The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 1, 1943 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 1, 1943
Page 3
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BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS VOLUMB 1—NO. 247. ,YT111CVLI,!,1'!, ARKANSAS, TUKRDAY, .1UNK 1, THE BLYTHEVILLE ARMY'AIR COUPS NEWS Published dally except Sundays In the Interest of the personnel of the Army Air Forces Advanced Two Engine Flying School of Blythevllle, by the Blythevllle Courier New». It contains tlie new* ot Uie Air Base. Policing , The Grounds Men of the 700th Squadron 'don't like Ihe fence. They have tn walk around It for chow instead, of ap- lirouchtng Ihe mess hall In a straight line. "It's outrageous," exclaimed Mrs. Kantor, wife of Corp Leon Kanlar. "Do ; you know, prices are going up even at the Commissary That's why we have inflation." Staff Sergl. Robert Nichols Is nn organizer and an executive. Appointed chief of his barrack, in Ihe 2Cth Training Croup,' he had one soldier cleaning out the stove, another making sure that all shoes were polished, and others at si>e- Soldiers' Wives To Roll Bandages For Reel Cross Tomorrow Is Army Day al the Red Cross, Army wives will meet at (he lied Cross Headquarters, next door lo the Courier News Biilldlng,< to roll bandages. "Wives of officers, cadets and enlisted men should make every effort to be tliere." urged Mrs. James E. Kendrick, secretary - of Ihe Officers' Wives Club, "for they may be rolling bandages for their husbands. Volunleer workers for Ihe Kcd Cross are rolling the bandages that are sent' overseas." Hours on Army Day at the Red Cross arc from n o'clock lo 4 o'clock. Rules require thai Ihe women wear a cotton dress, cover Iheir hair, and wear no nail polish, hi order tfl ,: • \ . . -, ^ ' L B1 . . , ...... ..-.-i ..u lulu iJMJU-^II, Ilk llillvl clfic assigmnenls. Ser_ B cant Nichols ,„ 6U!m i agnim( forcj sl||) . directed all hese activities from a s[an ce gelling Into the bandages. • strategic and commanding position Owens Is Leading Hitter First Half prone on his bunk. The Public Relations Office endeavors to anticipate situations and prepare for them. A fly swatter lias been added (o the oflke equipment. Not G. I.; special purebase. A soldier sits at the entrance lo Owens of Ihe Alblclic Department team led all hitlers in the first half of the inter-squadron soflball league which ended Monday. He maintained a baiting av- SUUSCUIPT10N HATES O'N REQUEST The Soldier's Friend . . . Friend and Snmnrllaii hi lime of distress, (he American lied Cross, us Ihe volunteer ngency created and supported by (lie dollars nud, goodwill of the American people, extends n helping hand to the man In the Service who hnppcitt to be' In tough luck. A field director Is on duty at many Army stations, lie can Bet prompt Information and action nnywliero In (he country through the imtkmwlde ari'tin- i/allon of county chapters of Ihe lied Cross. In this column the Held director at. Ihc lllylhevllle Army Afr Field discusses examples of Ills work with full prolfclton of Ihe confidence of those who consult him. BV FRED I.. SWAN, Kirhl Director American Reel Cross Close working rclnUnmhlp Is maintained between Iho Hod Cross and the. Army Umergcncy. lieliet. A E. R. officers take cure of cuse.s lo be handled on n personal m- fraternal basis within Uie Army nnd those in which the Red Cross is nimble lo render adequate relief timely assistance, siph us those involving- secret or sudden move m c n t ot ti-oo|w or where Red Cross does not have resident coverage mediate and im- nssisl- the Mess Hall and methodically, drops marbles Into boxes. The erage of ,5-i8, which was far higher casual observer would conclude that' lhan Ihe'• averages of hLs closest the man mis a harmless