The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 22, 1933 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 22, 1933
Page 7
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FRIDAY, DECEMBER 22, 1933 •LYTHBVILU. (AH.) OOUtBl M1W1. ^CLASSIFIED SECTION CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per line lor consecutive insertions: (Five average words to » line) One time per Une IOC Xv.'o times per line per day .. 08c 1 nrce times per linl! per day .. 06c blx times per line per day .... 05c Moutb rate per lln * ^ i charge 60c CAFE NEAR BUSINESS. OSCEOLA. THEATER. > GOOD BEN ' BRATCHER, 22ck27 AUSTIN COUPB, perfect running condition. O. M. Morgan, Phone 293-J. 4c ktl OR SALE: 40 acres. «U in cultivation. One mile south of Cosell. Roland Green. «cttl-« Ads ordered for three or limes and stopped bclore expiration will te charged tor the num- tcr ol times tire ad appeared am adji^tincnt o! bill made. All Classified Advertising copy eutmitted by persons residing out- eirie ol the city must be accom tented by cash, Rate* may be easily computed from above table No responsibility will be taken lor more thun one incorrect in seitlou ol any classified »d. Advertising crdered lor lar insertions take me one tim Late. Phone 306 or ,307 UUSINJSSS DIRECTORY REAL ESTATE Woioan, IK, Aids Mae, 11 BOSTON (UP) — Mrs. Lucy Kcoiigh had to Interrupt, her birthday celebration to care for hor sun- In-lnw, Mlclrael J. Caity, who tod fallui into lioston Huibor's icy wn- tew. Carty Is 72. It wns Mrs. Kruugh'b 102nd birthday aimlvcr- iury. Come to. Bit jva ml e»Ut» gee what we have le ten E. M. Terry UCM*B« De*ler Tetrr-WoriUactOB TKta Oe. BljrtheriUe Fk*o» (17. SAHARA Priced loivw* tlm'n any other of the \\\f\: snide coals., ACTON . S'J.50 Highest iii heat and lowest In nsh of iiny red ash coal. "We Can't Sdl All the Coal So We-JtLst Bull the Ikat"« E/ Robinson Lumber Co p Sr Bv Aherp POULTRY & EGGS Fresh tigs daily, direct frwn nery. Plekard'i troeety, IMi tbickaaawb*. «c U CHRISTMAS PRODUCE price on all fnrit. nuts, prodcce ft flr Xmu trees. G. 1 Hawks Cor. Halo t. Uke. DOGS, PETS FOR SALE—Rostoa, Terrier Pup pies, little beauties. Mrs. W. McCullough, ??2> Carolyn Ave Pride Add'n. 16pki FOR REN1' NEW DEAL TRADING POST Furnilure, Tools, Clothes, Etc. Lei's trade. Ill Easi Main. 6c kl-li New ?nil Used Furniture Bough: and Sold Stoves Repaired—Any Make Alvin Hardy 517 W. Alb 20p U2-20 Nicely Furnished Bedroom, X south Lake Street, Mrs. Geor Cross. FURNISHED 3 room apartmen 1315 W. Main. Call 335-W 15ck NEW Unfurnished 4 room apart merit, bath. Close In. Call 130 EXPERT T>pc«Titcr and Adding Machine Repairing. V. S. blank- cnsliip. 116 E. Kuse. Call 165-J. 21-ck-ll-Zl CLBANEKfc. TAILORS Look nice for Xmasl Have your .clothes cleaned &. retexed bj Cleanloc Serric*. Call 1U • 20cil-20 NICELY furnished bedroom, .men preferred. 1017 W. Walnut. Call after 5 p. m. Mrs..Ed Hardin. MODERN Three room Apartment with bath, unfurnished, Phone 764. - 27-ci-tf. Nice, large BEDROOM. Close to. i 310 W. Walnui. 13ckl-13 AUTOMOTIVE WANTED TO BUY LOW /.'RICES on winter car needs, heaters, alcohol, GPA. glycerine, Model T tops & side curtains,] $108 up. WOLF ABIAN. 128 E. Sa|n.__ 2**"- a . V CalTsoS-ReS-S .