The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 26, 1950 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 26, 1950
Page 13
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MONDAY, PACK THIK'ITBN '(AHK.y COURTEH FRKCKLKS AND HIS KKIKiNDS—HY MKRRILL BLOSSEH Co-operative June Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople By J. R. Williams OUT OUR WAY WERE POOR. HCALTHYAS A DRAT/; WHY IS f IT?!HERE AWX, WE PRIM& OP LIFE. BURST IKlS Ar-Jt> IDEAS, CHAINED LIP HAH.' IF VIE WAS A KIP HBP FORGET IT" BUT NOT AT HIS AGE/ HE'U- ALWAYS THIWK THAT BOY PULLED A PAST CURVE OH H1IW-TEN) YEARS FR£*A MOW HE'LL YOULL MEET A IOT (3F N£W. FELLAS THIS SUMMER, JUMEY.ANO L ooKfr TO V/OBRY WRITING HALF HOOK MIXlMS P| PRISOfJ OF <SOOT FAP/? HOT POSS AMD THE E6O BUSTER. I'd like to joint your WMCT Television on Monday. 1:30 11. m. — Headlines News- Siunrtvary MiclSoutli News 2:00-T-Movie Malince ,, 2:30— Fashion Parade 2:15— Itoiisi-liniil Minis :!:00— Deri Olsu'iingcr 3:3B— llowily llooily 4:00 — Cactus Jim 4::<0— Hello Ladles •1:55 — Wrestling Interview; 5:00 — Kukla, Fran * Oliu 5:30— Roberta Quinlan 5:45 — News Caravan B:00 — Telcthealer 6:30— Hnwarrt Barlow 7:00— Lights Out 7:30 — SIiou- Business 8:00— Jackpot CalliiiE 8:30 — Crusade In F.urope 9:15— B'hall Fundamentals FORf REE ESTIMATES TELEVISION & RADIO SALES AND SERVICE •38E MAIN ST. BlYTHEVIllE ARK Anaplasmosiii Is a deadly malaria like disease of cattle. Hou'll Love.Our Flowers I . BLV'IUEVILLE f FLOWER MART Mciiipliis Iliwai Pbbnc 6002 15 OFF On Your (joleman FLOOR FURNACE If You Install It Before July 31st Do H Now! Save money, be ready .for winter before the rush. And get the famous Colenan that gives yon Automatic Heat—Clean Heat^-Warm• Floor Heat 5e« A Demonstration Today Chas. S, Lemons . Furniture By Grace Htes Fletcher XXIII TT/HEN GlorU Brown regained consciousness, she was lying back in Miltiadcs 1 arms—his dear, safe, comfortable arms, just like she had wished to be doing when she thought she w;is dying. Ills arms were like cushioned steel as he sat behind her al the head of a couch in the back room of the fruit store. Miltiadcs was saying: ••"Darling. You darling little tool. ... She's coming out of it, Hnnsen." Gloria looked up, still dazed, expecting to see the little gray man. She'd thought all along that he was Hansen—now she remembered, he was Lofty Gordon. Her eyes rested on Reuben, the doorman at the Splendide Apartments, who was bending over her as he finished tying up the bandage on her shoulder. The big doorman, whom she'c been afraid of because she hac thought he was Lofty Gordon grinned down at her and said "She's okay, fella. Her shoulder's only scratched. If she hadn't sloo< in our line of fire, we could have prevented this." So Reuben was Hansen insteac of— Where was the little gray man Lofty Gordon? Gloria lookei around Tony's little sitting room fearfully, but there was no sigt of this terrible person. They mus have taken him away., She Uirned, looking up at -Mil tiades, ""suddenly reali7Jng: "Dar .ing, you're not in jail!" "Lie clown." Mil tiades pushcc ner anxiously back on the couch explaining: "1 sold the lieulenan on the idea that you were up. t iomcthing and if I helped him trai you, knowing your wnys and a! that, we'd find out plenty. An was I right]" He grinned at Lieutenant Me Gann, whom Gloria now notice for the Grst tune, standing in th oorway. McGann grinned 1 back t Gloria. 