lunatic rivals. Chaplain Undsey of the Ale Indulging his obsession. But at the nnd Quail learn and Lieutenant, end of Ihe day the boxes are oiwned Pinner of Ihe Alhlelic Department, and Ihe mess sergeant counts the marbles. There's a box for each squadron and a marble is dropped for each man who comes in. That's how Ihc mess sergeant knows how many men from each squadron had chow. He has 'to know in order lo mett rationing rcniilrciricrils. The nurses arc taking physical training, just like everybody else. Lieut. : M. J. Angell, junior physical director, has charge. He's worried. From experience he knows lhat he gels haled for sore muscles, lame. ba'<:ks anil sliffened joints. And wlmt's going to hapjx;]! to him If he . ever gels sick and is sent to Ihc hospilal! both of whom batler .500 to tie for second place. Other leading hitters included: Garrison, Athletic Department, •1G7. Tango, lOCOLh, .445. Rafey, 326th, .445. Vickers, 704th, .44. McWhorlcr, Alhletlc Department, .414. La Grulta, 2Clh, .408. Engebretson, Mfdics, .400. "What '.army ,wpre, you > in; _.llie Rii3sSan? > '"~qiiippcd Wniianl, Officei Leonard R. Grotty, when Corp James Brooks got. through tellinji what a tough life it was when he got paid only $21 a monlh as « private; back in "Ihc okl days." Adopted by the people of Steele, Mo., the fortunate members of the 2Cth Flying Training Group are redecorating llieiv day room, with material provided by their foster parents. Working In spare time, the soldiers have laid hardwood floors and installed composition boarc walls. Curtains, paint and varnish have been promised to Capt. Job A. Martin, squadron commander. 3 Noncoms Awarded Free Phone Calls Spare Piano Needed For .Use In Dayroom Have you a spare piano? The i Blythcvillc Army Air Field could use one or two. I wish there was one hi Ihe day room of each squadron," said Lieut. Oscar L. Benson, special service officer.:There are plenty of pianists on- Ihe )x>st, but few pianos. The boys surely would enjoy having a' piano and it would help In promoting interest in singing." Lieutenant, Benson realizes that people Hon't go giving pianos away very much, especially in these times. But there's no harm in hoping! Three members of Ihe Noncommissioned Officers Club won long dlstanc telephone calls as attendance, awards at, the Saturday night dance of the Club, at the expense of. the Glencoe' Hotel. Staff Sei-gt. John W. Barry of the 2Gtb Squadron, a 'Link Trainer operator, telephoned his mother - at Dallas, Tex. Staff Scrgt. Robert Farlel, also of the 26th, telephoned his girl at Columbus, Ga. Tech. Sergt. Irving M. Levin of the 703rd; called his girl at Dorchester, Mass. The dance music .was by n musical combination from the 351st Army Air Forces Band. The new (lining room was formally opened, the room previously used as a dining hall being converted inlo a play room, *' Officers r Wives Club Plans Informal Session An informal social hour of bridge, ;ames and visiling is being prepared for the monthly meeting of the Officers' Wives Club, next Monday at the Officers' Club. Newly arrived wives are urged lo attend, including the wives of student officers who arc here for pilol training, as a means ot becoming acquainted. Mis. Kurt M. Landon is president. Mrs. Norman A. Kavanaiigh Is vice president; Mrs. • danie.s E. Kendrick, sccrelary, and Mrs. Gene D. Langan, treasurer. mice is needed. Red Cross has the primary responsibility for a broad proyruin of voluulnry aid to personnel of the Army and Ihcir c[;pendenls. Ma- lerial aid needed by families s ot soldiers is pro- Mr. Swan vlded from chapter funds or, according to local agreement, the applicants will be referred lo oilier community agencies for Uie assistance needed. Chapters .shouli not consider A.E.R. as a resource lor