(ace-118 E. tUtin For Aalo Fainting Body and Fender Service 28cltl2-28 JORDAN airlXe "8" car, 14 S Motor tor repairs. Btanton A. Pepper, Huflrrmn. Ark. 16p_k23 WANTED TO BUY—Used Electric refrigerators. Must be in good condition, Phone 764. 27-ck-f. LARGEST STOCK USED.. PARTS Between' Memphis and St. Iftuis Also -Auto Glass—Phone 66 JACKSON AUTO PARTS CO. WANTED We pa,y more lor pecans, furs, hides, brass, copper, radiators, aluminum, lead, batteries. Phone , WoU Arlau,'128' K Main AUTO GLASS INSTALLED We install glass in your car while you wait. CaU us Jor better ser- may have same by identifying and KEY RING two of them Yale keys. Owner vice. Phone 033. Shouse-J-ittle Chevrolet Co. lOc kl-10 Call Us When lit Need Of Guaranteed Merchandise Tires-Iiattcric» - Replacement Part* HUBUARD HARDWARE CO. Automotive Dept. le kl-1 Auto Glass All Kinds Installed The Ark-Mo Lumber Co. 12c kl-10 WRECKER SERVICE Call us when you need a wrecker, Day and Night Service. Call .633. Shouse-LiUIe Crevrolet Co. lOc kl-10 BATTERIES Battery Sc Radiator Service We guarantee you better battery or radiator work lor less money. Any make radiator repaired or re- cared. Get our prices on new and rebuilt batteries. Call 633. Sbouse-Little Chevrolet Co. lOc kl-10 this New Ford Batteries Rental - Recharging - Repairing '(77 TIRE & BATTERY STATION 25c k!2-25 PADIOS him stay. All Radios, including n. C. A., are being closed out at cost for CASH at IHtbbard Hardware Co. 12ckl-12 Sl'ORTING GOODS Yon will find a complete line of NEW MODEL BICYCLES at Habbtrd Hardware Company. 16o kl2-16 I'HONE 107 BUCHANAN "Our Coal h Black But We Treat 1'ou White" le fcl-9 Brilliant and Ky. Coal, quality and weight guaranteed. Bart^ nick Coal Yard, Railroad & Ash. Phone 179. 4ckl-* VOU SALE YOUNO CANARIES. Real SINGERS. S3.00 while they last, Mrs. P. T. Elder, 215 West, Kentucky. 22pk27 7 1'rcsh Cow.i with young calves, plenty of springers that will he fresh soon. Must be sold, rhone 211. 4c-tf MILLIARD EQUIPMENT, cheap for cash. Bus'ncss good, rent reasonable. J. P. 'i illle, Holland, Mo. 5p kl-3 LOOK! 4 yds. Rnyon: 3 yds. Volte; 3 yds. Pcrcitle for only $2.98. Rush your orders to W. 0. Richmond, Box 241, CariithjrsviT.e, Mo. Technology hockey team. By teletype, he uskccl Boston police to oljee Teletype Located Owner of Lost Gloves ascertain Hioues adiU'es.s. The In- Ctiulus CHU22) Hnrvey, 218-noiind formation was sent tack by tele- cup:<ilii-clpct of the type, and Hroncs Is wearing Ills team, never has Ixeu out- placed in two ycuvs ot viiLslty competition. BOSTON <UP>—Ttie police lole- gloves once more. pe has been turned into nd found derailment wire. A pair of gloyes, with the name Hroites Inside, was found by a iliceman In Connecticut, perus- The Africon white ant builds n home 2GOO times Us own neigr.l; According to the Lenguc of Nations luuor office, there were 604 G84 co-operative societies In 64 to equal this fc:il, ninn woukl liavn g a newspaper, the officer noted More than 1,000,000 barrels o! herring arc consumed In Germany annually, structure two miles In man by that name played amounted to »25,'.'00.000,000. the Massachusetts Institute of OUR BOARDING HOUSE ONE EGG WONT HATCH! VJEU..OOP, SO VOU FINftUY\ \ A I HAS/E ) RETURNED < TO-AH- 1 . .., COT BACK. mm? SBOUTTINIE! I SUPPOSE YOU'RH HEfiE TO GIMME THAT LITTLE DIH05WJR I SENT VOU TO GET I DONE EYEN BETTER ' 1 DON Y r- f.q ?, BROUGHT , HOT A LH 1 IX I CO O J Iff , BUT THREE N'« V ' NOT TO ThUCKtN ~M Q>VOpK T3UT IST.UERE AS _ ... . / "' lA-BUNCWQ? UNSOLD ^ELL OUR STOCK? ONLX "V\WO ',\. LEFT, ANt) WE STILL WAVE I7B TRtES? ~"',\¥ ' OFFER £& LITTLE AS SO^TOR ATREE; JIT TAKEr IT -^-IN FACT ,X)O^TLCXDSEN THE "^ WOUTJ OF TKBR COW SLEEVE UNTIL THEY (SO "BELOW 2O?