The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 26, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 26, 1950
Page 9
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MONDAY, JUNE 26, 1950 BLTOnSYTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE NINB HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN Soviet Union NotReady For Third World War NEW YORK (AP)—Ls tills Ul<H start of a third world war? ' I Iftft is the question that touches! mi^P American hearts Uxlay as j news pours In ol the fighting in far | Korea, the 'Ireland of the Orient."' I believe the answer is: "Noi" I bclitve that the answer would still be tlie same even though th United States dispatched troops, ships and planes to back up the cease-fire decree of the United Nations. Wliy? My conviction is that Soviet Russia isn't yet ready to plunge the globe into another, international conflict. She stretches across 7.000 vulnerable miles that aren't ready for war. Both her frontiers and her wide open" heartland and unprepared for war—if we can believe what our own military authorities say about her. |jCt her own Russian-trainee forces in Korea sweep through thai time-bound land — as they have been doing. Or lei them fail. Soviet Russia Isn't yet ready to tie hen own dreams of world conquest to the Northern Korean troops. She yet expects to take Korea by the inaction of the western world. Again why? Because at present the Soviet military and political aim Ls to try to take the countries on iU^iast borders by their own in- leUI- revolutions. Greece yesterday, 'Korea today, southeast Asia tomorrow. And where the day after tomorrow? Wherever poverty ami interior political disaffection makes a country ripe for its propaganda. Backed Down in Greece Russia backed down in Greece, Is .still grappling in a sudden bold yrab for Korea, hasn't yet made its main bid for southeast Asia. \v.hy doesn't this mean war rlgh now? For a deep and basic reason inherent to the Russian approach to its own predicament. In iis very strength — its great sprawling, contiguous reach of lane FARM Continued from Page 1 Imports. Stale Criticizes State Depai'trnent spokesmen contended this might wreck the trade agreements program and en- cournge Canada. Mexico and other nations to retaliate against exports by this country. A Senate-House conference yroup agreed to let the Secretary of Agriculture start complaints against farm imports affecting U.S. farm programs. But it retained the Tariff CommLwon's authority to mnke the investigation and recommendations to the President. Magnuson said that by the time the Tariff Commission has acted "all the damage has been done by he imports/' The $2,000,000,000 in price support :ash provided by the bill would be n addition to $4,850,000,000 now in ise by the Commodity Credit Corporation—the Agriculture department agency which carries out the support programs. With mast of its funds now tied, up, the CCG has delayed announcement of new price support levels for this year's crons pending congressional action on the additional funds. —lies its ^reat weakness. It can hit from many angles, and to.keep itself from being approached it has endeavored to surround itself wltl buffer extensions of itself. )bituaries Negro Deaths Pure Iron is • chemical curiosity. Services Held : or Mrs. Hopper Services for Mrs. Sarah Adeline Ioi>p«r ot Arbyrd, Mo,, were held June 17 nt the Cliurch of Christ In .rbyrd by the Rev. Qreenwny, pns- tor. Burial was In Pine Knot Cem- «ry. Mrs. Hopper died June 15 at her home In Arbyrd after an Illness of several months. Shq was 78, Pallbearers were her grandsons, Ray, Willie, Marlln and George Hopper, and Rudolph and Olenn Meredith. Survivors Include five children, James and Prank Hopper, of St. Louis, Ethel Lancaster of Cardwell, Mo., Pervle Klucnnnon of 81. Louis and Tyler Hopper of North Hollywood, Calif.; a foster son, Ross Camp, of at. Ixjuls; three «lsters, iBBte lemons, , Josephine f Hyde and Victoria Newsome, all of Paragould; one brother, John Wiley Hyde, of Paragould; twenty grandchildren and twenty great grandchildren. Mitchell Funeral Home of Paragould was In charge, A. C. Gary Service To Be Tomorrow Funeral services for A. C. Gnry, SI, will be conducted at 1 p.m. tomorrow In the Horn? Funeral Home chapel by Rev. L. D. Davenport. Burial will be III Sandy Ridge Cemetery. He died at his home on Franklin Street Thursday. Surviving arc one sister and one brother. You'll Love Our Flowers! BLTTREVIUJt FLOWER MART MetnphU Ulna; rhox Mtl RADIO AND TELEVISION REPAIR Factory-Trained Mechanics Any Make or Model Prompt Service Reasonable Prices Phone 2642 We Pick Up and Deliver Fred Collihan HO So Firs! St., fHythfvlll JUMPIN' CATFISH! FLYING ELEPHANTS?