The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 23, 1943 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 23, 1943
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VOLUJIK XI_NO. 32. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS : <niEDOMINANT NKWSl'APKROPNOimH!X8TABKANaAaANnBn,.,,,,,«..o - ***<*~* »? *J niylhovlHc Dully News Blythcvllle Hcralrt D.'yliicvllle Courier 1 AND SOUTHEAST MIBSOUItl Mississippi volley lender lil,YTilKVII.l.K, ARKANSAS, KKIDAY, EiZE NEW SINGLE COPIES FIVE CKNIV President Reviews Mexicans President Franklin D. Roosevelt and President Avila Camacho of Mexico review parade of Mexican troops at Monterrey, Mexico. Lcfl lo light arc: Mexican Ambassador Francisco Castillo Najers; Mrs. Avila Cnmacho; President Roosevelt; President Camacho ami Mrs. Roosevelt. (Passed by censors) (NBA tclcpiioto). Today's War Commentary X": Invasion Picture i-v^ ."„«.-.• •, '•..- -'•' ' •', ' ' '• Long Coastline Spreads Axis Forces By THOMAS .1. noxOHUG oS United 1'iess \Vithoul belittling- the acliicvcnic-nts of tlic Allied armies in Noi-th Africa, it would be well ;it this time to phtcc tlic Tunisian campaign in its proper perspective toward the over-all war picture. Lest there be any impression that victor vin Tunisia will mean the end of the war is in .sight, il (-an'be .said that il won t even mean (he beginning of the end. The hallo of Tunisia is only one phase of Allied preparation for the main task—the invasion and rc-conmiesl of the whole .European continent. No belter example of the relative «—insignificance of Tunisia in the Funafuti Isl Soldiers and Civilians Join In Observance 01 Easter Here Itoslcr is ob.«!i-v«| 1,7*01.,; nnil sermon Similar, U oxc nliices ol Uic vov-lon, world where rrucdom of n it! 1 ' 1 ,,'* a " Iml -,: tlc l ' ivi "»" »"«! mililm- m ]* w .,r El, Christ lwrtlcl " illt! '" lllis l ' ormal Sum-isc lime is 6:1 J uVo t |< „„ l|,i. s i n I U " 1 ' - W ,° • SCn '- R ' l ' S "' i(l |K> ^" iM Ihcnijh!'. !tC1 ' V ' C(S lhrou!illollL Tnc iumiial Easter Suiu-lsc -Service, sponsored by the Protestant. Now In U.JiHands I). S. Raiders After Tokyo [{aid HPWFWI (1 -— • nl niiLuL IILLU Ministerial Association, will be Held at the high school statilum for general public, and similar services will lie held al Uiyihevihc Army Air Field for the military personnel and their families anil lor civilian employes of the base. Music to Open Service As the visitors at Haley Meld look lo the East for the rising sun, music will be played by me nign school and the: high school A Capclla choir will sinu, niiuer (lii-cuiion of Miss Caroline Haley. Tnis popular service, always attended by a large nucilcncc, will be presided over uy the Kcv. O. J. Chaslain, pastor of First Haptisi Church ami president of ihe .sponsoring group. «ev. Fletcher Spruce, pastor of First church of the Nazami.;. will deliver Uie Easter niossiisc and other ministers of the city will participate. service is open with the Ministers Association extending an invitation to the general public Service Men to Worship At the air field, all service men will gather at the same hour as Uie military band plays an appropriate program, beginning at 5:45 o'clock, Rev. James A. Ovcrholser, pastor of i-irsi Presbyterian Church, will deliver an Easter scr- •f'anls Anuclrcu:.". The Huv. j. j. Thomson will (jive the Easier nic.ssngj. Special services throughout, this week, in preparation for Hie Easter observance, have been held at First Christian Church with music and sermons. The formal sen-ice Weilnc-Mlny mglH, (or The Lard'.-; Supper, will be followed by the Sutuiuy s>r- I'ice.s fit H-Jilcli .