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The Daily Journali
Vineland, New Jersey
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BUSINESS A8- The Daily Journal Thursday, January 23, 1997 PERSONAL FINANCE 1 MlHHMpniUlilli l.lll UIIIIKJ Many new changes could affect returns sent to the Qros irteofn: Aft incora? internal Hevenue Service this spring. Here 8 an overview of what's new for 1 997. Pay $59, get unlimited Net access forever not spas ncilJy bina bond. Capital gain; Tbr profit ihc -lie i puipaty mi real tunc, stock tt boutln Adjusted groM tncomo: Ore inrotftc, i mil adjuunuou such as individual Kcitnrmou Atoxisi cuBtnhw xa, moving exfoiici Ukd Taxable tocom: AouataJ srou MMatetra tixaa: Tk nlMt The tam five brackets eScxM in 1996 TOOot 18, 28. 31.

36. end 39.6 DervmH mom OHymtHM wmsMubtmctio the 6.2 percent Social incotive, AGJ, minus int) Seajnry tax. ft you had more than one mrnpkjyer and pajd more than $3,887.40, any overpeymmnl can be claimed am a cm aga)at your incorm tax or refunded. Note online 56 of Form 1040 or line 29d of Form 1040A AH wages are subject to the 1.45 percent Medicare tax 401(10 plana; The Ml on ctMicixjtkjn ttm3fUBiBdkrrMonCafMaigee aw axed 15 petomtvtt percent -no higher. Emnptent: amount foremen nmfTbdn-gmwalfyyoufseM, your spouse and your dependentt if an increase of $50.

Standard deduction: $4,000 for singles and $6, 700 tor couple filing jointly, up from and $6,650 tatpectiveiy. fc M0wr-lncomt ptopto: Exempedrm AREA BUSINESS By James P. Quaranta Assistant trauma director appointed Dr. Alexander Axelrad was named assistant trauma director for Atlantic City tse empKJweponeoreo rem accounts in 1996 mat $9,500, up horn $9,240 1995. Deduction: Expf aws lie tax twto allow i you kidcdud fnxn your income, loch w-rtgitge inlwttt.

cbwlfibie and tutc incomt: laxn. If you dim't teiatze, yon like the ithidard dc4uuKcurrcntly $6,700 it couples ant! K00C fix aingle people. Exemption; An mount whtraued from iBOMoc, RaJO, iuf yotbc. yo sjxjw mj your dqvmi! wii. Amanioiowiplc wiihiwodiiiOrco, lor instaoce.

would Credit: Money tubmctcd Uata your lax battttiiy you're tn the 28 perctui uu hncfcft, iSt.G0Odeducao tn7annriinmflnioinM a Socw 9acurwf manwars. correct vllL "oorm as coupe tope Securihi ntmbem aim mom Social Security number are more $176,950, The company will make its money selling the advertising space, said CEO Jeff Fortin. His; business plan calls for pulling in $320 a year in 1 1 revenue per customer from adsMost other MVaaga: Tto (Action for business use of a car is 31 cents a mile, up from 30 canto. The deduction for chaiiobkipurpoemrefrmv 12 for medical and moving expenses, its 10 cents, up from 9 cents. Earned Income credH: 'i- reduce yow lax bill by S2S0.

At 1,000 important than even some exemptions may be denied numbers are missing or incorrect You must obtain a number for aM children bom before December 1996. ForchOdren bom in December, you may write '1296" where the Social Secunty rumte stxmjU it you don't have the number by the time you hie. Aliens who aronl eligible for Social Security numbers must obtain an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) by Ming Form -7 with the IRS. Medical Center. Axelrad was formerly director of trauma at Coney Island Hospital, Brooklyn, N.Y.

A volraH ic Internet service pro S2S.M S25.07S 44 credit ufcetSl.uwJ of your tw bill. Marginal tax rata; Some tima cled- a ibc KtatliurattisUib rate applied io Ihe fast dollar of laxahle iDcoifteyearnod, That are five bracket: 15 percent. 2B ptrceni. 31 perewU, 3ttperceai aw! 39.6 percent WA, 401(h), Keoffh: All flmaretu-ibeiftm) reUtemcm uvj-s accurals. liyliMduBiKetiretiieni Actnunu: Sdf administered plant for individuals.

40 1 1 plant: Of lered Uvough i employers. KoiiplmForaell'nplCiyrfp Electronic filing viders (ibKs) cnarge 4 $19.95 a month, which adds up to about $240 a year per customer. Free Internet will ap- peal strongly to con- ffiimare AnaluctQ fiAV If Some helpful tips when filing your Kturn this year: i Three methods eiectmmc fang an available this year. Digger.nei can iure flu- vertisers, the offering could alter the Internet access business. 'r Skin your return: both If you want the IRS lo calculate your taxca FW In the first part o( your form Vf? (through Una 37 on 1040.

