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The Daily Journal from Vineland, New Jersey • 14

The Daily Journali
Vineland, New Jersey
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ii IQ-Vineland Timet Journal' Thursday, Oct. 4,1962 DELSEA REGIONAL A 1 'f -if W- Students Free as Teachers Go Back to School For Day PREP TALK Donald Healy Elected Senior Class President Larry Dixon; Secretary, Mildred By DON PETTI FER TEACHERS IN SERVICE PRO Taylor and Treasurer, Louanne Gerlack. week. Although intramural, this GRAM This Monday the tables Freshman Class President, contest has been the source of a Carmen Spinnato; Vice President, John Grochowskd; Secretary, (tie to be run off) Jane Galluca and growing rivalry for the past two years. Student interest on the campus is running at an all time high for the game.

Ronnie De Shirley Recchio; Treasurer, Mike Garafola. By BOB WALSH Pe senior class held elections faF class officers this week unci ii" the direction of Rev. Joseph senior class moderator. Donald Healy, Newficld, won thi top office, beating out Frank Giordano. Don, besides being an honor student during three years at-St Augustine Prep, is also one of 1 the school's outstanding Domenico is coaching the seniors were turned on the teachers of Delsea High.

The students enjoyed a day of freedom, while the teachers had to go to school. Th-s switch was due to the Gloucester County In Service Program for teachers. LETTER'S OF COMMENDATION Has anybody received their letters of commendation, or RADIO DEBATE SCHEDULED ana uaois erugini is tne junior Delsea High will participate, mentor. on Oct. 15, in The Junior Town Ul fllli L-: K-gpfiiii Meeting of the Air a 25 minute radio debate broadcast over WSNJ PREP PEOPLE Trooper Trible of the N.J.

State Police Aquatic Squad was the featured speaker at a student assembly last week. He described in detail (1250 on your dial) every Monday at 5:05 p.m. Debating with Delsea were they letters of condemnation? This is all part of a new program for the students here at will be Deptford, Pitman, Swede- sboro, and Delsea High Schools. He has been president of the Mendd Society for the past two Delsea. If you are doing except The entire program of debates new department set up to handle underwater rescue work and the acquisition of underwater evidence in crime detection.

Troop- ionally well at the mid point of years. He played varsity basketball last year during Coach Bob the marking period, the office may includes 13 schools which take various weeks. The topic for discussion on Oct. 15 will be "Should Perucini's first venture intojer Trible also showed a movie of and the work of the new department. kri play with the Blue The members of Delsea's group send you a letter of commendation.

But if you're work is starting to slip you will get a letter reminding you to get on the ball are Jeanette Lerman, ueveny $4000 AWARD Civil Air Patrol Cadet Second Lt. Gary D. Cresse, of Vineland, receives notification of his selection as winner of the Applpgarth Foundation Civil Air Patrol Scholarship from A Rufus Applegarth, founder of the program. Applegarth is a senior lieutenant with the Pennsylvania Wing of the CAP. Cresse plans to study electrical engineering at Drexel Institute of Technology.

$4000CAPScholarship Wen by Gary D. Cresse Wendorf, Meir Baron, and Don Pettifer. before the end of the marking period. JANUS STAFF CHOSEN The yearbook of D.H.S. is called MEMORIAL MEMO Announcement was made by Rev.

Joseph W. Kemme, O.S.A., vice president of student affairs at Villanova University, as one of the featured speakers at the Father-Son Communion Breakfast to be held in Atlantic City on Oc. 21. Father Kemme will discuss the role of the college student today before introducing the lay guest, James "Jumbo" Elliott, head coach of Villanova's track team. Wtoe and he was one of the Prep's outstanding pkchers on the baseball nine.

Healy is also an assistant editor on Prep News, the school pa-pci, and served as president of th Student Council during his junior year. He was elected to the National Honor Society. Don's running mate in heading ut the senior class activities is Vineland's Ronald Lotd who won Janus. Janus was the two headed Greek, who represents looking toward the future and toward the DESCRIBES OPERATION UGANDA Elizabeth Bowe, who will represent Glassboro State Col-lege at the official Independence celebration in Uganda, Oct. 9, points to illustrated matter rescno-ing details of Operation Uganda.

Glassboro Senior to Visit Newest Nation in Africa past. and was awarded the Sons of A 17-yearold Vineland youth Editor this year is Raye Ger- with an interest in aviation and a lack. The assistant Editor is Pat i. i i it. yen lor knowledge has oeen ricia Streeper.

