The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana on April 26, 1855 · Page 1
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The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana · Page 1

New Orleans, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 26, 1855
Page 1
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0 - ....... . VOLUME XIX. NEW ORLEANS. THURSDAY MORNING, APRIL 26, 1855. NUMBER 78. jnt - rJi ii i ii ii ii it ii . ii ii ii ii a it ii ii .if - 1 - SHIPS SHIPS. ,! me)l. .. - ' t FOR LTVERPOOL Th Al at Lloyd's British - ay4 clipper eblo LDI WESTUORILAND, Stra aaaaachn. ssaster. ia now leading sod will have 'mm. 1es espslcb. refrelgh of 4O0 balea eottor. apply ta srS J T. WHITNET CO., 61 Camp street ear Par assg. bavin splendid accommodations for caMa and stswrag Pwa(en, apply to the captala on ar - . FOB. LIVERPOOL Tba new Al faat sailing latnoi iblp POTOHAC, Wm. Reed, martyr, sasse.,, ao loao'lag and will nnt with qolck despatch, Jw freight of MO halea cotton apply to ' aoM . C i. MEEKER A CO. . ST Gravler at reet tar Par passage, havtagsopeTior wcomn'xlitknu, apply ta the eapta'a Board. Post ao, rlrt District, FOR LIVERPOOL The Al at Lloyd fast sail ; omm ui. junn Linn, rotta, master. 1. toatlac. aad bavins tba areater Mrtaf hp ears ared. will have "" dmur h. rot ' tkaigBt at JU) balea cotton apply to i. r. WHITHET CO., 61 raiiiifjfjsi 1 1 i - BBT Far passage, having saaerlor accommodat ou apply aa award. Tird District. ap4 3tA '0 LIVERPOOL - - rwtK only The Hoc - fc", Brtllih clipper bo lit ship OSPRET, Grebow. mas. ,, r aBBafcier, having all ber cargo engat ed will hare Imme ... d'ata deasatch For passage only, having epl - noid ae . . osaiBBOdatloaa for cabin aad saperior arrangements for . steerage passengers, apply on boaid. or to auiivi 1. AUAm at cd , 9 Gravler street, apW arta J. P. WHTTWET at CO..l Camp at. FOR LlCtlFOOL - To sail oa TUESDAY, ar May I P astir only - Tbe splendid new American f clipper abtp WALTER SCOTT. 1 - P Smttn, laatrr. having ail of her carat Mnitd. will sail as atvve. Far pa - aage. having aasarpasaed aceommodatur.s for cabin, second catra aad eteerage paaaengera. apply to tbe Captaim OB board, opposite the Red B ores, Third District, ap ort C. J. MEEKER ai CO , rrarsTlerst FOR LIVERPOOL - Tbe Dladid arw Al American ship WORM AN DT, Mekber. master, baring tba greater part of her rare engi. will : with qnick despatch. For freight of 400 balea cat - ton a pal to sc C. 3. MEEKER CO.. 07 Omrler street, ar For passage, having so perior aecommodatione for cabin and average - paaaengera, apply to the captain on b.ard. Past 40, First District. 3a FOR LI veRPOOL sou tons of beary freight wanted Tbe fine new Al Ameriraa ball' Briillb "BBid, S1LLERT. Bernle. master, wfll have Immfr diaTa - deaoatch. For hsavy fieight, or freight of 600 bales csetoa. aoatv ta spit J, a. AIHBRfPew At CO.. M 8t Charles rt. FOR LI VERPOOL Trie A) fast BklHog Ame.l - ay'csn ship EDlil FLTE, Hagar. mas'er. is now BMBBWkisadiDf and will bav' quick despatcb. For freight of atr naos, looacca, or mju wiea cervon, sppy to ppio I. H. ASH BRIDGE st CO., 53 Sr. Cbarlei.t. apply to the e aptara on board. FOR LIV EILPOOL rbe Al 'ast sailing Amrri ' - F3C,, tal? ELL FLEET, Bradford, muter, is now awaawaiioa ting, aad will have Immediate despatch. For . weJrht of 400 balea cottoa. apply to or F - MITMET at CO., 61 Camp St. apply to the captain on board FOR LIVERPOOL Tb Al fait sallinc Amrri 1 ran ship SENATOR Coffin, mister, baring tbe of her eseo encased, will meet with de - Far freigti t ol fvio tates of eofno applv to at J L ASHBR1D6E A CO.. 63 at. Charles at. agf Pnryamage apply to tbe captala on board. FOR LIVERPOOL Tbe Al Amerirao ship SUXT PATRICK. Kennv. mas'er, bavirg part wbm ner cargo engsgeo, win meet witn aeepatcn. Far freight of cottno. or tobacco, apply to apt J. H. A8HBRIHOE A CO , 63 St. Charles tt, - bat For passage, apply to the captain on b"ard. FOR LIVERPOOL Takes hesey f - eiht The Al American sbip CHARLES BDt K. Smalley. ter. will bave deipa'rh. ror rreltbt apply to 1 a OIFPN V A LOV ELL, l l C mm - n st. FOR LIVERPOOL WanU beary heary freight - Tbe At at Lluvda Britisb bark 6H ERi UAH KIIOWLES Co'e. master. For rreisbt apply to r iThe Al fast aailioa Amerirao .bio MARTHA J. awMBBior ARD. Stor. r. master, is now loading and will receive immediate deapatrb For heavy fxieght apply to J. P. WHITTIEf" A COi, i Campst. bbT For passage apply to the captain oa board, m ait FOR LIVERPOOL The fine fast sailing New " eflor r 'ft. fork built British ship CORNELIA, Venule, mi anu bave prompt a rs paten, rat ire'gm ap - .at,. - i BM eiFFNET A LOVELL. 116 Common street. rR LIVERPOOL Tbe hrstclas tine fast sailing British ship ARAB. Graham, muter. For freight " OrBriS apply CO ALUOtlXWl, Ift'ril.l m. rv.. la Commoo street. For aaaaage apply to the captain on board. . "Va FOR LIVER I C T 1 British clipper waaisVwUl have imme FOR LIVERPOOL Wanu heavy freight - The r sbip OSfKEI, Orebow, msster. ediae despatch - For freight app y ELLIOTT. AAlABia A to., 98 Gravler street. or to OIPFTfET LOV ELL. im Common st. PIS Hamb.rg. Ji FOR HAMBL'BU - The At rop'rloT fast sailing r American sop T. C. BOVNTON. Brown, master, . - swaaaVhaeing aeaiy all o' hr cargo eosaaed wi'l or.t ait ealck despatcb Por freisit f iio bales co' - aa, sp - , - 'plyts C. J. MEEKER A CO.. rl lim i it, aoM or to H V. BAXTER. ?a Caroodelet street, aar Pot passage apply to the captain on ooarq. Reilrimaire). FOR BALTIMORE Tbe splendid new clipper waaaiBihe I bark LIN WOOD, Martin, master, having part of her careo encased, will meet with despa - cb For Wrune a r or nuuee. bavins aoDerior acrommo - ' dsrlons. apply to tbe captala oa board, opposite tbe Beef Market, or to : apW C. J. MEEKER A CO..BT eraser street. s2S FOR BALTIMORE Tbe splendid c.ipper bark DOUGLAS, Berwick, master, having a large part of ber cmrmn eofiel, will have imoi'dUte Je - ff - stcltv Far freig mht or DtuuK airD'v to thr rn ly to th rnpfam.o 8HBaiijC A BOCDODSWCIE. P6 87 Comrrjoa trret. Unvre - FOR HAVRE The line Al nut sailing Ameri can sbip SI MO DA. ason. msster, is now loa - ling and will have quick despatcb. For freight ot 140 cotton, apply to j. r. ami. - iti at t.w.,01 t,ampsrreer. MP For passage, harm, superior accommodations, ap - Bly ta tbe captaio on board ' arri "K, gOR HAVRE The - rv enper or Al fast sail ing American abip TEMPEST. H M. Brew "er, master, having nearly all her cargo engaged Bs tela, an board, win bave very quick despalcu. tot frtlgbt sf 3no bales cotton, apply to r: . H. A8HBRIIH': A C(A. M8t. Charles street . juy HF For pa rr. having very superior sr com mod at ions, k . . ksta ia the cabin and average, apply to tbe captaio ca " ssard. at Pot 44 Third IHWrlct - spitl FOR HAVRf. The new Al fast sailing Ameri aa abio BREWSTER. Cla'k. muter, is now I ad las. and will bare auick d estate h. for frcirbt of awaaieacouon, appiv J. P. WHrTTIET A CO.. 61 Camp street. ' For pasaage, having splendid sta'eronm accommo - aa farcaoia, aad also good accommodations for steer - ays saas - Bgers. apply to tbe captain oa board. Post 4i, . Fuat District. ap!4 FOR HAVRE Toe Al superior fast sailing gaiar pacaet snip huh i crdia, natnawav. laster, is now 1 ading for tbe above port, and will . saveaaicJ ayalyiB as aaick despatch. For balance of freight, or passage, B ' ' C. J. MRERER st CO.. B7 OrsviT street - Haatas. FOR BOSTON Total I in a fewdays Tbe new I snip vision, Sampson, mavter.bavmg nearly Bill Bea sf freight or pas - age. apply m 'be captala on - BT SB J. HH st to. . fl NT 9ravicr street. FOR BOSTON - Despatrh L'ne Tbe very 'sat T fariliag rrsular wk.t sb n THOMAS P w ania, ' waBBBTflii. to u ' ... n. n. hu nearla all tee T J freigbt aa board, and only rrqoires tbe bulk of Sno cswaa to complrie ber loading, and will aail as is saianr r neigot appi yto J' 8F.PH H. BASS. 1 10 Common street. OR I II ITII M Th Al act aAlllna ahln CROMW Eui.. Balls, roaster, is n..w loading and " "will