The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 22, 1943 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 22, 1943
Page 9
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THURSDAY, APRIL 22, 19-13 - PDl.tnay.n43, 'QPUL| PAQE-THpiE^V IMPORTANT NOTICE! Classified 'Advertising In The Courier Newt Will Be CASH ONLY, to Est*bllsl)«d Business Firms. tbe low cost ot cUisl- fleil ads does not Justify the expense of hookkcciiing and collections, we have adopted this policy rather tliaa » rnlse in fate. No Exceptions lo Ihis Policy! CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per line for consccn- ve insertions: linimum Charge 50c time per line 15c limes jier line per day 12c times pep line jjcr day Oa limes per line iier day 7c 2 times per line per day 5c Month per line sac Ads ordered for three or six times id stopped before expiration'will e charged for the number of limes ic ad appeared and adjustment of II made. All classified Advertising copy bmilled by persons residing oul- dc of Die city must be nccoin- inicd by cash. Rates may be casi- cmiiijutctl from the above (able. Advertising ordered for irregular serlions takes the one lime rate. No responsibility will lie Taken r more than one incorrect, inser- on of any classified ad. For Rent icely furnished bedroom, adjoining bnlli. :»4 North Ninth. Phone 2182- ' '21-pk-28 wo bedrooms, all modern conveniences. Phone 2938. 21-pi;-24 ircc room furnished apartment. No children. 001 Lilly street. 20-p'k-23 irker rooms. iCO E. Main. icely furnished bedroom, steam heat, gentlemen. Plume 3204. 3-27-pfc-27 ood grocciy store building and fixtures. 517 W. Ash. Phone 2552. 3-18-ck-U omfortable bedroom. Twin beds. Steam heat, Chlckasawba & 10th Phone 2413. 11-ok-tf .IBrvHf as «J ^^ I AT** 1 BUYl SI For Sale COUN, shelled nnd ear. OATS ft HAY. WI1EAT, whole, criishcd and ground. Good chicken and Jioa feed. Hlyilifvillf Grain fi Klevalor Co. I'hcnc 2112. 4-21-ck-28 Clothes own«l by W. J. Pollard At Mead Clothing Co. Attentions can Oe made there, Hight Miils—overcoat. Olber u|)|mrcl—Size 38 MAN'S mCYCLE—Like New Can be seen al 911 \v. Main Ufi'cl John Deere 2-How ' Horse- drawn PLANTER. PUilihll'S .MOTOR CO. Tel. 453. 4-2J-ck2-t Used FAHMAU, "20" TRACTOR, with Athens "BUSH & HOG" PLOW. A-l Condition. PJIJLLIPS MOTOR COMPANY. Tel. 453. an 1 trimmed tloll) coal, $5. Silver 1,'ox Fur, S5. Chaimran's Service .SluUon, Main & Division. •l-Mck-23 E-flnt alto ami A-soprano saxo pliono. Also Masonic ring with diamond. 212 West Kentucky. Ifl-pk-23 Berkshire boars ready for sen-Ice. Open gilts, world's champion bloodlines. Select from ( the best herd in I he Tri-States. Down in Dixie we breed and sell the best. M. L. Soulliall & Sons, C'ovlng- ton, Teun. • 4-lli-pk-23 GOLDFISH MINNOWS—"Crnnplc's favorites." G. C. Hawks, 300 E. Main. Ph. 3292. 4-l3-ck-13 Used Sewing Machines bought and sold. Sinner Sewing Center, 114 South Broadway. Call 2782. 1ck7 Wanted To Buy Small piece of land,'from 1 "I'd "5 acres. Within :i miles or Blylhc- villc in any dirccllon. Write R L. Austin, Box W, 'Reiser, Ark. ' •l-22-pk-24 Corn mid"Hay. Top market' in ices. niythcvillc Grain & Elevator Co. J'iione 2it2. 