The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 31, 1937 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 31, 1937
Page 7
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' • •' FRIDAY, DECEMBER 31, 1937 (A'R'K.) COUR1EH NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line for consecutive insertions: .." .. Dne time '$ei link .. . Two times per liiie per day ' . !0c .Oflc Ihree tfihes 'p¥r line per 'day ..Dtfc )ix times per "Iffic'pcr 'day ...Ip'Sc rontli rate per line ..... . ....eoo tarrta ol Thanks ,...•. ,.50c '& 75o Minimum 'charge BOc Ads 'oraeft'd 'for three or six times and stopped before expira tion will be charged for the nuiu- tet of times the add appeared and I'Justmcnl of bill 'made. AD Classified Advertising copy •ubmlUed by jicrsons residing out- Ulde of the' city "must be accom- 'oanicd by cash. Hates may 'be paslly computed from above 'table. I Advertising ordered for 'Irregular Ffoscrtlons takes the one time rat*. I No responsibility will be taken I for rnpre than 'one Incorrect Inse'r- Illon of any classified «d. Business Directory For Sale ICO hcres of land at Sandy Rldgc All in cultiMlon. 2 sets of good Improvements. Plenty of bains mid tenant houses. Sandy loam sail well drained: 'Price $80 ncre. $3009 cash, Bal. 10 annual payments n't Thomas Land 'Company ;•__ j-. . 2!)-ck-5 Complete 10 volume set of SUuT- durfl lielcreiicc Books with ioose '«<( binder. Call 239 or 792. 15-Ia-fa Bjfi Dodge Panel delivery truck, A-l condition, $275. I'horio 110. MOLES FOR SALE DELTA IMPLEMENT CO. Streamline COAL $0.25 •'& up per TON. Wftshcd and Sized. Kin! Tmntham Phone 47 Rooms Wanted Would like hrimes hiid-.a'rldresies of pcrhcns who Imvc r^oms-'to rent am! Koom mid Board '(o offer. Phone 319 foi Mrs Olpson. ' Youth, 15, Gets Life in Murdei 'OIHLS! You still liaVc Ilinc to , enroll In (lie first cln'ss 6'f BCUIJ- ty Culture' Slate Rpprovcd school Classes stnrlmg' Jim. 3rd, kiijlo School ;or • •Bniiily 'Culture, Cooper aMg, Second & Waiiml, \ Hie, Ark. , Visi't Harry Dailey-'s : Nc* CURVE IN CAFE On fiighway 61 ai Holland Make^ one stop foV SCOT, Wino, WlVisk'fey, Fresh 'Crappie, Good F6oda. Delivered 'in 'Blyth'erillc by C. F. Dunri iTor^ $i.Ys and Tip. All t'0;il F Guaranteed— J'honc 5-F-4 'ft 878 Everything for your slices. Ffcc Delivery. Phone 120. Qnanty -Sh'oe -Shop Batteries BATTERY SERVICE J. Ben Cluiie Pliorie "8 at Torn JacXsbn't Radio RADIO SERVICE WADE FURNITURE co. 155 : EAGLE STAMPS PICKARDS GROCERY IMt ChlckiriMrtia Vhone 673 _• .V.I „ -.-.-. Glass AUTO GLASS Expert Workmanship . ,_We Deliver -Blytheyi'He Paint & Wallpaper Co. Wa Cut & Install Phone 880 . m s . .second Help Wanted Expeficnce'd service station opcra- 5 tor. Small capital required. Call K. B.. Wpodsoh, 419. 