—There's no telling how many toper* nrltcbcd to water after watching this herd ot three flying "elephants" being put through their paces at Beaulleu, Ens;., by Flight Sgt. J. D. Hayhow, ringmaster. The floppy-eared pachyderms are really Royal Air Force helicopters—surprised?—in rehearsal for the RAF's "Helicopter Ciicui" at rarnboroufh. TRUHAN Bug Likes Weeds, Won't Touch Food BERKELEY— (f?t — A remarkable bug is Heliothis Phtoxiphaga—lie likes weeds better than food crops- Agricultural research here has found that this Insect—related to the corn ear-worm- -goes for such nlant outcasts as tarweeO, vinegar weed, phlox, milkweed, dandelion, California poppy, and plantain. It s also found on clovers and alfrUfi but in the laboratory it eats corn alfalfa and lettuce only when de- prix'ed of weeds. It cats tomato Whether or notTlt "really accepts j cabbage and spinach only as a last aSiiinLstration* is planning, these satellite states into the pat- resort, being, its leaders Continued from Page I United states would act alone. Lemnitzer added: Top Ixnvel Decision "That decision will have to be made on a high level. It's a decision for a group of nations. We won't act unilaterally." Secretary of State Acheson, also at the Hill for talks with the S ate group, said only that he had come to the capitol to discuss the military assistance program—and not the Korean situation. But there was lllMe doubt that both Johnson and Acheson woulr be questioned at length on the Korea, situation and what steps the tern of its being. iU leaders are trying frantically to protect the main body of Russia from possible enemy blows. •Russia the first battle for Berlin when its attempt to starve the German population was countered by the grea,t allied airlift, which flew In food, fuel, and medicine. That was a substitute for direct force—and it worked. The Russian pijjfcaganda faiied. The allies dc- li'Wlcd. Sfill Uiihingcrl It is -my convictiqn that even stronger measures can be taken in Korea than wore employed In Greece—if the allied command decides It is worth the.gamble. Why? Because Russia, hig as -she Js, is still unhinged. Her two greatest; enemies are Japan and Gcr- , many. They lie at opposite frontiers. And weakened as they are, I can't see how Russia will ever go lo war over Korea with these two great historic bulldogs unpacificd— ready to rip her throat from either side. Russia is .still barking .in Korea —just another test of her pressure —and isn't ready to bile. She'll still stand for her bluff being called And I'd call Joe Stalin now, just as Aclolph Hitler should have bee: called when he marched into the Hhtneland. Remember? Flagship Gets Python RANGOON (AP) — Communist- chasing Burma navymcn returned lo base here with a strange prize from the west const. It \vn.s an eight-foot python which "infilirat- .ed" Navy headquarters at Akyab, ain port on the Arakan main- nd. The Mayu, flagship of the Burma avy, brought the python to Ran- oon. During the voyage the rep-. le lived on an exclusive diet of linkcn. It .will be presented to the angoon Zoo with due ceremony. graphic Society expedition In 1916. Shortage Studied by Expert SAN FRANCISCO (AP> — Wha hits the sardine population? Dr Yoshio Hiy am a doe?n' t k now, bn he is looking for a link betwcn the wartime decline in the Jnpa nose sardine haul and the one tha struck California fishermen in 194 and 1947. One reason is that last year tl f line c^tch increased both her in waters. Dr. Hi ia is professor of fisheries a Tokyo Imperial University. He