The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 31, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 31, 1937
Page 5
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FRIDAY, Man Who Ran Wrong Way Hopes Pupil Will Avenge Mistake I.'y NEA Service PASADENA, Calif.—On Year's Day in the Hose Bowl ameng 85,000 spectators gathercc lo watch (he game between C'ali- lornia and Alabama, there \vll sit :i hroad-shouldercd yonn? imr with sanely tiair and Ijlite eyes. • Few will notice him up there In Iho stands, but nearly all ol the 85,000 would recall his name . —Roy HicifCls, the giiy ivho ran I lie wrong nay. But this day, nine years later. Hlceels. now S'j. wjll look a.1 the same turf, the same spot, where he made athletic history in reverse. Something akin to pride .will mark his bronzed features as he will say lo himself, "This is another ycsr. another game." For there en (he green sod will tc lite retribution in the shape of ii ciiixp named Sam Chapman This All-American halfback was dicccvcrccl by JJicgels a few years after the latter had left California to kcccme a high school teacher anfl coach. Turn back the paycs to that afternoon nine years ago. Seventy-Jive thousand persons were watching California and Georgia Teeh. In tiic heat of action the was a loojc ball on the Engineei 33-yftnl stripe. . A blue and go figure came out of the shadow (he ball tucked itiitlcr liis arm. was Roy nicgels. He took a fe Vlcps In the right direction, sue p 'l daily was bumped around an> 'to the utter amazcmejit of al wan on his way toward the <;o; hi:; team was defending, by th time 70 yards aivay. Benny Lorn, .California hall tack, finally grabbed" him by tl< jersey nnd stopped him, and h was, smothered by an avalancb of Tech players on his own one foot line. Ri.egels got slowly to his fee holding liis head in his hand; His teeth were clenched, '11 face grim. Boyish lines vanish? in the terrinc realization of Hi think. A OTCoiicI or two later, Riegsi was. bending over ih'c ball, will Lcm back in punt formation. Th ball was parked. .(There was... thud as. JtiStfjickTh .Tech playej and bounced crazily back in Cal ifc-rnia's end zone. A Californi man fell on the ball, but tw< pcints, for a safety, went agains the Berkeley boys. Those tsvo points meant victor. ffy>r -.Georgia T^.ii 8-1. \ij 'I lie name of Roy Rlcgels wa •^written beside those of Fred Mer l;le, the Giant who forgot t< touch second; Fred Snodgrass, .win drcpried that fly, arid Heinle Zftri merman, who chased Eddie Cor lins^ across the plate. Ricgcia, aii intelligent and cx- ; trcitiely, .alert center, simply was ' the victim of having been bump' cd armmd. The wonder of it is that there are not more similar cases. To liis credit. Rieg'els forgot about it.. He could take it, but on New Year's Day the chances , arc that he will be praying to the ', strangely deaf gods who decide ; football fates that they be kivid- cr to his protege than they were to him. !••• ' jtyj^j^H^&T % Of all the stars 'that have been measured, the smallest is about 2? times larger than the sun. Marchie Marches jKlarchmont Schwartz and hts bride, th> tormer Rose Marie O'Do'hneU of OmaViS, following \heir marriage !ri Ih'e Log Chapel of the University of Notre Dame, where rte current head coach of Creighton University was an ?a haUback to Jlgsi, i • BLYtHEVtLtE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Ali-Amencans Of 1937 Around Thfe Etoife 'BAMA TACKLE Convincing Himself Tommy F rr strikes a ferocious pcse in front of a mirror in l, is New York hotel rcom to 'convince himselt, ho doubt, ih al Ule Bmj , h ,,„;_ PM heavyweight titleholder is as tough as he looks j nnw , j B r Mck Conner rfbrM ehampidn, will nnd out just how harrt-boiied n,, Welshman « in a con.eU at Ma.lison Square Cart n ll n ' be 42 on Jan. J, nnd glancing at his spare frniue and 120 pounds, y.