21-ck-l Repairing Gun repairs. Guarnnl&d work. E M. Damon, 315 'E. Main. WALLPAPER ™ l 'w . 1038 patterns. Closj prices ARK-MO LUMBER CO. Phone 49 Foir Bctlrcom 'v'c'r.v reasonable. 135 W -^KcntiicKy, Phone 715-R 31-ck- 1 3 Vcoiu 'furnished apiirLmCnt. !)0 W. Walnut. 31-pk- 5 room furnished house. -229 tm 3 roiiii un'fiirulslfel aiJarl'racrt't. S8 No. Clh. Ciill 527. 30-ck' Rcsklrncc; fiiraRc on Franklin S. Row. D. Fowler, ISast Main. 30-ck-t Stcaiuticatfd. furnished a'ikr'fmcri in ni:c location. Possession glvei to suit ccin'cnicnce. Telephones 57' and 197. 23-ck-tf. One comfortable bcdrborn. Ca! Mrs. S. 3. 'Stcrnbcrg, S184. 120 K °)Jy. 28-c!c-l 2 .room imfurnishcri npartmcni Very reasonable. 101 \V. Ash o call 1008. 23-ck-t -2 .cmufortaWe bedrooms, prlva't bath. r7cntlcineii preferrwl. Phone 704-W or 161. 7-ck-tf. ^. ic S!y .rt"^)' 5 ? 1 ?} 1 bedrooms. Steam fione '280. 1-ck-l iidiise 'on Hoily. 'bai Mrs. S.. 5. 'sternbere, ;aV SM ..''.;" : •' '• i2-ck-t Personal Tho arra'iigciiicnta made. Jac! ccmc hoinc. Mnhfel. . 30-p'kGIRLS: increase your Income b learning a profession 'thai wil afford-: 'constant •employment.. En 'roll now. In the Beniity Cultiii- Classes starting Jan. : 3rd at th Eagle School of Beaiily Cultur Cooper Bldg. Walnut & 'Sccom Sts., lilylhcville, Ark. state ap proved school meeting all Ycqiijro nien'ls for Arkansas and Missouri Tasteless CHILL TOW Contains More Qafalne— Moire 'lr*» T"' Hcooaimiraded Tni&not rot MALARIAL cmtXS and FEVER SWAMP FEVER — AGifJE 'FJEVEh At AU Klrty Dn| Sum AWRYLQU ISLteffl/oftSHiOi ^ -fEMPLE While most bo)s liii age me go- inc to skating pnitieb, dances n'nd blhei wintei socml .ictiv'i- ties, plcasnrit-nppcaring ; 15- year-old Nick Mcgugbiac. above, has nottiing to look -for-' ward to excwl ,1 life in piison A jury convicted him of murdering h. filling slatibn at'te'hd- a'nt during n holdup in. Los VVii- '• /,'elci. Superior Judge Dudley Valentine sentenced the youngster, but was'so'broken up b'j- the case he h?d to co J lo fed. 'student's B-"fla't Trumpi't. "ftionc 845. 23-ck-l Ihe dn\s and iiiijlits of Mmoh 21 «nd Sc|)t. -32 are «f <,,,„„| Ihrduijhoiit 'the world. Hfnii _ lii-uinmel. nldiouttli of-- low I tlrlli, (snlned fume mid 'iwslUou' lhroinj] ( his risjtcmlslilni! Vriimml- lly imd oxiuilslte inslc. lla-'chtimj-'! <•<! the fiifhlons of (lie. curly 19IU cmtiiry to sun, hlm:eir, mv.l otlici's followed In hl:i wiike. 