The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 21, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 21, 1931
Page 3
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SATURDAY, MARCH 21, 1931 BLYTIIEVIL!,E. (ARK,) COUKIER NEWS PAGE THRKK New York's Prince of Wales Now York's Mayor Has In- temailon;il Reputation for Wise Cracks. 11Y I'AUI. H.UIIUSON ; NBA Srrvire Writer •JEW YORK.-- i!<r,v does .Ti'nin" Walker get r.vny with Itv Wny dr? i t::e breath of civic se.indal, so no- i|iicnlly directed a^ains 1 , h'.r. •:; - minl=tiati3ii. leuvr his own r.i[.: billy so little tarnished? Nominally h= Is the mayor o; a city of some 7.WW.600 pcr^in. I.I..K of whom are clamorinj for r. sweeping inquiry Into '.lit- e •.!.:,. of his uflict. 1 . Offich-ly b? is t!: head cf u vusl torporailon su'ii:'.- Ina nearly SUOO.COO.COO annually, and allegedly not .ill of it v.luly. Actually h? is a putt-time ;•:?;•:live v.ith a ginlus to: del.';:c,'lii'' his responsibilities t o-iibouUiia'i.^. " it practically, so iar us the j ;fs are ccnccriied. Janiet J. •Walker K a "lireat little ijiiy." a? much a part nf Ihe m^'.ro;ioiitai: j picture as Times Square an:i the' skyscrapers and tlu: ni^lit clu'-.:* ] His clothes and his manner never i have lost their Broailv.r.y' flav:v. .There are. fe v.-.vno r.MticJi.' li'" extravagances or his social activities. His to]) hat it not a "filch hat." j Always Keeps .Mnvin;; Campaign .slc-yau writers hav? called him ''the man of the hour," . but he never stays in en? plac: tliat long. Jimmy Walker's life i? | made v.p of minutes and secrn?-; >lc has to keep moving. Conferences bore him: routine wurl: seems uuuiy imp':s:,ible. R -| .'j2ijticns i: eelebrllies. publicity Mums wl'.h plenty of cameras, al! kinds of public speeches and cornerslin? layings are stimulating. It is this same exce.-.sive nervous energy that keep:, r.iRi- reading. He seldom more thrm scans ihe headlines :n the wr~r- j papers, and often hns been quote. 1 us saying that he never read a do?cn books from co,'er to cover in his life, including even the t n x; r lie used in school. The path to the Mayor's brain is through his ears. Colleagues i:i the legislature £:ii'J. he neve: 1 re.v.i a bill through; he simply a=kcJ someone to tell him about it. When there is important city business to to considered, he summons an e^- peit. lights another ciiraret. paces up and down, and listens. He gr^si;= ^t^" 1 heart of each problem in r.u j^iu'gly short time. Whatever his penchant for public night-life, he indulges it loss! than f-enerally is supposed. True. | he still may go to four or rive dinners and parties in a single night, but only lo snake a fev; hands, make a few wisecracks, and '.:e o:f to another function. It :s his inability to decline invitations that Is largely responsible for habitual tardiness. After all. though h? looks to bj in his 30's, Jimmy Walker is nearly 50. It has teen years silica h: climbed over the footlights on an opening nit?ht at the t'rtater to exchange fags with comedians an-J pore with the chorus. He still keeps abreast of the current diama, and seldcm mi^cs n piizc fight at the Garden. But few of the Broadway '•hot-spots" ever SEC "Hizzonar" any more. He prefers to dnnce and requires play the piano al llio apartments of his friends. Mrs. Walker, plum;-, smiling and silrn;. even \ slu accompanies lier husband about town, is almost lotaily ecliiirca' by his popularity, nest Traveled Official •Ihe Mayor is the b-st trav->l?a ollicial in the history of New York. He has jaunted over mos: of this; country, llncugh Canada. a::cl has sunned himself in Havana. Bermuda. Florida, and now in California. Rough and ready old Tsmm.v.