4-2l-ck-28 Oiie pair of mules cifihl to 10 j-cars old. Weight 1IQO to laoo. J. '.ci. Ellis, Bai-ncld, Arl:.' 21-ck-28 Cash for good electric washer. Write Mrs. II. p. Worsley, Rl. 1. I.nx-ora, Ark. 4-l5-uk-5,2 Late .model car. Wilt pay cash. H. W. Wade, Lnxo'ra, Ark. 2 iniles east of Burdelte. 4-2-pk5-2 •Will pay cash for 510,0,00 worth of good used furniture. Wade Furniture Co. Will pay 20c per cloz. for wire coat hungers. Hudson Cleai;crs. 10-0-ek-tf Services PRESIDENT'S DAUGHTER HORIZONTAL ^ Answer to Previous Puiile' 1 Pirllirfvl 1 Pictured Onughlcr of a president, ' M Entreaty 13 Precipitous 14 Goit of love JO Squander 18 Mouths ./' (anal,) . c ._ 19 Series ot clans %20 Exists 2.1 Malt drink 22 Meadow , ,*«'£•« tUV '7* I n 23 Piece OUt\ S 25 Transpose, jy (nbbr.) • V3 * u \\ r ns ill v^*iVj: 28 Symbol 1 for/! ?iS!"K'^' precedence mcasuro . j 3J Streets ^',f (abbr.) ,-{ SOVos <Sp.) j /4 MeauOW ^MIMIW ,- jr^i | ^ M] nnj umn I mnu I ^ft \y rt ^ /gp ) ' nrl^^L' « Plny'on words 5 Siouan-Imllar. * General' A ^Jtrteek letter 49 Foot <obl>v.) (JEvercraniri signals vise .27Leg joint • oiRibh tancslrv) l ° ' /* -dibbr) J 30 Small shoot 54 Age • pcs "* ? River duck ^iNcai- '4* «n". tlc , 1 • ' 56Mofilslr{ilo '? 8 Township /J. 4* Possesses .• ' 35Babyloruan sOCicatrix' "• (nbbr.) 't 40 Alms box , -V c ', l >', 60Steps over a 5pjoselyle to 47Nnll.vcof ' 36 Loft hnnd (abbr,) 37 Hot by ... ' exposure 38 Item of value owned 60 Steps over a fence 62 Girl's name 03 Discovery VERTICAL 1 Swiss Judais.m 47JTfn... _ Lalvln (Hawaii) :ji .•<0 Dart ,#''. 50 Scatter 4p Multi-pronged h>bimtaln! harpoon 2Bo,rii •i2Fish .•'•:• '3 Girl's ' '••:, 13 Locality > nickname .14 J^niighlcr . •. 4 BnchcTor of so'und J .Science ... 40 Electrical unit (nbbr.) Wil ' lllxjosc outer Cannciit ., 12 Letter ol » Creek sgl nlphabct a^jj fabric . 15'01dest '• ' Ti3 Circle part.. Egyptian god 55 Harrow Inlot 17 She is the 67 English river ,. only ,of •SBTaTOrii jp Ibe Rooscvelts CO Senior (nbbr.) J <pl.) 6! Half an em .4 BEST USED CAR VALUES l riml Twtui-.'kwls In l S (, ||V(IUI|lUi: i-oliimii |, inn- !!«(] riiciroli-l ConHi. Tills cur '* Ju-,1 an-i-w 'wllli fair lives and iiiufiir. \yill Jain- ;„',!,. s s ,| l«f ft ltds wok. A'lmrsilM. " 191* Mercmy S Town .sedan "Illl Vl-ry luw lilllMgr. (illiiraii- .li't'il In oiimtc'. •Hid-' new. Tires, ii.|im'!"':iiii'«' mul <:om)U!<m I'.vri'l- lenl. • • I' 1 :!!! Chevrolet Master Ili'l.two < w>i-l>, dark him' color, good liivv. Priced ( () S1 ,|| Now. I'SHI) OAKS HHj''()JKK YOU JHiy. \yi,; iyi j/J, *>AV 1C YOU MONKY. Phillips Motor Co. ' nnn i i'"ii', • C ™ lwl '- c , osts $ 2 0,0«.000 lo build. TrnnslDled Into Yeiii s of war bonds, thls-'rcprosenls 2(10000 lion,)., of $100 maturity V nlu> w»nt lo buy' or . THOMAS LAND COMPANY "• - S«i«m» n NEW TIRES Tor (,'ars, Trucks, Trnetuvs T. I. SB AY'MOTOR CO. 521 W. Ash I'l,,,,,,. *i» Sweare^gen & Co. SPOT COTTON III.UWKKS Olyllirvlllr, Ark. Oiceola Cuhcrt C«. 