't'ho Duke of Welllnijlon Is crcil- Ked wltlt lint iuw) of tho nhm-io "I'Hvumslmiccs over which 1 linvij no conlfol," In refernKo U> busl- iiiofa. coinpllcnllmis with which his ton W«B involved in 1HM o'l 1 1640. Wiscbnsin ims G901 miles of mil- i I'tiatta within UK '•—•' I SUI1 GOOD 11AKNKSS Harness Shop For OoWitri/ PORK HKAO A>)'D 'SO'US'K Mills, liackliniifs, 'rnrlrr- l«'in, Hams « Hh'Oiililfis. furc lard. —FYCparcd l?y An Expert 'German Butctier ."nd hisjjfcte^ a'nrt pas-s'fil 'by ftrnicr' United Vtalrs >ack- i»ff Ilriurb rfisjicrior. -- Drive Out and Save '. Delivery C'lmrgys DEE'S fORK HOUSE Pride. Add., Old Spii'cr 1'lncc Turn Sffiilh 'o'ff .-to. grart) "rAiKl 'k>t«ccn Bov "Grcfeiy "an^l to FHHng Slallon, then a scriith. _j. .^^^. GENUiNE ;oa 1; tlm CHIiAPESt COAL '•'or Hit' Mo'noy Nil Mate, in.);, !.u||>]iiu- t a u>t in illrl. AtKiiliUdy I'lt-ili in flic 'in (i (I or ii a nil 'jilHhl in (In- wrt In liitcrt Styles 'knltthig "JIKKNAT" iTrNO VXtlNh ftt Bargain PRICES Lee Motor Sates, \ ./.. JNO. • - y & 'Vciibk C«nio In fcni X-- ~ j \<KS Motor Sal««, ;1hc. , Wjilorft TlHi'tcVs Jnthttitcn ,,jy«, l'RESCUH>TION8 -• KLECTKIO * 71CETTLENB WELDiNG AV BEST PRICES ' PROMPT SERVICE Birksdale Mfg. Co ' ' I'HONE IB FARM LOANS Bfc UwHl 'rfcMtAioweirt »ptnw At*' city prop»rtl*« DON H. KASSERMAN ITiCiiiAs-Uud 'Co. Ctftlce P. 0. Box/ito, Phoni 621. SCARS 'llKISX'litivi "Vl|ik-:up ,,..-.,.j"»75 li):ii I'o'ril Oiiii'li li'coirtiri-.i'sai.'i lOWi Vlwv. 'I'lrk.iip, scjuil Ear-Corn -MUTED- Soybeans Hifhest flltirket Price $ Paid '" MALDiNtlRAJNCO, M'. '0. HUtevtty Agent ". ' , Ark. •> 'JJ«f Vty^tXl <( 101 No,*!, Hecmd" >. /' ,": At)DIMC WApNE i TYPEWRITEI? "?. -SERVICE BUREAU } ' 1>ON KDWAHDH, Vrop'rlfWr , ^ » nmkfi, of KrbMU Typewrllrtu, Andlnj Machine. u( C'«kDl»tors—ItcpalrlnR— i'l'U—KlM»n« ' $:|7.-. All Trucks (itiH'ruiil'ccil 'I'o 1'nHH Slalo 'liispuvtian SUPERIOR COAL co " Plmnc 700 t'OBB^FUNERAL HOME J \NK-5 TO i HERE/MI, 3KAV- i-V^^t ACRITTER?5.\V,WHC/£ l^ENV, LET Mt gFMVSU&JECTS.'Jrr^^ THIS? .^AlNTKOOUCE- UfTLE CpOtA,»4ER£- THEV COM6 - G)?AMD WI7ER- JUST kwow YOU TWQU HIT IT OrT SWELL! OH, 5WE.ET LI7UETKIK6 IS YOUR OFFICIAL ^f£»WM^ By Hartfn BKWLm.xawf— WASH TURDS KOT TO 'SAhlfllY'S Ll'KTNO _ Hy Crane Hfc'5 A GHOST-/ OH,«Nfl' A LEPER COLONV/ HOLY SfAOKE! I GUESS ' ONE WONT SEARCH /. HU«f\ YOU EVE GbO'NESS.' OW'5 OE ISLAND El/YBOOV TALKS A90UT FRECKLES AND HIS FklENb! ^ • i •. * HE< AMD FAMILY MAN THERE'S GOING TO BE A I FORGOT ALL ABOUT YOU RALLY IW ASSEMBLY HALL •rr JUST QOES TO .SHOW .,„, BUTCH ,-^fbbERM "GIRLS WILL HAVE NOTWIWC3 .'Tip Do WITH GUYS V/HO ALRgrAbY HAVE A .... T YESTERDAY, AMD ASKED AT SCHOOL .' BUT, CAf J I GESJEVIEVE TO GO TO GO? I SHOULD SAY MOT.' HE RALLY V/rjH'ME....- I GOTTA COME HOME BUT SHE TURMED ME AMD CADDY FOR DOWM '. SO.DID. RUTH, AlJD EDWA AWD ROBERTA! 1

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