lls uars immediate despatcu ror inegut, ap - J. F. WHITNEI A CO .61 Camo st 'Far apply to tba captain on board. mbv4 1A FOR aawic . luail'ng PDA M A R S r 1 1 I fr' 4 Th, new At faat aailins ABMeicaa saip F.bCOKT. Brown, master, ia now aaaAlna mA .11 k.. r tf,i gaick despatch. For freight of lou balea cotton, 7: S, .. WHITNEY A CO.. 61 Camp atreet ' j - rfWpsavage. having superior state room accommo kU al a or right passengers, apply to tbe captain oa " Fast t7. First District tilHauJCOW. FOR Atllaow - Ti. at U Millna RHriah 9. ark CALI'ORMA. Fowler, master. Is now load - taa ui Mill , j i . ..I. .. .... "asy fealgbt, or b - eigtit of 3no bales cott - n. apply ta . r. W - ITHEI A CO., ol Lamp at. apply U tue captain on board. ap4 FOR CADIZ Tne Al fast sallins American ELIZABETH. Bliss, master, baring nearly enaaeed. will Be Imnedlatelv deanalcbeA Sal V . bavins anlflkld aeeAmmoHallnn inni. PUiaobo,rd' ' , r" J. P. W HrTNrTy A CO.. 61 Cam n atreet. IDA 111117 Tk. A . . ..... . . . Mp DESDCMONa. Farnbara. master, ta now Via naaT ' bavins nea ly all ber cargo engaged. eT"i't aeapaUh. For freigbt or pasitge agply ta aail,l,w Board, or to . F. WHITNET A CO.. 61 Camp street. FutrWi.i . . ... .. ,. .... b w,. , . . - superior a.1 toip ne.aiv. Ji ?L "T, is bow loading aud will bave vatck aeanmrea Bm ... . - nnT - . .h ,4 "a. OT ' o - MtElEg A CO.,TGravieTsiTeet. 't?. B"?OELVr?IAMeTchanta Line w' sad verv fas regular packet brig D. S. M a,.!? ,' Cb P. foster, master, u now loading - NaiaaL JIel,ick drPatcb. Foe oajaoce of Ireigbt, or a rarVanTJr . accommaxlauooa, apply on board sat liistnct. or to . " 1 H 8A8a. 110 Common street "SmtSfZL, 'LDE,',r, Tbe Al and very last . ?'a laiAULia, ains - wry, master, nav - . stars m.1?1 i her car so eneaav - d and soma on ' sbju sa above. Foe balance of frrigit apply to . n. r Aoo - I IV LtBBot streev - ws rtth ..mnuQ, cures, i - "oUIrver, witfasat caaa: SBBST aa . pers' that they are able to lag either disgust - CAAor - H V1 "IT "ths after recovery, i 4SVvCIijTi CO , (TV Hampart atreet. earner af Ursuiirtr. street 'n mi w..r"Bt wia I vrkiL .re7' n"ag la tbeir noaaeaalun a sperifir, , taplW'nh'Iity against Goot basinet been orurm an pera - urn OFFICIAL. TREASORER'S OFFICE. i Mew O'leaos. April - 23, lavs, f The following persona resldleg In the F'.ftb R present ative Di.Tict, having been reported totbl.rffce as doing baaineaa without a license, arc hereby notified that nnless they take oat a license in one week from this date, I am directed to institute sutt for licrns. and line. Fifth Ward. COFFEE HOUSES. A. Rovira, corner of Letee and St. Loals. M. Verdeler. - omrr at Levee and Touioueg. ft. CMtagouiie, Chart re a. H. Berdon, corner of SL Louia and Chart res. Chaa. Seeliger. RosL . Kouarbkold.Tooloase. , r ...i. V. P'anellu, ro'tiei of Daapntne and St. Louis. I, Booaett, c vw roll' ve o - d Jetleraon. - M. Nolan, cirner of dartres and Jederauo. L. Caroonne. copier ot Chertree Jacobi Louis, Chartres and 8 Peter. Jooo Conl' - usse, corner o Ramoart snd Tooloose. L. Boaruna.cweiierof St Peter a no Earhange Place. J fiebweetzer. corner o Ann and Rot a I F. Merrada'. corn r of MaJlaon and Levee. F - '.ancnet, Levee. Peirre Beryea, corner of Madison and Levee. J. fetta. corner of Main and Levee. I.sorent Charles, corner of ban res and Madison. 0. Bay hi, coruer or Chartres snd St. Aao. V. I'rbel, corner of Chartres and Main. E Kocb, Sc Ann. A. Bisaa. Red Stores. M, Sparricio, corner of Main and Levee. Jh. Ba - nrs. Levee. E. Caalicbe, corner of Royal and Main. F. Sitges, corner of Rampart and Toulouse. Jean Toregano, corner ol Rampart and Basin. ' B. Terail, comer of t Peter and Bisin. 0. Ajoosine, corner of Carondelet and Rasln. A. Margural corner of Car. - ndelet and Treme. C Arti.BBS, corner of Sr. Loots and Treme. P. Calafatte, corner of Carodelet and Maraia. Rolling, corner of Orleans and Maraia H Dovlan. corner of Orlean. and M arsis. Cba Tooouaa, corner of Orleans and Vlllere. M. C liet, corner of Orleans and Claiborne. A. Gonzales, corner of Orleans and Claiborne. J. B. Albert, corner of St. Ann and Pnrur. F. Uelpit, corner of Rampart and MaraU. W. U. Rolling, Caroudeiet. GROCERY AND LIlOOR BT BOTTLE. P. Marks. Cbartrra. E. Mscovgi, corner of Bourbon and Sr. Louis. J. J. Mont fort, corner ol Toulouse and DaupUlne." Joseph Bati Iter, St. Louia Henry Sbieidrn, corner of Burgandy and SC Louis. J. B. Pie, corner of Burgandy and St. Louia. A Gandolfo A Co.. corner of Toulooae and Levee. P. Pinand. corner of Tooloose and Chartres. J. B. Lnnata, coratr of Jedeison and Levee. B. Breitmeser, Cbartrra. JeSn Kiaae, corner of St. Pierre and RoyaL 8 Weber, corner of Royal and Toulouse. . Tboa lragui a, corner of Too louse and Burgundy. M. J Hote, coruer of iaopbine and Orleans. J. Pitato.a, corner of iaupblne and Orleans. 1. Arraslmster, oroer of St. Ann ai d Rampart.. F. Bedenk, orner of Madison and Levee. C. Laaranee, career of Ann and Daupbine. J. J aloa'fort corner of Daopbine and Spain. L. Verd, corner or Rampart and Main. L. 8 Welhey. corner of Rampart and Touloase, F. Riran, corner of Bum and Toulouse F. Porta. Levee. P. Adimeyer. Msin. L. B'S'aso, Maditon. V. Pert . lean. Su Peter. C. Abigoat, corner ol St. Louis and Treme. J. B Ternot, corner of St Louis and Maraia, G. H. OtLcoroer of Toulouse and Matala. A. Marguei. corner of Carondelet and Treme. Mre.R. White, corner of Treme an - t O. leans. C Parhe, corner of Maraia and St. Pierre. A. Wber, corner of Hobrta B and Orl - ana. F. Mark, comer of Romao aad Si. Pierre. M Montardon, rerner of Vlllere au i OrleaoA J. Getsmar, corner of Spain and Vlllere. J. B. Albert, corner of Si - Ann and Prieur. B Lanaoeo, St. Ann M W ebrle, corner of St Ann and Miro. F Domaa. corner of St. Philip and St Claude. W .d. H.lidrrbran, corner ol Vain and Claioore. Jean Fiase, Main. M. Cantsni, corner of Main and Roman. Jean Bares, Burgandy aid Main. Eng. Petres, St - Ann ani Burgundy. RETAIL MERCHANTS. Costa A Rovina. Levee. Oerbmlcben A, Levee. F. C laves, St Lou'a P. Gaune. St Lop la Mrs Poysrd. corner Tooloose and Chartres. Mrs Robert corner Toulouse aud Royal. Mrs Mare.BWal. Jaillia d. Jr. Royal. A. Palrier. Sr. Louia. T. Dandous. Royal. C. Reea, corner o Burgandy and Tou'onse. E. . Knapp, corner of Toulouse and Levee. J. Gandolfo, Levee. J. Veeseroo, Levee. V. Caperal, Levee. J. Barrett, r orner of Levee and St. Peter. A. P, Mcfluire. Levee street. P. Lantin, Chartres. A. Coalon. Cbartres. Mrs. Neydrn. Touiouae. P. Meyer. RoyaL P. Polrer, RoyaL Mra Doraod, RoyaL B. Oaran.l. Kyal and St Peter. F. Bonnet. 8u Peter. Wi.l. Mern's. corncr,of St. Feier and Bourbon. Mo'le. Bourbon C Weiabaor. Toulooae. B. Ouvierr, corner of Borgundy and 8. Peter. M. R. vara. corner of Royal and SL Feter. F. Bamoeili. RoyaL B. t ingle RoyaL L Bernlard, Bourbon. J. Rrmlmer, Boyal. P. f'asrnsve. corner of St. Ado and Royal. E. Barter. Madison. L. Couion. chanrea. C Arnoox, coraerof Chartres ajid St. Ann. P. Lac.ze. Levee. Pelisro Mestri Main. A. Peligrini. Main Vt id Messonnier. Cbartrea, F. WelDer.dtoyal. J. B. Gerard. St Ana. A. Rava'rt, 8t Ann J. Pe - isian. St. Ann. J. CoUon. St. Ann and Royal. Wm. D. Bues, RoyaL Arg - lo. J , KoyaL Ww Vincent, St. Ann and Bourbon. Barriere A Co St Aon and Burgundy. Mrs leblrr Red Store, L.vte P. Condrr, Red ktore, Levee. M. P - at. Levee. C. Laclotte A Co.. Levee. Aagu', Pedro, Leve. Caj'ao J P.. Levee. J. Despuea. Leve. I. Rapp A Co , Royal and Main. Wr w. Saillard. Main. A. Anglad r. St Peter and Buin. C. Vteiker. Villrreand St, Louis. Jean C - a'ard. Orleans and MaraU. C. S rey. Maraia T. Hacarr. Oneana J Lrvy, Vlllere and SL Peter J Nawbeter, Vilere and Orleans. Angel Prevoat, Orlrana Wow - Gerard, Sr. Ann ani Robertsoa. OtSTER SALOONS. - Joseph CarstTa, Cbartrea. F. VTboefT, Cbartrea. B. Arorte, Burgundy. P. I poli to, Burgandy. S Trepaiie, Orlraia. Wm. B' oe. St Aon and Dauphin. J. Parckrl, Maraia J P.ins. Maraia and St. Peter. 