(lie choir will slnn 'Jhtist Arose" nnd Mrs. w. 1). Cobb will sing a solo "Calvary". ' The children's choir will sing i\l the night service when the anthem "Lift up Your Head" will bi- given. The congregation of St. Stephen Episcopal Church, without a rector at present, will him; ttn i;, ls te, service Sunday afternoon -l-JO o'clock. The Rev. w. Northy Jones of Jonesboro will conduct the service at which there will be special. Easter music. Ciili'inan Dirt-els .Milsli: Luclcn ColcJUiin, director of the choir at Second Baptist Church, will present special music at the morning nncl night services of this congregation which now worships at Lange School building. The evangelistic meeting at Lake insigniiicance 01 Tunisia m the broader aspect of the war can be I cra « ; them, As a mailer of tuci, seen in C.e fact that no more (linn I nowcvcr > history is full of proof eight Axis divisions arc involved 1 tllat "° fortification Is any strong- there. The total strength of Ger-' er lnan tilc troops deployed bc- many and Italy is something like 300 to 325 divisions. Thus, it can be s£cn that only a very small segment of cnums power Is concentrated on the Tunisian tip. And (hat tiny segment U giving the Allies a fight for their lives. Kommcl Has Uone We., We have to put two full arinie; Eighth ant! Fist—to- the American Fiftl the British gethcr with ..._ Army in strategic reserve, and four American combat division, into the field against Rommel. Yet. Rommel's troops have been able to tighi a .successful for several months. Thai, gives rise to holding action .speculation about whal will happen when we actually do move against fortified Europe in force. Is Tunisia a sample of the difficulties which our men will have to overcome on the Continent? If eight Axis divisions can hold our admittedly surpcrior forces for such a length of lime as Kommcl has in Tunisia, is it not logical to expect that, many enemy divisions inside Europe will be able lo brat back an invading force with ease? Fortunately, Ihe situation in •lunisia is not. parallel with that which we may expect In Europe. Tunisia itself is a tiny spot on the map Intti which the full |»wcr of thc Africa Corps is concentrated. The terrain makes il easily dc- To guard a coastline as long as Europes' would require a tremendous conccnlralion of men. It is estimated lhat. at best, Hitler would have about 200 divisions available for defense of western and southern Europe. Strategists hold that one division of defense Iroops must be deployed behind a front of no more than ten miles if il is to be efficient. Thus. .Kith 200 divisions, thc Germans theoretically could hold about 21.00 miles of coastline. But the shore lenjjth totals roughly 5000 nir miles, including the Italian monctie in a service also to be featured with liymiis sung by 11 choral group from the Melhoillsi, Presbyterian a'rid 'Baptist, churches, supplemented by a number''of soldier vocalists. Chaplain Julian A. Lindsey will'" 11 preside at tills program, which a ae Street Methodist Church will feature the Easter service at there will be special music. Tlic Rev. A. W. Harris of Jones* boro will preach. -,-:'/.Member* aiuU i-isllors al life Pilgrim Lulhcrnn Church will hear girls choir of the school slug with Mrs. Robert Ilicl , will be followed by the usual pro- icslant services, at the chapel at 10 o'clock and Easter liigli Mnso to be said by Chaplain Gerald J. Hogan at fl o'clock. With a program of music started at the beginning of Passion Week, several cnurciies will complete tins program with special Easter music. Methodists Plan I'rogram At the First Meijioiiisi, CJnirch. Miss Agnes Weeks, choir director, has planned a musical program in addition to the sermon by the Rev. s B. Wilford, pastor, which follows tonight's cantata. After the prelude "Glory 13c To God" Bach, the choir will sing tor the processional, one of diaries Wesley's Easter hymns "Rejoice, the Lord Is King", lor which Mis.", Weeks- composed the music. Jack Weeks of Dallas, will be , . accompanying, and Easier hymns will be sun!; by the coiujregalirii in the Sunday morning service The pastor, tbe Rev. Robert Hit) will deliver an Easter message. . *M$XS*T.'