The other officers the vice presidency over Dan De V- r. 1 wjiickw r.mram-e examination column llcee Entrance Memorial J.H. Now Getting Early 'Start' By BETH DeBRUNO Memorial Jr. High teachers and Novelfis. Ronnie writes a awarded the first annual Applegarth Foundation Civil Air Patrol Scholarship.

for "Preu News and is editor- of the yearbook staff include; Senior Editor, Betty Jean DiTillo; Feature Editor, Linda Hunter; Board were distributed to juniors and The bulletins cover Italy Trophy for. General Excellence' upon graduation last year. His interest in electronics was born at home, and was encouraged by his father, Jack Cresse, an electrician with Vine-land Electric Co. The youngster earned an amateur radio operator's license and served as presi in-chief of the year book. Elizabeth Bowe, Glassboro State desks, chairs, and other classroom Greetings to the College during I Gary D.

Cresse, of Blackburn material typical of that used in Larry Neri beat out three com Typing Editor, Marjorie Krassow; ct. and the Cumberland County facilities to a selected school in College senior, has been selected the preliminary scholastic aptitude tests which will be given at the school on Oct. 16 and 23. to accompany the special United CAP Squadron, plans to use the $4,000 prize to study electrical en Sports Editors, John Krachtus and Eric Olanski; Co-Business Managers, Bob Moore, and Louise Tum- students are starting their school dent of the YMCA Ham Radio gineering at Philadelphia Drexel Institute of Technology. The petkors for the secretary treasurer post.

Running against him were: Tom McNamee, Ventnor; Rich Swencv, Atlantic City, and Frank Giordano, Vineland. Neri is editor of Prep News, a member of the National Society and day bright and early. While sharing our school with Landis Junior High, we're enjoying the 7:30 A.M. scholarship includes provisions Generous Alums SEWANEE, Tenn. W-The Uni- States delegation, sent by President Kennedy, to Uganda, to participate in the Oct.

9 Independence celebration1 of that new African republic, Thomas E. Robinson, President of the College announced. She will represent the College as well as Operation Uganda, a special project of the College's In for post-graduate work if the student is interested. its Uganda independence rro-gram on Oct. 9.

Plans call for Miss Bowe to visit the Kibuli Senior Secondary School in Kampali, capital of Uganda, which had been selected by Operation Uganda, to inventory needs of the school. She will also visit the Mukono Senior Secondary School, located at Mukono, 12 miles east of the capital. Miss Bowe will meet other officials' of the Rotary International in Kampali, who have contributed to the to Noon shift. Uganda. With other members of the delegation, headed by Benjamin A.

Smith, II, senator from Massachusetts, appointed by President Kennedy as his representative, Miss Bowe will be flown to Uganda Oct. 6, remain there for a week, and return home Oct. 13. During her stay. Miss Bowe will meet with Uganda officials to discuss aspects of the project.

She will join with these officials in Due to lack of time and space, The awarding foundation was the school newspaper, THE INK- he Mendel Society, and played jversity ot tn bwU reports it vav basketball. bfld' the most income per student JUNIOR CLASS ELECTS OF- pf any men's college in the na- established by Pennsylvania industrialist A. Rufus Applegarth, Club. Young Cresse joined the Civil Air Patrol in 1960 and was appointed Flight Leader and Commander of Cadets during his two years of service. He holds the rank of cadet second lieutenant.

Cresse has studied basic aerodynamics, aircraft structures, aircraft power plants and systems, navigation, weather, communications and missile rocketry. He iruma. Advisors for the yearbook are Miss Barbara Briggs, Business Advisor and Mr. Penketbmen, Literary advisor. CLASS OFFICERS CHOSEN -Class officer time has come to Delsea once again.

This year's officers must have at least a average. The officers elected are Senior Class President. Bruce Burgess; Vice President, Edward SPOT, will not be published until an officer in the CAP Wing in his Landis moves into its own building. It has previously been a great success with both the ternational Relations Club. Miss Bowe, daughter of Joseph home state.

He maintains homes TP.RS. TOO Bart Cran-on, Atlantic Citv, was named i-mior class president. Joe Viwland, won the vice tion. Sewanee received $1,832,083 in gifts during the year, an average of $2,666 per student. Amherst was a close second with $2,651.

