The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 22, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 22, 1933
Page 6
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MACE r 1 Lindys Come Smilin' Through _DECEMHER 22, 1933 GIFTS Jor Her Take nwny 1:1.: drudgery of ing In lli-> umlng years, lluj •'Her" an Ape*. Washing Machine 1 K. I!. B»ii; SAI.KS CO. | A'lTKNTION MEN! IA small cash i.aymcnt will g| vc j you:' wife u-e ported s-iri-A JIOMK See ou.- llsUn-s THOMAS I.ANU CO. S''. LOUNGING I'AJAMAS c-.hlns new ..Kayon Ccrduroj ijamns hi .'!lj;h shades win of contni-iini; color. Sel 55 NFW V(./(K STORK V 1 1 '1 he Christmas SLMKUII will mean i ] :::ori; to her il :;lic has a nc-w ( . i.p:iiiniifnt. Mnl:c tier a IHK Ct: ri,A\ont s GIFTS f f 1 Hionr 10 'f}T Him mrToTTHATS V/l 1 ill I I • j'n.y him a Gilt Cerlllkatc in V/liy not giv: him an oiricc t'hnli Cuthlon. Treasure chis.1 ur Klieaffcr IVi I 0 r Ulirulinuc? ACTON I'ltlN'l'ING CO. Miunr 10 JTIIK I'HKFKCT GIFT "FOR I1E11 KLI/.ARETH ARUEN'S VENETIAN TO1LICT Preparations EXCLUSIVELY AT HORU.M'S Th;ir homeland looks great to the Lindberghs, l-ack on American id! alter an nir voyage or more tlian 28,000 miles nml (liclr faces art Mrcathed in smiles fis they step briskly alon;: the dock of the -Miami, Flj., seaplan? base, after landing their plane mi Btscayne Bay. Adding to their joy is tlie prospect of spending Ohr:stmas with their ' ton. John, to* whom they bade goodbye In July. Forcing Opponents to Make Suicide Lead Gives Thrill I Today's ttmtracTProblom At a six spade contract by South, West opens the ace ot clubs and It looks aa though declarer must loae the jack of spades. However, the hand can be made. How? » AKS6 + Q107 •</ '+ S V 5 »a 3 4 AS 5 •1-32 X W E S T)e»!cr. V 103 » J V 0 2 *J 5 6 AAKQOG3 ¥9 C2 + K Solution in next issue. uW lead another heart. He would win v.-ilh the. ace, and nsrain throw East In the lead wllh a heart. East had to lead either dl- mo:«l or a heart, which gave the dsclnrer a oluil in one hand and a rutf In the other an-1 liis contract cl four spades. You will find that, If East had decided to lead a diamond instcau of the jack of hearts, the contract could still be made. Solution to Previous '-_ Contract Problem - HY WM. E. Mi-KENNKV Senetiry,. American Bricljjc I/.-ague ;Thrc«ing the opponents in and forcing them to make a lead detrimental to thcmselvc-s always is .ytrrillmg play j n contract, i b=- !:tve one of the neatest of these elimination and end plays was executed by S. L. Van Noonan of Detroit In tcday's hand. Van N:cnan is rccugntzM as one of the outstanding duplicate players in the Detroit district and well lund 0 " 5 '™'^ hi5 ab ' IUy Wllh his West op»ned the eight ct d:a- 4 J 11)13 VQ93 *3 7 S + J105 5ISTER MARYS KITCHEN *«« V6 42 * R 2 +.KQ74 - 32 .N W E S Dealer 9 2 V K J ;.0 i * A QIC I >3 *« 4 AKQS5 ¥A S5 «K6 + AO S -Duplicate—N. and E v«i Opening lead—f s. South W«t North fe s t 1A Pass 24 3 * 3 4 4'* Tnsj J>rs3 •14 P*s» .POBJ rasa | DAINTY SI.KKP TOGS i ncwns and I'aiauuis lallorcd of n I JilCL- i|iir.lity :'IH: Cre]x; In Phil- I'lta Robe and lilire ill sa.Oj NEW YORK STOKE' , inlnluturc ilr.i I3ox und let him i Ec'rct it. $5. | M'.H' MIIAI) CLOTHING CO. !0nly One More Shopping UaysJJnii^ Christmas. :iHOl> EARLY GUI i.tocks are complete now and a small payment will hold any in llcle until Christmas GUARD'S JKWKLUV STOKE I ilnve Sajita Hiing Her a box of ' Hollln^sn'orth's Candy, lilted ' jag, cn.Miic-Tlc set, compact, stationery, card table or purse. KOIIINSON /irtCG STOKK SILK NKCLIGEKS Daintily tailore:! of Flat Crepe :n Blue. IVach, !'