Una 22 Dairy farmers dump milk Gannett News Service Dairy farmers in several states dumped their milk Wednesday or diverted it to charitable groups to protest a steep decline in prices. Clint Van Vleet, a Sulphur Springs, Texas, dairyman and president of the 250-member Texas Milk Producers Association, said 250,000 to 500,000 gallons of milk were dumped in that state. "We are sending a message to the government that we want the price system thrown in the scrap heap," Van Vleet said. Organizers had expected farmers from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Vermont, Pennsylvania, New York, Missouri, Texas, California and New Mexico to take part in the one-day action. But organizer Darin Von Rudin of Westby, said he had no word on how many actually took part and did not expect overall figures to be available.

Van Vleet said he has asked U.S. Agriculture Secretary Dan Glick-man to ask the president to create a task force of consumers and farmers to study milk prices. The basic price farmer are paid for their milk has declined from more than $15 per 100 pounds in September to $11.30 per 100 pounds at the end of December. Farmers say the formula the government uses to set a base price for milk needs to reflect their production costs. MCI cuts rates for long-distance Gannett News Service MCI has quietly slashed the flat-rate it charges its best longdistance customers by 20 percent, -raising the possibility of a future price war.

People who signed up for the MCI One calling plan since Jan. 1 are -being charged 12 cents a minute for long-distance calls as long as they spend at least $25 a month with MCI. Those who spend less get the old 15-cent-minute rate. While it doesn't appear that a price war is imminent, MCI's move comes amid a period of unprecedented competition in the $75 billion long-distance market. spouses must sign Joint return.

yeur return includes false or frivolous can Wptyowj-i. Jn tied ay phortt. on 1040 A and Htm Paraona! computara: fl on 104OEZV and itton, you aS500p panxtge? acow mors to com prepam rut with ana nena wmtr i rgiums. us' yw. You can ask to pay In Installments on Form 9485 for a $43 tee.

The IRS wN charge you penalty ptua Interest, so ft may be cheaper lo get a wan. you just Ignore the deadline, youll also be i Prolestlonalt: ftaW ptvpvers can fie Rewards of up to $100,000 ere awalable by turning In tax cheat. Read PubUcation 733 and AH out Form 211. eiectrvntcaw. im vetr, 12 memn Mow further instructor.

The IRS figure your tax owed or refund, your earned income cradrt and your crectt (or tha elderty and disabled II your taxable Income la toes than $100,000, you can't ftamlze deductions, end you meet other ccffdttfone. people fUd demonically ttvough a (Sir- a an of 5 percent i (Getting help .1 You can fie an amended return, using Form 1040X, you've made a mistake or lon something out Remember Keep any records that support your tax return such ee receipts, canceled checks, for three years from the date the return was Med or for two years from the date the tax was paid, whichever dale Is later. Records that concern the value of your Gannett News Service A little company was expected to make a big splash today when it offers free Internet access. The announcement could change the business of connecting people to the Net. The company, called, will only charge its customers a one-time $59 fee to get necessary software, including Netscape Navigator.

There will be no monthly charges. After this year, it might charge $10 a year for e-mail. The catch is that ads appear in a small window while connected to While is virtually unheard of, its partners include Bay Networks, Netscape Communications and MFS Communications. With their help, will start offering service this month in the San Francisco Bay area, then expand to major cities this year.

"It makes tons of sense," said Charles Brewer, CEO of MindS-pring, an Atlanta-based ISP. Brewer said he's been toying with the idea of offering a less-expensive service that includes ads. Bigger. net's announcement might help push him that way. "I don't know if ads can support a totally free service," Brewer said.

"But people will have a choice between service subsidized by ads and a more expensive service that's not. One way or another, we are definitely going to pursue the same idea." aTyou cant matt the April 15 tax-filing deadline t. Rud Ttntf Federal Income tnu. Jiie 1996 lex unm nr line IKS puMMltol' tf you receive "Consumers will fK nally realize Internet' access is not something that has to cost $300 a. I year," said bigger.netts CEO Jeff Fortin.

"Others access providers are goii ing to have to look at aligning themselves with a similar (ad-based program." has no solid i advertisers yet. It plans to operate for six months before starting the By that time, it expects 1 Get an automatic four-montti extension. a Dtggsr reruna cnacK men i Call the mm ipslnbrtmtlonltfteit you're expecting, cal the IRS home and non-deductible which costs nothing. your axel IRS office, t. VIXI mrlFS ollto.

help id nna oui mi a a misiaKe conmouuons ro your before eperxtng it But, donl individual Retirement hotd your refund check too Account should be kept long. expiree In 12 rnonthe. permanently. Axelrad certified by the American Board of Surgery and holds certifications in advanced trauma life support, advanced cardiac life support and pediatric advanced life support. He is a member of the American Medical Association, American College of Surgeons, Society of Critical Care Medicine and American Trauma Society.