., L:".;:>:"^I_- . i^ l/hlnc;,c foldtm hllnrj In u croup ,,f Oneriil OooIil'ilpVi i-iildc center ,-„„, his arm „„. the crash,, INUA lelcphulo). lo Ihe liny Ihelr Axis Forces Retreat In Northern Tunisia- Loss of Life Heavy A might; 'rirlush'^rst Army Steffi, »> «»/ Mayor Jackson Issues Proclamation Asking Cooperation In Project Hlylhcville is to become a clean :lty mid free of moscinlUjes if plans of (be city lulmtnlslralion. - — ~ --, -,... .,v In coopcriitinn with Mississippi jucst soloist, sinning "llosanna" (County Health Unit, are successful Jiiles Graner. For the offertory. I Next week has been scl aside us "'""' " "" " "" '"'Clean U]) Week" with n procln- iniillon issued today by Mayor K R. Jackson in which mylhevlllc reorients were urged to Ink" nil- Miss Weeks will play the Sscoiu. Movemenl from Inc '-Inlrd Organ Ecnata of Mendelssohn" and u\c postludc will be "The Hnltelujim Jhorus" from "The Messlaii" iian- dcl. Tile junior choir of First i'rcs- wlcrian Chinch will be featured, ilon<; with the senior clioir, in \vo programs of sony lo conclude ,,., 1.JJH.-0, inL.iiiiiLng tnc Italian i--- a -- ^- .,^.. 9 ^^ ^ u ..t...,v>^ boot, 'i he actual length, counting I a s l lccial musical week which bj- all inlets, harbors, depressions and 8iUI Sunday afternoon with pres- e.Hcnwons t)f la;»| proteblv is l enl;ll ion of 'The Messiah" Handel, twice tllat much. Hence, it is not difficult to vis- uali/c the enormity of Germany's task in guarding n coast line of such length, with a hostile people at her.back along the entire route. Ihis tremendous co.-isl Is in the Allies' favor. The Germans don't know where we plan lo strike. Consequently, they must try to be strong rvcry«-liere--a physical Impossibility, -i hey might succeed i" holding one invasion spearhead, yet -. second or third or even tenth ins a reasonable chance of success, if tiie Allied high command sees Ihe attack progressing favorably •U any one spot, it can decide im- tiediatcly that this is to be thc (by thc senior choir and several guest musicians. In thc morning church service, ill which the pastor will spent:, Ibere will be a' large anllthonal anthem "The Risen Lord" Sowerby, with Hi'.-• junior cnoir singing from thc balcony. Uotn 01 the robed groups will sing special Easier responses aim Ihe senior choir will sing a 17th ccrunry German folk song "Alleluia". Organist tn Play Mrs. Dallon c. l-'owlston, choir director, will play Ihc organ music al the morning .service and al jlil, when ihcrc also will he special music. a. Scrgl. Dallon C. r'owhlon will rV,,ii, i i , T, "f'VC- "cuiatcly that this is to be the S. Scrgt. Dallon C. I-'owliilon will rensible and hard lo crack, more,main attack, and folloiv up siviftlv sing. "Hosanna" Granier, and the V£r T n"' i 'A"' ° K 11" With re "> f °™'"cnu to develop anil Junior choir will siny "Spring i« Ilt ! ^ Hank Ihe enemy, lie expand it. Hurst Today," Van OcnmanThomp- mttst be beaten bv direct, nssnnlt. n «>in „„ _ ... . — ' must be bealen by direct assault, against every ingenious defense device that Rommel can employ. The defenders arc operating on short lines. They resemble a kind of steel .spring. Tiie farther we compress il, the stronger it becomes and (he more pressure il