-.y:'.fi shuddered when he sarhd '.or E.i- repe in the royal suit prcvicus'.y cc- •^^P'ijiied by Queen Marie—and took a valet. In London, Paris, D.i'clin. Berlin, Munich, Rome and Venice he kept ce^-britics waiting, and was wined anci dined to the point ol I chronic intligeslion. He hcbnobu:< j with nmbassadors. lord mayors, pro-' inlcrs, and the bsser royally. His wisecracks were edited Into me?.:i- inslcsi but widely-printed statements by foreign newspapermen. L'very city he visits is "the fines', re has ever seen," or "an earthly p.iiadisc." And on every excursion he persuades correspondents to sci'.d b.ick lo Gotham Ions accounts of hiw diligently he is studying transit, hospital and scho"'. problems. Returning, he always reveals that he is "a better Mayo:," due to his earnest research. Jir.'.my Walker Iikrs to br calle- New York's Prince of W.ilc^. trrtv cling representative of good will But Wales has litt'.e else to do while the Mayor, no matter how far h goes, never is quite able lo absent himself from what he calls "the headaches ol City Hail." Channel swimmers, ocean flyers, scientist, foreign dignitaries. explorers—Mayor Walker niee'.t a! 1 , corners. He Jias christened V.e.i, cubs, pinned medals on scores o! celebrities and married movie anJ sWge star.'. «11 to the click of the cameras. He himself has half a do>.en forci&n decorations, and In' joined more Indian tribes thai Calvin CcolHgc. Kli His famous wise-cracks, in print I Vand without 1-c benefit of his, ccu- 7S k tarnous good humor, aro likely t ft 1 icok bromidic. He is at his brsl in speeches, not In brief epigrams. He is incurably rentitnetital. an;] once told a group of gaping Brit- j Luxor a Society—Personal Mesdames Bowen ami Joe TOM I'll. Russell Alvin Wimdi'lkk six-lit ivincsday in Memphis. Rev. C. O Hall mill lleiman nlcer v.-gf uuslncss visitors nl Mr mite. Tuesday. Mi!5 Elizabeth Spann visited In Oici'oia, Sunday. Mis. IV'le Kiti£iilvlir< will Kive a run 1 ! Ft vocal pro3ram over K. \i. C. N ratlio tlation ut lllythevil!.?, . TiK.'tloy, March 2-Hh. Miss Dorothy ' \i - lll be her ncenmnanist. MisM'.s Cieorchni llnllew ant , Maiv I.viicli attended the show \n . lilvlhcvllle S.itiirrtuy nlRht. Miss lie.ssio Enllor Thwc-.itt nt: ic in' -il Hi- n. V. 1>. U. lialnlni; sdioal ut lilytheville. Monilny eve: num. Miss Ijc:rolhy llroivn returned 1 h:mc Sunday after suHKlinn the iveck end with Mr and Mrs. C. W. . Ml'lin "cM Memphis. i Hiv. and Mi". P.Me Kinsolvhi'j • iitlendcd the I). Y. 1>. U. tralnim; s'.-l'i']! at Ulyl'.cv:l!i>, Monday nlt'ht. Mrs. Clarence Vollmer of lilylne- '. Illc s-fiit Tuesday with Mr- ami M;s. M. C. CuoU-.' Mir.: Mnslir.' Ilroun. Carroll Jon-J:. im:l Harold Smith attended ' Hie Kappn Aluho Phi dunce at ; Jrn?sbcro. Friday night. '. Mrs. n. N. Forbes was a memphis j s'lsilnr. V.'cilncsday. Miss Wilinoth Tennyson return- id Monday from Aikiulelphla after : pending several days there. Mnycr Jimmy Walker . . . Nrw V« rk's "rnnii r;T ilif heur" \ . liy Gi-or^o Clurk, Courier Is sv^-NKA Sprvli-f StuIT :irlt:il. K House Among Italy'* Richest Families News i ATrs. Gibson motored to Marked ! Tree. Friday. Mrs. Bruce is very miic)i improved after several davs Illness. Mr. J. K. Chillis. R II. Robinson ot here and Mr. Roy Wilson ol Wll- i ran. transacted business In Little j Kn-'i, Monday. Troy Kny and Miss Vo!vn motored to Memphis last Mortgage Lifters Ited Ills father, M. C. llalph, Sunday. MLss Jewell Totld visited M:s3 Olarty.s llj'mim Saturday evening. ^011 Vinson and .sons 5|>ent the Inst part, of the week in Tcnn:.i'iS2. Jack Bynura of New Madrid. M-j., Is vislllUK friends at Clear Lake. s I gamo family. He entered business is not' n.i a youni: man, and his rise in the rich- world is due to his own hard work! United 1'rcss As^or;i;Uio ROMK, Mar. 20 (UP)—It rasy :o nscortain v;ho is th, est man in Italy for the reason' and business sense. :iiat inc:me l-.x returns nrc kept, Tolwrco Ksportallnn i s?crr. anil are not available. iaticnf.. elnol shrOl cmfwvn vbgko.; Neither in Italy is there much; One of the nict midertakincs wns I curiosity atout the personalities • conl¥c(e!l wiu , .n, c gra «-|n B aiiO Et:d incomes of the country s Cvoe-| evlxjrta[ion of lotaMO in Monle- MaJ25ty King Victor Eman-! .