soldiers or Ihcir dependent* who apply lo Ihc chapter for financial nssixlnnce. The A. E. H. hns referred Severn cases lo this office, which, hi Inn are referred to .chapters. for assistance to families. Our chapters function in the four phases of on Home Service program, namely Communication and Infqrmatlpi Service' Rcpbrtmg 1 Service',' Clniin. Service, and Family Service. A sort while ago, Pvl. Smith wa referred director Ihc the Red Cross ficl A.GR. Rccciill Inducted inlo Ihe Army, lie liai left his family with no subs'tantla means of support. His wife wa unable lo work Ihe yotmgcs Game Scheduled The Past Baseball Team will play host to'Ihe Fourth Ferry Command team of Memphis, in a game here Saturday afternoon. It will be Uio first lAcetlng between the two teams and will be the second game that the local nine has played this season. Scrgt. Robert Tubbs, physical In- slnictor, Is manager Team. of the Post child was a mere infant and Iher was no one lo care for him. Th chapter in Ihc city where his wif esided visilcd Mrs. Smith, mad cr a loan to lake care of press ig debts and immediate necd.s nd obtained groceries and cloth ig for the children. Mrs. Smlt •as in nee dof an operation am s Ihe chapler was unable lundle the ho.spllallv.aUon cast, an iiedical care, we referred this cas aek to the A. E. R. who took car f Ibis expense. Alter Mrs. Smit iccanic well again, the chnpie ound a part-time Job for her an outgone lo care for the ehlldret 'hey -also assisted her in oblain ng a certified true cppy of he narriage certificalc and Ihc dill Iran's birth certificates whic ;ere forwarded lu this office lo omptcte the soldier's application or allotment. McMulian Reports Here Scrgt. Otis McMulian, an aircraft mechanic, has reported for duly at the Blylhevillc Army Air Field, having brcii transferred here from the Greenville, Miss., Army Flying School; Sergeant McMulian enlisted Aug. 3. In civilian life he was engaged in farming wilh his father, L. B. McMulian, at Fort Payne, Ala. He attended Fyffe High School three years . FUNNY BUSINESS planned for turo_wbeo be " "" "' Learning How To Shoot The camera catches a .spent cartridge In intd-alr .is Technical Sergeant l-'edoi- cracks out n biills-eyrr on Ihe gunnery range at, Carlsbad Army Air Kleld, Carlsbad, New Mexico. Army Ah- Forcns wound men learn Thompson sub-machine gunnery as part jf Intensive Iralnliii! pri)(;i-am. (NKA pholo), Sergeant Desselle Is Transferred Here 'osl' Forecasters ^ kVork On Races in -Major'Leagues' '- Sporl sections ol Army post cwspapcrs lire trying lo pick the vlnnei-.s In the American nnd Na- ioiml League races. Among recent uses of sticking oui Ihe necks H'C: t Lew Gotthclf of Ihc sports de- lartment - of Kelly Field (Tex.). 'Plying Times" after declaring '(the mpendlng loss or players makes .he forthcoming National league ace interesting and unpredictable," ircdicls the clubs will finish In hLs order: Brooklyn, Cincinnati; St. Louis, Pittsburgh, New York, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia. Pvt. Al Blackmail.In his column, Spoils Whirl, In Camp Livings^ ton, La., "Communique," picks Ihe Yankees. •....,, ;, Qamp Davis (Del.UAA-"Barrage, 1 says Ihe Yanks and Cards : look like they'll do it. Pvt. Hob Sill, sports editor of the Foil Ord (Calif.) . "Panorama," picks the Cards as National leagn. winners. The Cubs will .press them. Pvl. Sills reckons, if Lou-Novlkoff is in'Ihe Chicago lineup, in Ihe American league, Sill • picks the Browns. • '»..'