exerts. The enemy i s unable to fall back any farther even if he wishes to. H s a case of blasting him off that corner by sheer force. Uiffeicnl On Co'nlincnl 'Ihc situation in Europe Is different. Here we have, according to the Germans themselves, a fortified coastline stretching from North Cape, around the northern and western shores of Europe lo the Pyrenees, and thence across Ihe southern shores lo Greece. The Germans bonsl of their iw- eiful coastal fortifications and warn it would be suicide to try lo H will cost us a tremendous - —.,„ ,.., ,, 11 v"iv.(i\*una price lo gain oven a small bridgehead on the Continent, but once it isr established it can be widened until an actual "second*front" is being. The German boast of an impregnable wall around Europe Is a bogey. Europe can be invaded, and it will be, In due time Station At Burdette Entered By Burglars The DurdctlD Service Station was burglarized last, night bj some one who gained entrance through a side window. Tiie burglary, [,, which $2 was stolen from ih e register, was discovered this morning by Lloyd Koontz. owner. Officers are Investigating. Members of Ihc junior choir, organized last Winter, are: Bobby Turner, R. c. Allen, Ann liright, lictty Dell Brooks, Susie Taylor Maureen Norris, Jane Wilson, Lola Codge. Helen Fiances Buchanan, Nancy Ann RichArcs and Dorothy Wright. * Gene liarllett, director of mus- [ic at First Baptist Church, will direct special Easier music with Mrs. Murray Smart at, the organ and sermons will he delivered bv thc pastor. The Good n-iday Mass at the Uhiirch of the Immaculate Conception today will be followed by High Mass Sunday. , Catholic Choir To Sine * The "Choral Mass" w. J. Marsh w, be prcscnlcd by the choir alon" with Easter hymns an d u,e special oi'Gaii number for offerlory w i he Mayiw it xi; vanlasc cf Ihis „„„,.,„„,„„ ,„ liavc all fjiirbapr) and trash irnvH away from alleys wilhoiil aiiv charge to individuals. In tlic proclamation. Jackson pointed out lhal net necessary lo hair t)^ ,,,.,,, in containers 1ml that II mi • flu- placed al Uie edge of the alleys so that the city's trucks cmilri easily pick up the debris This annual Clean-up Campulsm will be followed |, y of the mosciuito control wnziiur. m which thn ., oilcn';ivc hr.s pushed (lie Na/i UK f!,;.ili '.Mc!.'.Jsr.-;:ilJ:;-r4.'.l;.. 1 . l .\i>-!mw In bluer flKhliiiK in norlhcrn''Tu- nlsio. rrnm CnpD Scrnil rn the north Tunisia const to linu Aiada—70 rnilp.s !'< llif sotild--Ihc Imttlc- fronl is a blueing Infi-rno. Cnsuiiltlcs on both side:, nre rc- I'.orlcd lo be extremely henvv—cs- |H:cially in the McdJcz-cl-Bub nn:;\ jin'd nrnunrt'ncii Aradn wlinrc the iJHEiny f:i fiishtlrii; di'speralely lo held tin- ronds lo I'linl.s. Allied headtiuaiieis says the British have (raptured iiosHlons on three hills after nn ndvance of three miles In the Ilou Arudii sector. Douilirs li-Mile Ailv.uiri: lint Uniu-d I'rcs.'i Coricspundcnt ISdwnrd Hcattle, who is nl Ihc front, snys ihe UrJlhh ndvnnce units kept ploughing ahead usalnsl liiller icsisl.ince irntll tlicv had roiled up a gain of six miles. Trie KHtfiih urc atlucnins nerciv ly both north nnd south of uou Aiada in an atlcmpl to reach the plains fending tn stiatcp.ic font tin Falls. The ndvance wii.s sparked l>y nixl swift M|ii:idi<ms of attack planes. North of MiiciJcu-el-Biili Allied bin Runs ami planes are hammering enemy positions around Lori'.; Stop en Hit: 2C-;nilc: road l:i thc O.strola (list rid .I'I:-!S Tapped Ouoia in War Bond Drive Tim total .silks in amah MLssbT- Mppl County today slimver! dial i| s — j ...