4, Juliana; Vilieroand Carondelet Walk. MISCELLANEOUS. A Leblane, Levee, commission men bant. L. Nlcci. Levee, wholesa e an t retail mticbaat. J sVunran, Toulouse, warehouse. P Lacroia. Toulouse, commltai' - n merchant. l' rnSlh. Cbartr a apotbecary. Mik riobn A Co., St Loo is and druggist. M Baroett Bro.. Sr. Louis and Chartres. auctioneers. W Id. Lollee. bvous Agt.: at iouia, prmuug uuu, L. Datoor. St. Louis, Orleans Hotel. A. Hernandez. Boyai, cigar store. J. Domingo, at Loots, retail cigar store. A. Leeaoo, Roval, bollder master. Job Jonet, Toulouse and Royal, builder master. F. Boui, St Louis, restanrar. F Harion. corner Bonrb - n and St. Lonis. retail merchant Wid ainlllard, corner Boarooa and Toulouse, coal and wood yard Job. Broneau.Toolovjae, warehouse. Denis Jacqooe. Bt - Loots, furniture store. E. Rlilieux. Rampart, hverv atable. t. Lanata Jriterson, commission merchant. A - Colllier. Tonlonse, boarding hoose. ft Pemlliat A Co , Too - oue. commission merchant. C." Weber. Jelf erson. biaxdi - g house. r V. Blanc A Co., Jetf - reon, distillery of spiritnoas llquors. G. Gabiccl, Roy al retail mrrcbant. t. t: Ferrand. Tooloose. broker. j p Rants. St. Petr, fornitue store. J D. Peres, corner Toalonse and Bourbon, apotbecary. P. A bad ie. Too loose and Dauphin, faniture store. J Roflmaon. Dauphin, retail merchant. Dard, Rampart, veterinary doctor. f Fefevre A Ca, corner St - Feter A Royal, confectionary. Peppe Pilote, corner Bt. Feter and Burgundy, oysters F MUier.'corneT St Peter and Burgundy, furniture store. O.' Biaaso, St. Ann, rrinting office. Bellanger Co , Royal and Orleans, confectisnary and foar bliliarda T - White. St. Ann. nndertaker. y Hark. St. Ann and Boarbon, coffee house. Ant Maximo Orleans and B - aroo, fruit store. E. Millias. Orleana and Boorooo, wood yard. F. Felt, Burgandy and Orleans, grocery and liquor by E. SigglBargundy and Bt Ann, grocery and liquor by bo - tie. ., A Nar bonne A Co.. Levee, retail merchant. Tb d Bemad i, Madison, boarding bouse. A. Laoaure, St. nn. retail men - haot. Girardin Enonl. St. Ann. retail merchant. A Schwab. Cbartrea, apothecary. J Marrbita Charters, fruit store. . B. Cabirac Rgyal, faiaitare atore. A Dnbur, St. Aon, undertaker. Fro. Tio, St. Ann. emmissioa merchant E. Joffio. Royal, builder master. Tba. Daqolo, Mala and Bourbon, grocery and liquor by bottle. J. Dnfrnback, corner St. Ann and Boarbon, furniture atore. . . , J. Peraandez. corner St. Ann and Boarbon, undertaker. A. Pepin A Co., Red 8 'ores, re'ail mercba iL M. Biordan, Levee and St. Philip, retail merchant J. Nuoox. Levee and St. Philip, cigar store J S toub. Levee and St Pbilip, one billiard table. C. Bollard. Levee ani at Pbilip, intelligence omce. H. Merldier, Chartres. printing office G. E. Charbannet, Spain, grocery dry. J. Galiiardie, Spain, boarding - boaae. A rd. Guyon, Spam, nan salon merchant B Saoeonet, Spain, rest urant. B BoBcal, Spain, boarding bouae - M. Hsnard, St Pbilip. oystersnrlL G. Po'ier, Main, Intelligence office. , C. Roitngaat, Royal, furniture atore. Fa. folia. Main, Utelligenx office, A. Grandan, St. Philip, wood dealer. 1) Montegot, St. Philip, wood dealer. U. Bernard, Dauphin and Main, grocery andfiquorby tbe bottle. Wi ow l. - bourd - tte S. Pblllp and Rampart, apothecary. Mra H. T'iroo, Toulouse, coal dealer. Jean Lapiasit, Basin, c - al dealer. L. R. Debnen Ramoart. veterinary doctor. Jss. Pujol, St. Peter, coal dealer. If. derail. Basin, one nuiiard table. A. Haararo, Buin and Toulouie, factory of cordial and spi'itous liquors. a. Lort, frank in. master builder. Jean Petit, Fianklin and Toulonte, wood dealer. A H. Sam pun. SL Louis and Morals, master builder. J. McVeatie. Toulouse, master builder. Mrs O'Brien, St. LnuU and Roman, grocery dry. J - H Grady, St Lou's and Roman, grocery dry. . Compero, 8t. Louis and Roman, dairy. G. Goussinr, Carondelet and Baaoo. one billiard table. J. H yse., CaronOlet. wood dtaler. Pedro Calafatte, Carondelet and Maraia, one billiard table B. Corail, Carondrlet. wood dealer. Pooley, Nicol A Co, Carondelet and Robertson, lumber rt.c.ey.Cs.ondelet. grocery dry. Iural. Carondelet, betweeu Second and Third, bone yaru. J. black factorv. Denl Cronan, 8l Pefer and St Claude, contractor. Rolling. Marais snd Orleans, one billisrd table. H. Durian. Marais and Organs, one blllia - d table. F. Firtut, Orleans, restauran'. C. Tbomaa. Viller, ano Orleans, one billiard table. J. ra in, v llirr and Orleans, veterinary d rtor. M. C - Met, O' leant ai d Claiborne, one billiard table. Jean B iron, O. leans and U - .o'gny, groi cry dry. Cbs Roilrlgaot. Royal, f. n'tr e store. J. Guillaura., St. Ann and Treme. grocery dry C. B. Tb - mas. Orleans and Villi re, billiard t - hie. B. Cnuret, Marais and Orleans, one hill ard table. "7,1 C. F Fi ' er. Vil e - so l Orleans, apothecary. F. Pioegny, 8t Claude, livers s'ahle. G. Valuer. Main, between Vlllere and Robertson, pedler and hawker. B Slore'e. Main, Dairy. Mra. T. Bermain, Maiu. between Foorth and Fifth, dairy. F. Gelpi, Ram pan and Main, one nilliaid table. J. Commujy. S: Ciaude and SL Puilip, sooa and mineral watr, factory. Sereret. Main, apothrcar' - P MalnvUle. SL Pi.llip. wood dealer. Widow Micoo St. Philip and Derbigny, confectionary. F. Carbounrt, Cbartres, three billiard tables. A. Ban, Chan res fruit store. O. Pomes, corner SL Peter and Daopbine, retail mer rbauL B. Caitag not, Cbartres. one hlll'ard table. . , BEER HOL'SES. L Hnrkman. Too out - . Wm 8 uneyder, SL Peter. A. Bourdln. Orleaua. A F 'er, Orleaua. M. Fash. Royal. Zl.gel ftluller Rampart. J. G'ehert. Madia n Widow Allrinand Main. Cbs. Bllger. R.iyal. J Hanh.rt. Bt Ann and Rampart. Louis Dieimer, SL Philip. J. Laos. St. Philip. M Petrie, St. Philip. nwnr, at. I - hlltp. y. 'ap dea... Main A Kleinert Chartres. C Ber ao. s. Pb lip C.,. n. St Philip. 1. Gamier. St. Philm P. M Brengle. Bhstle e comer of Main and Binrrmn. . w'"nD'. cner of Treme and Toulouse. Io. - s Riche, c. rnerof Vdiere and St Peter. C. Cou'et. corner of Main and Orllana Louis Laonoy Orleana J. B. D ooit. ro - ner f Sr. Ann and Rampart. J Snares, rrner of Philip and Clibriie. J. Paneky ToiMnusr. PM W - . If. GAR LAND. Treasurer. AA7AS . ruugiit t,, the r ou '0 District fouml. rutt v street, between Rjuasran and Fulton streets, st Two blark and white female Goat a One white female Out Which, if not claimed within ten davs, and the ez penses tbtrron pal ', will be sold at public' auction, at said Pound, on MONDAY, tbe 7fh May, IB6S, at 10 o'clock A. OU. New Orleans. April if,, ism. ALOLSTU3 8 PHELPS. Street Commissioner. IL a t conduit au depot dea epavea du Ciuatrieme Dis trirt, rue Premiere, entre ies rues Rousseau et Foltun, Cum me epav - s Deux (?hevree. blanche, et noirea. Dn Cbevre blancbe 81 elles ne sour pas reclamees dan. d1 Jours, et lea 6 penses psyees, il ,t seroot vendua a I'enrhere publique, ao dit depot, LDNDI. 