!:ik nnd Ulnek A gift she'll appreciate. $208. .1. C. I'ENNEY CO. FOI{ MKK ONLY! ! ! If you ivant to make your wife love you the year round give her a Dodge ur Plymouth automobile. Reasonably pilueil nnd equipped with all Hie conveniences dear n ^ornan 1 !; hrail. ItAKNKTT AUTO SALKS Holena Kulieusteln's Compicts, I'onders, I ipsticln Eseluslvrh- at Burum's Givr Sonulhtrg 1'raclical Slie will appreciate a gift she can wear. We suggest Scarf Sets, lioslery, Purses. Gloves, Hats. E.'oiises. Sweater Suits, Dresses and Sweaters and Skirls. THE LAIHKS TOGGERY A HEAUT1FUI, WATCH Would make her most happy. The new styles as created by Omen Bulova and Elgin. GUARD'S JKWKI.RY STOKE CEDAR CHESTS For Hie younger girl or mother... One of the<:e- beautiful Walnut finish Cedar Chests. Hl'BBARD FURNITURE CO. monds, which East vron with the ace. He returned his singleton club which the declarer won with the ace. Van Nobnan then cashed the ace of spades and played his king of diamonds. A small spade w«s led and wen In dummy wllh the Jack. The Jack of diamonds was relumed, East playing the queen. Declarer refused to rutr, bill discarded one of his losing clubs. if E»st returned the Jack of hearls, declurr irould «llow It to ride to On qu«n | n dummy and BY SISTIR MARY XEA Service Staff Writer Tf you remember that there art; certain well established rules which govern (he selection of the lomi you feed your family, meal planning becomes less difficult. Five . definite rules have been worked ; out to irulde yon aid each meal of the day must be planned will . thoughtful regard for them. ! Th- first rule In meal manning 1 'ells us that a balanced diel must !•" maintained. This means (hat unless one Is dirllm; under a phy- . 'l-lan' 1 ! supervision, protein, car- brln-dratc and fat must be supplied in definite nropoi tlons. • It hns been estimated that th minimum calory rennlrcmcnt fo. .1 dav for adults |< twelve calories If' each pound o! bodv Children require more food -•"'<"!> lo their weight th adults. Calory DWrihullon Physically aclivc ncrsoiis need more fi^cl or calories than (hose o( "(tcutnrv habits. However Ihe -•roDorllDiiate distribution of calo- •ic^ remains aboul the same—10 i 1 W per ecu! shoii-rt be prolcin ?1 wr cent ful and the rcmainln? 1 lo .5 per cent carbohydrates The rncond rule rnnconis min- ral constituents. Calcium, phos- ..O:O-,IE. Iron, iodine, copper and Nher minerals ar« important facto-« in everv meal. Third, the "protective" foods which are known lo b; rich sources of vitamins are Imperative Fourth, a c,unrt of milk a day for each child nnd n pint for each .nault should be used either In •cooking or as a beverage. | Fifth, each meal should contain somDthinj? crisp which requires .thorough mastication for Ihe sa*i of Ihe teeth. ! SupDlcmcntins these fundamentals bulky foods and walcr must be Included. Entrrr Foods With Ihe exception of a few concentrated toods HXe sugar olher elements in addition lo Ihe oat which classifies II are found In ell foods. Vegetable* which arc Only One More Shopping Days Until Christmas. We Know ,Vlwl lit Wauls 1'iiker Desk Svt. I'lpe,' Cigars, or Shaving Set cr Bhtalfer Pen. DELL'S PHARMACY He'd Like :i New Scaif! Wr: have (he very kind. THE LADIES TOCGEKY v ,, . vour sentiment'; are express- oil when you fay It with FLOW- ito. iieaions Hume of Flowers. A lasting S lft ror your Frluldnlre, 'he incst tttclric refrigwator nn Hie .mar. K. K. Get Sales Co. From Sarf.i, A New Permanent .• v dd to her h.ipplness at Christmas by givln;; her n new Permanent at our modern shop. Marj-aret Dnn Ileaufy Shoppe- flive a Pen and 1'encll Set, Billfold or Shaving Outfit. COIIIN.SON DRUG STORE Gifts Any Man Can Use N >-l-'a<J<j Silk Pnjumtis S4.D5. Homer P.ijumas SD.Dri, Phoenix Oralntex W.-inklo-prouf '[les Me up. Knox 1'aLs S5 nnd S7.50. Initial Hankies ioc to 25c. Arir.