--^.UrAP_I MUST HAVE riEEM "DWFT VS/HEN I- T3OU&HT 'ZOO DINOSAUR E&35-VO-J CW» WTCH'EM 8Y PUTW'EM " IN AFIRE ABOUT FOUrX ONE rfiORE CFWCK OLITA you, VA HAIRY-FACED BABOON, AN 1 TIL DO THE SAME THINS WITH THE OTHER [ ?)IMOSAUfi EG'J5I-HAW,HAW, ^ •JAW? SO.6IG, BRAWNY OOP,. THE MIGHTY, 15 BRINGING My PET SOME DAINTY PRESENTS-HAW, HAW- WHATCHA GOKA DO.WITH 'EM? By Marti*, >, BOOTS AND HER BUDDIKS . UHCIS. - Ni' *6Wt» REW. cooew contalnins ten keys. GAH, CLICKS! WASH TUBES MEREV£R SHE GOES, MEN'S Ht/ FLUTTER, AND WOMEM STARE rw ^ f V\^ ^ I] ff?T MUST BE ADMITTED THAT, AT FIRST, WASH WO EASY ^ fEARED^AIL WQULD LOOK LIKE A COUNTRY BOHPKIM CLOTHES, f SH6 'S NE1 *R BIM OUTA \ ^r YOU . _ , THOSE DAMES LOOK LIKE .TWO CENTS 7H "STICKS BER3RE.W6 WOH'T KMOW HOW TO ACT. PROUDLY, WASH AKD E«SY ESCORT HSR THRU A opiYt. W.IIB.L DC WIGHT CLUB?. THEATRSS. , TME-Y AllE AMATED AT HER ADPiO CHARM. SAM DOKSN'T FOO!.! 'N i \\ vnii. T I DOM'T oeT ,> WORM THEY'LL. Be r \ OlSP.PPorM~Ce.Ol/ THEM Be SUR6. f>.>4' ' PDOftESSeS.SO OL' Sf>«OV THAT THE-/'o THE-/ ASKED FER.I SOUR. CAW SECURE. Xf* WORDS, WORDS, WORDS! FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS AWP TAG MADE SOME IH&AK^ / RUMORS TO \NASTY REMARKS A8W Wow, FUZZY, YOU HE At? THAT FUZZY DAVIS . CALLED TAG tELLOW?ME ] ,ckrr / u DBCORATE EACH THAT ^FUriY! HE SAID THAT EFFECT / FUZZY DID Hfi WEST ^J^j-^RUNNING SHOESl'BOY! I fj " ' '"• BET T-WTtL i?.HG" "~AT EA^H OTHER! -•-w^ VER RIGHT ' HAND, AND ILL. DO SAME 1 OTHER WllVi THEOCPER OP THft RldHf CRC/SS.'J SAID HE COULDN'T DE A CREAMPUHF WITH HIS PUNCHES': HMK> FEELINGS BETVJEEsI FUZZY VJ1TW FU7ZY I DAVIS! paying for this ad. The katydid and the green grasshopper are inconspicuous in growing grass. LEGAlTNOTlCES WARNftfG ORDER IN THE CHANCERY •COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Georgia Junes Plaintiff, No. 5737 vs. C. Y. Jon-s, Defendant. The defendant. C. Y. Jones, Is warned to appear within thirty cays in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the crmplaint of tlie plaintiff, Georgia Jones. Dated 1933. R. L. GAINES, fJlerk, By Eliziheth Blythe, D. C. Ivy W. Crawford. Atty. Ad Li tern. Visited Jail Once Too Often SOUTH BEND, Wash. SUP) — Clifford Bridges went to visit his Iriend Tom Nelson in county jail. While he was there deputy sheriffs learned he was "wanted" in another part, of tire state and gave a permanent Head Courier News Want Ads. GOOD COAL IS THE CHEAPEST C O 1 J,i There Is po e»ml, a.1 Wj** west of the Allegheny Mountains, u Ugh In heat and as low in ash u tbe Snper-Heat That h » bo"> •itatement, bat it is elhfcal, because it's troe. We have authoritative uuljsis «n file on all coal »mi c«a pme this cl»tm. SUPREME Super-heat Is tbe cnly coal of Its kin* and «el<l only by this company. 6«3 Mtdiarn Size Lump Ton - 57.50 Heat ^ Ton **•" SUPREME Cash Super A Rich Man's Coal at A Poor Man's Price Superior Ccpl & Mining Co 3«4 W. Walnirt

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