7 Vial a 10 tieurea a. M. Nouveile Orleans, le if - Avril. ih.a AUGUSTUS S. PHELPS. are myl a Commisaaire dea Raea. No. l'J.. AN ORDINANCE concerning the City Printing. Article I Be it or mined. That from and alter the passage of this ordinance, it shall b tbe duty of tbe Comptroller of tbe city, on tbe fourth Monday of Aprii of each year, to adjudicate at public auct on, and to tbe low est Mdder.tbe contracts for furnieblng Printed Forms an - t Blanks, and for Job Printing rrqu'red hy the various de - partmen's and offices of tbe city government, af'er giving nt - t'ee of socb a jud'catton in tbe ottirial toarnnl f the Common Council, daring nve days previous thereto, and tba' tbe said contracts snail be divided aa hereinafter provide L Article a. That tbe first contract shall be for the prin'lng and famishing of all forms, blanks, and other Job printing which may be required by each of trie kecvilrr of tbe cltv in the dlecbaree of 'be duties of his orhee: tbat tbe second contract shall be for the p'iotlng an1 furnishing of all forms, blanks and other job prlntine wbl - b may he re quired hy tbe Treasurer.Comoroller,Survryor and Street Commlss oner, to ibe discharge of the dutiee of their stores; and that the thi d contract shall he f - r tb print - ing and furnishing af all forms, oiauhs and job printing which may be required by tbe May r. the eevrral Board of School Directors, and by any and all ott er orbrrrs snd employees by tbe city government. in tbe discharge of the do' ies of their offices, unless otherwise specially provided for. Articles. That it shall be the doty of the Comptroller to obtain from each of tbe aforesaid oftiera, and employea. aa far as practicable, correct copies of all such blanks, form), and other ma'ter to b pnuted, aa may be required in t'e duties of tbetr stveral orhcee ; and that said copies S',all be exposed in bis office for examination and inspection by all persona wbo may desire to bid for said eon'racta, during tbe time ol the publication of Bald notice Articles. That separate bid. .hall be made for each of said contracts, and that the bid shall be for the price per ream at which each and every size el the blanks, lorne. and other printed matter, required in said contra, ta. will be furnished and printed by the party bidding: ani that the party to whom any of aaid contrscta may be adjudl1 eated, shall furnish good and sufficient surety, to be approved by tbe Finance Committees of tbe Common Coon cil. la tbe sum of gluo, f r the faithful perfoi uiauce of tbe roniract. A'ticle 6 That Immediately a ter the final passage and publication of tbis ordinance, tbe Comptroller shall pro - reed to sell, after advertising daring hve days, the contracts for i Tinting, Ac. ss beielnbrfTire provided, for the year to end on tbe 4tb Mondsy of April. I WW Article a It shall be tbe dotv of the four Recorders, snd tbe four Superintendents of tbe Pulllr Bcbools. to enter with tbe Comptroller pre vioua toordering the blanks, Ac, so that there shall be uniformity in said blanks throughout tbe departmenta mentioned In tbia a tide Signed WM C. C. CLAIBORNE. President Board of Aloermen. rSignedl FRaNS. ALPOENTK. President Board of Assistant Aldermen. Approved. May a, Wat. BignedJ A. P CROSS MAN, Mayor. COMPTROLLER'S OFFICE, 1 City of New Orleans, A? - il ZA. ISM. f NOTICE Is hereby given. that on MONDAY, the 30th inst. ,1 will ar", adicate, at my office, at ii o'clock M., tne above contract., anaa O. DE BDTS. Comptroller. No. 2116.1 T ESOLVED. That tbe Com trailer sell at nubile enc It. tion, after thirty days' notice In tbe official Journal, tbe pnvlleg - of running a ferry from tbe Second District across the river, for tbe term of ten years, according to the following apeclhca' Ions : 1 he privilege snail oe aoju dicated for a term of 'en years, to begin sixty "ays after tb appmvBl of tbe sdjunlrstion by tbe Common Council, and aball be leased to tbe highest bidder; provided aaid leasee aball bave no right, to sab lease any portion of tbe grouna oerrin appropriates ior any cosiness on apper taining to tbe carrying of passengera. rev men t to oe made quarterly in aavanre ; tne leasee to give securitvl to tbe satisfaction of the Council in the um of five thousand dollars ( $fi OUX Tbe leasee shall bind himself to furnish and keep dor lag bis lease, a good, substantial, first class steam f - rry boar ro pass Inspection and to be approved oy tne government Inspectors every sla montba The boat to be ready and In use six montbs after the approval of the adjudica tion. He .ball bind himself to furnish suitable wharf boats, with a good, substantial railing four feet hfgb. leading from the wbar: or bank to tbe gangway of 'be ferry boat Heanall erect suitable buildings on the wbarf for tbe acromronda' ion of passengers, aod keep tbe wbarf con - atantly in good repair ontil tbe expiration of tbis lease, all to be done under the supervision of the City Surveyor of New Orleana A space of lfto feet oa the left bank of the river, oppoaite to or near Sr. Ann street, shall be allowed by tbe city of rrw urieane ior rne use or sal a leery, ana no vessel snau be allowed to moor before or witbin tbe aaid apace, or to extend over or into tbe same, tbeir ropes, cablea or cbains, or otherwise obstruct tbe aa - re. Tbe lessee shall bind blmae f to bave always ready to cross tbe river tbe above steam ferry tmut every day from 4 o'clock A M. to t i o'clo - k P. M. , making a trio every twenty minutes from 4 o'clock A. M. tow o'clock P. M., aad making one every half boor from o'clock P. M to 14 o'clock P. M., and should said lessee fail to comply wltb said coaditloo, he aba'l be liable to a hue of Siou for eacb failure. Tbe lessee shall have the right to receive the following tolls to wit For every foot passenger, B cents. For every borre, mole or horned cattle. IK ccnta For every horse and gig. or buggy, or wagon, 40 cea For horse and cart, 40 rents. For four wheeled carriage and horses, 80 centa. At tbe expiration of tbe lease, tbe wbarvee and build Ins s oa tbe same aball remain tbe property of the city. lie lessee aoau claim do inTemniry oa account oi other fe - lies already eatab iahed, or which maybe here alt - r established by the Opeloasaa Railroad Company. Tne saie - to be subject to mi approval of tbe common Council. Signed L. H. PLACE, rresiaent stoara oi assistant a inermeav Signed J. J. LCGENBUHL, President pro tern. Board of Aldermen. Approved April 11,1866. (Signed JNO. L. LEWIS, Mayor. COMPTROLLER'S OFFICE, I City af New Orleana, April 16, 1886. J NOTICE Is hereby given, that on MONDAY, 91st of May next, I will adjudicate, at my office, at 12 o'clock St.. 'be above privilege. apIT O. DE BP T 8. Comptroller. TTENRT WINTER DAVIS and W ARTHUR TA T - 1A LOR. Attorneys and Counsellors at Law, have stso elated tbemserrea aim a view ol practicing tbeir protee - ston before tbe Court of Claims, established at WatMng - fcnn nv tba recent act of ConaTesa. All boaineaa confided ta tbem win receive the nnitxd aad prompt attention of bota partners Letter, may be addressed to Mr. Davis, at Baltimore, . gr to nr. Aaywr, a gaiinans, l a, sw iw ODD FELLOWS' PROCESSION, TO CELEBRATE THE ' Hiirty - Sixth Anniversary of Odd Fellowship in tlie United States. Thursday, April 26, 1855. The several Lodges. Encsmpmenta, Ac, wi'l anemble at their rearjeerive Loire Rooms, at o'clock. A. M. undercharge of their respective Marshal., proceed thence to Lafayette Square for formation cf tbe line. Tbe column will form oo St Charles street, and w.ii be divided inta Eigbt Division FIRST DIVISION. ndrr charge of A. Cbiapella and J Faust, Assistanta to Orand Marshal, consisting of the following Lodges, will form on afayette Square, North aide, resting on St. CbarWs street Mrrcuauta' Lodae No. 4. Hermann Lodge No. 30, Southwestern Lodge N . 40, Harmony Lodge No. 3a. - SECOND DIVISION. I Dnder cba'ge of T. Thayer and IL lltmron, Asrlstanta Orend Alarabal. consistlna of tbe follow ng Lodges, will form on Lafayette Square, ten paces in front of t int Division, right resting on 8U C harlea street - Pacific Lodae No. 33. Columbus Lodge No - 24, Oermania Lodge No. SJ, Independence Louge No S3. THIRD DIVISION. Under charge of Dr. T 8 Clapp, and J. L. Fabre. Ass'st ail's to lira d Mnrslial, cousitting of tbe following Lodges, will form nn Lafayette Square, ten parts in trout of Second Division, tigbt resting on BL mariea. street Magno is Lodge No. ij. Covenant Lodge No. 17, Polar Star Ldge No 1'.', Templar Lodge No. 16. FOURTH DIVISION if J M Fermor aud J 8. Dndrr charge of J M Permor atd J . 'sioan, A1.'.nt. . ... . i to Uran.l Marahal. conaiatiua of the fbllowiuc Lodges, will form in Lafayrtte rquare. ten paces inafiout of Third Division, right restu g on St Cb nes street DelttLoilge No. 15, . Howard Lodge No. 1:1. Hope Lodge No. M, Cummercial Lodge No. J J. FIFTH DIVISION. Under charge of Wm. Shannon and J. S Burke, Assist ants to tirand Maranal, consisting of tbe following Lodges, will form lu Lafayette Square, ten pacts lu front "f Fourth Division, right resting on St - Charles street Orleans Lodge No. 11. Jefferson Lodge No. Teutouia Ludge No. In, Crrsr.rut Ljilge No. b. HXTH DIVISION. Under charge of A A Maginnisaud Geo. Hooper, Asilit ants t 14 rand Marshal, cousisting of tbe following Lodges, will foim in Lafayette Square, ten paces lu frout of Fifth Division, right resting on Bt. Charles street Drioo Lodge No. r, Louisiana Lodge No. I, Washington Lodge No. Ksgle Degree Lodge No. 1, Crr carry ng the Emblems of tbe Order. SuordiuaU - trfMlses from Foreigu J urisdictiona. 