J. Bowe, mayor of Glassboro, has students and the teachers. been active as assistant project conveying Transatlantic Telephone project. Memorial's faculty has been in Operation Uganda was conceiv- director. This project has been conceived as a practical illustra tion of international goodwill be learned practical aviation during, De Joseph; Recording Secretary, a week-long encampment at Mc-1 Louise Tumminia; Corresponding Guire AFB in 1961 and through I Secretary, Marilyn Jeffers, and creased by 14 with the arrival of Miss Joyce Agostini, James Albano, Robert Bendell, Frank Carpinetti, Miss Mary Cornish, Paul Doerr, Ferdinando Galzera- tween students and educational in Principal Understands in Plymouth Meeting, Pa.

and Ocean City, and has directed that the annual scholarship go to cadets of the two states on an alternating basis. Cresse was selected as the initial winner by a board of educational experts and Civil Air Patrol officers on the basis of scholastic accomplishment and service achievement. The young scholar majored in mathematics and science while attending Vineland High School nresidntial berth and Ray Baker was elected secrtflrv treasurer. Fr. George DeMarco served f'otion officer.

PRP.P SPORTS The gym Pt St. Augustine Prep will sport a new set of retractable bleachers for the coming basketball season. The installation will be thii week. The annual stitutions of different countries. Primary goal is to give books, personal experience gained during 40 hours of flight time.

Treasurer, Lucius Dixon. Junior Class president, Alan TULSA, Okla. There are no, Koss Ippolito, Robert Marcini, ed by the students as a demonstration of international goodwill towards the newest of African nations of Uganda. Primary purpose is to "adopt" a school in that country and give it a library of 50,000 books, and many blackboards, desks, chairs, and other needed facilities. An all-day program of Uganda Independence celebration will also five sets of twins at Marshall Elementary School and thev have N.

Wild wood Kindergarteners Go Technical' By SCIENCE SERVICE NORTH WILDWOOD, Kindergarteners to eight-ver-oWs learn to solder wires, wind coils Mourner, Vice President, Mice Richard Mitchell, Mrs. Christine Mounier; Secretary, Janice Fries, Olivieri, Miss Georgette Quinlan, and Treasurer, Patricia Streeper. William Rossi, and Miss Elaine Earlier this year, Cresse was selected by a board of CAP and U.S. Air Force officers to attend the Air Force Space Age Orientation at Chanute, AFB, 111. the svmpathic understanding of Sophomore Class President, "touch" football principal Joseph Stevenson.

He's Whitman. Senior Junior David Ianacone; Vice President, psme is also scheduled for this a twin also. The football season will begin Tuesday, Oct, 9 with the Green FROM the SERVICES and build their own radio sets in the Technical Recreation Program of this South Jersey resort citv. of 0 be held at Glassboro State College on Oct. 9.

Among the notables at the ceremonies will be Gov. Richard J. Hughes, Senators Clifford P. Case and Harrison A. Williams, Congressmen William T.

Cahill, Peter Frelinghuysen, Cornelius E. Gallagher, and William B. Widnall. Apollo Kironde, Uganda Ambassador to the United States, will be one of the principal speakers. The program was designed for older students, but the vounger children were so anxious to participate that they were reluctantly admitted, William A.

Taylor, who instigated the technical recreation activities, told Science Service. Now firmly entrenched in the "tech rec" room, the youngsters Two Army National Guard privates have completed basic unit armor training at Fort Knox, Ky. under the Reserve Forces Act. They are Phillip H. Perry, 21, son of Mr.

and Mrs. Joseph B. Perry, 532 Elmer and Nick C. Simione, 22, whose wife, Kath- iK4 A BUDCO THEATRE and Gold playing Cleary in an a-way game. The boys are quite optimistic about the coming season and will certainly be receiving a lot of encouragement, come Tuesday.

The Student Council has held two meetings so far during which an acting president and secretary were chosen and committees were formed. Meetings will now be held every other Friday. The members are: 9th Grade Jerry Lang, president; Patty Lawther, secretary; Viola Cheeseman, Louis Hutchinson, Gail Menzoni, Jerry Lucas, Kathy Jackson, and Terry Kenny. 8th Grade Tish Oye, Harriet Goldberg, Gary Greenblatt, Barbara Mazzi, Pat Bardsley, Joe Tuso, Marsha Krupktn, Mary Ann Agarona, and Ken Cuterina. 7th Grade Robert Murray, Tony DeBruno, Lou Ella, Louis Verderose, Dennis Darminio, Leslie Joffe, Beverly Baxter, and Robin Daphyn.

are proving their ability to grasp scientific principles. Their scien OPEN ALL WINTER I iai 1 ryn, lives at 28 west High st, Clayton. Perry and Simione are assigned to the 1st Medium Tank Battalion, an Army National Guard tific interest and prowess amase their elders and their accomplishments often encourage older si LAND VINE blings. unit in Vineland, where they will Show Starts at 7 P.M. Children under 12 Free Meredith Wfsort.