.' •Sporlalk column In Stout •'Pit-Id <Ind.) "Fielder," picks an u!l-St. Louis World Scries., '. Staff Sgl. Robert O. Fishel sports columnist of the Keesler Field OMass.) • "News," picks the Cards and Yans asilM3 pciinant winners, with Ihc 'Cubs/and Scn- ulors as ninncrs-iip. A poll conducted by "Tlie Renl McCoy," soldier paper of Camp McCoy, Wis., shows • the soldiers favoring lhu Cards and Yans as pennant winners. Pfc. Tom Slier, former Chicago sports writer, Is sports editor of Ihe paper. Cpl. R. L. Williams in his Sports Parade column In the Signal Corps "Message" Ft. Momuonth, N. J.) picks Brooklyn to win in the National league. Cpl. Hob Addle, sports editor of the Boiling Field "Beam." picks Washington's Nais to finish In the first division this year. Hospitality Hour Held Here Sunday Eighteen lilcs, Ifi cakes, n qunn- Ity of plmenKi chfese and home canned meal .sinutwlches, and jars of Iced lea were brought by 'iO members of Ihc Slindy Linic Home DeinoiLstmllon Group, for Ihe Sunday afternoon hospllality hour nt the USO Ccnler, Mrs. S. Goff, president, brought Iwo chocolate, pies anil a plnenp- plc cnke. Mrs. Murray McHnffey. chnirnmn, broiiBht n plncupjilv cuke nnd a lemon pie. Mrs. Kudy Ulnnkenshlp 1>rai)gli|. n cnrnniel cake; Mrs. Chester Burks, a lemon pie nnd a choco- Inlc pie; Mrs. T.-T.-Campbell, Iwo plmjaple les and..a..white...cake; Afrs. Cotlon, lemon pie; Mrs. J. T. Dickinson, a Hold enko; Mrs. Vnnct Dlxon, loni cuke; .Mrs Preston Goff, cherry.cake; Mrs. ,1. T. Hipp, red dcvllsfuud dike nnd home cnn- ned meat sandwiches; Mrs. llnwnrd Jackson, -cltocolalc cake; Mrs. I.u- cliLs Llndcmnn, lemon pie; Mrs Hud Lloyd, two raisin pies; Mrs C. O. Mcllaffey, Jlrs. Mary Let Mclfaffcy, and MITJ. Robert Mc- Hnffoy, pimentoeliccsc sandwlclics; Mis. J. II. Mc-Hnffcy, plnenppli cuke and chocolate pic; Mrs. Raymond Payne, pecan pic nnd appli !>ie; Mrs. W. A. Scolt, orange pie nnd lemon pic; Mrs Mimson ficolt cherry plo and white cuke; Mrs. A J. Srnrirl. ciiconnl cake, lemon pie nnd cliocolnl<; pie. The Hoky Club and Ihcir offerings toward llic success of the nc- casion. were Mrs. T. W. Huxley, chocolate cuke; Ml 55 O'Ncnl Kniglil, |>lain cake; Miss Vlrulnln L.nne, white enke; Mrs. Hlslle Moore, lemon pie. Mrs. Ralph Bcrrymnii played Ihc piano. Gill Assigned Here I Master Sergl. Calvin J. Desselle, 0 veteran of 1C year -sin Ihe Army, las been transferred from Green - lecided (o marry the yirl. Ap- Field, and assigned to 'duty as a hie chief wllh (he 320lh Squadron. Scrgcnnl Desselle enlisted In i927 in Ihe Infanlvy and was u machine gunner during ills first nitcli. He transferred (o the Air Cors in 1930. promoted lo sergeant n 1938, he was made staff .sergeant •lie following year, IcchnScal .ser- cant in 1SJ40, and master sergeant u February, 1912. Sergeant Desselle is married. His wife, now at Moiilcomery, Ala., nay join him here. Tech. Scrgl. Robert G. Gill, 21, has been transferred from Columbus. Miss., to Ihe Blylheville Army Air Field, and assigned lo duly as n line chief wilh the lOfllli aniad- ron. Sergeant Gill enlisted June 11, 1940. His home Is at South Hill, Va. . Chambers Assigned 'Vs (loiuMumiouliow Officer At Field Second I,lent. Charles 1. chain UTS has been assigned as PCM ommimicallons officer by Co <mi M. Ijindon, commimdltif; cif leer of the. Blylhevllle Army At 'Icld, replacing First Ueut. Mn hciv 13. O'Hiirn, who has bee runsferred lo annlher stutliin. Lieutenant Chambers hns been assLstiuil eommmilcnllons officer ilnce January when he was slu- mnsferrcd lo this slullon as a warrant officer. He wn,s commissioned March 31, afler appearlni; jeforo a technlcnl officer candidate braird al tlie lilylhevllle I'icld. Knltstlng In 1037, Lieutenant Chambers had been advanced lo the grade of master sergeant when he was apixilnlcd warrant officer last September. Before entering the Army hu lived at Hlchfleld Springs, N. Y. Softball Schedule For Week .The schedule of llih week's ames In Ihe liiler-squiuh-on soft- all league Is: 'nt'Sday iifleiuoon— lOWlh vs l''lmmu' and Ordnance, o'clock. i Medics vs Iliuid, ;t o'clock. Group 1 vs Ale and CJuntl, 4 •dock, 702-ml vs 700th, r>:4!i o'clock. Vedne.sdny afternoon— AlhliHIo De|>:irlminil vs Iflilh, 2:4!