1>. S. Wlsi'inati W NKHI) USE CARS •flit TRUCKS Top iirlcos for I.ale Models - - "Sro hVay Hefiiro Voii Sell." T. I. SEAT MOTOR CO. N'eiv rinmillis ,t ciiryslers 121 W. Asli Vh.'jlM "OVA,, „ N. 2nd STIJEET 5f EDWARDS "TIic Typewriter Mini" CORONA, AND l iR M, NC ,TON EXPERT AUTO REPAIR WORK uniDlotfi Slock at l'»ti». " HARRISON Auto Parts & Garage Oliver Form Kqurjiineul 517 W. A*h _ linnfnt I I'll. Z55J I 24 HOUR T1RJS SERVICE Repairing. All Work WADE COAL CO. Alalniin lied Ash Coaj, N. llwy. 6,1 Late Model, City Driven 19-11 .<!lii\\Tolel I door .Sedan. 'J>:<i iaiw Ciniy. S|in(- llRhii lieiiter, ratlin n\u\ iiiiiiiy ullirr e.vd-ns, 11)11 ..GJifirrali-t 'tthlnr. nine. KlVillo, ln-iili'r anil ^u.(~ r.vycrf. '/Only driven "n f«jr lliii\is<iiid inlli-s. W'i >l»trk S.cdiinelU-. lllaek imil f.'rav (»•(} lime! Ha- dliY, lleiili-r,' Heal <:iivm. (! gmul llres. lilt! X.'liryMcr <t door. Itlark. • Hliie liroiiilrloih i,|i!inls- Uri's. City (irlvrii. 1 M othrn In choose r; YourjSelcction-Now. Ittll routine ,| door, Black. Good riihher and lols of;' extras, , . , )!)IO I'-ord rou|H'.-Kinllo,.Scii('''. Ct\vm, lu-iitrr. "5 s <«>il- Hi-an car. • • ' ' ' '1 10.)I fihiilo.liaiiiT Commander • (5 1'iiss. (iniiiMil Twp'lone r,f!*y. )t:uliii, hfaler, .wat covers mid wlille' stilr.1 • wall llri-s. Ovmlrlvc;: •' ' IJIIl (Ihevrolcl B I'a.vs-. Oomw, - (irci'ii. Eii'at covers'; I^Sp.', IT JUKI ri'goail tlres.' : > '. from, jirlccil Jin ii|i. •/'.- Ji?asy G.Jf.AfC.' Payment Plan > -V- We .Never Close Sales DepJ. Open Until 9 p.m.: Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. RATJON CALENDAR April 2B: Coffee Stamp 26 Expires. May 21: Gasoline Coupon 5 Expires, June 15: Shoe Stamp 17 Eiplres. Defoe Furniture Co. 120 E. Main Dial 3221 Wanttd: Usfcl FurnUnre. Aleo ]ou can (raile your old furniture in on new. Wanted Share .expense passengers to Lltll-- RocK and .Fayottcville. fvitlny oi Snturday. Cull 23BQ. 20-p'k-23 J. E. JOHNSON Fire, Life and Casualty INSURANCE .112 N. Zi\a Street "Better Snfc Thnn Sorry" omforlahle bedroom. 1017 Walnut Piione 2516. 11-7-ck-U Farm (Needs 3 us your poullry, bos', and .slock health problems. We cnny n complete frcili stock of Lcclerlc scrums, raccincs, Dr. licss Tonics and clisinfeclant.s. Woods Drug Store, Main & Railroad. 3-lC-ck-lf •"Help Wanted SALESMAN WANTED an for Industrial Insurance debit. Salary and Coininif.siou. See I,. E. WhUcsldo, Supt. at Mrs. Merrill's, 12G East Ash After 7 P.M. 20-pk-23 Star Forward May IMIch URBAN A, 111. (UP)—Andy Phil)s, star Illinois forward who ashed ttie Big .Ten .scoring rec- I during tiic 1W2-43 basketball isoi], is bring groomed as a stnrt: pitcher on the college baseball ic. Last year, Phillip was an (fielder. FOR SALE HP corner store am] •) cottages -close in—I'ricc 31750.00 for all ice. THOMAS LAND CO. Refined woman will slav with babies and children at night w •jjni'cnls go out. References furnished. Mrs. Childless. Phone 2180. ' 21-pk-2< April Special—Permancnts" two for $S.OO. Lnnrtys' Beauty Sliop, Mair and 2(st. Phone 3333, 7-p|.