„. ...,,,.,, , luola hud been cxercdcrt In the health u»il will cooperate with <!,'•• lirtl w <"* of the drive federal Mavernmrnt in attcmptim Total war bonds sold ncnv exceed lo rid Hlyllicwllc and niridiiiid- S22J.OOO. n * IK section of mosqiiilacs 7n cleaning th n yards :n,[l ;,!!•••. •; of residences nnd stores. ,Uiv..i Jackson urged residents lo look for water in tubs, barrels ici- hr. drains, tails, cans. Mown ii'.i- caught j.ii,, water, auto C ;iMir: cs. radiators, wells tmlc-i-; h i places in alleys. J 0( . s ,, l>(1 „,,,.,,. liniKCs. milters, fish -Knds - ii,'-drains, var:i,nl houses nilm" cans hi alleys and stm-t tliiiiii because .standing water breeds uic- tiuitoes. Thc city will have its Ini. •;-. workm? Ihroiigliout the resiili-n-iil and business scstion.s diirin- !!:>• entire week for th c only tin. Ihc Irash is collected free <-f charge. It was pointcrt- out that residents will have no p -<cu<r f >r not cleaning i], P property uutU-i the pretext thai they hat! nn -HM- to haul it away without chniw. Sam I.itlletot). sanitarian of <>,•• county health unit, win „.„[-,( t!•• T'm '" tllcjmn s<l»ilo program wliirb J '~' ' follow Cl'Mii-:i.i veclly west of Tunis. nciillle i-nys- the .iirllllery - r<ils iiic F.a ennctmtnUcd thui the very hill scciijs. to Iciip with life. The- I.OIIB Otoii and lion Anulii bridles wore in pioisrew; when licullie's illspntch \vn.i (lied. He Mild lhat Ihe outcome sllll was nnccrlnlti. : On the southern frail, ihe fiill- Ish Eighth Army repulsed' n scries of enemy counter-attacks soldljited Ihelr positions Axis I.iisr.s ;i« ['lanes In the air, 'J« more Axis plnncs were shot down ycslcrday, Including un ciillro (orniiillon of 20 giant six-engine trnnsporls. Aincrlcun-bullt Klllyl lawks and UAF Spitfires bliislcd (lie Irnns- poils from the sky In n buttle Dial liislcd only five or lo minutes Nii/i .soldiers en route lo Tunis lo reinforce .Mar.shnl llominel could be seen sptllin glrom Ihe flaming Ten of t|ic ef.corling Nazi nshlcr pianos ulso were shot down Once during lh c biilllo » iclllv- hiuvk pilot w(l« heard over the radio tclcphtiiio myltrg—"There's -lircc iiim-r- of thn bll K hlers on the left-. Anybody R0 t more nmmu- illlonv" Alter Ihe battle, Major .1. K I'm-soiis of tandon declared"ft wns like Khootliii! cluy p|.r. :rin. Wo left (he .so;, covered vlth Naming wrecks nnd plnnes -I The American Automobile .-V, scclalion is urging a re-a|)jinu>.-i of thc whole tire and iiibbci -\m.\ H(.n la (.'elermine whelhei 1 :> lirJi er mileage celling can be r'Mb Jislicd to permit greater tinn of ih. linsscngrv e-ir. , ....... aniioiincftl lhat the SMO.OOO (jiiola h;«l been ot|iiiilly divided between tile Oscc- <3la and Chickasawba dislncl.s of Ihls county. However, nt a Liter conference bflworn ihp clinlrinurv mid co-chairman it wns agreed Ilia!. Ihc amounts jiionld lie (;ov- erencd by the bank assets «[ the respectlv? fiislrict.s. On flint basis it wns shown that, lhc Chicknawlw District j-houUi sell S^W.COfl while Ihe Orctola District should :,i-ll only ?220.COO. Although its (juota hn.s' Inn: exceeded the drive in the Osccoln nis- tnct has nnl slowed tlowti and thc t.-oinmnniiy ehatrmen do mil Intend !<< slack nff | n t |, c ,- r fifons 10 reach a much higher (inure lliun agreed H|ion. it was nnnrnmctd. Each day brings in a huge number of subscriptions, many of which are substantial and (he grand total therefore is expected to u» much Singers To Convnc 'Die Pcmfscot County .Singini? ^.convention will hold its monthly ''"King at Vicksburg, three moles south of Deering. Sutidav, beginning• I" o'clock. ",, singers and public .ire in- in charge. H was announced by those Arkansas Briefs ll.\'H;SVll,i,i:, Ark.,! V-\ (111 1 )— A iiclition h;is hern sent In ArJiaiw.-i.s' cwo (;. s. scnalnrs lirfiiiij; ||| C ciiiiCniiii. li"» <if (lie I-'.