'Feeling better. Mulligan?" "I'll run a fever of !02 IM dont find out exactly what happened. Give, Lieutennnl McGann. 'Give from the beginning!" "I'll make a bargain." said (he lieutenant. "I'll go home with you and tell you there.** one was friendly anti ho moved ightly lo hide Ihe stretcher which wo men in white were carrying ast the doorway in the next room. "Mrs. Benoni?" Gloria asked as he saw them. Weak tears ran .own her cheeks. The lieutenant shook his head. No, Lolly, He'll Live to fry. We vcre in the alley when we heard iiii shoot her and we came to isien in. \Ve got here just in time The Benonis are—on marble slabs. One apiece." "I can't believe that she killed ial," Gloria said. "It must have been that ratty husband of hers." Lieutenant McGann shook his lead reluctantly. "1 think Benny old the truth," he said. "We iound Wrs. Cenoni's fingerprints on Sal's 'acnucrccl fingernails. Sal wasn't in the water very long. There wasn't any water in her lungs. She might not even have been dead when you first noticed her." * * * QLORIA sat up excitedly. "But if Mrs. Benoni hud been there on the bench I'd have seen her and recognized her!" "Bathing suits and caps make people look different," he said It's pretty unlikely thai you would recognize her, since you weren't as well acquainted as we thought at first." He grinned. "She probably got away and-beat it to a car, but fast. You see, she was deathly .ifniid that Sal would tel Lofty Goftlon what she alone knew." "What did she know?" Gloria asked. "Don't keep me waiting!' "She knew that the Bcntmis hat discovered the secret of the emerald necklace." , "It had green eyes," Gloria shivered. "Evil, green, leopard eyes.' . "She's feverish," Milliades wor ried. "I'd belter take her home lieutenant." "Hush, darling," said Gloria QLORIA didn't want to, but It His i was two against one. Very oon, she was in the police lim- usine and very quickly she was ack home in their own rooms al ic Splendide. - i - - . Under Gloria's direction, Milti- des made some , coffee and they ettlcd back ir the living room, vilh Gloria made comfortable on tie^divan. with her feet on one end nd her head al the other and vith Miltiades beside her. just like had been in the living room at Tony's- Hansen. who had come long, sat across the room. "Now," said Gloria. "Give, Lieu- enant." '• The lieutenant nodded. He lit a cigar and sipped his codec. Mil- iados took Gloria's hand, but she did not notice, for her ayes were glued en Ihe police lieutenant's round face. "It's this way. Mulligan," he bc- ii. "Lofty belonged to the BenonJ gang until he switched to the dope racket. Benoni was scared of this, so Jack the Cork was delegated osing—that means inform, In case you don't know—to the federal dicks. As a result. Lofty got five years in stir." 'Naturally that didn't make hiro love either Benny or Jack the Cork,*' said Gloria. "1 guessed that much. And also I figured out that when Lofty was released early for good conduct, he went after Jack the Cork.