week. They took His temperature, felt his pulse and observed his symptom, at t mt wM intervals. Why the solicitude? Well it was this way. Ferguson was' a measles contact. If lie developed a case (lie whole detachment would be quarantined a month — right through aislcr. And it was only a httlc while back that they not out of quarantine. .John McDonald, former first •:,.,-_ Beam, of Hie Medical Detachment writes from Officers Candidate School that he would like to lie back again. -My dogs," he laments, . "they're killing me We march too much." The onions and radishes 'they're' lip this high! so reports ,;»„,, V y nl _ ter Hogaii, commanding officer of the 30 fllh Squadron, which is nursing a big war garden, over n ra i' the water plant. Ho gets hourly communiques from his men Serpt ,, °-'b^, - ..... .. v^jmiin^iuji ni tne 2G(h Plying Training, Group, intends to slick to billiards ne tried softball and found it router (han a silk stocking sale at a department store. Playing infield he stood with one foot on base ready to receive the bull and lag the runner, Second Lieut Cecil Garrison of Hie Athletic Department. The officer- hurled his 100 pounds of bone and brawn and a couple of hours later, as lit; nursed tender and bruised spots, ihe sergeant wanted to know. "Who won the dam same, anyhow Coiporal Holds Out and Beautiful Connie Invests Another $18.75 If cost his gin friend $1.9 (o get picture of Corp John Wiclgos, pharmacist in Die Medical Detachment. He answered her request for one with the terse statement •Send me two-l>Us and I'll have my picture -Liken." She sent the quarter. Us bought a WaY Savings Stamp and sent It to her, but no ucture. She answered with a •How come? Where's niy picture?" He'replied, "You.get it when you start buying stamps and bonds" By i-Eturn mail he got a copy of her application for a S25 bond Bv return mail she got her picture Tlse sirl friend is named Connie She is. to quote the non-com "tall blond and beautiful." He met he when she entered the drug slorc where IIR worked in Manche.stei N. H., nine years ago. They fell ii love while he sold her a bottle ol shampoo. He is glad he thought of a waj lo encourage Connie to invest liei savings in War Bomb. ' He is : strong believer in them. He bough S500 worth before he entered Ihe Army in July. Now lie buys a S'>5 bond per month Eiglily-Fivc Per Cenl Here Re-subscribe For Clas;, n Reservations Eiglily-five per cent of the Negro soldiers stationed here who were subscribing for War Hands mulci the Class A allotment plan ha rc-snbscribed under the b Plan which was InllliUed (hi; monlh. Corp. K. G. Moore, bone salesman for n lc 045th QuarUr- masters Platoon, mid Corp, Austii Moore, who sells them lo the tli Aviation Squadron, arc, however, unimpressed by their smws< nml believe (hey will lie able to sell reservations to BO per cent ol a" of the soldiers In both orsan- kailons. B "Our moil aren't slow about biiy- hig bonds," assert the non-coins iney know what we're fighting for and they're anxious to' revest their money In America's future." Much of the credit for (lie response of (he. Negro organizations to (he War Doiul drive goes, however, to the Iwo corporals, according to capt. Waller Hogan commanding oncer of the 30011]. Corp Moore proved himself a good salesman when he and another soldier t>ergl. George E. Vanhook (now taking officers' training) sold do.