-irm Scrurify Ait- inlilitlrntinn. Tlic |)i-lili(,n , V ; ls MCiirtl by snun: TO Inilcpciidenre frunly farnicrs wlin have Ijipujilil llicir own farms ifith I SA In Ip. I' ni,i;ri-, Ark., AiM-ii n Illl'l— Thr death loll in !t ri,,r liliiff residential fire lias risen— In Mircc. Sirs. .1. I. Applini; died In a hospital Insf nlRhi from burns snfffrcd wtirn .she fried In savn hpr (wo cliihlrni from a M:\tr. ,,(h,il dp.slro.ved IJirir liomr. (ierliind anil Agnes A(i- pliiiS dill of hums lasi niijlil. t'liiicrnl sm-iros «ill li- lictil AIAKIO.V. Ark.. April 23, KM 1 )— Mrs. Miifl^r Cani|)hrll Knsrr. HI.S! wife of Ihc laic Mayor W.'.l. Knser of Alarioii, Jins lilc.l sl:il :is;ainsl his src- <?ntl wife, illrs. Jluricl Van Hoi-sen Koscr. Tlir Prsl wife nskc.l dama;r< nf SI50,Or5 on rli.irtrc.s of aHcn- allon of an'cctinn. H is <IM of the brjjfit damage suits fili-d in Crlllciirtrn County. Tlic iiiitt Involved a will wril- len by Koscr Ore monlhs lic- f»re hi.s divorce from his lirsl wife. FIERCE FIGHTI Spring Thaw Brings New Activity; Russians Holt,] Kuban Bridgehead H.v United Trc.w ; Activity stepped up nil' filong"'the Uusslnn fittnt loday ii s ' fighting raiidltlon.s Improved slowly after the urcnt .Sprlnit tlmvv. The Soviet midday cnininunlquc tclh of Helen flghtlnc (it (he Kuban bi-ldischcnd nron with I ho 'lied Army tailing bncl; wave on wave of Gernuin liifnnliy. T'lic Cicriiuiii.s Inimchcd four vicious iilUicks In two sectors, only lo be driven buck w ll.h heavy losses by llusslnii mortiu; nnd iiuichlnc- gun fire. Hi Ihe Ukiulne, Soviet Biitis broke up an Axis nUcmpl to cross I ho northern Uanels river 2'i inlle.s suutlieast of Kharkov. And on tbn centrnl front, west of Moscow, there nre Increiislng Ihnl the Russian ollcnslve limy be ready lo roll ,-Jlcr , Ufigcrl down for weeks by thr ihinv. The lied Army seta! Ihe Initln- llvc lo pciiclrntc nn enemy pasl- liou norllirasl cf Hie Naal-held Irn.'tinn of lluwiun ar- ISllllIFID lincmy Bombers Attack Our Positions There, Navy Officials Reveal ;; llv United 1'rrss Tlic United Slittc.s hits \voti. a new island' Imsc o!' opqni-^ tioiu; in Use Smith I'acifii:..'.':. KinwfiiH islaiul, liii'trcsl. in llic liritisli-niiiiulaled Klliuu «i-otip, /liiis been occii|)ictl hy Aincricah. forces,' wilhoiil op- liosilion from Jitpan. •''•:••• But Japan' now considers'' Funafuti imiiorliinl enotiitli to send a force of- uir raiders ..iiinsl tlic pOK^liuim.wfi hold • on Hie isltuul..''.', '•'...' :''." \\'<i ^iid'crccl tifrht casualties.' iind minor (Ininagc.' '•••• The .iHumiesi! scl;-cd Fmiiifutl Island curly hi Ihe war from ihe nrlllsh, U has lv:o slrnlejlc. vnlucs. for one I hint; Funafuti to within easy slrlklng dlslnnce of tin more impoiinnl Jnpanetic-Qcciiiilcd Oll- ticrt Islands. And li. Is close to Ihe Allied Pacific .supply line, glv lii» us one more'outpost of protection. 'lhc revelation lhat. we have nccu.Dlcd Fuimfull Island was mad! In thc Nav> communique rcpnrt- liil! Ihu • Jn|>,.nUiU!k.-on our 'positions.- Nq oilier• .details were- nn- iioimccd.'nlthoiijih a Nnvj spokes iniin said :we met v,llh no ojiposi lion In' the occupation Fnniifull K about UOO ml es east Of puiidiilcanal. If Is about 450 miles;; from Uic Ollbclt grou)) of Islands! ' : i i " Only'ycslcrdnj lhc Navy icporl- cd a.lniuc foice of Army bombeis rflirlctl oul n dny)li;!it doiulilng nttnck'nn 'Nauru Island In' Ihe Oil- bert (iroup. It Is possible lliat the planes look off from I'Mimfutl. But Ihey also could have come from Guatlnl- Ihc ncllDn wns only on 11 small scale II indicatiw Hint the fronl is stirring uijuln In wluil nuiy be UIH beglmilng of oircnslvc by the Lewis Leaves Meeting til'IW