-n'd fiiis|>ect that he'd tgnv(v difficulty , llfdtiK it iMivlliiK ball. Olicsly ,loe, Rra\liiB now, stnk- ingly illustrate.i the 'fuel - Hint, skill is vastly more Important than' strength In bowling. -He lias rolled 41 perfect enni^s, linn n 281 nvcrngc for five (jam«s, nnd n 255 -average foi J& gnmts He has an average of 2M> foi 21 years ot American Bbwlln* COM- 'cjss comp'elitioti. Unlcnro and Gene Ciigihrdl, tlie Mount, Vci noil. II. y.. bnrber wh'jl «'cn the y\. n. o. iIiiElei of iO'iV with '2fX, 277, 20a foi a 749 ..e- r!es, resume theh lom al lDe-> Molnc.i, Jan. 8. -Theli Illncn-y lakra Ihr-m to OnmJm, and tin t' Texas, Oklahoma, allfornla, :>ndl on to Haiiblulu. They play ( 0 t"nclty evcV- 1 - whcrc, mul have nmplc uroii>ul to call -bowling the finest all round snort of them all For capacity business eieiv- wlu-rc has been the rule e\cr s>lncc rnwling ealnblishments "moved ip- slnlrs". nnd pulled away from be- nig sideline.? for drink - emporiums to become wholesome Institution-! In their 6\vn righ.t By HARRY GIIAVSON Sp'orls Editor, N'EJV Service NEW YORK.-~.Ioe Faicnro,.liomc or the holidays, continues to aun or Haiik Marino, tlic Bowling Al- Proprietors' Association match Five Bowl Games Will Go On Air Tomorrow NEW YOBKTnTc. 31 -rootball Mil be broadcast New Year;,-Day "•on) nn assorted 'collection of The ipvcgram: '_ Rose. Bowl.—University O f California vs. University ol A)a bama, nt Pasadena. Cnl.. over WJZ-NBO nt ->:45 p. m. (c.s.t,) Sugar Bowl.—Loiilslnim state ,\s ii]ua Clara, fit New Oilcans ovc 'EAF-NBC at I p. m. (c.n') Orange Bowl. _. Michigan' State <,;'.«"""• nt Miil "'i. Fin., over WABC-CBS at 1 p. ,„'. ( C .s.t;) Cotton Bowl.-colorado vs. nice , -, .[ ' Tcx • ovcr WABC-CBS a I 3:45 p. m. (c.s.t.) East-West All-Stare, al San I-ranclsco, over WOn-Muitial at. 5 p..m. (C.S.U). rho loneliest.Inhabited Island In he world; Tristan d;v dimim, hud i population of only 163 In 1032. All save three of Die men of the sluml were drownctl while listing In 1850. Read Courier News Wniit Ads. "EREE HMTERS FREE GIFTS! ffirug&m. ARIAN AUTO PARTS **»$£& Jim Ryba, Alabama tackle, gets a bear hug from his best girl Co-ed Louise Whent, us the Crimson Tide shoves p(I for Iho Pasadena Rose , Bowl and tm? battle with California, Jan. V.' )lay chamnisn. Falcaro hopes to meet the er of n match between Marino 'rid Ned Day. another Milwaukee cgler who was the survivor in ccent, national elimiiialion tour- nmenl in Cleveland, but the New Vork Italia cnn't be too sure boul thai. Falcaro has been given the run- round since 1033. when Joe Miler of Buffalo emerged from clim- vations with a claim to the Uc. This version of the crown aiicd to Otto Stein of St. Louis n 1034, and In tlic following year o^ Marino, who has since pve- and any place." Bcwling still in Us Infancy _^So Falcnra turned his two Nc-v yen; torn-ling eslaljiisJmicnts over lo hired men and started oil the raid for the purpose of bowling ;-•--- intn condition to lake on •in- Marino with some money al stake. "But things were too qiiiel in 1 * >,, ?' •'•"**- LUU quiuu in late November," he