His post-doctoral training includes a fellowship at the University of Miami and a term as chief surgical resident at Maimonides Medical Center, Brooklyn, N.Y. ACMC's Trauma Center is one of only two in southern New Jersey and one of only nine in the state. Improvement award U-Pull-It of Vineland received the Improvement and Beautification Award from the Automotive Recy-clers Association of which it is a member. Cardiology approved Dr. Kris Rainear passed the examination for certification in cardiology given by enviable, es is hep form poor, the hanctceocod.

etudenK. mietarv Estimate how much you owe and Include check along wh Form 4868. tf you underpay, ttw IRS wW blfl you for the balance due. you pay too much, you can roe (or a refund by the new deadline of Aug. 15.

pefsonmtaDdnon-iiiso-epeeilng people. loo on to the IBS mob on (he Worm nioempafnipimmM9Meu9es.go. or your reium. M0M29-1S4P. APDurmnd; iuamzon Some married folks can file by phone io uavc uiuic man 100,000 users.

same mailing address as last year, total income of less than $50,000 and interest income of less than $400. Calls last about 10 minutes. Taxpayers follow a work sheet in their booklet and recorded-voice instructions. They answer yes-or-no questions and enter their Social Security numbers, employer's identification number from their W-2 forms, their wages, federal tax withheld, taxable interest and unemployment Gannett News Service The IRS is expanding its telephone filing program to include some married couples as well as recipients of unemployment compensation. To be eligible in 1997, taxpayers must be among the 22 million filers selected to receive a TeleFile booklet containing a personal ID number.

They must be single, or married filing a joint return. They must have no dependents, the The free service raises fc a question, though: Will i get swamped? Since moving to flat-rate pricing, most ISPs no- tably America Online have had trouble keep- ing up with demand. "They'll have a really interesting challenge," said Matt Cutler, CEO of net.Genesis. Consumers could rush to free access and choke's network. "If it's not working well, people will leave," Cutler said.

1 the American Osteopathic Board of Internal Medicine. Rainear is a member of the cardiology staff at New-tcomb Medical Center and Rainear The Sign Of Savings On Delsea Drive practices with Drs. Joseph OPEN FRIDAY TIL 9 P.M. 691-0554 Wachspress and Bennett 0. Designer eyewear at EVERYDAY tL LOW Center it CHARGE IT WITH Vision THE PRICES MAKES COMING TO the homt 924 SOUTH DELSEA DRIVE id VINELAND OPENING EXPERIEN jSiiW'iiiiMiiliilffirtKawManim i li mi hiii id y4h Jg i 'OI i fi i i sf -t i 'i V'HTii im iinm inwn i 1 Shatkin in Vineland.

Board certified in internal medicine, he is a graduate of the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, served internship and residency at Atlantic City Medical Center and completed a cardiology fellowship at Deborah Heart and Lung Center. Promotion awarded J. Kevin Danna, of Hopewell Township, was promoted to senior vice president of Salem County operations for Farmers and Merchants National Bank. Danna will be responsible for the operations of offices in Salem, Pennsville, Penns Grove, Elmer and Washing- ton Township. Area Business News, published covers local business openings, hirings, promotions and other achievements of local business people.

Send information to James P. Quaranta, co The Daily Journal, 891 East Oak Vine-land, J. 08360. Frame: Guy Laroche 107 She is wearing one of our fashionable Guy Laroche frames, Guy Laroche' Like all the AMO. 77 designer eyewear at The Vision Center, they are high on style, low on price P7 We proudly announce the OPENING of the cob mm ms mam a amm iaHiiijlt ilw m-H nuilh- tuiinHmi' t-vtiivi BoHf goggles offer great protection against UV rays, wind and snow.

P-80 anti-fog treatment and the double lens make a great thermal barrier. Single vision optical insert, $40 more, SofLensM" contacts are two-thirds water, just like the human body. These contact lenses let your eyes breathe easier, and they resist the build up of protein deposits. BAIJSCH FlexBridge' frames are made to take the shocks and bumps of everyday life. The bridge twists twenty degrees to withstand shocks, which helps the frames last longer.

fcaJdBRIDGE in Newl Just put these convenient lenses in when you wake up, then you throw them away at night. They make wearing contact lenses more hassle-free than ever before. 'ACUVUE $29; Has it been a year since your last eye exam? Don't forget, expert eye exams not only correct vision, but can also detect glaucoma, diabetes, MS and hypertension. Eye Exams By Independent Doctors of Optometry located in the Whh Mart building. $11098' Whether you require radiation therapy or a qualified second opinion, the Southern New Jersey Cancer Center can meet your needs without the anxiety of long drives to other cities.

You are Invited to tour our center Monday through Friday 9 am to 3 pm. ysVISION CENTER A rWIONAl VISION EYECARE ONTBI li 1,1 i i. Look for The Vision Center inside WALMART For more information call 563-0077 li Manahawkin 525 Route 72 West (609) 978-8706 Toms River 950 Route 37 West (908)341-7433 Brick 1872 Route 88 (908)458-9383 Mays Landing 4620 Black Horse Pike (609) 625-3480 Howell 4900 US Hwy. 9 (908) 905-0766 MlLLVILLE 2291 North 2nd St. (609)825-7171 The Southern New Jersey Cancer Center 72 SOUTH STATE STREET Directly across from the Ncwcomb Medical Center Offer expires 02mm.

All eyeglass and contact lens purchases require a current, valid prescription. "Includes single vision, Surevalue lenses. 1997 NVAL.

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