* A reservations to all but one man in the 045th. /i,, (l Corp. Austin ivfoorc did an equally a ootl Job "'I'f'L' 10 !mcl Sergeant Vimhook wlit 00 per cent of (he 309lh soldiers. Corp. E c. Moore, an orderly loom clerk, t, a fol7nel . bol , /. maker mid carpenter of Crowed, AI-K. ire k a graduate of the hii.h school there and he intends lo bel- ter himself while he is in thc pN RATES'ON REQUEST. loulj Rasihnd C.oitJon n ) u ,, t „„(,,„„ all( ( . O routine., are one of (lie features of the UbO-Cnmp Shows' musical •slum Miccess. lUJUllMN' OVHU. wbld, W ili be at the }> m i Theater lomorrow night-one shniv only, at (i o'clock. Lovely Dancing Star Featured In USO Camp Shotv Saturday Former MklSoutli Surgeon Servos On Staff At Rnso Mospilal Here I'li'st, IJi'iil, IluiTlsou o. nourk- ard, assistant chief of surreal scrum ill the iiiisi.. Hospital, lius been u, Hiiumit. i u , | 11V1 0(l ;, mi duly here since Aug. II, h uv I»K biwi iwstiicnd Lo this slullon '!oli!'d lll i lpl f V '" rvi ''' W ' U! """" ils - Vullcal"coi'i>s. ' Ulllt '" iml '" llu> ' CaiUatn llouiknrd wus a fellow hi orthopedic suruery ut ih ( . willh C. clinic In Memphis, and a stuff physician »f Hie Unl- Mislly of 'IVniH'ssoe \ylu>r« he was nn hiinor mviml grmlmiU' of thc Mi'illcul Collt. B( . I,, in.| 0i Min .| m , his inlein.vhip (it tin. John (inslnii lluspllii In McmphLs The c.i|>l(aln wo.r.s Uio'l'l icuppa I'hl key mid is a mem- hci of I'hi' KIHHKI fid im,| Alpha Omctjn Alpha (niloyaltti'.s. lie won hLs tocluMur ot scleiici' degree hi I'W at Hie University of 'IVnnt'.s- MP wlR-rc ho plnyed varsity riiot- |ln\ll four years and was a varsity wi't'sllcr for threi' years, ami capliiln of the hundbali tomn. HC ms prenldt'iil of I!;;; siopiwinnra K;;:\ Junior classes.' A brolhcr. Capt.. Krnest Uloh- ard Uoiirknrd, Is In the Medical Corps with mi nntl - ulrcriilf imi.- 6ARBUTI IS ft LIGUfENiVNT IN ARMV AIR COW'S INTBLUISENCG DIVISION AND HAS DEEM OTA TIONEO IN CAIRO ITALIAN PRISONERS/ THEY'RE READYTO GIVE THEIR LIVES... YOU LENDYQIW MONEY AMERICA ITS ' INDIVIDUAL FLAT - VICTORV IN THfi OLYMPIC «AMES'. U. X, J'/fom . Cftptnin mid Mrs., Ilouvkurd und (heir dntiiilili'r, Hnudiii 'I.ce, uged one yenr, live ut. r>2;t North Ulvlsion St. of rythinicni tempo in tap — , — ... ....... ,.„. . Army. Tliat is why he WHS- (he | <hmi ' c !lll<l specliillies, Including olio first man in ih e <)45tli to sign lip for |Wi "' "° imisic other than her lively i B deduction. He is putting |' IiUleln S shoes, is n popular item W.75 a month into bonds and in- '" l! " w 'lin' Over, Ihe USD Cnni]) tends lo increase this to $6.25 very sll(MV "' hlc)l > vil1 be here tomorrow " Corp. Austin ..vioore, former pin- >ni^l t\r ,1.^ x._ ,. _ ' cipal of night. '/here.will be one show only, at ' —iv,un,, luiuiti pm- uin uu uiiL . siKt^v only, at, (he Madison-Roseinvnld l! o'clock. This was decided by the " " "' " of NIC • s are the finest i investment nvesment e can make. So he was the first nan in , »- 'M'.i LIII; his organization lo sigi! loo, ( ei nc • -««-'ull. 11L, IOO l.s $3.75 into bonds each month ° S t0 ° iUCrcils< - lh!s •'")'0 ThosLsands of surface vessels ir convoys have been escorted by Navy blimps, n , K | no; , no nevermind, who cares. buVitch: only one of , one o (hose ships has been lost (o submarines. Xo Meal 2 Days n Wce k SAN FRANCISCO tUP) _ The California restaurant association has voluntarily installed a system of two meatless days a week Tues days and Fridays are now the (wo lean days for the customers. I A modern blimp can" blind, .see deep under and travel , the water enough to cover more area in „ ( i a y s rcconnois- vc'sds " !C nCetC£t St "' facc i Read Courier News want ad*. 