6KVKNTH DIVISION. Onderrharge of R R. Ballard and H Karby, Assistants to Ursnd Marshal, rooautiug or the following En canipimnt. will fr:u iu Laftyef e Square, ten paces in front of Sixth Division, right resting on ot - Charles strret Pelican Encampment No 8, Lasalle Encampment No. n, Lafayette En'uirut No. 7, llubah Eoraiupment Na 3, Washington En'ment No. 1, Wildey Encampment No. 1. Grand Euraiupment, EIGHTH DIVISION. Under charge of C He cbneulaod Oeorge Dirmeyer, Aa aittauts to (irand Maralial, coutiatii.g of the following Uraud Lodgts. will form ou Lafayrtte Square, teu paces in fruut of Seventh Divis on.r.glit resting on St. Charles street Orators of the Day and Grand Cbsplain of the Grand Looge. Grand Lodge of Louisiana aud Grand Lodge of tbe United Stales. ORDER OF MtOCESSION. FIRST DIVISION. Ciias. II. - Churchill, Grand Marshal. Aids to Grand Marshal : Geo. W. Shaw. Henry Porno. Gerard Stith, W. B. Bowles. A. Chiapella, and J. Faust, Assistants to Grand Marshal tSsu ' of Music. Lodges comprising the rirst Division. SKCOND DIVISION. T. Thayer and H. Dsmrnn. Atsittanu to Grand Marshal. Lodges coiup'isif g tne second Division. THIRD DIVISION. Qr. T. 8. Clapp and J L FaTe. AmIs'u to Grand Marshal. B - Dd ot Music. Lodges comprising the Tuird Division. FejI RTU DIVISION. J. M. Fermor and J 8 Sloan, Aaistta t., Grand HarsbaL Lo - jges comprising thr Fourth Division. FIFTH DIVISION. Wm. Shannon and J. 8 Burke As 'ta to Grand Marshal. Band of Mu'lr. Jodges compriaiig tbe Fifth Division. SIXTH DIVISION. A. A. Msginnls and u. Hooper. Aas'ta to Grand Marshal Lodges comprising the - lain Division. SKVENTH DIVISION. B. B. Ballard and H. Harny. Atalttants to Grand Marshal. Baud rf Mtulc Encampments comprising tbe Seventh Division. EIGHTH DIVISION. C. De Chols - nlaud G. Iiu - meer, Atata to Grand Marshal. nan - ' or munr. Grand Lodge, compns ns the Eighth Division. KOtTK OF HltOCWIU. DpSt. Cbtrlea street to Julis, up Julia to Camp, up Camp and Prytania to Clio, down Clio to Apollo, down Apo U and Carondrlet t l.anal, up Lanai to tuiyai, ao . e. a . ..v......... m ch.n,.. I Via Bt IU OI. A II lie . UL Ot, arasiuv; uw , g ..,. ... ; . ,n o.i.i k..ioa - Haii. where the tine will bait I and open to the riht an.1 left, cl - se order. The Uraud Marshal ana uis r out aih, win neu i , . u lines to tbe . xtrenie left ; returning will be fallowed by tbe nth. 7th, tb, Mb, 4tb, 31. - M sud 1st Divisions in iu verse order, into tbe Ball Room of Odd Fellows' Hll, wt.ere an Oration will be delivered by Brother JOHN E. bMw, ol St. Landry ; arid aa Address by P. G. Msster ALBERT PIKE. of Tne Lodges aud But siiipm - nts are expected to reach Lafayrtte iuare by a quarter past 10 o'clock, aa tbe pro cess n will move precisely at 11 o'clock, and is expected to rach the Hall at 1. o'clock. Tbe Hall will he opened at half past 11 o'clock for tbe reception of Laiies, for whom seats will be reserved. They are respectfu y Invited to be preeeut .Vieiting Brothers are most rrsptct ully invited to loio in the procession by uui'ing with such LoJgiS ss they may seiect By order of tbe R. W. Grand Lodge : CHAS. H. CHURCHILL, Grand Marshal. ap tt Bounty Land, Penniona, V c. NOTICE to all persons e - titled to Bounty Land, nnder tbe act of Congress of Id of March, Uf. also. Pensioners and Widows of Pensioners of the alevelutionary War. and all other wars since Tne nude'Siened. hevina now received tbe proper form from the Pension Office at Wesh'ngton, is prepared to at - tend to tbe same; and also being in possession of the Records and Rolls of tbe service rendered daring tbe Rev olutionsry War. and of all tba wars io which the United States has been engaged since I7M). both of Arms and Navy, also thr service of tbe Texan Revolution of 13, be is prepared to assist tbe officers, soldiers, r tbeir widows and heirs to ob sin their claims for Bounty Land or Pen stunt for aervicee rendered it. tbe different wars. AU person, information, giving full particn - lars. post pud. will receive prompt attention. staving ao emcient agent in wasuiugioa iiiy, t reei confident that all claims entrusted to me will be attended to at once. In caae the claim ia rejected, no charge will be made. D. L R1CAB.DO, Notary Public, apso I m Camp street. Daniel Edwards, (Successor to Twioill A Edaards,) ffoa. 98, 30 and 3i New Levee, and 7, is and Jl Fulton st, MANUFACTURER of every description of Copper, Tin, Sheet Iron and Brass Work. He la now r, a 'y to contract for tbe mating of Steam Trains, Clarifying and Evaporating Pans, Fllterrrs. Juice Boxes, aad everything appertaining to the Sugar Hoose A general assortment ol Steam Usages, Steam Whis ties. Brass Cocks, Coupling Valves, Ac, constantly on band - He would call the attention of planter, to the Steam Train, which bave been in anccessfal operation on tbe plantations of CoL R. C. Camp, Means. 8. T. Harrison, E.J. Fnrstal I, Nelson A Donelson. Osgood A Lawrence, W. A H. Stack bouse, A. Thompson Co. and L. E. For s.'all. of 'his city ; to whom he respectfully refers for full particulars. mhw Im To Westera aiercnantii. CLOCKS AND TIME PIECES. JC. BROWN, Na Coaitlandt atreet. New York, manufacturer and dealer in Clocks and Time Pieces, would call the attention of Western merchants ta bis large and well assorted stock of ail descriptions, wholesale and retail. star Merchants and dealers will do wall to call before panrbaslng elsewhere. ala S4 ly l.stndon. FOR LONDON Tbe Al American ship F. W. BA1LCV. James Koooman. mas'er. havluc a part of ber carso ensaced. will meet with despatch. For freigbt of 360 bbds. tobicco, apply to apll J. H. ABBBRIDGE A CO., M St Charles st bar For passage apply on board, opposite Post , First District. near saraW FOR NEW YORK. Louisiana Line The very tart sailing regular packet sbip ar lhaklcs, Conway, master, havtna a large portion of ber ea - go engaged and going on board, will bave inrmediate despatch. For freigbt or pasaaae, with good accommooa tiona. apply on board. Post .7, First District, or to apvlft CHESTER H1LLARU, lixi Magazine street FOR NEW YORK. The A. and very laat smil tne abin SHEFFIELD. Dubois, tnaater. is now 'losdioc and will aa'l aa above. For balance of I freigbt apply to apio J. H BAM. 119 Common street FOR NEW YORK Holmes's Line of Par Seta. Tbe fast sallins regular packet sbip ANDOVER, . v. ociry, uiaaier, ia uvw iwuuai ub. iu, m part of ber cargo engaged, will be Immediately despatched. For freigbt or passage, having elegant accommodations, apply to the captain 'on board, opposite the Vegetable I ti";tma "rSnes .mrnmmrmatreet.. P17 AARON COHEN, 187 Common street. - I FOR NEW - yoEa - Lonislan. Line - To 11 i,k T... ...i.. r... ., - . 1 'shia W EST Hi IN T F R V R Sladden. master. I having the .renter Dortion of her careo eoaaecd and soing I . on board, win sai as above. Tor freigbt or pasaage: bav - Ing excellent accommodations, apply oa board root 16, 1 First District, or to apIT CHESTER HTLLARD, 100 Magazine atreet. TOR NEW TOR& The new fast ng nrig HErvslI, ail'hrtat, maater, bavins neariy na neariv an of her cargo engaged, will bave Immediate despatch. For freight apply to the captala on board, or ta Al SHBRilXSS A BODOOUBltCnE, mbiy ar tflnnva srreex. WANTED TO CJAARIER Two Vessels, of tne capacity af 00 to 8600 boxes, to loao at t;aoa or rjonarrn port. Appiy to i. U. A8, ll Commcn street apia 1. r bass: na Coounco street I H h, I I M M 1 1 N miTX, PIT. - - vviuiuun j ai UlLii OFFICIAL. BOARD OF ASSISTANTS. Tuesday, April 21, 1855. i be Hoard met at 7 o'clock P. M. The ro11 being Called, the following members 811 oworeu iu uieir names, to Wit: Hon. .. u. Tracy. President; Meisrs. Banister, Barbarin, Hartlett, BeniL Saunr. f'htmlipr, f?hia. pella, Ducros, Eager. Fabre, Giffin, Uebrard, How - cii, uwuiy, i.uug, nawiim,, tsath, Thay er, and WiltzM. The reading of the journal was dispensed with. r The following communication from the Sur - ""r " "Wsia, on DWIIOI relerr to LQe Committee On Streets and Landings : veyor was read and, on motion, referred to fcCRVEYOR s Department, Citt Hall, ? New Orlean.. Am - il 21. 