--7 5cwing machines repaired. Singer oilers G war-lime Eervlce specinls lo your machine and its condition. From $1.50 up. Singei Hewing center, 1H South Broadway. Call 2782. T-ck-7 Painter & Paper Hanger. Highway Cl north, j. B. Freeman. Call 2434 - 22-pk-4-22 123 Hunters Fineil ) SAN FRANCISCO, Cal (UP — The meat shortage is driving California hunlcrs to violating the Same laws in an effort to replace their usual butcher shop meats h vcnsion. During Hie month of March 123 lumlers were fined $4,5 for Die illegiil shooting of deer. , WALTER HENSEN PLUMBING & HEATING Ph. Z812 1Z15 Main WALLPAPER EXCELLENT DESIGNS nil DISCOUNT E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. 313 W. Ash Ph. 551 If you want to buy more War ils SEI.I, IIS TIIK FUKNJTURK YOU AUK NOT USING for MS!.! Also liberal trade-in allowance for old fiirniliiie on new. Alvin Hardy Furn. Co. SOI R. Main Phone 2302 COTTONSEED .Oclfos 0252 Slniicvillc 2-H Wild's 12 Wild's l;i SOY BEANS Arksovs v lloysnyg J)clsl;i LESLIE E. SPECK, Sr. Frenchman's Bayou, Ark. Phone 23.08 Wayne Chick and Poultry Feeds **!&. l -.__ - Insist on Wayne quality when buying feeds of all kinds. H A Y S S TORE "fatmtfs Beadqnarten • In BlytberiUe & Mon«tt«- Spcnil Your Precious Points Foi 1 The Better Brands! —Get More and Bcller Food for your ration tioiiks. 3 nelivcrtcs Daily C, L. HABERS Grocery & Market 1M 8. Division SC. Phone 601 DRS.NIES&NIES Osteopathic Physicians RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (EXCEPT CANCER) / OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:30 Clinic 514 Main BIytheville, Ark. Phone 2921 SPECIAL SPRING 10 POINT TUNEUP _40 (Includes Labor Only- No replacement parts costs,' 1. Tijliten cyi,IN»KR IIKAD and MANtFOI.DS. Check .C.OMl'jRESSFtXV. A d j ust HKAT VALVE. ' ' " ' 2. Ciran anil Test SPARK PLUGS. Ailjust Spark Gap. 3. Tlioroughly insiwct GKN- KRAT.OK, COIL, CONDENSER, VOLTAGE REGULATOR, WIRING ""aria SPARJK- CONTROL. Tiglit- cn all connccfioiis. 4. Clean anil Adjust DIS- T.RIBW'OK. Adjust En . Bine Timing for maximum wartime performance. 5. Check ami adjust CAIt- KURETOK for best gas economy. G. Adjust 'VALVE TAPPETS. 7. Clean and service Al'l CLEANER. 8. Thoroughly Inspect COOL- J\.G SYSTEM. Ti S !itc" Hose .qoniicctions. Adjust Fan Bc». 5. Test anil Service BAT- TKRV. Clean arid lighten .connections. 10. Tune MOTOR for best wartime Performance and ,Gas mileage. OF CONTROLi 6PAB5 A WALK AROUMD 80THE OFOXY6ENAHO SHIELD.Bom PjlOTAMOCO-pTLorACF pfeAP! , - 'M^(4M9 r\ ff, ^i.'Sfc i ;• vc./fiss*$ mm. * < -r . >^ CC^"JLJ* >f ht^tO/^i. rNC T. K >[C. U. 5. M. ttr. * ''•• '-'.-.V^.iS /t >\l •'i^J'S^tl [•HECKLES AND HIS FRIBiVOS r~; LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. (bMM fOTtw ', SCUTTLE THUMBED /WD WAS i SURPRISED : To FIND I-WASELF IN FRECKLES' ; CAR... i ».«('<"•• YOU VJILt-! I'M JTO—• AMD WE OLV3MfAv PICK UP AM ESCORT MINUTE/ OR. THE COPS'LL Ger DONT see SIERRILL BLQSSEB HERE THEY COME . MR. SCUITLE .' AND JUST THINK—-THIS AU-STARTED'VJiTH'A FErt' ' VEGETAB1.ES/ - / X X--<SS?/ • • ('^SJ^'^-'C

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