explains. "So watilin? to kmw • ' '- • , I called Marino, The sport 0{ lno t m . cycHn g , is all-time high record in 1W5 U " ttc<1 Stntcs > w "«> 3,persons attended 789 meets. is .' lot lo a tropi- I "1 w«inijii£ nj MJ'AV what was what, and V ;hen the [natch was going la take place. Imagine my fceltng-but no v>td | ciirprisc—when I found that Marino liad taken another clean run-out." It Is unnecessary for Falcaro I to cay that bswling never has! cecn more popular than rl»ht' HOT. and (hal a sun i. s in u s \ infancy, He advises anybody with - ...—..„, „.,„ ,,.,o OMI^U iJ[t - « litiic money to build alley, it-sailed, with Falcaro neatly side- ccrling that rcgardlew of tlic lo- rackcd. _,,_ I c nll:n, they'de be to cauacitv •But I'm the real match play.'as long as they were kept cton latnDlCll." savs Palr^rn whn h;T:- niifl Vo^nnnlni.i- ' "'"" 1l r n •r «e " Jo withstand snow nhd 'tetiibert- Uires of sub-aero. IC '»P<;ia QfJAUTY tdODS MEATS dROCERItS We pay highest prices on Poultry at nil times. 5 SAVK A MONEY AT O GAMES MKT. lampicn," says Falcnro, who has- 't lost oiic in 20 years. "I was lampion before thir, nei-; EC tup amo along and I will continue and respcctaljle. W. Main Phone "Golf still draws a dividing line between the private club members) and the professionals nnd public ( WIS WRKEY.'rS 2 TKB 3 HWfflS M HIRSCH DISTILLING COMPANY mw GIH ; MISSOURI , be champion until someone links players, but bowling does me In a championship com- not discriminate," explains Fnl- .„; ?, n raro - " Y ct bowling Attracts 'he; JBily Sixty of Milrankcc, rep- highcsl qualily ot participant and Denting Marino, agreed to a' oil a B cs and both ssscs. Everybody' cllon this winter, with 30 games is! when they step on ih« acti in Milwaukee. Chicago, Cleve-j platform of the bowling alley" nnd. and New York. Then they, frnni Pin Boy lo Pr 0 prict6r Icphcned me and said they hilcaro. pin toy son of a oin anted to move the Cleveland bov, has grewn v/calthy in bo'vl- T.mcs to Detroit. I replied thst ing since he relied his first game d bo,vl Marino on cobblestone,' n t Tlium's Alley, New York at feather mattresses, or any- the age of 10 fling else he'd like to bowl on, (Jliuty Joe, ar. lie Is known -vill Hubert Utley's Service Station and Gate •24 HOUR SERVICE Tax -Phillips "66" Gas Al! Leading Brands of Beer, Mquor, Wine, Gin and Cordials. Cigarettes, 2 Pkgs. 25c, |1,15 Carton Highway 61— Hojland, ARKAMSAS & MISSOURI FARM & CITY LOANS Low Interest Rates Easy Payments-Long Terms Fastest closing service of any mortgage Man company doittg business in these states. FLORIDA BROS. & CO. Life Insurance - - Fire Insurance Investment Securities •i OSCEOLA,. ARK. RODSTIRS If you prefer to -tJike your cold weather / before ^ft open fire . . .01- in=.the congenial company i of -* -sizi' ' ing radiator . . . this is for yoU. ItWtip-thbt many shivering hours from shopping treks. Before you hitch up the huskies-and-part 'cb. with your steam-heated igloo, sit-down with"- the newspaper. It will-delay your start, but- speed 'your return. Study -.the -.advertising; pages, carefully,. . , learn where to get 'the things you "want, at r- your r ' prices. With each purchase planned in you're ready to .don '.your parka; ferat&the.'ttiiip, niUsh!—to better Values. .,, V". •' Advertising pays— winter or summer. It- makes life simpler and happier^- and makes - every,- dollar give a good account of itself. • i " ' -'f''

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