1 To the Honorable the Common Council. Board of Assistant Aldermen : aentlemen By resolution No. 003, approved Feb 8, 1853. 1 was authorized to construct and place a Dna;e across ins new uanai at St. Paul street. I accordingly contracted with H. Gobet for the building and placiDg of the same for the sum of $3,600, payable aa the work progressed. The bridee'waa commenced ana neany completed, when an in II .nmnan v ftnn fnp niacin or rtr Ihi hrii.m ... .. n f r p" aequently. .topped in June IgoJ Gobet, the coi o 11,111 ! ,. hlV T, . 82.000. At that time Gobet, the contractor, noti tied the Finance Caimmittee (acting during the recess of the Council) of the fact of the injunction, and that be was ready to place the b.idge at some other point if directed so to do ; and if not, that it would bave to be stored at tbe expense of the city. The Committee took no action in regard to the matter, and the bridge was consequently stored, ana sometime auer.uooet was suea ior tne storage. The suit was defended by him. and iudement civ cd against him. The bridge was sold by the con - .tub e and purchased by Louia Surgi, for the amount due for storage, say $lSt 0. By resolution No. 1'JfiC, approved January 26. 185o, I was ordered to place the bridge across the New Canal at Magnolia street, and 1 consequently gave Gobet, the contractor, the proper directions to bave the same doae ; that alter having completed the arrangements for placing the superstruc ture, a writ ot sequestration was taken out by the purchase. - , Surgi. against the property, and lu con sequence, au runner work was stopped. Mr. Surgi is now willing, If the city pays him the amount paid by him tor the purchase of the bridge say SvffJ 70 to return it to the city. As public interests aemana mar. tne Dnage snouia De placed in position with as little delay as possible; and as. at the same time, I consider the bridge to be still the property of the city said city never having been sued iu its own name for the rent, and never having authorized tbe contractor to store the same. it will rest with the Council to decide whether the amount of the bill ot surgi be paid, or legal pro ceedings taken to secure possession cl the bridge, so that it may be replaced. According to Resolutioa No. 1,872, approved 4th December, lr'o - l, I was directed to order from the contractor for the furnishing of cast iron bridge plates, a sufficient number to cover the bridges of Magazine, camp, and st. Cnarles streets, to the amouut of 610 000 for the year. The plate, hate been ordered, and are nearly all on the Levee, and tbe balance expected in a few day a; and aa they encumber the Levee very much, 1 ask that the necessary resolution authorizing them to be placed oe passed, ao tnat th same may be done immediately. According to Article 4 of Ordinance No. 50, de fining the duties of the Surveyor, I bave the honor to report that the coutxact wither. Ganel, for the repairs of the I'olice Jail, has been completed in the most faithful manner, and that I have issued to him a certificate for tbe amount, on the 21st of April inst - . due to him say ff a HOP. It becomes my duty to report to yon Mr. George C.onan, contractor for keeping in repair the paved streets of the fourth and tilth sections, as not performing his work according to contract - Although notified by me in numerous instances, to make certain repairs, he has neglected to comply with the notices. According to contract, tne Council haa reserved the right, in caae of neglect on the part of the contractors to comply with the specifications of tbe same, to declare the same null and void. I would advise that that action be taken by the Council. 1 have also to report Messrs. Lacey Sc Co , con tractors for supplying hose ior the use of the fire companies, as neglecting to comply wua tne requirements of their contract, in not supplying the house in time, to tbe great inconvenience of tbe nre companiee. hre companies, who are making constanUy com - . DUmts ol the same at my cnice. 1 ne iouowing contracts win expire as iohows, and I would advise that they be immediately resold viz : For repairing the wooden bridges of the Third District on the 1st of Juue, le5o. For the repairing of the wooden bridges of the First Second and Fourth Districts, on the 1st July. 1855. For tbe repairing and building of the wharves of the r irst second, l bird and fourth Hut nets, re spectively on tbe - " - 'd ot July, isiih ot July, and the 1st of August. For furnishing hose for the use of the Fire Department for one year, on the 5th July, lej55. For fitting up the election polls on the 1st of July, lraj. j For the running of the draining machines of the First and Fourth Districts, on the 1st of July. 1855. For attending the nidge across the New Canal at Carrollton Avenue. For the supplying of cast iron bridge plates, on May 27, le."5. 1 remain, respectfully, Your obedient servant LOUIS H. P1L1E, City Surveyor. The followinp; communication from the Street Commissioner was read ; and, on motion, referred to the J udiciary Committee, together with the documents accompanying said communication : Staekt Comvissionxb's Office, New Orleans, April 24, 1855. J To the Honorable the Common Council: Gentlemen An act of the Legislature, approved March 15, 1855, was promulgated on the 17th inst, which provides for tbe transfer from the Survey or s department to this, ot the control and superintendence of " the repairing of the paved streets. and the construction ot all new paving of the streets and public places ot the city of New Orleans." In the opinion of the City Attorney, a copy of which l. hereunto annexed, tne etxive law is valid. Copies of the act of March 15, 1855, and of arti cle 116 of the State Constitution, are also hereunto annexed, in order that you may judge whether the law referred to is, or is not, in conflict with said article of the constitution. If. in your opinion, under all the circumstances, the transfer should be made, it will become necessary that you provide tor a corresponding increase of the force of this department on or before tbe 17th proximo, when said law, if valid, will be in force. Your obedient servant ADGS. t. PHELPS, Street Commissioner. The following communication from the Board of Aldermen was read : Board of Aldermen, ) April 24, 1855. To the Honorable President and Members of the Foard of Aldermen : Gentlemen Y'on are hereby notified that the Board of Aldermen is ready to receive the committee appointed by your honorable body, for the purpose of exhibiting articles of impeachment against Clement Ramos and Pierre Seuzeneau, Re corders ot the Second and Third Districts of the City of New Orleans. Respectfully, CHAS CLAIBORNE. Secretary of the Biard of Aldermen. Messrs. Dorsey, Kelly, McKnight, and Vio - lett took their seats. The following iesolution originating in the Board of Aldermen, was read twice, and unanimously concurred in, the rules being suspended: A resolution authorizine the Comptroller to give notice that the Council will not pay any bill against the city unless contracted under authority ot an order from the Comptroller. The following substitute offered by the a i .jI! r - - I,;V Kr, a,uw.""u 1 .JZ hv thi, 380. to nav sundrv oersons. adopted by tnis Rnaerl r tha 'AA nf A nril 1S55 - ) WAS read the - j rn nrsi lime ana naopiwu uy wo " s the rules beine BUSpenaea: yeaf Messrs. Banister, Barbann, tsaruetr, tou - ny. Chambers, Chiapella, Dorsey. Ducros, Kager, Griffin. Kelly, Landry, Long. McKnight Rawlins, Stith, Thayer. Violett and WUti - 19. Hays Messrs. Benit Fabre, Hebrard, Howell, and Kuan a 5. - " Resolved, That the Treasurer pay the following bills on the warrant of the Comptroller, viz : - Clerk of the Supreme Court, for copies of . opinion on yanoaa suua r - i W Sundry pe., for provialong. dec, rur - I rushed Houae of Refuge for Bova. for lutrcu..., 94G 50 Sundry persons, for salaries for month of aiarcn, xlouse of Refuge for Boys 373 33 ounary persons, tor provisions, &c. furnished House of Refuee for Girls, for March 315 O sundry person., for salaries for March tor House of Refuge for Girls 70 00 crescent omce, tor sundry advertisemeuta and subscription 7 copies to 12th April. ' - . - - 86 50 u. eirong, lor washing towels, &.c, for month ot March ..... . 