-^,|]j, r Mi-. Mnnii vvcrk. Mr. Fred Robinson attended the fun:-ral of W. S Crowder jr., at Aiinorel, Saturday. Mrs. Julm Watts and dauEhter. Kalhiyn and Miss Mary Faust ihoupeil in Osccola. Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dunavnnt Stomach Trouble nnd children motored to Osccola, Sunday afternoon. Mr. Miunr Tavlor attended to liusnes? in Memphis last week end. Mr- Card rf Earle, transacted bi's'ness in this community last wec-k. Jrssie Lf? Cummings motored to lie! enjoys ihe reputation of or? cf ihe wealthiest men. possess- | ing as iia does large estates of his villas belonging lo the state. The Ho'ise cf I3avoy is reputrd as be- n • :,:i-,or.<4 the v.,?a!lhiest ot the reigning 'families ofEurope- But royalties are in a class apart. One of the Italians ot talay who certainly very wealthy is r.?na- tn b:c esrly week on busi Worthj . nnrt fa'nilv IIP.V^ moved to Kc-tscr in the Chai^dler residence, Mr. and though he is not now connected with t'net import of tobacco which . is a government mono;)ly. | ^ (;h; , nt iier having moved to romt Volnl made extensive voy-| Ni:mb;r Mine. nr-es in ihc Eti=:. a' a voting man. i Harmon Wilson. Dick Wnlson, On Ms return he founded n num-1 n:vj : Charles Nichols motored to her of flrnnclal ccrrnvinlcs. Amon2' Drrring.- Mo., Sunday lo visit Mies i*'--. niti'o" creatics. were the An-' 6::. Watson who is attending school r'ali" Electric Corporation, which the-re- prr.vli'rd Hie liahtinR and power 1 Miss Edith Culled??, student iata, es-minifcr of I'rjncc. It is:iv3lcni for the Venetian rrcion nnd^rirse at Baptist hospital in Mem- to estimate his wealth. : Dart of Emilia and Romania. Lat-: piiii and Mr. Rosco Fliers motored but he probably owns about 500 er. he engaged In navigation and '•• to Kelser Sunday to visit relatives, million lire. He was born in Ven- sleel enterprises. His special fin-. Miss Bonita Bruce, student nurse November 19, 1877, ot a Her- ancinl nrtivily In the N-?nr East in; Blytheville hospital Is very 111 ! . • enabled him In 1912 to negotiate.' tirv. L f ;r Count Giuscpix: Volpi of M : ,su- | ish advertising men that mav be your Prince, r.ul he our pal." The only time read a prepared speech "Wales is jus'- lie ever | nn.l dis- I played nervousness at a public rc- cep'tion was when he welcomed Cardinal Bonxanc. envoy of th3 Pope, with seven oilier Cardinals. Hns Nn Mcilianic'il Skill Doctors say the Mayor's health [renucnt trips. an;l Walk- flr.-t unofficially, and then as min-, Mr. Ancel Montgomery. Mr. Islcr plenipotentiary, the peace of j sp?r,cc Williams and Misses Ethel Oi>chy between Italy and Turkey! Lu.4: and Irene Callcdge motored that eonchitl:d the Libian war. • i c xvron/a Lake where they visited Count Volpi was president of the | ; r jci:ds Sunday afternoon. Balkan Financial Conference held Mr. ond Mrs. Demby aiid Mtss in Paris in 1313; member of the Italian peace delegation nnd secret i^nvoy at Belgrade for the prcpara-: ~ji r . and' Mrs. C. I,. Nichols and tion cf the (reaty at Rnpallo. j children spent Sunday in Biytlie- Bcttyc Lou Brock motored to Manila Sunday. _ himself declares he no Ion;:: thinks cocktails or f.rmkcs so many j n i nv n cisarels. Tic has n binl-like a»;«- j tialip.v Governor ' In July 1S21. he wns nominated nf Tripolitania and took share in extending the vi'lo with Weidnian. Mr. IluEh i occupation of the colony. lite, and seldom cits anything a'!];j s v;c n known interest in art and I hanquets.-"Biil. I'd never have liv- antiquilKs led him to pursue the cd through the first four years as excavations at Sabrathra and Lep- mayor," he said, "if I hadnt takei' j; 3 Ma?nn. Mr. and Mrs. Harry ....... Stewart of Ripky. visited Miss Mary Faust. Sunday. fun in a seiicus way. Automobiles arc ;'. p'.:Dl:ij with him. He'd prefer lo walk or Ink? the subway, but permits himself to te driven 1 slowly to C'ty his big limousine. while clutch- the seat in anticipation cf di:aster. He has nev^r lri:d t; tr.k: u wheel V.imscir. "1 j'.'