here to study American commeroia fishing methods—and like many ex perts, he" is looking for an explana lion of why sardine runs vary much. PIANO TUNING Alaska's Valley of 10.000 Smokes as discoverM b 1 ' Motional Geo- "Could Be Dangerous" President Truman summed up the attitude reportedly held by man; of his top officials when he told reporters at the start of an emergency flight to Washington from Inde pendence, Mo., yesterday: "It couk l>e -i dangerous situation, but I hop no',." Last night the chief executive and 13 of his administration leaders, including Secretary of State Acheson and Secretary of Defense Johnson, conferred for more than three hours at Blair House. _. It ..was understood they reviewed the situation in" detail and explored possible further American action to save southern Korea from conquest by the north Korean Communists. No decisions were announced, however. Meanwhile the Senate was due to ake up (late afternoon) a pending 1,222,500.000 foreign military assis- nnce bill for the next 12 months .nd thereby open a forum for de- iale on the latest developments. On the administration side indi- :ations were that for the moment he President and liis advisers, hav- ng set two lines of action in mo- ion, wanted to 1 judge results before 'mbarking on further ventures. Ba- ;ic American policy appeared to be .o do everything possible U) Localize :he fighting but also, with American prestige deeply Involved, to assure the survival of south Korea. Yesterday, in quick succession, the American government. 1. Directed General Douglas Mac- Arihur to rush munitions, particularly small arms ammunition, to the Soulh Korean army from his stores of war material in Japan. 2. Won United Nations Security Council approval for a resolution ordering a stop to the fighting am the withdrawal of the Communls' forces back to their own territory north of the 38th parallel. The hurry-up order for munition was given early Sunday after Ko rean ambassador John Myun Cliani presented Assistant Secretary o State Dean Rusk with an lirgen request from his government for as sistancc. DRYS Marriage Licenses .- Tiie following > couples obtnine marriage licenses yesterday from tl office of Miss Elizabeth Blyth county clerk: WiUlnm Robert Freze and Mi Betty Light, both of St. U>uis. Hubert Tucker and Miss Thelm Callo, both of Faller, Mo. Continued from Page 1. measures repealing Arkansas* one dry law. Liquor went on sale i the state 10 days, later. However, offer the repeal of pro- ibition in 1933. the Arkansas legls- ature met in special session that ear to approve the sale of 3.2 beer. All Liquor Kormi The present dry campaign is to irohlbit the sale of beer, wine and vhlsky and thereby outlaw all forms if intoxicating beverages. The act purports to make It un- awful to sell or manufacture, liquor or to possess more than one quad of liquor. Briton Asks Use Of A-Bomb in Korea LONDON. June 26— (JP)— A Con- crvntive member of Pivliamenl rged Britain Unlay to seek use ol atom bomb .against Communist ontrolled northern Korea. This call came from conservative cter Geoffrey Roberts, a wartime lajor in the Colristream Guards. British Homes At* Cold EASTBOURNE, England .—(/p) A British expert Hclmtts that Britain has "the coldest, draftlest and dampest homes of any civilized na tiori. 1 * Donald V. H. Smith, a heat ing expert, owned up to what man foreign visitors have been saylri for ages when he spoke to the hbua Ing section of the Royal Sanltar Institute. Americans think 09 degrees is th best room temperature. Smith sal most authorities agree thai fo Brltaln~ c 63 to 64 is desirable In ll ing rooms and 50 to 55 In bedroom "These temperatures cannot fc obtained by normal and tradition; means," he said, "without a large consumption of solid fuel than th present restricted amounts." The eruption of Mt. Katma Alaska, In 1912, was heard 750 mile way. For Improucd KIDNEY FUNCTION In a majority of casei Investi* gaud in wveral hospitals and clinki, subnormal Kidney function wai Improved, Bladder pain and discomfort reduced after the use of Mountain Valley Water. If your doctor has diagnosed your condition as functional Kidney impairment this natural, untreated mineral watei may be very beneficial. Try H for a Few weeks, h l« delicious, pure-tasting, and may be consumed freely. Crosstown Whiskey Shop Main & Division Mountain Valley J Water —>=^ Takes it easy a|j the time! Pr«,to!