6 40 ceeoe ec uo., lor Duckets, brooms, dec, for City Hall u 05 w. w. Danoar, lor salary lo. - month of March, as Secretary of Committee of Streets and Landings . 0 na James ueggs, tor printing briets In sundry suns....... 43 50 John K. Martin, for services aa Assistant Porter, for month of March 45 SO John M. Bach for 100 trees for public square in Fourth District. 100 00 r T. Rubs, for lumber for etacinir for Fourth District wharves 258 fi A. B. Clark, lor repairing fence in Rampart tircei .. .... . ........... i.U OU The following resolution from the Board of Aldermen was read twice and unanimously - 1 tuutmrou ixi, uitj ruics uewe suBDenaea : Resolved, That the aecuriUea, viz : H. G. SteUon , m t. .. - . . I no z - ierre tieverge. onerea Dy , lllestand. Esq.. - for the faithful discharge of hii duties ag AUtant L - ity Attorney, be and the tanie are hereby ac. - 1 rntorl PETITIONS The followine were referred to tho Finance uommittee : Of II Dameron, asking payment of bill Ot I. Delarue, constable Third .lsdce Court asking payment of bill. j. Jt a. Newberger, Clerk of Sixth ITae i iurt, asking payment of bilL net I Oi W.J. Caatell, Clerk Third D. I o at, aaxing payment oi out. Ol Mr. Hopkins, asking payment of DHL Of Dr. L. Madeline, asking payment of bill Of Michael Ilealy, asking that the Surveyor be authorized to issue a certificate in his favor for digging and cleaning bt. Avid Canal. Of Michael Taroey. offering security for clean ing and keeping in repair the streets of the Eighth and Ninth Wards. The following were referred to the Com mittee on Police : Of Louis Grote, asking Dermlssion to allow his campbene factory to remain where it is. Ot E. Godard, asking permission to have the use of Congo Square for balloon ascensions. Of Anthony Zamit, asking permission to hare an exhibition of fire works on Congo Square. ji residents ana property noiacrs, in tne vici - nitv of the tot. Min i Market, cnmnlaininir nf boiler manufactory about to be established in that neighborhood. Of A. Lange, Corrunissary of the Vegetable Market Second District asking that the claims between said markets be not removed. The following were referred to the Fire Committee : Of C. Robinson, offering to erect a fire alarm telegraph. oi c C (Jlute, relative to hre alarm telegraph. The petition of Judere Cotton, of the Sixth District Court, asking that chains be placed at tne corner oi unartres ana bt x'eter streets, and also to provide a jury room for said court, was, on motion, referred to the Committee on Improvements and Buildings. 1 he petition ot itobertj. iverr, in regard to his pay as acting Uecorder of the Second District, was, on motion, referred to the Judi ciary Committee. The petition of Mrs. Iloean, asking for a free license was, on motion, laid on tbe table. The following letter tram Wm. Ailing. resident ot tne Commercial uank:, was read, and, on motion, referred to tbe Finance Com mittee, and ordered. to be published : COMXKBCIAI. BA!fK OF NXW OaXXANS. To the President and Members of the Boards of Aiatrmen ana jisstsiani jtiaermen . Gentlemen I beg leave to nreaent to your bon orable body the following atatiatics of this com pany, In which tbe city has so large an interest ; and also to show the onerous duties the company is ouueea to uunorui ia accordance witn its charter : There has been placed 908 fire plugs at an average cost ot . nou eacn, making the sum of. S 45.400 00 This sum, at 6 per cent per annum, amounts to annually 2.724 00 rne principal part oi wnicn nag ceen running since lr?38. Annual expensea of keeping these fire Dlucs in order, ani the replacing ot new ones, amounts to 3.600 00 Allowing one nait ol tne water to be usea lor aomesuc purposes, (a largo estimate,) the cost of coal alone fur public purposes will be over (per annum) 5.000 00 Without counting back interest (say ' since it wui oc seen that out of our gross revenue of $120,000, the city receives about one - tenth of tbe whole amount over and above her recular dividends. The actual costs of the works (exclu sive ot interest) to date, is 1,240."X m The following table shows the cross receipts of the water rents from the beginning to January 1, lti;o: 1837 18.18 l&W lf?40 It'll lt42 lr?43 1844 1H45 lr - 46 lt?47 lt?4K 184H 1850 1851 1852 1853 1854 8,eic 4 17,0 - - 7 21 27.938 ey 34.C - J2 88 44.927 01 49,944 08 49.79U 07 5fi,687 18 58 263 11 62.81)6 38 70.G85 94 70,342 05 70.562 84 89 819 83 93.251 66 101.989 72 110,002 41 111 555 76 Grand total tl,129,099 56 - Up to the past year, 1854, the city haa never refused to pay our bills, and if not allowed, the company will necessarily be obliged to Increase the rates to maxe up tor tnis aenciency. w e are now sued by the city for taxes, although our char ter expressly states that In consideration of certain duties to be performed, the capital stock shall be exempt from taxation. 1 he court having decided that capital means the shares of the company, we applied to the Legislature in 1852 to be relieved from this tax, which was granted on certain conditions, which we comply with. If the city takes from the stockholders so large a portion of the revenue, it will be impossible to ever redace the rates to tee consumers ; on the contrary, as our expenses Increase, our rates must also Increase. The amount of our bills, which were approved and ordered to be paid by the Finance Committee uctober lu, 1&S4, and afterwards reconsidered ana refused, amounted to 92,039 85 ; subsequently tbe Police Committee bave ordered a part of our bills to be paid, amounting to S32U9 t&x vve respectfully ask that the whole matter be again referred to the finance Committee. Very respectfully, your obedient servant WM. ALUN0, fresident TiESOLUTIONS. Mr. Fabre offered the following resolution, whicfajawas read. The rules being suspended, tha name wan unanimously adopted, and, on motion, sent to the Board of Aldermen for concurrence : Peaimut That the use of Lafayette Sauare be. and is hereby, granted to Mr. . Godard, tor the nnmoee of making a balloon ascension, on Thurs day, the 26th of April inst, the anniversary of the Order ol uaa euows m tne united states. Mr. Guyol offered the following resolution. Tne rules Demg suspended, tne same was referred to the Committee on Judiciary: Be it ordained by the Common Council of the city oj iveso csriasma, mat eacn of tne Assistant Ke corders elected by the Common Council shall, when acting for either of the Recorders of this city, receive for the time of their services the prorata of the salary of the said Recorders ; the said pay to be deducted from the salaries due said Recorders, provided aaid deduction shall not be made in case the non - officiating Recorders give the Council satisfactory proof that their absence from duty was caused by sickness. FINANCE Mr. Eager, on behalf of the Finance Com' mittee, offered the following report, which was read and accepted : - ' The Committee on Finance beg leave to offer the following report pon the several matters re - , ferred to them, to wit : - ' - Against the memorial of the President and members of the Sanitary Commission, at king compensation for services rendered in tracing' the origin, of the epidemic and yellow fevpr