-.v and Fruit, of the S!T> n]), Sai'lciy Brand Suits and HAV.NES rubN'S SHOP SATIN' UNDIES beautiful. Ins'.rous satin in Tea Rose. Pink nni Tilue. expertly ifilorcd Slips, nance Sets and CitAVn.S. NEW YORK STORE Hie Perfect C'lft —What women love - KAYSER'S underwear, gloves, hosiery. Rcn.sonnbly priced; Jack Applebaum's i SILK PAJAMAS ; With or without snsh, plain or I brnraded, best quality, all colors. •£C and $7.50. ! NEW .MEAD CLOTHING CO. Onlv Two More Shopping Days Until Christmas. GIFTS } ;il t H( me Give Wen! Built-in Furniture All Khirts of Cabinets AKKMO LUMBER YAKD U1VE roiucthliu; pi actical—-cutlery, bird cases. :uiiwmi;in ware, toast- <i.s. electric irons, docks. i\a:chcs 01ICKST STOKK CO. Muke your home modern and convenient. ' for Christmas witlj I nilt-in cabiiiei!, shelves, break- iiint nook, wall brackets. . 1C. J. Peterson, 200 N. 21st Vuur dinner will not be compleu without. FLOWERS for Xmas Htaton's Home of Flowers You cnn please him ivllh a Pipe, liillfn'il. l;nx i,f cigars, shaving Blush or o P!...ihli s lit. roWLEU URUG CO. E Gijls for W Kiddies Quick Meal Oil Ranges Ciosley. Radius, Sealy Mattresses. Slumberon Mattresses, Delux Springs, l/)unae Chairs and Ottoman, Rockers, Occasional chairs rtudio Couches, Childs Beds, Childs I Ilockcrs, High Chairs, Desks, Cedni 1 Cl.csts, Card Tables, Tables—Oc- tc&iunnl. Rad'i, End, jMedicini Cabinets, Mlrrol'S. CHARLE.5 S. LEMONS CXod inirniturt- at Moderate Cost £nnfa Chus - Headquarters .Vp Sell Everything—the best quality Xmas Oifls. Radios, Musical rs-lruinents, Ciiidles, Lamps. U-a- IK.I- (Jocds, Glassware, Electrical Gifte. 1'ARKIIURST CO., 109 E. Main CIKT NOVELTIES Bcoh Ends, Ash Trays, What-Nots Vases, Bomli>ir Lamps, Table amps and novelties of all kinds GUAItlJ'S JKWELRY STOKE Murs'.ocd combinalion liHIDGE TABLE ami Fire Screen, $U5- Murwcod de luxe tray, 54 io' BORIIM'S t.PF.CIAL xsscriment of gift nov- c-llk. 1 ;, games,. stationery, candy BORUM'S Family GIFTS A Gift For All Ihe Family- A Delco lighting plant. Also Uclco liadios for L-nuntry homes. 1C. R. OKE SALES CO. RADIOS-A gift all the family enjoys. Ask for demonstration E. n. GEE- SAtES CO. We susfiest Cosmetics. Purses, Candle Holder; Bud Vases. Nun- belly's Candies. Perfume. Alomlz- irs. Compacts, Rtntloncry. Kodass. FOWI.KK DHUC CO. DISTINCTIVE fJIFTS Atomizers, Pcilume Sel.s. Bridge Cards, Compacts, Pam;biim's Candies. Houbignnt and Coty's rirfumc Sets. Heating Pads, and dlicr gifts sh» will like. BF.I.I.'S PHARMACY Oive Somclhlnt Eltctrical Tsble and Floor Lamps, $1 to S10 Westinghouse Irons. Heating Pads Percolators. Toasters, Bathroom Heaters, Waffle Irons, and other pppliances. Xmas Tree Decorations and Light Sets. Walpole Electric Shop 208 W. Main phone 314 CHRISTMAS TOYS for all ages Specially priced. Oberst Store Co. We Have What They Want; Skates. Tricycles, Scooters', bicycles. Coaster Wagons, Buddy. Bikes, .22 Rifles (Steven-;, Hamilton and Springfield) Pocltef Knives, Flashlights, Watches, Hunting Knives, Bnzzy Barton Air Rifles and com- Lination Scout Knives and Axes, ii.eluding CArrlev. BURKE HARDWARE CO. "We Se'.l For Iy?ss" GOLF EQUIPMENT THE IDEAL GIFT A Theatre Coi.pon Uook for the family or friends, $2.50 and Si. Oond nnvlimc. IltTV. and KOXY THEATRIC H he plays golf lie would be de- liyhtcd with :i new club or two (r a box of balls! A complete cicck at all prices. IIUBBAKD HARDWARE CO. — Bicycle Tires, Horns. Saddles, Baskets, Handle Grips, Spokes, Wheels, Rims, Brake Parts, Repairing. Carney's Shop. 113 S. First St. Phone 643. DRESS CLOTHES Tuxedos and ell accessories. Tuxedos priced {,25 to $35. NEW MEAD CLOTHING CO. MEN'S LOUNGING ROI1ES Bvocaded Rayon and all wool Flannel Robes in a choice selection of colors. $4.49. J. C. TKNNEV CO. Only One More Shopping Days Until Christmas. CABINET SMOKERS He'll really appreciate one of Ihese Cabinet. Smo!:<rs....Low priced (oo. HUnBARD FURNITURE CO. -TABLES! TABLES! Coflce Tables, Occasional Tables. End. Tables...Every kind of table ...And th»y olways make'an acceptable gilt. '. HTJBBARD FURNITURE. CO. iOnly One More Shopping Days Unti, Christmas. PRACTICAL GIFTS Give the child'cn things that will last such as Tricycles, Coaster Wagons, Skates, Air Rifles, 1)1- tycles, etc. All priced mosl re ason- r.bly. IIUBBARD HARDWARE CO. DEEP NAP BLANKETS VOxCO Deep Knap Double Blankets in a beautiful range or plaids. $9/19. • J. C. TtNNEY CO. Only One More Shopping Days Until Christmas. 