.?t ' Lonc Oak Items Mr and Mrs. Clarence Davis visited Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Hill at Ekron Sunday. op- any mechanical skill al all." eUired. "The best I can do i crate a riccket lighter." The Mayor delights In the rc-'.r o£ hest. is generous to r. fault, an: 1 , has said that he spends every cent y; his salary. After he b-:n in winning n Slri.MO iH'rcasc in salary for hhn^lf. he declared tint the full amount ol .lie raise would be given to clnrl'.v evi-rv year. There ai'e M telcphnnes In in? \Valker hcnie. and n radio loud- j speaker in alnicst every room.! The Mayor likes Amos 'n' And;, i Others of his personal heroes are ' ~ ' Wvn l i He was made minister of flnanco iii 192?. in which post he devoted 1'is energies to the consolidation of __ the b'.'dcei, the reduction of Ihe; M r . and Mis. Freeman Hue'-' " ; vc:;:ation and the defense of the'£y3nt- Saturday night with Mr. and lir?.. He tcok an aci.ive share in :M r " s . Talmadeje Huey of Blytheville. ire srti'cinent cf Italy's war debts | jjjjg Loi s Pieieis spent Saturday •-•:!:i Er.'bnd nnd tlv United nl g ht \ v i:h Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Church of Blytheville. h? cl;- Icc'obcr. 1922. Tin nnfle Senaor in I Misses Albc'rta Walker and Vir- Richardson spent Saturday ,th Mr. and Mrs. Kinnard ft great Ir.vcr of art and beautl- 1 ginia " R i '>;! thnss. Count Volpi has organ- j ni _ ht wi . Irert a number of »irt exhibitions, i \volters and his name has often figured on j Mrs ' c L . jareatt and daugh- l!:o crsr.niziiis committe,; of the (crs ' Wunc |., arK i Bcrnice. called on Vrnir» Tnttrnalional Biennial Artl Mrs ' Erby Hotigc saluvday afternoon. | Miss Mavorline Davis was t!-,r j dinner guest of Alma Necdham I Sunday. I Mr. and Mrs. Leland Hodge I spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. ! Erty Hodge. Walter Maxwell is improving al- The gnawing pangs of hunger] have been resjionslblc lo n very, grce.l extent for many of the mostj drr.matlc occurcnces in the history ; of the human race. And if the j sjicctcr of starvation hovering over! Ihe barren fields in the drouth-' ridden sections of th3 South doesn't hasten the overthrow of Knu Cation, then Indeed Is tlu sltimtinn well nigh hopeless. | Man's first stop up from savage- ! ry was when he began to till the j soil. Today, the entire fabric of our I clvllzallon, the very existence of life Itself, is dependent upon 1111 industry whose first and most important function is the production of food. Yet on many a Southern i farm, ideally adapted to the pro-1 duction of food In variety and! abundance, every bile of food that hns been eaten tills winter was either bought on credit or was received as charity. Surely there is something badly j wrong when Southern farm fall to > provide food for the people who live'on them. It would not seem lo be the fault of the farms, for it hns been pointed out tliat thslong- [ cst bread Hues this winler have been In sections where the land Is richest and will produce a bountiful yteld of almost anything in. which it might be planted. Without in any way belittling the disastrous effects of the drouth, it must be admitted that he most acute suffering hns been among our farmers who instead of farming to make a livincr, have been growing something with \vhich they or their landlords expected to buy food. Southern farmers who keep cows, hogs and chickens, nnd grow and can vegetables and fruit will never suffer for lack of food. By reason of its many natural advantages, the agricultural South can starre n come-back quicker than any other section anywhere in the world Now, while the shame and disgrace ot having (o beg from less favored sections lie heavy upon us, is the time to correct conditions that should never have developed. .Mr. and Mrs. John Gwynn, of the Bard community, in Arkansas svlan asked what they thought H" ro's-sses n beautiful house in Wnirp n?ar Bt Mark's, ond his -•'?:|i ! nnwnls are famous. Arrl'ier rich Kalian is .Senator i A'.'nili;. president of the Fial An! tnmnbile Company. Signer Riccar- ih Gualinofi formerly president of Ihe Snia Visccsa Art Silk Company, Irving Berlin. He user! ti \r.x regularly with Benny Leonard, bn; now Ukes most of his sports in t.ic rob of spectator. The same tailor has served him for 18 years. and the wardrobe of the musical comedy mayor now is supposed tc consist cf some 30 business suits, 15 overcoats. 