of 1853. . Your committee recommend the adoption of the resolution from the Board of Assistant Aldermen, to pay Joel Gleason and thera lor services ren dered the committee appointed to investigate tba causes of the deficiency arising from the liccnsea on coffee - houses, grog - shop., Ave. Upon the petition of C. B. Peyrouse, sking payment for the arrest TTf the slave Celestine, who absconded whilst under the charge of the PoMrr of the City Hall, your committee report favorably, - and ofler the neceaaary resolution. Upon the petition of Todd & Co., asking payment of bill, your committee report favortib'y, and offer the necessary resolution for the payment of the same. . .The committee offer a resolution for tho payment of sundry bills. Ilegpectfully submitted. J. Eauf.r. ADaH ftlFPIN, B. W. HEBRARD. Mr. Eager asked for a suspension of tha rules, to take up the resolutions accompanying the above report, which was granted. Air. btitn moved to strike out tne item of. $60 to J. Gillmore, for expenses incurred in Special Committee sent to Baton lioutre. t present amendments to tbe city charter, which. was carried, and said item stricken out ; and said resolutions with said item stricken out were, on motion ot Mr. Stith, adopted bv the following vote : . . Yeas Messrs. Banister. Bartlett BeulL Bounv. Chambers, Chiapella, Dorsey, Ducros, Eager. Fabre, Giffin, Guyol, Uebrard, Howell, KelJy. I.andry, Long, Rawlins, Ituaha, Stith, Thayer. Violett and Wiltz S4. Resolved. That the Comptroller is herebv an. thorized to warrant on the Treasurer in favor of u. b. peyrouse, ior tne sum ot twelve dollars. Rrsolved. That the Com nt roller be. and h tat hereby, authorized to warrant on the Treasurer in favor ot Todd Sc Co., for the sum of one hundred and twenty - four dollars and fifty cents, for carpeting and furniture furnished to Recorder's office - Fourth District Resolved, That the Treasurer pay the following bills on the warrant of the Comptroller, to wit : Firemen's Charitable Association, for two graves in the Grove Cemetery, No. 2, for indigent persons $ 1 00 Gillmore, for expenses incurred in Special Committee sent to Baton Rouge, to present amendments to the city charter . - CT001 ' Gallier, Turpln &. Co., for making coun - - ters,painting, graining, building arches, &.c, for Treasurer's office, and repairs to the office of the Chief of Tolice 2,20 - 2 :V3 Waterman, for sundry articles furnished police jail, First District 140 4ts Duluc, for repairs of public buildings, Second District 12 2 - ' Luzenburg Hospital, for professional . scmces, maintenance, &.c , rendered to patients sick of small - pox 778 04 Pelican Hook and Ladder Company, No. 4, ior one inonm a rent oi nouae used for safe keeping of its truck and appur - . tenances , 75 0O James Jolls, for making bulkheads In the l'onrth District. ''183 4:1 A. Levy Sc Co., for binding eight volumes . ot newspaper. r..., , 71 .id I'igneguy, for keeping 2 horses aud Black Maria i& oo) STREETS AND LANDINGS. Mr. Thayer, on behalf of the Couimitieo on Streets and Landings, Offered tho following report, which was read and adopted solar as regards the selling of the contract for tne lighting ana cleaning ot tne streets ot the city, and the .remainder of the report, ou motion of tbe chairman, was laid over until the next meeting : The Committee on Streets and Lsndings hava the honor to ofler tbe following report on subject referred to them : 1. On the adjudication made by the Comptroller for repairing the sidewalks around Washington Sauare. The committee advise the Board not tra approve the adjudication. - 2. On the petition of DroDcrtT holders on Colum bus street praying that aaid atreet be mened be tween Tonti and Rocheblave streets. - The committee report against granting the prayer of tha petitioners. . - "' 3. On tbe petition of John Reea Sc Co., asking for an extension of time to discharge his flatboat. lying at the flatboat basin. The committee report against tne prayer ot the petitioner. 4. On the resolution authorizine the - Surveyor - to build and cover over with planks all tbe bat - tures in the Third District laying between tha railroad and Louisa street The committee report to reject the resolution. 5. On the letter of the Comptroller, reoortinar the adjudication made by him for the repairs of the St - Mary's Vegitable Market. The committee advise that the adjudication oe rejected, and that resolution which tbe committee present au - - thorlzing a resale of the contract under diS'ereut and more - economical specifications, be adopted. b. on that portion ol the letter ot the fctreet Commissioner, referring to contracts for cleauimc and lighting the city which are about to expire. The - committee oiler a resolution authorizing st resale of the same, and advise its adoption. 7. On the petition of J. A. Cotton and J. G. . Landry, asking that a special landing be set apart - for their steamboat Laurel Hill, and also asking; for a reduction of levee dues, Sec. The committee beg leave to inform the Board that a petition of a similar character was reported on by tha last Hoard, and that in their report said committee reported adversely to the prayer of tha petitioners, and gave as their reasons therefor, that they did not believe that tbe Council had tba right to grant exclusive privileges for landtnts. ' and that even if they had tbe right that it would not be good policy to grant such excluaive privilege. tbe committee, coinciding in these view., report not to grant the prayer of the petitioners. ISAAC THAYER, W. W VIOI.E1T. WM. H BARBARII, S. HOWELL. The following resolution accompanying tha report, was read twice and adopted by the following vote, the rules being suspended : Yeas Messrs. Banister, Barbarin, Bartlett,' Benit, Bouny, Chambers, Chiapella, Dorsey, Ducros, Eager, Fabre, (Kiffin, Guyol, Uebrard, Unwell, Kelly. Landry, Long, Rawlins, II us ha, Stith. Thayer, Violett and Wdu 24. Resolved, That the Comptroller be, and he im hereby, authorized, after ten days' notice, to sell the following contractor one year, agreeably to specifications on hie in the Street Commissioner' office, and subject to the approval of the Common Council, viz. : 1. A contract for cleaning all tbe strceis, and keeping in repair the unpaved streets of the. Second Ward, to go into ellect from and after tha 30th June next. 2. A contract for cleaning all the streets, and keeping in repair tbe unpaved streets of the Third Ward, to go into effect lrom and after tbe 17th. June next. - - " - A contract tor lighting all the oil lamps ia tha city, to go into effect from and after the 12th July next COMMITTEE ON CLAIMS. Mr. Chambers, on behalf of the Committed on Claims, offered the following report and resolution, which were read and adopted unanimously, the rules being suspended: The Committee on Claims, to whom wss reler - red the petition of N. Fitzsimmons praying that two judgments recorded against him one in tha Second, the other ia the Third Justice's Court, ba set aside, submit the following resolution s - Resoloed, That the Assistant i - ny Attorney oar Instructed to cancel two judgments recorded. agai - tW4. Fitzsimmons, ono in the Second, the othBrL the Third Justice's Court, should he find thaFt - property for taxes on which said judgments was obtained, did not belong to the said N, Fitzsimmons. ' . n, LHASUbAO, " JE. BOUNY tJ. A. UUCROS. JUDICIARY COMMITTEE. Mr. Bouny, on behalf of the Judiciary Com - nitted offered the following report aud resolution which were read and unanimously adopted, the rules being suspended : The Committee on Judiciary beg to report anoa the petition of N. Fitzsimmons, relative to the tina imposed upon him for the violation of the city ordinance concert! mg the erection of wooden buildings within the fire limits of the city, favorable. ( Your Comsnittee are of the) opinion that net! - Uoner acted, without knowledge of the fire liuv COsTZIaTVS9 OH TBS tQVlTU t.

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