1?'UNNY BUSINESS Ar\'\n (,'h,'ifH]Irr Wins First Place For Finest Model ^^odel airplanes Imiu ivd girls of Blylhevllle !; ra,nm schools were displayed in an c\! bit at the CJSO Center Tl usn 'w " by bovs !; ra,nm r «.8hl and „ SI1 m IIIOdcl P--IO, (he Flyinu llb ship, won first prize. Tile prize winner fighting was Arlin " *>iiiiu:i was Arlin Chandler. ftl2 North Eleventh 5t a sixth grade pupil of Ule Cenl , School. Arlin's prize wa.s a s inontlu old ,x>lice pup ,,a,,, C d Lady winch -Corp. Jacob L. Moscortir. louglil a while ago for S10. Arlin 11 years old, was one of the few boys in Elythevillc who didn't have a dog. Soldiers of the Air Base looked on while the judging was done by First Serai. Charlrs A. uorion of the 2oth Plying 'ivaining Ciroup- Corp. James j. Hughes, of the 70-Wi squadron, and I'fc. prank Langonc of Hit 701st. Corporal Moscowit , bugler at urday niglil habiL of goliiE to town It will be (he second stage .shoiv- thLs week at the Post -Thfinlor.' the Camel Cnnivan having been there A east of H is in the JJuliblin' Over show. u bright and' brec/.y vanoty with star talent (hat bus pal rllle.s- of Eiir«|x> ns well as- the United Slates. i.e.* Cheuls is a two innii acrobatic and (.'Cinlllbrlst demonstration of tig I lily uiut balance. Ciilhcrlnn lliu-rls iiip dances on her toes better, than most can dance (Hitfootcd. Senator Murphy Is n comedy oriilnr and expert on everything who can - om-urguo anybody <)r The Mndelyn Wallace Girls, a sextet ensemble spfclullv.iny In tap acrobatic and ballet dancing, ML i-clioolcd and experienced In fast routines, Howard Nichols l.s as the unique hoop lm>i!lci tid a smooth, polished performer. Sense and nomeuse~are contribute M bv Doss and Dennett, a comedy •vllh gau.s and pntlcr. Staff Sergt. Halajian Weds Memphis Girl Here Staff Sergt. Mala jinn. ----- -.,^^...1. , Ullglul tIL. »> , r . he Cadet Headquarters and a mode) L im falp hn *"' 1 ''ecu enthusiast since he was a lad of Scr «ant Aaron is ix back in New York City, is con- b " glc ''' iuctiiitr n Iprhir^ />!•><:(- ET. «•.„,!,1 ' — • — -tucting a leclurec!assh 'lane building every other day at he schools in town. The school boys and girls are orming a model aivpbnc club with Corporal Moscowitz as director, and are trying to find a-vacant store, room or building for headquarters and workshop. Some metals used in aircraft arc sa difficult to weld (hat a fingerprint on Ihcir surface will "increase (he metal's resistance, create more heal and noticeably affect the strength of Ihe weld seam. >I1 ,7T^ : v..lHr ..M.»tClHT-y * mink lies Josl conn'tlcncc in his range Ihitler!" 24-HOUR SERVICE Expert Repair Work on General Motors Cars. IANGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY B'dwmy A Walnut Ph. 553 -••<,-• .....iy niiiajian, Mipply sergeant and trumpet nlnv- er for (he 351st Army Air Vorc'cs "'intl, married the f 0 ™,,.,. Mis ., Hutli Jane Colemnn of Alemphis ai the home of the Uov o \ Ciiaslain. pastor of thc l-'irsl IJni'i- ttst Church, April 7. Sergeant llalajian came here in October atid wri . s imincdlalcly assigned to the bund. A professional dance orchi-stra musician in Palisade, N. j.. he was inducted inn, the service June 20, 1041 i • Sergeant Now Plays liluea in Morniny CAMP POLK, T,a. (U.P.l-Berore Egt. Josejfh Aaron joined the Army ie tooted a clarinet hi Clyde McCoy's ••Sugar Blurs" band, ire looked forward lo (lie change he ex- rcctfd to find in Army life. But fale hasn't been kind. (he camp Just 4 Miles To The Stale Line Service Station SAVK on 1'liillips Quality Gasoline & Oil. Vrompt, Courteous Service. Operated by Sirs. II. I.. Kcynolils. OPERATING HOURS For A-I!