2 full dress and 2 dinner suits. 20 hats, 200 canes (mostly gifts), ond Innumerable acces- saries. Whenever and however his term t.f office ends, Mayor Walker fccms assured of a prosperous bus- ir.ess career. He no longer is president of Ihe soft dring company h; dice headed, but is reported to have icceived many offers of executive positions from his wealthy friends. He hns refused large sun;c for ;n- douemcnls of commercial products, rr.d denied that lie intended heading a sports promotion company •when he retires from oince. Tiie best fstets fo- far seems to be tint h? will go into the business end of the movies. THE END. VMS. iintll recently, a A few rcputa about the present situation, ndmtl that they will probably have to do without some things they would like to have this year.' but thc> have their living at, home, and have nothing to really worry about They cultivate 80 acres, grow all their feed: have a good orchari ani garden that provide frcsr Irult and vegetables and a surpln for canning; keep 10 lo 100 hens: j milk 4 cows from which they sell I around $150 worth o( cream, bo- verv rich he had the i ter several days Illness. Misses Alvie Ncedharu and Thel- Richardson spent Wednesday -^Znuy.',^,,, affairs!^ night, with Misses Mildred and gone badly. Clear Lake Farm Puplk cf tlie Clear Lake Farm school visited the Chlcot Ridge school Friday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Lucius visited Mr. and Mrs. Joiner Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Taylor wer: guests of Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Richardson Sunday. Jewell Maxwell. Miss Gladys Grimes of Gosnell spent the week-end with Miss Eddie Williams. Mr. and Mrs. Erby Hodge Mr. and Mis. Leland Hodge Miss Mav- orlene Davis and Alma Needham motored to Armorel Sunday after- Farm For A Living —Full corn cribs and smokehouses make for Independence en the farm —Add sufficient livestock In the 1031 tinin program to consume coin, grass and roughage produced on tlic farm. —Hciuly cash .saves Interest charges. —May we use our Intelligence nnd the Information made available by llw agricultural economists in planning major crop acreage:, for 1931. —Try to understand that we cannot continue to .Ignor the law of supply and d; nianil. O—Old customs are out of ptyle In farming—get modern. I—Man proposes, God disposes Plan your farming operations to meet all conditions. V—All you have to do is to build your coils, use goo:l seed, modern methods and work like lo make good yields. K—Kill harmful nrocl.s and treat crop diseases that take undue toll. E—Earn more by spending less. \-All togethe-r tor a long, strong pull lo brin£ bnck prosperity. L—Landless men arc a drawback to sccley. In.splio tenants to become longtime, renters and owners. 1—Indifference to the wcllarc of our neighbors is bat business. We have suffered too much from bad business. Let's reform. V—Vanished dollais—those that go west lo pny for foo( and feed. I—Independence from burdensome debt will leave us free to make our plan without undue interfer encc N—No one is his own maste when someone clre can crack the whip over his back. G—God made man free: no free to make himself nuisance to oihers, bu free to work cut his owi salvation in relation I the welfare of his neighbors. —Agr. and Ind. Dept., A. C. L. R. U Co. play on every Southern .Mini. Convinced that hCf;s have as much a ] place on any faun as meat has on] the table, Mr. Morgan keeps an average til 100 purebred hogs and polls around $1,000 worth ot hogs and port: ever