> o'clock. fJl)7lh vn Medics anil Q.iunlci'ma.1- ers, 5:45 o'clock.. lifith vs 20lh, 5:4r> o'clock. 701sl VH :i2l!lh, ii:-!ri o'clock. I'luirsday afternoon - lOCOth vs ItXJIIi. -I oVloek. Clronp I vis Hiuiil ;i iiVluek. Flying Admlnlslralimi v.s Ale and Qlinll, 4 o'clock, TOrrt v.i Finance and Ordimnce, i:4f> oYlock, •Yltlny iiUoinoon — AlhloUc IJepiirliiU'iil, v« Medics md Qimrlei nuclei's. \'.>.;.\'j o'clock M'edlca vH'Mih, , r i:'iri o'clock. 70Xnd vs afilh, . r K-ir, oVIcick. 7041 h v.s '.VUM\. « ii'iiloek. Private First Class Puts$50 A Month Inlo Bonds Fo Ful arc Crotty Assistant Personnel Officer Staff Scrgl. Francis Hulh Marries Girl In Maryland Staff Seigl. FrnncLi Hulh, creW chief In Ihe, used to carry Mlis 'lielly Bei-gcr's books home from school. When he made ready to return from a recent fuiloiigh he. decided lo mnmy lhu ghl. Ap- proiiched In nigni'd to Ihc mailer, Miss Bcrger agreed to meet, thn preacher, and the "I do's' 1 were said May Ifi al Ihigerslown, Mil., where both principals live. The bride took time off from her duties as a pharmacist lo accompany Sergeant 'Until down the aisle. They spent a brief honeymoon and (hen he had to hurry back lo the |»sl. Shu plans lo Join him soon. Scrgcnnl Until reported at this field In July and received his "shack slripo" In October. He enlisted In the Army In vtiine two years ago, giving up a Job as a ship yard worker for a uniform In Uncle' flam's Ah- Forces. flow much of his salary Khoulc u prlviiln first class Invent hi Wu Bonds? Pfe. navold M, Ih'enh has Ih answer. He should buy u $r>0 uimi eery month, Tliat Is whiil Brent has been doing .sinci! he enllslc lust November al. Ihe Dlylhevlll Army Air Field. At first It, was rather dlfflciil in a buck private's pay. But whe le made pro, with $54 a monll •hut left him SlG.lio for .spendIn noncy, which llronls nays Is plen •y with Unc-lii Sam piiylng all h Ivlng cxj^nscs, Prlviilo Bi-cnls, who Ls n clerk In Iho V03rd Unulnoeilng office Is 111 ycnrs old. no is nmbllloiu lo f!» Inlo a business for himself al- ler the v,-ar, and IUIK deeldod that Uie way lo do It Is lo-pul all the money he. can Into the Bonds. Before enlisting Brenl.s was a typist. In Ihe office of Ihe II. S Engineers ut Llllle Rock, ami lived wllh his parents, Mr. and Mrs Marvin Brenls of Cleveland, Ark, mm. HERE 51 si One Of the Best In , Southeast Training Ceh • lei', He Says , ,, "Dcsl bnnd In the Army." Tho 351sl Army Air Forces Band • radically gels Hint tllle. - Ca)»t. Into Oliennottc, "bund office*•.«t Inxwell 1 Icld nnd Inspector ot anils for Die Southeast TralnlAJ < 'I'litdr. vlslllng Ihc Illythevllle'Ar- ly Air Field on nn inspection trip ist week, WHS hlijli In his .'praise• > the liiinil . 'Tho liiind," snld Captain Clien- ellc, Is rinc of llio -best-In-the-. -fimllioasl Triilnlnu Center'and has xrtcMtlnllllivi of being Ihe'finest." Oiiplulti OhcniH'tle took the alnn from Wiirninl Officer <Berh- larill M. ICiLtehcl, bund leader, ;to end Ihe ijniiip In several number*, le luid llii'in piny one'of'his'own peclnl iirriiiigeme'iil.s 'of a popular mewl nniniii i, mill .sntii • '"I'lds Is Ihe fhsl Imnd 1 ve found luring my lour that has'been"able. . o piny Hint aiTiuiijehient-at -iiright. Voiir concert Imnd Is tops.' , Onplitln Clipiwlle commented \-lth hloh fa\oi Cm the *oik of Mr Cuschel. mill also singled out .tor •iiinincniliillon 'IVcli. Sergt Altjx- inder I'oskonka, arnihger, and leader of Ihe dniico orchestra. Tlie rnptnln litis bce,n-»n'Import- ant flisnre In Iho liiiislcnl world. 