-C Coupon Holders -SUNDAYS: 9 A.M. to !) I'.iW. AM, \VBKK DAYS !) A.M. lo 12 Noon I P.M. (o 8 P.M. Track Team Leaven For Missouri Meet The Post Truck Team left this morning for Rtillo, Mo,, for a mc ot with (lie Missouri School of Mines Inn Glads" tomorrow afternoon, uoul. Hill Adams, athletic coach took a down athlete on the trip' which wns inndc by truck. Feature performers of the inuad i_»\ bo l.'irsf Lieut. Wllllnm p /;,,' ? & \?' la "" cr Uo] y Ci °™ st«« : foollmll and truck athlete, Capt. t!!"'n" .?' B " t ' s '," I >l i | ii>I champion Javelin in owe,- for two years while •' sli denl at (lie (Jniversity of Cali- fonna. Pvf. n.ivld Murphy, former '"" ! ' school star who coaches (ho H ' r members of the team, and «. U. Jenkins, All-Amcricaii '' at the University of Mis- man '" l ' M : ""' ll Vclnrn11 l r «ck this will ]jo the Post 'IVnrlr Team's first meet nt )),„ ;.„„., K for (iroccry Theft NU. Ore. (UP) — Stealing ralioncd foods conies close lo Orders For Promotion Arrive In Time For Lieul Meyer's Wedding Wnr Department orders promol- "t: I'lfsl. Uenl. Hnymoml c. Mnvcr to. cnpliiln arrived lu'rc .Vfjli-cdiiy Just In nine for the i-apln'in'a v.vd- dlng, which will Ififee |pl;i e e .Sunday iin ' U i' 1 , >( !- >lt1i::lll >l'i-'l. CJImphiiti .!,,'. Han A. IJiidsey ofrtclntl,,,, Cnplalu Mcyei-, » ihji|,|. cmn . imimlcr uiid pilot insii-'ucior of aviation cadets ul (hh ,.tatlon "•••i.i ^ i/n-n umui; uy u Jiroilp S'ntO AllgllSt - I'OCelltK' WJL^: ot ciitcrtulnerB here. They offered made |, CIU | of ( , u , M||| . vj..^.,",. a .swlft-puccd viu-lety revuo tlinl and- link tmltin- nffi was filled with fnu, good mnslii anil m on the training advisory be rl" tm.(lv I'fr c -nm,. on,./, tl,^ *~ir ...!.„. .. ^ nu>l^,UJ^ 1)0.11(1. Camel Caravan Makes Big Hit With Mm Here The Cnmcl Ciirnvan Show drew wacky crow.ds lo two perform- nncc.s at (he Post 'llicaler lust ul«ht mid .nude thc bliijtesl hit tlint has ever been made by 'Mounty J Believes Yanb Will Settle In Arctic \VILUAMSPOHT. Pa. (UP.)^ Tli« Arctic's "Hmlllesr opportunities for timii's (lovt>lo|iinciif will bectwn mlllloiis (here «f(cr Iho war. predicts former cnimutan ' mounts' 1 .Sidney K. Montague. . > • American nokllers who ultlmtte). iy b... on active ,u,ty ln the ^f gioivi will thus have n chance "& ow the Arctic, to appreciate.its onporlunUles, to welcome 1L? chsli IciiRi's," nml after the war will return to the North ns p«man«tt rraldeiU.i, Monlngitc bcllovcs. '* PhpiioraeimHy rich in such resources ur, Umber, oils, fish, meat nn<[ minerals of all kinds, lh» Morth'ii "fronlltrs of the offer migrants places In nourishing Industries. Montague ciUd five Alaskun valleys, each of which" 'u said, po.wesscs eight limes the Indiislrial potential ot the famous Cicrman Ruhi- Va)lc-7. \ Alaska and Canada, Montague liri'tty y!rt>i. 