year, nfler supplying the home and tenant families v.'lth all the houie-cmcd ixirt: that can be eaten. fJrove News Kinds One Sack or a trainload Mr. and Mrs. Teldon Richardson have tjcne to Osccola to make their future home. Mrs- Jim Kmmra and daiiBhlcr | nnd Mcsv.imfs n. J. Hodge, L. F. Hodoe and U. 13- Hoilc.? attended the basketball game nt Lone Oak i Friday. Mr. nnd Mrs. H. IL Lucius. Miss Mildred Lucius and Mrs. L. H. Archer were Blytheville visitors. Sat- I ;irday. Mr?. R. B. HodJC war. the of her mother, Mrs. S. E. Austin, HI ..... ->v. Miss Trennle Plnkerton of C!os- I Is "lendinrt tliti week with her. aunt. Mrs. B. B Hod^c. Mrs. Tcmmle Belts wns the dinner guest of her daughter, Mrs. L. F. Hoilge, Tuesday. Mrs. F. FUimlngton and daughter. Mrs. Carter Leggett ot Memphis snent Monday and Tuesday with Mr?. Frnnk Birchetl. P.iul Johnson of Manila spent hJ.t week end with hh cousin. Arthur Penter. Mrs. Frank Birchcll cnlerlalned with a party at her home Saturday. night in honor of her niece, Miss Zelda Johnson of Manila. Little Joyce Richardson Is quite 111 with influenza. Mr. and Mrs. W. M Richardson of Blylhevlllc were guests of Mr. Luke Richardson nml family, Tuesday. Round Lake News Mr. and Mrs. Venson attended i I church at Clear Lake Sunday. ; ' Mrs. B. Daniels and Mrs. Mary; Fcrrell have relurucd from Jack-'. son. Tcnn., where they have been ; i visiting for the past month. I XI. C. Ralph and family visited ; • his daughter. Mrs. K. C. Jones. | . Sunday. , Mr. nnd Mrs. Wnltcr Alexander visile:! Mr. Heck Shoemaker Sun-' iday evening. ! Devvltt Daniels nnd Mrs. Burns i and daughter Reta motored to A>h- ' port Sunday. G. H. Ralph of Clear Lake vis- Shuck on A wagon had or a train load HAY One bale or a train load COTTON STATES SALES CO. Inc. Will Pyles, Mgr. Phones 174 a ml LI) 18(Hi TMythcvHlc, Ark. market He raised 5.000 bushels of i corn last year ami from a nine- | fi'des"nirthcy need for their fam- acie field he gntheicd and ginned : ily of nine: sell around $200 worth nine bales of cotton. t of potatoes, and grow their own H. D. Morgan, of Carroll county. | n-.e;i supply at home, besides sell-1 Miss., plants an «vor:i?o of 800 I '.ng from 15 to 20 hogs. acres In cotton every yrar and the ' J. H. Griffin bought 95 acres of I yield approximates a bale to the land in Thomas county. Georgia.; acre. And by making it a nrac- in 1912. By combining livestock j (ice to first grow fo~d for his fam- p:cduction with plant production j ily an-; tenants feed for all nrday night with Mr. and Mrs. Ike i Richardson. Miss Stella Mae Powers was tr.e he has been able to increase his j livestock on th^ farm, his cotton holdings to 400 profitable ncrcs. In • is a cash crop In the true sense of 1929 he sold tll.OOO worlh of cat-1 the word. Corn, hay nr.d oats for CTe and hogs and this Spring he | feed and legumes for soil building will have something' like 250 hogs < nil play the Important parts In his and 150 head of cattie ready for; fnrm program that they isliould, Mrs. W. E. Stafford was tte 0,,'esi of Miss Goldle Mac Riclurd- '" tlll ~ I en,, Clinrlnv guest of her sister, Mrs. Jo 1 bert, Friday. Mr. find Mrs. W. O. Powers visited Mr. and Mrs. Ike Richardson Sunday. James White has been confined to his bed with the .flu the past week. Mr. and Mrs. Travis Ellis were Blythevllle shoppers Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Calvert were dinner guests of Mr. cinil Mrs. Dave Green Sunday. | Mrs. John Richardson sp;nt Sat- Ison I — ted Courier News Want Ads, Chicago Mill ^ Lumber Corporation COAL and FEED Kentucky and Alabama Ucd Ash Coals. Delivered Anywhere. Hay, Knr Corn, Oats, Mixed 'Feed. Special Prices on Car Lois. C. L. Bennett & Co. I'honc 64 Free Brake Testing On our modern Hayhestns Brake Testing Machine, under the expert supervision of Roy Willis. The finest brake service between Memphis and St. Ixniis. Dixie Service Station Broadwaj riionc 315 Ash

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