1 for .'ems mid hns setvcd ILS u Judge n stale iiiul niltlonal tilth school' imnd conte'at»,'-He Iti ii weirkiibwn iinndmnsUi and Lom|xisrr Swap Would Solve Problem , , 1 Hall or 701st Wins 1st Half The 701st wins the flrsl half of the hilcr-squudrnn softball league which ended Monday, taking n nf Ihclr 13 games and finishing far ahead of (he Alhletlc Department team, In second plucu, wllh 10 games won and three losl The 701st will of Ihe second Wont. Walter F Hull QM a»le? officer, hns wlmt he. thinks .!»•»' lirlglil Idea lo help solve the ribus- lni< prolilun, He proposes to trade hoiut'.s with some Blvthevllle 'AHny ninn who Is stationed nl or near Nashville, Where. 'Lieutenant' Hall hns 11 house, It's » modern brick house with' three bedrooms, nnrt If he' can get oucthcr with u Hlythevllle :mnn v\m Is Mntloni'd ill tlie Clitsslflca- Inn Center In Nnshvllle,- that would" p Idenl, for tliu Hall house; is Just. t. wo Mocks' ••• , il - : , ,:,.»; The Ferry Command 'Would "be '••• imllv convenient,' dor lt : la:ln the , suburbs of Nashville .-The tan-en-';., Blue trnlnhiK school ut Smyrna Ls, inly 17 mile* nwny, and 'Camp For- . 'at Is :is or 40 -miles from the Hall •esldciicc. • Llctileimnl Hnh Is taking It ; up '• tvllh lhu iiiilhnrltlcs at the four,- nllUary Instnltnllons,' hoping to' reach (he right mini through • the ; 'o-st ncwspupcr or the., bulletin ,.' lotint. meet tin; winner hnlr, which licgnn Warrant Officer Leonard R. C'rotty has been mn<le ii.sslstnnl personnel officer at the Ah- Unsc. He has been n.ishlniu |»sl ndjiiliuil and previously was tidjulmu of Uie. Cndcl Dcpiirtmrnl. Mr. Grotty wius appointed a war- rnnt officer hist September, nflcr passing Ihe lusts of nn examining bonid. He entered the service thrc,"i years at;o. In nlvlllan life he was cmployrd tn tlic New York otflcc of Ihe Texas Company. Read Courier Wews want ads. ANTIQUES Oifls for Weddings and all special occasions. Lamp Post Shop ."Hgwy. (il, 2 Miles So. Prone 2738 Try o«r "Own M«d«" ke Cream lie Hickory Innf Aerat fr»m HUth BeluM Complete Stvck Stee! and Elastic . TRUSSES Save 50% STEWART'S Orif Sttr« Main ft Take Phew 2822 Office rs' Uniforms Compare Hie fabric and workmanship of these finr garments before liuylncl Heller Mouses • ;i7.7r> Klaslupic Trousers i;j.7r> I'inks ....• i;j.75 Summer Trousers 7.flfl Summer Shirts 8.1)0 oday, In a series of games lo de' '"'line lhu league championship. The Modern Ice Box COOLKKATOR For Kronomy and Service. Tom Little Hwde. Co. Ph«w III FITTKD BY Doctor*. J. L. tad J. C. GUARD OPTOMETRISTS IN BLYTHKVIIXE SINCE 1M2 Auto Repairs Kxpert Mechanics on All Makes and Models. Also Truck and Tractor Repairs. Lee Motor Sales Ph. 51» E*rl St«ne, Shop Varemaa E. M»ln BPTICfll STORE 209 W. Main St. Phone 291 TIRE RECAPPING SERVICE . . . Selbtrlln; Factory Method. Nn Certificate Required On Passenger Cars. Quick, Dependable Service. LOT BCH 24-HOUR SERVICE Expert Repair Work on General Motors Cars. IANGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY B'dwiy A Watnat n. Ill SMALL LOANS 0* Mrtttac «f VH9*. Eatt Mun Loan Co. m L Head courier Newi; wjwt" !«.» vital miHrlll for wnr luajfo. HftTo. U by hAvtug ; y«ar ilioii rebuilt htr« and hrlp UM w«r cffoct jiitil flay* money, , ' - / , H-flLT€RS IQUflLITY SHOe SHOPI 121 W. M « I N ST. I WE FILL ALL DOCTOir . PRESCRIPTIONS AND SAVE TOD MONR STEWART'S,, Draf Sttrt M.ln ft Lake • ; PbMM ttU Flowers For Every Occasion ... Funeral designs, wedding flowers, corsages. THE FLOWER SHOP WF. DFMVER GLENCOE HOTEL BUMk Phone 4M ROBINSON'S "THE RELIABLE DRUG STORE" There's no wider selection of (having needs, cosmetic*. etc., In BlythevlUe lhan »t RoblmoQ'i. L»t<*t Uin Serrice Men ! Meet Ton Frierii tt Rtfcimi'sl HUDSON TAILORS Expert Alterations BODY OF UNIFORM SHIRTS MADE SMMUE.' Khaki ..15c; Tropic»I. |1; S-fe Garrison Caps — Accessories —

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