'Hiey (jave Ihc Ot wlmi, i — UCnuty in 1,1 1 1, he strenuously chipped, whistle'.! , niHi yelled over thu singing of "" llt((!11 «l<"l high school In NPW populnr songs by The ."Throe iX'bs Vork alt >'- llls fnthcr Is buihilnr and the dnnclng of grnceful Maxim,., ''ispcclor of New York city. Clnyton, hu was Just as vociferous 1 -----In his- approval of Billy Jlngnr ) ' nnr „ , oi'stwhllc comedian at Billy HcSc's' llr , , Dlnmoiul : llr , , vwn Dlnmoiul Horseshoe In New Vork : \ , ,, WOOD, Charley Masters, unorthodox and „ Nil)t!ckl! '' has ' „ '° U '° hL ' r Stiilcn Gal. <U>M~Mrs. is rcporled lo tho of the imbellevflbly iiccouipllshed cliinn-,,-, -- • -,—«•• v, ,,,:<_ mcr. und Iho singing of handsome " u '"" rat thl(1( -" She wa.s on (he Mjchael Ilarinori, emcee. W[iy ln llor wcildhif; mill !,„,[ !icr These slnrs were backed by u!trousseau (n a suitcase In her cur when a thief stole) tt )e i- ft3C , jj ul Ihe miirriaije ceremony was nevertheless performed—sans Iroussear.. SMALL LOANS' OB Anything *< Vnl«». East Main Loan Co. J« F. M.ln . . sabotage, Municipal Judge •'olm T. Qiiillin said In sentencing MM , l!l " Sllh to " >' rar "' J»» or theft of Mo rationed jiointe ;" canncil goods from a grocery PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Gu;ii'jiiiicci] Kent Prices Kirby Drug Stores A Sermon To Challenge You! BY R. SCOTT BAIRD, B. D. "What The Cross Means To Me' 7 Tonight 7-45 O'clock-The FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH Complete Stock Steel and Elastic TRUSSES Save 60% STEWART'S Dror Stere Main & Lake Phone 2822 y u five piece orchestra which was led >y Bobby Kuhn, a buck fiddle player who entertained (he ClI's daddies n World Wnr 1. Aging but, still u whale of an entertainer, Kuhn has an asjKreiflition of muslclniu who vlll never play in symphony orchestras, but who have thc ability to play llglil-hearled tunes In catchy rhythm. 'nils was (he second Cnmcl Carivan sho-w that hns npiwarcd her (. was brought to the past by US' ./amp Shows, fnc,, through tl special Service: Office. PORTLAND, OrcTaTpT-Enoiig' nick mites to circle the irlob "ore lhan 13 tlnica-328.5Va mile —were saved In Portland In 1942 » a result of the government's "cm ''ywir ]incknj;e" Any Shoe Can Be , REPAIRED It the. uppers are sfill gooil. "fnf them lo us for qualify I «'ork. HALTER'S Quality Shoe Shop . M»(n p h . 2732 Try our "Own Made" Ice Cream Die Hickory Inn ACT-CM fr om Hljth 8cho«! ] FITTED BY Doctor. J. L ui J. C. GUARD OPTOJIETRISTS IN BLYTBEVILLE SINCE 1922 WTICRL STORE 209 W. MairTst. Phone 2912 Docs Your Car NEED THESE? Balterj— Seat Covers Olimier-Kailio FOjf I.lghls-I.ock GM Cap A complete line of Polishes UY EICH I'lacc Telegraph Onlcrs Now. of every ilcscrlpllon. THE FLOWER SHOP I1EMVERY ANYWIIEKE Cf.ENCOE HOTKL HI.DG. 1'JioJic 431 — Nile 1'lionc 2GIO -...— i'"*io ^^J /^)in, L'.ufupe ILL Africa, bringing continent to • closer rdntlonshlp. flfST5.v«^a»ErK»raBHM>^^j The iUmlrrn ICD Rax COOIJiKATOR I-'or Economy mid Senlee. Tom Little Hwde. Co.* Phnnr SIS G. S. Webb Cities Service Station (Ilwjr. Cl ,ft Cotton B*H Tracks) I'hone 921 We Fix Flats Waslihis & Grcasine Our WE I-II.L AI,L DOCTOES- PRESCRIPTIONS ANN SAVE YOU MONIX STEWART'S Drug Store Main A Lake Phone 282) AIRWAYS BUS LINE IMPORTANT NOTICE TO OUR CUSTOMERS n 1SC 7' Cl ,," >al °" r !mscs s(o: ' al "««''«• ^ stops only (he Air I>l, !ilS c ,-alcU (lie bus at your nearest stop. Special care (nken in cleaning uniforms. Hudons carefully hamllcd—Pleals and creases hand finished—2 day service. Garrison Caps — Accessories — Insignia SOUTHEAST AIR COUPS INSIGNIA ROBINSON'S "T11E KELIARLK DRUG STORE" here's no wlrter selection of shaving needs, cosmetics, n serK^lSl^ . B ° Wnw "- UtMt «** Service Men! Meet Your Friend at Robiwoo'it

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