™lK fluid 0,!,, TVonimmujn conml, ol Om. co.i.puil unils . . . gf ra l fl a ;j D,it*, lit Salclf CMcJi onrf Preifomal/c Tfanimiiiion. fccfi unit it dttigntd with a minimi of moving porli, anrf eacft i/nit i"* ruggedly burfl (o gin (rouble-free wrvk. for IA« Khlim* of Iht tor. Moke no mistake! Although most cars me the Fluid Drive principle that M Chrysler first introduced 12 years ago—there's an all-importanl difference in automatic gear shifting today! Chrysler and only Chrysler gives you full control of your car. While others shift you up and down—even when you don't want to shift—Chrysler's simple, cool- running transmission takes its orders from you. Even at 12 miles an hour, in slow moving traffic, you're in high white omers shift down to lower gears. How much quieter your engine runsl How much more smoothly! What a difference in high-gear economy! Come see what Fluid Drive does for you! Examine Chrysler workmanship . . . compare the quality of materials . . . discover the benefits of Chrysler engineering! You'll find built-in value all (he way through that has no equal! Extra money's worth, we're sure, that will make you a Chrysler buyer for life! and Radio Repair Done by Bonded Serviceman Every Job Guaranteed fverything in Music Supplies and Repairs ft MAKE RECORDS BROOKS MUSI C STORE 1107 E. Main Thone Sg'n. THE NEW YORXfR 4-DOOR HDKN See it—drive It.. .there's built-in value all the way through! Advantages of Chrysler's Fluid Drive Advantages of Chrysler's High Compression Spitfire Engine! Chrysler's Advantages in Comfort and Safety Automatic Gear Shi/ring—with full conrrol ol your carl getter Iracrioit— toler on slippery roods. Convini«n<e of <Mch for eailer parVing. Slower Fngine 5p>e<f>—reduced noii«, weor. Sov.i goiolin.l Driy« in Mod 1. _.1 J_- . " l_ ..__!(-_ while orhe low in trolfic. The Beautiful Waterproof rgmfior*—prevent! stalling in rain or Jiign water! tubrifed Cyl/nder Wolii—themical prote^ion for Increased lll«. rVoelj'ng Power— helps eriminale vibration. Sirpflrfmiihed Parfi—reduce friction, losl longer. Exhaust Value Seof inurit—reduc* need for valve grinding! Full How Oil filler—keeps oil cleonl Funclronof Deiign— full room for your Seod, legs, shoulders. Easy l» enter and feovel Safe Guard HyaVovlrc Brafcei—smoother stops, less pedal pressure. CycleSonded linlnos for double Ihe weor. ll.rtmolfy 0,»raf«J Windiliield >Vrp«r—constonl speed ell the limel Cnoir H.ighl S«oli— no crouchir, fl . you 111 noluiollyl Sofefy Kins Wli.«l.—won't lriro» tirel after blowouts al normal speeds. CHRYSLER with Fluid Drive T.I. SEAY MOTOR CO. • 121 E. Main Street WANTED EXPERIENCED SALESMAN To Sell Far mall Tractors and International Trucks. A Good Deal for the Right Man BEN F. BUTLER CO. OSCEOLA For Safe, Profitable Grain Storage Galvanized STHL GRAIN BINS Firt-«sfe, wr«tl«rtight, rodtnt-proof. Pcrm*n«nt, long-lif< eon»tr »ct ten. 5 canVcnieac six**: 14'xS'— 1000 bo-; It'll I' —2200 bt..; ll'xK'—J27* km. Order Butler Galvanized Grain Bins NOW from 0nc. INTERNATIONAL'HARVESTER 312 South 2nd Phone 6863 TRUCK BEDS Made from th* Finest Oak BARKSDALE MFG. CO. AVAILABLE • ORDER NOW! RIGID FRAME £ TRUSS-CLEAR STEEL • ALUMINUM BUILDINGS Quickly erected — in ctiyi Instead of weeks ~ to meet urgent demands for on-lhc- farm grain storage. After grain is marketed,your Butler Build* ing give! you year-round use ii implement or livestock shelter, for hay storage, minj othet farm purposes. See ui today for full information on these sturdy longlife buildings. CAPACITIES for hrtfer Buildings 40' Wide * 100'Long 28,450 BUSHELS 67 ihonng up 5 feet tlocg sides and ends. 13,000 BUSHELS On the floor (without ihoting) MANUFACtUHINO C. A. TANT CONST. CO. Authorized Dealer For Butler Steel Buildings General Contracting P.O. Box 83 Phone 6896 Blyrhevillc,, Ark.

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