YOHK. April 23. IUD- Totlay's Navy communique reports I hat our bombers attacked foiJornriB Islnnd In the Shortlnncl urea, .stnrtlng llrcs which Were visible for -10 miles. And in ihC'Sninc area Avenger torpedo bombers attacked'an-en- emy cargo ship near Biiln. Mrs. Lillie Simmons Dies At Rives, Mo. A lengthy illness, caused by a ling ailment, resulted In the'death yesterday of MIS. Lillie SirnmoiLS, wife of Andrew Simmon; oV> Rives, ^Io. She wji.s 48. Uorn In Cliicii(io, lljs family had lived at Rives for several years. Funeral services were held this afternoon at Cobb Funeral Home .»/ lite Rev. O. J. Chnstain, pastor of First Baptlsl Church, \vilh burial al Mnpli Glove Cemclery. Hesldes her husband, she Is survived by two daughters. Mrs. Edith' Humes ot Chicago, and Miss Lnvnda May Simmons of rilves. nnd Ihree John I,. Lou-Is hn.s left the Appa- [sons, I'vt. James'3. Simmons of nc-hlnii joint v;nKK cojifcrcnce. He Cnmp Hucker. Ala., Ornvll Lavcl s the operator:; have in'scn Simmons and Bruce Simmons of irlt Irni-c" of thr discussions, Rl"es. >m will nol comment, on whether li.s l/nitort Mine Workers would ;omef| sliiki:. The cnse Is ip ftir a hearing before Ihe War ..aIjiiv Hoard Inmoiinw. Bank Employe Will Enter Officer Candidate School Hill Yfiimu lias bee,, accepted as a i-.-iiididiile for a cnminkslon in Ihe Army and will enler olll- <;cr Canilktalc School Mny 17 after icporling In Mtllc Itock. Willie Dunn Held On Bigamy.Char ye In the cnutily jail here for t«o weeks on a bigamy, charge'." Willr* Uunn of "Triinrann was held to Circuit Courl when arraigned in Municipal Courl and. will be Cvlcrt at Ihe-,Criminal Division of circuit Court which convenes lure Nov. 1. Dunn, stationed at Blytneviltc Army Air Field before recently given a medical discharge, is alleged. i, .,, •I,MV.I>. .r<">->t i« muMiv-Ji \ij.Tviiiijgu, JA dJi(,i;n( Mrs. YouiiR and diiURhler, jaiicl, to have married Miss Lillian Hawks «ilt make their home Hi Jniw,-- Iwhilc hnvihj; a wife. Mrs. Lorcnc born witli Mr.s. Young's sister, I Opchurch Dunn of Trumnnu from while br i.s In .schor.J. j whom he was not divorced. A rr-irtcnl of Blythevtlle for n I!| s bond was reset nt $150 which number cf years, he Is bookkeeper had not been marie today and teller at Farmers Bank anil Truj.t Company. American warpianes can now ba cwn tocBtl-.ed al speeds as fast as IKOO welding "studies" n minute, with Die aid of electronic tubes much like those fn an ordi- i.ii-y radio .>c(. Poultry Price Revisions Wilj Hit Black Markets f TITLE iiOCK, April 23 (UP.) — District CPA officer E. E. Sparltu MIV.S new Ol'A poultry price revisions will hit at black markets by r-nlltiiB prices nt shipping points. The revisions nlso vvil| allow per- nljige mark-ii|» tor subsequent andloi's. Eparlin says Itinerant Iruckcrs liav'c been responsible for the bulk cf Ihe black market opcriuions. He- added thnt certain wholesalers and dressing plants have, encouraged the blnck market by buying from the Itinerant truckers at . nbovt- lnii prices. - | Mistrial Declared In Judge Grant Case RUSEELJUVILLE. Ark., April 23. (UP)—It's a mistrial In thc case of Counly Judge' J. N, Granl of Uurscllvlllc.- The mistrial v;s3 declared after the Circuit Court jury reported It was unable to arrive at a verdict. . . • ; ' ". Judge Grant Is charged wiih mi,- appropiiallon of Pouc County funds and malfeasance In office. Just what will be done now Is a matler of conjecture. Prosecuting Attorney E!. M. Prictdy has nol announced whether he will ask for a new Irial or will prosecute on one of the other .Indict- . ncnl-s Bgalnst Grant.- Five other charges arc pending. -.

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