8V Ciivc yourself i. Xniai, pit. Have your WATCH repaired by an expert. O'Bryam, Abridge Jewtlrj Slare A Photograph—(he Perfect Xmaa Gilt Reduced holiday prices. Hn- Itrl Doyle, itxt doer (o Western llrion. . Eenutiftil, Inexpensive artificial WREATHS for the graves ol loved ones a'. Xmas. Heatun's Home of Flowers Only One More Shoppin Days Until 'Christmas. Si primarily sources of starch and ',11- I Bar— carbohydrates — also supply : mineral sail and vitamins. ' ! Each group of foods Is ncces- ] sarv for a specific reason. l-alories —prol*in. carbohydrate and fat—are the fuels whlcli supply cnerby for the human machine. According to Mary Swarlz Rose In "Feeding the Family." lirotein is necessary for growth and the formation of muscles in children, while a full grown adult I cannot keep In health without it Carbohydrates furnish heat ami energy, anri tats supply energy. The minerals, organic salts and ash constituents, are cleansers and natural blood tonics. The vitamins provide health and visor and the power to grow. Th-y steady nerves and have a marked effect on the appetite. Tomorrow's Menu UREAKFAST: Orange sections, cereal, crenin. 'crisp bacon, oven toast, milk coffee LUNCHEON: Creamed Spanish onions with croutons, hearls of celery, cranberry sponge, vanilla wafers, milk, tea. DINNER: Cannelon of beef, scalloped potatoes, baked st|imsli. I'rnppiinii and green pcrpcr salad, toasted crack- err, .-.teamed fig pudding, milk, coffee. Halt Cost $5 SEATTLE <UP) — M. Peterson was taking no chances of losing S5 In a traffic court, to he halted ar.d individually, they have captured many nmalcur prizes. Wrt Kn.,J Crashes l,o« HAKKISBURO. Pa. (UH)-On: of 3G.316 motor vehicle accldenis since the first of the year. 73 per cent orciirrod on dry" roads, according to the State' Departmnu of Revenue. Nineteen per cent occurred on wet roads. "I n "slop" street. A thug relieved | him of the $5 as he paused there.! Socwly Pair Fancy Skaters I BOSTON i UP)—James Madden.- Harvard student, and his sister, i Grace, Boston society girl, are tnl-' entcd fnncy lee skaters. Paired Skunk Knricheii KarmEr OXFORD, Neb. (UP)—A skunk paid the moitgage on Juhn Hatke's farm, and paid for his trip to the world's fair. A skunk pell entered by Halkc in n contest conducted by a large mall order house won first place and a prize of $1SO. Bring Your Own Razors ' jail will gel food and bedding and CLEBURNE, Tex. (UP) — The oilier hicienlals, but they must Commissioners' Court here has de- piovide their own razors and elded that prisoners in the county blades. Germany lias fitted up more thin 2000 c.istlcs as hotels for tourisls. Paving and Sewer TAXES For ID33 arc now due and paynble 0. G. CAUniLL Collector OfTlce 108 N. Broadway Nexl to New PostolTlce NOTICE Tlip Wonder City Conl Co. ii pleased to announce that Aubrey Con way is now associated with this company nnd he will appreciate any coal business you might see lit to g\\v. this company. Phone 477 Wonder City Coal Co. E. F. Fry Aubrey Con way "BURKE HARDWARE COMPANY" The One Price Store Sells For Less We have the Most Complete Line of Hardware in Eastern Arkansas! Not the Largest. But the Most Complete. Burke Sells For Less Why and How? Our Overhead is Less. We I'.iy Cash - - We Sell for Cash. We hnve no delivery. No porters or high powered salesmen. Obviously Why Can't We Sell for Less? It's no secret as to how and why. Come In and He Convinced. \\'c Accept the Challange. OUR MOTTO BURKE HARDWARE COMPANY Sells For Less • And We Have One Price To Alt Free Ice Water und Reit Rooms for Men, Women and Children •*

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