Nearby churches took note of the success of the technical recreation program, and added science activities to the Bible school curriculum. The result: A YOU ON DEPENDS complete the remainder of theur military obligation. Donald R. Martini, son of Mr. and Mrs.

Dominic Martini of 210 Chestnut completed recruit training, Aug. 31, at the Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, 111. tripled enrollment in two years' Small children and things seem to be an effective combination, whatever the From First Base To Women's Army Corps Doors Open 6 P.M. MVTI 1 mwrtl FINfJT I DON'T LEAVE IT TO THE 'OTHER GUY A Cliff Hanger PHOENIX, Ariz Dozens of patrons at a Phoenix drive-in theater say they got gypped. It was late and the film, "Lol-ita," had one reel to go.

The projectionist didn't realize it, however. He closed up shop, climbed into his car and drove home. PORTLAND, Maine ffl A former professional baseball player is probably the best recruiting advertisement for the Women's Army Corps in the state of Maine. She's 34 year old Blanche Now thru Saturday 2 Shows Tonight 6:30 9 P.M. "Lollta" not aho.

on Sat. Mat. How did they ever make a movie of LOLITA Kelley, sergeant first class who played first base professionally in THE MOST MARVELOUS MOVIE EVER MADE I FROM THE PUV THAT KEPT PUYIHG FOREVER! IX COLOR Broken Land Plus: BRIDGETOX iffl PI Iffililf 1 LOLITA JAMES MASON ML iNv W. fl FOR PERSONS 'JM fiu ta Indiana with the Fort Wayne Daisies and the Gary All Stars among others. Her sports career ended 12 years ago when she tore a lieament in her thumb and couldn't wear a mitt anymore.

After she enlisted, the Army took one look at her record and placed her in the special services athletic program. In 1938 Blanche was named "Wac of the Year." Just recently she won ton honors in the First Army District for the number of young women she recruited in a year. TH IS YEARS OF AGE IKTtMOUWmilMtltli Frre To Thft Ladiel ONEIDA Deluxe Stainless Steel Tableware EVF.BT MONDAY and TFKSDAT STARTING OCT. 8-9 With ADILT EVE. TICKET in UMtKIM StV( MIS marc WiS I HMMS UK STMUT HUM I LOLITA MJAMES MASON SHELLEY WINTERS PETER SELLERS WON war Our community is fortunate to have so many people working for the benefit of all of us.

But, there's a lot to be done toward improvement, and your help is vitally needed. IF YOU WANT MORE JOB OPPORTUNITIES, SCHOOLS; BETTER ROADS AND PUBLIC FACILITIES; GREATER PROSPERITY FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY-THEN YOU must be willing to spend your money for goods and services at home, to support civic organizations and functions to be an active citizen! LET'S WORK TOGETHER FOR PROGRESS Vinclanb Simwumat silt i f', dibikrsor PAID MEANS MORE Bridgeton Transit Co. Direct Service No Change of Bus All Buses Run via New Jersey Turnpike NEW SCHEDULE EFFECTIVE AUGUST 19 LEAVE VINELAND Daily Daily Fri. Sun. Daily Daily Fri.

Sun. Daily 6:30 am 8:00 am 10:00 am 12:00 2:00 pm 4:30 pm 7:30 pm LEAVE NEW YORK Daily Daily Fri. Sun. Daily Daily Fri. Sun.

Daily 9:30 am 12:00 2:00 pm 4:00 pm 6:00 pm 8:30 pm 11:15 pm NOTE: Vlnlnd Huyert trltng rsularly to Nw York will find our morning and avenlng aehtdul vary eonvantent Lava Vlr.tland a.m. Arrlva Nar York V.S5. Leava Nv York 6 p.m. Arftv VtoUdl p.m. MORE OFTEN FOR YOU New Policy! GLASS BOWL Delsea Drive Glassboro, N.

J. ENTERTAINMENT EVERY NIGHT JAM SESSION Friday, Oct. 5th 3 P.M. to 8 P.M. This Wed Featuring The "Riff Riders" Saving, Inwni (70.000 by V.S, CoW, Agtitf i II NEW YORK $3)85.

One rius fy Way Tax In Vineland Buses Leave DELUXE TAXI 501 Landis Ave. Tor Information Call DeLuxeTavl 0X2-9821 Home Office GL1-2U8I SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION A PART II FABT i l-c, 2-Truo, 3-a, 4-a, 5-c. PAIiT III l-o, 3-d, 4-b, 5-a. Anwen to Today's Quiz: SYMBOL QUZ: a-1, d-9, e-2, 241 BELLEVUE AVE. HAMMONTON, N.

J. 10 1-2222 HOURS) Doily 9 to 3, ridayi 9 to 1:30.

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