* 1 '\Ve figured that out loo," Lieutenant McGann~grinned, "but we didn't think Lofty would risk go- "ng back to jail quite so soon. That's why he caught us napping when he stabbed the Cork, tlan- scn didn't get to the Splendide until after the first murder." "Lofty Gordon was a terrible person," Gloria said. "And a smart one," said Lieutenant McGann. "Go on," said Gloria. "1 can't wait." (To Be Concluded) WE BUY AND SELL USED & NEW FURNITURE PHONE 2112 REMODEL NOW Nothing Down—Up to 36 Mos. to Pay It's easy lo finance your home improvements—or a new garage—through linilders Supply. Now j'ou can gel a low interest FHA loan with easy monthly payments. Don't delay any longci . .call us for the details. Builders Supply Co., Inc. South Highway 61 Phone 2434 We're Proud of Our Work inc work • Woodwork lacturing • Welding BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Machine work Slanulacturinji; WATERMELONS! Ice Cold 4c Lb. Warm 3c Lb. Cantaloupes 20c Blytheville Curb Market 130 East Main ,SHOE REPAIRING SAVES MONEY! Prompt Service Expert Workmanship PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Price* Kirbv Druq Stores FARM LOANS Unlimited Funds— Attractive Terms A Complete Mortgage Service UNITED SKUVICE & RESEARCH, INC. 81 .M.iclison tllilg., Memphis, Tennessee GEORGE O. VAXES. Rep. Blythcvillc, Arkansas FOR SALE C«ncrcte ecJverU. 12 Inch t* U Inch, plain or rccnforced Alio Concrete Buildlnfi Blocks cheaper than [•mher fni barm chicken hciKft, pnmp hoBMt, tenant h»mc« HHV! nhfd% Wt dellfer C*H vi f*r fre* wtlmatc. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. USE D CAR SPECIALS! STlinKllrlKF.R C1IAHP- 'ION. Knlly cqulppprt wKU >vrr Urivp. K.iil[n r, rVhitc Side Wall llres and nil-Holder 1319 PLYMOUTH 5 P T. C I A I. MM.UXE. Kqulpperf with Ka- dlr>, Healer, Whlt« SLrtr Wall Tires ... a Wonderful »uj 13 19 5TUDEIM KER ' I, A N CKUISKR —DEMONSTRATOR FuHy equipped with OTCT llrlTC. Hadto, Healer'and has Low Mllcain .' Used Truck Specials 1919 STUOEHAKER Hi TON' with 12" BODY and In F«r- (rrl Condition |I Itm FOKO H TON P1CK- i;p. Low Mitrage and In Exc. Condition \ Visit' Our Service Dept Krec Wash Job With Kach Grease and Oil Change Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Stadetaker Denier" R.R. * Ash Phone 688 "And if I can't get in the Mounties, x*..»i:»f" \L VKUMEER He's On His Own GOODNESS! I HOPE YOU DIDN'T TELL. HIM IT WAS TRUE HE ASKED ME IF WOMEN SOT MARRIED JUST TO HAVE SOMEONE. TO HELP WITH THE HOUSEWORK! CARLVLE ASKED A STRANGE QUESTION TODAY. OF COURSE NOT!i WHY SHOULD I? BY M1CHAKI, O'MAU.KY and RALPH KSJ THERE GOES A MIGHTY SWELL THANKS TOR HELPING ME CIO5 DOWN MY HOUSE, VIC.' GOODBY AND SHE'S WALKING OUT OF AttC STEEL'S LIFE BECAUSE I COULDN'T C(?ACK THIS CASE. I FEEL LIKE A FIRST MR. STEEL DROPPED 5KOOPY FUN TOFF/HONE.' THAT MUSr MEAN HS'S DRIVING BOBBY EAHD TO THE STATION — AMD THAT • 'Ml IS LEAVING TOWN TODAY FOR GOOD I.KSUE TURNER honcsomc Land 6XT DAY EP>SV IS IU THIWLY SETTLED COUNTRY WITH FEW VWTER. HOLES HE'D LIKE TO CROSS VCUC LUND \ OKHY, BUT IT'S HUH 300 HEfiD, IF VCD CAW WAlEitJ SIX MIL6 &CROST. EM, SUM , -f A DAY'S GRAZIW FOR TH 1 HERD. ID HAFTA SMALL fee ROUGHER,!,AND I WOW S66 ft BOAD OK ALL AFTERNOON GOTTA LOCATE 0KB PKEUV 1 HOSE COWS-HEY. WILD HDKSESl IT CAN'T BE FAR TO WATEE. (kSV RIDES WE ST. PICK I NO ft HEW ROUTE FOR McCALEB TO PEIUE HIS CftTUETOTHE RNLROWX,. BUGS BUNNY ...THESE ARE THE 0ATTIN FOR OUR •A56BALL MERE, KID. • > A BUNNY, BUT.YER HOMEWORK'S AUU DONE/ STEP ASIDE, CICERO, AN' LET OL' SLIf EK- t'A<i HAVIN A TERRIBLE TIME WITH THESE FIGURES/ WAPPAYA MEAN? SUMMER \ACATION STAKTEP TWO WEEKS A&O... DONTKNOW...IT WriXT \ SEEMED TO COME FROM THAT PILE KOCK.' GOOD HEAvVENS-- LOOK. 1 BY EDGAR MARTIN BOOTS AND HKR BUDD1KS

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